The Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1915-19??, November 23, 1915, Image 6

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    The Victrola brings the greatest Irtiv:
r ngnt into voisr own home
Athena Thanksgiving Silverware
FOR that Thanksgiving Turkey we can furnish Athena carving sets
large or small. In case you have Turkey broth we suggest Athena
Bouillon spoons; or with the salad we have individual Athena salad
forks; and for the cranberries we have an Athena berry spoon.
"A piece of silver for every need" is our motto.
Parker Fountain Pens
Do you want to gives "him" or "her" an appropriate Xmas present?.
All shapes
All styles,
All prices
All sizes,
They are self filling and non leakablo. Prices $2.50 and up.
We engrave them free and furnish written guarantee for 1 year.
Only genuine watch material used for repairs on all watches we work
on. Work absolutely guaranteed.
Boyle Jewelry Co.
Phone 511 We carry no Accounts. EVERARD II. BOYLE, Mgr.
Ellingson Building, Entrance on Alabama Ave.
i"'-rrfT-'"' "mrr- i" unrnr
i) y
0. P. I'pe hr.ri bugiiiL'ss up tliu rivor
Inst Pridiiy.
J. C. Sullivuiu was a visitor nt
Iluuvur Hill .Sunday.
A. Ailolplison of DiMiinnik lind husi
iinsn in thin city Wednesday.
Al. (iiioriu lirciiRlit a lond of fat
Iiok up from Ijuit,'lnis Munday.
Rev. C. U. CroMR was a visitor at
Pish Trap last Sunday afturuoou, eon
ductine; scYvicus tliero.
School clerk, C. Mnyne ICnilit lo
j;in8 work tomorrow on tlio annual
school census.
Ralph U. Knocor, trnvelinp: aiulitor
for tho stute industrial accidont coin
iniggion is a visitor in tho city.
Union services at tho l'resliytorian
church ThnnksKivitiR morniiur at 10:80
Rov. C. U. Cross will prouch.
Messrs. Katou, Tuttlo am! WhiUott
'are reported to have returned from a
hunting trip to N'ew Lake with a total
of (1ft ducks to their credit.
Win. Ssllmor is tho man behind the
Htm at present, his moving picture op
erator hoine; nhgont iy Sai. Francisco
on a visit to tho fair.
Walter Suhin was absent from
Thursday to Saturday of last wottk,
huntiuu; in tho neighborhood of Ijinsr
loig. Us brought liomo IS ducks.
T. C. UuBfoll of the ctv. I mi no at
llsflvor Hill will move to Hiumond
vIIIb, WyoiuinK wher he will accept a
good iiiiiiinif iosition.
.Mr. and Mrs. T. 1'. Hanly leave on
tlio Hllanlxth fur a visit in Smii Pran -
eiseo when Mr. Hanly wilt intranet
businoM in tlwit city.
Geo. Ijilrd's born on hi ranli it
rs tht) rivor farm Itivsrton will I
aumph'tutl this wtmU ami his lmi' i
lao iiwr rompktiun.
UiImm AW of !! Ut-thuitist ChurcL
will hki a lsf ir lunch un li
nlir 1st, (n li" iiutMiiiir f..i-Hu-il
tumiim- "A li. i ii
Mm fsNMMis urirsw l i. H
VmIHMI WuMIUIi) A NMUT'ilfiriMil
I' ilui- iimIuUii III fit.' Mill lit Irt
ft HWiJ
1 jySfcmg3fiKiM.
a. s,
T-TA tin' T url.y O ne- s-t.ip- the
leak. St; Us an. I si.'is for iery
I).)dy I.ct us show tlicm to you.
'-t mam tnr t-mrtf tnnt T-nmr
The IC. I's. had a lurge crowd and
all enjoyed a fine timo nt their annual
hall last Saturday nitfht. Kausrud's
orchestra furnished tho music.
