Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 08, 1908, Image 8

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Stawberries daily
Will soon have those
that are home grown
j. p in dee
Front Street, Grant Put, Ore jon
t t t t t ... ....t....... .T..TTT fT T,
J J I J J I 1 4 14 J I ""-'
t t I .t..l. .... it iTiiTiiTnTiiT
Qaite a number attended ttie clrons
at Grants Pass April 20.
O. M. Rexford and wire were
Tin Horn of Grants Pass Thursday.
Mrs. Qeo. W. Meek and two daagh-
tern. MIm Carrie and Bertha, made
Grants Pane visit Saturday.
Willie Farrii was visiting friends
and relatlrei of thil place last Sun
day, while en route to Ashland and
.front there to the saw mill 33 milea
east of Ashland. Mr. Farrii hai
worked for Mr. Henkle the past three
or four summers.
Hay, hare yon Men those new MoCor
tn io mowers and rakors that Hair-Bid'
die Hardware Oo. have Jost received ?
If not. tou ought to at onae. Ther
are the best yetT
Miss Sadie Staub, one of Missouri
Flat 'a prominent young ladies, is goiog
to Visit her grandparents before long.
There was nioe social dauce at
Kubli hall May 4. Everbyody re
ported having bad good time.
J. W. York went to Oranta Pass
one day of last week.
1 E i: It l N 0
If some of our Eastern friends could
aee oor oruhards now, they won Id
think that Oregon was indeed the
flower garden of the world. Did umr
tal ever witness a more brantiful
sight T
Priinnry election has done oouie and
atone and souia of the Observer's
"weak candidates" exhibited a mar
volocis degree of strength. Dr. Suiitli
for instance. The suit Instituted
mouth piece of the Josephine Rrpub
lioaus great ou prognostications. Take
another drive into the mystic future
The following residents of our val
ley were In your burg the past week.
Tomuiie Oilllgan, T. D. Collett.
i'bas. Kruine aud .A. I. Reynolds aud
K. M. Albright
We are having a very flue rain to
day aud we ouly hope it will not be
followed by a frost tonight, which is
almost certain to happen if the clouds
clear away.
Mrs. 1). L. Webb drove over to
Kerby Monday where sue engaged
Mies Klile Kohler to teach oar school
which is to begin ou May 17th.
Miss Annie Peterson viated Satur
day aud Huuday with Mls Mse Webb,
ou Moudity aud Tuesday with Mrs. K.
M. Albright.
Did you know yoa oould get a 47
Inch Amiiriuau Field Kenos at Hair
Kid lie's for only AO eeuts a rod.
That's cheaper than making rails
We were a visitor at the famons
IiOgnn placer in Inn Monday of hint
week ami we feel that our trip was
pleasant mid very instructive. As we
were not aware before of the won
derful achievements in hydraulic
machiurry. The plant installed at
this mine is modern aud strictly op
to date, and the only thing about the
whole concern we regret to see is that
beautiful meadow of one huudred
ores or more torn to pieces aud
floated away all for the lust after the
gold. Jim is. surely doing his share
of tearing this old world to pieces.
We aaw our neighbor, Sam Kgger,
wrestling with a giaut at this mine.
aui had the right hand upper hold
and was still ou his feet when we left
Nearly SO years ago Pappie Rey
nolds and his good .wile, at that time
th in toe prime of life, settled on a
q narter section of laud on .the stage
wad near the month of Elk Creek,
itwesailea from here and JUve from
Waldo. Ills doors have uevsr own
looked and sever ha it been kuown that
any one went away from his place
hungry. He Is the first to a neighbor
la sickness or distress, has been known
to board stranded stranger for two j
months In a stormy winter free, and
borrowed money to get bim to Cre
oent City by stage. He also raised
money during past hard times and
paid his neighbors taxes. All this is
oouceded by bis many friends and
neighbors. And now he is old and
infirm and there are vindictive persons
who claim be has oonnterbraodd a
measly, bow-legg-d six bit steer. Can
this be that a Josephine oonnty jnry
says yes. All of Elk valley say, no.
Dear White Ribbon slBters, let ns
not neglect the "Call to Prayer."
Let us couut Ood in, and pray with
out oeassipg that this enemy of all
that Is pore, may be driven oat and
oar country be free from the blight
ing corse of ths liquor traffic.
"Only a band of children whom the
prohibition cranks have on parade"
was a remark made last Sonday when
the Sunday sclool children of our
oity, under the au.pice of the
Womans Christian Temperance Union,
marching through the streets to the
Christian church, helped to make the
Temperance rally one long to be re
membered, helped to make King Al
cohol tremble with the thooglit
"these children will grow op," and
with their pore, young voice', helped
to swell the chorus "Oregon is going
Said a traveling man: "The town,
which a fnw years ago, I avoided for
lack of trade, I now do the most bosi
ne.s in became they have voted out
the saloons."
