Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 14, 1908, Image 2

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Practice limited to
Glasses fitted and furnUbed.
ffloa hours V to 12; 2 to 6; and oa ap
psLntmeuL Telephones 261 and 77.
tiiABH Pass, Obmo
Bes. Phone 714
Otf or oouotry cal attended night
rday tkunod U, Tuff'i building.
Office thrum 2U1.
GrakW Pass ' . Oskoom.
Oraduate American Hchool of Osteopathy,
Kirksville. Mo.
Chroule.IHsea'ies and Diseases of,Woinen
and Children a ei:ialty
Rooms 1. 2, 8, First National ISank Bldg.
I'hones; OMce.771, Hen. 7U3
OttiTi Pass Oasoos
Practloa In all SUteand Federal Court.
..Office lu.Opera IIoiste'Hulldlng.
Practices In all State and Federal Court!
Offloe over Hair Riddle Hardware Co.
Gbamti Pais, - Osseo
Dffice over Dixons Store
CJi ants' Pass, Okbcon.
Practice in all State and Federal
courts. Banking and Trust
Company's Building.
tiaiim.PAiM, , Obmoji.
OItII and orirainai matters attended to
la all the oourta.
Real eatate and Iaiuraaoe.
Offloe, 6th street, oppoelte PostofOoe,
Bth St., north of Josephine Hotel.
VIbakts Pau, - . Obioon,
Charles Costain
Wood Working Shop.
vVct of flour mill, near R.'R. track
1 amine. Hero 1 1 Work, Htair Work, Hand
Kawini.rablimt Work, Wood lulleye, baw
rtliniand auiuuini, Henainng all aludi
Priors right.
Tae Popular Barber Shop
Get your tonsorlal work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Hath Room In oonnectlon
N. E. McGKIiW,
Furniture and llano
Have you ever
seen a Sunset?
A beautifully illustrated
monthly magaxias of tbe wide
awake Wt witk fascinating
short stories, pictursjque penostai
point-of-view dWriptioa of the
Kiterssting development of tk
West, snd the romaaco aad his
tory of the woadeiUnd of tbe
Ask your loam! SMrwvdaaW
cvrreat issue or scad $1.50
rofyear'isaberriprioa. The book,
"Road of a Thousand Woadesa."
120 beautiful Westers) views h
tout colors will be included
wees) leuaao
ss) rt-ABCBce .
m ty it j WfttiH, Au uu
www ww www wwwwwwww ee'TV wwwwy
"The Apostle of Indifference" will
be the theme of Eaa P. Hughes at
tbe Bethany Cbaroti next Sunday
morning, February 1A, 1908. In tbe
evening, 7:30 o'clock, be will delive"
he third address in Uie aerie on
"Borne Facte of the Christian Reli
gion." The ipecial aspect of tbe
aabject that will be'disotused on the
ooming Sunday" evening ia"Are
Christians Narrow?" 10 arss.Bible
School superintended by H-lC-'Kip-niy.
8:00 p. m. Jr. C. ET""in church
parlori. 6:80 p. m. ..Devotional
Hoar of tbe Y.P. 8. cTeTojU
tbeae gatherings everyone IsJ2very
oordially invited.
tMorning worhlp, Sunday, Fehrnary
lfith, ia at 10:30. Tbe paator will
preach on tbe topic "Heaven on
Earth," the second sermon in tbe
serifs "The Pattern PrayerTMJ"Tne
Bible School meets at 11 :45 under tTe
direction of Roy Hackett. "Minieter
log to the strangers and the sick" will
be tbe subject of the Young Peoples
meeting at 6:90 Service iu charge
of tbe Flower Committee. The even
ing sermon will ba on the subject
"The Family of Jeans." Yon will
be cordially weloomed.
The Young Peoples Society at its
lail business meeting voted to assume
tbe support of a native Bible woman
In some missionary fluid. They have
jnstyompleted payment for the Pack
aid organ at the chnroh. Tbey alio
voted to follow the Culture Courts of
about three months "The Young
Christian and his Work." The in
oreaaed membership of the Society
shenld Insure a more enthusiastic
stndy than that of last Fall on the
"Uplift of China" aud that was the
best o'aaa to date.
There are now aomuthiug over 30
people enrolled In the Teachers Train
ing olass at tbe Christian Church.
The olass meets each Thursday even
ing at the regular prayer meeting
bonr. This ia one of the beat move
ments In recant years as it will answer
the call for effluleot Sunday Suhool
teachers. The Christian 8ooday
School la mak'ng a steady and last
ing growth. Mrs. Batman, the ef
ficient supsriutendunt and each one
of the earnest teachers are putting
forth every effort to make the Sunday
School an ideal one. A content be
tween Medford, Ashland and Grants
Pass is being planned and this will
also be very helpful. The eonteat
will lust six mouths.
