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In the matter of the estate of Susan M. Tract no s: Lots Nos. r, 2, 3, 4, 5
JJerrv. deceased. arid 6, Block No. 9. Job's Addition to the
signed as executor ot the last Will and city of Corvallis, Benton county, Oregon,
Testament ot Susan JV1. Berry, aeceasea, J 'V r r t!
has filed his final account as such execu Together with the tenements, heredita
,i, th ri.rir tii. rntifi iiri ai mentsand appurtenances thereunto be
the State of Oregon for the County of longing or in anywise appertaining there-
Rfrtti anri that sain t ourt has fixed and
set Tuesday, the 6th day of July, 1909,
the same being a day of the regular J uly
term thereof, A. D. 1909, at the hour of
two o'clock in the afternoon of said day,
and the County Court room of the County
Court ot the btate 01 Oregon tor the
County of Benton, which said Court room
is in the County Court House at Corvallis,
Benton County, Oregon, as the time and
the place, for hearing any and all objec
tions to said nnal account, ana tor settle
ment thereof
Dated at Corvallis, Oregon, May 21st,
U. G. Berry,
Executor of the last Will and Testa
ment of Susan M. Berry, deceased.
Dated June 21, 1909.
. Referee.
First Publication June 25, 1909..
Last Publication July 23, 1909.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton County.
E. E. Wilson, Trustee, 1
John Gortmaker and
Julia Gortmaker, alias
Julia Thulke,
In the Name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above entitled suit now on file with the clerk of
the above entitled court on or before the last day
of the time prescribed in the order for publica
tion of this summons neremaxter reterred to,
to-wit: On or before July 9, 1909, and you are
hereby notified that if you fail so to appear and
answer the said complaint as herein required for
want thereot the plaintm will apply to the above
In the matter of the estate of J J. Cady,
Notice is hereby given to all persons
concerned that the undersigned has been
. c , . I want. lueretu uie planum win apply iaj iuc auuve
duly appointed executrix ot the last Will entitled court for the relief demanded in his said
and testament of said J. J. Cady, de- complaint, to-wit:
,feiprl hv the Countv Court of Benton or a decree oi tne arjove entitled court lore
ceased, Dy tne county ourc oi centun mortaatre mentioned and described in
County, state ot Oregon. All persons plaintiff's said complaint, decreeing that plaintiff
having Claims against said estate Ot J. J . as such trustee recover from the defendants the
Feb. 6. 1909. at 8 per cent per annum until paid
also the sum of $150 attorney's fees, all in U. S.
e-old coin, toarether with the costs and disbure-
ments of this suit; that plaintiff be decreed to
have a first lien for the full amount of his claim
in said complaint mentioned on said real property
tiff's complaint and particularly described as
follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a point in the cenner ot the
county road leading from Corvallis to King's Val
ley (via G. P. Wrenn's) which is S. 70deg. 30
min. E. 90 ft. distant from a stone set at the in
tersection of the center line of said county road
with the W. line of the D. L. C. of William Dixon
in T. 11 S. R. 5 W. and run thence S. 70 deg. 30
min. E. along the center of said road, to the SW
corner of that certain tract of land sold by Emil
and Madeline Liebi to Curtis Stimson by deed
dated Sept. 10, 1904, and recsrded at page 66 in
made determining the rights, estates, interest i
and claims, in and to said real property above '
described, the title to which is hereby sought to
be registered; and further by such decree it be
determined, declared, adjudged and decreed that
tne defendants above named and all persons in
cluded in "All whom it may concern" and each
and all and any of them, if any there be, have no '
estate, interest, right or claim in said real j
property above described at law or in equity, in ,
possession, remainder, reversion, or expectancy, j
and tnat tney and eacn oi tnem ana an oi mem . .
and every person to "Whom it may concern" be j '
forever enjoined and debarred from asserting any :
claim whatsoever in or to said real property above 1
described, adverse to applicant and plaintiff here- IVCPUM? ADAITT n ACTMr UAITDC
in; and further by such decree find, declare, ad- UtWUfc ADUU 1 LLUMINU HUUKO
judge and decree the title or interest oi tne ap
plicant and plaintiff herein in said real property J
above described to be the same as in the applica
tion stated, to-wit: that William M. Williams is 1
the owner in fee simple of said real property
above described, and of the whole thereof, and 1
,that the same is free from all liens and incum-t
brances, and order and decree the Registrar of
titles for Benton county, Oregon, to register the
same, and to grant such other order and relief as j
iue cuuri suauuceui uiccl ami m uuvuiAittiiuc rum
This summons is served upon you by publica
tion thereof by order of Hon. T. L. Harris, Judge
of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
the county of Benton, made on the 8th day of
June, 1909, directing publication thereof once a
week for six successive and consecutive weeks in
the Corvallis Times newspaper, a newspaper of
general circulation published and printed weekly
at Corvallis, Benton county, Oregon.
