Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 10, 1908, Image 3

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Jew Goods for the Hew Year
412 Front st.
Is the
Place to Buy
and Try
Phone 431
The Lest
Baking Powder
None better
Try them
nt $4,50 per ncro
Living water, fine wood land and goat and
dairy ranch, 9 miles from railroad, good wagon
road. Also small 160 acre stock ranoh improved
at $1000, buildings, water and water right and
Office oppo. Post Office, Grants Pass, Ore.
"Old Reliable Albany Nurseries"
and you are sure of gettidg just what you
order. We grow our trees for quality not
cheap prices.
Hand Made Har
nesses at Bacon &
Eu banks', phone 6S1
Have you ever
seen a Sunset?
A beautifully illustrated
monthly magazine of the wide
awake West with fascinating
short stories, picturesque personal
point-of-view description of the
in teres ting development of the
West, and the romance and his
tory of the wonderland of the
Ask your local ewsdealer
for current issue or send $1.50
foryear's subscription. The book,
"Road of a Thousand Wonders.
120 beautiful Western views ia
four colors will bo included
san rsjtscisco m 11 CALirosiru
How the Young Insects Sail Away
With the Wind.
In early nutumn the spider families
separate. Hundreds of thousands of
Infantile spiders on a warm sunny
morning scnle the low bushes, cling to
the tlis of the leaves and project slen
der silken threads from the spinnerets
at the ends of their bodies. Before
very long the air near the ground, be
coming heated, ascends and carries up
the silken threads with It Still the
little creatures hold on and pour out
silk till each has some eight or ten
feet of line rlRlng almost perpendicu
larly into the air above It.
At last they let go and rise Into the
air themselves, each at the extremity
of its own thread. In this way they
are carried upward, perhaps for many
hundreds of feet, till at last they meet
a current of air moving slowly along,
and by this they are carried often for
many miles, while they can always
descend at will by the simple expe
dlent of, rolling up their supporting
On a warm autumn morning the air
Is often filled with these baby spiders,
each sailing securely on Its own little
silken airship. When they descend
bushes, trees and low plants are fre
QUently covered with their gossamer
threads. London Standard.
None better
Try them
People In Grante
Really Know How.
Slow eating will solve one-half the
problem of ill health. Those who
suffer already with indigestion and
weak stomach can with care aod the
use of Mi-o-na stomach tablets restore
their digestion to a healthy condition,
so that they can eat what they want
at any time without fear of distress
or suffering.
After a few days' nse of Mlona
stomach "tablets, the headache, dizzy
feeling, drowsiness, bad taste in the
month, coated tongue, nervousness,
sleeplessness, distress after eating, all
these symptoms of a weak stomach
will disappear, and perfect digestion
and a good skin will show that the
vital machinery is cnoe more runuing
Take a little Mi-o-na tablet before
each meal so that it will stimulate the
digestive juices and give strength to
the stomach, and then it will take care
of the food that is eaten, without in
digestion and the unpleasant full feel
ing with which so many suffer afttr
Demaray ban so much confidence in
the power of Mi-o-na to core indiges
tion aBd all stoma h ills that he gives
guarantee with every 50 cent box to
refnnd the money if the remedy fails
to give satisfaction.
Attractive Store Fronts.
Since the Invention of plate glass the
outside appearance of shops and stores
has been greatly Improved. The first
Impression Is Important. Many persons
are attracted to a store by the tasteful
arrangement of the show windows.
Plate glass is now so cheap that It Is
In general use, and the merchant who
tries to draw trade with the old fash
ioned small pane windows, as some
still do, is losing an opportunity. Next
to good newspaper advertising, a tasty
show window brings business. There's
bcthlng like putting on a good front
8pk Wtll of Your Town.
Strangers seeking a location are al
ways greatly Influenced In favor of
any place where the citizens are en
thusiastic In Its praise. When away
from home, do not neglect to give those
with whom you come In contact to un
derstand that you live In a lrve town,
populated by enterprising, go ahead,
progressive people, and one that Is ad
vancing Instead of retrograding. If
you can truthfully speak In commen
dation of the ability of your profes
sional men, the square dealing methods
of your merchants, the superiority of
your schools, etc., let nothing prevent
you from ex ere lft leg that privilege.
boiNQs at the
Interest to the Taxpayer of Josephine County
i Various County Officials v vj v
More Connubi Infelicity. . ing bav laueu out license to pursue
Ellen Mash-ra bag brought divorce , t'"' c" '"' ,u thi county, during the
proceedings against hr liusband, ypr : L Lovelace, of Mriin,
Peter H Masters, allegiug that they ! H M 1, W J Liioly, W J Oavin.