The ladies of the Dorcas society
wilt soon begin a "Pare Food Sale"
each 8atarday. The society will soo"u
take the initial steps in filvtnir the
inside of the church building a neat
auad atraotive appearance.' The fol
lowing will be the ordtir of services
attbe Christian church next Sunday.
Bible School 10 a. in. Preaching ser
vice 11 a. in. Subject "The Gospel
of Doing Good." Every Christian
ahould hear this theme. Junior S u
m. Senior Endeavor 6:30 p. in. Even
ing srvicos at 7:80. Subject "The
Arrest aud Surrender of an honeet In
fldel," There are but few people who
believe there are anv lioueot iufidels.
But there are. Come and hear about
this oue. All invited to all services
at the Christian church.
Next Suuday morning at 11 o'clock
me piuiior, j n Cleaves, will nse as .
his subject: "Playing Even." At!
the close of thit service a brief chsroh j
Confereuoe will be held. The Kn-
worth League lessoiia are vary helpful :
and inatructlve. We are atadviuira1
series of lessons sn "The Example of
Jeans in Pmer. " The subject of the
Suuday night discourse will be:
"Myself and the other Fellow." We
extaud to you a cordial inviutlou to
all of onr services.
Suudy the members of the New
man ..Methodist church will have
tue pleaaure .of hearing Kev. yt. C.
Reutor, the eloquent pastor of the
ffklford chircb. Mr Heuter ill
have as ' his moruing theme : "tlvis-l
pl Dyua.uiU, and .iu the Javening :
Jibe Tweuiieth Century Samson's
Kiddle. "
Your grocer must sell
poor coffee; we can't all
be o-mfoitalilc; but he
net'dn't st 11 it to you.
Quarts blanks at the Cosrrier office
Fine commercial printing at the
Courier office.
Ctrl ATin t Meat-
UIwBt.r atreel. B.-ev.l f
C.,b,.-Impr,T, Ms Serried
..w... r.r ca..-..
Much work Is being done in cities
and towns which does not receive a
proper amount of credit This Is be
cause of the unobtrusive way In
which It is done In many Instances.
Tbe true vslue of such work would
beat te recognized If it were suddenly
to come to s stop, says Margaret Me
net In Municipal News.
Work of this nature is being done
by the Town Improvement association
of Montclatr, N. J., a pluco to make
one draw a deep breath of satisfaction J
la contemplating It as a residence.
This association, organized In 1894, is
wonting siong uie hubs mm .
beginning except In what Is being done
for children, the latter being regarded
as an Important advance step. Other
work has to do with matters which
make life comfortable In a small town.
And this Is the work the benefit of
which would best be seen were It sud-
denly to stop. It Is like that prosaic
matter of geiflng three meals a day
for the members of one's household.
No ono thinks of talking much Bl)0,,t
It, yet havoc would ensue if It were
overlooked twenty-four hours.
The ordinance providing for prompt
removsl of snow rrom sidewaiKs was
drafted and pushed through by the ef
forts of tbe Montclalr Town Improve
ment association, a work the good of
which will not be denied by city folk
who go anywhere In the country to
spend Sunday and who have to innke
an early train back Mouday morning
regardless of a bllr.iunl overnight
Street signs guiding the stranger to
hia destination were secured by this
same agency after efforts extending
over four years. Through the work of
tbe assorlatiou, assisted by Robert M.
Doyd, assemblyman, tbe amended law
providing for the collection of garbage
and ashes in towns under certain con
ditions was approved by the legisla
ture. This Is a good measure, but Is
one that needs still further attention,
some difficulty having arisen tu the
disposal of garbage. As tbe town is
allowed to contract for only one year
at a time, It Is a difficult matter to find
any one willing to equip himself with
horses and wsgous without a guaran
tee for the work for a longer period
thun twelve mouths.
From the beginning the association
has worked for Improvements in rail
road service. Trains have been added
from time to time and the schedule
altered to suit the convenience of the
public. The surroundings of the sta
tion, too, hsve been Improved. Where
once were heus of ashes and old
lumber one now sees flower beds and
grass. Instead of a plaza, dusty In
summer and muddy In winter, there
ore now good pavements.
Another line of work pursued by the
association Is the movement by the
health inspector to place In tenement
houses distinct rules, printed In Italian
and Kngllsh, to assist tenants In living
In a sanitary uianer. A sewing achoo!
