Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 11, 1908, Image 4

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dolence will t c harged (or at 6c per line;
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and the result Is that our Coniniersial
club is taxed to its otoioBt to answer
the tinestions paa-ed by correspoo
dmts and to furnish general inforuia
linn TaATtna oor climate, soil and
....J.mllnni This Cre&t
w. tTnn.t tobiinatheWrialClabis receiving on an aver
i nr.t P and aize of one thousand inquiries per
jn.ui j .,
the r efforts should be, aod are, ap
trip west, should not fail to advise
them to have . their tickets read
Grants Pats. Many people all over
the United Sta-es have become in
terested io this section, as evidence of
road is or- which Secretary Andrews of the Com-
' mouth about this city and couuty.
Kntered at the pout office at Grants rani
Oregon, as necona-claxn mail matter.
TTTTn"3T4 1:
M I?: Ifi 17 IH I
mi f ill i 7i
- - t ----- t"
predated bv oor citizens.
A tour over the country surround
ing Grants Pass will convince anyone
that, despite the fact
Charles Christie Passes Away
Charles D. Chistie, son of Mr. and
Mrs. H. E. Christie of Wond, died
nr. the hnsnital in Grants Pass at 8
that it has been ( u'olcck last Sonday morning, periton
rather a peculiar season, the work or j itis being given by the attending pny-
converting waste land into orchards j sician as the caose
,A lnvard-. is Holna on at a rate Yoontr Christie, it will be remem
that should satisfy most anyone.
Many farms that have been lying Idle
TAKING. Thu subject of irrigation has
reached'a critical stage inasmuch as
there are a class of people who seem
anxious to dtifeut the organiztiou of a
farmer's irrigation canal company.
The leading farroorB of the valley
claim that a farmers organization can
secure cheaper water through their
own organiztiton than by auy other
means and to this eud the best postel
farmers are working. Strange to
say that this time there are a olass
of individuals who, for the sake of
making niouny for themselves, will
attempt to britig to nBUght the best
efforts of majority of the farmers
nd the Commercial Club, which has
been doing svertyhlng to insure the
wateriug of the land, to fact the olub
took np the subject first, but it was
handsomely seoonded by the Froitdale
Grange and later by tha Dimlck
Grange which latter organization
passed a resolution urging the assist
ance of the oeople of Grants Pass in
the improvements.
It has been folly determined by onr
frnit growers and farmers generally
that the irrigation canals shall be
built and owned by the owners of
the land and that no middle man will
be tolerated. The members of the
Oommerolal Club are in foil aooord
with the laud owners and they are
hard at work doing what they can to
help the cause of irrigation.-
Every man and woman in the oonnty
seemingly favor irrigation aud if
there are any hesitating it is because
of misrepresentations by scheming
parties who have an itching palm and
think that they see opportunity to
make money for themselves. Let the
rood work go on aud the ditch be
bo lit by the farmers, for the success
ful completion of this enterpiiae
means to more than double the lnnd
values under the ditch aud more than
treble the c rop products. Not alone
will the rural dialricts be benefitted
by this proposed system of watering
the laud but the city will also come in
for its full shars of the coming
prosperity. It is safe to say that a
new era of advancement is dswoiug
for the Rogue River Valley. ;
The Southern Paoific Railway has
Issued from the Sunset Magazine press
uoat folder, 60, XH) of which they are
seudlug out, ootitaiuing the colonist
rates from all eastern points to U rants
Pass. This folder has on it a correct
map, showlugfthe country from Chica
go to San Francisco. It gives a vast
amount of information which is of
great value to nil travelers aud Is an
advertisement of rare merit for Grants
Pass. Three pages of the folder are
oocupled by it very able article writ
ten bv Secretary H. L. Andrews of
the Grants Pass Commercial club.
Since the Rogns River vallev, the
center of which is Grants Pass, has
become famous for Its large orchards
and delicious fruits, the Southern
Pacific has made a specialty'of devot
iug their best efforts in the way of
advertising Grants Pass and vicinity,
for years past are being cleaned up,
iiroond cleared for planting, build
ings erected or repaired aud in many
other ways showing signs of activity.
A little thing like an "off seasou
I don't seem to have any effect on the
I .r,nl of this section, unless it Is to
make them double their efforts and
make up for the shortcominirs of this
season. Intelligent people have noted
the fact that it was an "off season"
nearly everywhere and therefore tbey
are satisfied that Oregon is as good
as the beit and a little better than
most other places.
