Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, July 17, 1908, Image 3

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for sale by
Southern Oregon Supply Go.
f UUl
Oregon Agricultural College i
Pre Bulletin by James j
Every Citizen May Eeco'me a Lo
cal Publicity Bureau.
Talcum Powder
Front Street, Opposite Depot
vSafe and Secure
Is the Man with a good Bank account. By
systematically depositing his earnings each week, he has
Something tor a rainy day
and is prepared for any emergency that may arise.
Are you one of the fortunate? We invite you to open
an account with us. Be It small ' or great, you will
always receive courteous treatment.
Interest on time deposits
If you have some surplus cash why not have it
earning you some, interest? We pay interest on time
Safety Deposit Boxes tor Rent
in which you can store your valuable papers and
treasures. You may have need for just such an accom
modation. Let us serve you,
G. P. Banking & Trust Co.
The Rogue River Nurseries
Are strong on TOKAY GRAPES, having about 250,000
fancy cuttings that are rooting nicely in the reddest of
lands. We are ready to contract for fall delivery at prices
that will surprise you. We are as well prepared to fur
nish you with anything in line of trees and general
nursery stock.
Conklin Building Grants Pass Or.
The School that Placet Yon tn a Good 1'ontwn
"Old Reliable Albany Nurseries"
and you are sure of getting just what you order. e crow
our trees for quality not cheap prices.
The labor of pruning and spraying
ana cultivating, no 'matter how In
telligently it may be done, may all
be wasted nuless one other thing i
done. A fruit tree is like a "willing
horse" that takes noon Itself a. W,i
it cannot carry. There Is a limit
to the amount of fruit a tree can
bring to rerfectim and the wise or
chadist will see to it that the tree ia
not overloaded. The horticultorists
who have demonstrate the value of
the practice tell 01 that thinning the
fruit Is jnst as essential as nrnninu
and Bpraying and cultivating. One
nooo. appie is wortli two or more poor
ones when yoo are seeking oil b,i.,h
Professor Lewis of the Agricultural
College says that "thinning is the key
to access." He gives in Bulletin
No. 93 of the Oregon Station five
good and infficieot reasons why thin
ning sh' nid be done. Here they are:
"It makes the fruit larger, better
colored. rreserveg the vitality of the
tree, destroys disease-infested and im
perfect specimens and tends to cause
the) tree to proauca ho annual crop. "
Those are definite, clean-cut state
ments. There is no mistaking their
meaning; read them over again.
As to how the thinning should be
done Proefssor Lewis says in the bul
letin refm red to:
"Always thin to one fruit on a
spur, and where the spurs are close
all the fm it should be removed on a
few of the spurs. The best applu of
the cluster is the one to leave. The
earlier the thinning the be' ,r, as the
remaining fruit receives al' heenergy
from the very first of ,is gowth.
The thinning should be done when
the trait Is abont the sb.e of hazel
not. It sometimes requires more
judgment and discrimination to thin
fruit properly than it does to gather
it. The oost of thinning depends up
on the price of labor and the con
dition of the trees. Udually the price
ill range from 15 to 18 cents per
"Do not let your trees bear' heavily
wnlle young as every fruit thev nro
doce reduces their vitality and heavy
yields ruin the form of the tree
There is plenty of time for trees to
bear after they have received the
proper training and preparation for
future nsernlnesj. Some men boast
of the wonderful yield of their two
and three year old apple trees, but
they do not realize what that means
to them in the future. "
It requires a brave man to thin
fruit, but it is the brave men who
succeed in aoy calling. It may he do
ing violence to nature to throw awav
half the fruit that the tree is willing
to bear, hut the successful crchsrdist
looks upon the tree an a "willing
horse" and it should be protected
from violence at its new hands.
Don't defeat the object of cultivating,
spraying aud pruning by neglecting
to thin the fruit.
Good coffee is partly in
buying and partly in
making;; like everything I
Your trocar raturai roar mon It 701 doal '
Vk ScbllllDf'l Btil: par him
Merchants Particularly Concerned In
Having Such Establishments Locate.
Some Hints ai to How a Proiperity
Campaign May Be Made.
The city publicity bureau ts becom
ing a fixed Institution In this country.
Many cities, particularly In the north
west, maintain regular bureaus for the
propagation of publicity concerning
their attractions aud advantages.
Even Boston, the "hub of the uni
verse," fifth In population In the Unit
ed States, Is engaged In such a cam
paign for city booming.
It Is perhaps unreasonable to expect
a small town to maintain a paid pub
licity agent, yet there are some of the
smaller cities which seem to find It
profitable. The average town must be
boomed by volunteers. Every citizen
may constitute himself a publicity
agent and proceed to make his town
better known to outsiders.
The big city bureaus take up such
matters ns factory sites and opportuni
ties, local trade advantages and the
like. The small town resident can do
likewise with a reasonable promise of
accomplishing something for the good
of his community. In these days of
overcrowding In large cities, with
high cost of living high rents for floor
space and other unfavorable conditions
many manufacturers are on the look
out for available country towns In
which to locate their plants or to es
tablish branch plants.
