Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 01, 1908, Image 5

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I- -4, weuk and Monn merytkina you
I American Orteer.
the . .
'white house
v grocery
Wa (Ways like to meet with Sn. Brown,
fib has the coaieat home there U in town,
A "Homey" kind of home, yon know, a
Where yon can (it and port of teat your
I know of houses gewgawd to with atyle.
That when yon enter you pot on a smile
aort of aocial ahine, aa yon might (ay,
So that you'll harmonize and be an fait.
Pat oh, how dreadful tired I ahould get
If I ahould train forever with that aet.
So, give mo lira. Brown whose happy
Caa just lounge down and rest, and rest,
and reat.
Car rooma are low and broad, and quiet
Taat restful green, and all the pictures
At comfortable anglea, and you chat
la low and cosey tones and there's a cat,
C f course a cat, that y awaa there in the sun
A picture of content, like everyone.
Than lira. Brown brings out her dainty aet
tf tea things, and we know that we shall
' get
Tat Tery nicest, deareet cup of tea
Xia CHASE c SAHBOEH'S brand, yoa
know, and we
Have all of na been nsing it 'round town,
t'a always safe to copy hire. Brown.
Lyme cmumt
' .
Our first
: for the season
are here
Has again declined
1 Sugar is higher
) .
: Home grown
i Vegetables
Arriving Daily .
White House
Gf ocerv
If r Wri
' fi " " 7 Vy-'n(,r rl
- I
f The
Items of Personal
Interest. "
Mrs C L Cleveoger returned home
from Roseborg last Friday.
A B Cornell was in Modford last
0 W Jooea and E W Lllegran of
Gold Bill were in the city Sunday.
J. W. Temnle ton waa in from Ice
land last Sunday
G. H. Carner left Tbeosday for
Baker City to look after business mat
ters. J. H. Johnson, proprietor of the
"L. B." mine, waa over from Mur
phy Tuesday. .
Miss Eta Story of Ashland spent
Saturday and Sunday here with ber
sifter. Mifs Tore Story -
James Flowers, one of the hop
kings on Williams creek, was doing
business In Grants Pass last Saturday
Mrs Geo S Calhoun returned home
last week from Portland, where she
had been spending a couple of weeks
with ber'siater
Mrs. Mary DeLaoiater left Sunday
morning for her home at Pprtland.
after a month's visit here with her
daughter, Mrs E T McEinatry.
W. J. Riley has sold his residence
across the river, and with his family
left last Saturday for Portland where
they expect to make . tbelr fotore
I home.
"R.-J Orme.of Jackson county was in
i from his placer mine on Savage oreek
lauriaturday He expects to make hi?
annual spring clean-up .the early'part
I of the present month
I Mrs. A; E. Reames, wife of Die
i triot Prosecuting Attorney Reames,
was vi'aiting"",in "Grants Pass while
Mr. Reames waa attending conrt here
last week (and the fore part of this
Mrs. Burke was in from the Apple
gate Tuesday doing some shopping
with the Grants Pass merchants.
Mr. and Mrs. Burke recently bought
the Soverns place and are greatly
pleased with Josephine ooonty and
Oregon climate.
L. M. Williams returned last Toes-
day from an extended trip through
Iowa, Nebraska and "Aikansas. He
waa aooompanled on bis retorn by a
niece, little Eva Nolo of Iowa, who
will spend the summer bore.
G L Houghton, residing a few miles
east of town was in the city last
Saturday doing some trading and get
ting ready . for spring work. Mr
Houghtoo, though a Native of Maine
has lived on the Pacifio coast since
18TS. r -
D. E. Dotscn returned last week
from Hilt, Cal., where be bad gone to
consider a proposition to operate a
general store. He has not accepted as
yet, and in the event he does, will
not leave the city before the middle
the month.
Miss Kattie B'ckley of Oakland.
Ore, who has been spending the past
few months with the Misses Lucie and
Agnes George, left Monday morn log
for Portland She was accompanied
as fars a Oakland by Miss Agnes
Among those who were in from the
Applegate last Saturday waa D Lind
say, who is engaged in diversified
farming He has a nice little apple
orchard and is expecting a splendid
crop this season He has beu a resi
dent of this section continuously for
the past 40 yea re.
Ed Jones of Shan creek was in town
last Saturday looking after litigation
in tlie circuit court Mr Jones is
operating what is known as the
Rich Gulch Planer on the above creek.