Is held every Saturday In the old II
hrary building from 0:30 to 11:30. This
ork was undertaken three years ago
and has become ijulte systematized to
day. From sixty to sixty-five children
attend these classes. They commence
wl,h ,,,e simplest patch, and last year
the older girls made shirt waist suits
for themselves. Last summer the
school board assisted this work In a
fluauolal way.
Cooking classes have
been Introduced and met with success.
In order to make this work thorough
ly practical only the plainest kind of
cooking la taught.
Following up this work of teaching
the children to carry usefulness Into
their own homes, the sasoclatlou later
gave seed to tbe pupils of the Chest
uut street school snd offered a prize
for the best homo garden. In many
caaet tbe children not only supplied
their own families with vegetables, but
Bitlliu ti ..It TV. ... i m
one tnr I.
vuuiiiib, 11(1 I UK
I'.in ui Knuimi in wnion to nlaut
her seed, she miwed It In an old dish
pan which she kept on tup of a wood
pile. An effort Is also proceeding to
hsve the town authorities approve the
New Jersey luw permitting the ap
pointment of a tree plaiilliitf commis
sion and thus to place all the trees of
Moutclalr under central control.
I The Ancient Races.
j The Cro-Magnon type, which forms
large proportion of the people of
I Aqultslne, Is said to be the modern
representative of the old stone age
I people of Gaul. Neither this type nor
: the broadheads of Auvergue and Brlt
tsn. the true "Celts- of Caesar, have
been discovered in the British uim .t
I all '
Vegetarians have, as a rule, clearer
complexions than people who est ant
rtikl food.
Bicyclaa In War.
The French used tbe bicvcl. in ihti
during tbe siege of Belfort for carry-1
lug dispatches. The wheel adopted at '
that time was of course the "ordl-1
oary." Pr high wheel. This was the 1
earliest Introduction of the erele In I
the army. . I
i "Double the saloon lioense and you
rivet anew the chains of the most
aD(j onscrupulous monopoly of
( ,norellad we may
I Mjnred MMaM bnrden win
ftgt ,oDg on thfl liqoor dealers. Jt
.. . b their vea nd way-
ward vietims, paid from me scanty
wage of weary women, paid from the
earnings of Bin and shame, paid from
the pittance that should go to give to
innocent childhood a chance to live
and a right to thrive."
"As a fiical proposition, the ssloon
elands condemned. The volume of
money is not increed by passing it
through the till of the dram shop.
Laying aside the immorality of rais
ing revenue from the vices of the peo
wajving for tie moment the lack
of C0D(,titatj0Dai wsrrant Tor statutes
snd ordinal)ce, Hanging a nuisance,
, we houW b(J frauk en0Q(l to iay th,t
a reTeIjne prodncer the fystem is a
fainre y
,,The e9ol of bighir license would
( gtiU forther t0 intrench the traffic,
;cBaM the aTerage taxpayer to view it
( wUh incre8ed tohrance, double the
; lnL.entive to snek for new business and
; the time when it can be
! bolished. "
From a' bushel of corn the distiller
get fonr gguon, 0f whiskey, which
ntha Bt tl6 80i Tie farmer gets 45
cants for bis corn ; the government
gets $4.40; the transportation com
pany gets 80 cents, the owners of the
whiskey factory gets $4; the drayman
gets 15 cents; the ssloon owner gets
$7 the consumer gets drunk; bis wife
gets hungry his children get ragged ;
the politician gets office and the
man who votes high license gets tbe
fines of poisoned victims to nse in re
ducing taxes on his property. With
the exception of the consumer every
one who bat auythiog to do with the
making and selling of the stuff does so
for profit. The consumer drinks the
adulterated dope because he is ignor
ant of its real nature and effects. Let
workingmen be wise enough to cut it
out that they may have clear brains
with which to abolish the whole profit
system with its adulterated foods and
adulterated drinks.
Press Correspondent.
Now Is Best Time to Tlkke.
A well-kuown authority on Rheuma
tism gives the readers of a large New
York daily paper the following valu
able, yet simpls and harmless pre
scription, which anyoue oan easily
prepare at home:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce ; Componnd Eargon, one ounce ;
Compound Syrup Ssrtparllla. three
ounces. Mix by shaking well in a
bottle, and taks a teaspoonful after
each meal and at bedtime.
Hs states that the ingredients oan be
obtained from any good prescription
pharmaoy at small cost, and, being of
vegetable extraction, are haruilets to
This pleasant mixture, if taken
regularly for a few days is said to
overcome almost any case of Rheuma
tism. The pin,aud swelling, if any,
diminishes with eaoh dose, antil per
manent results are obtained, and
without iujuriug the Btomach.
