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Bandon By-the-Sea has the Prettiest Beach on the Coast
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Arrire At Nm hi Makes Trip (her
BarhT. T Speak T Niffct
Congressman W. C. Hawlcy arrived
In Bandon this noon and has been tak
in In the sights preparatory to an ad
dress which he is to deliver tonight in
tho Orphcum theater.
He was met at Coquille this morn
ing by a party among whom was Mr.
and Mrs. C. B. Zeek. The latter was
Mr. Hawley's campaign manager last
The party arrived in time for din
ner at the Gallier and also tho Eliz
abeth and the Brooklyn arrived off
the ljarbor entrance in time to dtfnon
Ktrate to the Congressman how the
passage into tho harbor was made.
Tho tug Kllhyam went out and guid
in the Elizabeth and when it came tinio
for tho Brooklyn to be towed in t)3
congressman and a party of local
lights went aboard tho tUg for this
trip out and a little experience. The
bar was in grand shape for the ex
perience although to the credit of thp
congressman-be it said that he proved
a better sailor than somo of his local
At the meeting tonight the subjects
to bo discussed arc "River and Harbor
Improvements'! and the "Rural' Credit
Suit Over Water Dispute
The Bandon Water .Company In an
action against the Longston Construc
tion Company held ttio Bandon Justice
Caurt In an interesting session yester-'tia'y.-
TTto" VWater Company- made
charge of 10 cents per,, barrel for mix
ing .cement for the Concrete Street
work, and scd for $140. Tho Long
pton Company claimed that 25 gallons
of water is' sufficient to mix one bar
rel of lime and that the charge was
ixhorbitant. The Wnter Company
claimed that they had a rati fixed by
the Railroad commission and that they
could nolther raise or lower the" rate
without being guilty of violation of
law. The defendant thereupon claim
ed that they had petitioned the rail
oad commission to reduce tho rate,
I ut that before tho department acted
on tho matter, ho wacr works had been
. old to the city. The plaintiff claimed
that when the city took, over the mat-
tor, tho railroad commission lost
jusisdlction over the matter,- while de
fendant claimed that it left the rate
still in controversy and "up In the nir"
Tho matter was taken under advise
ment. Mr. -Trcadgbld appeared for
tho Wator Company, and Mr. Barrows
of Coquillo for the defendant.
Resort to Primitive Settlement
Fist fighting seemed to be In tho
Bandon atmosphere last week, as evi
denced from .tho police and justice
I Court records, some pleading guilty
others contesting tho case. The one
, attracting most attention Icing tho
caso of tho city .iguinot R. W. Squire
who was accused of engaging in a
, fight with Edmund Davidson, Thero
were two witnesses for the city that
Squlro forced tho fight, and four in
Sq'uiro's behalf that he only fought in
self defense. Municipal Judge Knus
rud found the evidence insufficient to
convist, and dismissed the case,
An adjourned session of the coun
ell will bo held next Tuesday night
nnd at this meeting will be taken up
tho matter gf placing the bonds for
the purpose of taking up outstanding
warrants. An' effort has Wen traOo
to place tho bonds ut 1 per cent b..t
ihls has been found to bo Impruct nt
Bandon city warrants at f per rent
tire not considered desirable anil it
ha cost about u hundred dollar to
And out this fact. Tliera luyo Uen
uwurancon olfert'd, In ,ho itiuln by
Mr, Huggo of tha tyanil'tiuivlHii Ant
i'llwn bank of MurtlifU-ld that the
t,oni wll ko rllly at U jwr cut
and ttt Ibis rMt llify will piolwldy
U tUifvl
Ko4oii xjwrk'iifmi yrwrduy
wwrokiK it tir (itl wf lh
HWm, UM hctl Wft hfiHV th UII
Barrows to Speak Oct 26
The lone nromlsed address to Ban
don people under the ausplcies of the
Bandon Commercial Club, to be given
by Hon. C. R. Barrow of Coquillo is
to materialize soon. Mr. Barrows
has promised to appear and address
the people of Bandon on tho evening of
Tuesday, October 20th, thst being tho
regular meeting night of the Club. He
urged that all public Hpiritcd, citizens
be present, ladies as well as men, as
ho will among other things discuss a
state women's organization now under.
way, having orphan s home and other
kindred subjects the object of its spe
cial attention, and his general sub
ject will pertain to legislature mat
ters, and the O. & C. land grant mat
ters. All citizens are urged to be pre
sent. '
The hbur and place of the meeting
will be announced later.
