Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 11, 1908, Image 6

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w. c. t. r.
At the ChrlHtian Citizenship rneot
ing Friday, an IntereiHIng program
was given, convlBting of Instrumen
tal inutile, recitations and readings.
The L. T. L. met at 4 o'clock and an
InHtructlve and pleasant session was
held with the little tots.
The next meeting will be held In
the W. O. W. hall on Sixth street at
2:30. The subject is "Mercy and
K-ni:ue," and Mrs. Graham will have
charge. Let every member be pres
ent and help to make the meetln"
the best we have yet held. The L.
T. Ij. meets In the same place at 4
Five reaons for belonging to the
National Bank
- of
Southern Oregon
Grant! Pad, Oregon
Borne of the Service that a Bank
Renders the Public
The safest and simplest
way of keeping your
money In by depositing
it in a Kelialila Hank.
This Hank receive De
posits nutiject Ui Check,
or on demand Certlticatn
of dcjxmit or on time
Certificates of Deposit.
On time deposit we pay
The tHt and cheapest
way to transfer money
Ii liv Hank Draft. W
ell Drafts payable In all
parts of the country.
One of the most Impor
tant unctions of the
Kink. We endeavor to
supply all reasonable
needs of our customers.
Capital and Snrplns $75,000
Stockholders' Additional!
Responsibility $30,000
L. B. Hall, President
J. (!. CitttrssLL, Vice-Pres.
ii. L. Ou.xiT, Casbisr
K. K. Hiciitt, Asst. CkwhiOT
W. C. T. U.
1. Because we believe that the
saloon and Its allies are the greatest
obstacles which lie in the way of the
triumph of Christ and HIb church la
the world.
2. Because there is a stultifying
lethargy on the part of the average
church member regarding the evils
of the saloon, and a disposition to
evade responsibility.
3. Because, while the evil of the
saloon Is almoBt universally acknow
ledged by the churches, yet there are
weapons which must be wielded
against the saloon before it Is abol
ished which now cannot be freely
advocated under the auspices of the
church without dissension, which
would be deplorable to many, even
of our white rlbboners.
4. Because the W. C. T. U. wipes
out denominational lines In Christ
ian work against this common foe
to all, and realizes the Savior's
prayer that "they all may be one."
5. Because the Woman's Christ
ian Temperance Union stands for the
ecclesiastical emancipation of woman.
Wanted A Christian Citizenship.
L. V. Addlton.
Christian Citizenship Is to get the
nation on the Lord's side. Never in
our history have we faced issues
fraught with more vital importance.
We arc compelled to face the fact
that, with our highest tribunal con
trolled by unscrupulous combines of
capitalists, with vile men placed In
many public offices; with courts and
grand Juries shielding the wrong
doer; with Jails for the man who
steals bread and acquittal for the
man who steals millions; with gov
ernment legalizing, protecting 250
000 saloons, sending from 60,000 to
1 00,000 souls Into drunkards grave
yeirly and governmental sanction to
ship-loads of liquor sent to heathen
lands; with a traffic in girls which
would disgrace any people or
country; with thousands of the
young manhood of America swear
ing, smoking, heading straight for
the gambling den, the brothel, and
the saloon; with an Industrial war
fare which Is making bitter enmity
between capital and labor, a public
press given over largely to party
worship; a pulpit often too timid to
speak out boldJy against public sin;
with all this array of undisputed
fact, it is too evident that, unless
these evils are checked the life of
need and what Ibrlstian Citizen
ship will bring about, is a legislature
where every official will Join voice
and heart in opening Its every ses
sion with a united petition begin
ning "Our Father." We need an ac
tive working Christianity. When
we pray "Thy Kingdom Come," we
need that prayer worked out by
votes of righteous men. The child
who became alarmed and grieved
when she found out her brother had
set a trap to catch birds, illustrated
the grand principle which should ac
tuate the citizen when he sees the
traps set to catch the souls of men.
When the child was asked what she
did about it she said, "I prayed that
the traps might not catch the birds."
"Anything else?" , "Yes, I prayed
that the Lord would not let any birds
get into the traps and then I Just
kicked the traps all to pieces, I did."
Hope, pray, work, vote that the
Christian Citizenship movement may
dominate the elections.
Adolph Erdman, a wealthy
farmer of Wllloro City, N. D., and
Winifred Guthrie of Stady, N. D.,
were united in the holy bonds of
matrimony by Rev. M. L. Holey at
the Lutheran parsonage In Wllllston
N. D., at 10 o'clock, Thanksgiving
day. The bride was attended by her
sister and the groom by Paul Field.
The bride belongs to one of the
oldest and most prominent families
In Carroll county, Indiana. She Is
a graduate of the Holy Angeles
Academy, of Loganport, Indiana.
She is generally endowed with these
accomplishments which constitute
to domestic happiness. For the
last four years she has been a suc
cessful and popular public school
teacher in Carroll county, Ind.,
Grants Pass, Oregon and McHenry
county, N. D.
The happy couple expect to re
side on the bride's homestead, four
miles west of Stady, until August 1,
beautiful home near Willow City.
1908, then reemove to the groom's
The newly wedded pair have the
best wishes of their many friends
for a long, prosperous and happy
life together.
There'll 'Be Something Doing in
Merlin Very Soon.
