Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 15, 1909, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    r AGE. TWO
Practice limited to
U lasses fitted and furnished.
Offlce boura 9 to 12; 2 to 6; and
on appointment. Phonea 261 ft 77.
(Jrmnta ram, Oregon.
sTlougiikidoe. m. d.
Rea. Phone 714
City or country rails attended day
or night. Sixth and II, Tuffs Wdg.
Offlce Phone 261.
Grant Pam, - OrenM.
DR. 0. A. CAM1M5KLL,
Graduate American School of Osteo
pathy, Klrksvllle, Mo.
Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Wo
men and Children a specialty.
Ituoiiis 1, 2, 3. iHt Nat'l. Dunk Hlds.
Phonea: Offlce 771; Rea. 793.
Grants Pans, Oregon.
R V. DcVOIlE, M. I).
City aad Country calla promply
answered. OMlce hours, 9 to 12 a.m.
and 2 to 6 p. m.
Phones: Ilea. 473; Office 941.
Rooms 1, 2, 3, Shallhorn Bldg.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
The Paaslsr larbsr Bhaa
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Stieet Three chains
Bath Room In connection
it E. McGREW,
rnrnlture and Piano
Practice In all State and Federal
Courts. Offlce Opera House Bldg.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Offlce Cor. 6th and F But.
Grants I'am, - Oregon.
Civil and Criminal mutters attend
ed to nl al the Courts. Real Esato
and Insurance. Offlce 6th St., oppo.
Post Offlce.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Practice In all Statu and Federal
Courts. Hanking & Trust Co. lllcln.
Grant I'ass, Oregon.
nth 8t., north n( Jonrphitie IMri.
TiaNT Pass, Okkuon,
Fruit, Shade
Hedge plants, Cypicas ami l'tivtt
Hetty rUtits,
ToKay Grapes
a.H well as other k tints of tirst class
grape root. Apple, Tear, Teach,
Cherry and other tiers at reasonable
ricrs. It will pay you to tee me
K-foie buying. me have your fillers llote
the assoitmrtil is broken. Some
kind? ate waive already.
T. T. Taylor
Oftlos iu brick uesr t i;rt Hi. am
R. H. Gilfillan
Grant Ps, Oivjcm
Telephone IIMory
There seems to be a are it many
confusing rumors afloat centered (a
the telephone business and !t is a j
topic on whl' h It might be well lo j
give some Information. j
h It might be well 10 ,
There have been three db.tlnct
stages In the manufacture and use
of telephones. The begtntliiv. of
the actuul telephone era waj when
Bell discovered that communication
could be carried on over a single
wire aud by the use of what a now
call an "111 devised" telephone. He
then patented the same and cuiled It
a telephone and after long years of
study and labor he finally Inter
ested capital and formed what is
known as the Bell Telephone Com
pany. This completes the flrBt
Then came the second stage, and
hre was where the foundation was
laid for the most formidable trust
ever known up to this day. This
combination was effected some 25
years ao. The telephones then
used were of the magneto type with
hand generator, local battery, the
same as we have at the present date,
and was then considered a world
wide wonder.
So strong were the entrench
ments of this company that no or
dinary corporation could enter the
field as a competitor In any sense.
They became so strongly fortified
that every patent that came Into the
field was purchased at any price or
else was tied up In law suits for
Infringements and laid to rest In
the higher courts. Every attempt
of the Independent move was met
with Injunctions. Publishers were
bought outright under contract not
to publish any Information to assist
In an Independent move. In this
way they suppressed any agitation
of the public and the price of tele
phone service was beyond the reach
of any man In moderate circum
stances. This condition of affairs continued
to exlBt until 1898, when the Bell
patents began to expire, and one by
one passed off the records. Then
came the last stage. A dosen pat
ents were walling to go on record
and on the very day that the first of
the Boll patents expired thore was
a stampede In the U. 8. Patent
offlce at Washington, and with It
came a thousand and one Improve
ments In the telephone field. At
this time was when the now famous
central energy system was Intro
duced. Among the pioneer Independent
manufacturers were Kellogg, Strora-berg-CarlHoti,
American Electric Co.,
Dean Electric Co., and a score of
others followed In quirk succession,
each company striving to outdo the
other In advancement
The first great battle between the
Hell Interests and the Independent
Telephone Company as fought in
the states of Ohio and Indiana. It
wus the Hell trust against the public
and the public won. nut the Hell
Vmi phone Company died game Mid
n aiK' a desperate stand at ovei y
trench on their retreat, but Jereiit
was theirs and after spending mil
lions of dollars In a most helpless
and hopeless struggle, they for five
years kept up this constant firing.