The litigation bringing him here at
this time is a case involving the title
of 80 acres of placer ground on which
the Rich Gulch is situated and for
which a Mr Flanigao is contest ng
He was represented by Attorney F W
Taft of Orescent City
J II Hawkins arrived in the city
last Friday from the Happy CVnp
ruining district, just ovr the liuu in
California, being accompanied by
Henry CoHin He rerorts beay
snow on tbe'Althonse divide. He ays
there is frtm 20 to 30 feet of snow on
the north side of the hills at 'his
time, and that it is sufficiently hard
that they could walk over it without
the aid of snow shoes.
Attorney F W Taft of Cn-scent
City, one cf the promising young
legal lights in this section of Ore
gon, was in Grants Pa-s last Satur
day looking . after the interests of a
client in the present term of court
Mr Taft, 'when allied as to his lineal
descendancy said that he was 'only
a boot a forty-second cousin of the
present aspirant for the presidency on
the republican ticket, and that this
was'to along range to talk about Mr
Taft was for some time employed on
the daily papers of San Francisco and
has not sofflciently recovered frvm'the
habit tht he could lvave the city
without calling on the fraternity.
A. Rogo was in Ashland Mon-
H. C
Kinney was in Medford
Tuesday. . '
.U. H. Durham
was in Medford
W. J. Stanley waa in from Wood
ville Tuesday.
L. E. Hoover of Medford was in
town Bhow day.
. Earl Gooding of Woodville was in
Grants Pass Tuesday.
A. N. Holuian returned borne from
Dallas last Saturday.
H. V. Mitchell was over from
Klamath Falls Tuesday.
Judge Child s of Crescent City was
in Grants Pass this week.
A. A. Hyde and son L. W., were
in from Murphy Wedensday.
Representative T. J. Berry of Del
Norte Connty was in Grants Tuesday.
Hnxley Galbraith bas gone to Glen
dale where he will probably Bpend
the summer.
Mrs. Taylor of Jacksonville returned
home Saturday 'morning after having
spent a week here with friends.
B. A. Melvin of Medford came
dewn to Grants Pass in bis auto
Mies Mollie Towne, deputy connty
clerk of Jackson county returned borne
Sunday after a brief visit here.
Rev. Hall of Medford and Rev. F.
C. Lovett of this city exchanged
pulpits last Sunday.
Miss Towne of Phoenix, who bad
been visiting friends here left for
borne Sunday morning.
Mrs. V. E. Watters of Corvallis is
visiting her sister, Mrs. H. V.
C. H. Hnnt and wife aof Aberdeen,
Wash., were registered at the Palace j
Bert Bigelow, one of
the old time
waa in doing
farmers from Williams
the oirous Wednesday.
T. R. Dean, superintendent of the
Gopher mine, over on Jump-off Joe,
was in the city Monday and Tuesday.
MissElBie Ball left Monday night
for Waupon, Wis., to spend the sum
mer with her sister, Miss MaodePage.
H. V. Meade arrived in the . city
Tuesday, from Kennett Cal., having
been called here by the illness of bis
A. T. Marshall, manager of the
local exchange of the Pacific Tele,
graph and Telephone Co., waa in
Medford last Monday.
Fred Wilcox will go to Roseborg next
Tuesday, where he will aot as ticket
agent for the S. P. for the next 60
days or more.
A disastrous cyclone swept over
Mississippi last Friday causing 825
deaths and entailing terrible property
loss, besdiss rendeing thousands home
less. '
W. B. Sherman returned home
Tuesday morning from a brief visit
to Portland, accompanied by bis
daughter Myrtle, who bas been at
tending school in the metropolis.
Roy Wilson returned home Sunday
from Roseborg, where he had been
talking np the merits 'of the Tourist
gasoline gig as a means of transporta
tion. Mrs. R. A. Brown of Vancouver,
Wash., is in the city, the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Clarke. She is
en route from Phoenix, Arizona,
where she haa been spending the
Ed Burke and wife of Kerby were
In the city Wedensday. Mr Burke
is the senior partner of the firm of
Burke & Hog ue, generaal merchan
dise dealers at Kerby.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gilkey left
Tuesday for Baltimore, Md., to attend
the quadrennial conference of the
Methodht church, to which they were
elected delegate. Tbey'will be absent
six weeks or two mouths.
Attorney Ed Briggs, manager of the
Goldeu Wedge mine, over iu Gslice
district," was in the city Wednesday cn
his wa7 home from an iuiiction of
the mine. Mr. Briggs . says that his
compauy are planning ou putting in
a stamp mill this euuiirn r.
T. W. Park lift ftpday morning for
Boston, where after a brief visit, he
will be joinod by Mrs. Pack and they
will return to Grants Pass to make
their permanent home. En route
east Mr. Pack will stop iu Chicago,
Philadelphia and Pitfsborg.
