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A Live Wire Newspaper Published in the Interests of the Illinois Valiev and Surrounding Districts
Volume XI.
No. 41
Weekly Letter
Cave Junction, Oregon, Thursday, February 3, 1919
Keiby High
School News
01 Interest
Rogue Basin
Report From
U. S. Agency
Due to the very cold w eather I
recently the a n n u a l!
Johnny W eissm uller and M au­
ball which was I
reen O ’Sullivan so-star in a re-is-
Kerby H igh's group which is
Studies designed to reconcile to have been held Ja n u a ry 22nd
Republican m em bers of the sue of "T a rz a n ’s New York A d­
(From G rants Pass C ourier)
House o f R epresentatives have an v en tu re,” which highlights the ap ­ rapidly welding into an alm ost p ro ­ conflicting interests “ to the maxi­ was postponed. Now the commit­
A bill to create an appointive
aggregation, mum extent consistent with a de­ tee in charge of arrangem ents for board to supervise and m aintain
organization known as the Repub­ pearance of T arzan and his m ate fessional
lican Conference, which is some­ in New York, braving new er and gave a brilliant perform ance on velopment of the Rogue river basin this event has definitely stated the Josephine county hospital was
times re fe rred to as the caucus. bigger perils in a crow ded city Radio Station KUIN, T hursday a t which is physically and economi­ th at no m atter w hat the w eather introduced Tuesday in the House
This organization has its own than ever was faced in th eir ju n ­ 3:45 P. M. Especially notew orthy cally sound,” have been ordered next S aturday, F eb ruary 5th, the by S tate S enator M arie Wilcox,
“ dance m ust go on,” place is the and R epresentative Ray C oulter,
chairm an, Congressm an W oodruff, gle perils. T arzan Ju n io r is cap­ was the a cappella rendition of by the Bureau of Reclamation.
The announcem ent was made Bridgeview G range hall.
of Michigan, and its own secretary, tu red and is brought to A merica Robert F ranz’s “ D edication.” Miss
both of G rants Pass.
Plans are alread y completed
Congressm an Case of South Dak­ as a circus attra c tio n . See the Mildred Prentice of the Ju n io r today by the inform ation service
A ccording to the Associated
ota. M eetings are held when called prim itive m an’s struggles with Class was the incidental soloist. of the D epartm ent of the Interior and la n g w o rth y ’s orchestra will Press dispatch, the bill, which also
by the Chair, or by Leader M ar­ customs of civilization. I t ’s a This accomplished young lady in from the regional office at Boise, furnish the music. The ladies are gives the county auth o rity to levy
addition to her solo in “ D edica­ Idaho.
going to be busy m aking prepara­ taxes to support the hospital and
tin, The Conference appoints m i­ wow!
tion” , gave a most convincing in­
The announcem ent reveals that tions for the large crowd that is to acquire more land fo r hospital
nority m em bers on the House com­
terp retatio n of “ I Love Y ou” .
two reports on the problem have anticipated, when they will again use, would shift jurisdiction over
m ittees, the employees on the mi­ SUNDAY AND MONDAY
Kathy Love was the soloist in been completed, the first is by Dr. serve the delicious feed during the hospital m anagem ent from the
nority side of the House, and con­
“ The M iracle of the Bells,” the choral arran g em en t o f Stephen Harlan H. Barrow s of the U niver­
m idnight interm ission.
ducts discussions of policies and
three man county court to the five
with F red M acM urray, F rank F o ster’s “Jeanie W ith the Light sity of Chicago, Interior d ep art­
You are assured o f a good time man appointed board serving up
bills. It may, of course, tak e any
S in atra and Valli, in the appealing Brown H air” . Miss Love, a sopho­ m ent consultant who conducted the
at these G range dances and too, to five years.
action deemed necessary fo r the
sto ry of an actress’ pathetic last more, proved to have a lovely lyric public hearings at Medford Ju n e
helping a w orthy cause. Attend
functioning of our side of the aisle
Judge W. A. Johnson, in a letter
wish and its surprising fulfillm ent. soprano and her perform ance 8 and 9, last.
the March of Dimes dance next addressed to the Josephine county
in the House of R epresentatives.
