Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, June 19, 1908, Image 3

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i I
Mr. H'lmer'i Views.
Dear Editor: The prohibition vote
at the recent election in Southern Ore
gon hag been a surprise to many.
This sweeping denunciation of sa
loons comes mostly from the impure
whinker handled by many of them and
the bad coudnct resulting from the
use of bad whiskey. It is entirely
reasonable to aoppote that w heu a an
pours down into his stomach a mix
tare of high nines, creosote and to
bacco juice that he will nut only look
blear eyed at ladies, spit on the side
walk, stagger about aud insist on
blowing tlie "bloom" Into every
sober uiaus faoe, and that he will
want to lick somebody aud would pro
bably while delirious aud ciazy, much
rither be larruped himtelf thau to
go his way in peaoe. B fore the civil
war when small "stills" wra allowed
to run anywhere, make pure liquor
and sell it at 20 ceuts a gallon, there
a bat little dissipation aud very few
confirmed drunkards.
Since the civil war matters have
sone from bad to worse tight along.
I hae always believed that the
fit at doty of the geueral government
toward ttmptrauce was to sieze and
pour out luto the gutter every drop of
impure liquor wberevtr found, bnt
instead in ita blind prejudice, it has
shut down even small dUtillrrs.bnnted
them and even shot the owners and
employei for what? Why for at
tempting to make pore whiskey.
The government closed all of these
small "stills" by imposing duties aud
expenses upon them so gieat that they
even wre criveu from bosim as. They
The strongest minds have gotten their
Inspiration direct from Mature. Nature
is the great toacher of mankind. We
can look to Nature for all our needs. In
the recent Russo-Japanese war the sur-
5 eons of the Japanese navy and army
iscovered that wounds would heal more
rapidly and with better success if left to
Nature. They wished the wounds with
water which had been boiled and thus
sterilized then bandaged the wounds
with clean linen no powerful drugs or
antiseptics were used in their first aid to
the Injured. Such methods resulted in
the loss of only 32 out of fiH2 men treated
In a naval hospital for their wounds. It
Is only from lack of observing Nature's
laws that most of us suffer at one time
or another from indigestion, impure
blood and a generally run-down system.
Our remedy lies In Nature's laboratory
deep in the fragrant woods where are
many American plants, the roots oi
which when properly treated will sup
ply a health-giving tonic
Many years ago a physician who had
an extensive practice among the afflicted
made a striking departure from the usual
methods of his confreres in medicine he
went straight to Nature for the cure ol
those stomach disorders w hich resulted
so often In an anrnilc condition, or Im
pure blood, less of appetite, pale or
pimply skin, feeling of lassitude and
weakness. He found that the bark of
the Klack Cherry-tree, the root of the
Mandrake, Stone root, Oueen'a root,
Bloodroot and Golden Seal root, made
Into a scientific, non-alcoholic extract by
the use of glycerine, made the best altera
tive and tonic. The refreshing influence
of this extract Is at once apparent In the
recovered strength of the patients the
vital tires of the body burn brlirhtur and
their increased activity consumes the
tissue rubbish which otherwise may
poison the system. This alterative and
tonic extract has been found to stand
alone as a safe, Invigorating tonic, as It
does not depend on alcohol for a false
stimulation, but is A'mure't mim method
of strengthening and cleansing the sys
tem. It tones up the stomach and the
blood in Nature's own way. It is well
known all over the world as Pr. Pierce's
(iolden Medical Discovery. The name
was slven to this vegetable compound
because one of the Unuortant ingredients I
was Golden Seal root. Such an
authority as Dr. Kolierts Itartholow, of
Jefferson Medical College, says "very use
ful as a stomachic toulc. Cures catarrh
of the stomach and headaches accom
panying the same." Dr. tirover Coe, In
his book Organic Medicines, speaking of
(iolden Seal root, says that "as a liver
kivlxorauir It has few equate.' Further
he says, "in chronic Inflammation of the
bladder we deem It one of the most reli
able agents of cure. As a tonic In the
convalescing stages of fevers, pneumonia,
dvsonlery and other acute diseases Hy
drastis (Golden Seal root) is peculiarly
Dr. Coe continues: We would here
add that our experience has demon
strated the Hydrastis or Golden Seal root
to be a valuable remedy in bronchitis,
laryngitis, and other affections of the
respiratory organs."
