Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 04, 1908, Image 7

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Continuous Performance
Every Night This Week
,, Except Sunday at the
Eul Front Street
Doors Open at 7il5
Free Homes.
12,000 acres of timber and agri
cultural land in the Umpqua Forest
Reserve, Oregon, to be opened to
entry January 20. 1909. Not all of
these lands are vacant. For lists,
bluo print maps with vacant lands
marked thereon and full informa
tion regarding filing, etc., send $2f.o
Roseburg Abstract Company, Rose
burg, Oregon. 12-4-41
Eodol will without any doubt help
anyone who has stomach disorder!
or itoinacb trouble. Take Eodol
today and continue it for the ihort
tims that is necessary to give you com
plete relief. Eodol is sold by del
Drug Store.
Change of (Pictures
Three times each Week
Admission 10c
Fancy and plain crocheting taught.
Articles made to order. Mrs. Fisher,
118 K St., Grants Pass, Or. ll-26-2t.
For Elastic book cases see O'Neill;
they grow with the books.
New Stock of Groceries,
Everything Clean and
Canned Goods
Tea and Coffee
310 SOUTH 6th ST.
5 i IffllK
The Development of the
is the History of the Writing Machine
New Models 10 .-a 1 1 Now Ready
Model 10
with Column Selector
Model 11
With Built-in Tabulator
Remington Typewriter Company
New York and Everywhere
-John McCalllsteir1 of Provolt will
soon become a resident of Murphy
again, having rented the Gibson
Several of the Murphy boys at
tended the foot ball game at Grants
Pass Thanksgiving day.
The Gilmore boys and Wheeler
and Winnie Osborne attended the
Thanksgiving ball at Provolt Thurs
day night. They report having had
a good time.
We are informed that there will
be a Christmas tree and entertain
ment at the Murphy school house
Christmas eve. Come everybody
and have a good time.
Johnie Meeks was taking pictures
at Murphy Sunday, and he sure does
take some fine ones too. Johnie
never has to say now look pleas
ant," for how can anyone help look
ing pleased when facing Johnie and
his camera.
American field and stork fence
4 7 Inches high, which weighs 10
pounds to the rod at Hair-Riddle
Hdwe Co's.
The young people of Murphy met
at the Murphy school house and or
gaulzed a literary society Saturday
evening. ihe following officers
were elected: John Williams,
president; Roy McAfee, vice-presi
dent; Florence nlcAfee, secretary;
L. W. Carson, treasurer; Hoy Heed,
janitor; Alva Gilmore, sergeant-at
arms. Everybody Is invited to at
We learn that the Goldback-Quin
lan families are living on their farm
again, after being hospitably enter
tained and cared for at the home of
Mr Carson for several days, while
erecting a temporary dwelling.
They have the sympathy of the en
tire community in the loss of their
home by fire recently.
when we make the statement we.know
it to be abeolntelytrua.
"Mi-on-a tablets are truly great for
uyone Ibat has stomach trouble. I
oan not praise tbem too highly for
what they bare done for ma. "Mrs.
D W. Bennett, Buoksport, Me. The
prioe is only 50 cents a bos. 11-90 St
Bre&the Hyomel and Kill th
Loathsome Cevtarrh Germs. '
Demarar makes this square deal
offer because he is authorised to do so
by tbe makers of Mi-o-na tablets and
he is willing to have his system ap
pear in the Courier because he knows
the offnr is genuine.
And while it may be that there are
about eight cases in 100 that are too
far gone for Mi-o-na to ears, we are
willing and ready to take all tbe
chances, and if Mi-o-na does not cure
any dyspeptic oan have his money
Even with'this liberal offer, Demaray
will not have to refund but a very
small percentage, because the in
curable dyspeptics will find to much
relief in Miona that they will onoe
again look npon the tunny side of life
and will continue to use Mi-o-na.
Now, reader, you may say how
can the makers of Mi-o-na make such
an offer. How do thev know that 93
per cent of the users will be cured and
that the other 8 pur cent or the in
curables, will bi ralievedT
Why, t's all ver' simple. We've
made this same off. r in 10(10 towus be
fore we made it here, and we have
figured out the percentages, so that
of the Tourist"
REMARKABLE event in the history of automobiledom vrai the tour of
more than thirty Tourist cars from Los Angeles to Sa Francisco and return,
Aueust 12th to 22d, 1908, canying 94 men, women and children.