Date of first publication hereof is June 11, 1909,
(SEAL OF) Clerk of Benton county,
(CIRCUIT) Oregon, and Ex-officio Clerk
(COURT ) of the Circuit court of the
State of Oregon for the coun
ty of Benton.
J. F.YATES, Attorney for Applicant.
Cady, deceased, are hereby required to
present the same with the proper vouch
ers, duly verified, as by law required,
within six months from the date hereof,
to the undersigned at her residence in
Corvallis Oregon, or at the law office of described in said mortgage and setout in plain-
E. E. Wilson, in Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated June 18, 1909.
Anna. Cady,
Executrix of the last will and testament
of J. J. Cady, deceased.
First Publication June 18, 1909.
.Last Publication July 16, 1909.
XMlra in lioKr irinan fliof flio nnlar. Book 43 Benton County deed Records: thence N
."-v. " ""-" 5"-" 19Mder.E.6.20chs. along the W. line of said
signed nas niea in tne VOUnty ourt Ot stimson land to the NW corner theeeof; thence
Benton County, Oregon, her final account I N. 70V4 deg. W. along N. line of tract of land
o r tio aetata nf P r Vitrar I deeeed bv Joseph Diller and wife to Emil Berlin,
j j j .I . j ' , ' to the NW corner of tract of land conveyed to
deceased, and that Monday, the 19th day gaid John Gortmaker by Seren Jensen and wife
of July, 1909, at the hour of II o'clock in by Deed recorded in Book No. 45 at page 174
Vi Wnnnn nfRaiil dav hs. heen fiVpd therein, same Records of Deeds; thence S. 19Vi
.and appointed by said Court as the time
fend the County Judge's Office in the
County Court House in Corvallis, Oregon,
as the place for hearing objections, it any,
to said account and the settlement tnere
of. All persons interested and desiring
to object thereto are notified to file their
biections thereto in writing with the deg. E. along the center of said
Clerk of said Court and appear at said
time and place.
Minerva J. Kiger,
As executrix of the estate of R. C
.Kiger, deceafced.
First Publication June 18, 1909
tast Publication July 16, 1909.
deg. W. in a straight line to the place of begin
ning. Except one-fourth of an acre in south
west corner thereof sold to the Evangelical Lu
theran Zions Congregation by said John Gortmaker.
Also, beginning at a point 707.978 ft. S. WVi
deg. E. in the center of the above mentioned
county road, from where the center line of said
county road intersects the w. line 01 said 1). L.
of William Dixon, and run thence S. 70)4
county road
72V4 ft; thence N. 19V4 deg. E. 6.20 chs. to
point marked with piece of gaspipe driven in
ground in the N. line of said land deeded to
Berlin by Diller; thence N. 70V4 deg. W. along
the N. line of said land so deeded to Berlin, 72V4
ft. to piece of gas pipe driven in ground; and ;
thence S. 19Vfe deg. W. to the place of the begin- j
ExceDt from the above described premises
such part thereof as may be be included in roads
and streets of the city of Corvallis, Oregon.
Together with the tenements, hereditaments
and and appurtenances thereunto belonging or j
in anywise apertaining. J
That said real property above described be Bold
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
the County of Benton.
In the matter ox the application 01
Rose Green to register the title to the
following described real property, to-
The North half of the North Half of
Section Eleven (11), in Township
Twelve (12), South of Range Seven (7)
West of Willamette Meriden. contain
ing 160 acres in Benton County, Ore
gon, Applicant and Plaintiff.
Cook and Mary E. Cook, his
wife, and all whom it may concern.
That on the 12th day of Jane. 1909 an applica
tion was filed by said Rose Green, in the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon for the county of
Benton, for initial registration of the title of
the land above described.