"My sod and my husband do not
drink therefore I do not see aa there
la any thing for me to do." So said
n. other in oor hearing. How many
wot hen have felt their own to be
safe from the cure ouly to realize
some dark day that the sword had
fallen on their own. God pity the
woman who can find nothing to do
to help to save the sons and hus
bands who are daily goiog oown
victims to the greed of the liqoor
Our saloon brothers tell ns over aud
over again thai more liquor is oon
sumed under prohibition than under
lioeuse laws. My near brothers, are
you not in the business that yoor
wares may be osed? Then why do yon
fight ths prohibition fanatics if their
methods of dealing with your trade
iucresse your sales? If you are oon
siteut, and believe your own argu
ments, you will vote for prohibiion
for the sake of your bninesss.
The Sunday school iovites all to at
tend its services at 10 a. in. eoch Son
day. The school la progressing stead
ily. "Promises from Patnios" is the
theme at 11 a. m. "Neglect." the
eveuing sermon at 8 o'clock. Every
one most cordially invited to these
The pastor preaches on the subject
"Progreas and Patience" at the morn
ing service at 10 :;),". The evening ser
vice at 8 o'clock will be given to
"Local Option". Rfireientive citi-
seus will epeai at that time. The ! Portland, Jane 8th to Joue 18th.
other meetings of the day are as usual. 1,0 "topovers glveu on above tickets.
The Bible school meets at 1:45 in I r the conventions tickets may be
charge of Sopt. Hackett; the Junior j Purchased three days priorto or on the
Union at 3 p. in. aud the Seulor Young , opening day, nd are good to return
People at 7 p. m. Genevieve Patillo a,1T t,mB within two days after meet-
leads this service on the topic." Being Inge olose. tor further information
a Christian in Oor Work and io Oor CftU ' ,ne aouot-
Play". Yon are cordially luvited. R. K. MONTGOMERY.
The campaign for the destruction of
the oodlin moth is now on in Rogue
Riter valley aod how to successfully
contend against this the hardest to
eradicate of all the pests is the problem
that is np to the orcbaridsts. how to
spray and what solution to use is well
known to all progressive froit.growers,
for experience has taught them that by
using aa arsenate of lead solution ap
plied to the trees ander a heavy pres
sure in order to drive the spray
through the foliage ana to oover thor
oughly every part of the froit will so
protect the apples or pears that it is
possible to have 88 to 99 per oent
fruit free of worms.
Bat when is the time to spray to do
the moot effective destruction of the
oodlin moth has not been definitely Bat
tled by iven the leading horticultur
ists and by the entomoloigsts of the
agricultural colleges. This indefinite
ness as to ths date to spray is caused
by the fact that the codlin moth has no
regular period of the season for hatch
ing. Climatic aud other, causes not
folly known to entomologists cause a
variation of two to three weeks each
spring and summer in the date of the
appearance of the two broods of moths.
Last spring, according to observations
made by G. W. Taylor, frnit inspector
for Jackson coonty, aod by L. D. Har
ris, manager of the Bear Creek Orch
ard, the first brood of moths made
their appearance in the vicinity of
Medford about May 23. This spring
these experts announce that the moths
began to appear last week, the first
moth to appear from the cocoon was
on May 8, as noted by Mr. Harris In
breeding cages he bad onder observa
tion. The first moth noted by Mr.
Harris last spring was on May 33, and
it was on this date that Mr. Taylor
found the first moth in his oages. As
the climate of this part of the valley
is about the same as at Medford the
moths will appear here nearly on the
same date as there. Therefore orch
ardiats should spray at once, aud
again the last of next week.
It was expected that observations
would be made in this county upon
hatching periods of the codlin moth
tut H. O. Batebam, who had consent
ed to undertake the task on the re
quest of the Fruit Growers Associa
tion, found himself so orowded with
the work of fitting np his new home
in Froitdale district that he could not '
possibly get the time to prepare the
cages, oover a tree and secure the co
coons. He will, though, observe the
hatching of second rrood and give the
froit growers ample notice as to the
time to spray. Mr. Bateham hot re-1
cently moved to this county from
Hood River, where he was one of the
leading orcharding aud nurserymen of
that famons fruit district and he was
alio deputy froit inspector for that
county. He is thorooghly posted on all
features of the fruit pest problem and
as he is a public spirited man aud very
willing to give the fruit growers the
full benefit of knowledge his locating
here will be greatly to the benefit of
the froit industry of Josephine county.
N the swim" so far as clothes are concerned; that's
the condition of every man who wears our fine
clothes; we've got the
stuff that gives distin
ction and character to
a man s iooks; maae
for us by
You'll find the most
exlcusive dressers
clubmen, college men,
business men all
wearing these perfect
clothes; and you'll
find a lot of them
ready for you in our
rzz&tex mr mum m
1 wwn
Lots of
Copyright 1908 by Hart Sc Marx OIU1C.
Come on in; the clothes are fine
New Spring Shirts, Hats, Underwear, etc.
special bargains just now.
Geo. S. Calhoun io.
Convention Kales.
Ou the follow iug occasions tickets
will be sold on the certificate plan at
Grauts Pans for one aod cue third
tare for the roond trip:
I Grand Kueauiptutfnt, Rebekah As
, seiubly and Grand Lodge I. O. O. F.