This tour differs radically from any previous automobile run in that practically
every car was operated by its owner instead of a professional driver, thus demonstrating
simplicity and ease of operation, and proving forcibly that the Tourist is an owner's
car so simple in operation and mechanism as to enable the novice to negotiate the
severest test to which an automobile could be put.
This more-than-a-thousand-mile-run was successfully accomplished without mishap
or accident, and will live long in the annals of automobiledom as a glowing testimonial
to mechanical genius and constructional ability.
MOd" M
Tie Type "K" Teariaj Cm, Aat bowmU. SBavy
Waicta sua whick mimtd nek aa nubia MpataU
taa pa Im yn, is a his lyfianW car f leaMkablB
In iim'v'- OM rmj at el apfiary. md m
etumtilnkti have sarwrj fat m akc wwJflVwIat
Taeiatt, l-MtifuBy aawml m a
.Uca el bat colon U H. P.
fr.LMinw iswni'stila .
W at Cm AayeW
Tmrt Cm mm mrmmi by a vary
,aad wa dm hoary
Tat Tree "O" Team ReAaT i
mCmo. peat ia rwe cybaaar sianwntiM iMii.iim.
AlariMlaMwliMMl',K'' Imm
Umirni w Sm mcj, cUUaiii kasW-pncaa
R. S. WL80H AgL,
Grants Pass
Nthsu a d At tpeW mm WvevaUv
I aw type "O" U all bmI
iiriMer ilay. yk ssUafcy md lew
PCTVii a. wet a tmh aaWW
ton -mt etik tar SIHX Wan
aM mmbm mm ea IM, SU2J
Mtwirk Wb mMml mm mi
M.ii)5a p.ats.Us,
Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.
Roseburg. Ore., May 8. 1008.
Notice ia hereby given, That in
compliances with the provisions of
the Act of Congress, cf June S, 1978,
entitled "An Aol for the sale of Tim
ber Lauds in the 8tate cf Califo nia,
Oregou, Nevada aud Washington Ter
ritory," as extended to all Publio
Land Slates by an act of August 4,
of Akhland, county of Jaoksoa, State
of Urnuon filed in this office on May
g, iaua, tier sworn statement No.
100J3 for tbe purchase of the North
east quarter of Section No. 23 In Town
ship No. 84 South of Range No. I
West W. M., Ore., ant will offer
poof to show that the land eonght is
more valuable Cor its timber or stone
than for agrlooltual purposes, audio
establish his claim to said land be
for the Register and Receiver of this
office at Roseburg. Oregon, on Thurs
day, the 7th day of Jaauary, 190H.
she names as rite sees: Ueorire K
Sliearer, of Ashland, Ore , Ibomaa
h. Luster, of Rose num. Ore.. Louis
Steinbaoh, of Roseburg, Ore
Louis Steinbaoh. of Rosebarir. Ore..
tteniamln U. McUee.ef Kiseborg, Ore,
Aov and all persons claiming ad
verteiy me a Dove described lauds are
requested to Die their claims in this
office oq or before said 7th day of
January, 1909
Department of the Interior.
I. S. Land Office at Roieluirr, Or
August 4, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Spokane. Wasn . who. on
August 3d, 1908, made 3woni State
ment No. 0866, for the EH SV V
and WV4 SE, Sec. 0. Tp. 31 S
R. 7 W.. Willamette Meridian, haa
filed notice of his Intention to make
final proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Regis
ter and Receiver, at Roseburg, Ore
ion, on the 7th day of February.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Alpheus N. Crouch, of Grants Pass.
Ore., Almon Lawler, of Leland, Ore.,
John Maloney of Spokane, WaBh.,
John Penner, of Heron, Mont.
Lvlna Nahuor. Plaintiff. )
vs. )
JosephNahbor, Defendant)
In tbe Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon; for Josephine C .unty.
In the name of the state of Ore
gon, you are nereby summoned and
required to appear in the circuit
court of the state of Oregon for Jo
sephine county In the above en
titled suit, on or before six weeks
from the date of the first publica
tion of this Bunions, and before the
expiration of the time of said pub
lication thereof, which date of Brut
publication Is Friday, November 27,
A. D. 1908, and which last date of
publication is Friday, January 8, A.
