Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 03, 1908, Image 8

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Grants Pas
I) K E It I N (i
W. J. Winter of the Deep Gravel
jilitoer in Inn li wearing a double
gunged Hiullo theie dufi lie plodn
round Id hit (tiring ioit and watolie
bil op to date htdraulio glimta rip
ping and tearing their war into the
grant bed of gold bearing gravel and
bringing its yellow treanurei to light
Tbil la curelr a great mine and well
can Uncle Billle feel proud.
E. W. Turner of the Mammoth mine
gut a whiff of ChrUtmad goose that
brought him forth from hla hole on
Copper mountain to mingle with
many frieuda of Deering.
The paramount Untie unit rear will
be tha tame an uiual office.
Jtipe la atill aawing wood, with an
oooanioual aiuile from fair Luna,
penetrating the iiiIhU.
Christina full of gooil cheer waa
obierred with good rlandt at ththome
of grandma Webb and all friotidH who
could witliHtaud the eleiueoti were
Otto aodnntoii baa opened up hla
copper ledge on Shelly oreek by uut-
ting ll In three plaora. Tlili la a
rery promiaing proapuol aa il carriaa
high raluea In gold.
K. M. Albright la home from hla
trip to Maw Meiioo and aeeuia to
thiol that Joiephine haa theiu all ou
tha ran aa to tuiueral.
T. E. Lew in u of 1'rorolt la no
oroaker. I'rornlt hi the aoil. the
climate and .that la not all it l
Tom Lawman, tha aool of eoterprTeH
and hoapitality. Tom not only he"
lierea la tolling the truth, but be
lieve! In telliog it well and can pro
duce tha gooda to buck It no. May
"Kod I'loud, " did you raiae any beeti
thla yoarf "
W. L. Durkee of Baker City, a min
ing luait of note waa a guext uf the
Webb UrnthoM for a couple of dva
thia week. Mr. Durkee aaya iliat'Uiil
Norte county and Joanphiue are twin
aiNtara lu regard to m.neral and onea
fata hanga opou the other and both
their fatna bang upon a railroad and
that the road muat come, lie aaya
that tha mining export who bare
tamed thia part ;of the wooil down
know no more about uiiiiiw thau a
Nootoh terrier knowa about lg'ala(iou.
Mr. Durkoe ia a practical miner and
prediota great thiuga for our country.
Ha Km Hit Sister.
Blue the eiiKK'in'iit of hla pretty
alater her amall brother had been pin
allug hla head to iimlerntmid what It
"Why," irlalnietl hla mother, "Mr.
Bkagg haa alater to marry him.
That tueana that he'll take rare of
"Buy her thlngx?" aakisl the boy.
"Hata and dinner and Ice cream
and erery thing?" he perilled.
"Yea," waa the answer.
The boy thought It all over for a mo
meut, and tiieu he said.
"Wall, that man'a gut lota of cour
M. aaau't her"-I-dle' Hon Jour
for men who toil
Levi Strauss
& Co's
GipiK-r Riveted Overalls
the kind that "WEARS"
II I rut lull
jfmmmHmmm made of
6V n , -" aelriiaii
: )i u u 1 ii y
Mr. aud Mra. Dtitclier and the Lieth
family apent Sunday with Mr. and
Mm. John Brockley.
Anna Hibernian la stopping in town
a' uce the holiday and will probably
not be home before the Brut of Feb
ruary. .
The recent raiua bare coated a few
million np the Applegate, but moat
all of them are branded K. D. H.
Chriatiuia racatiuna hare 2 their
ombre aa well aa their silver Jiuhikh.
To ilhutrato thia, laat week, we bail
with ua Miaa Auuabella Leltb, teacher
at tha Lee diatrict, but inlawed the
happr auiile of Mini Ira MoArthur
tha Morphr teaoher.
Did you notice thoe big burnt holea
In the lt few iaauea of the Courier?
Well that waa caused from theiioT
worda between "Red Cloud" anil
"Shorty." .