Now, unless you appear on or before the 20th
day of Julv. A. D.. 1909. and show cause why
such application shall not be granted, tne same
will be taken as confessed, and a decree will be
entered according to the prayer of the application.
and you will be forever barred from disputing tne
Witness my hand and the seal of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon for the County of
Benton, this 12th day of June, 1909.
(SEAL OF) Clerk of Benton County, Ore
(CIRCUIT) gon, and Ex-Officio Clerk of
(COURT ) the Circuit court of the State
of Oregon forCounty of Benton.
Corvallis ' Stores Will be Closed From
10:30 4:00 p. m. Next Mon
day While Celebration is in Progress
So All Can Attend.
(From Tuesday's Daily.) . ,
The Corvallis Retail Merchants' As
sociation held a well attended meeting ,
last night and several matters of im- i
portance were discussed. i
It was decided to do everything- pos
sible to make Independence day cele
bration a success . and an agreement
was entered into to close all the stores
and places of business from 10:30 in the
morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, in
order to give everybody an opportunity
to participate in the pleasures of the
An invitation was received from
Lincoln County Fair Association asking
the people of Corvallis and Benton
county to come to Toledo on Friday,
September 10 and join in the big time
that would then be held.
This invitation was excepted and a
committee consisting of W. H. Currin,
R. H. Houston and S. L. Kline was ap
pointed to arrange for railroad trans
portation and it is expected that a
large crowd will be made up here to go
Notice is hereby given that on Satur- for eod coin of United States, and the proceeds
j .. A, t.,i v, derived from such sale be applied to the payment
day, the 24th day.ot July, 1909. at the of the O0Bta and dUDursemnts of said suit and
hour of eleven o clock in the forenoon of sale; then to the amount due plaintiff, including
said day, at the front door of the county attorney fee and the remainder if any. to the de-
t l. . , 1 - fendants as their interests may appear;
court house m the city of Corvallis, in That if the proceeds of tie salVdTnot satisfy
Benton county, State of Oregon, I Will plaintiffs claim herein in full, that execution
offer for sale and sell t tmblic auction to may issue for the. deficiency; that the purchaser
t,;ct Kil,W fcl, J V,,1 oil at the sale be put into immediate possession of
the right, title, interest -and estate of W,
E. Dodele, in and to an undivided one
half of. Commencing at the Northeast
corner of the original donation land claim
of Charles Allen, Claim 42 in T. 10, S. R.
rW., of Willamette Meridian, and run
thence North 86 degrees 45 minutes West
said premises; that the defendants be forever
barred of all right, or title .and interest in and to
said real property and all equity of redemption,
tnereunder except the statutory right of redemp
tion, and for such further and different relief as
may be proper in the premises.
This Summons is publi8hed in the Corvallis
Times newspaper once a week for six consecu
tive and successive weeks ' beginning with the
issue of May 28th, 1909, and ending with the issue
47.08 chains to middle of the County road, I of July 9th, 1909, under and in pursuance of the
1 o . i. - j : . tit 1 1 directions contained in an order made by the
lucinc ouuiuucgnxsju miuutcs w est Hon g Woodward, Judge of the County Court of
along me miuuie 01 saiu roau 29.05 cnains, 1 Benton County, State of Oregon, dated May 27th,
thence South 86 degrees da minutes is-
iast 46.19 chains to the East boundary
line of said claim, thence North 9 degrees
,ast 29 05 chains to place ot beginning,
containing 135 acres. . .excepting, mow
ver, from this conveyance the following
two tracts of land: 8 acres deeded to John
Chambers, September 16 1885, recorded
in Book S, page 64, records of Benton
County. Oregon; also 50 acres conveyed
to John Chambers as shown, recorded in
Book 34, page 4, records of Benton Coun
ty, Oregon, the amount of land described
above being 77 acres
bald sale is made under and in pursu
ance of a license and order of sale made
by the county court of-the state of Oregon
for Benton County, on June 12th, 1909, in
the matter of the Guardianship of W . E.
Dodele, an insane person, authorizing,
licensing and empowering tr. b. Dodele,
as guardian of said W. E Dodele, insane,
to sell the above described real estate at
public auction to the highest bidder for
Date of first publication is May 28th, 1909.
JS. hi. WILSUn, Trustee,
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oretron for
tne Jounty of .Benton.
In the matter of the application of
William M. Williams to register the
title to the following described real
property, to wit:
Beginning1 at the Southeast corner
of the Donation Land Clain of D. D.
