Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 17, 1908, Image 4

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1 m
Published Every Friday.
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One Year, In advance,
HI i Uofitlm, . .
Tbree Munths, ...
Hingis Copies,
Advertleln Rate
Fomlnhed on application at tbe office, or
by mall.
Obituaries and resolutions of con
dolence will be charged for at 6c per line;
eard of thanks 60o.
Entered at lbs post oOics at Orsals Pass
Oregon, as second-class mall natter.
How long, oh bow loo are we pee
pie of Grants Pass to wait for the
Southern Paulflo magnates to make up
their minds about bsildiag that mnoh
desired cement wall on Sixth street?
Ever Has we bars occasion to wade
through thoee mad paddle we feel
like saying something that wool not
look a bit good In print aod what Is
more, it woald not be so vary conpli
msntary to ihe said dilatory officials.
In sa address to young msn re
cently, A. Beunett thee freely and op
portunely said : " Thousands of yoaog
msn srs today pining and whining be
cause there Is no opening for them.
While they sll socking their thumb,
there is work at hand to do but It
does not bolt Into them. Opportunity
doee not often hit one with a brick.
Opportunity waits for ns to grapple
with her aod take a fall oat of her.
Lassitude, Indolence, lsilnessl There
yon are I Those are the things mak log
all the trouble for oer young men."
A story is told
county farmer who
nntll everyone wss
his estimable wife
of a Kalamazoo
wore his old suit
tired of It, and
was almost as
named of tlis hustling
been inside it so long
man who has
One day be
went to town to sell his produce aiid
while there he determined to buy
a new suit and, happy thought, sur
prise Kllra. Ko he buu.lled a neat
suit Into the wagon sad drove home
ward. It was after ninht as he hur
ried homeward, and at a bridge over
a river he stood up In the wagon and
"peeled" and threw the despised old
ftlit In the water. Then he reached
for his new clothes. They were gone
bad Jolted out of the wagon The
night was cold aud bis teeth chattered
as he hurried home. He surprised
Kllta eea mure than he anticipated.
It a ustli at ulinireihiir orotilsmalical
ai to who in going to be the rehubll- i
cau presidential nominee, but not so
unceitaiu serins this matter lo the ,
lUinociutio ranks. And it would not
nr ri-o ins n y peo lo If the first lei-;
torn of Ihe name of the Ueit chief ex- ;
eoutivn of this country will be no less
a pctkonage than William JeiiiiiiiK"
Iltyan. Krer now and then we hear i
of a " llrvan republican," and H is a
very common tiling to find " Kooso
vell duiiocrals.." wo av, just
who is going to lw in line and carry
off the honors from the republican ;
side of the house seems to be units'
uncertain, but Mr. Bryan Is almott1
ooiiceled'tb nouiiustlnn fiO.u the op
The llrangirs wish lo have the f l-
lnw inir aim.ii.tiiii'iit to the Mate oon- i
. . . , w ,. t.
nitutiou passed : Section J.a I lie
legislative Aaremhly almll not, ili j
"iTetly""or"imlirei-tly. repeal, or amend,
or In anvwlse modify any act or law
enacted by the people or l g
I W' j
of the sute of Or-on iu the eieroise
of the initistve power r-eetvedlo
them by this Constitution, tbe wwer
to reeal. amend or nu.lify any
such set or Uw to l-e and r main ri
cliiHtvily in the legal vol. rs of ti e
Now as winter is here
every man needs a pair
of good heavy soled
shoos. We have sever
al special styles with
soft, easy uppers and
double soles, just the
kind for winter wear
R. L. Bartlett
Howard Bldg Sixth Si.
Tbe Observer thinks It sees in tbe
act of the county oomniissiooers mak
ing the Courier the official paper of
Josephine oounty, aomeklnd of trick
ery. We are astonished at the vitriolio
manner In which the editor of that
sheet pitches into the eominislonera
and the Courier. Guess be mnit feel
pretty badly over the matter. For
tbe facts io the case, we refer onr
readers to tbe oommanication from
Judge Jewell, found elsewhere in to
day's Courier.