L). 1909, and then and there answer
or otherwise plead in said suit.
And if you fall to answer or other
wise plead within the time afore
said, tbe plaintiff will apply to tne
court for tbe relief prayed for iu
the complaint, viz.: for a decree dis
solving the bonds of matrimony now
and heretofore existing between the
plaintiff and defendant, and for such
other and further relief as Is equita
ble. This summons Is published In the
Hogue Hiver Courier, a newspuper
of general circulation published at
Grants I'aas in Josephine county,
Oregon, by order of Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county JikIkh for said county,
dated November ST, 190X, and re
quiring piiblliatlon of sulci summons
for a period of si miceesslvu weeks.
Attorney for Plaint Iff.
Department of the Interior,
U. & Land Offloe.
Rosbrg, Ore., Sept, 38, 1908.
A soffloient contest affidavit having
oeeo Sled ia Ibis offloa by
contestant against homestead entry
No. 10,876. made July 18. 1901 for
tbe SKW Section 10. Toarnsliin 89
a, ttange 8 w. by Robert Ball, Con
teatee, in which it is alleged that
said Robert Ball baa abaudoued same
fonr years ago. snore or lesa. and has
not been on said homestead since also
that no other person has lived on earns
siope, nor made any improvements
and that aald alleged absence from
e aid land was not doa to hla em
piovment in tne Armv, Navy, or
Mariue Corps of the Uuited States as
a private soldier, officer, aeamau, or
marine, during the war with Spain.
or daring any other war in which the
United btatea may be engaged. Said
parties are hereby nulitiad to appear.
respond and offer evidenoe touching
Mid allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on
November 2t, 198 before Joseph
Moan, U. S. Oouiissioner, at bis oftice
in Urauts Pass, Oregon, and that final
hearing will be held at II o'clock a.
ni., Dec tuber 12, 1908, before the
Register and Receiver at the United
Stlates Laud Otlice in Roseburg,
The said contestant having, 'in
proper affidavit, filed September 88,
1908, set forth facta which show that
after due diligence personal eervioe
of this notice can not be made, it is
hereby ordered and directed that such
notioe be given by doe and proper
In the circuit court of the state of
Oregon, for Josephne County.
Leroy A. Palmer, I'lalutlff ,)
vs )
Lucy J. Palmer Defendant, )
To Lucy J. aimer, defendant:
In the nnmo of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby summoned
and required to appear In the above
entitled court and ruusu on or be
fore six weeks from the dute of
the first publl'atlon of this sum
mons, which first date of publica
tion Is Friday, December 4, 19U8,
and the IuhI date of said publication
and the lant day for your appear
ance and answer Is Friday, Janu
arp 17, 1909, and If you fall to ap
pear and answer within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief prayed
for In the complaint, viz: for a do
cree. dissolving the bonds of mat
rimony now and heretofore existing
between tbe plaintiff and defend
ant, and granting the plaintiff an
absolute divorce against the defend
ant . and for such other and further
relief as Is equitable., ,
This summons Is published la the
Rogue Klver Courier, a newspaper
of general circulation published at
Grants 1'asn, Josephine County, Or
egon, by order of the Hon. Stephen
Jewell, county judge for Josephine
rcounty, Oregon, made and dated
December 3, A. D. 190H, requiring
publication of tnls summons In said
newspaper for a period of alx sue
nvo weeks, and the mailing of
the summons and copy of the corn-
I -tendant at your res
idence and post office address at
ii-, jli.mboldt county, Call
11. D. NORTON,
Atorney for Plaintiff.
Timber Laud, Aot Jane 8, 1878.
Roseburg, Ore.. Mar 8, 1908.
Notice i. hereby given that in oom
pliauoe with the provisions of the act
of Ooogreaa of Jons 8, I8'i8, entitled
"An aol for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territory,"
as extended to all the Poblio Land
States by aot of August 4, 189S,
of Portland, county of Mnlnomah,
State of Oregon, filed in thia oftice.
February 1, 1908, bis (worn statement
No V889, for the purchase of the
of SVM, the NE W of SK aud SEVa
of NE4 of Section No. SO. In Town
ship No. 40 8, Range No. 8 West, W.
