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"The Thundering Herd"
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night.
Herman Hoffman was in Pendle
ton, Sunday.
James Haworth spent Sunday in
Walla Walla.
Grant Prestbye was an Arlington
visitor Sunday.
Henry Koepke was in Walla Wal
la Saturday night.
Mrs. Will Campbell was a Pendle
ton visitor, Saturday.
John Hayworth and family are
suffering with influenza.
Mrs. W. S. Ferguson has been
quite ill with a severe cold.
J. C. Baker was a business visitor
in Walla Walla, Wednesday.
II. A. Barrett was a business vis
itor in Walla Walla Tuesday.
Mrs. L. A. McNair has been ser
iously ill this week with la grip.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jeffries of
Walla Walla, were in the city Tues
Miss May Lanning spent Sunday
at the home of relatives in Wnlla
Mrs. Arnold Wood is visiting at
the home of her sister, at North
Ralph Lansdale came down from
Weston Saturday, and spent the day
in Athena.
Miss Seville Marty of Pendleton
was a week end guest at the A. E.
Shick home.
Mrs. S. J. Bowles and Mrs. F. S.
LeGrow will leave week for a brief
visit in Seattle.
Mrs. J. F. Herr and son-in-law,
Lewis Stewart and children left for
Portland, Tuesday.
Harry McBride and Eldon King
Wild Horse creek farmers were in
Athena Wednesday.
Charles Williams, Miss Ruth Wil
liams and Frank Williams were in
Pendleton, Saturday.
James Sturgis, well known Pendle
ton business man paid a business
call here Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stockstill en
tertained a number of their friends
at their home Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Eager of
Dayton, spent the week end at the
hime of their son C. M. Eager.
Mrs. Rose Portwood of Walla Wal
la, a sister of Mrs. George Finch
spent Tuesday evening in Athena.
Mrs. Lawrence Pinkerton has been
confined to her home for several
days with an attack of influenza.
A short meeting was held by the
members of Rebekah lodge Tuesday
evening, only a few being present.
Ace Wagner who was recently op
crated on for appendicitis at a Wal
la Walla hospital is steadily improv
ing. Verne and Glen Dudley are plow
ing the Dudley land west of town.
They are using a seventy-five Holt
Neil Mclntyre, who is employed
at the Veteran's Hospital at Walla
Walla spent Sunday with relatives
this week. A new part is expected
to arrive from San Francisco in
time to be used for next week's publication.
The Christian Missionary society
will meet next Wednesday, March
3rd at the home of Mrs. William
Willaby, who will be assisted in en
tertaining by Mrs. Hodgen.
W. H. Jeffries and grandson Har
ry Jeffries, were in the city Sunday
from Walla Walla, visiting relatives
Mrs. W. M. Linebaugh of Freewat-
er, visited in Athena, Monday.
D. C. Baker is minus a window
glass at his home, where a dog be
longing to Gail Anderson, crashed
through a window in pursuit of a
chicken. The chicken got away.
Tomorrow, Saturday, afternoon,
the young folks of the Christian
Sunday school will hold a pastry
sale. The patronage of the public
is solicited.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Russell and
daughter Thena, returned home from
Condon, Monday, after spending the
week-end at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Booher.
Mr. Fred Ames and Jim Hodgen
motored to La Grande Saturday
night where they attended a dinner
dance given by the Standard Oil
company in that city.
Miss Frederica Kershaw arrived
in Athena Wednesday morning from
Pullman, Washington where she is
attending college. She will spend a
week here visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Kershaw.
James Duncan has bought the
Frank Martin land, consisting of
two hundred and eighty acres dir
ectly south of Athena. This is con
sidered one of the best tracts of
land in Umatilla county.
Miss Ruth McCorkell is ill with
pneumonia at the home of her par
ents on Read and Hawley Mountain.
Dr. Cowan is the attending physic
ian, and the patient i3 being cared
for by Mrs. Geary, nurse.
W. S. Ferguson who was again
called to Portland by the serious
illness of his mother, found upon his
arrival there her condition so much
improved, that he was able to re
turn here the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Reeder return
ed last week to their home in Athe
na after being called to Tacoma by
the illness of Mr. Reeder's mother.
He reports both his mother and
father to be slowly improving.
Mrs. J. E. Jones of Athena and
Mrs. Vernon O'Harra of Weston
who have been taking treatments in
Walla Walla for the past three
weeks have recovered sufficiently to
be able to return to their homes.
Mrs. O. C. Hadley and son Rol
and have returned from Portland
where they have been since before
the holidays. During their absence
they both suffered attacks of in
fluenza but have fully recovered.