While there are many so-callsd Rheu
matism remedies, patent medicines,
etc., soma of which do give relief,
fewreally give poimaneut results,
and the above will no doubt, be
greatly appreciated by many sufferers
here at this time.
Inquiry at the drug ttores of thit
neighborhood elicits the information
tTTat these drugs are harmless and
can be bought separately, or the
druggists here will mix the prescrip
tion for our readers if asked to. 2-14 It
A Little Too Far.
There Is such a thing as overdoing
your part," declared a man of the law
who now has the knowledge gained by
mucii experience.
"Shortly after I begun practice lu
the west I wns called upon to defend
a man who had drawn a revolver on
another and threatened to kill him.
The accused did not have a character
ibove reproach, but the prosecuting
witness was ulso sluuly iu reputation,
and I made the most of this fact. I
pictured him as a desperado of the
most dangerous type, a man that was
a constant menace to the community
and one who would recognize no other
law than that of force. Such men as
he. I Insisted, made necessary the or
ganization of vigilance committees and
Injured the fair name of the wpst
nn iv'iiiiuuuiiit'a vi vue
The Jury returned a verdict of guil
ty aud ir.y man was sentenced to a
year's Imprisonment. As soon as court
luijoonie.i foreman of the Jury
i came to ::,. end said: 'Younis feller.
you spread It 0:1 Pm thick. After that
there rl; mi vtlii' speech of yourn w e
couldn't : no:h!:r e'.i e "aa What w e
"'1 doti'r ut:derta'.:.l yov.. r'.:.'
"'Von ' jv 't W'jr. vt tci:: th
durned tt' -o' !r-!'t- V-v !-. ('.Id-:':
A l ull Car Load
Write to us for
Catalogue and
Prices : : ; :
Hair-Riddle Hahdw. 0
Wholesole Distributors for Josephine County
Grants Pass Poultry
S. O. WHITE LEGHORNS: Geo. P. Cramer, First prize at re
cent Poultry Show on cock. Cock scored 92 points and pullets aver
aged W Eggs, 16 for 1. One oockersl for $1.00.
S. C. WHITE LEGHORNS : Mrs. H. M. Parham. West Main
street at City limits. First premiums at Poultry Show, winning
on highest scoring oock with 93 points and highest scoring pullet
with 94 points. Cockerel with 92) points and pallets one with
93) and other 83). Eggs guaranteed of best laying strain, IS for
SI. Premiums cock for tale.
BUFF ORPINGTONS: O. E. Palmer, box 490, Grants Pass.
The largest of the olsan-legged varieties and one of tbe best layers
aud ohioks the hardiest. At recent Poultry Show I got first and
second premiums en cockerels and first, second and third on pallets.
Eggs for sale.
S. C. BROWN LEGHORNS: Theo. P. Cramer, with Cramer
Bros., or at residence Fourth and A streets. The pen exhibited
took one first and one second prize. Good laying strain. Eggs for
street, one mile beyond City limits. R. F. D. No. 1. At recent
Poultry Show pen won first premium and oock first prize and ben
third. Eggs now ready for hatching, 15 for 1.60. A few pallets
for sale at f 1 each.
BLACK LANGSHANS Jacob Meier, Iowa street. Won first
premioc? at recent Poultry Show. A few oockerels and pallets for
BARRED PLYMOUTH ROOKS: Three Cedars Poultry Yards,
John Summers, Prwp., Northh Sixth St. My chickens are thor
oughbred and are money skers especially bred for good layers.
Eggs for tale. Or den now taken for one day old cbicks for future
delivery. Order early.
Tea, to
f Tea
The choice of flavor f
is. matter of taste prOOt CartOnS.
J. A. Folger Q. Co. San Francisco
Importers of Pure Teas
. i-. -iniainoNa. LU B., Principal'
Educate, for success in a short time and at small .xpense, and sends each tf
Qent to a position as soon as comwimi nu... : .
i. . , r " """"J wur mono, ana reputauon ioi
borough work brings u. over 100 call, per month for office help. Individual in
Struction Insures ranM mv,. tit- . l .. . . .
. . . r r
voucher and other modern methol. r
.. , ... .reiiiBg. uiaruer Is our snortnana:
y pid, legibte. Beautiful catalogue, businea, form, and penmp
wnte todav. Reference: nw . , . "v .
Courier and
Keepers Association
be Good,
should be free from artificial
coloring it should be pure.
Folger's Golden Gate Teas
are pure healthful re
freshing. Six flavors
Japan Entflian BreaKfast
Gunpowder Ceylon
Oolong BlacK OX Green
Packed flavor-tight in dust-
imuj me loose leal, the card Index, th
i li : '.. . ' .
""7 sny newspaper in Portland.
Oregonian $2