Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, July 03, 1908, Image 1

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No. 14.
The Event Amounted
a Drunken Orgie
Boys Sixteen Years of Age In
toxicated and Stagger About
the Streets.
The' ten saloons in Grants Pass
closed Tuesday night with a drunken
orgie unequalled in the history of the
city. The most grievous and lamen
table feature of the event wan the
great number' of boys, as young as 16
years, who were staggering aDoot the
trnahi in a state of beastlv lntoxica-
' tion from 10 o'olock on until after
the honr of closing, ntteriog.oaths and
vulgarity regardesa of the passing of
ladies and obildren, in a manner be
yond belief in a city whieb has here
tofore been noted for its usual quiet,
otwithstanding its ten saloons.
By 10 o'clock in the evening an un
usual number of men and boys had
gathered on the street in the vioinity
of the saloons in anticipation of the
dosing of the dram shops and it was
aily apparent that there was to be
a large consumption of intoxicating
liquors and a consequent amount of
inebriety. In fact, to use the vernacu
lar of the street, it looked as if there
would soon be "something doing,"
and a number of citizens out of cur
iosity, gathered, on opposite corners
to see what was going to happen.
At times the walks in places were
congested to an exteut rendering tbem
almost impaisable. Young men badly
under the influence of liqnor gathered
and in their maudlin argumeuts were
only prevented from fistic encounter by
being dispersed by the 'police Officers."
An hour later, however, the orowds
began to thin, the sidewalks to clear
and the threatening attitude subside.
But the exoessive drinking and in
creasing drunkenness continued until
12 o'clock midnight the hour of clos
It is but just in this connection to
suv that every salooulio the city closed
promptly at the hour of 12. Notwith-
litmwlino tli ia tuo.t. nianv had laid iu a
sudoIv of bottled goods in advauoe
and after the saloons.closed a crowd of
hn.a anA man taffnn naradioe the
streets, shrieking and singing, like
mad men, the while. At brief inter
missions the bottle was passed, with
the result that until 8 o'clock Wednes
day morning the night was made hid
eous and the slumbers of residents
blocks away disturbed. It is need
less to sngxeit in oouclusion that the
drunkenness of so many young boys,
and the night of debauchery which
characterized the closing of the se
luons in Grants Pass, June 80th, 1908,
will be vividly recalled, even two
years hence, with telling effect, and
utterly obliterate whatever possibility
might otherwise have existed for car
rying the town and county for saloons.
It was a fearful disgrace to the city.
which he sat down in the back yard j
aud deliberately ate.
Various other cases of petty thieving
and amateur attempts at burglary
have been reported and it is hoped
that within a short timo the authors
may soon be Jletected.
The safe of the Merlin Mercantile
Co. at Merlin was also blown open last
night while Mr. Short, Manager of the
store was iu Portland. This is the
second time this safe has been cracked
The Elite Lnandry, oorner of Fifth
and I streets has been sold by Geo
S. Peil to Messrs. John Hansen and
A. M. vensen,. All the old ma
chinery will be taken out and shipped
to Vancouver where Mr. Peil expects
to start another laundry. The new
management will put in the most mod
ern lanndry machinery, all of which
was orderea sometime ago and is ex
pected any day now. On its arrival
it will be neoesasry to shut the plant
down two or three days lor its installa
tion. Mr. Eveusen comes here from
Manitowoc, Wis.
Fred Wilcox, returned Friday after
noon from Roeeburg, where he has
been employed the past two mouths,
as freight 'clerk at the S. P. depot
at that place.
Mrs. R
B. fiaber returned to her
home in this city, Friday after spend
ing three weeks with her mother at
Harrisburg, Ore., who has been very
ill, but is now greatly improved in
The Booklet Is Out and
Being Distributed
Contains n. Volume of Informs.-
Hon About Both City &nd
tary Andrews of the Commercial Clab
will bring ous of these Grants Pass
pamphlets to the writer. When fu
ture installments are received citi
zens may also get a reasonable num
ber of copies free to send to friends
abroad, and yon will all be proud to
tend them. It's a beauty as well as
an efficient booster for Grants Pass
and Josephine county.
The Grants Pass booklet was printed
bv the Sunset Magazine, by direction
oWin. McMurray, general passenger
agent of the Southern raomo roati,
who seems to have been glveu to
exert a tenerous hand in the develop
ment of the Rogue River Valley. U is
to be hoped that.the citizens of Grants
Pass will second this effort by aiding
in a prudent distribution of the book
lets to friends outside the state.
Secretary Andrews received another
inttalluieut of 3000 copies yesterday
which be is bosy lending out.
Mrs. J. D. Hayes With Ten Others
Hurt In Overturning Tally
ho at Newport, R-. 1.