Hut when the people, the press
ami the money powers tinned their
mighty guns upon them they found
that it wss useless for them to spend
(heir revenues and savings In that
foolish manner, so they changed
their tartlrs atul began ; new course.
They would Install a new plant
where they had print Ically lost by
otnpclltloii and then cut the rates
even so low that In one Instance In
Haslem city their earnings ran
behind their operating expenses
$1100,000 annuully.
Another course they had adopted
was to buy a plant for some $j00
and advertise the same from sea to
sea in great display advertising,
thus: "Another independent com
pany absorbed by the Bell." This
would naturally lead people to be
lieve, who are not Informed along
this line, that the Bell Company had
absorbed all of the New Kngland
lint sins for the Bell Telephone
Compiin . It Is the "l'tilon Forever,"
anil oti;ud to vlitoiy march the
home r.'iupanles over the most cold
blooded trust, indifferent to the pub
lic Interests, that eor attempted to
ib Mi.' ;t nation nnd the whole
, woi Id nl 'he nost useful of ir.nte'n
11' ' 111 i. lis.
In '''. sprliii of lSs there came
i i i: a' the ilivr o( our American
in. n. a' I a voice asked, "Who cornea
'tii i "' Viol tlie answer from
1-'."' '' rtuMi" i;s,:-, "You ate
ii ei, ..mi.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
fight for s'tpi o'liaey had caught the
ee uf nearly every financier (if the
world and that every effort has been
iiuiilc t.i corrupt the free press
which published page after page of
I'lai.if.i.t'.iri-il nistter Inteuded to
misdirect ths public mind, and ad-
- . 1 1 " mttstiai
mlttlng there have been blunders
'and poor judgment in some minor
but, taking it as a whole, and
Bret bearing In Hi ltd that there are
""'" -"e-
united mates, mere nas Deeu less
financial disaster in the Home Tele
ihon" move than in any other com
mercial Industry In the world with
even one-half so many separate com
panies. The writer can truthfully say that
he cannot recall a single Instance of
failure within the home field. Now
there are cases where one company
absorbed the Interest of another, but
conditions are very equally divided
on both sides of the firing line with
no particular advantage to either, as
such sales are Invariably Insignifi
cant when considering the sale price.
The business man, at first mention
of a Home Telephone thinks two sys
stms will be burdensome but when
he has tried the case on Its merits
he decides as follows: "Well, I have
the best telephone service o be had
anywhere In America. I now reach
Ave customers by telephone where
before I could only get two. My ser
vice Is such that I can get a switch
board connection, leave orders to my
hired help, talk to my wife and still
have plenty of time to catch my
train. As heretofore, either my wife
or my business had to be neglected
I have no solicitor in the field for
I can call all my customers by tei
enhnna. So I put him to work In
the store that I may be better equip
ped to take care of my Increasing
business. My wife can better take
rare of baby and my home, from the
fart that she can sit down and hold
baby and talk to all her near friends
anywhere within 40 miles over an
Improved syBtom with greater satis
faction and contentment. Little
Johnny can call papa up and ask him
to bring home some candy, so papa
does not have to carry Johnny home
that night when he locks up. I can
always get the doctor for als phone
Is always ready and he Is ready to
answer when his telephone rings for
h knows that It Is his ring. He
does not have to sit up nights fear
ful of making miscount, therefore
neglecting his duty and his patients
And there are a hundred other
advantages which could be given
as reasons why we need more tele
phones and better service, and why
It means more time and profits to
every business man.