The ladies who have charge of tlio
youthful uctors who aro to appear in
the K. 1. llall Dec. 11th are drilling
them constantly and promise an en
erUiinmnut of merit.
Snbro llros. liave recently uulai-Red
tnd improved their window display
itand enr.hliiiK thorn to displny their
ivares to the juiblic in a nioro nttrnct
ive form.
Dou'L overlook the special school
mooting to ie held in the high school
huildhiK next Monday ovonhiK to con--tidcr
ti special school tax ns ndvur
tised elsewhore in tills issito.
You will lie of.thrnllod by tho powor
timt tho Vampire oxerts ovor her
victim In" A Pool There Was". Dont
fail to see this wo i id or fill picture nt
the Ornnd next Friday.
The wedding of Miss Illsnche Stitt,
daughter of tiie former editor of tho
Recorder took place at her home in
in Monmouth, Nov 18. Tlio Kwnun Wns
C!uy C. Scheible, a respected citizen of
the normal town.
Hud Turpcn, well known architect
of Mars! field was drowned in the
waters of Coos bay lust Sunday fore
noon, lie wns fishing in rin open boat
when tiie accident happened, llis body
wns recovered Sunday night.
The show windows of the lioyle Co.
aro still eclipsod. N'ew windows ar
rived on the in st Elizabeth and they
were of the right dimensions, but an
accident when they were itcing put in
position :.nd ono of them wus broken. 1
When the ISlisabetti comes beck alte ' . r
will bring up another. li IT .f?""" f l,Mr ,,rook,yn
! has laid oir for a couple of trips and
A pictu-e yen ean nevar forget "A Captain Uieky lias Uken his place.
P.m.I Thuiv Was" impossible to des-; Lucky was first mate on tho lilisa
ril.. in forv, power id megidft. beth for couji of yeurs and sur-
" ot Theda Ue- prised his many fruiuU in thi ity
ih. V Hr you must im her in, when lie appeam! In p.nt in ronunand
un iii"-Uu4i tu 4ppeiate herari - of a boat and just in time to take In
It- tremendous- Ciand Tine tiff next the X. P. ball ut Dieemland Hatur
Krnbo , Nov mlwr M. Regular pHeee day night.
Tb.. fuiluMUts; la tt lint J.J t. . ". '
r tin- i. it iistifc ww tew arrived Watitf- w.. . ei., ,., ,
l Si
'" " 1 w; ' ' t9
Ml, JpMMe HtsUU, A-
U.U Sfu U
van tmm, w. mm-
ia, HsAmw4 t , pwsseft ew) VilRNfeMMNW
mmmm wmm,mr
For the girl
For the hoy,
For the wife
For the husband
fv-rttfrfm umrr-i-r-rmt' tnr
The ball of the year will be that to
e given by Occidental Chapter in
ireamlnud Thanksgiving night. Spe
cial music. Tho following is the re
ception committee: Mrs. Win. frame
Miss Knto Rosa, Mrs. S. Oallier, Mrs.
Herbert Drown, J. W. Mast, C. R.
Wade, J. Ira Sidwoll, C. P. Pup.
li. II. Thrift lost a flno horse locent
ly when his team ran away with a
plow. Chas Gerbor was driving the
team at tho time of the nccident. Tlio
swinging plow:.l..uc sliuck tiie ani
mal in n hind log cutting oil" that moni
tor just above tho hoof. The horse
was n bny and was worth $l.r0.
Mrs. O. I.ewin loaves on tho Iiliza
loth for a visit with her daughter,
Miss Ottilio who is attending school
nt tlio University of Cnlifomin at
fterkeloy. Mrs. I.ewin will nlso at
tend tho fair during closing days and
visit with relatives and friends in the
vicinity of tha bay.