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Piersol have
leased their residence to Charles
Williams and family, and moved to
Pendleton, where Mr. Piersol will do
janitor work in the new apartment
house of his son-in-law, Mr. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Geissel
and Mr. and Mrs. George Banister
i Athena.
Mrs. John Green of Walla Walla, ! were over from Milton Sunday and i Johns.
was a guest last Saturday of Mrs.
S. J. Bowles and Mrs. F. S, LeGrow.
A broken part in the linotype
machine necessitated a limited a
mount of local news in the Press
has been in Athena for several
weeks visiting relatives and friends.
Rev. and Mrs. 0. D. Harris, who
have departed for their new field,
will be stationed at Everett, instead
of Aberdeen, as stated in the Press
last week, Mr. Harris will be pastor
of the First Christian church there.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dudley
moved this week to the cottage own
ed by Mrs. Wall on Third street. Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Wilson and family will
take up their residence in the dwell
ing vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Dud
ley. Mr. and Mrs. Ame Wineland and
daughter Hilda, and Mr. and Mrs.
Forrest Gholson and son motored
here from Portland where they have
been residing and will visit with re
latives and friends in Athena in
definitely. The 0. D. 0. club met Wednesday
of last week at the home of Mrs. A.
H. Swandt. A very pleasant time
was enjoyed by those present and
the next meeting will be at the home
of Mrs. H. J. Cunningham, Wednes
day March 3.
Athena has been visited by various
weather conditions this week. High
winds accompanied by rain, snow
and hail have prevailed with lower
ing temperatures. Only a few hours
of sunshine have been enjoyed dur
ing the entire week. Plowing op
erations have been halted.
Wayne Banister was host to about
fifteen of his friends yesterday af
ternoon, when he celebrated his 11th
birthday. Games were enjoyed from
four to six. Appetizing refresh
ments were served by his mother,
Mrs. Ida Banister.
Ralph Carsten is now prepared to
shine shoes at 15 cents a shine in
the shoe shop and cleaning and
pressing department of George
Finch's place of business. Ralph
has been busy this week getting
the stand in order.
Kenneth Johnson, son of Rev. J.
E. Johnson, formerly pastor of the
Baptist church here has written to
several boy friends from Detriot,
Michigan. He has been as far south
as New Orleans, and expects to
come west this summer.
Friends of Fred Johnson, who
now makes his home in Los Angeles,
will regret to hear of his serious ill
ness with small pox. He has been
in quarantine for three weeks but
is reported out of danger at this
time. He is a son of Alec Johnson.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
and Mrs. Carl McConnell, Sunday
night at the hospital in Walla Wal
la, but did not live, the little one
was buried Monday in Kees ceme
tery. Mrs. McConnell is getting
along as well as could be expected.
Mrs. McLaughlin who underwent
an operation for appendicitis at St.
Anthony's hospital in Pendleton is
improving. Mrs. McLauglin will be
remembered by Athena people as
Miss Ethel Hodgen and is a daugh
ter of Mrs. Julia Hodgen of this
A correction is made in fairness
to the 6. D. 0. club committee, who
furnished the program recently at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Flint
Instead of cards and danc-
visited at the homes of relatives.
Mrs. Savannah Davis in company
with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cahill
of Pendleton, has left by motor for
Great Falls, Montana. Mrs. Davis
ing, a diverting program of games
was enjoyed, including dancing the
old Virginia reel, which no doubt
gave rise to the error in the Press
"Old Home Week"
Standard Theatre, Sunday night.
Pythian Lodge Knights of Pythias
will give an old fashion dance at K.
of P. Hall next Wednesday evening.
There will be good music, capable
callers and a good time. Everybody
is invited. Tickets, $1.00.
Beryl Hodgen, of Athena, a sopho
more in the School of Business Ad
ministration at U. of 0. has been
turning out for spring football
practice. He is trying out for guard
position under the University's new
football coach, Captain John J. Mc
Ewan. Miss Emma Ringel of Athena
and Miss Alma Rohrman of Pendle
ton returned " to their homes from
Corvallis, Tuesday, where they spent
several days. Miss Ringel was an
official delegate from the Athena
high school to the 0. A. C. educa
tional exposition. Miss Ringel was
not sent by the school, and paid per
sonally her expenses.
The county court is assembling
road building equipment at the head
of Thorn Hollow, preparatory to be
ginning work on the Thorn Hollow
grade and the connecting links of
the Eagle Hollow and Adams roads,
leading to it. Buildings are now be
ing erected to house the machin
ery to be used in crushing rock, and
for living quarters of the workmen. ,
Members of the Athena Bridge
club were entertained at a one o'clock
luncheon Friday at the home of
Mrs. W. S. Ferguson. A vivid color
note was effected by the use of yel
low daffodils which centered the
tables, and a spring note was evi
denced by pussy willows about the
rooms. After luncheon the usual
three tables we're in play, , Mrs. H.
