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He TelU Story About Cantankerous
Copyright. 1515, by the McClure
Nuwapaper Syndicate.
"Thar was sum imrty bad tneu around
yero Jest arter the wah," nail Zeb
White, the possum huutcr of Tennes
see, as he got his pipe alight ono oven
lug on the doontteps. "Meube tho wust
critter of the lot was named Tom
Hmlth. He didn't hev no fam'ly, but
Jest sorter hung around nt the co'ners.
He was powerful on the brag, but he
could light fur ull that, and blnieby
everybody got slccered o' blm. Uo went
about with a chip on his shoulder und
blood In bis eye till sum men moved
nway to git cl'ar o' him. Fur sum
reason ho didn't bother tne fur a long
time, but ono day when I went down
to the co'ners to sell sum possum pelts
Tom was outer sorts and oiciied on
me. He looks at me a long time with
a glare In his eye. Then ho throwH
down his hat and Jumps on It and
"'Whoopeel Zeb White, behold tho
Jumper from Jumpcrsvllle! I'll bet my
rlflo agin them possum pelts I kin out
Jump yo' by six Inches. If yo' ar' a
man with legs under yo' cum out and
try on mel
"I seed he was tryln' to pick a quar
rel," said Zeb, "and so I talked soft to
him and tried to git away.
"I was In mighty pore health." ex
plained Zeb, "and no match fur slch a
man, and so I had to crawfish. Ev
erybody said I ortcr shoot him down,
but 1 couldn't shed blood that way. It
hurts me to this day to remember that
I went home like a whlpintd cur, leavln
that critter crow over me, but my mind
was inude up to tackle him as soon as
I felt like a man og'lu. When I got
home I wus cryln', and tho old woman
sez to me, sez she:
"Zeb, has the wah broke outag'lu?
" 'No.'
" 'Then what's the matter?1
"Tvo bin bluffed.'
'"D'ye mean that Tom Smith has
f rowed over yo'?'
" 'That's Jest what ho has, and I'm so
pesky weak In tho knees that I had to
git uwoy from him.'
"'Jest bucked yo down, did he?'
'"Ho did. It's tho fust time In my
life I ever crawfished fur any human
" 'Reckon -It Is. Zeb. I knows how yo'
feel. Hut yo' couldn't help It. If yo'
tackled him he'd hev broke yo' In two.
I'll go right ut It and nurse yo' up.
and In fo' weeks yo'll be fltten to whop
Tom Smith tilt he can't hoot. If yo'
hain't, I'll put on yo'r clothes and
whop him. myself -'- . - - -
"I felt better nrtor that," said Zeb.
"though I couldn't get over the hurt to
my feelln's. One ovenln', about two
weeks arter the fuss and when I was
Kiilnln on It, but not fcclln' much bet
ter, I was slttln' right ycre when 1
i (itched sight of n b'ur across tho road
1 y them rocks. Plenty of b'ars around
ero them days, ns nobody had been
homo to kill 'em off. About the time
I cotched sight of the b'ar Tom Smith
showed up. Tom saw mo a-slttln'
cre, and he stopped right by that
tree mid throwed down his hat. and
jelled, 'Zeb White, ar' thut yo' asot
iln' thar?'
" 'It arV
'"Do yo' cull yo'self u man?'
"'Not a well man. If yo'll glu mo
fo' weeks mo' I'll run yo' outer the
ken try.'
"Waal," sighed tho old man, "he
talked that way till I got mad and rlz
up to go, but Jest as I did so that b'ur
waltzed across the rond on his hind
feet and fetched him n cuff which
knocked him ten feet. Tom thought
I'd got out thur without his seeln' me,
and he was tickled to death as he rlz
up and went fur tho b'er. We heard
him suyln':
'"Zeb White, I said yo' wasn't a
man, but I take It all back. I didn't
bellevo yo'd stand up to me, und my
heart wob nigh brcaklnV
"I reckon Tom must hev bin half
drunk not to know a b'ar from a man,
but ho thought It was mo fur shore,
and ho soon had a surprise party on
bund. The b'ar didn't seem huukerlu'
nrter meat, but ho did want sum fun.
