Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 11, 1908, Image 1

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    VOL. XXIV.
Progressive, Up-to-Date
and American.
Southern Pacific Advertises the
Advantages of This Won
derful V&lley.
Many people throughout the eastern
central states are looking for a place
to settle where the opportunities for
making a livelihood are better than
where they now live. To assist these
people, the Southern Pacific Railroad
Company has issued a circular de
scriptive of Grants Pass and the sur
rounding valley. The article is too
lengthy to be given in foil, bnt the
following extracts will be of interest
to onr readers :
"Grants Pass, Oregon, is the busy,
hustling county seat of Josephine
County of Southern Oregon. The
city is charmingly located at the
northern end of the famous Rogue
River Valley and is the diverging
point for a vast agricultural, froit,
timber and mining territory.
"Th's progreseive,op-to-date, purely
American city of over 6000 population,
offers to the Western homeaeeker
wonderful opportunities in all
branches of Industry. The necessaries
of life can here be had in abuudauce
with but little exertion; on the other
hand, snug fortunes are awaiting the
maa of energy, brains and small capi
tal who will intelligently devote bis
abilities to the growing of the apple,
pear, peach and grape in th's land of
sunshine, streamlets and valleys.
"Stop and consider for a moment
the following comparison: Mr.
Farmer of the Eastern and Middle
Western States, cultivating hundreds
of a' res of oorn, wheat, barley, etc,
demanding untiring energy and quite
frequently failure of crops from var
ious causes, storms, blizzards, cy
clones, intense cold, with the fruit
grower of this fanioos Rogue Rivir
Valley, who by modern methods of
pruning, onltivating, packing and
shipping of his never-failing crop is
realizing from $900 to $t'00 per ac re
per annum from applrs, peart, grapes
and other fruits; where the ther
mometer never goes below 20 degrees
above zero, and storms, blizzards,
cyclones are unknown.
"The Rogue River Valley holds the
worlds' record price for a carload of
pears lo New York City last October.
"Coveut Garden market of Loudon,
Hug laud, deuiauds the Rogue River
Valley Yellow Newton Piprin and
Spitzenberg apples, and is willing to
)By 2 per box f. o. b. Grants Pass.
"The Tokay grape is eagerly sought
after by the markets of Portand, St.
Louis, Omaha aud Chicago and net
from fJiOO to 600 per acre. There i a
large ares of fertile .lands adjacent to
Grunts Pas which will raise this aud
other varieties of grapes to perfection
and can be bought at low figures,
varying from $10 per acre ap.
"Toe standing t ruber of Josephine
Countf is upwaris of uins billion
feit. Mauy sawmills are in operation
throughout the couniy. employing
hnndr d of men.
"The tirn is ripe for the wise in
vtstor to identify himself wit' this
wondertully resourceful valley. The
optort .nnieH for tde safe iiives'ine it
of cauital art) numerous, iuuluding
ubdivisicn of luge areag-s of aiu
able fruit lands iuto tracts of 5 10 l'i
and 20-acre plots, upon eh of which
a family can bnooma indepeud nt
provide tor a raiLy iay. The fr.-it
culture bui ess of the Koue Kve.
Valley is appealing to the overnre.i
cftioe men of the Ee-t and Middle
West, and they are flocking to this
balmy, health-giving b auty-spot,
where their families can have the
advantage of excellent schools, High
School and Uuiveristy, as well as the
wholesome pastimes of ootofdoo'
recreatiou with the rod and gun the
year around.
"Electric railroad interubao systems
invite the consideration of the capi
talist. Here the natural water power
is nnlimited, the topography of the
conutry being mor8 than favorablei
"Irrigation offers the capitalist a
highly remnnerative opening. Many
thousand acres of gently rolling
foothill lands can be thereby made
valuable property.
"Flouring mills, furnitnre factory,
creameries, condensed milk plant
wholesale grocery and produce, saw'
mill and machinery supples, eto., are
among the openings for the man look
ing fcr a busiuess location. The city
of Grants Pass is provided with
electrio lights and power for factories
aud shops of all kinds, good sewer
system, good water, good streets and
cemant sidewalks, telephones to all
parts of the connty. Among its in
dustries are two large box factories,
fruit cannery, cold storage and ice
plant, two lumber yards, iron and steel
works and foundry, cider and vinegar
factory, bottling works, steam
laundry, four hotels and good public
buildtigs. including four school
hooses; churches of all denominations.
and city park npon the banks of the
Rogue River.