An election will be held in this
town on the 19th to vote on the
proposition of building a new brick
school house to be used for high
school purposes. The present build
ing is somewhat antiquated, but has
been tolerated tor some years In the
hopes that the town would soon be
In position to support a structure
that would be a credit to a city of
larger proportions.
H. E. Gale, the recent purchaser
of the Crow ranch at Hellgate, has
received a carload of horses and
machinery and will put in 50 acres
of Tokay grapes and 35 acres of ap
ples and pears. His new four-horse
team is said to beat anything in Jo-
sechlne county. About 30 acres of
the land that Is to be planted is yet
to be cleared, and this will give em
ployment to many of the Idle men
who are in the district at present.
Merlin Is banking on the irriga
tion project which is being talked
of up in Grants Pass. There Is a
large body of fine land here which
only needs water to make it the
best In the world.
The Flannigan ranch, consisting
of "20 acres, recently owned by Mrs.
Chas. ui. Shcrt, has been sold to
Omaha parties, who Intend to Im
prove it by clearing and planting to
fruit trees end then sell In small
tracts, fho same parties also pur
chased the McCasslin ranch of 240
acres which will be treated in the
manner. These two tracts will
provide fine homes for a large num
ber of families.
Adam Schaffer has fenced In the
five lots which he recently purchas
ed, making his home look like a su
burban farm.
W. W. McElroy, of Helena, Mont.,
has purcchased the 40-acre tract be
longing to Chas. Reynolds, Just
north of town. This is an ideal
grape ranch and It Is expected that
Mr. McElroy will put it Into culti
vation in the near future.
There will be a grand mask ball
In Merlin on Christmas night.
Mrs. Lathrop, who has been in
Roseburg the past three weeks, has
H. L. Keyte has recently pur
chased a gasoline engine which he
will use to run a Bmall saw mm ana
cut shingles and fruit boxes this
winter, but in the early summer it
will be connected with a pump for
Merlin has lived up to Its pledge
. . I 1 nnBnw,a Its
to be a dry town auu "
Intention of remaining so, but is
annoyed a great deal by the ease
with which liquor can be procured
In Grants Pass. Many of us were
induced to vote for a certain candi
date for sheriff at the last election
by the assurance that in case he was
elected the law would be rigidly en
forced u passed. But Alas!
Mrs Chas. E. Short is visiting in
Seattle and Portland anu will be
gone a couple of weeks longer.
W. Ei. Crandall, of Medford, has
opened up a barbershop in the old
postofflce building and is having a
satisfactory patronage.
Mr. Griggs, ot Lureka, Utah, who
recently purchased the SO-acre tract
belonging to A. W. Springer, Just
north of town, has let a contract for
clearing anu planting to Tokay
Mrs. Richards, who was badly
burned In the recent fire, is 1m
grapes 60 acres of it.
proving quite rapidly, though it was
thought at first that she was seri
ously Injured.
A. L. Edgerton, the saw mill man,
has purchased two lots in the west
; part of town and will at once be
'gin the construction of two cottages
' Merlin needs a doctor, and needs
!hlm bad. There is scarcely a day
I that a rush order is not sent in to
Grants Pass, and very often a long
j wait Is necessary before relief can
be had.
J. H. Messier, of Medford has lo
cated in Merlin, having leased a
store building for the purpose of
conducting a temperance saloon.
J. W. Brown, a contractor of San
Francisco spent a couple of days In
Merlin looking over the district, and
expressed his intention of returning
soon and picking up some of the
many good buys laying around loose.
Work on the smelter of the Alme
da mine being put In on Rogue Riv
er, 16 miles west of town. Is near
Ing completion. The machinery Is
all on the ground and the teams are
now engaged in hauling dlstnw ;
to run the gasoline engines, n,
starting of the smelter meaM
great deal to Merlin, as all the hM
lng of supplies must be done fro.
this town.
There'll Be Something Dobi. u
Merlin Very Soon.
DeWitts Witch Hazel 8alT ,
peoiallj good for pile., g
mended nd iold bj Model Drog
Now is the time
to visit
When summer has pasted
in these northern states,
the sun is onlv mild under
the bright bine etiei of
Southern California. This
is on of nature's happy
provisions eternal sum
mer lor those who cannot
endure a mere severe oli
mate. California ao been called
the "Macea oLthe winter
touriet " Its hotels and
Slopping places are as
varied be thoe ol all well
regulated citieB. Visitors
ran aUave find suitable
accomodations, congenial
companions, and varied,
pleasing recreations.
Southern Pacific Go.
Will be iilad to supply mm
verv attractive literature, de
scribing in detail the man de
light of winter in California.
Very low round trip eirnrsicn
tickets are on Bale to California
The rate from Granti Pass lo
Los Angeles and return ii
Limit sir months, allowing
stop overs in either direction.
Similar excursion rates are in
effect lo all California points.
For lull Information, Bleeping car reser
vations and tickets, call on, telegraph or
R. K. Montgomery, Agent B. P.C.
Wm. MoMnrraj. Oen. Pass. Agent
Portland, Oregon
There's something' in this Christmas Store for every member of the family
Don't wait
Buy now
Big' variety of
Useful Presents and
While Doing Your Christmas
don't I overlook the fact that December is
the month for unloading all winter goods.
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