Tho b'ar knocked him down and rolled
him about a dozen times, and ho got
many a good lick lit on the b'ar, but
ut length the font was over, und Tom
Smith was a whopped man. He hol
lered out that he'd got ph-nty, and I
reckon It was tho name with tho b'ar,
ns ho suddenly made off Into tho
woods. When Tom got over belli"
tlnzed ho got up and said to mo:
'"Zeb White, I'm n-beggln" of yo'r
jut rd I n. I thought yo' was n coward
nud dnsu't stand up to me, but yo've
whopped me In n fair font I'"
"Was he badly used up?" I asked, as
tho story seemed to Ih Mulshed.
"Me hadn't skassly a bit o' rlothln'
left on him," replied Zeb, "and ho wui
bruises mid bites nud claw murks from
heml to heel, 1 reckon he might hev
got well from them, but Ills heart was
broke. He kuowed I was In poor
health, and when he renllr.ed (lint lin'd
bin whopped by a sick innii ho look to
Ills bed and died III two weeks, Uo
Kent fur me Urn day he died, ami nit
hour be fir hit breathed hU ho
reached fur n' hand and wliUperedi
' ''Mi Wlilli', I raii'l miike mil how
i till II bin ' iluii Hindu inu holler
Mr ! find lime In my life uinl I'm
iru'u' Mrdrlh III rillil I've Ulidef
lliminlii )f mlclil bur ud biiniavtu
ritftii4 in tu'r IimiiiU M1 (Wl. bui
Ihitl mlYl ' '' Mlit I hr
in ririulM wmfi rm I mw l
jniul i In Hip I'Hber iNibJ Imt
HlllllllVl' U w HllU tf Jittf Im
TTE does not wear a Joseph's
Of many colors, smart and gay;
Ills suit Is Quaker brown and
With darker patches at tho throat.
And yet of all the well dressed
No one can sing so bravo a song.
It makes the pride of looks appear
A vain and foolish thing to hear
tils "Sweet sweet sweet very
merry cheer."
A LOFTY place he does not love.
But sits by choice and well at
In hedges and In little trees
That stretch their slender arms
The meadow brook, and thero he
Till all the world with pleasure
And so he tells In every car
That lowly homes to heaven are
In "Sweet sweet sweet very mer
ry cheer."
Henry J. Van Dyke.
Cereal and Cream.
Frcncli Holts. Coffee.
Pork and Deans.
Chocolato Milk Shake.
Spongo Cake.
Corned Beef. Dolled Potatoes.
Creamed Cuullllower.
StufTed Tomato Salad.
Dread Pudding.
French Rolls.
SIFT eight cupfuls of flour with four
' tablesioonfuls of sugar. Dissolve
compressed yeast cake in a little
lukewarm milk. Then add more milk,
uiuUlug two cupfuls altogether, to the
Uour, and add also four beaten eggs.
Mix well and let rise overnight In
the morning knead and form Into rolls
of any desired shape.
Chocolate Milk Shake.
Make chocolate sirup by mixing two
cupfuls of sugar with half a cupful of
cocoa and adding u cupful of boiling
water, stirring constantly. Iloll for
live minutes, cool and add half a table-
spoonful of vanilla. If desired. Keep
In the refrigerator and use for milk
shakes. For each glassful use two to-
blcspoonfuls of the sirup, an egg if de
sired, nndflll tUo,glass with milk, Mx
tuorouguiy witu nu egg ucaier or a
shaker. The egg can be omitted and a
quarter of a cupful of mineral water
can he substituted ror some or tne
Bread Pudding.
Soak a cupful of breadcrumbs In two
cupfuls of milk for an hour. Then add
tho beaten yolks of three eggs, sugar
to taste, a pinch of salt, a teaspoouful
of vanilla and another cupful of milk.