J By Old Man Smith
No one can fail to observe the ten
dency of tbe time In the rising of tbe
oonimon people against the special
privilege of predatory wealth, the
relegatioo of the political brs to the
rear and the improved moral tone of
municipal state and general govern
ment Tbe people are coming to their
own. It is teteral step lo advsnoe
to have the recommendation of the
Postal Saving Bank and the Parcel
Post in a Presidential message and in
the report of a Cabinet officer.
Doubtless there will e opposition, de
lay, snd temporary defeat before these
wholesome measure become law.
Bat the people will get them If they
go for tbetu through their duly con-
stiierea representatives. Tnsy srs
not visionary schemes of impractical
sthoslasts but proved and tried
scheme of a businesslike administra
tion of governmsnt. But it is humil
iating lo coufess that European gofer
meats have shown as the way in these
matters and we have been too slow to
follow. There oogbt to be one end of
special advocacy of such Inevitable
publlo benefit. But loo often the head
of some organized system of plunder
may be seen restrainlg our law maksrs
front effecting those reforms that the
reonle want and have a riubt ,i t -
, .
n ,:, ,,
('allot tho initiative and referendum
are attempts at feeling our way along
the pathway of popular government.
Mistakes are inevitable when uew
methods of government are in a for
mative condition. Put it is evident
that the days of the ward striker, the
politicsl boss and his heuchmau, the
griudiug monopoly of the trust msg
uateH and the slavish subserviency to
the party whip are numbered. So
aiots it te.
So T I hnl, died aud Ouiri reigned,
but a change of masters brought no
change in the people. If you want to
know how, why, aud w hern fore, rtad
the li'tli chapter of the llcok of Kiugs.
Tibni and Ou'ri are with us today.
If all that Ilia Tibuites say about Ihe
Omritea is true they ought to be iu
the penitentiary aud if all that the
oiurites say about Ihe TiUiitca is true
they on glit lo lie ia prisuu, snd If all
that each psrty says about itself is
true, well there -that is partisan
It is something new nuder the sue,
despite the ancient proverb, thai the
most promising candidatefor the presi
dency is no at all at least
to fur at his owu rS'Uial endeavor
gees. The old man will forfeit a
whole dull
f doughnut if be is not
liucss his name.
cn the policy of prohibi-
i lion purely upon
oncmical grouuds
has been
iggettetl and is hereby
Who will suggest the
called f, r.
nauii's of th
A goodly e-hnre .
I'l'.g'nud In I i.ruvt
I't.t' 1 uuea fu 111 t'.e
f Ithe History ,.f
in s single word,
laud of the North
swooped down upon ths Britons and
found a little body of water to which
they gar their name for water
Warn The beleaguered Britons
begged their nearest neighbors, the
Saxons to come and help them expel
the Daoes. Bat the Saioni liked tbe
country io well that they itayed and
bare beeo stay tag ever since. They
fonud the little body of weterto which
they attached their word for water-
Beck to tbe Danish name aod celled
it Wanebw k. Now the modern Erg-
lieb call it Wanbsck water.
" Too may tell tbe good people of
Grants Pass that if everything goes
nicely, we eipe t to give them one of
tbe nicest, best equipped and most
up-to-date plant in Southern Ore
gon," was the way Geo. G. Pail, the
well known laundry msn, who has re
cently taken over the local plantspcke.
"Yes." be continued, "We have
again taken bold of this laundry and
if the people will oely give ns another
chance to redeem the reputation of
that institution. Yon see, we have
new msn, B G Banks, of Portland.
an experienced laundry man to come
aid take complete charge of this
plant He is thoroughly up-to-date
and knows all about the business.
We propose to secure the very best
equipment that can be bad for good
money. Already we have placed an
order for a fine collar machine, which
is manufactured back in Varmont
stale and which is pronounced su
perior to any other make. ..