Stroud and wife it being- CI. No. 44
Not. No. 1S03 in Township 11, South
Range 4 West of Willamette Meridian
in Benton county, Oregon, and run
ning thence North 3 deg. East 32.68
chains, thence West 50.31 chains,
thence South 32.60 chains to the South
line of said Stroud Claim and thence
East along the South line of said Claim
to the place of beginning, except from
the above described premises that cer
tain tract of land conveyed by Claus
Schoel and wife to Levi Joy, more par
ticularly described as follows: Begin-
- j j , j. p , I iiiug cab a ftsuuiv u.oi uiaina tt cab ui viro
ca5u in uauu, sum to uisposc 01 tue pro- Southeast corner of said Stroud D. L.
ceeds in the manner prescribed by law.
Dated this June 25th, 1909.
G S. DoDEtE,
Guardian of said W. E. Dodele.
First Publication June 25, 1909.
last Publication July 23, 1909.
In the Circuit Court for Polk County,
State of Oregon, Department No 1
Oeorge C. Will, Plaintiff, vs. Mrs. Otillde
Wolfer, Alfred H. Will, E. U. Will,
Tulius J, Miller, E. G. Miller, John
Will, Enoch Will, Christiana Will-
Moore, Clark Will and Charles Will,
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an order and decree duly made and en
C, thence North 45 deg. East along
center of county road 7.71 chains and
thence South 3 deg. W. 3.41 chains to
to said Southeast of said Stroud D. L.
C. and thence West 6.81 chains along
South line of said Claim to the place of
beginning, containing 74 or an acre.
Applicant and rlainutt
Fleming Johnson Johnson, his
wife, and all whom it may concern.
All whom it may concern take notice, that on
the 20th day of January. 1909. an application was
filed by William M. Williams in the Circuit court
of the State of Oregon for the County of Benton.
for the initial registration of the title to the lands
above described. Now unless you appear on or
before the 23rd day of July, 1909 and show cause
Why such application shall not be granted the
same shall be taken as confessed and a decree will
be entered according to the prayer of application
and you will be forever barred from disputing the
To Fleming Johnson and Johnson, his
wife, and "all whom it may concern" IN THE
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Best Water
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The Corvallis Water Commission has
always taken a keen interest in every
thing having a tendency to better the
service and give the people the best
and purest water on the coast. They
have carefully handled the funds en
trusted to their keeping and the citi
zens have been pleased with the result.
Owing to the rapid growth and develop
ment of the city mains have been
extended, new additions added to the
town and it now becomes necessary to
increase the" water' supply. The Com
mission have wisely acted along this
line and work commenced this morning:
on an additional reservoir to hold 500,000
gallons of water, Work will be pushed
as rapidly as' possible so as to complete
the job while good weather lasts. Ex
tensive Improvements are also being
made at the intake in the mountain
which will require about four weeks
more time and when all is completed
we will be the best watered town on
the coast and the envy of our more un
fortunate neighbors who have had so
much trouble and expense along this
Wood, Hay and
Oats for Sale
ROY RICKARD, Corvallis
Attorney at Law
Office in Fischer building, over Graham
& Wortham drug store
tered in the Circuit Court in the State "BPISSSJ
Oregon for Polk County on the 3rd day and reanired toannearand answer the aoolica.
of Tune, loop, in the above entitled suit tion filed in the above entitled court and suit on
v.'. - . ... 1 .l tin.t. J T . innil .... U OJ4-1.
appointing me as releree, and authorizing .tr;",. 1 .L
and directing me, as such, to sell the sixweeks from and after the date of the first pub-
hereinafter described real property in lication of this summons, the first publication of
. - l.,- this summons being on the 11th day of June. 1909.
'cpai-.'-c "v-.u ""-?" "VV1?' " " "uc The W. nnhlieation hereof beine on the 23rd dav
sale, as will be most benencial to the par- af j fonq
ties interested therein, and to report the And if you fail so to answer for want thereof
proceeds of such sale and the proceedings the application will be taken as confessed and the
t v, ;l ,t rv, applicant will apply to the above entitled court
wcicvi i - tor the relief demanded and prayed tor in nis ap-
I will, on Thursday, July 29th, I909, at plication now on file herein for a decree of this
the hour of one o'clock p. m. of said day, court determining applicants right and interest
at the West door of the county COUrt and the nature of all adverse claims in said real
house in the city of Corvallis, Benton property of the defendants or any of them, the
County, Oreeon, sell in separate tracts, the relief as prayed for in said application is as
y , f . f j: j follows,- to-wit: Applicant and plaintiff prays
parcels or lots, or in one sale, as desired tw , a, F tv,om we
or as will be most be jeficial to the parties named, be required to set forth the nature of
mteresiea inerein, at puunc aucuuu tu 3 . . . ."r .
