The Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1915-19??, November 23, 1915, Image 5

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NOVUM DKR 10TII 1915. -
Loans ami Discounts ....
Ojcrdraru, secured and unsecured
llomls ami Warrant
Slock anj other Securities - - ' .
H.inUtig House
Furniture anil Fixtures -Oilier
real estate imnrd . . .
Due from h.uiks (not reserve banks) .
Due from approved reserve lunks -Checks
aiul oilier cutli items - - ,
Kxpenses - - - - -Cash
on liaml .....
Total ......
Capital stock uiil in -.-Surplus
fund, ..... .
Undivided profits, lest expenses antl taxes ptiM
Due io Hanks ami Hankers .....
Postal savings lank ilcpotits ......
Imli" ileposits subject to clieck ....
Demand certificates of deposit ... .
Certified Chrcls ........
Time ami Savings Deposits ....
Hills payable for money borrmved;
Liabilities oilier than those alios e ttalctl Letter of Credit
Total ......
STATU OK ORKfiON, Cou.vrv or Ctxi.s.
F. J. Faliy. Cashier of the above named Umk, do sol
emnly swear that the above statement is tine to the best of mv knowledge
and' belief F. J. Fahy, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this22ud. diy of Nuemher 1915
(ieo 1'. Topping, Nolan Public.
Correct Attest: C. V. Lowe, R. II. Rosa, F. I. Ilanly, Directors.
Mrs. Samuel Hreucr died at lior
homo in this city Nov. 5th, aged GO
Mrs. Mary Hreucr (nee Klischer)
was born at Gnluitz, Hiiugnria, ISu
ropo, September 11, 1850 , came to
America in 1882 and at the k of 2:1
j oars was married to Sanuiol Ureuer,
three months, Mr. and Mrs. Hreucr
moved back across tho water to liur
old home in Ilungnria. 1880, thoy re-
ttirnud to America and settled in Coos
County, Oregon, and have since re
s' Jed in and near Myrtle Point.
Deceased whs tho mother of nine
t lildron-tliroo sons and six daughters
two of tho latter having proceeded tho
mother to tho great beyond; there
are nlso seven grandchildren. And be
Mdes these and her husband, Mrs.
l!reuor leaves one sister, Mrs. Threse
.lerman of Myrtle Point, a hulf-bro-t
tor, who resides nt Philadelphia' and
host friends in Coos County to
i uiurii her tlomiso.
In her youth the subject of this ohi
jary united with tho Lutheran church
nd in 11)02, she united with tho church
f the Hrethren af Myrtle Point. She
I ways lived a true Christian life.
Funeral services were held at 11:00
'clock in the forenoon of Sunday, No
x ember 7, 191f, at the church of the
nrothren, Rev. Thos. Harklow having
charge of the last sad rites. Intor
i lent was made al the Inm Creek
cemetery Myrtle Point FJnB'rprisc.
From the Coiiuilie Sentinel
So far the docket for the J'omber
term ofcourt is almost ImiA of erim
1 cases; and unless somebody breaks
loose pretty soon thoto will be practi
cally uotlti.ig in that lino to be tried.
Major Morrison and the o'.her busi-
i -ss tn.-'n wtio went down to Natulan
Tuesday right to attond tho monthly
meeting of tho Coos County Minima
Men'-- ssociation report a profitable
4i ltd enjoyable mooting and a splendid
I a liquet.
Tuesday an immonso fir, tree fell
cross the Coos Huy wagon road out
beyond J. D. I ji I id's completely block
in the way go that tho passengers
from Rosoburg for this place had to
walk five miles to tho auto stage on
this side of tho canyon and got in horo
too late to catch the train.
One can imagine tho disgust of the
( 'no- Hay pirate after oxorling them
ilves strenuously for several hour
to g-t a barrel of whiikoy tiihore to
fn d whin they tupped it tlmt tho ran
tents were dill picklue.
new ruling has been received by
Poanuister l.iimgur which prohibit
parcel pout being Hunt under apeeiul
d livery privilege. Ilomtnfare purr
ils muld be i on toil overland if tlx
penal delivery stump wna atUebw.1
I ut on in count of the excessive weight
Do you want puro drii
ami (Inij; tuuuiricg, lino
pcrfumon. hnir KiIinIii,..
