Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 13, 1908, Image 8

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II " H
Raisins, Currants,
Grapes, Cranberries,
Oranges, Lemons,
Walnuts, Almonds,
Fancy Comb Honey,
Celery and
Sweet Potatoes.
J. Pardee
Mrs. D. O. Hayes went to Grants
Pass to enter the hospital for treat
ment. She Is much improved at
this writing.
O. H. Perry finished picking ap
ples Friday. Mr. Perry purchased
what Is known as tho Judson or
chard about one year ago. This
orchard Is situated about half a
mile west of Redland Vineyard and
comprises about four acres and has
been turned out on the commons
for several years, at least oue-thlrd
of the trees were utterly destroyed
by the stock and most of the rest
broken as high as the catle and deer
could reach. Such wus the condi
tion of this orchard one year ago
The crop of apples this fall will be
about 500 boxes. Buster Brown.
(Jet CHINAMEL ut Hair-Ulddle's
to use on your floor and furniture.
More Than Half Million C.ah
Balanc in th Treasury
' at Present Time.
417 G St.
Phone 863
Emmet Conger of Grants Pass
spent a couple of days in Selnia.
Ask Halr-Rlddle Hardware Co. to
show you that Steel Kange they are
selling for $3 5.00.
Election passed with the least ex-
. ctement In the memory of the oldest
Ml'KI'HY j inhabitant. Was It due to general
Klo -tion passed oft very ouk-tiy . apalny or to the Corrupt Practice
at Murphy, Mr. Taft receiving a ma- Uaw or possibly, It was due to
Jorlty of two votes and is there- a dead HUre thing".
fore elected.
Road Supervisor Centner com
menced last week to open up the
road recently surveyed through
the old Hathaway pluce. This road
when completed wll cut off nearly
a mile of the worst road between
Murphy and Grants Pass.
Murphy 8unday School is In a
flourishing condition under the lead
ership of Superintendent Reed.
Miss Jessie Layton and Miss Plum
ley of Grants Pass are packing
apples for O. II. Porry this week.
Del Osborn says confidence ought
to bo restored now, for Debs recelv
. fi Muri.hy.
Miss Ellen Burleson departed for
Selnia last week to be gone in
definitely. The Hayes brothers moved Into
their new residence a few days ago.
The new house Is larger, handsom
er and more substantial than the
one deatroyed by Are last spring.
If you want some cheap powder
to blow out those stumps ask Halr
Rlddle Hdwe. Co. about what they
The ball BeaBon In the Apple
gate Valley closed lust Sunday, with
game between the Applegate
and Murphy teams, played on the
Murphy grounds. It was well play
ed up to the seventh Inning the
core being 5 to 2 in favor of Ap
plegate when Murphy forfeited the
the game by refusing to bat, be
cause "Jud" Pernoll was pitching
for tilt? Apple-Kate.
Thursday evening of last woek the
friends of Miss Winnie Osborn gave
ber a surprise party, It being her
mh birthday and In spite of the
pouring rain a goodly number were
present and passed tho time very
ploHcntly playing charudns and
gaini'B. About 12 o'clock Ico cream
and cake were served, after which
the guests departed, wishing Miss
Winnie many happy returns of tuo
Tho many friends of Frank Hyde
of Laurel Grove wll be pleased to
learn that ho Is Improving, after a
long siege of typhoid fever.
Henry Pfefferle of Waldo was in
Selnia with a lode of supplies a few
duys ago.
Albert Shoemake of Deer Creek
was In town Saturday with a band
of gouts which he was dlplng In R.
C. Churchill's tank. Mr. Churchill
had Just finished the same process
with his herd.
Services were held In the church
morning and evening by Rev. G. M.
To close out some lines of our
blasting powder we are selling It be
low cost. It is cheaper than reg
ular stumping powder for shooting
stumps. Hair-Riddle Hdwe. Co.
Much speculation is heard over
the report that the electric road is
to be commenced soon. The cred
ulous and the skeptc are about
equal numerically, It Is to be
hoped that the former have the win
ning argument.
Oregon baa no state debt, bonded
or otherwise. This is one of the first
acts statel in the biennial report of
State Treasurer Steel, issued last
week. There is in the treasury cash
balance of 158,320. 18, of which $214,
897. 9S is in the general fund an
amount sufficient to pay state expenses
nntil next March, when the taxes for
1909 will be paid.