Fruil Growers Attention.
Rogoe River Frnit Exchange, is
ready for business. All memDtrs or
anvone else who has or will have
froit or produce to ship call on or
H. C. BATEHAM. Sec'y
Phone 645.
GENERAL store, stock and build
ing, value 12500 to sell or exchanne
for Southern Oregon ranch or cit
property. Address Box 187, Yaquina.
Ore. 911 4t
bered was accidently shot while
hunting near Wi nder by his friend
Winfield Littlefild, 11 days before his
death. He was buried at Deer Creek
cemetery Wednesday.
The unfortunate young man who
did the shooting is still held in the
county jail but will be giveu bis
preliminary hearing tomorrow. At
torney Hale who is looking atfer
his case having consented to await
the return of Attorney A. O. Hough
who was designated by Prosecuting
Attorney Mulkey to look after the
The Mighty Hunter ILetvjrn,
A party composed of E L. Chur
chill, A. W. Burroughs, J. G. Riggs
and Paul Blanchard left Saturday
evening in an automobile on a hunt
ing expedition. At May's creek,
their first night a camp they were
joined by W. B. Sherman and a guide
and the rest of the journey was made
with pack horses. They went 15 miles
over the mountains to near the head
of Evans creek crossing Battle Moun
WANTED To Kent email house near
town. Write S. T. Courier Oflceu
Electric Theatre
Front Srieet
Change of Program 3 times a Week
Admission 10 Cents
The irrigation oommlttee of the
Grants Pass Commercial Club is do
ing some highly important work which
is quite certain to result In securing
for this section the much needed ir
rigation of which we have heard so
mnch This committee is making a
"loug pull, a strong pull and a pull all
l it awavw mamher feela
n that success will in the very j tain and camped next or , Skeleton
.. ,.. ., it ! mountain. They found deer very
far iuiura uiuwu l ...
" ia . ,h rrrnTO,.!pleutful and succeeded in killing four.
una urrvu miu nuw w wr . . - , , , , ...
the greatest service to his country is ! two of which they consumed while on
its most exalted citizen. This is un
donbtedly a true saying, and evidently
there are some members of our Oom
merolal Club who are working un
selfishly' to bring prosperity to Grant ! these mighty hunters might have
Pass, and these deserve
tha people.
for men who toil
Levi Strauss
& Co's
Copper Riveted Overalls
the kind that "WBARS"
J cut lull
St?i''I" "iMajHP of
SjtSA. eelcetsd
1 f 1 denim
the trip but the other two were
brought back aud divided with their
friends. The trip was a very enjoy
able one though not as exoiting as
the thauks of
If in doubt, don't knock, bnt smile;
get the straight of it and then boost I
The oltizens of Medford have voted
down an application for a franchise
for a street railway, 255 out of 877
votes being against grantiug the
franchise. It woold seem as though
the oitlzeos of that city prefer walk
ing to riding.
wished as no bear or other vicious
animals were encountered.
FOR SALE-Full Blood Brown Leg
horn chickens, nens fn ier uueu.
pullet 18 per dozen, cockerels 60c to
75c each. First premium taken at
the two fa'rs held in Giants Pass.
John RobinBon, Route 3, Grants
Pass. l'' 4t
WANTED To lent small farm for
yesr. Would buy alter u suuauie.
Write K. W,, Courier office. 9112 t
WANTED School girl to
board. Address Hot 41U.
work for
911 2t
FOR SALE One half horse power
ehsctrio motor, nearly new. price
. Sis nn furnish shaft DJ belting
if ' desired. Enquire of
Wright, Oonklin building.
W. P.
8 14 tf
JERSEY Boll, 2 years old. .f
cheap. Inquire of or address J. R.
Scovill, Rr"D No 1.. Grants Pass,
Ore. 94at
Boar for sue. ' P""':"'5
quire of A.M. Jess, B. F. D- o.
FOR SALE-Single driving or rid
ing oore. 10S0 lbs. Address Box
fi3l. "
POCKETBOOK Patent leather,
square, containing money and valu
able rPers. Return to Martha
Clanton. 9 4 tf
FOR SALE Three head work cattle
in good condition, together with
five yokes, two chains and bows for
yokes. A snap if taken soon for
particulars and prices, enquire of G.