were intermarried here in Josephine 1 1" Savage, Ira Mallory and C E
county, April 14,, 1903 bat that he j RTckw" of Grants Pss and Edwiu
deserted her March 17, 1903 and hag Mell. f SkIiui
lived separate and apart from her Upnu ihe com pi tint of R J Minner,
tver siuce, withoat any jngt cause and John Doe, his beeu arrested, ohsrje
against her will and const' at, during I wi'h having purloined a lot of oar
this period he hag wholly failed to ! penter t ols May 6, 1907, belonging to
provide for his wife and their minor
child, Vol ma Masters, aged three
years. She therefore asks the court
for an absolute decree of divorce, giv
ing her the custody of the said child
and for such other and farther relief
a the court may deem fit and proper,
Another case of connubial infelio-
ity comes to light In the oonrt, when
Mae Loar seeks to have the bonds dis
solved which make her the lawful
wife of Charles O. Loar. In her com
plaint she sets forth the fact that they
were made man and wife at Ham
burg. Siskiyou coontv, Cal , on
Christmas day, Deoember 28, 1901,
bat that he left her, October 1, 1906,
without just causa and continues to
stay away from her. There are no
ohildren and she wants to be released
and given her maiden name again.
' Very Little. Dirt Moving.
There are comparatively few deeds
being filed with the county olerk
these days, indicating all too plainly
that there if not much doing in the
real estate market. The following
transfers of realty have been plaoed
of record the past week :
Arthur A Wilcvx to Esther A Will
isms, 5 acres in seo. 19, tp 86 g, r 6,
Joseph Moss et x to Andrew
Oigler, lot 16, block 41, O T S of
Grants Pass, $800.
Margaretta A SooviU et mar to E E
Foster, one acre in seo 8, tp 38 s, r 6,
J W York et ax to J B Eerriob, Sox
lOOJfeet In lot 7. block 84, O T 8 of
Grants Pass, $300.
United States to R A Booth and K
A Booth as Trustee for Elizabeth R,
Mangnm, mistral patent for "Granite
Hill No. 3, Consolidated Plaoer and
Quarts Mining Claim," located in
seo 84, tp 80 s, r 5,. containing 88.180
D W Daniels to E M Cockerllne,
right of way far irrigation ditch
across land in sect 86 tp 88, s. r 6, $1.
Frank If South to Three Pines
Timber Co., part of seo 86, tp 84, r
6s, $1.
Stephen' L Benson to H M White,
153.76 acres in seo 30, tp 86 a, r 6,
Edwin Smith et nx to D William
Edwards, part seo 5, tp 86, r 6 s,
W R Dickison to Jeese Mash, 6
seres in seo 18, tp 86 g, r 6, $1000.
George Hansen et nx to Charles
Hansen, lot 7, block 60, O T S of
Grants Pars, $400.
Frank B Hicks of Washington &
Oregon Timber Co., part seo 2, tp
89 a, r 6, flHOO.
Ethel M Hicks of Washington &
Oregon Timber Co, part of seo 2, tp
39 s, r . $1600.
Regrletration Books Open.
That there is going to be con
siderable interest taken in the ap
proaching primaries is evident from
the way voters are calling at the office
of Connty Clerk Chefhire to register.
The books were opened last Monday
and now they will remain open ontil
April 7, when they close for primary
election, which occurs April 17. Reg
istration reopens April 21 and closes
again May IS, for the county general
election, which comes off Jane 1.
Then the books will ope again for
registration September 20 and close
October 20for the presidential election,
which occurs November 8. All of
which ads materially to the duties of
the County Clerk, bnt he and his
deputy, E. S. Veatch are folly equal
to the situation and are keeping the
work up in exoellent shape.
Not Much Inheritance Tat.
The county clerk isreqnird at the
end of each quarter to make oat and
send to both Secretary of State,
Frank W. Benson and to State Treas
urer, Geo. A. Steel a detailed report
of all estates of person filed during
that period, upon which an inheri
tance tax can be claimed. Clerk
Cheshire finds that there were only
three such cases filed daring the!
three mouihs ending with December J
3, ll07,asfollows : Vina A. Sargent,
estate valued at" $000; James Deveney
4.'j00 and Johanna McDaniel, $7200.
Miscellaneous Matters.
Already the hunters of Jephine
coouty ate ba. ing the customary
permit issued to them, and the follow-
court house
said Mirniey.
"Huveynu registered?" is the big
sign which now greets the fre
quence of the courthouse. These
are to be found around the building
and remind the voter of his dutiei
in this important matter!
The plaintiff has filed a petition,
asking the coort to call noon Juetice
of the Peace JO K McCaen, of Slate
Creek precinct for a review of the
prooedings in the case of E H White
vs O S Brown. It seems that a jadg
ment for $20, with $1.55 costs was
give plaintiff in that court.
The bond of Elizabeth Niekerson,
as administratrix of the estate of
Thomas Niekerson, deceased, in the
sum of $3500, with L O Hyde and S
Tetherow as sureties, has been filed of
record and approved.
