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Keystone Special (Two Keels) Feat
uring Charles Chaplin and
Chester Conklin
The bakers in the employ of Mon
sieur La Vie go 0n strike. In the
emergency Pierre and Jacques, the
waiters, take possession of tho kitchen
and as there is quite a bit of jealousy
between them an account of the fe
male waitresses who smile imparti
ally on both, it is not lone; before the
dough is flying. Meanwhile the
strikers have conspired. They drill
a holcln a loaf of bread and insert
therein a stick of dynamite, cleverly
replacing the piece of crust on the
end of the loaf. Then they give it to
n little girl, instructing her to carry
it to tho bakery and explaining that
because the bread is too heavy her
mother has sent it back. The wife
of Monsieur Ln Vie returns the childs
money, and orders arc given to the
bakers to put the loaf back in the
oven and bake it some more. They
comply. The whole establishment is
in a demoralized state. Customers
in the cafe can not get waited upon.
Tho cook is in jx towering temper.
Pierce is clubbed on the head by the
strikers, and goes about in a maudlin
condition, getting himself and every
body else into all sorts of trouble. And
then tho dynamited loaf explodes!
ine lnoccni victims aro buried m
splintered ovens, broken china, nn
earthquake of pastry and bursting
flour sacks and huge mounds of
dough heave fitfully where human
hearts once throbbed. At the very
end of tho tragedy wo see the yeasty
mass churning and swelling and
then, out of the sticky lump the un
fortunate Pierce thrusts a gluey head
See it at tho Grand Theatre Wed
nesday, Soptember 22.
A dollar saved is n dollar earned.
You can snvo money by trading nt the
SQUARE DEAL, op. Grand theater,
whero solid leather shoes sold and
satisfaction guaranteed. Shoe rapnir
chop in connection.
Buy your wedding giftn nt Sabio
Bros. Wo handlo goods of the best
quality nt reasonable prices. tf
Special Services at Baptist Church
Tho evangelistic meetings being
conducted by district missionary L. II.
SteinhofT and pastor A. B. Heeso in
the Baptist church are growing in int
erest and attendance night by night.
The services will continue through the
week nnd probably mxt week.
Tho sermon topics for next Sunday
will bo "The Powor of Love" at 11, A.
M. and "The Two Roads and the Two
Destinies" at 7:110, P. M.
Services begin at 7:.'10 every night.
Come and bring a friend.
D 6
M. Doyle, Of Weddsrburn, passed
through town Sunday.
Messrs Mact and Smith are wiring
the Biggs building this week.
Kay and Ed Capps of Denmark
IimI business in Bandon yesterday.
Mrs. J. A. Byrne was called over
to the bay today on business.
Mrs. C. A. Har-ngton of Myrtle
Point was in Bar.don yesterday.
J. A. Kroncnbcrg is expected up
on the next trip of the Elizabeth.
Ada B.-.iloy of Langlois was a Ban
don visitor yesterday.
Father Kenony recently returned
from n visit to Wcddcrhurn.
Fred Belloni of Coquille was in
Bandon on bushes Monday.
Victor. Victrolna and recoras nt
Sabro Bros. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Kennedy are
visiting with friends on the Sixes this
woe' .
1 ' '.adics' Aid of tho Presbyterian
chu.M will be entertained tomorrow
by V, . Mary Barrows.
W. E. Keithly was one of n party
of hunter to spo'id Thursday night in
the vicinity of Whisky Run.
T. B. Davidson and wife and II. D
Lynn and family were up from Port
Orford this week
Willis Fry and Sam Barrows aro
members of a hunting party spending
a couple of weeks at Euchre creek
Victor ureuer nnu wife arc now
happily domiciled in their now house
up by the Ocean D'ivc.
Geo. W. Mooro and family aro now
living in their new house on Chicago
Abia Barrows was over from the
bay for a visit at home the latter part
of last week.
W. A. Bishel of Gold Beach was
.".inong the Curry county citizens on
our streets Mom'ay.
Ingersol watches for your fishing
trips can be bought from Sabro Bk.s
Price ?1.00 and $1.50. tf
Tho Germrn band parr.dcd the
street last Tuqsday night and gnve
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Breuer the ben
efit of a few free musical selections.
Charlie Chaplin made the hit of his
life in "Dough and Dynamite" This is
a. whirlwind comedy in two acts. Don't
fail to see it. Its a bear.