M. and will offer proof to show that
tbe laud sought is more valuable for
its timber or atone than for agricul
tural purposes, aud to establish bis
olaim to said land before Register
and lieoeiver at Roseburg, Oregon, ot
Friday, the 4Mi day of December, 1908.
He nsmea as wituesses: James B.
Bailey of Ashland, Oregon, Harry
Milver, of Ahland, Oregon, David
Kuratll of Portland, Oregon, Ira A.
Martin, of Portland, Oregon.
Any aud all persons olalmlng ad
versely the above-described lands are
request d file their claims In this
otiloe on or before said 4th day of De
cember, 1908.
Dejiartment of the Interior,
U. S. Laod Office.
Roseburg, Ore. Kept, 24, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Selma, Oregon, who, on April 23,
1902. mtdn Homestead fc-ntry, No.
11493 8, R 018 for W of NEC ; WW
of HK'i, Section 14, Township S8
South. Range 8 West, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notioe of iu tent Ion
to tiiuke final Ave year Proof, to ea
tihluh claims to the land above des
cribed, before Joseph Mosa, U. 8.
CoinmlaNiouer at (Iraots Pans, Oregon,
on the nth day or December. 19()H.
Claimant names aa wituesses:
William H. Sargent, of Heluia. Ore.,
Roy Oral of heliua, Ore., David
II on ii" of Selma, Ore., Alfred Ragao,
of Selma, Ore.,
Timber Land, Aot June 8, 1878.
Kosebnrf. Ore., May 7, 1908.
Notice la hereby aiveu Thai In
compliance with tbe provisions of the
Act of Congress of Jons 8, 1878, en
titled "An Aot for the sale of Timber
Lands in the States of California,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory, " as extended to all Public
Laod States by an aot of August 4,
of 674 Nehalain Ave.. Pnrtln,t.
County of Multnomah, Stats of Ore.,
goo, filed in this office on April 11,
1908, his sworn statement No. 10006
for the purchase of the NWSK 8W
K,, 8 BWi of Section No 14 iu
Township No. 89 Sooth of Range No
8 West W. M. Or, asd will offer
proof to show that the land sought Is
mors valuable for its timber or
stone than for agrlonUnral pnrposes,
aod to establish his olaim to said land
before tha Rgiter and Receiver of
,J,i,,.offi08' Rowburg, Oregon, on
Friday the 18th day of December,
He names as w I teases: IraA. Mar
tin, of Holland, Ore., Fred ll. Whit
field, of Portland, Oregou, Edward H.
Sutton, of Portland, Oregon, J. 8.
Bailey, of Ashland, Oregon, Charles
Turner, of Holland, Oregon.
Harry Silver, Ash laud, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their claims lu this
othoe on .or before said 18th day of
December, 1IHW.
In the County Oonrt for Josephine
uoanty, Oregon.
In the matter of thai
Instate of Thomas
A Hood, Dttct'MsdJ
Notioe Is hereby given that Ora
Hood, the administratrix . of the
Estate of Thomas A. Hood, deceased,
baa filed in the above entitled oourt
on cause her final aooonut, and that
Saturday, December 6, 1908, at the
boor of 10 o'olook a. m , at the county
oonrt room at the Oonrt House at
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oie.
gon, is hereby fixed as the time and
place for bearing said final account,
and all persona bavins ohlenttnn tn
said aooonut are hereby notified to Ola
and preseul the same on nr W,r
Id date.
Dated this flth dav nf NminKu a
D. 1908
Department of tbe Interior.
U. 8. Land Offloe. '
Roseburg, Ore., July 84, 1908
Hollos is hereby given that i
of Ashland, Jackson County. Oregon.
who on Joly a8. 1908. made Tinirmr
and Stone Application. No. 04S7. for
NVofNWU and SWV of NWV and
NWitf of SWV( Section 93, Townsihp
84 Soath, Range 6 west Willamette,
Meridian, has filed notioe of Intention
'o mass rinal Timber and Stone
Proof, to establish olaim tnltha Unit
alxive described, before Register and
Receiver at Roaeburg, Oregon, on the
UOth day of Januarv 19ou.