Hllll l')lllt MlteM U
m en 1 1 on
r r. jo HiHHi.Hi
11 1,049 S5
l.iSC 62
7J.2J5 59
10,300 m
3,1100 00
,0f.r. 9
. -HI IS
- 23,111 42
631 80
35,178 S3
- ?26,20S U
50,000 00
17,1100 00
. 7,418 90
1,292 63
lf.2, 349 7S
4,')2 31
531 32
20,033 26
- 1,290 00
$264,201! 22
the department has deemed it best to
prohibit the practice in the futuro.Now
, the only route for parcel post is by
I ...l.l.l. n : u
iu.n, i 1 1 1 u 1 1 ill. una iiiiiu is sui unsat
isfactory. Coqtiille nierclinnts havo been hav
ing mighty hard luck in getting goods
since tho Hreakwater went olf the run.
Thoy first tried the Ahwanoda and it
took her a month to got horo; then the
Santa Clara and everything was lost;
and this week the Kilbiirn, loaded with
everything needed groceries, dry
goods, dealers' holiday stocks of all
kinds and printers' .supplies by tho
ton has been spending the week danc"
ing attendance on two bars.
Miss Lydia Marstors of Gold Iicach
is hero visiting at tho home of her
brother and sistor Mr. and Mrs. J. G
Russell, of Acme Dairy Produce, Mist
Lydia may remain with her sister all
winter C. C. Loader.
.loin Zoppi of Seattle, Washington
is here looking after the interest of
his farm and visiting at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Chits. T. Hlinneniothei
of New ImUv. Mr. Zuppa expects to j
move his family on tho farm in the
spring C. C. Leader.
W. M. Russell, who has been work-
. .ii si .i i , i
ing at the nttiiea quit there mat week.
., . ... ,, '
Mr. Russell snya Its getting cold and I
snya Its getting
snow on the uioutitr.iuB up at the min
es C. C. Loader.
A war drama of most extraordinary
A Paramount Feature
Tho pieturixation of "Tho Captive",
the famous drama by Cecil B. De Mille
and Jeanio MnePhorson in which !
Blanche Sweet apponrs for tho soeond '
time as a star under tho Usky mana-'
gemont is a war drama of most oxtrti-
ordinary force. Though tho plot may '
be said to develop mainly through the 1
love of a young Turkish noble for a
Montenegrin pensnnt woina'i the at- j
mosphere of conflict is siwUinod .
throusrhout. Indeed, the Turkish i
noble and the peasant girl arc brought
together only owing to tho fact that
the noble is a prisoner of war, ami is
assiifpl to the girl to do the noeos
snry work on hor littJo farm.
At ihe ope lit g of tlie dr. mil pitch
ed bsutle between the Turkish troops
and tho Montenegran penaanta is
aliown most graphically. And the cli
iikix of the entire photodraina is reach
es! when n mauraudiug column of
Turkihh troop capture the a"iH' vil
lage. Mr. Ilnusj Piter who ph.yesl the
leading mile Mile with Mis Sr -t in
' The Uitrien of Virginia", kImi head
her MipMii tuiir i iiinMtii)' in thi pn
duct urn
To I itiui. jit the li .iiul 'tifulii
nun iu vv i, I..,-
sssssssBsssWsssssssW aMMMMMnMMHM
lit' I. Kr, 4,. tUM .1..,
41.1 Ki""st fciilit
11..,!., 'l
S, D. Bar row r
ll S Mm ..Ml .
m i a, . i , a m ta.
M SS ' . I. 4t . i 4 k
km) m
Allknowing and Almighty God I
Who tniides us throuch the dark
Unheeding our pretending power,
To wilk that slippery way, alone.
That dim tomorrow that wo seek,
And wish for all it can bestow,
It's ending known to Thoe alone,
Who only knowest whero we go.