K. A. Wyrkoff, ".representing the
Warren Construction Co., of Portland,
was in the city 'Monday looking over
the raving situation here. Mr. Wyc
koff 's firm is putting in a considerable
amount of bitholitio "pavement at
Eugene and will also do the paving at
Ashland, Medford and Roseburg."
; Raleigh Scott 'and ifef of Smith
River, came in frorn Crehoeut City
Wednesday acd spent the day here!
with friends. They were on their;
way to Photnix, .Arizona. They will
visit with two brothers of the former.
They 1. ft here ayjnorning and
w)ll stop at Frisco to review the fleet.
! i A Brief Record of
j$ Local Events.
Regular sevices at Bethany Presby
teian church next Suuday.
The newly elected republican coun
ty central committee will convene at
the court house at 10 o'clock tomor
row Saturday for the purpose of or
ganizing and out-lining the coming
Bill Bearing Roller Skates at Hair.
Carl Johnson aud Jas. Kellogg of
Holland, were registered at the Palace
A marriage license was issued Toes
day authorising the marital nnion of
Joseph Grasseos and Johanna Dita,
both of Josephine county.
Bosshard & Meyers have leased
the restaurant on East G street heie
tofore operated by Mrs. S. E. Fry and
took possession 'Friday. The new
firm will conduct a short order
boose aud will be open day and night.
Ralph Berry, the aeronaut, made
his first balloon ascension this season
in this oity Wednesday afternoon. H
went up nearly 8, 000 feet and the per
formance 'was witnessed by a great
crowd. He will leave for Portland next
week where he bas a week's engage
ment at The Oaks.
"TJraugieharp"waa around Wednes
day for the Granta Pass Box Co., tak
ing op their labor notes dated Febru
ary 29, 1908 and previous. The fact
ory is working a good force of men at
present and shipping about foor cars
of boxes a week.
The Medford Tribune of last Satur
day says that A. W Silsby until re
cently engaged In the awrnlll busi
ness in Josephine county and now in
terested in the Cove ranoli cast of
Ashland, bas purchased the M L
Pellelt residence property on North
Maiu street, and his family will oo
copy it The-consideration was 13760
Wire screen from 20 inohs to 48 in
ches wide at Hair-Riddle's.
Dr. Smith was called to Hugo one
night last week to dress the broken
arm of Calvin, the 19-year old son of
Mr and Mrs John Simmons The lit
tle fellow while at play on a wagon
fell off, sustaining a fraotnre of both
bones of the right forearm This re
calls the .fact that Calvin, about a
year ago juearly oat off is left foot
with an ax, whloh would indloaU
that this hoy is getting his share of
the bard knocks
Ladlos, get a can of OHINAMEL at
Hair-Riddle's and make your old fur
niture look liks new. Ton oan then
wash it with hot water without injory.
If your wife is unhappy, get her that
$55 range and the 87 pieces of kitchen
furniture (value 110) in Hair-Rid
die's window that they are offering
for . the price of the range alone, f 55,
Henry Harth, who has bean spending
a few weeks here with relatives and
friends, left Tuesday morning, for Ban
Francisco. Mr. Harth has Just ar
ranged to open np a fine stock rf high
grade gents furnishing gouria at Rose
borg some time in September, when
the new bn tiding wfll be ready for oc
oupanoy. Fly Killers, the kind that always gt
them, only 15 cents at Hair Riddle's.
Dr. Fiodley left Tuesday on bis
Europeau toor, expecting to be absent
for six months. The doctor ordered
the Courier sent to him and will thus
keep posted on what Is transpiring in.
Grants Pass and Jospehine county.
Claus Schmidt and family who recent
ly left for a three months sojourn in
G-rmany, did likewise. Really, when
one Is away from home thero is noth
ing so interesting as the weekly visit
of the home paper; and you ran have
theCourif r follow you wherever you go.
While Mrs. R. G. Scott, from north
of town was in the olty yesterday moro
iug. her faithful steed attempted to
make his ecsape north on Sixth street
while she strpp'd into the store. But
Ike Tompkins, the tonsnrial artist on
South Sixth happened to be atthe de
pot crossing, and. with his usual grace
haprened into the near end of the bog
gy as It crossed his path and stopped
the horse before any damage was done.
Talking Machines
sis amiri veias"
We sell on the easy pay
ment plan. Compk-te) stock
of records always on hand.
- KUWcLL'S MUo I 0 Ottt
Many new bicycle riders this year and we again offer the weir
known and standard
Columbia and Stearns
lines. The prices range from $25 to $7.50, according to
equipment, but every wheel is guaranteed. Our new stock is
now on hand.
Bicycle Repair Shop General Repairing;-
Nsws Notes From tha Buelneaa
' Men to Handera.