The following ooreraatlon'TTtook
plaoe between two, yonngladlea'of
tha city, upon dlaooraring a
bunch of turaeya, while horelwrlt
riding In the Murphy precinct. :
Beatrice "Oh, Louiaa look at the
ducks." "
Loo I aa "No Beatrice, taoee are
Guinea bens "
Chaa. Uabnrtnan, Obaa. Borkhalter
and Clyde Jeter have oommnuimd
work on the Oacar creek placerrThia
ia one of tha ricbeat placer mines iu
Oregon and Mr. Burkhalter, being one
of tha owners we predict a splendid
clean op In tha spring.
Caraon A Son ef the Red laud Vine
yard are doing some apleudld improv
ing iu the way of feuoiug. They are
naiug a substantial make of woven
wire and hravy cedar Kata with all
corners deep net ami double braced.
They expect to have the Vineyard
mada entirely coyote tight before The
ueit grape harveat.
A CbriatmaH aurpriae waa given the
Kev. Mra. Heed on Saturday night by
her many friends of thia locality. She
waa prewnted with a bandaoiue crazy
patch, worsted quilt, aud hoU pillow
match, fju in money aud the wtnlieH
ilf the the entire community thather
ChriatmuM should lie merry and that
all the new yeara of her declining age
should be tilled with .the happy
memories of the good deeds ahe haa
doue aud the helping hand she has
giveo through the trials and iucidetita
of useful and righteous life.
We notice in a late Courier the an
nouncement that with the beginning
of the year the postoftloea at 1'rorolt,
Davidson, and Kubli would lie dis
continued ou .xvomit of the establish
ment of the H. F. D. Route from
Murphy. Yonr reporter must lie Rip
Van Winkle aud he baa just awakened
from bia protracted aluuitier, for the
Rural Route baa been iu operation
since September Kith and the office
of luvidsu and Kubli have been out
of commission ao long that they have
forgotten lit and Hip's dream of the
discontinuance of lroolt will proba
hlv never come 'true. ' And we would
also coriect Ins mistake about Loiau
WiHblridge aud bia big "spuds" being
ou the Rogue River. Now, readers,
we wish it understood that Missouri
Klut, Logan Wooldridge, 10 'poiim!
puds aud 40 pound caMngea all have
their home on the Applegate river,
aiid si defy Rogue River" to beat
either the regetablesthe aoil or the
uiau that grow thein
X. Y. Z.
An interesting and impressive
Watch Night meeting was held by the
members of the Firat Methodist
church, Tuesday night, which waa,
largely attended and proved to be very
helpful and upliftiog. Tha exercises
were quite varied aud decidedly ap
propriate. I At the Free Methodist church,
j Watoh Night serrices were alsj held
and the members report baring had a
delightful time.
The members of Bethany Presbyter
ian church are taking great interest in
tha approaching evangelistic meetings,
! which will commence Tuedty. Janu
ary 14. The eloquent and ai le divin,
Rev. Dr. A. L. Hutch sou. of Ta
corns, Wash., will be here to assist in
I he series of meetings. The follow
l irig from the Tacoiua Ledger gives
' Home idea of the man who is to render
such valaable assistance to the local
church: "Bat it is because be goes
out of bis way to help others that
Rev. Hutohison is one of the busiest
ministers in Tacooia. He is chair
man of the committee on home mis
sions In thia synod, chairman of the
Persbytenan home missions and has a
place on almost erery board to be
found in the religious world of the
Northwest. For the iame.reaann the
M O Warner, formerly superinleu
dent of itie "Soldier l'ar. '
Sucker I'r-ek, near Holland"
mine, ou
but mo
s ; iy iiUfn.lem of the H ilTITl eW aali.,
elsctnc lul't plant. wsThere " tolook
after suns nmnsiiiK mining property
inwhu-h li aud his brother are'inter-
Mtel, uul urar llollaud. '. fata
List Your TiTiiUr lTmlii With
Hersitiger A Mitche'.l. . U-'JOAf
' r
"-5 v i
annual social and election of officers
of the Baptist Toong PeoplVs Society.
Crsig Sharp was elected president,
Roy Lathrop, rice-preiddent, Esther
Hallo treaaurer, Josephine Ran
die, secretary and Leila Caldwell
; organist
i The interior of the Baptist Cbnrch
is bdinir decorted by the Ladies Aid
Society. The walls are receiring a
1 light brown shade and the ceiling is
cream colors. A stencil runs around
j the border of the dropjed ceiling
where the color merge. .The pews,
windows and door frames are finished
j in the natural wood. The baptistry
will also be in natural wood with new
; cortams.