Hake until firm In n pan of water In
the oven. Then spread with fresh rasiH
berrles, crushed and sweetened, and
top with a meringue of the three egg
whites, beaten stiff and sweetened
with three tablespooufuls of granu
lated sugar. Ilrown and serve very
Christian world has in this respect
fiiithfniiv followed the wishes of
Queen Marie Antoinette. New York
IW'HOTH snmc linen once on a time
In a wondrous, merry mood,
And thought, an usual, men would
They were exceedingly good.
They wcro so queer, so very queer,
I laughed ns I would die;
Albeit, In the gunerul way,
A sober man am I.
I called my servant, and he came;
How kind It win of him
To mind a sleiulrr man like mo.
He of the mighty limb.
"Thcso to the printer!" I exclaimed.
And In my htimoroiiH way
I uddtHl (us a trilling Jest),
"Thero'll bu the Uovll to payl"
He took tho p.iper, and I watched,
And saw him peep within.
At the IliBt lino ha read his face
Was ull upon the grin.
He read the next; the grin grew broad
And shot from ear to ear
He read tho third, a chuckling nolaa
I now began to hcur.
Tho fourth, he broke Into a roar;
Thu fifth; his waUtbaud split;
The sixth: ho burst llvo buttons off
And tumbled In u lit.
Ten days and ntglils, with sleepless ays,
I watched that wiitelittl man,
And since I never dare tu write
As funny us I ear.
-Ollwr Wrndeil Holmes.
-wnnc i a dud."
WCIlU I ifbuil Hut (ant "emu
I'i.Im i.t ehrrks I'd tr? nil'
Aim i nn in iuir wi mi
Mi nUM mm hualiwl lii suliMim tflwm.
Hm I M I ) IhnvI in U,
I'M) turn i bar f bill
I Uatfi m MaWM avf Ik
ami ftfvwl il hw I M m BV
All I tew fit Urns N
nH Map Mai SI ) a JbMbmm
Mtrft Mfei (MM m-mmii
the country boy, the chor
A Paramount Feature
The three main characters in the
photodramatizat'on of Edgcr Selwyns
"The Country Boy", presented under
the direction of the Jesse L. Lasky
Feature Play Co., and to be offered
ou Thursday September 23 at the
Grand ac the "'country boy" himself
a chorus girl of the typical Broadway
variety who imposes upon nis inr.oc-
C"ro in in, ways oi tne worm, im;
country j irl, who is faithful to her
love and finds the charity in her heart
. . i I J 11.-
to forgive the errors of the "boy .
But those three characters only vn
guely suggest the outline of a story
which i3 far more than a love narra
tive a genuine and serious etudy of
the eflTect which city life must have
on many poor and ambitious young
fellows who leave secluded nomas
and join the rushing throrgs of New
(York city.. A real Feature Film.
The Bnrkentine Northwest which
has laid alongside u dock at Marsh
field for five years has been pumped
out and will be towed out to sea and
allowed to drift upon the beach. The
, Northwest is forty years old.
Tltn Pnrt nf Pnnllllln rlvor i nlnn-
ning to improve tho river from Myr
I tie Point down the stream to a point
half way between RacklelT Landing
and tho Roberts Landing. The port
will apply to the war department for
permission to carry on the work.
New Assignments
During the final session of
1 fiftieth annual conference of
'Methodist Church South, which
I been in progress here since last Wed
ncsday morning, Bishop W. R. Lam
buth last night announced the assign
I nients of pastors for the ensuing year
They follow:
Willamette district, S. M. Cheek;
Portland, II. J. Fenton; Corvallis, C
A. P.exroad; Tangent, W. T. Goulder;
I'eorir., J. B. Coan; Harrisburg and
Junction City, N. C. Pierce; Franklin
and Hendricks, I. N. Hughes. Rose
burg circuit, A. J. Starmer; Roseburg
otation, C. H. Cleaves; Myrtle Creek,
.1. 12. Walbeck; Grants Pass, G. A.