Of service in chronic catarrh of the
Stomach and bowels following abuse of
alcohol, a tonic after malarial fever.
Has a distinct, anti malarial influence.
Good ra all catarrhal conditions, as
uterine catarrh, leucorrhcea, etc. II a
curative agent in chronic dyspepsia."
Hobart A. Hare, M. D., University
of Pennsylvania.
Prof. John M. Scudder in Specific Med
ication says: It stimulates the diges
tive processes, and Increases the assimila
tion of food. Uy these means the blood
is enriched, ana this blood feeds the
musculsr system. I mention the mus
cular system because I believe it first
feels the increased power Imparted by
the stimulation of Increased nutrition.
The consequent improvement on tbe
nerveut and glandular systems are
natural results.
In relation to Ita general ejects on
the system, there is no medicine in use
about v Mrh there it such general unan
imtry of opinion. It is universally re-
Eerded as tha tonic useful In all de
ll it d states."
A (tor many yean of study and labo
ratory work Ir. R. V. Pierce produced
the most happy combination of this
Golden Seal root with otter efficacious
roots enhancing and Increasing In cura
tive power these native plants from our
American forests by the addition of chem
ically pure glycerine, of proper strength,
which is far better tban alcohol, both
for extracting and preserving the medi
cinal principles residing In plants. Glyc
erine itself Is useful In medicine to sub
due Inflammation and by cleansing the
membrane of the stomach of abnormal
secretions aids In the cure of dypepsia,
and stomach and Intestinal troublea.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser 1 Jti pages. It sent free. on receipt
of stamts. to nav ei Dense of mailing onu.
Send 21 one-cent stamps for the book In
aper covers, or si stamps for the ciotn-
und vo l me. Ad(tres nr. rt. v . fierce.
6ul Main Street. Buffalo. N. Y.
had to have an inspector whose salary
was five dollars per day and one mill
on the gallon for inspecting govern
ment meters at from ens thousand
dollars np; a tax of 13 per gallon on
the ontpnt ; a federal license, govern
ment seals, bonded warehons end
many other reqarie'nents i missed
with tbe special idea in view i f clos
ing the distilling down. Tnix sme
revenue law whiuh made it uiterly
impossible for a small "still" to oier
ate and make pore whiskey I v law,
placed no restrictions whatever npoo
the wholesale liquor dealer or saloon
keeper. While the TJuited Stat s in
spector of a small still strott d abont
its premises in foil charge o' its en
tire business, with authority over the
proprietor, the wholesale liquor detlcr
aud saloon keeper had no one id watch
them; tbey could aod many 1 l pro
duce at will any rotten articln of
drluk they saw fit by eimply buying a
government linen se.
In this repert the condi.ct f the
government has ben aim' st if not
quite crimiual blind nrejndi. e to
ward the small distiller in his ra
pacity in the making of pure wi iskey
and criminal in licensing ui ni runs
ot'iers anyone so disposed, i flood
the country with imporx whiskey
made of seductive bloodheatin., dan
gerous drngs and it hs coimiv d at
the nte of it by the public in general
and from this source has come in -t of
the present degradation, a t'm when
men with terse to realize the impos
sibility of resisting the vile dupe.
When once a mans system b
impregnated with it, wabble up to the
polls in this Juue election dav bv the
dozens and rote "dry. "
Sacb has beoome the misery from
this polluted source that it l i be
come diffionlt if not impossible for a
decent man to conduct a well regu
lated and orderly saloon, even though
he kept pure liquors behind hi. bar.
The government has clearly caused
most all of this disgusting business
by itt narrow policy and i rejndice it
has taken prematurely, many a father
and promising boy from the home
fireside and hurried from among us
many a shining intellect; made howl
ing fools of many of oor bext boys
and the hands of the Injured go up in
holy horror at the spectacle presented ;
the opportunity being presented both
those who were sober and tlx se who
were drunk marched op to tlm polle
together and voted the "lid rn."
The making of pure whinkfv, the
seiaiog'ofall impure liquors with
proper legal regulations of the sale of
it wonld probably have been a better
solution, bat better no whi-kev at
all than present conditions.