Telegrams in last Friday's dailies
stated that four delegates in attend'
anr at the seneral federation of
women's clubs at Boston were dying
and ten others were badly Injured as
the result of the overturning of a
tally-ho containing the 14 ladies, who
were on their way to Newport, R. I..
on a rief exoarsion. Among me
injure, was Mrs. J. D. Hayes, the
state secretary of the national feder
ation who resides at asi west ram
street, Portland. Mrs. Hayes, with her
husband will be remembered as resi
dents of Grants Pass some 10 years
ago, when Mr. Hnyes was county
superintendent of schools. She is
therefore well known in this city
The early dispatches stated that Mrs.
Haves had sustained a fracture of one
nf her bins in the accident, but latr
advices ssv that she is resting com
fortably at the Hotneopathio hospital
at. Boston, and will return home m
two weeks. She was budly shaken up
and sustalued several abrasions but no
fraotures as first announced.
Mr. Hayes is iu the employ of the
Pullman Car Co. and has ben travel
ing in the south aud east in the dis
charge of his , duties and it was not
known Monday whether he had
learned of liis wife's injuries or not.
The numerous friends of Mrs. Hayes
in Grants Pass will be glad. to learn
that her injuries are not so seriously
as first reported. One of the four
more severely injored, died at a hos-
pital at Newport, Saturday.
That there is a gang of auia'eur
thieves aud burglars at work in Grant.
Pass is indicated iby their operai ions
during the past few weeks. About
three weeks ago they entered Gillette's
feed store on South Sixth street and
with the sid of some explosive blew
the handle barr off the combination.
The explosion tipped the sale or hut
anor remained closed and the buig-
lars msde tbeir escape without further cvirientlT bwsu
frightened away.
One day Ust week some thief en
nm.A thu uluanins aoartmeuts at the
home of Dr. Flaoagan while the family,
orconvina three rooms were asleep,
and sesored the doctor's trousers which
they quietly took back down stairs,
leavine them on the floor, after hav
ion relieved the pockets of $6.50. The
thief also seems to have bad a taste
far rVnit for ha want into the kitchen
A representative of the Uurrell
Bridge and Construction v-o., to
whom was awarded the contract lor
the new bridge, appeurtd btlorr
couuty court yestaraay iu au endeavor
to have matters adjusted iu some way
to a-isure the company against injunc-
ion proceedings iu tlie event they
should begin work as per contract.
Thouiib the court took no official
art i on in the matter, it was the
consensus of opinion that the com
pany should relinquish its contract
ana thereby allow the court to go
ahead aud radettie for bids and
has allow the county to make a con
tract with some company who would
do the work.
The court adjourned to next
Thursday when it is hoped that the
matter may be definitely settled so
f.r u transaction with the Barrel!
Bridge and Construction Co. is con
TT A Rntermnnd and family Of
Stockton, Cal., formerly residents ',of
Grant Pass, are camping for the sum-
where he secured a dish of cherries, mer at Santa Crut
The pamphlet issued under the direc
tion of the commercial club, de
scriptive of Grants Pass and Jose
phine county and their resources,
after much delay in the process of
printing, is now out and the first
installment was received by Mr. An
drews, secretary of the commercial
club, Monday. It is a neat little
booklet of 64 pages and cover, printed
on fine enameled paper. It is pro
fusely illustrated with half-tone views
presenting the various resources of
the county. The first page of the
cover bears at the top " Grants Pass,
Rogue River Valley," and at the bot
tom, "Southren Oregon," while in
the center is a bnnou of Tokay grapes,
done in two colors.
Tne pamphlet as a whole, ia a gem
of typographical neatness. It . is in
tended as a guide book to prospective
visitor to Grants Pass and Josephine
county, containing, as it does, a
volume of general information as to
resources, cliinatio and other condi
tions of this section of tbe wonderful
Roirue River Valley. Twenty
thousand of these pamphlets are being
issued. .
Descrintive of Grants r"ass the little
booklet says it is in the Rogue River
Valley of Southren Oregon well down
toward the California line. It is in
that portion of the world lying be
tween" the Cascade Range and the
Coast Mountains, of which the
United States Weather Bureau said :
"The district known as Southern
Oregou is perhaps tbe most delightful
portion of Oregon," and concerning
which this importaut witness said
also: "For soil that will produce
excellent returns and a climate ex-
rntkmallv delightful. Southern Ore
gon meets expectations. "
Grants Pas is In the very heart of
this attractive region, and is inland
from the Ocean far euough to escape
its trade winds and its Iroet. Hie
distance is about SO miles. Hie
"Shasta Route" of the Southern Pa
oifio traverses tbo valley of the Rrgue
Kiver, here is a clear cold mountain
stream more than 300 feet wide, fed
by springs and meltiug snows.