G. Holley, Riddles, Ore. 9-4 2t
FOR SALE Modern hotel in good,
incorporated California town; on
. Aonnt. 27 rooms, bar in
UUluri www 1 - , -
finn with large stock of
m, nloara. and pool table;
Of en night and day. License 300
per year. Reason for selling, have
t,M .rt.ritierll trt the bar and wish
ontur practice of law. Will take
)mvi fnr fnritnre and fixtures and
AHHrosa H. E. M.. Couriir
nv;,o r.runta Pass. 8-7 tf
UUIlV, ... . - . .
FOR SALE One pure bred Jersey
Bull, three good milk rows, one calf
' and nine pigs, average weight, 8o
pounds each. All for $115 cash.
Inquire of Ward J. Spencer, Wood
ville, Ore. 9-4 8t
FOR SLE One Paragon Washing
machine, one Glasscock baby
jumper, one Glasscock baby walker ;
also my stock of thoroughbred
Rhode Island Reds. E. W. Smal
ley. 725 N 10th St., City. 8-21 tf
A Justice of the peaoe over at
Spokane has delivered a knockout
blow to pugilism by holding that the
art of slugging and being slugged ia
not a profession and that tbs followers
thereof belong on the rock pile the
same as other vagrants.
Kvery man of affairs from either
the northwest or the eastern states
are one in the wonder that Josephine
county farmers and orchardists have
not utilized the water of Rogue River
on the lauds. Tbey say that If this
river were in most any other vicinity
all the land adjacent would have been
nnder ditch before this.
If Representative Charles McDonald
of Multnomah oounty is successful in
securing the passage of a bill which
he has drafted, cigarette smokers will
be few aud far between in the state
of Oregon, as the bill has for its pur
pose the extermination of the "Coffin
tack," as it is sometimes called.
Even substitutes for cigarettes will be
planed under the ban.
There's no use talking, irrigation
must come. While the subject has
been agitated before many times there
has never been the unanimity of
spirit in this direction before. Every
farm under thorough irrigation will be
worth double what it is now while
the soli will produce twice to three
times the amouut of grain or fruit
which it is now yielding, and of a
better quality.
Has Excellent Crop
Some of the finest peaches raised in
the valley this season have come from
the Sabin orchard just north of town,
formerly known as the Waters place.
Mr. Sabin purchased the orchard in
February aud began at once to give
the trees a thorough overhauling and
cnltivation, and the results have been
highly satisafactory. He bas already
sold locally and shipped 600 boxes of
peaches and will pot oat at least'
another 10J boxes before the season ia
over. He also has some apple and
cherry trees from whioh he has taken
some excellent fruit Mr. Sabin 'is
one of the new orchard ists who has
found Grants Pass - all that was re
presented and be is glad he cast his
lot with us.
COWS Milk cow for sale. Call early
and have your choice or address.
T. J. Bid mess, Merlin, Oregon.
Window glass at Hair-Riddle's.
ONE JERSEY Ball, 15 months old.
for sale cheap. Hsyden Close,
Phone 887, Wllierville. 7-24 tf.
FOR SALE Good sugar pine
Enquire Kenney 's Grocery,
6-8 tf
WANTED 75 Hop pickers bv Sent
1st. Hop yard known as Mrs. M.
Raozan; wages one cent pouni
Apply 0. C. Gilbert Grants P
RFD No. 2. 8-21 tf
PIANO Pupils wanted 20 years ei-
perience in teaching. Address Mrs
E. E. Foster J, N 6th St., nut to
K. Ccron. 717 tf
Wlf.L rent yon a good farm, seven
miles of city. Best terms given.
Write Box 25, or see me, residence
corner Oak and Park streets. J. M.
WE have several parties who are look
ing for homestead locations or re
linquishments, also some good tim
ber claims. If yoo know of anv
good homestead or timber claim",'
it will pay yon to write ua. Ad
dress Aetua Realty Co. 225 Failing
Bldg. , Portland, Ore. 9-4 tf
PIERCE Registered Angoras,
K. A.
Flock headed by one of the famous
bucks of the "King Arthur" also
other bucks of different strains of
breeding. Does of the noted straini
Bocks for sale, Merlin, Ore. 8 27 tf
WANTED Bids for clearing about 20
acres land which has ben cropped
and grown op in chaparral. Also
plowing same. Work to be com
pleted by Febroary 20. 1909 John
Rawlev, RFD No. 2, Box 662, Cres
cent City Stage Road. 94-8t
WANTED Man and wife to work on
ranch and run boarding house.