Death .Summons
Mrs. Emma Osborn
Baatai Pioneer And Church Worker Died
Suddenly Saturday
The death of Mrs. Emma Osborn
came as a shock to her many friends
in Bandon October 9th, Saturday.
She left home apparently in good
health but wns taken with heart fail
ure at Dr. L. P Sorensen's and died
in u short time.
Mrs. Osborn was one of the pioneer
settlors of this' section. She was- born
at Dayton, Ohio, July 7th, 1849 and
removed with her parents to Iowa
when about 3 years of age.
There they resided until the time
pJier marja'ge with Albert Osborn
in 1807: The young couple emigrated
to Arkansas but was lured by the
western idea, leaving Arkansas in
1870 and ariving in Oregon in 1877.
They have lived in Coos' county for
28 years, '23 of which were spent in
Mrs. Osborn is survived by a hus
band and three sons. One son, Spray,
and his father are at present in Cana
da and Elmer and Lester are residents
of Bandon.
Funeral services for ,the departed
were held Sunday after noon at 2:30
and were largely attended.
Rev. VV. S. Smith preached the ser
mon nnd paid a fino tribute to the ex
cellent qualities of the deceased.
Burial was in the Knights of Pyth
ias cemetery.
Departure of Mr. Bodin
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bodin are pack
ug up their housel'old goods pre par
utmy to moviin; to California Mr.
Bodin who has boon tho repivscnta
tive of tho Standard Oil Co. at their
Bandon station for the past eighteen
months has been transferred to Wal
nut grove and will have .barge of
a new station there as soon a- the
change can bo effected. Ray Valklns,
his assistant is to remain in churge
ns tho local agent and the selling ter
ritory of the Marshfield agent ha3
been enlarged to includi Dn'ndon so
the change will menn the loss of one
man to the Coos Bay diatnet. Mr.
Bpdin has grown rittached to Bandon
during his residence horo nnd "dislike
to leave but is going to n counuy
with which he is familiar as he has
lived ten year In California. Walnut
Grove is in the valley of the Sacra
Off For Grand Lodge
J. W. Mast and Hayden Jackson left
Saturday via, the Mast auto, for Port
land its delegates from Delphi Lodge
No, K, of P. to attend tho Ben-
slon of the Statu Grand Lodge which
Is in seuKlon this week In Portland,
"Jim" wan watrhing Uie weather and
llui barometer pretty closely before
ho left, Mm, II, I-', MorrUon left Hun
day us u delegate from the local U Ihu
Htuie Gram) Jdge of Pytlilun HUU-r
which will bu fn jhIih ut tlic twine
A. (i. Thrift wlui 1m uilournilitf III
(,'llf(j)iiitt (or )'itili KimtTully,
urn) o w.iiiK jtlUf dm ihvmutitm
Two Days Session Held Friday and Sa
turday. Fine Talk by Rev. C. A. Phipss
There was a liberal attendance and
much Interest manifested in the Sun
day School Convention which conven
ed in this city at tho Presbyterian
church last week Friday and Saturday
Representatives wero present from
different sections of the county and
nearly all tho denominations were rep
resented. All of the Sunday Schools of
tho country study the International
lessons and such conventions ub this
help to soften the antagonisms that,
crop out.among Christian workers ns
well ns any where clss.
Rev. Chas. Phipps, special repre
sentative of the state organization wns
present and made several addresses.
He attends thesc meetings all
through the season and said at the
conclusion of tho Bnndun meotingH
that for zeal and ferver of enthusiasm
they were fnr above the average and
tho best ho had attended for a long
Rev. C. Maync Knight of this city
as president of the past'near's organ
ization, presided at the meetings and
arranged the program.
Tho following is tho list of naw oi
ficers elected for the coming year:
President L. M. Law of Coquille,
1st vice nres.. J. F. Brand, Multifield,
2nd vice pres., Mrs. Morrison,-Coquille
Secy-treas.: Miss Mary Mooro, Bandon
Chairmen: Elementary; Mrs. Elmer
Russell, North Bend; '
Teen age Miss Shaw, Marshfield,
Adult Rev. Knight, Bandon,
Teacher training Mis3 Watkins,
Myrtle Point.
llomo department Mri. YY:
mcyer, North Bend
Temnerance Claude Noslor, Bridge
', Evangelism T. J. Cannon, Myrtle
Point, " .