Valli in her second A m erican a p ­ showed superb talent.
The second report was made by S aturday, F eb ruary 5, Bridgeview legislators, brought out th a t the
C ontrary to popular opinion, how­
pearance, is the Polish heroine
Pacific N orthw est field com­ G range hall.
ever, the Republican Conference
direct adm inistration of the county
whose dying request has sta rtlin g piano solo offerin g by Miss M ar­ mittee, composed of regional rep ­
ourt has proven u n satisfactory
does not take any votes on legis­
lene Kaiser o f the Ju n io r class, resentative of all agencies of the
lation or make any decisions which
Particularly because the county
D epartm ent of the Interior.
are expected to be binding upon TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY who acquitted herself nobly.
ourt is a changeable body. Jo h n ­
The program was closed by the
said the board would consist
Republican m embers. No Repub­
"M an -E ater o f K um ason,” Jim Chorus which gave an exciting p er­ ANALYSIS OF TESTIMONY
o f an atto rn ey , a doctor, and three
lican m em ber or the House is
The Il'inois V alley Chamber of
businessmen with two of the lat-
The Barrows report concluded
ever compelled to do anything, C o rb ett’s adventure saga of tig er form ance of the sp iritu a l “ I
Commerce will hold its regular
;er being G rangers.
from analysis o f the testim ony
either by the leadership or by the
the No. 1 feature. A book of the ford Sowell, a Ju n io r was the solo­ presented a t the hearings th at m onthly m eeting next Tuesday,
Judge Johnson w holeheartedly
F eb ru ary 8th, a t the Todelope
“most local in terests desire the bu­
endorsed the bill which is p a t­
This week, the Republican Con­ month selection sold over a million ist.
Due to the unusual w eather con­ re a u ’s plan A, although it is vigor­ cafe prom ptly a t 8 o ’clock.
terned a fte r the Tillamook county
ference, in addition to com pleting copies and appeared in condensed
P resident C harles Fisher re ­
bill as effective in keeping the
com m ittee assignm ents, m ade two form both in R eader’s D igest and ditions in the past week, all high ously opposed by recreational in­
quests all mem bers to attend and
hospital out of polities and in a s­
very im portant and far-reaching Coronet. The second fe a tu re is school sem ester tests w ere post­ terests outside the (Rogue) basin."
make every e ffo rt to make this
suring capable adm inistration of
This plan involves nine storage
decisions. It set up, by form al “ Philo Vance R etu rn s,” a new poned. Plans had been m ade to
y e a r’s business a real success.
the hospital by qualified men.
resolution, a R epublican Policy series of adventures about the have the tests W ednesday and
Please m ake reservations through
“ H ospital adm inistration is not
Com m ittee, and also by resolution, c h a ra c ter created by the late S. T hursday o f the preceding week
(C ontinued on page 7)
A1 Zapf a t Al’s Radio Shop.
usually a qualification for election
established a Com m ittee on Public
you will enjoy.
of the delay they w ere held Mon­
to the C ounty C ourt,” the judge
Inform ation.
day and Tuesday with one held
w rote, “ and our experience with
For m any years, the p arty Floor THURSDAY AND FRIDAY
over to W ednesday. If th ere are Second Presentation of
adm inistration of other county pro­
Leader has counseled with a group
Early Rural M ail Service
H ere is Mickey Rooney, Gloria no fu rth e r com plications, re p o rt Community Concerts
jects such as the library, the air­
of senior m em bers generally
known as the Steering Com m ittee.
P ostm aster C. Y. Arnold wishes port, and the w elfare departm ent
It has been an inform al group, in glorious technicolor and one of day. However, no re p o rt cards will Next Monday, Feb. 7
to inform patrons of the rural has convince«! us o f the efficiency
and its personnel has varied from the mos. satisfying musicals com- be issued to stu dents who have out­
Nikolau and Joan n a G raudan, route, th a t the m ail carrier will, of adm inistration by a special
tim e to time. I do not recall th a t inig to this th e a te r fo r a long, long standing bills fo r books or other cello and piano duo, will ap p ear in the fu tu re, leave the Cave Ju n c ­ trained group.”
the nam es of those who w ere con­ time. The picture is based on things.