Herbert Purnoy was one of tlio pas
Hungers up on tho Brooklyn but found
on arriving, that owing to consolida
tion of the local bout lines that his
joli ns ongineor on the Charm had
taken wings and doparted. Ho will
serve the Klizaboth on her next trip
Mrs. D. Averill left yosterday
on the Charm on her way to Portland
to join husband and children who are
already established there. During the
absence of Mrs. Trowbridge visiting
n San Francisco Mrs. Averill kept
house for O. A. Trowbridge. Mr. Aver
ill is running a moving picture house
tlu! Oregon metropolis
eaaad ahesri twM
wWa wW mi Im
.L ..a "
ww mmm are attre Uu W4t-M i.
'i.i u. 'i lit
it'll ; . mm
14.13 VA'Ml
Ul -
M. G. Pohl In Gay Company
lCditor Handnn Recorder: Tlinnks for
taper. It goes the rounds. There are
lilVerent Coo:i county people here and
hey rejoice to hear something from
dd friends. Today tliero is Teachers' ,
Kxnminntion and there are between
six and seven thousand teachers here.
Many of the young Indies should re
ceive beauty prizes. Without blushing,
i n old song comes to me.
"Oh, 1 should like to marry
If I could only find
A handsome, fair young lady
lust suited to my mind."
Rut what show has an old fellow i
like me so I give it up and - lay I .
ivonld like to say "neutral" but tin
tford now-a-days is not in the Amer
;can dictionary It moans nothing but
Tory for mo.
In San Diego, proper, from January ,
1st to Nov. 1st, 815 babies have arriv i
od to give pleasure to their parents.
It is expected that by Dac. 31 the list
will be a thousand.
$75,000 has boon raised and the ex
position will ho kept open for another
year. Exhibits from Cauda and
South America nro expected.
The drouth of nearly six mouths is
broken. Wo have had three or four
showers you up tliero would cnll them
fogs. Themnniotor nights at 52 and at
noon 08 'to 75 degrees.
With Greetings to Friends,
M. 0. POIII.
Kntcrlainment anil Pond Sale
An entertainment and food sale will
lie given by the ladies of St John's
V5Srr Victrol(.$lSto$3r.O. Victors $10 to $100. , t & , ,
. Lisy tciuu cn bo nrrnngcil if c'csircil. xvi V t.ixj
Cfiiild in the rooms former y nrrupied .. ,, 4 .. ,.
1 goers all o' er the world. Starting his
by tho lioyle Jewolry storo Wodnesday J M,KU curl.,.r whh MnW( ii,)rllmritt
afternoon and evening. The food stale J Mr. Joso plujeil iinictically ovory clas
will be held in tlio afternoon. In lliej'"1' ro,u " th"t uctress's roportolre.
evening ice cream anil
ice cream and who will be
nervml. There will be a llsh pond for
il..- children and a gypsy foitune t.-l
ler will be pr.te.nt to leveal Ike future When h pi "dun d Cyinno do llciuera'
to all wlio are curious as to what thy i lustra ml' brilliau: play in Paris, one
liuvi- iii Mtore fur tMmslveM. Im but
Kit Iiii, Hill Ih m given by tin
Knli. D.iii Im ifi in ruHu mimI hi lug
le ilill'llrii
Jf s twiuerv deal u whil
1 i Tlnmir. tut
It is all artists and all instruments in one.
It enables you to hear the greatest singers
and musicians in your own home just the
same as though you were hearing them
in person.
It brings to you their actual living voices
and superb art absolutely true to life c cry
flltl f m ... n 41 . . 4 1 . . . A 1. ,J 1... 4.1 n
AV' -ffmXv iv-iiuiLiwu as
alllsls incmseivcs.
. Get a Victrola S
la and
r. i r
mi iiiiiiy Ul lllU.Ml.
com mane.
i - ! i .,, ,
yZ VVp ' vonicin.nuiwellsliow
.X KsA A aJ play any music you vi
v " ami we II sllow)
j'i ana play any music you
Undo V ' ' rf. .' ' 1 1 m,
The Victor Agents
Splendid Cast of Famous Players in
the William Pox Production Extra
ordinary of "A Pool There Was".