There has been oragnized effort
which has been sncorsvful in diiviug
oat the saloon. Let us now into
account saloon substitute. Let
"eternal vigilance" be the watchword
and, with God as onr leader, go for
ward to greater victories.
Many think tbe W. 0. T. V. have
the drinking fountain in r hrg , but
this is a mistake. When the f nutaln
was completed, fully equipped with
cooler, caps, etc., and piec ted to
the oity, our connection with the
uiauageineut ceased and the ty now
has fail control.
Boone County, Mo., is one of the
counties that bas recently vnt d out
the saloon. In view of thi- fact, the
Boooe County Medical Societv pi dged
its members not to give in,n. r pre
scriptions for any cause I v d-ntly
these pbysioiana do not find :qoor
necessary as a medicine and sre not
willing to assist anyone in evasion of
tbe prohibitory law.
Physicians assembled in i nnnal
meeting in Chicago during ii e first
week of Jane expressed their com
mendation of tbe work of i'-ntifio
temperanoe-instrnotion in In
augurated and supported by th- W. C.
T. U. The Alonini banquet f North
western University Medical N (v ol is
said to be tbe largest alumni b nquet
ever held in tbla country. A''ont 800
phy si leans were persent and t'.rr- was
not one drop of wine at lh tj In Dr.
C. H. Hughes of St Loo I- Hid "If
there is one thing more than another
that has Impressed Itself up u tbe
medical profession, it is th i lustra
tion of that old truth, proti need a
great many years ago, that v. me is a
mocker, and that whoso er is de
ceived thereby Is not wise. The man
who sees the effects of tUxilwl as re
vealed In tbe laboratory, w o nh s tbe
degenercy that has come tb oti.h the
use of alcohol, as I have s - it in
examining men for tbe aimy hen
we see all this we can no longer
coontenanne the nse of alcoh 1. " Dr.
J. U. Kellogg said "I believe that if
medical men would take bo d of this
question earnestely we en d abolish
the'nbe of alcohol from'our lattice. "
The supreme court of lllino has de
nied a motion for the reb' anng of a
test case brought by the brew iig io-
whose sympathies
the saloon onder-
done, aud is now
a home in the
terests of the state in an effort to in
! validate the local option law,
"Poverty never drives a man to
drink nnless he wants to go: but
; driuk drags a man to poverty, whether
he wants to go or not."
"It cannot be said that a saloon safe
I guards auyttiii'g or anybody. It
militates against everything and
everybody. Ita hand is against every
man, woman and ohild the world
Do the mothers
seem to be all for
stand what it hat
doing? Scarcely
country has not been touched by ita
evil hand, dliectly or indiectly; and
if these mothers who should be heme
keeps, KNEW, wonld they lend their
inflnenoe to that which wrecks bos
bands, loads aunt to destruction aud
breaks hearts? Surely none of THEIR
loved ones have gone down to the
gutter and the grave through driuk I
But what of those who have thus gone
down? Do not the bnrdeoa of misery
borne by those whose loved ones have
been lost to them appeal to the
mothers heart everywhere? May the
entire motherhood awaken and be
aroused to btoader sympathies for
and active, earnest service in be
half of those, w hu have suffered and
are.we.try of their sufferings.
A widening field of inflnenoe is the
medal ooutest work as demonstrated
by the following. From tbe floor of
a hay wagon diawn np to the side
walk a voting lU'dftl contestant girl
recited "A Terrible Charge," In a
recent street meetiug arranged by the
W. U. T. U. Iu the crowd that
gathered was a manufacturer of
pbonographio records who waa so
imprested with tbe logio of the argu
ments presented, as well as with the
clear-toned delivery of the earnest
young orator thai he made his way
through tbe audience and secured an
appointment for the yoang girl to
"speak her piece" iuto the phono
graph. The man ia traveling through
the Southern states ia the iuterest of
his business laud this temperance
piece is to be nsed as one of his ' 'show
pieces." So the tempernace seed ia
to be scattered far and wide. Thus
does the work go far beyond the ken
of the worker. " A Terrible Charge, "
is tbe same pieoe so ably delivered
by Earl Doxsoe at the recent rally in
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From Grants Puss, Ore.
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O.ner.1 Agent, C.R&Q.i (ft rAt .A
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