1 at Salem May 19th to May 31tt.
Graud Lodge A. F. aud A. M., aud
1 Grud Chapter R A Masons of Oregon,
JUNE 1 to 6, 1908
Till be ths mott brilliant
ever held in ths Pacific Northwest
Portland. "The Rose City," will be 1
scene of splendor and the center of
world-wide interest for one week
Several important conventions to be
held io Portland on that occasion
"Indian" Motorcycles
All Light Machinery Repaired eit
HouihOlh Street, below Bottling Works, Phone 523
The oaiial services will be held at
Rethnay Presbyterian Chorch. Rev.
A. R. Dodd will preach both moruiuit
and eveoiua at 11 a. in. aud 8 n. in .
respectively. Suuday School at 10 a.
tn. and Y. P. S. C, E. at 7 P. M
The Interior of the chorch ha. now
beeu reuovated, redecorated aud the
eutire lighting system chauged, aod
ne meiuoers or me ennren will gladly , Sherman rr..t
elctmie all to oouie and enjov the
service with them. A special feat a re
is ths excellent music by a well trained
ON JUNE 1st and 3d
Will sell speci.ul tickets on
this occasion from Grants
Pass to Iortland and return
R. K
I Do Not Be Mistaken.
j I wish to correct the fallacious ini-
prensiou eutcrtained hy art it s who
j have been led to believe that they
I might secure water from the Hecktis
springs ou the Shermau tract north
of the city for domestic purpose, be-
cau,e this laud might be undi r the !
pipe lines to lie constructed 0:1 the COUNTY TRF AQI1RFB '?
Local Agent
Cietieral Passenger Agent
I wish to wake it clearly understood
that none of this water will be sold
to other parties .and that its ose will
he confined strictly to my East Side
addition, except ,ooe other tract
which I am negotiating for now and
At the clone of the annual confer-
euo last Saturday eveuimt of th Knu
Methodius held at Portland last week u 111 w an".t,1,nc MvT-
the followins n,w,lnt,i . - "B.KMA.
Grants Pass district were read :
Urauts ;Pas district NT. Welter.
presiding elder; Grants Pass, Wood
ville aud Seluia, to he supplied. Mnr
phy and Missouri Flat and Williams
Orek, A. W. Conutrvman: AsMan.l
and Tangent. L. R.
i noeaix ana intral Pn ni H v
Kreider; Klamath Falls, t.' u
Creecy. J. H. Brown, conference
missionary. J, O. Hockett, sspsr-
umerary. '
S. Geyer, a Ittle man from Walla
Walla. Wash., arrived in Grants Pass
yesterday and ex poet a to spend the!
summer here. Mr. Oeyer though 33 !
years of age is but four feet and three !
inches in heiirth. He says that his
iwo Mothers, both younger than he,
are big husky fellows, and that he is
the ouly one of small stature in the
There are funds in the treasury to
pay all warrants reigstered jriorto
May 10th, 11)05.
Interest will cease from this aate.
May 8th, 1908.
8-8-4t Treasorer ef Josephine Oonnty.
Going Camping thla Summer.
Tea, to be Good,
should be free from artificial
coloring it should be pure.
Folger's Golden Gate Teas
are pure healthful -freshing.
Six flavors
M (joMe
( llM OS"'
If Tea
English BreaRfaat
BlacK OBL Green
The choice of flavor
ii a matter of taste
Packed flavor-tight in dust
proof cartons.
J A. Folger Gl Co. San Francisco
Importers of Pure Teat
Fairbanks-Morse Gasoline Engines for
pumping, spraying, sawing, grinding.
Outfits complete.
Fairbanks Scales for weighing.
rairhanks-Mnrse Dynamos and Motors
I for lower and lit'ht
rairtianks Morse Windmills and Towers.
Fairhanks-Morse Oriiiders, Keed Chop
pers. Well Pumps.
All Bret quality goods at lowest prices.
Always in stock. Liberal terms. Prompt
reply 10 inquiries and quick shipments.
.. ivi lawuugue aiiu prices
Try Newport or Yaiuina. Ronnd GRANTS PASS HDW. CO Aienti
trip ticket from Grants Pass for $10
good six months. On sale daily after
June 1st Ask me for further infor
mation. R. K . MONTGOMERY,
8-8-8 Local Agent
Fly Killera, the kind that always get
them, only IS ieut at Hair Riddle's.
Grants Pass. Oregon
with friend bare.
Maggie Veatch of Eugene ar
Wednesday to spend month
Seattle and Tcoma Round Trip.
On the occasion of the visit of the
Battle Fleet I to Seattle aud Tacoma
ronnd.trip oontinnous passage tickets
will be sold from Grants Pass to those
cities as follows :
Seattle and return May 21st and 22d
rate $19.45.
Tacoma and return May 25th and 26th
rate $17.73.
Final return limit 14 days from date
of sale.
For fnrtber Information apply to
8-1-2 Agent
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Rogo arrived in
the oity last week from Lansing,
Mich., and will probably locate her
permanently G.E. Rogo at the First
National bank is their eon.