And so, this one day of the year,
Wc come with gratitude and love
For peaceful ways, for pleasant days,
For common things, we think not of
Since tho early days of November
the I-aFolletio soman's bill has bean
! in clfect and tho eyes of all interested
in shipping have been turned toward
it to note its olrcct upon American
commerce on the high seas. So far the
tendency has been to emphasise the
points of conflict with the employer's
interest and the actionof tho Dollar
company in transferring its ships en
gaged in Oriental trade from the
American to the British registry has
been hailed as a prophetic omen of
Hut it must not bo supposed that
an act tlmt has been debated through
half score of Congresses nr.d finally
passed by both houses and signed by
the president, can be whololy without
good that may be said in its favor.
Therefore tho first years trial of
the measure will bo a matter of groat
interest to shippers.
Such shippers as the Dollars claim
that they can not compote with Jap
aneee boats and still comply with the
provisions of this law which would re
sult in raising the wages of sailors
enraged in foreign trcde and in chang
ing the regulations of saa life as to
make competition with the little Or-
j0J1jnj jm ,ossj,e
., J. h . '
Th Dollar boats which now will un
load their cargoes at British Colum
bia ports instead of in U. S. ports arc
manned by Chineoso sailors.
The provision especially objected to
J puts down certain regulations on ves
sels clearing from American ports..
Friends of the bill contend that it
will raise the wages and standards of
living for sailors all over the world.
They claim that foreign vessels put
ting in at American ports will bo de
parted by their crews anil no new
erews can bo taken on except under
the standnrds as outlined in the bill.
That tho word will soon spread
among sailors that a stop at an Amor
ii in port will mean increaso in wag
es and improved living conditions and
tho result will bo tho improvement of
co dition of railors all over the world,
favor of the bill is that the Japanese
tilrtt.a mill .iiiini iml.w ...... .-
"mi vuiiiv uimi-i liiu .iiiii: toll
. ... . . . ,, . ,, . .
ditions. It is claimed that the Jap has
, , . , ,
j la'vei i'wii Known io romHo it cuniu'o
to bot'?r himself financially and along
with the adoption of Europern cus
toms will be a readiness lo take ad
vantage of this Yankee scheme for
their own improvement.
It is readily admitted that if the bill
will do what is claimed for it, this will
bo done in a short time and the work
ing of the bill will be watched with
We huuard tho opinion that if this
condensed fog lasts much longer some
one will havo to constitute a relief
,,arty for Captain Wiren when he goos
out to gauge the precipitation.
That while turkeys may be scarce n
wild duck or lwm nmk-n. ...
fair substitute.
That locnl ranchers no longer com
plain thnt the ground is too dry for
Hy Editor Cnmeron That his lot
has been cast in a comnunity whore
the HiMcrin! for his unique heart to
lieait talks is mj plentiful.
Hy the C. B .pirMes that they can
fill in the dot.iil. when the list of ble
oiiifs i nifiitio u-d.
Let 'er Rain!
If you've a man's
work to do. wear
Tower PikJi Brand
' Slicker
The eoat itwi kw
JUI flsV Urn ram. Mr
itff IrtajH rMawtM
In al liur Umtn.
UjJ fki stlal -
A J i nuMtit fin. f1;
By tho tanmitor who htult tlos o;
poles into Itandor. by most any old ap
proachWell tha lnt report was thu
ru was rtill huntintr In tho mud fi
..soothing; to be thankful' for nnd hu
not yet reported.
Hy the common council that the-,
havn't yet been blamed for the wrec ,
of the Santa Clara.
Hy Marshall llolman that he does
not lmve to wet down the street this
From the Gold Beach Globe
A cattle buyer by the name of Not
ley from Ferndsle Humboldt Co. Cnl.
is in this vicinity for the purpose of i
buying cattle. The price ottered is
$27.00 for ysnrling steers, $-15.00 for
two year olds and $50.00 for three year
old steers. (
Wo understand that ho has purchas
ed quite a number at these figures
thtoughout the country.
Dr. Robbins was called to Pistol
River twice last week to see Ed. Law
rence who is suffering from partial
stroke of paralysis. " The lower por
tion of hre body was paralyzed. The
Doctor says it is a serious case but in
time thinks he will fully recover.