W. L. Bench has given up his sec
ond hand business at First street and
Oregon Ave. and is storing his goods
:n a house upon tho hill.
T. C. Macay, mill wright for the
Moore Lumber company expects to
start soon for Toledo where it i3 re
prted the mill will open, shortly.
Thero is the cound of wedding bells
in the air and tho Gorman br.nd might
:s well sleep on their horns for they
must bo on tho alert.
The Romance of Elaine will be
jhown nt tho Grand every Monday
light until further notice. The change
in boat schedules has compelled us to
witch the nights of showing Elaine,
Mrs. F. S. Perry who has been vis
iting at Anaconda and poinU in Ea3t
Oregon is not expected to return for
two or three weeks yet. Mr. Perry
will go part way to meet her.
John F. Hill who hns been in Curry
County for several months and sufer-
ing with injured knee, is in Bandon,
(linking hands tho first time he has
been able to get around since the ac
cident. Following his recovery his
daughter Susio has been ill with some
throat or bronchal ailments.
Jesse Laskey Feature Play Company
"The Country Boy"
A pietiirizatio-i of the phi) ly the name which ciid
much to establish liclar Seluyn as one of the most
successful American ilramuists. "ITU? COUNTRY
HOY" in its original dramatic form, ran for nearly
two years in New York Citv and is even mm' much
in demand on tour. "The Country Ho" will he
shown at the
Thursday, Sept. 23
ADMISSION I5f mi.l 5r
Remember ils
a Paramount!
TliePiclure of
J. H. Baxter has been left in chirge
. f-the Dollar mill and has been filing
up some around it which gives rise to
the rumor that the mill is planting
to start up.
Mrs. Chester Hoskins has arrived
in Scattlo on tho steamer Dolphin ind
is expected here in Bandon. She came
on the Dolphin from Alaska and 'ho
trip took longer than anticipated be
cause of having to stop and serve the
fishing boats on tho way down.
Remember the Paramount Pictures
aro the best movies in the world today.
You can see Paramount films at the
Grand every Thursday nnd Sunday.
Dr. L. Pemberton and wife nnd itrs
Frank Langlois of Langlois were up
for a visit in Bandon yesterday and
the Inter had dental work done at Dr.
J. A. Kennedy who has conducted
a blacksmith business for ten years
on Alabamn Ave. close to the water
front, sold out last week to II. Coats
tho Second street second hand dealer.
A case of diphtheria is reported in
the McCloud family, imported fron.
Myrtle Point. The house is being
quarantined and every effort made
to keep the disease confined.
Rev. C. M. Knight loft for the con
ference at Roseburg Tuesday morn
ing. The conference convenes Wednes
day and will ncljorn on the following
If a square deal is what you want,
try Tho SQUARE DEAL. Opp. the
Grand Thetitcr, for Shoos, Hosiery
and Gent's furnishings. Shoe repair
shop in connection.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Flom and Mr. mid
Mrs. J. A. Byrne composed a picnic
party who spent Sunday up the river
in the neighborhood of the ferry on
the north side.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Rndley and
daughter, Miss Blanche Rndley are
expected on the next Elizabeth. Miss
Blanche hns spent the past year in
Snn Diego.
"Dough nnd Dynamite" what possi
bilities for Charley Chaplin. Its the
greatest comedy the Keystone ever
produecdjfAt the Grand next Wednes
day, Sept. 23rd. Six big reels.
J. A. Sullivan was one of tho pas
sengers on the Elizabeth down and
will stay to sod the fair and transact
business. Mrs. Sullivan and child who
have been visiting there will return
with him.
Lawrence Prendergrass and friend
Mr. Phillipi of Half Way, Oregon,
called on the former's grandmother,
Mrs. Dyer one day recently. They
wero on an ruto trip through tho
country and wet from here to Rose
burg and Grants Pass.
Rev. W. S. Smith preached a spe
cial sermon to the children las Sunday
morning, using various seeds to show
that what ever was planted in the
ground would reap of its kind and
than ilustrated various form of vic-
csFsaying that if they wero planted
they would yield as the weed seed.
Harold Sabro returned from a week
visit in Maishfiold nnd North Bend
Inst night. He was particularly im
pressed with the later town rnd thinks
its growth has been notable. Last
week ho returned from a visit to the
coast towns of Curry county, making
the trip on his new Indian motorcy
cle. He visited Port Orford, Lang
lois and Corbin but was compelled to
give up and return as the
motor cycle grew bnulky.
