Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 23, 1908, Image 4

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Klver Courier
A. E. VOORHIES, Proprietor
Entered at the Pott Office st Grants Pans,
Oregon an second-class mail matter.
Subscription Rat:
One Year, in advance,
Biz Months, - .7S
Three Months, .40
(Jingle CopieH, .OS
Advertising Race
Pomixhed on application at theoihce.or
by mail.
Obituaries and resolutions of con
dolence will be charged for at 6c per line;
card of thanks 60c
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2.1, 1908.
it will be noticed on another page
of this issue that the Irrigation com
m it tee of the Grants Pass Commercial
Club have taken decided steps in the
direction of securing for this part of
the Rogue River valley the benefits of
the long talked of and mnch nreded
irrigation. The matter has been
managed by a specclal committee coin
posed of some of the leadingfarmer in
in the county and a number of the
best business men in the city. The
object has been to com pints an or
ganizatlon that will be able to cou
atrnct Irrigating canals and ditches
and to secure water to fill thee
Every step has been carefully investl
gated so as to protect the rignts of all
who may become interested in this
important enterprise. The next step
will be the investigation by an ei
pert of the sources of supply of water
and the amount of land that can be
covered. There will be not Iras tban
6u miles of ditches and these are in
tendel to cover somewhere between
20,000 and 80.000 aores or land. From
first to last it has been the aim of
those Interested In the work to ar
range lor ine completion or as uauy
miles or ditches as possible before
water will be needed for the. crop sea
son of 1809. Irrigation once es
tablished in this ralley will bring
to Josephine county and Grants Pass
great and abiding prosperity. It Is
the corner stone on which will be
builded Twentieth century methods or
intense farming and fruit growing.
It Is now a well known fact, which is
capable or demonstration that water Is
the essential part or scientific cultl
ration. While irrigation is as old
as the history of the human race it is
comparatively new In most parts of
the United States. A glance backward
over the civilization of the centuries
of progress shows that those countries
which led in the arts and sciences
were in nearly every instance irri
gated countries. In our own country
irrigation has brought with it great
prosperity to every state and locality
where It has been adopted. It is the
science of agriculture aud the touch
stone of success. It demauds or its
follower education, deep study, in
dustry aud that devotion from which
aloue comes achievement.
Placing this valley under water
will immediately double the farm
population and this increase lu the
number of families in our rural dis
tricts will go on from year to year.
Big farms will disappear and numer
ous niall ones oonie in their plains.
Ten and twenty acre orchards and
Tineyrads will occupy the laud which
now supports a growth of chaparral,
tnanzaulta, scrub oak and other worth
leas foreat growth. Not alone will
the prosperity be confined to the rrm
lands or the valley. Grants Pass will
double its business and population
during the first twelve mouths or irri
gatlon aud from a town or a little
more than 6000 souls will grow a city
or the population or rrom flrteen to
twenty thousaud population within
the next live years. All this will be
brought about through the foresight or
those who have led the way in bring
ing irrigation to the Rogue River
for men who toil
Levi Strauss
& Co'
C"PPr Riveted Overall
ihe kiod
The Koguc
Q4m L 19 20 21 "22 2J 14
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J 1 cut (ufl
jjrmmmr mad of
l ,i i select
a J f I ovnim
An interesting political develop
ment that is of direct interest to
manfacturers and financier! is the
action of the Oklahoma bank iu
abandoning Mr. Bryan ' pet bank de
posit icheme. Of the fifty-seven
national banks in Oklahoma that went
into the clan along with State banks
and troBt companies only aboutfifteeo
preferred to throw up their Federal
charters and becine itate institutions.
The significance of this movement
ia apparent. It would seem that the
maioritv of the Oklahoma bankets ate
now in accord with Secretary Ellho
Root's lodgment that "The attempt
to make all the profits of good manage
meat bear all the losses of bad tnana
eeineot is step in the socialistic
procfsi which wonld level all distino
tion between thrift and recklessness.
American Industries for October.
Attention is called to tb' article on
another page of this Issue, entiitlrd
"Iconoclssts vs. Reformers" a being
not only worth reading but far more
ilian that, worthy of serious thought
and action. There is no question bot
that the best wiy to rid a community
of any evil is to furnish something
good to take its place Grants Pans is
certainly large enough, prosperous
enough and in every way able to
furnish some place for those who
have been in the habit or frequenting
tbe saloons to gather and enjoy them
selves. There is only ooe time to do
this and that is now. while the pro
hibition law is practically on trial,
for at the end or two years the voters
will again have an opportunity to say
whether prohibition is a success or a
failure. Those who believe that the
la loon Is an evil and have worked for
its abolishment should certainly take
the lead in supplying a substitute for
it, for the saloon is the poor man's
J be fact that Grauts Pass apples
won the first prizes on the principal
varieties of that fruit at the district
fair held at Medford receutly, adds
important significance to that lection
as an apple growing country. The
action of the Medford fair managers
in ignoring Grants Pass by not
inviting it to exhibit, has caused con
smeraDie reeling in toe ircsperoos
Josephine county city, and rightly
ir they can grow better apples
Grants Pass than they can at Med
ford the latter ought to honestly
acknowledge it and tase their defeat
philosophically and graciously.