'And say, to give you an idea of
bow we propose to run things, we will
bave a standing offer of 25 cents
which we will give to any and every
customer who finds single finished
garment we aend out which 1 with
out one or more buttons.
"Yes, we will have a 'new driver
and thoroughly renovate the business
and will strive to build op Ihe patron
age, whloh we bope to merit, and it
will be ours If honest, persistent
efforts will bring it to ns. And aay,
if tbe volume of business increases as
w hop and confidently expect that it
will do, we- will erect a new and
thoroughly equipped boildiog for this
plant So yon see, . w are planning
great Ibiogsor Grant Pas sad only
ask the people to lend us their assist
ance merely In giving us an oppor
tunity to show them that we can and
will torn out the very best work
Mr. Peil remarked that the busloss
hsre had fallen off very materially
loo be disposed of It some months
ago and that now It only footed op
1137 per week. When it gsu;to be
1200 per week, he say the new
boildiog will be forthcoming and be
believes that this time will not be
very far distant
In conclusion, Mr. Peil make a
request of Grants Psss people thst
they oome to lied ford aod inspect the
flue plaal be has there estblished.
He says that be propose to duplicate
that plant hsre, building audll, if he
only receives enonragemeot from the
reople here. He remarked that Med
ford people bad been very loval to his
plsut and he thinks this city in every
respect as progressive and the people
are as up-to-date here as there. As a
matter of fact he thinks thai bs may
eventually return here to reside. For
the present he will return here every
week, to give the laundry his personal
List Your Timber
llerziuger & Mitchell.
12-20 tf
Remember 1
When vou wish an easy shave,
As good as barbers ever gave.
Call at The Josephine Tousorial Par
We cut ami dress the hair w ith grace,
To suit the contour of tbe face.
The place is nat, the tow els are t h an
The e.'iisor sharp, the razor keen
And everything, 1 think you'll tlnd
To ssuit the taste and please ttie
Ladies' and Gent's Slice Shining.
I 10 it A W SCOTT. Propr.
Stock Ranch
ON account rf poor health I nms
sell niT place cf IT.? acres
is Uh liouseliold, a few ftm"
lug tivls. Ham. New Small House,
On-hard, SO Acres Kuh I'ottiin
ipar'ly cleared! Land, rest i pen
K-uch lend, tine outside rauge.
S or 4 acres Alfalfa, off which 1 cut
ft crops, good Hat. also 1 j head of
Mied Cattle. All goes for : an
acre Ou Kogue Kiver. Address
Agness, Curry Co. OR.F-.
The Portland Commercial Club has
offeied a number of valuable prizes ss
was seen in the last Courier and Rev.
W. G. Smith is competing for ooe or
more of these. Here are tome ex
tract from one of bis best articlts,
which is taken from the Williams
port, Pa., Newt:
"Oregon apples and pears, who
know thir equal? Do yon know their
quality and the profit of tbe froit in
dustry in favored sections of Oregon?
Other part of the state may equally
surprise yon bnt this article is in
tended to acqaint you with the won
ders of the Rogae River valley as a
froit producing paradise, and that
you may be convinced ooncrete exam
ples will be given. You need not ac
cept the estimate of tbe producers.
but rather that of the oonemsrs, as
expressed by the prices tbey are will
ing to pay for fruit coming from
this valley, prized not only for their
exoellent flavor but also for their on-
excelled keeping quality, pears being
annually shipped tothe remotest cities
of the United Slate snd Canada, and
apple to these and the principal
cities of Europe.
Thi fertile valley, comprising
100,000 acres adapted to the product
ion of various kinds of froit and
nuts, only 80,000 of which is yet set
to trees, lies jnst west of the Cas
cade mountains, the southern end
almost touching tbe California line.