Now. does it pay for a man or
woman who has a home or a bust
ness or both, to ponder over these
facts? Every man Is working for
profits and with profits ordinarily
come pleasures both at home and
abroad. We have but "one life to
live" and all should enfoy the con
venlences In our humble way, and
those who have them should not de
prlve others whose motto Is "Live
and let live" of the conveniences
that can be placed easily within their
reach and at their disposal. H.
Iteofiiexs Cannot Ih- Cured
I y locai applications, as they canot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an
Intlatumeil conilttlon or the mucous
it II In K of the Kustiii'hlan Tube. When
this tube Is tutliitued ynu have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when It Is entirely closed,
deafness Is the result, and unless the
inflammation can be taken out and
this tube restored to Its normal con
dition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever; cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which Is nothing but an In
flamed condition of the nincuous
surfaces. We will give $1011 for any
cHse of deafness (caused by catarrh)
thjU cannot be cured by Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure Send for circulars free.
F. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists. "Sc.
Take Hill s Family Pills for con
stipation. Kodol for dyspepsia and iudlges
tlon will digest any and all food at
any and all tunes. Kodol Is guaran
teed to give prompt relief. Sold by
Ssbln s drug store.
How Starch Cloth.t.
The laundry ineth.-d fur starching
collars and cuffs . considered bv some
housewives t. I much snrler to the
usual home method After the hlrt
and collars nml cuffs have been wash
d and dried they are ready for standi
l ig I'se five tablesiHHinfnla ,,f .......
1 snd one linlf cup of cold water, one
1 half teasiHK.nful of borax and a qunrt
j of bolliu,, water Cook the starch for
I half sn hour. This Is to b,. used mere
ly eu the bosoms, collars and cuffs of
shirts and on the plaited fronts of
shirt waists
Stretch m cloth tightly oa the table
I and ta. k It so us to keep It smooth
The starch will be like jelly ml Bh,mil
, 1 nibbed In with the Augers. The
rubbing Is not complete until the vsrl
ous thicknesses are ss one. and the
starch then must be wiped from bth I
sides with a diunp cloth I
Ciood for cuts, burns, bruises and
trsiones, lult especially recommend- !
ea ror piles IA lit s Carbollxed
Witch Haiel Slu Sold by Sabln'a
drug store.
4 "
Curtis & Co are selling out their
of Jewelry, including
Everything mnst Go at Wholesale Prices, Prices that
Will Astound You
Nothing Will Be Reserved
Our intentions are to go Out of Business at the
Earliest Possible Date.
This Announcement is Not Bait; on the contrary
Grants Pass has never seen Jewelry Sold at Prices we
will quote from this date on.
Curtis Company
Good Roads School.
Georgia's State College of Agricul
ture will hold a good roads school in
Janunry. Commissioners of All the
counties aud all persons interested will
be Invited to attend a five days' ses
sion at Athens. Oa., when a number
of road building e.perts v III deliver
lectures during ea, u uiorn;;is. The
afternoons will be taken up In inspec
tions of roads iu tin.' vicinity. I Miring
the session u I'nileJ Si.v.c; ;: em
inent expert will build n i. ile of r...i,l
accord I UK to methods a; .'loVi-U lo, Hie
bureau of roads. Manuf. . Hirers lme
li'i'ii Invited to make e:.hlbits of ma
The Page Woven Wire Fence Co.
Twentv-seveu inches to first
carl-on coilt'tl pr
Page fence is
An experienced ri.'
& Iou . The P'Fet,: Men" "
D-t,b.:,u:ne:n 0:e .nd'.Northe'tn Clifomi, Cor. 6th
and Silver
O A M r.
Mirier and
time to
Ha rw"
wiilo Miac
Th sum.- quality of all Pape Fence
'n.N ii Mr.iin t f ..ver 18,000 pounds.
n r Sterl.
guaranteed to be exactly
m .. j ' iiui: yt J
"i'fcT: f
entire Stock
Orepian $2
hive a Special 1 ahbit Proof Fence, made
especially for this locality
as represented
a ge Fence, without extra cost.
' '
J I SiSegoa