Southwest Oregon recorder. (Denmark, Curry County, Or.) 188?-18??, June 02, 1885, Image 1

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    Volume II.
Number 40.
nr.tin- f rttlzona to Ar-
range for Picnic and Celebration.
Citizens of Flqras creek met May
30th, pursuant to call, at North side
school house to take into considera
tion the advisability of having a pic-
mc ana ceieoration on mecouuu
i i il '
Fourth day of July.
On motion of V. H. Averill, J. H.
Unton was arrxinted chairman. H.
A. Hawkins was elected as secretary.
On motion of J. A. Cox it was de
cided to have a pic-nic in the grove
near the ford on the road between V.
H. Averill's and J. H. Upton's places,
Tf rWidfid hv motion to have
On motion a committee of three,
composed of T. J. Stitt, J. E. Hawk-
ins and J. A. Cox was appointed by
the chair to prepare grounds,
On motion nf W. H. Averill a
finance committee was appointed,
AV. H. Averill, P. Nelson and t, M.
Blackerby said committee.
On motion of T. J. Stitt the chair
was directed to appoint a marshal of
the day.. N. C. Lorentzen was ap
pointed as such marshal.
On motion of J. E. Hawkins, A. H.
Thrift was appointed President of
the day.
. On lnotio-i-T. J. Spti, tho chdr ap-
pointed a committee on programmo
for the day, composed of J,
E. Hawk
ins, W. H. Averill and D. E. Stitt
On motion of P. Nelson it was de
cided to elect a committee of pro
gramme for evening and night. W.
Shoemaker. Charles Lanerlois and JL
A. Hawkins elected
On motion of J. E. Hawkins, J. H.
Upton was elected orator of the day.
On motion "W. S. Guerin was elect
ed reader of the Declaration of In
On motion it was decided that "W.
H. Averill. "W. Shoemaker and D. E.
Stitt act as committee on music.
On motion adjourned sine die.
J. H. Uptox,
H. A. HawKixs, Chairman.
Gone Below. Mr. Sam Bernstein,
of San Francisco, who has been in
these parts some weeks settling claims
against the Burnham Lumber Com-
pany went below by way of Coos Bay
n i
Snndav nccomnanied bv Mrs. Robert
Burnham. Mr. Bernstein was sig-
nally successful in his endeavors to
satisfactorily settle claims against tho
Surveying. W. P. "Wright, who
has had many Government contracts
for surveying in this county, passed
down Saturday with his party on his
way to the Upper Roguo river and
Euchre creek countries where he has
Sluices Robbed. It is stated that
last Friday night some Chinamen
robbed the sluice boxes at the Cooley
mine this side of Roguo, of about
350 in dust.
Fourth of July comes on Saturday.
I m t i . i : i .,n.i
er Ol, iVUHBUUiir, uaviuii vvvu tuiiuu
over to manage several important ac
tions and 6uits in our Circuit Court,
arrived at this place during the latter
part of the past week, and we wero
most happy to greet him over ngain,
this being our first meeting for a pe
riod of about eleven years; and if ap
pearance are not misleading, those
eleven years have dealt kindly with
him as we note but little change in
his appearance since we saw him last
prior to departure for Southern Cal
ifornia in 1874. This is the first visit
to Curry the Judge has made since
his retirement from the 13ench of the
oecona J uaicial District, lie will
remain in the county until after the
closes of the term of our Circuit
Court which commences Monday, the
bth insL His hosts of friends in the
county will be pleased that ho is
I v
among them again.
New Jury. Proceeding under the
old law a new jury was drawn. It
comprises S. Thornton, Thos. Smith,
A. It. Miller, P. McManus, E. Carey,
P. G. Egan, Edward Clark, Edward
Good, A. B. Sabine, J. M. Upton, D.
L. Anderson, C. S. Langley, J. A.
Cooley, James "Wilson, Michael Dnffy,
John Billings, Frank Smith, Antono
Pob'ofonto, John D. Cooley J. JL
Koch,' T. Cornwall, T. J. Stitt, J. "W.
Carey, James White George Harris,
W. C. Lake, A. W. Forgey, David
Libby, H. G. Blako.
Appointments. The latest Federal
appointments for Oregon are, Hon.
A. C. Jones of lloseburg, Receiver of
the Land Office at that place, and
Judge Wm. M. Townsend of Yam
hill, Receiver at tho Lakeview Land
Office, Lake county. Both theso ap
pointments are excellent and cannot
but meet the approval of the party in
the State,
Failed to Connect. "Wo learn that
the mail from Roseburg to Coquillo
City fails to connect at Fairview as
advertised, the stage leaving the lat
ter office about two hours before tho
arrival of tho Roseburg mail. This
I -1 t 1
causes a eiay 01 over one wnoio aay.
I r I ' l i . j - i.i l i
xuo cueuuie fewuum ue cuungeu.
To the Bay. Mrs. James Black
lock and daughter, Mrs. Roberts of
Marshfield passed up on "Wednesday's
stage for Coos Bay. Mrs. Roberts
has been visiting her mother at Port
Orford for some months.
Taken a Ranch. Mr. Goo. Beobe of
Ashland who was here some months
since in the interest of a Chicago
school desk house, has returned with
his family and taken up a place ncrth
of Ed Crook's.
Official Visit. Sheriff Bailey has
made two trips up this way during
the week on official business. He was
accompanied on his first trip by Miss
Nellio Gardner who came up to visit
Mrs. E. Crook of New river.
Appointments. The Jackson horse
will be at Zumwalt's next Wednesday
and Thursday, and on tho 11th and
12th, See advertisement,
Ciiaos in Jury Matters. Our
Grand Jury as was that of several
other counties of the State, was sum
moned in pursuance of the new law
providing for the separate designa
tion of the Grand and petty juries.
