Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 11, 1908, Image 9

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1 "I I
Large Share of Umpqua Forest
Reserve Appropriated Be
fore Opening.
The notice which the United
States Land Department has given
out to the effect that 91,000 acres
of Forest Reserve land will be
thrown open for settlement on De
cember 21, 1908. and subject to en
try, under the public land laws, on
January 20, 1908, is being widely
circulated through our leading
V. B. Sherman, the well-known
timber man of Grants Pass, Ore
gon, is being besieged with numer
ous inquiries, both personal and by
letter, as to the character and value
of these lands.
To keep himself well informed in
regard to all timber movements, Mr.
Sherman secured an abstract show
ing all the vacant government lands
in the tracts supposed to be opened.
It shows that the government has
but something like 8,500 acres to
offer for entry, instead of 91,000
acres. About 82,000 acres of this
tract had been disposed of before
the reserve was created.
It woula appear for once, at least,
that our government is advertising
to open for entry lands that are al
ready patented.
Mr. Sherman is unable to under
stand why the land office offlculn
should send out an advertisement
stating that there are 91.000 acres
In the tract to be thrown open for
entry, when, as he has' been w.M in -J
formed, there are only about 8,600
uuu by far te greater portion
of this, is in all probability worth
less. serve was created by executive or
der July 1, 1908, and had all the
The Umpqua National ForeBt Re
lands within the exterior boundaries
jeen a part of the reserve, would
have contained about 91,-00 acres.
But it must be remembered that the
Umpqua valley was settled many,
many years ago and during the last
60 years, it has been searched, as
with a fine-toothed comb, for lands
worth settling upon. This settle
ment, taken with the fact that every
alternate section was included in the
grant made to the railroad at the
time of its building, has reduced
the area by something over 82,000
acres. This leaves less than 8.500
acres, and It Is probable that the
majority of this was left because of
Its worthlessness.
There can be, thanks to Mr Sher
man, no question as to the advis
ability of the government excluding
these 8500 acres from the National
Forest Reserve. It is a necessity to
have our reserves thoroughly pa
trolled by government fire rangers
to prevent forest fires. To patrol
.. viOO a -ers, principally worth
less lands, scattered over eight
townships would require a small
army ot rangers.
Common sense would tell anyone
who stopped to think of the matter
that, If there were any c nslderable
areas of timber or fruit land avail
able for entry, the tens of thous
ands of inhabitants of (he I'mpqua
Valley would quickly locate on them.
Inasmuch, however, as there is
really such a small amount of land
to be opened for entry and this land
of so little probable value, It would
really be doing an Injustice to the
public to allow to be published
broadcast statements to the effect
that 91,000 acres of land will be
thrown open for entry, when but
8500 acres are to be opened.
On account of the great publicity
given the notice in the newspapers.
North, South, East and West, It )s
believed, and the belief Is founded
upon the large number of Inq uiries
received, that a large number of per
sons throughout the L'nlted States
have probably left their homes,
ijiven up their positions, and sold
their little all, to go and se. ure a
home In the free lands offered them
by the government in the I'mpqua
Forest Reserve.
No doubt, these combined losses
will run up Into the hundreds of
thousands of dollars. These losses
as a rule, will be bourne by citizens
of the United States whose circum
stances compel them to make a liv
ing for themselves and their famll
e by their bands, but who are anx
ious to better their condition.
It would appear that each and
everyone of them would have reason
to compialn in that the United
States government allows to be cir
culated, through the leading news
papers of the country, statements
which are misleading. The adver
tisement referred to creates the Im
pression that the land, which will
be thrown open to entry, la In the
solid block of about 91,000 acres In
stead ot only a few forties and
eighties, and on occassional quarter
section, scattered through eight
townships unoccupied because of
their probable worthiessness.
If these lands were valuable, why
were they not filed upon during all
the long years previous to last July,
at which time this reserve was
Does it not appear, in this in
stance, that the government Is do
ing not only an Injustice to the
thousands ot persons who will be
disappointed when they learn the
character and Buiall amount ot land
which is to be thrown open, but an
injustice to the state of Oregon?
Will not these hordes ot people when
they come here and see the lands,
surely be disgusted aud say: "Let
us return from whence we came,"
thus giving this fair state a black
eye from which she will be a long
time recovering.
"E. O. DaWitt A Oo., Chicago. Ill
Gentlemen In 1897 I hsd a di
of the stouiaob and bowels. In the
spring of 113 I bought a bottle of
Kodol and the benefit I reoeived all
the gold in Oeorgia coo Id not bay.
May you lite long aud prosper.
Yours very truly, O. N. Cornell Bod
ing, G., Aug. 37, 1906." Sold by
Model Drag Stota. 8-4 tf
Free Homes.