Hood Klver Ulaoler.
fTl. - .. -
j. no aicaers on ine larm are not so
bard to get along with as the kickers
in town. On tbe farm there is the
kicking oow, and our loug eared
friend the mule, while la town there
is thb old mosaback, who wants all the
municipal impiovements without pay
ing for them. The oow may be sold
for beef, the mule may be traded for
a shotgun, but nothing but a funeral
ill get lid of the town kicker
Farmsville (Tex. ) Times
Eugene Debs, socialist candidate for
the presidency is quoted as savlna
that he is not fitted either by temper-
uient or tate for the presidential
office and that if there was aoyohance
of bis election, he would not run.
Well, as long as he puts it that war
no one is going to object to his run
nlng for the office. Wonder ir Bryan
has any more idea of being elected
than Del has.
ir there is any competition betweeu
Oregon fruit aud the fruit of the East.
why is It that the Eastern fruitgrower
sells a barrel of their best quality
apple, ooutalning 8 bushels, for less
than Oregon growers sell a siugle bot
containing only one bushel? State
Horticultural Coinintaiouer A. H. Car
son, or the Third District, in his
biennial report
The Newberg Oraphio remarks
A ewberg contractor remarked
that he did not know much about
politics but ho did know the differ
euoe between 11.25 a dav and 14 a dav
for work and he would'vote for Taft
Mr. fcditor: As the tax payers of
(.rants Pass are called .upon to vote on
tu3,thlua matter of vital import
aooe. ; vis : the purchase or ttie
present water system at the prioe of
fl4,WH. As the ineaus of information
to the average citiseu is very meager,
l nave taken the troubl to get the
detailed report of civil Engineer
franc u. Kelsey.
Estimated coat of preeut valuation
of labor aud material of such a plant
put in new; lUS.oco, Deduct for de
preciation by wear of uiaohiuery and
decay of pipe some of which has
been in for eighteen years, 18,5O0.
Estimated value counted iu on G
treet auda remark of doubt as if it
might be omitted in ;the count $107.
Kstiiutedcoiitractor's proflt'lO per'ct.
tW20. leaving present jralnef;e, 1W."
I cannot see why aT tail aver ahunlit !
rutchm-e aplecepf ;pro. rly tatmut
tI.0'.o, nl.ove.its ; v a 1 ue , J. atulTes i dei
Mr. Kelsey says that they have in
their system 67730 feet of pipe
lefs tban 4 inch in diameter, which
renders that mnch of the system
worthless in fire protecion. I, as a
voter signed the petition to the
council but did not intend to tie them
up to the purchase of this without
any chance to do otherwise. Now I
think the best thing to do is to vote it
down aud let the council put the ques
tion on the ticket at the regular De
cember election on the basis of a new
system. This can be done without
cokt. Stockholders in tbe water com
pany are tellers. The taxpayer are
Do not be fooled by the indirect
influence and talk of a stockholder as
to bow you shall vote. All the stock
that I have in it is tI00 of worthless
paper that they robbed me out or 17
years past, when they reorganized
nnder a new name. And later on
they got another new name.
I also think theie should be several
changes in tbe city charter, grancing
discretion to city government aa to
how it should have municipal work
done. Whether by contract or day
labor, to fit conditions that time might
bring. Thtre should be this change
made by which the sidewalks should
be built and repaired at the expense
or abutting property, and street
proper shocld be built and maintained
by general taxation. Past practice
makes this plan honest and proper in
fntore progress. The unexpired part
or time on contract to hydrant water
need not interfere with construction
or new plant. Build it. Let city itand
ready to keep contract. The citizen
has the right to stay with the com
pany or take water of the city plant
It will require considerable time
to pot in a plant at best. And if we
see tbe hard times coming over the
hill tney .'say Bryan's election will
bring with it, we can take refuge by
getting days work to buy a sack of
flour with, and it is always a good
time for a city or county to go in debt
because yon get so mncb work for a
A. E. Voorhies returned from
Portland today, having perfected ar
rangements ror shipping the Linotype,
press and other material .lor the
Courier office. The latter will arrive
next week.