Grants Pass of old was an opeuing
in the giant bills not far away
throuah which ran a wagon road. It
is now an importaut, point ou ti e
main line of the Harriman system iu
Oregon, some mil s from the old
"ps," and has a popualtion of from
5000 to 6000. It is the coonty seat of
Jmienliine Count?, with no other town
nf nv considerable size in the
.unntv. All business with in a large
radius is doue here and it is some!
limes said that "Grants I'ass is Jose
I hiue Couuty," so tromineiit is this
town in the civic and loutraeriial in
terests of the county.
The booklet pteenta in beautiful
halftone orchard smues, vi lejaids
uuloa iug at the depot of 121, 000
rrwits. hOD w king on tbe banks
vt the Rogue river, displays of picked
fruit, potatoes, onions, mines and
inW ad a picture of the largest
nlaiwr mine in the world, which is
uear this city, timber aud legging
rones, mountain and river views, I
augora goat herds. Grants Passstnet
scenes, residenoee, schools, hnotlng
and fishing scenes and many others,
all of which will lntert anyone eoa
make him want to come to Granst
Pass if be have an eye for the
beautiful or a desire for comfort or
the accumulation of wealth.
The various prod sots are then taken
up ander separate beads, giving the
reader an exhaustive description of all
the resources of the county and tbe val
i. inl the Dossibllities for the in
dustrioos wide awake citlaen or oiner
and less favored sections who wishes
to better his conditions.
A letter or postal request to Becre-
rtie building at the corner of Sixth
and Front streets owned by August
Fetsoh and heretofore oooupied by
bim in the operation of a saloon, has
been rented by Dr. Flanagan, who
as soon as tbe building has been
nrnrwirlv remodeled, will occupy it
with bis drug store, "Tbe Model,
now on G street. This oorner Is
seoerallv conceded to be the beet busi
ness location in Grants Pass and will
be an ideal plaoe for a drug store, and
a far more favorable advertisement
for the town as the stranger gets off
the train, than a saloon.
This la Recommendation of Stale
Boe.rd of Regents to
They Say Grants Pass
Shall Not Pave
Action of Aldermen Last Nigh
Purely Result of the June
County Jndge Jewell returned home
Wednesdav morninx from Eugene,
where be went last week to attend
the regular annual meeting of the
Bute Board of Regents of which he
a member. Tbe leading question
hofnro thn board at this time was
whathar or not one or more of tbe
state normal schools should be disooa
After some discussion the board
finally decided to recoommend to the
next session of the legislature that
the normal at Drain be discontinued.
It looked fur a time as if the Ashlaud
normal might go also, but wiser coun
cil prevailed. Judge Jewell favored
the suspeusion of the school at Drain
owing to its close proximity to Ash
land but he was at ooce "ferniiist"
tlfH discontinuance of the Athlsud
Normal. After the judge had fully
explained that its suspension would
1hv all the Normals in the north
part of thH state h:s point was con
rwdwl bv the other members.
The board elected Prof. A. J. Hiiater
of Chebalis, Wash., trsidint of the
Ashlaud Normal aud raised the salary
fc taooo oer vear which makes the
a&larv of all three normals uniform.
Heretofore this latter school has paid
hut si Mi ill rr vear whereas all the
others have paid .iOOO. It was as
MM that the selection of atsittant
teac'ieis for the various normals be
lft to the executive committee of the
hnurd nf reitents.
The state board of regents of normal
schools consists of nine iueiubrs, three
of whom are ex officio, the governor,
wtcretsrv of state and state superin
tnctut of nublic instruction. The
other six are appointed, one each year
for a period of six years, by the gov
ernor. Tbe ether business laaen n
by the board at this meeting wss siu
ply routine.
Mrs. L. R. Cardwell and son of Gold
Hill are at the Palace hotel.
V. A. Peterson and family formerly
of this city who went from here to
SanDiego,have moved to Los Angeles.
The Elk saloon building on Sixth
street run by Williams Bros, has, since
the saloon was closed Tuesday nigbt,
hrnn turned into a soft drink parlor.
The ealoon on G street operated Dy
the Schallborn's. will be replaced by
a moving picture show.
There are fonds in tbe treasury to
pay all warrants registered prior to
August 18, 1906. Interest will cease
from tbis date.
Dated June 28. 1808.
Treasurer of Josephine Cooaty, Ore.
Soarcely, if ever has there been a
year when there was greater Interest
manifesetd in publio affairs in Grants
Pass and Josephine county than tbis
year. The first kcase in post was tue
June election when local option was
the principal, if not the only issue,
locally. This concern was in no way
deterorated in the electon two days
later on the matter of issuing $00,000
of oity improvement bonds for tbe
purpose of paving certain portions of
the streets. And the election of a
member of the school board a few days
later came In for its share.