' 'There is uo section of the West
that offers greater opportunities 'for
the man of moderate means than the
Rogue River Valley. Fruit growing,
diversified farming, poultry raising,
grape culture, stock and oattle raising.
gold, and copper mining, lumbering,
merchandising, etc., are among the
many vocations whicb offer unusual
openings to the man of thrift and
Heating Stoves at Hair-Riddle Hdw.
Have Perfected Temporary Or
ganization and Are Ready
to Incorporate.
An eotbnsiastio meeting of the
Grants Pass Fruit Exchange was held
Tuesday afternooo. M. J, Anderson
of the Forestry Service presided and
early proved to the frnit growers that
he was the right man in the right
place, for ha kept everyone good
natured from start to finish and at the
same time allowed no time to be
wasted. The first bosiuess done after
a temporary organization nan Deen
prefected was to give him a vote of
thanks and it was adopted with a
cheer. The temporary board ot di
rectors consists of Will Scoville presi
dent, J. H. Robiuson, vice-president.
R. Thomas, secretary, G. A. Hauiiltou
and H. O . Bateham. The 'position of
manager was offered to Frederick D
Eismaun, but be declined to s rve.
H C. Bit ham was elected stcretarj.
1 he Fi st National Bank was de-
signatid as treasurer. The Eirmann
Bros, offered the use of Warehouse
No. 2 f r the season for a nominal
rental of $'.'0. The fctock of the new
corporation is teiug Kiiosmbe'l as
rapidlv as those who iiave the niattrr
n hind can get around and in a few
davs they expect to have ti e re
quired amount taken.
Th new organization stir's out in
a business like way ann aireauy una
the confidence of the Irutt growers
and busiue-s men. It is confidently
expected that it will grow iuto a
powerful and influenzal institution
before another season rolls around.
To Provide lor Purchaae by
Ctiy of Plant of Water
At a renular meeting of the city
council la-t Thuisday uiuh' the essiou
called to order by tin mayor.
Councilmen Fetsch, Ktunxy and Lewis
were absent. After the -eadiug and
approtal of the minutes of the last
meeting the retitioo of J. O. Booth
and Alue t asking for the exetup
tion from the tire limits of the east
half of Block 21 of the original town
site, was granted and the city attor
ney authorized to prepare the neces
sary ordinance.
On motion the recommendation or
the sewer committee ror we laying or 1
a lateral sewer In the valley through I
blocks of the original townsite, as
.... . . i
per the request or petitioners, warn,,. mil the citr engineer in-
strocted toake the necessary sur-j
The following bills wereZfrabJy
reported by the finance committee and
on ruotiou warrants ordered drawn in
payment of the same :
0 H Clements, telephoning. ...$ S 70
W F Woodson, labor on streets.. 53 00
FE Hobsou, engineering ..... S3 SO
Cramer Bros, hardware. 20 45
Ordinance No. 33, relating to sale of
frnit, sandwiches or other eatables
around the depot on the arrival ot
passenger trains, was read the first
time in full and the second time by
title and referred to the health com
mittee. Ordinance No. 320, proposing an
amendment to the charter in order to
purchase the plant of the Rogue River
Water Co., was read in full the first
time and the second time by title and
referred to the water committee.
Ordinance No. 823,. relating to the
construction of a lateral sewer
through the alley in block S3 of the
original townsite, was read in full
the third time and -placed npon its
final passage, all members present
voting in the affirmative
On motion the city englueer was
instructed to make a survey .for a
lateral sewer on West G streets, run
oing west from main sewer at the in
tersection of West G and Pine streets.
On motion the city attorney was in
structed to Investigate the lioeute
required of the Eleotrio Theater and
report at the - next meeting of the
council. The city attorney was. also
instructed to look Into the matter of a
deed from the city to Joseph Wolke
for a certain lot in the original town
site and report at the next meeting.