92,000 acres of timber and agri
cultural land in the Umpqua Forest
Reserve, Oregon, to be opened to
entry January 20, 1909. Not all ot
these lands are vacant. For lists,
bluo print maps with vacant lands
marked thereon and full Informa
tion regarding filing, etc., send S2 ,o
Koseburg Abstract Company, Rose
burg, Oregon. 12-4-4t
Don't tail to Keep your eye on the
south window of llie - Hair-Riddle
Hdwe Co. where the autom;n suc
tion sale Is going on.
A Common Cold.
We claim that if catching cold could be
avoided soma of the nrnat dangerous and
foul iHhum would never be heard of. A
old often forms a culture bed for genua ot
infectious dirwajtea. (VinBlinintinn nn,ii.
monia, diphtheria and scarlet fever, four of
me mm uangeroui and fatal diwaeee, are ol
tliinclaas. The culture bed formed by the
.-old favors the development of the gernis of
:hese dieeaaea, (hat would not otherwise find
exigent. There la little danger, however
f ailV of thaaa diaMeiM hein nonlra,-,'
hen a good expectorant coii(h uiedicim
ike Chamberlain i Cough Reaimlv is iimmI.
It cleans out theae culture beds tint favo
he development of Ilia (arms of theee il-
ea. That ia why this remedy baa prnv,
o universally luoreeeful in preventing h
monia. It not onlv-urea Tour eoM mini
'nit miniiuites the rink of contracting llier
JangrroiM diaeawa. h or sale bv M. Clemrre
Excursion to the City of Mexico.
On Tuesday, December lDth, the
Southern Pacific Company will run
an excursion train from San Francis
co to the City of Mexico and return
Tickets may be purchased at Grants
Pass for this excursion for 193.40,
round trip, first-class, with stop
over privileges, limited to return
February 15th. Come and see me
about this trip If you contemplate
making It or write to me and I will
go and see you or send a man. Mr.
W. II. Jenkins of the General Pass
enger Agent's office, Portland, Ore.,
will MRU take pleasure in seeing you
about this trip, or Mr. Fmll Pell of
Ashland will arrange all details.
11-13 5t Agent S. P. Co.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at
Roseburg, Oreegon, Sept. 8, 1908.
Notice is herebv given thnt
Tf CM Sheridan St.. Spokane, Wash,
who, on September 8, 1908, made
Sworn Statement No. 01174, for
SWV4 NWV, WVi SWVi and 8E Vi
SWVj Sec. 34 Tp. 34 S., R. 7 West,
Willamette Meridian, and has filed
notice of Intention to make final
proof to eslalillsh claim to the land
above described, before Register and
Receiver at Roseburg, Oregon, on
the 24th day of February, 109.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Aim on l.awler, of I. eland, Oregon,
Frank Lawler, of l.eland, Oregon,
John Penner, of Heron, Montana,
Louis Fades, of Merlin, Oregon.
Department of the Interior,
U. 8. Land OtfiVe.
Roeebnrg, Ore , Sept. 80, 1908.
Notice is herery given tl at
of Portland, Multnomah Oounfv,
Oregon, who, oo September 80, 11 18,
made Timber and Stone Application
No. OliyiT, for W' of the E'a aud
the E of the SW,'4, section 1, Town-
sinp 41 Booth, Mange V mwt, willa
mette Meridian, has filed notice of in
t-ntion to make Final Timber aud
Stone Proof, to eafalilih claim to the
land arwive described, before Jo'eph
M s, U. 8. Commissioner, at Oratita
Pax. Oregon, on the IVih day of De
cember, 111.
Claimant namei as witnesses: Car-
Urti E. Harmon, of Grant" Pans, Joa
i biuH Co., O'e., Frank M. South, of
Grants Paw, Josephine Co., Ore.,
Jamea Swearlnger of Grants Paas.
Jwephine Co., Ore.. Ezra M. Al
bright, of Waldo, Josephine Co.. Ore.
t Register.
j In the circuit court of the state ot
uregon, tor josepnne county.
Leroy A. Palmer, Plaintiff ,)
Lucy J. Palmer Defendant, )
To Lucy J. Calmer, defendant:
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby summoned
and required to appear In the above
entitled court and cause on cr be
fore six weeks from the date ot
the first publication of this sum
mons, which first date ot publica
tion Is Friday, December 4, 1908,
and the last date of said publlcaclon
and the last day for your appear
ance and answer Is Wednesday, Jan
uary 15, 1909. and If you fall to ap
pear and answer within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief prayed
for in the complaint, vis: for a de
cree dissolving the bonds ot mat
rimony now and heretofore existing
between the plaintiff and defend
ant, and granting the plaintiff an
absolute divorce against the defend
ant , and for such other and further
relief as Is equitable., ,
This summons Is published In the
Rogue River Courier, a newspaper
ot general circulation published at
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Or
egon, by order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county Judge for Josephine
ccounty, Oregon, made and dated
Decembor 3, A. D. 1908, requlriug
publication ot tills summons lu said
newspaper for a period of six sue
cesslve weeks, and the mailing of
the summons and copy of the com
plaint to the defendant at your res
idence and post office address at
Trinidad, Humboldt county, Cali
fornia. 11. D. NORTON.