Monday, F eb ru ary 7, a t 8:30 p. m. tion postoffice a t 1 1 a . m., enab­
The stu d e n ts of the K erby High a t the Lincoln school auditoiium ling the carrier to retu rn in plen­
sidered to be on the S teering Com­ E ugene O’N eill’s now alm ost clas­
VFW Team Wins From
m ittee have ever been published. sic play, “ Ah, W ilderness,” which School w ere very fo rtu n a te in re ­ in G rants Pass as the second pre­ ty of time to get pickup mail off
The resolution ju s t passed abol­ described in nostalgic te n n s the ceiving an extrem ely interesting sentation of tl e Community Con- in the afternoon to <’ .ts Pa»s. /Irishman Lumber Team
ishes the S teering Com m ittee and pleasures and near trag ed ies of and inform ative program consist­ ce it association
To help speed up this service,
The Illinois Valley VFW bas­
provides fo r the election of a small town life in A m erica nearly ing of a lecture and motion picture
M usicians of ex trao rd in ary abil­ patrons will know ju st about what
team made a trip to G rants
House Republican Policy Com m it­ 50 years ago.
ity the G raudans have presented time their mail is delivered ami
Pass last T hursday night to play
tee of 22 members. The ru le of
concerts in Java, the Dutch East get w hatever service they wish
W hite T ravel Agency of P ortland, Indies, and in all the la rg e r cities from the carrier and also to have the Fleishm an Lum ber Company
seniority in selection of Policy
team and won by the score of 34
Com m ittee m em bers is abolished.
their outgoing mail ready and in
of Europe and the U nited State«.
to 29.
On T hursday the stu d en ts also
The m em bership o f the Policy
A lthough they w ere born in the the box.
Players making the trip w ere
were fo rtu n a te in w itnessing an same Russian town of Libau, they
------------- o--------------
Com m ittee is selected proportion­
lack Pope, Lennis Johnson, H a r­
ately from nine geographical di­
Mrs. Jack O. Rogers, Caves
did not m eet until they returned
County Board of H ealth which was fo r a vacation a f te r several years highway, received word this week old W illiams, Johnny Smith, Laur-
visions of the U nited States. The
ence and O rville Ix»oper, Eddy
aeom panied by a lecture given by of se p a ra te study.
most in terestin g provision of the
th at her brother, A rth u r K. Nich­
M artin, E rnie Reynolds and Wes­
resolution creatin g the Policy
Follow ing two years of concert olas of Denver, Colorado, passed ley Baird.
Com m ittee is th a t it provides th a t
appearances to gether the couple away very suddenly Monday, J a n ­
--------------o - .. - -
The Illinois Valley P.-T. A.
The finals fo r the “ W hat De­ was m arried and continued to give uary 31st. He was employed by
the Republican m em bers o f the]
wishes to announce th a t th e ir re g ­ m ocracy M eans to Me” contest
House in each geographical divi­
jo in t recitals. In the m eantim e the I). R. & G. railroad and bad
u lar m onthly m eeting will be held were held W ednesday before the
sion will m eet and select the mem ­
each a rtis t continued to achieve returned for work th a t m orning
next T hursday, F ebruary 10th in high school stu d e n t body. The p a r­
bers of th eir division who will
recognition in a solo capacity ap­ when he suddenly passed away.
serve on th e Policy Committee. the K erby high school. This is ticip atin g stu dents have shown a pearing separately with the Berlin Mr. Nicholas was also a bro th er of
the F ounders Day m eeting, one maximum of in te re st and effo rt
Last Friday and S aturday the
The Pacific Coast division will
Mrs. Dorothy Smith.
Philharm onic.
of the best during the year and in this contest. The w inners will
Kerby Kids m et the tough team
have two m em bers on the Policy
................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ll l l l l l i l l l l l l l l l l l l l f l l l l l l l l l l l l i r
from C entral Point. The K erbyitis
Committee, and these two will be will present how the P.-T. A. was broadcast th e ir speeches over
played th eir sloppiest gam e of the
selected at a m eeting of the 21 born, its m eaning and w hat its KUIN in the near fu tu re.