Jasl before descending into Ibe valley
from the sooth tbe Southern Pacific
crossing the Siskiyou mountains, a
spur of the Cascades extending to
ward the coast, an elevation
of 4125 feet aud at the head of Ibe
valley, the streams flowing north,
passe A. D. Helms' orchard, which
lias been pronounoed by an expert
New York fruit man as the finest ap
ple orchard in the United States, and
for which the owner has refused an
offer of 1-5000 perl" acre. 14 expected
to net $20(0 per acre this year. Six
miles beyond this orchard is tbe city
of Ashland, elevation 2000 feel, which
because of it rare and healthful
climate, pure water, orisp and juicy
fruit and vegetable, which are com
mon throughout th valley, Is fast be
coming resldeat city to which peo
ple are resorting from all parts of the
United States. An excelleat ana
well attended Chautauqua ia main
tained here sacb summer.
In 1906 It wss thuught by many that
the climax had been reached in the
price received for Ihe fruit crop aod
that sacb price 'could not be hoped
fer in th future, bat the r resent sea
son has again changed the world's
record, which for pears lsst year was
held by J. W. Perkins, of Msdford,
wbe received 18.20 Iper SO pound box,
13450 for a car load in New Ycrk
city, being about 12 cents per pound
wholesale. This yssr G. A. Morris
received $8.40 per hoi in the same
market. On the D. B. Solits place is
a single tree, 40 years old, which
hss borne without miss since the fifth
year, aud last year yielded 36 boxes,
and this year's crop brought 224 in
the New Ycrk market. Thiuk of
hat au sere of such trees would
yield esch year, pears ruuning from riO
to 75 trees to the acre. Last year F.
H. Hopkins sold the crop from 15.4
scris fer I'JOtiO, and this year from
18 acrts for fl.C(K) f. o. b. shipping
station. Last ysar J. G. Uore re
ceived for the crop from seven aens
$1045. and this year fSWo.
The financial stringency has some
what delayed the Bale of this year's
spple crop and returns from some cf
the best orchards are not in yet, but
prices are better than lsst year, when
C. R Heimroih received tilH from 4J4
acres of SpiUenberg and Newtown
Hippiu apples, W. H. Norcros $!4tl0
for six acres, J. tt. Ooie $4'2."2 for 5'v,
seres aud S. L. Bennett tlUSS for 1 Si
a' re.
It is not strange therefore that or
chards coniiug iuto bearing are sell
ing at from I4111 to $'"0H per acre, and
good fruit land at $l"0 to $250 per
acre. Hears begin to bear in the third
or fourth aud apples the fifth or sixth
years. About two years ago F. E.
Fayno bought 40 acres for $i'0O0, kept
it one year and sold to J. K. Watl for
$12 100. aud toe latter sold the same
the past summer for $'.'.". OaK).
Five years sgo J. A. Ferry, secre
tary aid manager cf the Xledford
Fruit asfiviation bought ,i4 acres fur
$M.'00, set ;'0 acres to trees and so d
the place recently for $!S,tH.l. Le
than three years ago F. W. Street
paid $4000 fer 100 acres, kept it for
two ye:irs spending aUnit $1000 in
improvements, and sold for $11,000 to
Pr. Page, who kept it about nine
months aud sold fur j;:.5O0. A mao
tried for years to get $-li 0 or $ 0 f or
a few acres "near here and fell disap
pointed that he could not sell, hut is
glad now more this year he chl the
arplos from ti e firt two rows cf trees
for $'. V, so when you hear ' W.-teni
stories' from r-lial-le men. p'.en., be
lieve thtui mini they are diip-rvei
Monday Night,
Miss Gloria
And Her "Flomlora
Concert and Racital
Benefit of Uniform Fund of the
Grants Pass Bands
Reserved seat sale opens Thursday a. ra.
Prices 25c aod 50c
&e Musical Treat
Fruit and Tokay Grape lands, see us
before buying, as we are in a position
to give you bottom prices. Address us ,
for pamphlet. : : : : :
Ground Floor, Conklin Bldg., Giants Pass, Oregon
vSafe and
the Man with a good Bank Account By
systematically depositing his earnings each week, he has
Something tor a rainy day
aud is prepared for any emergency that may arise.