Atoruey for Plaintiff.
Lvlna Nahoor, Plaintiff, )
vs. )
JosephNahbor, Defendant)
In the Circuit Court ot the State of
Oregon, for Josephine C :unty.
In the name of the state ot Ore
gon, you are nereby summoned and
required to appear In the circuit
court of the state of Oregon for Jo
sephine county In the above en
titled suit, on or before six weeks
from the date of the first publica
tion of this sumons, and bofore the
expiration of the time ot said pub
lication thereof, which date ot first
publication Is Friday, November 27,
A. D. 1908, and which last date ot
publication Is Friday, January 8, A.
D. 1909, and then and there answer
or otherwise plead In said suit.
And It you fall to answer or other
wise plead within the . time afore
said, the plaintiff will apply to tue
court for the relief prayed for In
the complaint, vis.: for a decree dis
solving the bonds ot matrimony now
and heretofore existing between the
plaintiff and defendant, and for such
other and further relief as Is equita
This summons Is published In the
Rogue River Courier, a newspaper
of general circulation published at
Grants Pass In Josephine county,
Oregon, by order of Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county judge tor said county,
dated November 27, 1908, and re
quiring publication of said summons
for a period of six successive weeks.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Department of the Interior.
I. S. l and Office at Rouihtirr, Or
August 4, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Spokane, Wasn , who, on
Aigi;st 3d, 1908, made Jwuim State
ment No. 0B56, for the E '4 SV '4
and W 4 8E4. Sec. . Tp. 3t S
R. 7 W., Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of his Intention to make
filial proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Regis
ter and Receiver, at Roseburg, Ore
Ion, on the 7th day of February,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Alpheus N. Crouch, of Grants Pass,
Ore., Almoti l.awler, of l.eland, Ore.,
John Maloney of Spokane, Wash.,
John Penner, of Heron, Mont.
Department of the Interior.
V. H. Land Oflloe.
Roseburg. Ore., Jnlv 24. 1908.
Notice i hrehv given Hint
of Ashland, Jackson Cnonty, Oregon,
who on July 28, 1908. made T'niber
an1 Stone Application, No. 0437, for
NS'ofNW-l and nWy of NW and
NWlf nf 8W.i. S-ction 22, Towusilip
84 Soath, Range 6 west Willamette,
Meridian, baa filed notice of Intention
'o make Final Timber and Stone
Proof, to establish claim to the laud
above described, b'-fore Regiatur and
Receiver at Roaeburg, Oregon, on the
80th day of January IVoU.
Claimant names aa witnesses:
Oeorgs Shearer of Aabland, Jackson
Countv, Oregon, Louis Htelnbaob, of
Roaeburg, Dougla county, Oregon.
Thomaa Luster, ol Rom burg, Douglas
county, On gon, Thomas Taplln, of
Roaeburg, Dooglas coontT, Oregon.
Department of tbe Interior.
U. 8. Land Office at Ro-wKurg, Ore.
August 13, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Portland, Oregon, who, on August
12, 190k, made sworn etatimr.t No.
0761, for Northwest quarter(NW )
Sec. 2C. Tp. 4 0 S. R. 5 V". V. K ,
has filed notice of Inte-j'-l in to
final proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before Ri glH
ter and Receiver at Roseburg, Ore ,
on the 11th Day of February, 1909,
Claimant names as wltneies:
Frank Cain, ot Riddle, Ore., W ill A.
Leonard, of Portland, Ore., ('.nasi') J
Freeman, of Holland, Ore. .Frank J.
Leonard, of Kerby, Ore.
Timber Lind. Act June 8, 1878.
Kosebnrg. Ore., Hay 7, 1908.
Notice is hereby given That In
oompllaaoe with the provislous of the
Act of Congress of Jous 8, 1878, en
titled "An Aot for the sale of Timber
Lands to the States of California,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all Publlo
Laud States by an act of Aogost 4,
of 574 Nehalem Ave., Portland
County of Multnomah, Slate of Ore.,
gon, tiled in this oflloe on April 11,
1908, bis sworn statement No. 10004
for the purchase of the N WSEU 8W
SE SW SW4- of Section No 14 iu
Towuahfp No. 89 Soath of Range No
8 West W. M. Or, and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is
mure valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural pnrooaea,
and to establish his claim to said land
before the Kenixter aud Receiver of
llili office, st Roseburg, Oregon, on
Friday the ltHli day of December,
He names as witesses: Ira'A. Mar
tin, of Holland, Ore., Fred ll. Whit
Held, of Portland, Oregon, Edward H.