While the locality has been blessed
with an unusual amount of good
weather this fr.H, winter with all its
glory ts now upon us. A few days
ago tho near by mountains wore whit
ened with snow for a short time nnd
at this writing the country is envelop
ed in ii brisk southerly wind nnd a
heavy down pour of rain.
Tho Rustler arrived in the harbor
early Sunday morning over a rather
shoal and lumpy bar. The Roatnor at
tempted to cross but bumped on tho
bar, swinging around and went to sea
and "hit the high places" back tot he
bay. Tho Rustler is loaded with mer
chandise for the new store for this side
exclusively, and tho Roatnor is said
to havo a capacity
loud of general
freight for Gold Roach, most of which
is for I). M. Moore.
A quiet wedding occurred at the
home of tho brides parents, Mr. and
Mrs,. J. G. Porterfield, Sumlny Nov.
th when their eldest and accomplish
ed daughter. Miss Lucille was made
the bride of Archie Collins. Tho bride
grow to womanhood in this locality
and her friends are limited only to her
circle of acquaintances. The groom
is an industrious young man from
Douglas county who.lms worked for
Geo. Dunn the past year and is still
holding down his job on the farm,
while the newly made bride has taken
charge of the culinary of tho Dunn
home. The Globe joins the many
friends of V.i ycung couple in wish
ing thorn a long life, brim full of wed-
ed bliss.
Tho Universal Rattlesnake Jim,
who quietly slipped into our sanctum
on last press day, with the best inten
tions to provo himself a good fellow
and help get out the belated issue,
turned to and folded papers for us ami
in doing so, got a few papers of old
papers mixed up with the current is
sue which were sent out. Neither the
editor nor the foreman noticed the
mistake until some of our subscriber.
was heard from at least two different
post offices. Not knowing who all
may have received one of those old
papers, and as the last issue contain
ed the proceedings of the County
Court, the Budget and the Summary of
Assessment, giving the valuation of
the several school and road districts
which every taxpayer should keep on
file, we reprint this much of hist issue
in an effort to square ourselves with
our disappointed readers of lastweek.
with a promise that if another char
acter like Jim comes along before our
thinkbox gets congested with a con
glomeration of three or four dialocts
yodling laughing hyena stunts, hag
pipe soranades, sacred Ixiritouo solos,
etc., wo will burn up nil the old paper.-,
in the shop before the press starts.
Gold Beach Globe
Altoonn, Pa. Unable to speak
above a whisper for four years, Mtss
Mnllie Frisch, an invalid from pulino
nary trouble, awoke from a dream in
which alto tluHlght she approached
death, antl found that she could speak
IterfecUy again. She declares she is
going to get well.
No sympathy from the district at
torney's otttee was asmired by a fish
erman named Stinson from Empire,
who laat availing aputered bfor
Judge I'eanoek and later Mr. Uljeq
vut, askinc what could Ut don with
men who had Uk n from him the fore
nail of the Hani Clara winch Im
tirouirht away from the ahi. lie was
UtM thai iMrthj.iK rotiM l rion and
auriukvfully l went home sy the
l assta Hay Tim.
(alii mi tens u JsMf)tf" I'mltUmk
M' i- r-lif u. htt WlM isVIIM
fa H' M i iw JtfaW lh M
u ' i - i to fail th
faWl "' ' II. ' 4 shad
4 tM i M ah.
IM H' MI W lite
1rjV I i Imp Ow lU)
lU4 Mf Ml ftflttf Vfta HHng
Who wouldn't be thankful for
a Victrok on Thanksgiving!
Everybody enjoji its dcliR!.ttul music and every hostess will
be glad to have the Victrola lic!j in the entertaining.
Such a splendid instrument is something fur which to be
truly thankful 1
Come in and ue'll gladly demonstrate the Victrola and play your favorite
The Victrola shown in illttMratiiin is the Victrola IV $150 Other
styles $15 to $350. Victeis $10 to $U0. E,y term,, if'j.
The Victor
Telephone, 751
lit oil la.ul
. guarded it.