Mrs. Howard Hill and daughter
Hazel or Portland visited Mrs. J.
E. Peterson early this week and
later Mrs. Peterson accompanied
them as far as Ashland on their way
to Los Angeles.
Christian Science Reading room,
1 17 K street, near Second! Services
Sunday, October, 25th 11 a. m.
Subject "Probation after Death."
Wednesday meeting 7:30 p. m. All
are oordiallly invited to attend.
The fourth annual convention of the
ohnrohes of Christ iu the Southwest
District will be held tomorrow and
Sunday and preparations are bein
made to make it a great eveut. The
program for the two days is as fol
lows :
Morning 9 :30 Prayer and song ser
vice led by V. L. Mellliugur, Ash
land. Ill :00-Address "Pittsburg, 1909,"
II. K. Sicafoose, (Jeutral Point.
10:15 Discussion led by Mrs. Edna
10:25 "Coos County: Its Needs
and Possibilities," J. N. McConnell.
10:40Special Soog.
10:45 Address: "Why the Dis
ciples of Christ Should Bo Enthns-
iaits" B W. Baas, Roseburg.
11 00 Two Centeunial Aims - "Two
Christ'an Papers lu Every Home,"
An Offering from Every Disciple tD
Some Chrit-tian College. " w T.
It :20 Diacussiou led by C. F.
11 :S3 Address: The Christian aud
His Diseases," T. P. Reld. Phoanli
8 :00 Prayer aud Praise Service led
by Mrs. W. L. Melliuger. Ashiand.
S :15 Address: The Necessitv of
Making Known Our Ties," A. J.
Holllnsworth, Grauts Tans.
2 :80 Discussion Conducted
by T.
P. Reld.
2 :40 Sixvial &oug.
24 :5 Addrwa : "The Next
in M humous," Mrs. G. S. O.
8:30 Business 'Session: Renort of
President, Report cf Tressurer, Elec
tion or Ofliovn.
; ; Evening. "
. :. Song Service led by; Longman,
Peiliu?,'Xebl gt!j"T.
00 Serui.
SUN DAY,; OCT. 25. I
11 :00 Sermon R. F. Whiston.
2 :30 Prayer and Soog Service led
by W. L. Mellinger.
2:45 Address: "Without Spot or
Wrinkle." C. F. Swander, Corre
sponding Secretary, O. C. M. C.,
8:20 Special Song.
8:25 Address: "Our Cenntennial
Aim and How to Reach It," Mrs.
Clara G. Esson, State Bible School
Evangelist, Portland.
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Courier. 10-23 3t
FOR SALE at a sacrifice, if sold at
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FOR SALE or exchange a good, gen
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cant with good natural qnalitiations;
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Success Magazine Bldg., New York
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Ailairs. " .. . " .
A Man Is What He Feeds On
liability in this line is unquestioned. Our
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place to get the best
Sporting Goods vSotre, 6 st.
One Night Only
ww 1
Prices 75c, 50c, 35. Seats on Sale at Russell's
FRANK BURNETT-Upholstering,
mission fnrnitore made to order.
F. A. PIERCE Registered Angoras,
Flock headed by one of the famous
bucks of tbe "King Arthur" also
other bucks of diHerent strains of
breeding. Does of the noted strains.
Bocks for sale, Merlin, Ore. 8-37 tf
There came to our ranch nine miles
from Grants Pass, down Rogne River,
Thoisday, September 10, four hogs
black with white spots, slit in each
ear. Owner can have the same by
proving property, navina damages
aod paying for advertising. Meales
Bros. R F D No. 2. Grants Pass. O.
SIKaVKU Sorrel horse, two white
hind feet, wheighs 1050. Address
Box 681. Grants Pass Ore.
Rap Due Xiao., 1 .!
.. - ....... . iuiuicii (Itwiur D
Bethany Presbyterian church, visited
Mrs. Hays mother, Mrs. Longenecker,
and sister, Mra. George Cramer, this
week, returning to Portland Wed
nesday. Mr. Hays preached at the
Presbyterian church Sunday mcrning.
Pooltry Tonic at Cramer
The better his food,
the better is the man
who eats it. A man
that wishes to be
healthy will buy his
foods where he knows
he willjget them pure
and high grade, and
our reputation for re-,
- Grants Pass, Oregon
OCT. 27
Walter Aringtons great
sensational scenic product
ion of Hal Reids thrilling
and powerful Melodrama
in four acts, entitled
Presented with a wealth
of special scenery, startling
mechanical effects and
novel musical features with
Direct froa
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