The bonds carried and the result
was feholtoos news to all tbe peo-
plo of the oity.. The ordinance la con
sonance with the bond election ana
providing for tbis splendid improve
ment was read a first and second time
and unanimously passed by tbe council.
A subsequent remonstrance wlin in
sufficient signatures proved impotent
and It was not until a meeting of tbe
oity council last night that a snag was
enoonntered when, as a result of the
autipathy of the saloon element, the
paving ordinance was defeated.
The only pretext offered by tne
four counoilmen, all license men, of
fered in justification of a negative
vote on the paveineut, was a change
of feeling on the part of the property
owners affected and the financial con
dition of tbe city. This subetrfuge,
however, lias been accepted by the
publio as mere sophistry and a node
display of the handiwork of tbe saloon
element to retard the growth and pro
gress of the town simply because the
alnons were voted out at tbe June
The first Plan of the saloon element
was to pass the. ordinance because a
great many of tho.e affected by the
navina tax were temperanoe people;
but when the anti-prohibition lealers
discovered that the temperance folks
wmu readv and willlnu for the pav
iuu. their tactics Tvere changed iu a
UfTv and thev dioided that there
ihould be no such substantial city
liiiiimvenieut as Daving the main
streets, following a suppression of the
Btloous. The result .is that at a meet
ing of the council last uigbt the sa
loon element of the council voted
against the pavement ordinance on
its final passage.
There Is yet one chance for paving
and that is for the members who voted
against paving to reconsider their ac
tion in the matter. It remains to be
seen whether they will do so or
whether they will staud in the way of
public improvement and a larger and
better town by "standing pat."
City Engineer F. E. Hobsoe went
dowu to Leland this morning to look
over some ore and mining property for
parties there.
The J. A. Savage family leave
next week for North Bend, where
they wll spend the summer.
Miss 8usle Baonard returned last
Friday from Arizona and Southern
California where she haa spent some
mouths for the reoupreation of lost
Mis Chloe McKenisie went to Cres
cent City this morning where she will
spend acoupleot mouths with friends.
20 per cent disoouut on hammocks
(to olose out stock) at Hair-Riddlo's.
New stock of Savage Rifles at Hair
Riddle's. flO Cash and one dollar per week
gets that handsome oook stove In Hair
Riddle Hdw. Co's. window. If yon
need a stove, now's your chauce to
get one easily. s
" We desire to express our thanks for
and appreciation of the kindnesses
shown by the Rebekah Lodge aud
many kind friends and neighbors
during the brief Illness and after the
sndden death of our little daughter
aud niece, Laura Belle Howell who
died June 24th.
NEW Top boggy, 55 (real price S0)
Hair-Riddle Hdw.- Co. Frolt pick,
lng ladders Just the thing yoa have
been wanting-at Hair-Riddle's.
New fraternal Was Christened
First Oregon Last Non
day Night.
Another fraternal Insurance order
has been added to the already large
list In Grants Pass by the Institution
of a local lodge of the National Pro
tective Legion at Woodmen tun tail
Monday night, which, in view oi us
belug tjie first .La!PH . Instituted la
the state, was Christened Hie rirsi.
Oregon. The headquarters of the in
stitution is at Waverly, New York.
District Mauager A. R. McLean or-
a.ntrnd the Lesion and goes from
here north and west to organise other
The offioeis elected for the balance
of the present term are : Jacob Meier,
nasi president; Wesley Jones, presi
dent; Gerald M. Caldwell, vltie-presl-
dent; E. B, Brown, aeoretary; wtll
ard M. Cheshire, treasurer; Alloe
Brown, chaplain; Stella Moore, con
ductor; Irwin Doudy, guard; Kaipn
Wilson, sutinel;Dr. . A. Camp,
bell, Alice Brown, Gerard M. C-ild-well,
trustees; Ada Caldwell, niosl-
Th nw Lealon will meet at Wood-
man Hall on Front street, the second
and fourth Tuesday of each inoutn.
The organlaxtioo has attained great
strength in the east aud gives prom
ise of equal growth in the west.
Holiday Rsvtes.
July 8d and 4tn speolal holiday
Railway rates effective will be one
and one-third fare to all points, lo
cally. limited to return op to and in-
eluding July fih. No stop-overs
given on these tickets. -2 2t
That our Hammocks and Comfort Chairs will
make you comfortable, our customers who
have already bought, appreciate this beyond
our expectations. We show the latest and
most Btylish designs, try them at our risk
Don't be a "Doubting Thomas," if you have
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leave judgment in your hands,