Are you one of the fortunates? We invite you to open
an account with us. Be it mail or great, you will
always receive courteous treatment.
Interest on time deposits
If you have some surplus cash why not have it
earning you some interest? We;psy interest on time
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent
in which you csn store your valuables, papers and
treasures. You may have need for just such an accom
modation. Let us serve you,
G. P. Banking
for this is a land of
ooders which i
seem almost miracles 10 thnss whs
have have not actually sen. Exam-j
pies as startling might be given con-j
cerning peaches, prunes, apricots,
cherries, (irapes and strawhf rries. j
Ihe last named bear from early sum
mer to November i, and Job I.
Wilder, who mursets his berries in'
nuu receives an average of
1.V per boi has realized ss hiirh as!
fTVO iu a single sense n frcm a patch
SOxlOO feet. Th receipts from an
other patch SUM fe.t were $100.
The revolts are doe to the most
diligent care snd sciintiflo methods
and a well managed Fniit assoria
ticn which secor as g.iod prices
for the email as for the largs pro
ducer. W. u. SMITH,
Medfurd. Ore , Dec. 13, liKK.
about 'Hi iiaiin:,,,
hue buck. Here's
something , Mn
I- A. Diim, Kiddi,..
end of goats,
registered, four
ciiiiui e to i;.-t
' -x;r:i Jt.
. Ore. 1-17 8t
. .v , , , i tin
"oou SlVouci-ll.dlrt
Aihlresa M., (Rrp
ewiui; u.aci.ine
Oonrur. m; i
of K (i
i:.e I)
worth of ;i ,,,
f-r t! e t;..
ri v'ti -. l
i '(See fer i.vti.
H t M . I T . .
T 1 -y '. ilk given
A.' t (."
' ii i:
si Mo
s ,
RF.S ai !
I're of J. NJ
f r
V- r.
a. 1-
rlV F.n-elai.., J
best 1,1.' r!tr,"PU f,!rawren T rUnts. ; 12-20 tf
January 20th
of the Season
& Trust Co.
SALE Sil hunA ..T1 u i
o. .. , . -uub, nines.
we.uners. Ammuuition, Fishinir
rriiP' fWMug Ciods and Higfi
trade Cutlery. Front St., four
doors ea.t of nth. 1-8 tf
for s,irTii"n
K n v 7 RKon & Son.
(irftllla Puna
t'V, ot Thoronuhbifd Short-
nrZ-,1 T V ,' rclM-Ohina Hogs,
horn Zerrkeys and Brown Ug
Z "TUa- KiDe Shorthorn
herd for , Can?,ot 1)6 nwd
Will tl ,1 I P 8t Price.
8 w W rir8. 01 -Bom and
and C ? t "re v?f S k,n- Torkey
na Uiicken Flock i.aa k
cT" ,b' IWed Bird. and lgg8
Ou.r.ntied Fertile and inst C
jast as
lT' Bl-ntei.
1-10 tf.
I,k , r tn,m old "ret ards. Cash
wnpsnj Tc.pperu6h Washington
TEAM W A N" T K n Tn.T ;
workahl,. u-"-'UI1B nyiog
.1.. , wno
wants it kent
iinuign winter
months for light
Ohas. Mesem fnp
nrK. apply
inn fnBl'KNKTT-Uphol.tering.
'on furniture ma! tr. 6
to do
Rt homes. Miss
at- O. p. resten-
1-3 at
u Win give half
Wivli Rl'v- J- E. Day.
I ..tte-W il!iarll8 Cn-amery Co:
lj!,n,!,a' of th. stock-
r 1 1 ii : t l o i .i
at the Creamery
W.rv .f:.10- on Wednesday.
ir ir, ... n.
' the
o t
1 1 : lit I la-ao 4t