Missionary LeRoy Hall, Marslj-
Tho convention workers left the city
fueling that they had had a profitable
meeting and with reneweJ interest in
the crusade to as Roy. Law expressed
It, put more time on the factory in
stead of the repair shop believing that
work with boys nnd girls is more pcof
itable than on the humnn wreck's who
havo grown to manhood
A -cording to Rev II. Phippi, who
Miq principal apc-vker of the Sun
day School' convention in sesiou in
ri.'h city last Friday and ntunkiy, tho
n'vugo man thinks more of his lhv
1 1, than ho dos of his children.
Mr. Thipps addr-ji .cl an audience that
c-n.: ortably filled the Pnv.byterian
c rch Friday ev-rrng on the Chicago
Ccn cntion, a sunwit that wns prln
n pi.ll; notable for the tory lUtlo it
bud to do with tbj address.
The speaker said he had nn occas
ion to attond a similar convention re
cently nt Dallas, Oregon and the citi
zens of the town prepared a very nico
antertainmcnt for the delegates as
sembled, spending pjrhaps as much
as $25 on it, A week later they spent
$1,000 on a convention devoted to the
studying of the ills of Angora goats.
Ho did not criti'-lso them for desiring
to be acquainted with tho best mehods
of caring for goats. It was a com
mendable enterprise but her did think
thero nhould hnvo L'on a .little more
attention devoted to the ills that
threaten tho moral growth of children
Action and dcdi wero the essentials
of Christian citizenship as emphasis
ed by Mr. Phlpp.i. Ho suid that
Christians could bo divided into three
flections the workers, the jerkers ai.d
the shirkers. Tho workers ho com
mended and said tho unual tendency
was to load them up with imrdons un
til they -were discouraged; tho jerkers
wero the kind of pvoplo who would nut
travel smoothly but would work until
tho mood telicd thuiit to change tilings
when thoy would m und haul In
vuriouft directions, The ohln.ur were
tho kind who looked n fuinl.iy f rliutl
iirtlvltlun with a roi'iplumii mnllo ami
when invited to do komothliig wi.jld
wiy "Oh, you urn loliiif fiiuly, keep It
Tito fH'Ulirr iipliid lliv ntfltul
( ihv ulyily uf MI'Im u JhoiuIhiu
III liu public whujli ami Hid lIlM muU
ur M Ih nuluni m ttr liwi jt
COIIIJIllttl'i- Ut lilMlllllll'lll JllUU(ilOtf of
prre a schedule in nhiuh a knowledge
of pacrpd records wan to constitute
one poiht for university admittance.
This committee was working in har
mony .with the stnt'5 mipeiintendcnt
of public instruction who was in sym
pathy with the movement, and had
changed the original project of mak
ing this n half point qualification to
constituting it'n full point, -
Mr. Phipps remarks were liberally
sprinkled with anecdote and many of
his Millies were barbed with a caustic
wit v that made thorn very effective.
His talk was enjoyed by nil bresent.
Monkeyed With Gas Wagon
Al. Garfield nccompanicd by Drs.
Lccp, Endicott, of Bandon. nnd J. A.
Endicott of California returned Inst
week from n hunting trip in the wilds
of Curry County. Al took flic party
down in his car, nnd left it with one of
tho farm houses while they were In
the interior, and returned to find that
some one had been joy riding during
his absence, nnd had among other
other things tried to run over an upple
tree with it, nnd the enr was so gene
rally damaged and demoralized that
it was with difficulty that the party
were able to return homo in i. It is
proverbial that down in Curry no one
will bear witness against his neighbor
so Al has not located the guilty par
ties. Pollock Sells Grocery BusincRR
The grocery firm, of Pollock and Pol
ock which has conducted a business on
the cast end of First street for a yenr
or two past has sold its stock and good
will toa cbmpany to be known as the
Model Cash Grocery of which Harry
Hornung is manager. The stock If to
bo moved to the rooms recently vacat
ed by tho Red Crain Drug store. A
stock of' graniteware and glass ware
which 'the Pollocks carried is- to be
closed out. Mrs. Pollock has already
lSrt,f6rMo,'familjr homestead In Mal
heur county and Mr. Pollock and tho
rest of the family will follow as soon
as he can make business arrangements
Cheap Peaches in Umpqua
Elbert Dyer, who has been here this
week reports that fruit from the
Umpqua and Rogue river valleys is
to be had in the region where grown
at a very reasonable price. He says
that peaches cn bo purchased thero
at twenty five cents a box and they
can be had for the picking if one hns
tho ambition to go after thir. The
fnrmers of that country are feeding
them to their pigs and they do not
make extra good pig feed at that.