. , , ' c S u : u 1 v. erty above described, if any they have, and that
the highest bidder for cash in nana, sub- n -rf, ; ;j
ject to the approval and confirmation of defendants, or any'of them may be determined by
.1 - . 1 . -. . . . ., .... : 1 . , .2x1- aiMm.nfn'a imhi ..J tt.. fii)uw that anv
tne saia circuit vourt, an tne ngui, uue - -r " r
, . 1 1 L .1, andall persons having any claim, estate, or lnter-
ana interest ana estate wmcn tne piarauu mt in said real property above described, whose
Six o'clock Dinners Banquets, Dinner
Parties and Sunday Dinners'
Next Palace Theater, Corvallis, Ore.
Attorney At Law
Zierolf Bldg. Corvallis, Oregon
said rights are unknown to plaintiff and applicant
herein, and designated herein as "all to whom it
may. concern" having or claiming the same under
the law providing therefor, in the said lands the
title to which is sought hereby to be registered,
unless appearance is made by such person or per-
and defendants have in and to the follow
ing described real property, to-wit:
Tract no. 3: Lots Nos. 5 and 6, Block
No. 1, in the original to n of Marysville,
n , .' , i i sons, and such rights, estates, interests or claim
county, uregon, as suown uy uic return- established and set forth if any they or either of
ed plats tnereOl. . them may have, and that upon failure of Buch
T . r a T rtte t n t Trt t t person or persons to appear and set forth and
t i xr ; r;i'l,;Jlo' LAA establish such rights, estate, interest or claim, if
and 12, Block No 1 1, in Wilkins Add!- any they may have that md each and all
tion to the citv of Corvallis, in Benton them be forever barred and concluded by the de-
Countv, Oregon, as shown by the record- free herein prayed for, from asserting the same in
. . . -. . & J 1 like manner aB other defendants herein above
CQ plats tnereoi. named, after the decree of this court has been
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weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter. .
Resolutions of Respect
Whereas our highly esteemed asso
ciate, Mrs. F. L. Miller, has been re
moved from our midst, and
Whereas we feel keenly her loss as
an indefatigable worker in the upbuild
ing of our church and our choir, of
which she was so long a helpful, cheer
ful member, and
Whereas we wish to express to the
bereft husband and family assurance of
our sincere sympathy in this hour of
trial; therefore, be it
Resolved, That the members of the
choir of the Presbyterian Church of
Corvallis hereby extend to the sorrow
ing ones our heartfelt regret and sym
pathy and an expression of our deep
appreciation of the efficient services of
the departed as a tireless, willing asso
ciate in our work, and be it further
Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be sent to Mr. Miller and also a
copy be furnished the several papers
for publication.
Respectfully submitted,
C. E. Bradley,
Mrs. Ella Taylor,
Essie Bell.
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takers for stock not accompanied by owners. Local and out
side exhibits of fruit, vegetables, flowers also of useful and
ornamental articles invited.
. As "Festival" interest and amusement for all hours of the
three days provided. Ball games, races, athletics. Races
for moter boath and row boats. Baloon ascenions. Clean
and bright shows. Special program each evening.
Cheap fares on railroads. Campers welcome. Camping'
grounds, hay and water furnished. Further information
obtainable from
C. B. Crosno, Secretary
Real Estate Transfers
A. L. Richardson to R. P. Killebrew
& Wf. 40 acres near Blodgett $10.00
C. H. Decker & Wf . to P. Q. Decker,
undivided 1-2 of 40 acres near Monroe
Martha J. Ewing to Joel & A. A.
Friend, Sl-2 of Lot 71 Bl. 20 Philomath
A. E. Bell to Leon Stahl, 18 acres
near Corvallis $10.00
Wm. Knotts to John W. Simpson,
20 acres North of Corvallis $10.00
D. B. Farley to Freeman S. C.
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