Tnggart; Mcdford, H. M. 15 ran ham;
Williams circuit, F. M. Canfield; Co
quillc, II. M. Law; Bandon, C. U.
Cross. The Myrtle Point and Teazle
Creek churches are not yet supplied.
II. M. Branham was appointed mis
sionary secretary, and L. P. Law e
,ingelist. W. B. Smith was transfered to tho
i Vast Columbia conference and will
lie stationed at Hcppncr. Other
transfers included those of Arthur
Thomas to the Pucific conference, and
1 11, H. Mowro to tho Los Angeles con
( f ?rence. Rev. Mowre had been a
mainber of the Columbia conference
, for the pnst 12 years, and is one of
I tho best known and most influential
church workers in the Northwest. For
1 several years he had held the title of
elder, and was only removed from
) that position as n result of the time
j limit. He expects to leave for Los
Angelen within the next week or ten
' days.
I Tho business session have been very
interesting and the attendance was
exceptionally good. The reports of
the visiting ministers were gratify
ing, indicating progress and success
in the work of the church in all sec
U'ons of the country. The visiting
preachers are having a good time,
and in many distances they regret
that the thin is drawing i:ear when
they must leave for their respective
homes. It is interesting to hear the
ministers joking each other, indicat
ing ns it does that they are n happy
and jovial class of men.
E. II. Mowre, the retiring elder of
this district, lias been a member of
the Columbia conference for 12 years
For eight years he was pastor of a
church in Portland. During his re
nidencfc there he built n mngnificent
church, which is considered one of the
finest in tho city of Portland. For
tho last four years ho has been pre
siding elder of this district. He Is
ono of Oregons leading citizens and
is a familiar figure In the towns und
ritios of the stnte. Ho lias mndo u
Lpti'iulld presiding elder and his ro
tlrement is regretting by his tunny
friends. He Iiiih u strong mind, a
pleasant personality mid is a good
preacher. He will leave Oregon In u
few day for California. On Friday
morning, during n utwUm of the con
rliiue, ho wiu priiminleil with u
IiuikUoiiio gold pun und gold wwlrii
Hindu by C, II. Cli-aviw, ptutor nf the
lorul M. . Church Hmith. Mr. Mow
in rMoidii In u few wiirdi, fm
wllh diitiMit inwl iiftiriiig KrtM-!
urn. Ill aiuwiii ttwiMk uvIhi.h
lliu lvi Ih Ihi fur hi ftflUw ihuii mid
imiMnUt Wit tnimm with vvImiu
kn W m hw Ususlutu. The r-
MhluiJI IH
4wti Mr Mwr, w hQ U ut my
fnyvii Una
S3 GftGmt)
1 (From Port Orford Tribune.)
' Born At the Mercy hospital at
North Bend Friday Sept. 10 1915, to
Xr. and Mrs. F. J. Hughes of Sixes a
Carpenter J. W. Mackenzie fell from
tie' trestle work on the Elk river
bridge last week and was severely
bruised. Dr. Robbins was called and
iund Mr. Mackenzie bruised so that
hk will be laid up a few weeks, but not
seriously injured. ,
A fine baby boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs. M. G. Lutsey at Langlois
Friday, September 10, 1915. The
proud father is already planning on
his retirement from the wrestling
game in favor of the little chap whom
he says has all the good points of a
mat artist and that from the way he
started in to boss things will surely
brook no defeat.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Sherrard, who
have been camping on Elk river for
some time past 'returned to their
home at Bandon the first of the week.
A very sad death occured at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hutcheson
near Port Orford last Sunday night
when their little daughter Thelma,
died with membranous croup. The
child went, to bed in the evening in
her usual good health and did not live
more than an hour after nwakening
her parents in the night with the
croup. Dr. Robbins wus called, but
did not have time to reach the bed-
Thelma Hazel Hutcheson was born
Sept. 17, 1913, and was thus 1 year
11 months and 2G days of age at the
time of her death.