The defendants In the case of E G
Yousg & Co, of Oakland, Donglai
connty, vs School District No. 8,
aod E F Meissner, clerk of same, have
made answer to the mandamus pro
oeedings brought by plaintiff and an
order of the court, dismissing the
matter is asked, along with defend
ant's costs.
County Clerk Cheshire, in spite of
the fact that daring muoh of the
month of Deoember the "lid" was on
and his of floe was unable to transact
business, took in the gam of $230.95
fees during that month, aa against
$302.70 for the month previous
T P Judson'a familiar faoe ia again
to be seen in the clerk's office
where he it engaged in the very im
portent undertaking of extending the
new laxrolla.
Ihis ess indeed been decidedly
busy week for the various county
officials and one of them, Clerk Chesh
ire, has had hit hands very fall, look
ing after the plans for circuit
ooart, as well as caring for the ooonty
oommisiooersa, both of whioh bodies
have been causing him much extra
labor Bnt again was he and.Deputy
Yeatoh equal to the emergeaoy
and everything moved along with
clook-like precision.
Connty Superintendent Savage still
has the library books for a few dis
tricts and he would like to have them
called for by members of the board
of those particular districts, at an
early date.
Lively Time Over Llscensoe.
There was a pretty lively tilt be
tween attorneys C H Clement and
Oliver S Brown, in the matter of the
application of Ga route & Eusted, of
Merlin, Clements appearing on be
half of the saloou kesper while
Brown represented - the people of
Merlin who were opposed to the
granting of the liquor license. The
matter took uiauh of ihe time of the
board, Friday, Saturday and Monday,
the decisiou finally being in favor of
granting the license. As the at
torneys we'e leaving the courthouse
grounds and were steading on the
sidewalk in front of the groouds.
Brown qneutioned Clement's veracity
and called him a liar," whereupou
the other limb .of the law proceeded
to land the offender upon the ground
Parties interfered aud there the bout
ended, bat not before it had created
considerable excitement,
Tlie nrst locomotive west of the
Mississippi was put upon the track at
St. Louis In 1S.-.2.
The railroads of Holland are so well
managed that the deaths by accident
011 them average but one a year.
The motive power of the first rail
way built In Cieece and put into opera
tion In 1.81S), running from Athens to
Piraeus, a little over six mllee, was
changed from steam to electricity
aoont two years ago.
me nrsi nuiroiia 111 Missouri was a
track five miles In length luld from
Richmond to a point on the Missouri
river opposite Lexington some time be
tween 1M! and 1S.M. It was made of
timber, the rails lielng of sawed oft
and the ties of hewed oak, and was
operated by horsepower.
Worthy of emulation.
In an eastern town the Village Im-
provement association has adopted a
plan for street Improvement that should
prove successful. The association has
offered a cash prize to the residents of
anj- one block In the town who shall
have done the best work from July to
August In clearing away weeds and
maintaining a neat appearance about
his premises. The idea contains a hap
py suggestion.
Some of the Familiar Advertising
Tricks Shown Up.
Beware of the "Song Poems Wanted."
Don't Bit at the "Bona Fid Businoss
8eoret" Steer Clear of the Prise For
8elllng Goods.
The "mall order magazine" is identi
fied at once by the initiated, but the
average reader does not know it uuder
this designation. Many little maga
zines, published at a very low sub
scription rate, have no other purpose
than to carry malt order advertise
ments. They are able to work up an
enormous circulation because of the
low rate for subscriptions. The circu
lation brings them large prices for ad
vertising. The mall order people, not
only the large housos which do a gen
eral business, but also the cheap skate
fake concerns aud Individuals, patron
lse the advertising columns. They set
enticing hooks for suckers. They catch
many suckers. It behooves the reader
of these publications to do a little
thinking before biting. In this connec
tion the following article from the New
York Herald It timely and helpful:
In these days of buti and graft
a man should look before be buys.
That he does not Is clearly ahown by
the thousands of fakes which we hear
of and read of dally.
The cleverness of the mall order man
la wonderful. There is always a way
to avoid the law. As soou as one fake
is exposed and a law made to cover It
fifty fakes suggested by that law
spring up.
For Instance, it would take a more
elastic clause than the. famous one in
our constitution to cover this latest bit
of mall order wH.
In almost any mall order magazine
you may pick up you will find adver
tisements similar to this:
I have a bona fid b mi which pay
mm par monin. ..othing; to make,
aothlng to cell. I guarantee results. Ton
ean do It Just as well as I. Five dollars is
the prlco of the secret. Mono? back If
you are not satisfied or If this advertise
ment Is a misrepresentation.