The report shows that two years
ago tiie baUnce in the grneral fund,
applicable to payment of current ex
penses of the state government and
maintenance of Btats institutions, was
9213.5I2.0U ; there was received daring
the two vears t3,5M2,8i3.40 and dis
bursed $2,590,507 45, Reaving the pres
ent cash balance in that f and, $214,-
State Treasurer Steel makes a num
ber of recommendations to the legis
lators, among them these: That the
inheritance tax be made applicable to
the excess of $3000 on all collateral in
heritauces and on bequests and divicei
exceeding $500 to persons not related
to the doner ; that the depository law
be made applicable to the school
funds; that coon lies be required to
pay the maintenance charge for care
of insane, in the first instance the
counties collecting from the persons
ordered to pay the charge ; ' that such
special fands as the pure food land,
the veterinary f and, the board of ex
amlners' fund, eto., be turned into
the general fond and all the olaims
now paid .out of these funds be paid
oat of the general fund ; that pro
vision be made for inspection of
weihgts and measures so that the law
regarding the same may be enforced
Don't be talked into buying some
thing "Just as good" as Rex FUnt
kote Rooting. Rex Fllntkote is the
best composition roof made. Sold
by Halr-Rlddle Hardware Co.
New Raisins Currants, Nats and
Cranberries at Pnr'ees. U-U 2t
Ijame Shoulder.
This is a common form of muscular rheu
mutiim. No internal treatment is needed.
Apply Chamberluin'ii Liniment freely three
timet a day and n quick rure in certain. This
liniment line proven eeeial It viiIuhIiIs fur
miuwulsrunil chronic rlieiimalism. Sold by
M. Clemena.
Miss Olive Lambson of Roseburg
and her grandmother, Mrs. Smith,
were visitors at Gunrts Pass this
Mm. Murphy and mother were in
Grants Pas from Medford Thurs
lay to consult with Dr. Findley.
Rev. Ward McHenry, pastor of the
Presbyterian church at Medford.was
a visitor here this week.,
Mrs. Duffleld of God Hill was in
Grants Pas Wednesday.
De Witt's Little Early Risers,
pleasant little pills that are easy to
take. Sold by Model Drag Store.
W. C. T. U.
Let all who believe that righteous
ness exnlteth a nation or the .iudivid-
nal, pray that righteous men may be
elected in the coming city elections.
Let as pray that rueu may know and
Con t i ii nous Per forma net'
Every Night This Week
Except Sunday at tho
East Front Street
Doors Open at 715
Change of Pictures
Three times each Week
The Courier's Golden Eagle contrst
Is oreat ing uo cud of excitement and
the cot i tt stunts ice getting down to
work In earm-pL During the past
week one boy tins come to the front
and has enteied the race. We are
Kare that be will run the girls a good
race for that 80 which we are to give
a way on the 23d of December, just
before Cbristuins The voting so far
has been rather slow for the "Yellow
Cer'ifluates" have nut beeu turned
In, nor have many of the regular eoti
kui but they are cot among the con
testants and in the hsnds of those who
have paid in various auiouuti ou sub
scription. They will be coming in
rapiitly soon.
Last week we announced a special
prize of ,1 to the contestant who
would bring In the greatest number
of now subscriptions before Saturday
night. There is yet one full day in
which to work. The money will lie
turned over to the winner Monday but
the announcement of the winner's
name cannot lie mailu until uext Fri
day's issue.
Now is the time for ertry one of
the contestants to get in and work.
Following Is the standing oi the can
didstes as tviDiitwl Friday noon, but
it does not represent tome SO "Yellow
Certitiratrs and a great many thous
and ih huh In regular coupous which
are now nut among the candidates
anil their friends :
The candidates and their votes to
into are :
Maliel Dameill 2315
Mamie Reynolds, R F D No 3 .. IfioO
Pearl Kearus ... 13"0
Ruth .Smith 12M
Keta Mowers lOsin
Edna Cornell 475
Aria Hrorkniau, Merlin 475
Donld Calvert 415
Ella Turner, Kerby . . 405
Tracy Stith, Kerby 315
Marguerllte Soutii 205
Rule of Golden Eagle Contest.