Sutton, ot Portland, Oregon, J. S.
Bailey, of Ashlaud, Oregon, Charles
Tomer, of Holland, Orvgon.
Harry Silver, Ashlaud, Oregon.
Any and all perons claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
req oented to file their elaima in this
office on or before said 18th day of
December, 1908.
Timber Land, Aot June I, 1878.
Roseburg, Ore., Msy N, 1008.
Nelioe ia hereby gives, That in
compliance with Iha provislona of
the Aot of Congress, of J use 8. 1878,
entitled "An Aol for the isle of Tim
ber Lauds iu the Htata of Califo nla,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory," as exteuded to all Public
Land States by au act ot August 4,
of Athlnod, county of Jaoksoo, fllale
of Oregon filed In this office on May
9, 1908, her sworn statement No.
10038 for the pnrchaae of the North
east quarter of Section No. 83 In Town
ship No. 84 Sooth of Hangs No. 5
Weat W. M., Ore.. ao1 will offer
poof to show that the land songlit is
more valuable for its timber or stuns
than for agrlooltoa! purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land be
fore the Register and Receiver of this
office at Roaeburg, Oregon, oa Thurs
day, the 7th day of Jaanary, 1W0H.
She names as vltoesee: Ueurge E.
Shearer, of Ashland, Ore , Thomas
E. Luster, of Hoseborg, Ore., Louis
Stelnbaoh, of Roseburg, Ore.,
Louis Stalnbach, of Rorteborg. Ore.,
Benjamin O. .VoUtK."? Rueunrg, Ore.
Aa aod all persons claiming ad
versely the above dnaorlbed lauds are
requested to file their claim In this
office on or before said 7th dar of
January, 1909.
Timber Laud, Act Jone 8, 1878.
Roseburg, Ore.. Msy 9, 1008.
Notice I, hereby aiven that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Congress of Jone 8, 18,8, entitled
"An act for Iba aale of timber lands
In the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washington Tfrritory."
as attended to all the Poblin Land
Slates by act of August 4, 1894,
of Portland, county of Mulnomab,
tstate or uresnn, nled in this office,
Fouroary 1, 1W08, liia sworn statement
No PHH9, fur the purchase of the
of SEi, the NEVj of SEti and HE4'
cf NEy of Hwtlou No. to. In Town
ship No. 40 S, Rang No. 8 Weat, w.
M. aud will offer proof to show that
ths land eonght la more valuable for
Its timber or atone than for agricul
tural purpose, and to antahliah bis
olsiin to said land before Register
and Receiver at Hooeburg, Oregon, on
rnnay, tne sin ilav or December. 1008.
He names as witnenaea: JauieafH.
Bailey of Ashland, Oregon, Harry
Silver, of A'hland, Oregon, David
Kuratli of Portland, Oregon, Ira A,
Martin, of Portland, Oregon.
Any and all pereotie olalmiug ad
veritily the ahove-deearlhed lands are
reqaestd file their damn in this
of tine no or b-fore aald 4th day of De
cember, 1901
Timber Land, A"t June 8, 1878.
Roaeburg, Ore., Msy H, 1W08.
Notice Is hereby given that iu com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Congreas of June 8, IM7N, entitled
"An ai t of the aale of timber lauds
in Iha Slates of California, Oregon,
Nevada aod Washington Territory,"
as extended to all the Poblio Laud
States by aot of August 4, 1892,
of Roaeburg. oooaty of Douglas, Stats
of Oregon, filed in this office April 14,
iwm, tin sworn statement Mo. ltJ37,
for the pnrchaae of the BE'i NWV,
N E.'-j SW' and N' 8E of Heotion
No. ili in Township No. 4 Range No.
SWeetrW. M. and will offer proof to
show thai Ihs land sought Is mors
valuable for Its timber or atone than for
agricultural pnrpoaee, and So establish
his claim to aald land before Register
and Receiver at Rosebirg, Ore., 00
Friday, the 8tb day of Jauoary, l&ov.
Ha names as witneeeet B. W.
Strong, of Roaeborg, Ore., W. D.
Bell of Roaeborg, Ore., Artbnr L.
Roadman of Roaeburg, Ore., H. A.
Sauford, of Koeehurg, Ore
Any and all pereoria claiming ad
versely the aoove described lands are
rwiofsted to Die their claims in tola
office on or before halri Nth day of Jan
Kennedys Laxative Cooih Syrop
acts gently upon the bowels aud there
bv drivta the eold fnf e t'i ev t-rn
1 field by Mo'e! I) sg t- e.