Ocean Rebekah lodge, No. 120 cel
ebrated the anniversary of the order
by inviting tho Odd Fellows and their
families to spend a social evening
with them last Saturday night Tables
were provided for those who wished
to play whist and the others enjoyed
themselves in games usual on occas
ions of this kind and at 11 o'clock a
lunch of cake and lemonade was
served in the dining room. All had a
most enjoyable time.
Tho teachers, now to the Bandon
schools this year were entertained nt
tho hand of the old school teachers in
Miss Rodger's cottage on tho bluff be
low tho lookout Inst Friday evening.
Planked salmon was the especial at
traction of the menu prepared before
the open fire and nil of the guests to
whom this article of diet was new de
clnred hnd never eaten anything bet
ter. The party lasted until well oh
In tho evening nnd nil report nn ex
ceedingly interesting time,
Charley Chaplin in "Dough und Dy
namite Wow somo combination
fun? Say, honest, don't tear tho seata
up when you e this screaming com
dy Grand Wednesday night.
I Cnn hIiow )iiii u liomt'h'tcud. Writs'
M. G. Pohl at School
San Diego, Cal., Sept. 10, 1915
Editor Bandon Recorder:
Just to occupy my time I am sending
you a short description of a most
pleasant and highly instructive visit
paid last Sunday evening to the Theo
sophical Educational meeting. Judge
for yourself whether my time was well
After a violin concert given by the
ladies of tho Raja Vojn University, all I
dressed in ancient Greek costumes and
adorned with garlands nnd flowers and
seated amid grand garden scenery,
ear and eye received an inspiring
Then followed a mixed chorus of
ladies and gents, all students.
This finished the exercises nnd ex
amination of children from 2 to 8 years
of age, followed. To see those little
fellows move up on the platform, so
filled with confidence, to notice their
pleasure and courage, facing nn over
filled house, bowing h6rc and there,
throwing a hand kiss to some distant
! friend or relative, is easier to be seen
than described. A lady, sitting before
the piano, played a soft introduction,
followed by a song accompanied by tho
young singers.
Then a large blackboard was sta
tioned on the platform and the exam
ination of the children by the teachers
was coductcd. The subject was spel
ling and not a word was misspelled.
Next a large map of the two hem
ispheres was placed over the black
board and before it on a small table
were the flags of nil nations. As the
teacher took up a flag, showing them
in rotation each child would call tho
name of such nation, one after the
other following with equal results.
Further examination in geography
proved still more interesting. One af
ter the other of the children would
take n station before the map, show
ing with a stick tho sections of the
globe tho teacher called for. Not only
this but the children would give the
1 names of the capitals, the names of
I rivers, mountains, seas and other in
formation relative to such localities,
whether it was in Asia, Australia or
any other continent or any ocean.
This finished, botany followed. The
children even explained the means of
diffusion of plant life.
The examination in arithmetic was
perfectly astonishing. Children asked
by the teacher in English, French or
German would give the names of the
number in the language as asked.
The most difficult examples were
solved by n seven year old boy. One a
question involving quantities of dif
ferent merchandise, their weights and
prices given per pound, with fractions
of weight nnd price was read to him
Then from memory he would make the
calculation on the blackboard faster
than most grown people could follow
Other solved problems in algebra
manycalculated by mental thought.
Not less interesting was their musical
training The child would be placed
with its back to the piano, the in
structor would strike a key and by the
sound tho child would give the nnme
of the tone, it would give tho relation
of the tone to color nnd such study
would again be used in the composing
and painting of ornaments and cloth
ing. At the end of the examination I
sincerely that such methods would
soon become universal for only this
instruction is the way to influence the
character of tho child and mould it to
develop n higher grade of humanity.
Mine. Katherine Thingly, the Cound
cr nnd principal of this institute and
university, then spoke to the audience
and gave an extremely interesting lec
ture. The university nnd institute is
located at Point Lomn, a short distance
from San Diego. Between seven and
eight thousand tourists and visitors
have called there this summer nnd
among them, many noted people from
nil parts of the earth.
at omn to John Sort, I' 0 Box 70,
Miiiidon, Oregon,
II. M. Kim-, M, D Ihe. I'jsr. Niwe
Hid Tin on Hwelullkt will l in JIiiii.
don mi Tliuiuduy, Hejit. iiO t Hit) tUU
Her hidel. "HIiiwimJ IttUd." $1
Tho Ulttinoiid from Dim HKy wim.