1. The Golden Kagle Contest shall
close Tuesday, December 23, at 10 :'i0
o'clock p. m. and no coupons will
lie received after that hoar, except
those seut by mail, which must show
evidence by postmark that they were
mailed before that hour.
3. Contestant shall be young men
and women under 20 years of age.
The contestant receiving the highest
number of points will receive ftil) in
Golden Eagles. The one receiviug
I the next highest number of points
win receive f.u iu women eagles.
Awards will be taadti as soon as possi
ble after tho ooutest closes.
3. A ooopou good for five points
will be printed in each issue of the
Courier during the contest. These
shall be clipped out and cast at
this office pinned together in bunches.
4. Coupons will be Usued from
this office a follows: Three hundred
points for each fi. 50 received on sub
scription, or twopoiutafor each one
cent received ou subscription. A
siwial 500 point Yellow Certificate
will be issued for each new subscrip
tion accompanied by $ 1.60 in cash.
5. Cast all coopous at the ballot
box at this office before the date there
on expires. Yellow Oertitioates Juiust
not be cast until the contest is four
weeks old.
Admission 10c
Add re:
Thii Coupon it Void it Not Voted by Nvmber 22
Courier's Golden Eagle Contest
When You See It
in Our Ad, It's So
The most forcible argu
ment we can make is briefly
this; we know what's right for
our customers, we've got it;
we don't want you to buy any
thing that isn't right, and
Hart Schaffner
&, Marx
clothes are here to prove it.
You can get any kind of a
fine suit you want here; any
kind of a good;overcoat, you'll find rain coats a special
feature with us, every man and boy ought to have one
Owing to some late arrivals and a large stock, we are
offering for the next fifteen days a
Special Discount of 10
on all men's and boys' suits and overcoats. Take a look
at some of the attractively priced clothing we have dis
played in the windows, then come inside and let us show
you the suit or overcoat you want at the price you want
to pay.
"Outfitter to Boy and M&n"
fl f
asfr H.rt vrhiffner ti Mirl
realize that their oath of office is
sacred and that only knaves aud cow
ards violate that pledge.
The work of the Union is moviug
and results are sure to be satisfactory.
We are hoping and praying that great
er numbers of, workers niay euter
the field for already the harvest is
white aud only awaits the gleaners.
The L. T. L's are iu the work for
all there is ia it, an I the chil Iren are
learning the principles of Christian
Citizenship which will make of the
boys and girls of today citizens of to
morrow. The Y's held their monthly focial
aud business meeting lm-t Friday.
Mrs. Ada Savage is Y secretary aud
is the right pernon Iu the right place.
.From Merlin comes tbe cry, "Come
ovr and and help as organize a Y".
Shall this call go unheeded?
Greek met Greek on Q street Isst
week and this is what was said:
"Lt us go sod tike a drink." And
thehe Greeks(?) went into one of the
soft drink parlors. The smell of
liquor was strong npon thir bienth,
hot of coorse the soft drinks would
hill tbe effects of the liquor and no
one will ever know they got their
whiskey in Medford.
There is one less death trap la Jack
son county, the dealer at Savage
Rapids having been convicted on the
first of three charges and fined ISO sod
costs and to avoid the coneeqencts of
the oth'r two indictments, baa prem
ised to "be good" and go out of tbe
bus'refs of trapping for the devil.
t Protect Your Orchards From Frosts
J By the Orchard Heptiug Device of the Frost Ptevention Co. of
Fremn, Cal. For Sale by I
GEO. II. PARKE", (irants Pass, Ore. i
is tl:
i8 time to
The";Page Woven Wire Fence Co. TAHiSS"
M I noli:
Twenty-seven inches to first wid.' spue.-. 'Hie same quality of all Page Fence,
carbon coiled pr;n- Steel. Stands a stnin of -ver 18,000 pounds.
Page ence is guaranteed to be exactly as represented
An experienced man and tools are furnished to assist iu the erection of all Page Fence, without extra cost.
Wl He will erect fence over any eround without cuttiuir or larmintr haptrincr or satreine.
o 1 i at OO O oo -
Gaddis & Div.m "Tli. Pnt P-n,., r....
Distributors Southern Oregon and -Northern California."
Cor. 6th and I Streets
Grants Pass, Oregoa