Next week occurs the week of
' prayer. A serrice will bn held each
: night except Saturday. Ou the follow
I ing Sunday H. Wyse Jones, the state
evangelist and EageneSpeir, the soloist
and ciiuir leader will begin meet
' iugs. Thtse meetings will last two
j weeks aud conclude with au Evan
igelistic Conference of two days, Janu
ary 27-28. To this conference pastors
and members of churches in this
city and vicinity are invited to parti
cipate. The messages and appointments for
, Sunday, January 5, this first day in
'the "Week of Prayer" to be observed
htre, are as follows Morning hour of
worahip 10:30, theme of sermon Doing
God's Business." The obserrance
of the Lord's Supper follows The
! Bible School meets as usual, at 11:45.
i Ihe Youne People meet at 6:30: sub
ject "Songs of the Heart. What is
true Blesseduess?" The pastor
preaches at 7:30 on "The Power of
God." You will be welcomed.
telephone at bia homl seems to be con
tluoally tinkling. Bnt he seems to
hare become used to it aud will break
off a conversation witli.a harried "ex
cuse me' aud then calmly resume
where he left off. All these other
dii'iea are in addition to his greatest
work aa psator of the Immanuel
Presbyterian church, at North Ninth
street. He took charge of it six
years ago when it had 05 members and
worked on it and built it up until it
uow has 275. Ho gives a person the
Impression of being one of.tliose men
who are never idle. He has a thous
and aud one things to look after ; but
at certain intervals he drops the
whole load of work and the next that
is seen of Rev. Hutchison is by the
banks of some stream, clad in rough
clothes, enticing fish onto his hook.
Then be comes back again to wotk
like a ateam engine until the next
time. "
The meetings at the Christian
church conducted by J. N. McConnell
of Eugeue, Oregon, are proiiresaing in
uo uncertain manner. The audiences
have beau larger aud iuapiriug.
Several ministers of the other churches
have beau in attendance, thus show
ing a most brotherly spirit. J. N.
McConuell is a speaker of no mean
ability and a man of very pleasing
personality. The memliers of the
church have been thus far nnusually
well pleaaed with Mr. MoConnell's
presentation of his themes. Mr. Mo
Connell's strongest ability is popu
larity with men. During the larger
majority of his meetings he has had a
large attendance of men. The evan
gelist ia very nnique in the treatment
of hie sermons and in their delivery
he uses the straightforward conver
sational style. His earnestness iui
presses one at once. One very inter
eetiug part of each service is the
question Hat. Mr. McConnell has a
aeries of SO questions printed and
those in the audience who wish
queetlous answered call them out by
number. Tha printed questions in
clude the majority of Tandthe more
important cues of the questions
which are asked at every uieetingA
good many of the questiona tha
evaugelist permits the audienc to
anawer. "
So far Ihe singing evangelist who
was to imiiw from Mispuri"ha not
arnve.1, but Mr McDonnell savaTbat
in the course of a day or two" beTw i II
have one of the' beet ur.i ileal directors
and baritone soloists in the West.
The ; schedule of worship at the
Bethany church on the coming sab
bath, January 6, ll08, comprise) the
following: 11 a. m. Celebration of
the .Holy' Communion,! preceded by a
short address by, the PasUir and the
reception of new members. 1 :30 p in.
Evening worship. Theme: "At the
Horns of the Altar." 10 a. m. Bible
school superintended by H. C. Kin
ney. 0:30 p. m. The Devotional
hour of the Y. P. 8. C. E. To all
these services everyone is most cor
dially invited.
Services as usual next Sunday.
Sunday School at 10 a. m. Morning
suoject "Old Things versus New
Things." League at 6:30 p. m. and
at 7:30 the subject will be "Launch
Out " Evening services are bright
and brief. Spend yonr Sunday evsn
ings with us. A welcome always
awaits you here.
Monday eveuing ocvurred'tue semi'
Tha members of Newman Metho
dist church are planning for a series
j of grand revival meetings, which will
; commence Sunday, January 13. Rev.