On motion the application of J. O.
Booth and B. F. Banks for use of
half of the street in front .of their
respective properties for building pur
poses was granted, with the provision
tbat they keep a clear passage way for
traffic along the street at all times.
Cpoa motion a warrant was or
dered drawn in favor of L. A. Robert
son for the sum of $800 to apply on the
sewer contract which he is now exe
cuting. On motion the National Drug stors
was granted a permit to place an
electric sign in front of its place of
business on Sixth street.
-.There being no farther business the
council then adjourned. ,
Another Laundry Fire.
Tuesday morning about 8 o'clock,
the fire department was railed out
by a blaze at the Chinese laundry,
conducted by Yuen Slug on F stiret.
Thejflre was caused by an over heated
fine. Owing to the prompt turnout
of the department, the damage was
slight, only bnrning a corner ot the
Yuen Sing seems fated to burn np,
as this is the second time in the past
few mouths that liis place has been
on fire, the first time the damage
being considerable.
Shipping Much Fruit,
J. H. Robiuson of t e Applegate
seel ion was in town Tuesday to at
tend the meeting of the Rogue River
Fruit Exchauge. The Robinson or
chards are busy places at this time of
the year as all hands are hard at work
picking and packing fruit. Up. to the
1 resent tiuia they hate shipped 275
boxes of pears, 100 Jxixis of summer
apples and 410 boxes ot peaches His
uialu crop consists ot winter apples,
the picking of which lias not beu
Se.tisfa.ctory Crop
E. M. Austin of the New Hope
district, three miles below Murphy on
the A pplegate was iu towu Tuesday
with a load of cabbage, tomatoes and
other products. To a Com lei man
he stated that crops under irrigation
on the Applegate were all tbat could
be des red, but outside of this pros
pects were poor. On bis own place
which is supplied with water he has a
good showing of everything put in.
Mr. Austiu is an enthusiastic irr ga
tiouist and makes the broad claim
that wati r more than doubles the re
turns to the farmer.
Ple-nttng Tokays
George H. Parker, agent for the Al
bany Nurseries, is busily engaged
these days in visiting bis customers
throughout the valley and is highly
pleased with business conditions. He
is of tbe opinion that fully 300,000
grape vines will be set oat in this re
gion this season and that folly nine
tenths of them will be Tokays. Tbe
0ien far
tboM of My
plaoed already exceed
previous year and the
,Tera(fe frnit grower bas hardly
ygo, 0f pUcing bis order yet.
Malleable Steel
ranges sold on easy
Hair-Riddle Hdw.
pay menu m m
Discussc Irrigation and
Electric Railway.
Advertising Campaign Bringing
Hundreds of Inquiries from
Home Seekers.
The regular meeting of the Com
mercial Club was l eld Tuesday even
ing at the olub rooms with a large at
tendance ot members. Tbe committee
having in hand the matter of provid
ing an exhibit for the Seattle Alaska
Yukon Exposition reported that they
were taking steps to prepare an ex
hibit bnt had nothing definite to re
port as yet.
The advertising committee ap
pointed to interview tbe connty coort
relative to the making of an ap
propriation for tbs advertising fund
reported tbat so far they bad not re
ceived much enoouragement but that
the matter was still open and the
prospects good for receiving some as
sistance on behalf of the tax payers
of the county.
The matter of fiuauoes was pre
sented in detail by the "secretary and
after being considerably discossed
a peruianeut finance committee was
Mauy letters of Interest from pros
pective home seekers were read by
the secretary showing eager inquiries
from all sections of the country.
il. E. Gale, a recent coiner who
now owns tbe beautiful fruit farm
formerly belonging to William Crow,
made a request for the co-operation of
the club in the matter of securing a
change of the road to Galice Creek
in the viciuity of Hog Creek, stating
that the present road is very hilly and
the proposed road woo Id not only do
away with the hilla, bnt wonld enable
him to plaut upwards of AO acres of
fruits in addition to his already large
orchard. The club pledged their sop-
port to Mr. Gale iu securing the
Mr. Andersen of the U. S Forest
Service, called attention to the fact
that approximately $1700 whs in the
bands ( f the secretary of s'ate for
the benefit of Joeephiue county road
fond, being this county's share of
the revenues of the Forest Department
in this section for the past two years,
thereby demonstrating the fut that the
present admin in' rut lou of the forest
service by the department at Washing
ton is beneficial iu nioie than one way,
A communication was read calling
atteuion to the fact that Eugene V.