-------------- o--------------
year on Friday. They mussed a
Republicans now serving in the fu tu re holds fo r you and your
high percentage of shots, and they
(By S ara W ertz)
House from the Pacific Coast.
ju st didn’t seem to g e t organized.
I had the honor of being a mem­ lowing this will be the social hour
jlllllU m iH H IIIIM IU IIIIIIH IH IIIIH IIH H IIIIIIIH IIIIIH Iin h llllH IIIIIIIt lllllllllllllllllH IIIIIIIIH IIIIIH H IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIilli.i ■ ll l l l l l l l l l l t l l l l l l l l l l l l t l l l f l l l l l l l l i l l '
They were defeated 44-13.
ber of a subcom m ittee of five which includes the cu ttin g of a
O nce a week a t K erby High with the assistance of th eir daugh­
Saturday saw the gam e end 24-
which w rote the resolution and
H ighlight of the m eeting w ill]
36 girls g a th e r in the hom em ak­ ter, Marcia, who is now m ajoring 53 in favor of the pointers b u t
worked out the geographical d i­
ing room fo r an hour with Mrs. ■ in bacteriology at San Diego S tate Kerby played a good game. The
visions. O ur plan was accepted be the traveling aquarium with
M arie W ilson, county health nurse. College.
pointers kept the basket hot as
by the C onference w ithout change. its b eau tifu l gold fish as the prize
cooperation w ith the hom em ak­
they poured in the points, m aking
The creatio n of the C om m ittee
atten d an ce of parents and friends.
ing and health teachers Mrs. Wil­
The “man who is d iffe rc n .' 500',! of theii shots while Kerby
A local C hapter of the lzaak son tells and dem onstrates w hat came to Kerby High late in 1947. only made 175% o f theirs. The
(C ontinued on Page 4)
Mrs. Benge’s room was the first
w inner. P arents and friends are W alton League is being started in to do when fam ily m em bers arc He serves! three years in the P ac­ J. V.'s w ere defeated both nights.
urged to help th eir boy or girl win the Illinois Valley. A notice will ill. P ractical ways a re ta u g h t of ific a rea with the U. S. M arine
Monday evening the SOC J. V.
be published a t a la te r date when m aking elevated beds when illness Corps in World W ar II where he team tangled with the Kerby Kids.
An invitation is again extended the firs t m eeting will be held is prolonged, giving a bath in bed, saw plenty of action. He was a SOCites found the Badgers much
to the P.-T. A. V alentine box so­ Those joining a t th a t tim e will be taking te m p e ra tu re and necessity -1-year letterm an in football at im proved over the first tim e the
cial and en tertainm ent which will C h arter m em bers. W omen as well and value of daily routine. This the E ast High school, Moline, Illi­ two q u intets m et in December.
W. D. M acD erm ott opened his
be held in the high school gym as men are eligible for m em ber­ week girls had a film “ A Girl nois.
A1 Simpson, assistant basketball
Cave City Coffee Shop this week
Monday evening, F eb ru ary 14th, ship.
Grows U p” . This will be followed
Last year he took care of all coach a t the college was our own
a fte r being closed during the past
The lzaak W alton League is a by lessons on “ Care of the Baby” . the Kerby schools. This year our coaches’ W es P eters l*asketball
and y our support will be greatly
several months.
wide organization in terest­ Je n n ife r O’Dell, 6 m onths, will high school plant keeps him busy; m entor in his ju n io r year a t SOC.,
“ Mac,” who is well known in
ed in prom oting the sports of hunt­ fe a tu re in the lesson.
the building houses n o t only our so it was an interesting hall game.
the Valley, is featu rin g th a t delic­
ing and fishing and also preserving
160 high students b u t also f u r ­ SOC floored some p re tty tall
ious homemade chili and beans
our national resources— wild life, day to K erby schools, other days nishes clans rooms fo r physical boys. SOC have played on a floor
and fried pies, besides the regular
fish and forests.
