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Barrett Building, Athena, Or
So many of oar friends have asked us:. i.'.'What is the meaning of
that we are going to explain the origin of the word. ' Like ' a good many
words in English, "TUM-A-LUM" is derived from a great many -l9ng-nsge.
Originally, from the CHINOOK INDIAN - meaning "SCATTER;
ED WATERS" "TUM-A-LUM" has oome to mean: -4
IN, FRENCH "10 EXCEL." v :Y :
- IN GERMANr-!'SERVICE." . v 1 . s. T
IN IRISH, "QUALITY." . .. ' - V ' ''
Pot all of the above meanings together and yna have the meaning of
TUM-A-LUM in ENGLISH. Bat in the- language of. Athena.';
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DELL BROTHERS, " Athena, Oregon
Haeckel; Now 80, Famous For
His Works on Origin of Man
Change Made Last Saturday
at Meeting of the Principals
of County- Schools.
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, , 3SS" T"" , Main Street, Athena, Oregon
Xne Annual, ooonty ...sobool . track
meet wbiob was originated by the
Atnena Commercial Association and
which has been held yearly: in the
Atnena UUi Park, will hereafter be
held on the Roundup grounds in Pen
dleton. At meeting of the prinoipnls
or sobools ot the ooonty" at Pendleton
Saturday,, snob arrangement was de
cided upon. 1
'The central looation of Pendleton
and transportation facilities' to the
towns of the West part of the ooonty
are toe reasons given for the change,
The meets heretofore held in tbis city
nave been snoceasfulones. notwitb
sianaing me raoc tnav f endieton - was
not represented at the meet last year.
and aa provided in obanging the meet
log place, the schools of that oity will
not be represented at future meets.
Oonoerniog the obange, the East
Oregonian says: '-
Hereafter the- annual high aohool
traok meet will be held in Pendleton
instead of Athena and the oontest will
be open to the atbletea of all the high
schools in the county exoept the Pen
dleton high school. 'This was the de
oisioo reaohed Saturday afternoon at
the meeting of the executive commit
tee of the Umatilla County Athletlo
and Oratorical assooiation in this city.
The setting of the meet in Pendleton
instead of Athena was decided noon
because of the mora central looation
of the oity. Eeretofore the west end
sohools have not been represented at
the meet beoaose of the heavy expense
but hereafter will send teams to try
for honors.
' The withdrawal of Pendleton from
the traok meet was taken because of
the fact that the local sohool is much
larger than any of the other sohools
and tnrna out a muoh better balanced
team, one that easily wins the meet,
thus lessening elements of competition.
I he looal sohool concurred in the aotj
ion taken. -
The oratorioal meet will be held in
the evening of the same day or on the
evening prior, and in tbis Pendleton
win be permitted tot have represent
ation. . . , .., ;-.. - -.i ,;.
, RNST HEINRICH HAECKEL, the aged German naturalist and eooIo-
gist, wnose works on bis scientlflc views of the origin of life have
"made him famous, has reached the age of eighty. He was born Feb.
10, 1834, at Potsdam. From 1862 to 1909 be was professor of roolocv
at Jena. Haeckel is an ardent supporter of the Darwinian theory of evolu
tion. He believes that the human race spranff from monkeva of a h!?h ttnk
One of his most popular works for English readers is "The Riddle of the Uni
verse," written In 1900. In it he sets forth his scientific explanation of life
and death and the cosmos in plain and vivid language.; Haeckel Is shown here
with a restoration of one of his prehistoric ancestors of man.
United Work' of Citizens Ask
ed for on Friday and Satur
day,' March 27-28th.'
..!"- 1-
State Supt Churchill's Work Covers
Several Months.
j- JL . ....
Ladr Was Formerly Miss Lucv Han-
" "tall of f Ws'Citr.