Somo suppose friends
They aid the jcb so well
I said Stinson, thi.t the sail disnppeared
He said, it is worth about $150 to $200
"I got some othor things from the
wreck. Some bncon, flour and a fow
sicks of potatoes too." With the
beach filled with people anxious to
Set what -hey could, Stinson and his
( wife had a hrrd job keeping what they
got. "isne nait to sit ngnt there o.i
aveiything," he told the judge. "And
nice, while she was sitting there a
man came along and hooked a slab of
bncon and started otf."
Mrs. Stinson was well prepared for
this emergency. She pulled a revolv
er out of her coat and yolled, "Hey
bring that back." It came in a hurry.
Hut the fisherman got little aid from
the officers and has gone homo to do
vi'os some plan of getting back the
forces'l of the Santa Clara.
As a result of investigations recent
ly made by Mr. C. J. Humphrey, Path
ologist in the Department of Agricul
ture, it has been found that dry rot in
'mill constructed" buildings in Wash
ington and Oregon is due, in all tho
cases roportcd to ignorance and gross
negligence on the part of the users of
wood as structual material.
It has boon found that timber intel
ligently used unilor normal conditions
will not rot, and furthermore that dry
rot is easily preventable. In 00 per
cent of the cases reported, the cause
was insufficient ventilation in the
building or around the timbered joints
A lack of fresh air and heat creates
a moist and musty atmosphere con
ducive to the growth of fungi. It is
well known that decay often starts in
a damp cellar.
Soini'mes lumber Itecomcj infect
ed with dry rot in the yard or shed of
the mill and is Mien ignora..t'.y or .ieg
gligontly sold for building purposes.
Yard infection is usually caused by
itnpropor piling of the lumbor. The
lumber is not piled so thnt there is a
free circulation of air throughout or
with sufficient slope to permit the rain
to run otf. In tho shed the infection is
generally caused by contact with a
moist floor.
Mr. Humphrey's study hac undoubt
edly revealed th fact that dry rot is
not only preventable but unnecessary
Bargain Offer!
13oth Pnpops to January, 1017,
For $2.50
AddivKH, Ktwi'dcr Publishing Co.
Bnndon, (Jjvon
. mm
NOTICE IS llKRbUi imu.., l.u'i
by virtue of an execution and order of
sale duly issued out of the circuit court
of the State of Oregon, for the County
of Coos and to me directed on the 13th
day of September, 1916, upon a judg
ment nnd decree duly rendered, en
tered of record and docketed in and by
said Court on the Sth day of Septem
ber, 1015 in a certain suit then in said
Court pending, wheroin J. H. Gould
was plaintiff and C. M. Smith, Anna
M. Smith, his wife C. R. Wade et al,
were defendants in favor of plaintiff
and against said defendants by which
execution I am commanded to sell tho
property in said execution and here
inafter described to pay tho sum due
the plaintiff of Six hundred seventy
one and no-100 Dollars, with intorust
thereon at the rate of six per cent per
annum from tho Sth day of September
1015 until paid together with the costs
and disbursements of said suit at
Soventy-soven and 70-100 Dollars and
costs and expenses of said execution
I will on Thursday, the 23rd day of
Doeombor, 1015 at tho hour of 10
o'clock, A. M. of said day at the front
door of the County Court
House in Conuille, Coos county, Or
egon, soil at public auction to tho
highest bidder for cash in hand
on the day of sale, all the
right, title, interest and
estate which said defendants, C. M.'
Smith, Anna M. Smith and C. R. Wade
and all persons claiming under them
subsequent to the plaintiff's mortgage
lien in, of and to said ronl property,
said mortgaged premises hereinbefore
mentioned are described in said oxe
ci'tion as follows, to-wit: All of lot five
in block one in O'Niol's Addition to
the town, (now city) of Bnndon, Coos
county, state of Oregon, as par pint
thereof on file nnd of record In the of
fice of the County Clerk of Coos coun
ty, Oregon.
Said sale being made subject to re
demption in the manner provided by
Dated this loth day of September,
Sheriff of Coos County, Oregon
Ik I f PsssssssV M If. 1