a t Selma, C entral and O ’Brien. Be education and music fo r the ele­ twice the size of Kerby but didn’t
bill of fare. Commencing next CHANGES NAME
At each m eeting motion pictures sides school duties she does work m entary school. N um erous o rg an ­ have any trouble finding the bas­
week th e cafe will be closed on
The fo rm er Builders Insulating appertain in g to the above subjects in the com m unities on control of izations use the Science and Home­ ket. Kerby played a good game
pany has assumed a new name travel pictures and other types infections and com m unicable dis­ making rooms, evenings and d u r­ both on defense and offense.
and will now be known and do will be shown.
ease. She cooperates with the ing basketball season the gym is K rauss and Holly dom inated the
N ever mind who’s right, W ale
A nyone who is interested in 1 C ounty W elfare departm ent, Red the place of much activity.
business as the Zell Company, with
backboard play.
so you'll be left.
offices in G rants Pass, under the joining can obtain fu rth e r in fo r­ Cross and child placem ent agen­
Instead of being called down
Friday, F ebruary 4, the fourth
m anagem ent of Ralph Eggers, who m ation a t L inkhart & M cLean's cies. Aids local clubs and service he is called up from the basem ent league gam e of the season will be
office in Cave Ju n ctio n , the Illinois organization in health program s if there is a noisy rad iato r, a lock­ played with Eagle Point.
is well known in the Valley.
The com pany’s m ain endeavor Valley H ardw are in Cave Junction and strives all ways to m aintain er that refuses to recognize its K erbyites w ere defeated by this
is Rockwool Insulating, but under or at the Post O ffice in Kerby.
and establish good understanding com bination, or a screw loose any­ five 30-29 in a previous game.
of the health program s and se r­ where. When the bell rings at Kerby will be all out to win be­
W eather rep o rts from the Red­ the new arrangem ent, which is
3:58 he does not m ake tracks fo r cause we a re cu rren tly resting in
vices of the comm unities.
wood R anger Station fo r the past now all locally owned, it is j VALLEY P.-T. A. WILL
Mrs. Wilson was in the Navy the bus— he mops up hundreds of the cellar in the JD J league.
seven days ending Ja n u a ry 30. equipped to supply local dealers
with Re-Oxo-Lin, a flam e proof-1 BROADCST OVER KUIN
N urses Corps th ree years, a visit- them. He takes m ore notes than
On T uesday, F eb ru ary 8, there
1949, are as follow; s:
.ng m aterial, and stru c tu ra l steel
The Illinois V alley P arent- j • nurse in San Diego and city any pupil and receives more papers will be a basketball jam boree
Rainfall Hi T Low T buildings. The com pany has r e ­ Teachers A ssociation will broad-1
iol nurse there for a num ber than any teacher. His filing cabi­ featu rin g grade school gam es and
cently insulated Valley homes of cast a program over KUIN next
. years. St. Luke’s hospital nurs­ net is the large box betw een patrons will l>e able to see the
25 .. ........... 00
Eddie M artin, Ronald Tycer, Del­ Tuesday, F e b ru a ry 8 a t 7 p. m ing school, D enver, gave her an R. school buildings. P robably you Freshm an team in action against
b ert O 'B rien, J J. V illair, George
Those in the cast include M rs.' N. and aince then she has won an have guessed— he is Merle O’Dell, G rants Pass Freshm an. Also the
27 .. ........... 00
T h rash er; several others Mr. Eg- E. L. Kelley, dean of girls a t Ker* y R N. c e rtific ate in C alifornia and J r., the friendly custodian of K. 8th grade will play Jero m e P rairie
28 ............... 00
” ’ couldn't tb : ’•
e» »he m o­ high school; C larence H agen, p r in - 1 O regon as well. The Wilsons are H. S. Merle and Dot, his wife, and Previous to these gam es will see
29 .. ............00
ot, also « • r i ' -
build- cipal and Mrs. Iia Hall, local P
eiin an en t residents a t Lone Mt. baby Jen n ifer, live on the school the Cth and 7th grades m atched
30 ..............00
T A president.
against each other.
, allay, where they built a home premises near the g rad e school.
Hospital Bill
Founders Day
To Be Observed
By Valley PTA
Kerby High School
lzaak Walton
League Chapter
To Be Formed