' v - v -. " - . -.-. :
The sad news' was received here
Monday by Marion Qansell, of the
death of bis sister, Mrs, .Everett Rog
eis at ner noma near Cambridge, Ida
bo, and with bis sister, - Miss
Georgia and Blaine Hansell. he' took
the evening train for Cambridge.
sax. ana mrs. u. w. JUansell were
summoned to their daughters bedside
last Thursday, when her critical ill
ness was first announoed and they
were at ber borne when abe passed
, Mrs. Rogers who was formerly Miss
Luoy Hananll, recently gave birth to
twin girls. She leaves three other
ooiidren, and ber death ia one of the
saddest that the Press has been called
upon to obroniole. She was well
mown in Atnena, where she grew to
womanhood, and was a graduate of
toe Atnena nigh sohool.
CM. , .
aaa was married several years ago
to mi. tfoge's, sinoe which time they
nave resided on a farm near Cam
Mr. and Mrs. Hansell were nrannr
ing to take op residence at Cambridge,
uaving reoentiy sold their farm west
oi Atnena, with this objeot in view
The funeral was conducted at Cam
L i mm,.
onage. xne sympathy of this entire
community goes oat to the sorrowing
Copies of a direotory of the sobools
of the state, giving information never
before published, are being mailed by
Superintendent of Publio Instrnotioa
Churchill. Aside from containing
the names of superintendents, super
visors, principals and high sobool
teaohers, it gives their salaties, tells
of their' woik end contains the roles
and regulations for issuing oertiScates.
Not only are tba pnblio sobool given
in the pamphlet, . but independent
sohools snob as Albany College, Wil-
. . . ,
Passed Away at Twin Falls, Idaho.
Funeral in Athena, From Residence.
Inmiiffa ITtit batoI f v Raarl Pnllana wA
Roman Catholic bohools are mentioned. 5 " iWlu a,1H- 1UBn
The average monthly salaries of the 1 neM was sai to be due to
Wilkinson, for many. years a
resident of this city, died at Twin
Falls, Idaho, tbis morning. ' The body
will arrive in this oity tomorrow eve
ning, and the funeral will be held from
the family residence, Sunday, Rev.
W. S. Payne of Weston conducting
the services. V
A telegraD was received here Wed
nesday announcing the oiitioal illness
of Mr. Wilkinson, who was in a bos-
The ill.
male teaohers of tba putlio sohool is I Craig Wilkinson was summoned from
$84.25 and of the women teaohers ' Caynse, where he is employed, and
In the Chicken Business.
illy" Pinker ton seems to bava en
gaged in the chicken business on quite
an extensive scale, over at Milton
auuuiumg io ie juuson .agie, ie re
cently purchased a flock ot a dosen
Barred Books, investing one hundred
dollars for tba bunch, with a St Loaia
firm. Snob a venture nay prove
proniaraa at Jiilton, but ia Athens,
who nnkerton on tha live end, it
would spell a josh. He reallr doesn't
know a hen from a geese and when
he bought those Barred Rooks from
George Hanseli. at four bita per. ha
thought, ha was getting speckled
Park Improvement,
Jaacb Re&o, who has charge of tha
Park improvement this Spring, yester
day set oat a number of shrubs and
bnlba which were donated by cit
izens. The City Park now presents
a inviting appearance. A nam bar
of trashes wera among tha eollas
tion gat oot yesterday. There ia etill
Plenty ef toon for more trees and
brnba at tha Park and aoy one hav
ing them to donate mj leave word at
the Pnwa office and they will be placed
ia tha Park fcy Hr. Rano.
161.74, The average monthly salaries
of teaohera in one-room sobools is
160.50 and of teaohera in sobools hav
ing more than one room $68.13. Frio
ipals salaries average $95.16 a month
and the average annnal salaries of su
perintendents in diatriots of the first
olaes is $1,929.69. :
Multnomah pays the highest sal
aries to both men and women teachers,
the figures being $151.50 and $97.85,
respectively. Hood - River County
oomes seooad, paying its men teachers
$109 1 and its women teaohers $70
monthly. Umatilla pays its men
$101.44 and its women $69.30. Lin
coln county pays tba smallest salaries,
its men receiving $61.90 and women
teaohera $54.05. Clackamas : ranks
low, paying its men ' teaohers $81.23
and its women $58.32. All these fig
urea are general averages. :
No Trace of Missing Man.