Not near as good as could be growil
on the land which the fruit tiecs en
cumber. Mr. Dyer says tho farmers
are begining to get tho fancy farm
ing idea out of their heads nnd to go
in for tho staples, alfalfa and (
and tho forage that will sustain a
dairy cow. These nre the crops fa
vored in the' Klamath district on tho
other side of the. Cascades and that
section is in much better condition
than the volleys noxt east.
Mr. Dyer and family expect to
spend the coming winter at Ashland
where thero are some notable miner
nl springs and if that section does
not suit them will go on to some other
place next year.
U. S. Engineers Here
Bandon was visited last Friday by
a delegation of good road boosters
Tho U. S. Road Engineer, Burrell, nnd
State Engineer Cantino visited Bandon
and wero accompanied by the members
of the County Court, County Road
Master Hall Lewis, nnd Charles Hall
of Marshfield, who is President of
Coos County Good Roads association.
While hero they took a flying trip to
Floras Creek to Investigate the road
gravel situation, utid apparently found
it all that it Is clulined fur lU Elbert
Dyer of Bandon accompanied them to
Floras Creek, Tho Government En
gineer Is gathering data concerning
the territory between tm ('ulifornlu
lino and Columbia Itlvur, for govern
men I Information,
Itnurou JeiKo, formerly of iU rily
and (-hinged with tunl'i u liorttu
from ht wlfo, hit Wiilvl In U'
vhi i of Vulo ii Ulheur dimly.
.lm m liiii mmBii Hvm
itiw) i e (I'M t Ml? itj Ijuyn Ul
nLkLlipaliii!)li at Mi
Welcome; Mr. Hawley
Congressman W. C. Hawley, of the
First Oregon District, is a welcome
visitor to our little city. He hns done
as much at least if not more for ou
harbortthan any' other ono member of
Congress. His efforts as one of our
blic benefactors bus been duly ap
preciated, which will not soon be for
gotten by our citizens. His visit nt
this time of need for further improve-.
ments, nnd Immediately proceeding
his return to Washington for the De
cember session of Congress is oppor
tune, and will enable him to work with
first hand knowledge of present con
ditions. The citizens of Bandon join
the Recorder in extending a welcome.
Boston Wins 3 Straight
Word comes over tho wire that to
days ball game in the inter-league
contest was won by Boston, 2 to 1.
This is Boston's third game. Ono more
will give it the flag. Alexander, who
won Philadelphia's only game, lost to
Boston yesterdny.
Rattle -Snake Jin
Visits The City
Eccentric Half Breed on Bare Feel on
World Tour Arrives in Bandon This Noon
"Rattlesnake Jim" whose eccentric
pilgrimage has given him free adver
tising across the continent wns a vis
itor in Bandon today. He says he is
on a barefoot tour of the world and
Bandon marks another land mark on
his journey.
"Rattlesnake Jim's", real name is
James' Lauchhd Loncfcather and he
wns born in Luzerne, Switzerland.
His father was an Ogallnla Sioux and
his mother a Swiss. The couple met
in London while appearing in a circus.
Jim left Luzerne April C, 1897 and
says he is due back there in April,
1920. He says he has walked over a
hundred thousand miles barefoot. He
occasionally works and he nlso gives
sxhibitions of Indian dances and Swiss
When asked what he expected to
gain in his pilgrimage he said:-
"Three things. A body immune from
disease; adventures thnt can be gained
in no other way and an education that
call not be had in the best university
in tiio world."
Tho dogs of Bandon did not seem to
Jim's liking but there were no seri
ous collisions.
Weatherbee Quits Star Ranch
George Laird has purchased the
thoroughbred Hplstcin herd of 10 head
of cattle on the Star Ranch, belong
ing to Dr. Wethcrbee, who hns given
up dairying nnd will return to Port
land. George says tho price of every
thing is going down except holsteins.
It is understood that Mr. Hansen,
brother of Schmidt Hansen, Bandon's
Shooting gallery man, has rented tha
Star ranch, and will conduct that fa
mous place in the future. George will
place the cattle on his Coquille ranch.
Joseph R. Fish, chauffeur, recently
of this city, charged with issuing two
flo fund checks, was arrested last
Tuesday in Spokane and held for ex
tradition when papers are served.
Fish cashed a $14 check and used u
part of it ih pay his fare on the Rosa-burg-Myrtlo
Point auto stage. It al
so developed thnt he hud cashed a $20
check ut tho Bohemian bar in Marsh
field. Both checks wero on the Bunk
ofBandon and wero returned there be
Ing no funds to pay them. It develop
eil that Fish had never had $34 in tho
bank ut ono time.