Headed by such famous players as
Pdward Jose and the notable Parisian
actress, Theda Hnra, the cast assembl
ed for the William Pox Production of
"A Pool There Was", Porter Pmor
son llrowne's powerful drama of a
siren and hoi victim, is in overy sense
a romurkahr distinguished one. The
piny which is released in its screen
form by The 15ox Oflico Attractions
Co., calls for acting ability of tho very
nignesl order, i.ot only in its princi
pal cliararli r; but also in the minor
lolos, ever' . ..3 of which is import
ant. ....
I.M. ,...! i...... , i, i.. il
u W,B wu" rnnriii una no
loHrnwi tnr s.iiue in careiin attention
i detail ut h Ims sameil him the
,.allM. uf The Wnrfiehl of the Movies"
n f his Mud i ws ttw "iIiviimi Morah"
Im hi ml. ii'ii'istuls vd bun on his
M r lilll I
I Will nJ Vo.'
mhufv she wa
' Hi i UtU-
, , .Mi nt the
end He ' Hinaw
tape I1'! mu4 by a, m.m. m
eemprnweiit t mmut tl pM ( thf
' iMItMfli1 itut'mm Maata
il is interpreted uy i iic"
have all this woiulcr-
i ...
illWIIVS UL VOU1 lllSUllll
. .
oil the vatious styles ot tllu Vli'tic i
wish to hear.
.'4 .
them. Tl e '.owns she wears in
role, in t'icniselves, cost a small for
tune niui were deigned largely ny
M.-, Kara htrf-clf.
Other important mem,)--s of t' o
I. lent cast of "A Pool The i Va" u
C 'ifford Rruce an actor of distinction
and ability, Victor Honoit, a wel1
known juvenilo man of wide expen
once and authority, Miss May A 11 1 o i,
known as the most beautiful wom'i l
in the pictures," Mabel Premyear, u i
actress of exceptional grace mil
charm and little Runa Hodges, with
jin this country. Taken all in all it
can bo said that "A Pool There Wa,"
i cast as few pictures have ever been
It is not a case of one big name and
the rest just "fillers". Every nctoi'
and actress was selected by Director
( Powell after a long process of elimi
nation, i ne lact tnnt auss nam was
brought from Paris especially to play
the vampire-woman attests to this as
well as does the prominence of the
other players.
A 25c Feature Production to he
shown at the Grand Theater, Friday,
November 20 nt the regular adnu -sion
price 15c and 5c. Tell your
Mrs. C. U. Zeek of Handon who wa .
here last Saturday attending the mei-t-
ing of the Pomona Grange, is in tec t
ed in the proposed homo for at' 1
motliars tlir.t the Women's lieli' f
Corps of Oregon contemplates ere."
ing in this State as soon ac the nunev
can be raised. There aro -13 Corp. i
tlio Stute with a membership of up
proximately .'1,000, and Mrs. Zeek i '
'"What a fim start wo would '.uvu ti
ward that iiuildiig fund if each in. i
bor would denuto one dollar " S
would like to see ull the Corps in (
county take hold and help raiso U.i
fund Myrtle Point Hnterpnse.
Juvenile Hook Week
Tlio Hoy Scouts and the I.ibrarn
Oregon dim cn-npurutiiig In an ol n.
Hticu of Juvenile Hook Week, been
niiig Kovumbur twenty night Tl
I llbiery will lwv an exhibit if n,-
of Utt howke lialed In (In Golden M j.
i. l sliild's luiine llbieiti At ., i
Um'J Miraiiaji's MdertioN ut 'h.,i,
l tut l(ee( JueUd Umki" Ail pnei
iiiU u-nted in ifejsi mSflg BC x'l.i.u
if invited U outlaw twit
v mm mm . Op Mtu J
mtkm mm tym a mmf