D im, socialist candidate for presi
dent, and othT prominent persouages
would he in Grants Pass Suuduy to
addie?s the people, aud on motion a
corutnitt 'H of five was appointed to
represent the dub at the meeting.
The chairman was further authorized
to appoint a c mmittee of like utimber
at any time when prominent persons
should visit the city in the future.
Another luipoitant matter presented
to the cluh was a proposition from
Arthur H. Karnum to establish a
creameiy in Grants Pans. This pro
position is referred to elsewhere io
this issue. Many other matters nf
interest to the community were dis
cussed, notably irrigat on, which 's
talked on ail oocasons by our peope,
alio the proposed electric railway.
The meeting was one of the most
enthusiastic gatherugs bad for some
time past.
A visit to the thriviog mining
ramp of Galioe is one that bas been
denied tabs Courier publisher until
laet week, when A. E. Voorhies and
son Earle made the trip, returning to
Grants Pass the next day. At Mer
lin the first thing to attract oar at
tention was tbe express car loaded
with peaches which was laade op
with tbs passeoger train for ship
ment north. We Jwers'told that every
11. 1908.
express train took its car of peaches I
from Merlin for a number of days
during the season, then fallowed
heavy shipments in less than car lots.
After a good dinner at Maasie's. a
four-hour's ride In Massie's stage
ovfr a good mountain road brought
the seven passengers and driver to the
Gnlice postoffioe and store of Barlow
Boiler making seemed to be in prog
ress at the camp and the sound of
riveting called attention to the Oilman
Bed Rock Mining machine which was
being elected at the river near the
postoffioe. Tweuty jnen were engaged
on tbe niachclne and in constructing
a wing dam. They have their own
camp and boarding house, convenient
for work.
The Barlow store presents an Inter
esting soene at night when the miners
gather for their mail and to purchase
suppliis. Story telling andf Joshing"
are always in order. The interior of
the store presents a varied stock from
post cards to blasting powder aud dress
goods to drill steel. Everything Is
carried in stock and a burro pack
train stands ready for delivery.
Galioe consists oaly of the store, In
which is the post office, hotel, school
house, several residences and the
Oilman camp, but it is a disribnting
center for a large area, and to this
point gather the men from the Rand,
Alameda, Harvey, the Seven-Thirty,
and many other of the surround lug
Two dally stages run between Mer
lin and Galioe, starting from each
point about 7 a. m. and 1 to 8 p. m.
Keport of Irrigation Committee
at Executive Session Arouse
The Comeroisl Club at its regular
meetiug on Tuesday referred many
important matters to tbs executive
committee for Immediate aolion and
in accordance there ' with a session of
the latter committee was held at 10
o'olotk Weiluesday forenoon.
Tbe Irrigation committee's report
was read aud was followed by a lively
discussion. The general trend of the
remark was to the effect that irriga
tion Is the paramout question in this
valley and that each and every mem
ber of the committee is In favor of
supporting the first feasible project
qreseuted looking to the desired end.
A motion was also carried to the
effect that the irrigation committee
appoint some competent person to se
cure the signatures of property owners
who would be willing to co-opeate
with the club on a general irrigation
Judge Durham, who had just re
turned from Portland stated that hs
had interviewed General Manager
O'Brien aud Attorney W. D. Feut -n
of the H. P. relative to irrigation and
was requested by them to write an
outline ot the profit Ion so they
could hsve the niattrr In a tangible
form to present to the higher authori
ties. During tbe conversation it
transpired that it was possible that
the railroad compaoy would be will
ing to place upon the market Its agri
cultural lands In this county.
Making an Attractive Place.