If you are of the great oncthbunkoed
al ways-bunkoed class, you might an
swer one of the alluring offer. If you
did. you would In all probability re
ceive a- reply by the first mall. The
letter would contain a cBpplng of the
advertisement you bad answered, wttb
atatement on this order:
One month from today I will withdrew
the Inclosed ad. Place your name on It
and Insert It In your mall order mefa
slne or other advertlel- medium which
you use. I have mad IMt a month from
thla. Tou can do aa well aa L Tou au
rwauy see rrom my euocesa with yeu
what your success will be with others.
During the bicycle rage some years
back a bluing concern coined money
from an advertisement similar to this,
accompanied by a cut of a handsome
To every boy or alrl selling one mmm
of our superior bluing we wlU grlve abso
lutely free the bicycle repreeented In thla
out. Send for the bluing today. When
you have It all sold, remit the money,
and you will receive this beautiful bicycle
absolutely free. Btate whether boy's or
girl s bicycle Is wanted.
It Is safe to say that thousands of
children slaved for those free bicycles
aud turned in their money to the
mushroom bluing company. Their
work was, however, not without com
pensation, for each child who sold a
gross of the bluing received a minia
ture blcyclo, uot two Inchea high, but
perfect representation of the cut
This Idea of toy fakes Is old. A part
nor In one of the foremost mall order
houses In the world owen his start In
life to an advertisement which he ran
extensively some years ago. His offer
wus to send furnituru enough to com
pletely fit out one room for a dollar.
Cuts of the articles were shown, und
the offer hud the appearance of being
legltlmote. For every dollar received
the "sucker" was sent a complete set
of doll furniture.
Recently the law been mo aware of
the fact that tlne were hundreds of
small music publishing companies do
ing business entirely on their nerve.
Their method was to advertise for
song poems, showing tho enormous
profits mado from popular souks? As
the song manuscripts flowed In they
either had music written for them or
"borrowed" music already written and
sent a letter of acceptance to the per
son who had sent In the song poem.
The Utter stated that a Drellmlnarv
cost of from $10 to J.10 would be nec
essary for making the plutes. In most
instances the money was sent. The
pistes were made cheaply, the publish
ing bouse sent a professional copy to
the author, and there the mnttor droo
ped. No effort at marketing the produc
tion was made. Tho law is gradually
getting after theso publishers, but
there are many of these wildcat Insti
tutions still flourishing.
Another clever and profitable mall
order fake h that of reading ihe char
acter from the handwriting. There are
as many possibilities In It as fortune
telling, ami there are as few chances
of beinir convicted for obtaining money
nnder false pretenses.
Walrus Skin.
Walrus skin Is used to cover small
boats, to which It Is attached with the
oluts of Ihe walrus tusks. These
nsks nr.- aI- nsc. as points for har
poons and for ornaments.
Bee Hive
Stationery, Post Cards,
Bicycle Supplies, Mission
Furnltnre, Novelties,
Before buying see our Hue of
attractive Goods. We can
save you money. Repair shop
In connection. We repair
Bicycles and Locks, Guns,
Furniture, etc.
309 6th tS. Grants Pass, Ore.
Ftot Rational Bank
Of Southern Oregon
Some of the Services that a
Bank Renders the Public
The simplest and safest way of
keeping your money is by deposit
"iK it in a Reliable Bank. This
Bank receives Deposits Subject to
Check, or on Demand Certificates
of Deposit or on Time Certificates
of Deposits. On Time Deposits we
pay 4 per cent interest.
The Best and Cheapest way to
Transfer Money is by Bank Draft.
We sell Drafts navable in nllinarf.
of the country.
One of the most imoortant fnr.
tions of the Bank. We ondeavnr
to supply all rtstonUe needr of
our tjustoMers.
Capital and Surp m...... $75,000
Stockholder' Additional
Responsibility-. ....... ; . .$5oToOO
L. B. HALL.Pretideut
J. C. Campbell, Vice-President
H. L. GlUCBrjCaahlai ,
K. K. Hacwtt, AagtCathir
Cor. H & 3d sts. Phone 434
1 Load Blocks $3.00
Htovo V !
1 Tier Manzanita $3.00
1 Tier Oak $3 00
1 Tier Fir $2.50
1 Tier Pine $2.25
Oil 11 tile WxmI
1 Tier Oak $2.75
1 Tier Fir $2.25
1 Tier Pine $2,00
1 Load Sawdust 50
1 Load Kindling 75
A.HM(iyinpf SO ?t,
Capital fOO, 000, established 27 years,
tlold. Base Bullion, Cyanides, Dion
Ore, eto, bought, Spot cash on assay
value. AH work by expetts.
1)1 Fifth Street Near V S. Mint
rrvr LomivG
Courier Blk up stairt
Promptly end cf the heat material
and lu me latest style.
BtUl doing business at the old stand.
Cor. Sixth und V streets.
GaiSTS Pass, . . Ohsooii.
Courier trial subscription,
weckt, 10 centt in stamps.