The advantages of a location In a
smaller town are obvious. In nearly
every town of a few thousand people
there are many young persons unem
ployed who would welcome, heartily a
chance to get a Job with some manu
facturing concern. Both boys and girls,
young men and young women, are
available In the average town for fac
tory work. In the absence of such op
portunities they are Inclined to leave
home and seek work In the cities,
where at best the chances for success
and happiness are but meager.
With many parents In the smaller
towns there Is constantly present the
pathetic dread of parting from their
children, because the latter, approach
ing maturity, are ambitious to get Into
the big world outside and earn more
than they can earn at home. With a
manufacturing concern located In your
town you can keep your children at
home, where the conditions of living
nre vastly superior to the city condl
TbeWnwo merchant Is particularly
conceiil In this matter. A branch
shoe fajrtory. for Instance, not only
will give employment to the unem
ployed at Imtnc. enabling them to earn
money for spending at home stores,
hut It will bring new families to town.
A monthly payroll of several thou
sand dollars means Just that much
more money In local circulation. The
merchant gets the benefit of the In
creased demand for all the necessaries
of life and for some of the luxuries.
Almost any town possesses a suita
ble site for some sort of manufactur
ing establishment In good agricul
tural communities a canulng factory
works In every direction to benefit the
people. It supplies a home market for
the fanner's and gardener's produce.
It gives employment to home people.
It brings more money for home circu
lation. If there Is no fund In sight for the
employment of an agent to push
things in this line, the local business
ivople might get together and do much
U'waiil mailing the :u.v.iiuucs of the
town known to - manufacturers In
search of locations outside the bis
cities. One excellent plan sugtesitf.l
by an expert in thee matters la to
hare a la.My booklet or circular print
ed at the local prtutcry setting forth
the merit of lite town and surround
ing country, giving population figures,
transportation advantages, prices of
available factory sites and such other
information as the occasion may Indi
cate This booklet should be kept on
hand by the merchants and other busi
ness people In quantities sufficient to
enable them to Inclose copies In every
letter written to outsiders.
Another plan that has worked well
In some towns Is for the business men
to club together aud buy some regular
advertising space lu the home newspa
per, where Interesting information con
cerning the town may be kept stn tid
ing. As a matter of fact, only the
type will be kept standing. The Infor
mation thus expressed will travel
widely. It can be made to travel still
more widely If the citizens will secure
extra copies and mall them where they
will do the most good.
A town tu which every responsible
citizen Is a walking, talking, writing,'
fighting publicity bureau and towu
boomer Is not calculated to remain
very long an unknown quantity. The
outside world will discover that that
town Is on the map and will not have
to stick a plu In the atlas at that point
to remember the fact.
The writer once knew a man In a
Missouri towu who was regarded by
his friends ns a benevolent lunatic be
cause he went around talking up his
own town as the best burg on the map
of the United States, lie visited many
other towns and cities, always blow
ing the horn of his home town. That
man no longer ts regarded ss a crank.
His talk has built up his town, and
last year the grateful citizens contrib
uted from the money he I ad enabled
them to make and bought lllm an automobile.
vtiii is wwuor mm.
Commercial Club
Will furnish information of
J Josephine county free of
charge. Correspondence so
licited. L. B. Hall. President
jM. L. Andbb ws .... SemtaryJl
Cor. H & 3d sts. Phone 434
1 Load Blocks $3.00
Ktovo Wood
1 Tier Manzanita $2.50
1 Tier Oak $2.75
Tier Fir $2.50
1 Tier Pine $2.25
CliuuU Wood
1 Tier Oak $2.50
1 Tier Fir $2.25
ITier Pine $2.00
1 Load Sawdust $1.00
1 Load Kindling $1.0
are but outward signs of the evil
done In secret by myriads of dao
Jruff germs sapping the life blood
of the hair. Micro kills the para
site, soothes tbe Itching scalp,
gives lustre to the hair and stops
It (ailing out A single application
gives relief and proves Its worth.
Save your hair before too late.
Micro prevents baldness. It is a
delightful dressing for the hair,
free from grease and sticky oils.
Ask your druggist for free booklet
rosTum- esMen
The Tanner's Wife
Is Tory careful about her churn. She
scalds It thoroughly after using, and give
it a sun butu to sweeten lu Sue knows
that If her churn Is sour It will tulut tba
butter that Is made In it. The stomach Is
a churn. In the stomach and digestive
and nutritive tracts are performed pro
cesses which are almost esactly like the
churning of butter. Is It not apparent
then that if this stomach-churn Is foul It
makes foul all which Is put Into It?
The evil of a toul stomach Is not alon
tha bad taste In the mouth and the foul
breath caused by It, but the corruption of
the pure current of blood and the dissem
ination of disease throughout tha body.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
makes the sour and foul stomach sweet.