This law has already been decided
unconstitutional by the Supreme
Court, wherefore it becomes neces
sary to proceed under the old law.
This turn of affairs involves but a
trifle of extra expense in this county
comparatively, as the authorities had
noticed it in time to correct the error
in advance of the convening of our
Court. '
Returned. J. L. Nay and F. Uni
can returned from the Bay Thursday
where they went, as Btated last week,
to make settlement of the claims
against tho Elk river mill. It is said
that all of the holders of checks ac
cepted the offer of fifty cents on
the dollar, and that Mr. Unican
brought back with him coin to take
up tho paper on that basis.
In Charge. Mr. Joseph A. Cork
ill was placed in charge of the Burn-
ham Lumber Company's business, as
manager last week by Mr. Sam Bern
stein prior to his departure for San
Francisco. Mr. Corkhill is in eyery
wxmalified to discharge the respon
Mr. Henry McBride and family have
moved down from Sixes where they have
been sojourning for some time.
Mr. Adams the genial book keeper at the
store was unfortunate enough to loe his
purse containing eighty dollars in coin and
valuable paiers. This is a very severe blow
to Mr. A. at this time, and the finder should
return it to the gentleman and receive his
reward of ten dollars and heartfelt thanks,
Mr. Divelbiss was down from his home
to-day and reports everything progressing
nicely at his mine, three or four men being
engaged in developing the ledge. It is to be
hoped that their efforts may be crowned with
success and reveal some of the hidden wealth
which nature has so deftly buried in this
Mr. Bassett, son of the late Joseph Basset t
who formerly did business and had exten
sive interests here, is up looking after his
property, and is fast making friends by his
affable and courteous manners. We are in
formed that Mr. 13. is already becoming quite
noted for hisadeptness with the caricaturing
pencil on a prominent San Francisco maga
zine. He will remain some time.
Mr. J, "W. Wilson of Eckley has been visit
ing here some days.
The work of opening the roadway to the
t-ite of the proposed wharf has been com
menced, the route surveyed and workmen
already engaged in grading. The piles for
the structure will be delivered immediately,
part of which having been distributed around
temporarily until they could be hauled to
the terminus. With the inauguration of this
long-expected project, Curry county need
f t i no alarm as to its future importance.
This will enable vessels to discharge their
cargoes without any more delay than is ex
perienced at the most favored ports, and
will afford a convenient outlet for products
that now seek other points, besides awaken
ing industries which have long lain dor
mant on account of the indifferent shipping
facilities of the place. With the consti ac
tion o the warehouses, consignments oan
be forwarded without delay and also with a
great freight reduction. The need of these
enterprises must be felt to appreciate them
The Carey brothers are doing a land office
b ashless delivering wharf piling, making
everything hum, as it were.
Mr. Geo. Guerin came down from Eckley
last week on a visit to his family.
The road to the proposed wharf site is
about completed. This will enable the con
struction to go on with greater dispatch
The steamer Coos Bay called in Tuesday
afternoon, taking Mrs. Wilbur as a passen
ger to the city, also some freight.
Dr. Downing and Mr. Bassett took an af
ternoon's recreation at Orford Lake Tues
day, ostensibly for a boat ride, but we be
lieve some of the finny tribe were served at
5 o'clock dinner, which were pronounced
first class.'
Believing that a few items from this part
of the country would once in a while find
room in the columns of your paper, I post
the following.
The rain which lately visited this section
has livened ap growing crops wonderfully,
also the downcast look of many of our farm
ers and stockraisers. A large number of the
farmers were late getting in their crops on
account of their land being in a bad condi
for the plow trampled too much by stock;
but after all such bad management fair
crops are promised.
Work on the race track at Hall's prairie
is progressing rapidly under the supervision
of Hon. J. H. Schroeder, and a fin track it
will be when finished. The lumber for a pa
vilion, 40x80 feet, was sawed at Myer fc
Hoaers' mill at this place which has lately
been repaired and put in running order.
TlLese gentjenien, are worthy the good will
X everybody, ' They have a grist mill in
connection with their lumber- business
where they make the best flour to be had
on the river.
Captain Reed of the Ceres has been
overhauling his little steamer and giving
it a thorough examination. The Captain
is very much of a gentleman and never
snarles when asked for a favor.
, Business in the neighborhood seems to
be moving along with some vigor, several
farmers widening out their fields and
others erecting buildings, all of which
goes to show that a community can thrive
somewhat on "dicker'' when drained of
The run of salmon still continues light.
Dr. Downing of Port Orford came down
Wednesday and remained several days.
The school directors of District No. 3
have engaged Miss Booth of Drain's Sta
tion, Douglas county, to teach a term of
school to commence the first Monday after
the Fourth of July.
Hon. T. W. Crook has Maplewood in
charge and will care for him this Summer.
tf. D. Hume last Thursday purchased
Robt. "Walker's interest in the saloon . and
hotel property. It not known whether Mr.
Walker will remain longer in Ellensburg or
take up his home elsewhere.
George Forty's Wcodbury colt will tale
part in the Smith river races on the Fourth.
until further notice Mr. Joseph A.
Corkill is in charge of the milline pronertv
of the Burnham Lumber Company, and
is authorized and empowered to transact
any and all business appertaining to the
same. He will promptly fill local orders for
By S. Beenstein.
TJVV well nnp:
well improved; about 150 acre of
it good crazing land seeded down to tame
fencing. Situated 8 miles from Coqttil'Jc
City; near the river; good wagon ror.d IV
the city. Trice !2,M!0. Enquire at Jta
oillce for further particular?,