IU U lot ut uk urt'l UHIiM'1'edrtiled
Ji.telttH III HuimIojj wJlljflMl loujJ fit
r Mmj, fev fi mm 'JtottMlnv Utthl
The following is the outgoing pas
senger list of the Elizabeth which
sailed on the fifteenth: Mrs. O. A.
Trowbridge, Gladys Stnuler, Mrs. S.
N. Croft, Mrs. T. M. Nelson, Mrs. Tom
Niclson, Mrs. A. Houge, Adelln Sell
mer, Mrs. Wm. Cnndlin, Mrs. Norton,
T. M. Nielson, J. T. Sullivan, J. E.
Norton, S. N. Croft, Arthur Hodges,
Wm. Cnndlin, Mrs. Mnry Pendleton,
Opal Pendleton, Agnes Pendleton,
For Sale One, two and three lotc,
all in one tract adjoining II Schreib
er's und opposite tho Moore huw mill.
AH cleared. Spring water. Best propo
sitlon In town. F. II. Muhoii, 807 N.
Water itreet, Ellcnuburg, WiihIi.
For Itenl: MixliTii live room hun
gnlow In denlrulilu nertloii. Apply to T.
('. Grlinth, or phono Iturul 100.
I'or Hule nt I,oIiIiuiikIi' Vurlely Hlme
lMtv' und Children' Htoitkliisj, .1
null (ut 'Hi elu, Cotton L'uhi Mm jlurn
W din vitvli. It
'iuii(-.Kle pulil rnK 9 )tui
m on lllli UM iwr Otfjihuiil
jdjiMiik Qwiwr my huw by iluMiftiUy
All lovers of music are requested
to come and hear the following
new records:
(M133 Ben Bolt jonn McCormack
(Thos Dunn-English Nelscn Kmar)
04418 Auld Lang Syne (Burns)
Julia Culp
87132 Abide With Mo Almn Gluck, Louise Homer
(II. F. Lyto, Wm. H. Monk)
1G9G7 The Heard Girl's Dream Neapolitan Trio
(Labitzky) Violin, Flute, Harp.
17523 Evening Chimes Neapolitan Trio
(Carl Hcins, Op. 201)
070S4 He Lei no Kniulaui Foot's Paka Hawaiian Troupe
(J. Edward)
Victor-Victrolas from $200.00 to as low as $15.00. Sold
on easy payments when so desired.
Sabro Brothers
Bandon, Oregon.
Telephone 751
Mrs. C. Woodruff and 2 children, Sol.
Bronson, Fred Blnckwell, Fred Han
sen, E. A. Ansen, J. II. Luse, Mabel
Post, Miss Rose Kennedy.
The following went out on the
Brooklyn, L. L. Marshall, L. Spires,
John Bogitus, Mrs. Spires, Mrs. Bar
rows, Mrs. Topping, Mrs. F. J. Fecney,
F. J. Feency, Master Feenoy, Miss Fa
ley, Mrs. J. Thompson, J. R. Connor,
Bicycle Repairs Saw Filing
and Repairing A Specialty
Phone 471
P. O. Box 174
S. D. Barrows
Will like ordrri (or Bicyclrt of ill kinda
nd Pope Molor-Cyclci ilio Cobm How
boil Molorl.
C. Sampson, Wm. Mathews, Ernest
Wilkins, R. Jones.
A Rainy Day Need
Not Be Dull
heer unl Get to worl:
in a Fish Brand
k Strong, easy fittinr.
light, and water
xKTtVTirr ftroof. r.bsalut,-h
JCW I Reflex Edges stc:
XX I water from rur.-
. ' ning in at the lront,
niatl.-.YelloworOHvckhald. ...rr,.
l'.-otcctor Hat. "Scsnts CJWtiiS
Satisfaction Guaranteed X 7AAfetf 3
1 Secret U
of good health U plenty of good loumi ileep. Much depend) on the right
kind of a mattren. In choosing a mattress see that the name
I plainly printed on the label. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction. We
will replace it with a new one if you are not satisfied.
Price, $15
OUicrN ut $12 und $18
Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company
Bandon Furniture Company
Do You Know
That Your
Home Book
of Electricity
Contains a valuable Coupon?
"Look in the Book and see"
Read the Coupon carefully. Then
save 15c on every dollar in pur
chasing a Hotpoint electric ap
pliance to help make housework
W. L. Mast
l M ill fljlfiJ,