The complaint of H, N. Hmllli that
he Mtlll owned pioperty in Pi rut St.
was given littfiitlon at Iho clly roiin.
HI lunl Wi'dmisduy night. Whmi Flint
lilreet wu (Ut till (High Ut Pllliiorii It
j rimmed Hollrortd utrwt ViUUU wm
'I,,..).! uti and Mr. lliiiith owns u lot
ut lh liitiwHiulloil'llmt war iwvur nc
mudM fur. Till luii'l ' ' Mrl
t;'i' will row Mi" my "W
Will Repair South Side If Government ex
tends North Jetty. Bond Issuance Lessened
The Port of Bandon is to tnko ac
tion regarding tho conditions of. tho
Coquille River bar which has .shoaled
up during the Inst season. Tho govern
ment has the work of extending ,tho
north jetty inland about completed
nnd there yet remains about $'-'0,000
unexpended of the amount appropri
ated for the project.
At the meeting of the port hold in
Coquillo October 2nd the port (Jecldud
to nsk the government engincers(to
continue the work of replacing the
north jetty outward until tho .former
portion which now constitutes a, reef
is restored its original distance. This
is only reasonable as the money lias
been appropriated for the local harbor
work and all the equipment is ready
for the work. It cost $20,000 to 'put
in tho tramway and make arranga
mcntn for beginning tho work. . "
If this is done tho port plans to
spend $20,000 on the south side jcOty
to close off tho lagoon nnd make tlo
south side jetty pnrallel wjth the north
side from its western tenninus to tho
Brcuer dock. This it Is hoped , will
make a channel through which, tho"
tides nnd river current will keep a pnfi
sago clear instead of as now having to
wait for the occasional freshets ,; of
water from the upper river to do, the,
.work. . ,K,
With these propositions ahead, ,t,w
port decided to repeal tho ordinance
which allows it to issue $2.ri0,00u in
bonds and to make tho amount to bo
issued not to exceed $50,000 in, sums
of $25,000 for each issue. Port.Attor
ncy jTrendgold was instructed .to. pre
pare 'an, ordinance providing for this
With the interuption of freight con
nections 'through Marshfield Coquille
is awakening to the importance of tho
river route ns a means of obtaining
competition and js endeavoring, to
suart a gasoline schooner route be
tween that city and Portland." The
work this summer of the dredge Se
attle will facilitate this and the fact
that tho Tillamook on its Inst trip in
took out 250 tons of coal from River
ton has lent encouragement o the no
tion. An effort is being made to
start the schooner Ahwaneeda on thje
run. i.
In this connection the port decided
to take action relative to sinkers,
or logs found to havo no value and
which aro .loft floating in tho rivor
where they become a menace to-navigation.
An ordinance will bo present
ed imposing a severe penulity on any
one who leaves such logs in tho rivor.
Exhibit Muscular Development
The exhibition of physical oxerciso
ond fonts of muscular strength put on
at the Grand Theater last Wednesday
night by Champion Jim Wilson -and
Smiling Dutch was a whole lot better
than the average vaudeville attraction
Tho exhibit of Wilson's physical de
velopment and strength wns nn;oy'o
opener to mnny. Ho scorned to h'av'o
tho mupclcs of his extremities - and
chest in perfect control, fllsi worf:
ing of his back shoulder muscles waft
extraordinary. Welts of muscle .seem
ed to chase one another across his
back in a bewildering manner.
In ono of his feats ho laid alongside
Smiling Dutch und getting a hold. with
one hand lifted that athleto into th
air und raised to his own feet with the
load. ;
"Say" suid ono man in tho crowd.
"I'd lllto to have muxcles like thi$
when 1 muko my rounds, collection
Mr. and Mru. E. A. PJillpot uru tio
parent of fourth on born j'juwteA.
duy morning. Mother aid child aro (h
lug well und un for tho proud pHpu he
weunt i) vary cheerful ciuntonujifMi nnj
imiikwhw thut It imw piioitt
owuKlnrj uriM'N Ut Jiulp fight iliy .Dutch
Thu wrwilur rvUmw from Marl
Jiunil loduy wliwu they had un Hij
i)ma in ihtt wrajijJIiiK mwtidi'tuj
Hi tim iijiifcod Hfim yum p'J
ft' -V
liltlHW (if Mi s ,
iUj 0bTHb ttjli)l f''MWi