Claimant names aa wltneaanai
Osorga Shearer of Ashland, Jackson
County, Oregon, Louis Htelnbaoh. of
Roseburg, Donglas county, Oregon,
Thomas Luster, ol Rosobtirg. Douirlaa
county, Oregon, Thomas taplln. of
Roseburg, Douglas oonnty, Oregon.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Oftice at
Roseburg. Ore,. Hepteuilwr 19, 1908.
Notice la hereby given that
of Selma, Josephine County, Oregon,
who, on Aogiixi U.'.th. 1908, made Tim
ber A Stone Application, No. OUM.
for W of the NEW and the NK'.f of
NWtf, Sictioo 8, Tnwuship 87 South,
Range 4 Went, Willamette Meridian,
bss filed notice of intention to make
Final Timber & Stooe Proof, to es
lalilth claim to the land above de
scribed, before Joseph loas, U. 8
Commission, at Urania Pass, Oregou,
on the 7th day of December, 190H.
Claimant names as witnesses: Wil
liam (J. Long, of Selma, Joeephlne
County, Oregon; Charles itile of
Keliua, Joaephlne County, Oregon;
Joseph E. VVdin of (irants Pass,
Josephine County. Oregon ; Martin A.
Conger, of (irants Pass, Josephine
County, Oregon
Department of the Intirlor.
V. B. Land Ottlre at Roj'jiiurg. ();e.
August 13, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that
of l ortland. Oregon.who, on Aug'isl
12. 190H, made sworn stat mi ::t Vi.
071, for Northwest quarter! NW K )
flee. 2f,, Tp. 40 8 H i V. W. M ,
has filed notice of Inteu'.lon to miike
Dual proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before Regis
ter and Receiver at Roseburg, Ore ,
on the 11th Day of February, 1909,
Claimant names as wltneses:
Frank Cain, of Kiddie, Ore., Will A.
Leonard, of Portland, Ore., Cail) J.
Freeman, of Holland, Ore., Frank J.
Leonard, of Kerby, Ore.
Department of the Interior,
U. a Land Oftlna.
Roseburg. Ors.,8ept. 80, 1908.
Notice ia hereby given that
Multuomah County.
neptemlier DO, 1908,
of Portland,
Oregon, who, on
made Timber and Stone
No. 0I6I7, for W) of the8EL( and
tbe E' of the 8W4. section 1, Town
ship 41 Sooth, Range 9 West, Willa
mette Meridian, has filed notioe of in
tention to make Final Timber and
Stone Proof, to establish olaim to the
land above described, before Joieph
Moss, U. S. Commissioner, at O rants
Pass. Oregon, on the lUih day of De
cember, 1908.
Claimant names as witnesses: Car
lton E. Harmon, of Urauts Paes, Jose. '
jihlne Co., Ore., Frank M. South, of
Irants Pass, Josephine Co., lire.,
James Swearinger of Urants Pass,
J'leeiihlne Co., Ore., Ezra M. Al
bright, of Waldo Jnsxphin Co.. Ore.
Timber Land, Aot Jonn 8, 1878.
Rimehtirg, Ore., May 8, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of tbe act
of CongrenN of June 8, IHTH, entitled
"An act of tbe sale of timber lands
In the States of California. Oregoo,
Nevada and Washington Territory,"
as extended to all tbe Poblio Laud
States by act of August 4, 1893,
of Rosebarg, county of Douglas, State
of Oregon, filed in this cRtoe April 14,
1900, bis sworn statement No. HK7,
for tbe pnrohese of the SEU NW,1",
NK' KWW and N! HE. of Seoti'oo
No. n In Township No. 84 Range No.
filWestrW. M. and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish
Ins claim to said land before Register
and Receiver at RoaebTg, Ore., on
Friday, the th day of Janoary, 1909.
He names aa witnesses H. W.
Strong, of Roseburg, Ore., W. D.
Bell of Rosebarg, Ore., Arthur L.
Roadman of Roseburg, Ore., 8. A.
Saoford. of Rosebarg, Ore
Any and all persona claiming ad
versely the above described lands sre
requested to file their claims la tnia
office on or before said Hth day of Jan
oary, 1909. BENJAMIN L. (rnnY.
I Peg) iter.