1 0. O. Beckman, the pastor will be
ably agisted in these services for the
first week by Rev. Jas. K. Hawkins,
pastor of the Rosebarg church, who
is said to be an eloquent and forceful
1 speaker. A mention of the singer,
i who is to reuder valuable assistance
: during the meetings i s made else
I where in today's Courier. Newman
j church is alive to the importance of
thcs3 meetings a id tha members are
showing a disposition to render every
possible assistance in uiakiug them
as successful aa possible.
I Sunday's services are as follows:
' Preaching morning aud evening by
the pastor. Suhjwt of the sermon
at II a. m. is "Ulad! Wheu? '
i Eveuing at 7:30 "The Value of
i Soul." Sunday school at 10 a. ni.
1 Junior League at 3 p.m. Epworth
1 Legua at 6:30. A cordial welcome
awaits everyone who attends these
services. .
The following clipping is
take from Saturday's Tacoiua 's Daily
News regardiug Miss Claribel Watson,
! who is to assist iu the evangelistic
services iu Newman M. E. Church:
Miss Claribel Watson has beer, en
gaged as a-aistaut director of music
and soloist for a series of church
, maetinga at Grants Pass, Ore. , and
i will leave about the 10th of Jauuarr.
; Miss Watsou, who has a full, deep-
lonea contralto voice or expressive :
quality, is one of the most promising j
vt Ta ouia's younger singers aud has j
been studying .for some months with j
, Albert Gray. She will be away until j
February. j
Notice it hetvby given that the as-1
! nnal meeting of tin Stockholders of j
tha Grauta Pass Banking and Trust '
Compauy ia called to meet at the par-'
lora of said bank on Taesdar the It i
day of Jauoary, likVS at 10 o'cevk a. I
m., for the purpose of eleotiog a
board of directors to serve one year,
and to transact suoh other business
aa may proparly come before the
mee'iug. L. L. JEWELL,
Da'ed at Grauta Pass, Oregon, De
eemtier 20, 1SW7. lS-iO .'i
Prof. K. R. Turner won the hand
some rocking chair which O'Neill,
the bousefuruither offered to the pt r
son giviugjhe first correvt answer to
a puzzle he hadbeforTthe people.
in every tin of
Golden Gate Coffee
Established 1850 SAN FRANCISCO
! .
Ashland Commerclo.1 Collage
Oar new students last week were
Georgia Hoanlaud of Bonanza, Nell
Simpson of Lakeview, Cora Greninger
and Anna Martin of Ashlmd, and
John Edmonds of Vancouver, Wash
ington. Rev. E. LeRoy Hall of Medford
was a visitor one day last weak and
gave us an enthusiastic address on
"Business Visions." The Etaria had
a very succasful sesiion at Prof.
Ritners residence on Friday evening,
Deo. 20 The following program was
rendered :
Musical Selection, sornet and
piano Mr. and Miss Crawford
Vocal Duet Mr and Miss Davidson
Original Poem Mr. Price
Debate, "Resolved, That the Presi
dent's Term of Office should be ex
tended to Eight Years. Affirmative,
Mr. Crawford, Miss Wright; Nega
tire, Mr. Darts, Will Ritner. The
decision was in, favor of the affirma
tive College Tribune fead by Miss Rit
ner as Mr. Herriott, the editor, was
Critics report.
The following offioers were elected
for the ensuing two months: Pres.,
Miss Anna Martin; rice-presldeut,
Mr. Bandy; secretary and treas., Mr.
Sturges; editor, Will Ritner; asio.
editor, .Miss Jack ; critio, Miss Wright.
The Shorthand department having
become too large for Mis Ritner's
unaided efforts, Mini Williams baa
been installed as assistant
Dale Stnrges is making fine pro
gress in his studies and is spending
the holidays at his home ia Grants
North Sixth Street
Continuous Performance
Doors open every evening at
7:15 p. m. Saturday Matinee
at 3:00 p. m.
You think one tea as
food as another ?
Why don't you buy at
the lowest price you see
in the window ?
Your g-focer returni your moncv If rot dont
Hkt Schilling's Beit; ws par bim.
Fruitgrowers of Rogne Rnrer Valley
find the Conner of special interest
A Whirlwind of
Cash Chasers
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Sale will be on, full blast
next week.
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