No trace faasbeen found of E. A
Dudley's brother, who disappeared
from tba Imperial Hotel in Portland,
several weeks ago. Mr. Dudley spent
several days in Portland seeking for
soma clue aa to tha lost man's where
abouts, bat nothidg eoald be learned.
The brother visited Air. Dudley at his
home bera last summer. He was a
mining engineer, and for several years
bad made his home at the Imperial
hotel. : Ha was interested in mines in
Mexico, and heretofore had always
informed his friend, Phil Metchaa,
proprietor of tba hotel, when leaving
tba oity, bat in tbis instance be left
no word, simply dropping out of sight,
and leaving his efieota at tha hotel.
Fayor Blue Mountain league. .
With Pendleton still in the runcinsr
in tba Western Tri State league, the
fans of that town have commenced to
agitata for tha reorganization of the
old Blue Mountain league, with Pen
dleton, Pilot Book. Athena and Wes
ton on tba circuit. Before tba Blue
Mountain organization was wrecked
by tha Tii-State people, good semi-
professional base ball waa given the
pntlio. No serious mention of a team
representing Athena haa been heard
this year, and probable inability to
eoure scitatle gronnda bera precludes
any eaort to pat Athena on tba base
ball map at present.
Tanng Peanle'a Dinner.
Tha yoocg people of the M. E.
church gave a splendid dinner in tha
evening March 17. St. Patrick's Day.
A boat $31 we cleared.
together with bis sister, Miss Velma.
left for Twin Falls on Wednesday
eveningV train.
Mr. Wilkinson left Athena several
years ago, and since then has been
living at Twin Falls, where be con
dnoted a grain warehouse. He was
formerly general agent for tfte Paoifle
Coast Elevator company iu tbis dis
trict. He was well known through
out the county and Eastern Oregon.
He is a member of Atbena Camp,
Woodmen of the World, and tha .ser
vices at the grave will probably te
conducted by that order.
AH property owners are expeofed to
clean up thei premises, and any tab
biah or debris that oannot he burned
will be hauled away free of any charge
to them.. Alt tbarisleqaestedis't'hat
the rnbbish bo. raked into convenient
and accessible piles' so that it may be
loaded on the wagons handily. .
Witb united aotion on the part
oltlaeriB. it is, expected that the two
days process of cleaning will put the
oity 1Q a good sanitary conditioa ' for
the spring and samroer months.
utner towns of the county have set
aside days for cleaning up. and in
every Instanoe considerable interest baa
been evinced in the matter, and Ath
ena is not to be an exception, when it
oomes to otv'o pride., .
An early campaign in fly extermin
ation,! an artiole regarding whioh
appeared. in tba Press last week, is
being advocated by many, and witb
tbe oity properly cleaned aa the Mayor
intends it shall te, the crusade against
tne ny pest will be made muoh easier
and more enVotive..
At tbis time " there are alleys in
Athena, tbe condition of which are
an absolute disgraoe to tbeoommunity
Bnd shows nn nniillina dinrsoar fn
r n --"-.jjjMiv. u .
' anniiafv nnnillHnn. If I. . A l. t. a
. j wuu.u.wwn. . .a vi ug uuiau
tnat tbe Dltb pile will be removed on
or before tbe cleanup days are at hand
Witb a olean oity and tha para in
spiok span condition, Atbena will be
in prime shape to entertain tbe visit
ois vmo will come to tbe big Cale
donian pionio this year.
Charter Membership Consists of Repre-
1 sentative Men of Athena,
The Athena Tennis Clnb was re
organized Thursday, evening, Maroh
12tb, and preparations began for the
season's play. . :, ,
, Tbe grounds formerly used by tbe
Club, at the home of Dr. J. D. Pla
mondoh will be'nsed again tbis season
and have teen improved by. tbe addi
tion of more baok stops, and will be
further improved by spreading several
barrels of crude . petroleum on tbe
court to keep down the weeds and
dust ' ' '' "
Tbe obarter membership consists of
Prof. H. W. Drew, F. S. LeUrow.