I. Watts making high score and
Mrs. Lloyd Michener receiving the
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Catron enter
tained a number of their friends at a
delightful old fashioned dancing
party last Friday evening at their
country home northeast of town.
Dancing was enjoyed until a late
hour when refreshments were serv
ed, and then more dancing took
place. Ray Jones and Vernon O'Har
ra furnished music for the occasion.
Mrs. Ethel Montague and Lee John
son relieved them several times. Ev
ery one enjoyed the evening.
George Banister, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bern Banister of Athena aid
Miss Frieda Eichler, daughter of
Rev. and Mrs. G. Eichler of Walla
Walla, were married at three o'clock
Thursday afternoon at the home of
the bride's parents. Rev. Eichler
performed the marriage ceremony.
Those present were, Mv. and Mrs.
Raymond Geissel of Milton, Lee Ban
ister of Athena and Freiija Schreiner
of Walla Walla. Mr. and Mrs. Ban
ister are now at the home of Mr.
Banister's parents and yesterday
evening several car loads of young
people motored out and charivaried
the couple. Music and dancing was
enjoyed and refreshments were served.
Walla Walla
High Grade Apples Without Blemish or
Flaw, From the
John Ross Orchard
High Quality Vegetables are again on the Market
-We have them. See our window
Quality Quantity, Service. Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
Members of the Etude club were
hostesses Wednesday evening at a
delightful dinner at the Knights of
Pythias hall. At a long tabla gay
with red carnations and lighted with
tapers of the same shade about for
ty members and their guests were
seated. Favors reminiscent of Wash
ington's birthday lent a colorful
tone to the table. Following
dinner games were played and
tractive prizes were presented
the winners.
The Churches
Baptist Church
On Sunday .February 28th I will
close my work as pastor of the Athe
na Baptist church. I wish to ex
press my thanks to all those wh
have helped to make my stay and
work in Athena so pleasant and suc
cessful. I believe the church has
taken a forward step in the last
years and I sincerely hope it will
continue to go forward doing the
work a church ought to do. It can
do this if those who believe in its
work will all. work together for that
one aim, the building of true christ
ian character. I ask those who
have helped me during my stay to be
as helpful to the man who follows
me, hoping under his guiding hand
greater good may be accomplished.
D. LOREE, Pastor.
Christian Church The Church of
Christ will have all it's regular
meetings on February 28th. We in
vite you to attend if you do not at
tend any other church In town. On
Saturday February 27th the Bible
school will hold a food sale at
Rogers and Goodman hardware store.
Come and get your Sunday cakes
and pies.
Dwight L. Hackett, Pastor.
M. E. Church Sunday school at
10:00 a. m. Morning worship at
11:00 a. m., the subject of the ser
mon will be: "The Stewardship of
the Mental Life." '"Bringing every
thought into captivity to the obed
ience of Christ." II Cor. 10:5.
zn ii mnr
I Willi
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Saturday, February 27
Jack Holt and Lois Wilson
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Buffalo Stampede
This fine big Western Picture kicks through with
true Western wilderness incidents as
they were in 1876
Have you seen "The Covered Wagon' or "North of 36?" If you have you'll
know what we mean when we say that "The Thundering Herd" belongs in
the same class. The story by Zane Grey has the same historical importance.
The production is of the same gigantic dimensions. The result is just as
thrillingly entertaining. Picture the setting the Western wilderness of
1876. Enormous herds of buffalo running wild across the plains. The rush
of pioneers to the new fields of fortune. The wanton slaughter of the buf
falo by the hide-hunters, inciting the Indians to new and savage uprisingo.
Picture Zane Grey's greatest romance against that, thrilling background!
International News.
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Sunday February 28
Thomas Meighan
Tom at his best, in a story rich in dramatic situa
tions, gushing with emotion and
spouting with humor
The happy triple alliance of Meighan, Ade and Tom Geraghty, expert scen
arist the same winning combination that was responsible for the sensa
tional triumph of "Back Home and Broke" has scored another box office
bullseye with "Old Home Week." Here is a picture that portrays the sunny
side of Main Street and does it in such human and humorous fashion that
the memory of it will linger long after other photoplays have been forgot
ten. "Old Home Week" is just a big wholesome, smiling story with a dash
of thrill, flavored with suspense, and a charming love interest It is the
American small town in all its glory and it deals with the average kind of
people who make up the backbone of this country.
Pathe Review
Admission Prices, 10o35c
- Coming:
Saturday March 6--"Havoc"