It doss for tha stomach what the washing
and sun bath do for the churn absolutely
removes every tainting or corrupting els
menu In this way It cures blotches,
pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swellings,
sorss, or 0en eating ulcers and all
humors or diseases arising from bad blood.
If you hav bitter, nasty, foul tast la
your mouth, coated tongue, foul breath,
are weak and easily tired, feel depressed
and despondent, havs frequent headaches,
dliiy attacks, gnawing ordistrets In stom
ach, constipated or Irregular bowels, tour
or bitter risings after eating and poor
appetite, these symptoms, or any consider
able number of them, Indicate that you are
Suffering from biliousness, torpid or lair
iverwllh tha usual accompanying Indf-
Sastion, or d jpspsia aud Ihstr attends
t Vnnwn tn meiliea.
The neit svenfs Vnnwn in mj.
o TejjUiigJi3j war.UiiuTtfljLol
anthe levers 7h(iis of mei leal nliTTBfo
have to.yi fKUJQmidajmMlfliitg
LUioiuiry mat in 11 Is absolutely irua
will be readily proven to your satisf actios)
If you will but mall a postal card request
to I)r. K. V. rierra. Buffalo. N. V., for a
free copy of his booklet of extracts from
the standard medical authorities, giving
the names of all the Ingredient entering
Into his world-famed medicines and show
ing what the most eminent medical bmo
o( the aae sav of tham.
Kennedy's Laxative Coogh Syrup
acts promptly yet gently on the
bowels, through which the oold is 1
forced oat of the system, and at the '
same time" it allays inflammation.
Sold by Model Drag Store. 4 8 ISt I
Bad Attack of Dysentery Cared,
"An honored citisen of this town wss suf
fering from a sever attack of dysentery. H
told a friend if b could obtain a bottl of
Chamberlain's Colic, ChoUra and Diarrhoea
Kemdy, he felt confident of being cured, h
having used this remedy in the West, lie
ws told that I kept It in stock and lost no
time in obtaining it, and wss promptly
cured," sari M. J. Leach, druggist, of Wol
oott, Vt For sal by M. Clsmens.
We are dealers in
if you want to sell your farm, send
us full description, terms, etc., and j
we can 5o it.
270 S, Washington St.
Portland, Ore.
Habit PT.ltlr.1. ri.
OaJj otkonid Kel.-j In
ftiUiM ln Or-aoa. Writ
ft.r f) HMltr.
hiinr iNinrvn. 71111ms.
Oregon's Matchless Beach Resort
The Placa to Co for Perfect it and Every Conceiv
able Form of Healthful and Delightful Recreation
Its Facilities are Complete Best of food and an abund'
ance of it, Fresh water from springs. All modern necessities,
such as telegraph, telephone, markets freshly provided every day,
Fuel in abundance. Cottages partly furnished or unfurnished to
be had cheaply. Strict municipal sanitary regulations.
Newport is reached by way of the Southern Pacific to Albany
or Corvallis, thtnee Corvallis & F.astern R. R. Train service daily
and the trip a pleasure throughout.
5?.' Season six-months ticket $10.00
f Our elaborate new Summer Ik ritps a concine description
of. Newport, lucladlng a list of hotels, their capacity and
JLLI rate. Call on, telephone or write
R-. K. MONTGOMF.RY.'Local Agent. Crania Tas.
Ceneial Passenger Agent, Portlaud, Oregon.
National Bank
Southern Oregon
Grsnti I'm, Oregon
Some of the 8ervice that a Bank
Render! the Public
The safent and
way of keeping your
money In by deHiitiiig
It in a lleluilile Hunk.
This Usiik receives De
posits subject to Check,
or on deiuaiid t'ertilii aUni
of deposit or on tint
Certiliestrs of Deposits.
On time deposits we pay
The heal and cheapest
wsy to traimfer money
Is It Hank Dra'1. W
ell !raft psyslile In all
parts ol tin country.
One of the most impor
tant (unctions of the
ltsnk. Ws endeavor to
supply sll reawnahle
needs of our customers.
Capital and Surplus $73,000
Stockholders' Additional
ResponKibility $50,000
L. li. Hall, Prenident
J. (',. CsHrssi.!., V ire. Pres.
II. I,. Oimsy, (.'aililer
it. K. Hai sstt, Ami. Cashier
Kalrbsiiks-Morse Gasoline Knulne for
pumping. xprajinK, flawing, grinding.
UuUils complete.
Ksirhsnka Hcslea for welkin.
Fftirlsnks-Morae Dynamos and Motors
(or lower snd light
Fairbanks-Morae Windmills and Towers.
Jfalrliankt-Murae Mrindera, Keed lliop
perv V ell l'ump.
All Ant quality gooda at loweit pri'.ea.
Always in aUck. Liberal terms. Prompt
reply lu lnuiriea and fiuick shipments.
Write (or catalogue and prices.
OKANTS PASS HDW. 0-., Agents
Oranta Pars, Oregon