The new corner drug store is rapid
ly being pat in order, all the stock
having been moved this week from
the old location. The new store is
now open for business. Mr. Sablr,
tbe proprietor has been in the drug
business for over 90 years, having
conducted stores at Fargo, N. D , and
Red field 8., D., before coming here.
He intends to Increase the stock of
goods as rspidly as the wants of the
people can be determined and to make
a ajiecialty of the prescription depart
ment in charge of which he will keep
a reelstered prescription oleik. Mr.
Uabin states tbat it is his intention to
make of the corner, an attractive
place and one that will be a credit to
Grants Pass. The beginning made
by bim forcasts bis making good.
Tbe Grants Pass Box Go. is now
taking np Its July labor notes and
hereafter will pay Its employes in ossh.
The company has made a contract
whicb to fill will require all of the
lumber now io the yards and the
making np of the boxes will occupy
folly three months steady operations.
A Garland Stove or Range is always
satisfactory and the price is reason
sble. Cramer bios sell them.
Means Bigger Market
For Farm Products.
Swift's Representative Picks out
Grants Past After Thor
ough Investigation.
Capital has its eyes on Grants
Pars, and the result of nearly every
investigation brings an additional in
dustry for the oity. About 10 days
igo A. L. Coffey, Northwest Manager
for Swift & Company, was h re on
the lookout for a site providing lis
was satisfied that tbs bnslness was
here too justify the location of one of
their plants. Before leaving he
opened negotiations with J. H. Ahlf
but left tbe closing of them until after
be bad completed his tour of Inves
tigation through the other towns.
A few dsys later he made ap his
mind that Grants PI ass was the plaoe
aod so consuniated tbe deal. The
Ablf Packing House has been leased
and Mr. Ahlf will hate charge of the
plant. This oity will be made the dis
tributing point for all of the products
of the company in this section, being
supplied direct from the Chicago es
tablishment. Including smoked meats,
soaps, canned goods, eto.. until the
big Swift Packing House is com
pleted In Portland, after which the
Grants Pass establishment will be
supplied from there. Mr. Ablf states
that he will be in position to bay the
beef, pork, mutton, poultry, sggs and
other produots from tbe farmers In
this section to be shipped either to
Portland or up and down tbs tins ac
cording to the demand, thus famish
ing a market for all tbat can be rained
by our farmers.
In addition to the men employed In
the city to look after the business a
traveling representative will be em
ployed for the Southern Oregon terri
tory. Grants Pass has the busiuess aud
the location for now industries sod
her wide swake business men are ever
willing to extend a welcome hand to
bring about the establishment of all
possible industries here.
Swift & Co. ate to be congratulated
on socurlug the services of our towns
man, Mr. Ahlf in their undertaking.
A rather peculiar and unfortunate
shooting case occurred on thoj Apple
gate iu the Bailny vineyard lease 1 to
K. A. Iuibler and Geo Tethrow last
Saturday evening. Miss Ella Wil
liams, accompanied by several young
folks, was reforming from a dauce at
the Willis York ranch and crossed the
I in b I or & Tethrow vineyard. Wander
ing hop pickers have been bothering
the orchards and vineyards in this
section considerably of late aud when
Mrs. Iuibler heard voices she supposed
that the place was being.vlslted again
by Ipetty thieves and determined thai
it was time this sort of thing stopped,
so she took a shot gun and went oat
ana 'before noticing who the persons
were, fired , intending, she says, to
shoot them n the legs, but aimed
higb and eight of the shot, which were
number 4 and 15, struck Miss Williams
in the'face.
Dr. Loughridge was surniuoned to
look after the young lady, and
shortly afterwards Sheriff Russet
went to the scene and brought Mrs.
Imller to town, taking bur to the
Runnel home to await a hearing,
which was hsd on Monday. She
waived examination and was plaoed
under $300 bonds. Miss Williams is
resting easily and It is beped will
recover rapidly from the effects of the
No meaningless arid gaudy nickle
and riflls. Just a solid, substantial,
exquisite piece of kitchen furniture
that's alL Tbe Malleable, made la
South Baud. See it at the store of the
Hair-Rlddla Hardware Oo. dnen
eek brglnnin" f'rpternbrr I lib. w