Mayor E. E. Koonta, Rev. A. Mack
eoozie Meldrnm, Prof. Cbas. Goerne,
Dr. J. D. Plamondoo, Geo. Wood
ward, B. N. Hawks, H. I. Watts, M.
L. Watts, E. A.' Zerba. R. H. Piersol.
E. W, Eooasek, Ralph Cannon and
Barry Coomans.
The use' of tbe grounds will be re-
etrioted to members and their invited
guests only, A nomter of the young
er players who show an aptituda for
the game and ita traditions will be
invited to use the ooort i dh
Games will be scheduled witb neat-
by olaba at a later date in tba
1 11.1 Ml VIII W IlkUl
He Favors WiisbnY Policy,
But Nevertheless Would Pre
pare for Probable War.
1 A Salem speoial saysi Although be
favors the Wilson polioy of "watohful
waiting," Governor West, who re
turned today from a trip East, de
clared that, in his opinion, war witb
Mexioo oonld not be averted. On his
way home the Governor crossed the
line ioto Juarez and made a cursory
examination of conditions there and
at other points on the border. . :
. "The Amerioan troops, while ia
sympathy witb the policy of the Ad
ministration are ready ' for aotion,
and I believe they think it ultimately
wjll . be neoessary," continued - tbe
Governor. "It would ' be no trouble
to win tbe fight, at tbe Mexicans seem
to be an inefficient people, ; but the
policing of the country and tbe estab
lishment of government would be a
hard proposition. . .
"Believing that war with Mexico is
inevitable, I shall advooate plaoiog
the National Guard ot our statu on tbe
best possible basis to he ready for the
emergency. Oregon probably . would
be Called upon to furnish troops and
we should be ready to do so." v
The Governor said that In the event
SI a i. ir I ' m ... . . -.
vi win tne omoers ana men woo nsa
proved their worth on various mispions
to whioh they had been assigned would
be rewarded and that ha had no donbt ,
tbe state would "deliver tba goods."
no matter what tba emergency.'
Hardly had the report become oar-
rent that Mr. West had announoed ha
believed war inevitable when he re-.
oelved a dispatoh from a newspaper
asKiog mm n n were true tnai aa Had
deolared war on Mexioo and how
many troops ha planned rushing to
that ooontry atonoe. .;
While not desiring to change tbe
subject, bntforthe benefit of a few
who may be wiought up over tbe pro
position, yon might say for me that
my trip baok East will cost the atate
jnst $1,50," said the Governor, "That.
was tbe cost of my tioket to Portland.
Tbe balanoe of the oost I got for one '
speeob delivered tefore the National
Reform Association. Tbis 1 donate to
the state." . '
Hog Cholera Expensive. 1 '
On a reoeht visit to lwiston. for- .
mer Governor Frank B. Goodina made
iuu wumiu mar ine loss io idano
bog raisers tbe past year, as a result '
of bog obolera, reaohed the sum of '
$2,000,000. In his home of Gooding,
tbe farmers have organised to check
tbe spread ot the disease. Tbe serum
is purohaaed in large quantities Sod
an expeit gives his services' to the'
farmers in diagnosing suspicious oases'
as well as in tbe application of the .
Indicted for Gambling. '
Tbe grand jury at Pendleton re-' '
turned eighteen iodiotments for gam
bling ia that oity. Tbe iodiotments
were announoed Saturday evening,
when the jury oonoloded its week's
labors. Tba names of tbose indioted
are Wes Matlock, John Estea, D. G. "
Smith. Jay Mosier, Pat MoDivitt,
John Bntlnr. WaUnr rtndaa' Mlnhool
Briggs, Sam Goers and Cal Brigga.
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