Lacking accomodations in his old
store to handle his growing business,
Jas. S. Capps, proprietor of the Den
mark Mercantile company, is putting
up a new store building Mr. Capps is
one of the enterprising and success
ful citizens of northern Curry. With
in the past few years he has built on
his farm at Denmark a residence and
dairy barn, each of which are among
the best of their kind in tho county
and by fair dealing and courteous
treatment he is now building up an
enviable trade in the general merchan
dise business.
John McKenzie started this morning
for Myrtle Point with some sixty head
of veal that had been bought in this
section by a butcher by name of Stew
art from Springfield, Ore. Forty of
tho calves had been raised by Mr.
McKenzie and are a No. 1 veal, and
the others were picked up from sever
al different farms.
F. C. Hawkins started in his ajto
for Sun Francisco this morning, and
with him as pasengcrs were Mrs.
Chas. Forty and family and Mrs. O.
Leneve. Mrs. Forty will spend the
winter in the city, while Mrs. Leneve
will return this fall. Ames S. John
ston and family who are now visiting
tho fair will return to Port Orford
with Mr. Hawkins.
Governor Withycombe is reported
to have said that effort would be made
to curb radicalism at the land grant
conference to be held at Salem on the
ICth, inst. and it is further reported
that full and free discussion will not
be permitted. This is further con
firmation of the Recorder's suspicion
that the machine is at work, and that
the people's interests will not be con
served. Freedom of Speech in alll
parlimentary and advisory bodies is
absolutely essential, and why go
through tho foirmality or the sham
performance of trying to conserve
public interest?
Martins Ferry, 0. Near the River
side Bridge company's factory a
houseboat, loaded with pretty young
vacationists, was moored. But when
the girls began to disport in the water
every day, in garbs described as
"close to naturo," the workmen in the
factory threw down their tools und
spent their timo in tho windows and
on the roofs of the building watching
the antics of tho fair bathors, Now
the bridge company is suing to compel
to girls to move their houseboat.
DalhiB, Tex. Tweet! Every time
MiH Esther HolTmun, beautiful young
society girl of thin town, takes a step
her pt't canary King. Khu currioH the
bird everywhere with Imr, dangling
from hr hund in u dainty cage.
Richmond, Mo. Mm. Culliurlnu
Itobmts, 7! year old, wun (roiiblixl
with swollen giinm, A few Any luler
ii (mIxm of U how aet of (until, hur
lliliili upiuvi. Nhoilly liu will
liuvi' u twimiMu Mil-
IMikitfJ DiutUwul ilupitmMail UlilHhMij''
w a h vwnrhur "J Wswdur," (Jit1 m
ihsM "Hurt Mil im wltui'i fmr
mm' l WtmUv, I WuiMlr m fli
Wymore's boys were granted $1300
by the county court to settle their
claim for damage for injury from dy
namite caps carelessly left on the hitrh
way. One boy had three fingers shot
oft and the other boy had his eyes in
A Moose lodge was organized at
Coquille last week with 55 members
Visiting Moose from Marshfield and
Bandon were present to help direct
affairs. The Coquille branch of the
order is to be known as Ko-Kcel lodge
The Grand Jury last wec:t failed to
indict Charlamagne Tower for runn
ing away with his wife as well as W.
J. Mitchell for contributing to tho de
linquency of Lolita Simpson, n minor.
At n o ciock yesterday morning
Inglebert R. Peterson and Clara Belle
Snead of Bandon, were united in mar
riage by Rev. F. S. Shimian, of the
Presbyterian church of this city Co
quille Sentinel.
Several weeks ago the Charm, while
backing up ot the local wharf, run in
to the bow of the Telegraph. Capt.
Panter laid in a compluht through
there was no damage done. In fact
the jar was so light that deck hands
failed to notice when the boats struck.
At the investigation here Capt. Geo.