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist.
Go to Oorun (or Plumbing.
J. E. Petersoa, Pioneer Insurance Man.
M. Ulemena. Prescription Drnugist.
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron't
You will find Sammon's Vegetable
Wonder Soap at Alfred Snyder's res
taurant ou O stteet. 4-17 tf
Cash paid for Green and Dry Hides,
Fare and Wool, J. H. Ahlf. at City
Market. 8 28 tf
DeWitt's Carbolizea Witch Hazel
Salve. It is especially good for piles
Sold by Model Drug Store. 4-8 18.
Ton will find Saymon's Vegetable
Wonder Soap at Alfred Schneider's
restaurant on G tsreet. 4-84 tf
Get prices on the Alamo Gasoline
Engines and Woodsaws before baying.
J. D. Franklin, agent Office in Ran
nie'e Plumbing Shop, ' H street, be
tween th aud 7th. 4-24 tf
J. D. Franklin has the agency for
the Alamo -Gasoline Engines. Office
in Rannie's. Plumbing shop. . H
street, between 6h and 7lh. - 4-24 tf
The old reliable Grants Past skating
rink now has a ;new floor and new
skates and la the moat popular rink In
tne city.
Loeal Option Kally Sunday. -
On Sunday afternoon at 2 :80 o'clook
there will be a Loral Option Rally at
the old bicycle track if the weather
Is fair, or ahoald the weather be un
favorable, at the Christian Church.
Short addresed will be made by May
or Matlock and others and there will
be some good music The poblio Is
most cordially Invited to attend.
Bring the children.
Garfield 'Gunne(l, a former Ogden
school boy and for the last four years
in the government service as teacher
in the Philippine Islands, left Hong
Kong, China, yesterday on the start
toward America, exporting to reach
Ogden tarly in September. Upon ar
riving home he will have made a trip
around the world, will have visited
most of the well-known places and
niauy almost unheard of places in the
Far East and in Asia generally and
Europe. Hs haa visited practically
every part of the Pliilppines and
studied the people and conditions, so
that his letters home are accurate and
valuable descriptions of that archi
pelago. Its lands, its waters and its
reoples. Garfield was attending the
University of Oregon when requested
by the United States authorities at
WaPhingon to aid in the work of edu
cating the young people In those
faraway islands, so that he hits been
away from Ogden somo six years and
many persons make friendly Inquiry
about hi in and await almost im
patlenly the opportunity to welcome
him home, even if for a brief stay. It
is understood that the young man has
been requested by the authorities hers
to return to the same work and that
he promised to do so, thoonh at the
sat-riciie of purposes and ambitious
along contrary lines.
The editor of the Standard haa taken
a personal interest in the career of
this yoong worker and traveler and
knowing bis ability to ohservn aud
study iwople and things, aud toll of
tlieuj through his pen, has the hope
and expectation of getting from him,
in time some entertaining matter for
our read rs. He haa - made the
Philippines Inlands a playground
as well as a place for bard, dvoted
labor for the natives haa made Japan
pleasure, resort during vacations and
when seeking health, ami is particu
larly well qualified and preiared to
speak and write of those countries.
Ogden, Utah Examiner.
GarfMd Uunuell is a brother if
A. 11 Onnitell aud a ' former resident
of this city.
-i.'Jr,, -!.
nil! iMas i 'o- is.
May 2, Saturday. Mooting of Dimlck
Grange at Dimick school bouse at fcV
p. m.
May 4, 8 and 8, Monday, Tuesday an.
Wedensday TIih Margaret Ilea Com
pany at the opera house
May 8. Tuesday Grants Pass Poo 1 try
Kef per s Association meets at 8 p
m at Guild Hall.
May 8, Friday "Experience' sociali
st Bethany Presbyterian church' parr
May 9, Saturday Social meeting,
open to the publio of Dimick Grange-'
at Dimick shcool houae at S p. as.
May 9, Saturday Deer Greek Grange
meets at Central school house at U'
p. m.
May 15, Friday Box Supper and dnnoe
at Savage Creek Halt Every ktdy
bring a box with her nam anda.
supper for two. Danoiog free. 6-1 St..
Mav IB, Friday-Reg Istratloa books
close for election.
June 1, Monday,- General election.
Juoe 18, Monday annual school!
meeting in distrlota In Josophiasn
Young Men's Clothes
Edcrheimer, Stein Sc Co.- Makers
ONE of
; styles
you'll find where
cver good fellows
get together. Not
extreme; nor too
plain; but always
Has scored with
other young men;
See why just the.
minute you put it
. yi pairtrn la pitusr
L-2J every fellow.