For further particulars address
Eismann Bros., Grants Pass. Phone
1075. -4 .
WANTED 10 rigging slingers, $0
per month ; 10 lumber pilers, $2 60
per day; two lumber graders, $76
per month ; high wheel teamsters,
$65 per month Box'facfory men $3.
W. H. West 64 Co., Medford Ore.
FRANK BURNETT Upholstering,
mission fnrnitnre made to order.
PIANO Organ, Violin, Guitar, Ban
jo and Mandolin classes now form
ing for fall and winter. For infor-,
mat ion see Prof. Stanton Rowell, tt
the Mnsio Store. 8-28 4t
One bay mare, about 4 years old,
weighing about 1100, not marked,
broke into my pasture at Jeroms
Prairie 5 miles 8 W of town,
Owner can have the same by provisf
property and paying charges.
E. A. EDGAR, Grants Pin.
There came to my place 8 miles
from town July 15, cne red cow, net
marked, white strip on belly. Owner
to have same by proving property aad
paying charges. B. H. JESS,
Wilderville road. 8-14 tt
Services Sunday, September 13, in
the Redman ball, over the P. H.
Hartb clothing store. It is hoped
to be able to meet in the church on
Sunday, September 20. Subject for
morning servioe "The Church in
Pain." p. in. subject "Watching
j Au Innocent Man Die, or "A Lesson
I In Mob Rule." The Whiston Long
(J. Uiuton t age, for the past six
months eugaged as editor of the
Courier, Is now in Eugene, w here he
expei'tcs to engsge in business. Mr.
Page is a thorough newspaper man of
ability as is evidenced by the great
improvement in the columns of the
paper and it is with regret that we
chronicle his departure. Mr. Page's
successor will tie W. 8. Coolant, a
man young in years but old in news
paper experience, coming from a fami
ly of newspaper men. He will have
charge of the editorial aud news
ouluuiof the paper and his endeavor
will 'lie to keep the Rogue River
Courier always at the head of the list
ofJwMphlneconnty newspapers.
evagelistio Uam of Nebraska
begins a revival service at the Christ
ian church October 6. Mr 'Whiston is
a noted evangelist in the Christian
church. Mr. Longman is a flue tenor
soloist. Remember the date.
Christian Science Reading room,
117 E street, near Second. Services
Sunday, September, 12th 11 a. in
Subject "Substance."
Wednesday meeting 8 p. m. All are
oordlallly invited to attend.
GROUT At Grants Pass, Ore,,
August 26. 1908, to Mr. and Mrs.
(.'limit's Grout, a daughter.
CLIFTON Mondav, Sept. 7th, 1908.
to Mr. and Mrs. Jack C lifton of Mer
lin a 10 pound boy.
"The excursion rates from the east
weutfiuto effect this week aud there
is every indication that there will
be more easterners out to see the Rogue
River valley within ;the next two
mouths than have beeu here in any
previous year. All reeideuts; yt
Joevphlue couuty when writing'thelr
eastcru friends who couteuiplats a
MtHJDY WITT At Grants Pass.
luesoay, September H, 1H0H, Clar
eooe V. Moody and Mrs. Nellie G
Witt. Rev. A. H. Hollingsworth offi
T-L t . ...
xois very preuy wedding wbs
solemized at the Moody home which
had teen decorated with vines and
flowers for the occasion. The ring
cereroouy was perfiruied while the
contracting parties with Clint Moore,
brother or the bride as best man aud
Miss Esther Moody, sister of the groom
as bridesmaid, were stationed under
an arch of green in the bay window.
, facing the audience, oompoeed of rela
, tivesof the bride aud groom aud a few
Invited, guests. After the .ceremony
j the guests sat down at the prettily
i decorated aud heavily laden (table
for dinner. The happy couple ft
the same day for a short stay at Ash
land, after which they will be at home
at ;G rants Pass.
Cjc Clothiers
C Clothiers
Only Remember That the
Continues at
j& &f)e Clothiers j&
Several early shipments coming in, shipped previous to
cancellation of orders, including CLOTHING and UMBREL
LAS, as well as other goods, all going at SAME PRICES as
the entire stock,at our big quit-business sale.
Hop Pickers Supplies
T5hQ Clothiers
UhQ Clothiers