Leneve wns deprived of his license for
GO days. When the "Big Gun" of an
inspector comes ull the way from
Portland to hoar n case ho usually has
to do some stunt in order to hold down
his position, to say nothing about
3howing his authority Coquille Her
ald. Mutcrial gains in the prospects for
bumper wheat crops were disclosed
by the Department of Agriculture's
monthly estimates. Spring wheat
September 1, is 322,000,000 bushels,
a gain of 15,000,000 over August.
The year's total production indicat
:d 981,000,000 bushels. The corn
forecast is 2,985,000,000 bushels.
J. G. Mullen states he has been ad
vised by Geo. Lambeth and Lutsey of
Langlois that they desire to pull ofT
i wrestling match in North Bend soon
uul could nrrangc to do so during the
Carnival if proper inducements arc
'iold out. The men are to wrestle
:omewhere and will do where ever the
best inducements can be had Coos
Bay Harbor.
';.y virtuo of an execution and order of
sale dui: issued out of the circuit court
of the Slate of Oregon, for the County
of Coos aii.i to me diricbul on the tilth
iay of September, lil'o, i.pon a judg
ment and decree duly rendered, en
tered of ecord and doweled in nnd by
said Court on the 8th day of Septem
ber, 1915 in a certain suit then in said
Court pending, wherein J, 11. Gould
vvas plaintiff and C. M Smith, Anna
M. Smith, his wife, C. R Wade, et al,
wore defendants in favor of plain
tiff and against said defendants by
which execution I um commanded to
sell the property in said execution and
Hereinafter described to pay the sum
Jue the plaintiff of Six hundred seventy-one
and no-100 Dollars, with int
erest thereon at the rate of six per
cent per annum from tho 8th day of.
September, 1915 until paid together I
with the costs and disbursements of
said suit taxed at Seventy-seven and
70-100 Dollars and costs and expenses
of said execution. I will on Saturday,
the 23rd day of October, 1915 at the'
it- i rM i ii
M ii i i-ii
'ii' i
Heat concentrated on the
cooking, not spread through
the room.
Heady, like gas full heat in
a minute.
Adjustable heat
fire or a hot one.
a slow
Heat only as long as you
need It.
A clean, cheap fuel easy
to handle.
III '. ,1 Url&W '
New Perfection
Oil Cook-Stove
ftr Hnt Mould tin l'0,l Oil
Tli (wivfiilnin) f y,t for
)Xm out unit 1 lm fij
imkr, rj 1'iluhil, IVUtr
hour of 10 o'clock, A. M. of said day
at the front door of the County Court
House in Coquille, Coos county, Or
egon, sell at public auction to tho
highest bidder for cash in hand
on the day of sale, all the
right, title, interest and
estate which said defendants, C. M.
Smith, Anna M. Smith and C. R. Wade
and all persons claiming under them
subsequent to the plaintiff's mortgage
lien in, of nnd to said real property,
said mortgaged premises hereinbefore
mentioned are described in said exe
cution ns follows, to-wit: All of lot five
in block one in O'Niel's Addition to
the town, (now city) of Bandon, Coos
county, state of Oregon, as per plat
thereof on file and of record in the of
fice of the County Clerk of Coos coun
ty, Oregon.
Said sale being made subject to re
demption in tho manner provided by
Dated this 15th day of September,
Sheriff of Coos County, Oregon
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The vcar 1914 witnessed the out
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13 Denham Bldg Denver, Colo.
Fine Portraits
Amateur Finishing
TilBt St. East of Hotel Galllcr
Do you want pure drug
and drug sundries, fine
perfumes, hair brushes,
and toilet articles? If
so call on
C. Y. LOWE, Bandon
Wood and Coal
Heating up the kitchen when
it's already 90 in the shade.
Bothersome waiting for
the fire to hum.
Difficulty in getting the right
Waste of fuel lfore and
after actual cooking.
Wood und coal to lug-nllrt
ami a.hcs,
li'Miiri wlllitxil vt, Up (idjr,
iMrMt !. Aiw iwr
uf MsiiuUfclwirt, Vi
Km UU.
t f m
S4 w