Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 13, 1907, Image 9

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Meat Satisfaction
City Meat Market
Phone 144 J. H. AHLF, Propr.
Woodburn Trees
Are money makers every time, absolut
ely true to marue, unirrigated, they al
ways grow, not the cheapest tut the
best. Fully guaranteed.
Woodburn Nurseries
F. w. settlemier.
GILMORE & BOREN, Proprietors.
H 8treet'btween Fifth nd Sixth Pkomi 841 Grant Pass, Oregon
Are You Interested In Fencing?
If so let us figure with you. We sell
Page Woven Wire Fence
Cattle. Sheep,
Goat, Poultry, or
Hog Fence,
Buy the PAGE and Start in Right
We buy direct from factory and our prices are right. 80 miles
of Page Fence sold in Jackson County since January 1907.
G6 Pago Fence Men
Of Jackson, Josephine and Klamath Countie4.
Main Office - Medford, Ore.
Old Reliable Albany Nurseries"
and you are sure of gettidg just what you
order. We grow our trees for quality not
cheap prices.
Marble and granite works
I J. B. PADDOCK, Proprietor,
t .m nreoared to furnish anything in the lin. of Cemetery work in an kind
t MNX"hlrt; of experience .. the Marble business warrant, my ...I..
I r'mnt umt, next to Green's tlnnshnn.
A Real Wonderland
South Dakota, with its rich silver
ine. Iv.ti.i, furiii. wine lantf
Estrange mtuial t rminuo". i a
"ritble wuudmland. At Mound
., in the home of Mm. E. D
'Pp, a wonderful ease of hewing
' lately occurred. Her son seemed
r death with long and thioat
trouble. "Exhausting coughing spells
"wenrred every five niioatei, " writei
Clapp, "when I began 'smog
King's New Discovery, the great
lieine, that eared his life aud com
Jwely cured bim. " Guaranteed for
5gb and colds, throat and Inng
"oablea, by all droggists. , 60o and $1.
i ;
needs no long search when
you are informed of this meat
mart. There is pleasure in
eating, wholesomeness and
health in every pound of beef,
mutton, lamb or veal that
comes from out this store.
Tenderness and juciness with
out even saying it much less
putting it in print.
Have you seen the calendar
m J. H. Ahlf's Window
which they have secured for
their customers? It is a
Lawn, Garden,
Cemetery, or Wrou
ght Iron Fence or
Badly Mixed Up
Abraham Brown, of Winterton, K.
v" had a verv remarkable exper
i nee; be says: "Docto-s got bsdlv
mixed up over me; one said heart
disease; two called it kidney trooble;
the fourth blood poiaon, and the fifth
stouiachand liver trooble; but none
of them helped me. so my wife ad
vised trying Electric Bitters, which
are restoring me to perfect health
One bottle did me more good than all
the fire doctori prescribed Goaran
teed for blocd poison, weakneee and all
stomal, liver and kidney complaint..
by all droggiw t
Ltgal blink at to coorier oe
Uanj llining Hatters i
J. E. Kirk and son Tom made so
other of their clean ops at the Lucky
Bar, oo Sardine creek, securing a
gold brick weighing over 80 ounces,
or valuing over $600, says the Gold
Hill News. This was an exception
ally good ran, being the returns from
only 18 tons of ore. They have been
mooing in an exceedingly rich streak
of ore for the past two weeks and will
soon be ready for another mill ran
that will probably go even better than
this one. These genttlemeo make
a clean-up of this kind a boot every
six weeks and are demonstrating that
onr mines can be made to pay good
returns if handled by men woo are
practioal and economical miners.
Will L. Ireland was at Jacksonville,
the first of the week making arrange
ments for having some assessment
work done 6a a promising mining
claim which he owns on Forest Creek
in that rag ion. He also visited at
Medford, on bis retnrn trip.
While in Grants Pass, Monday, in
company with his step-brother,
Grant Patton, the Placer mining man
had a rather onpleasant experience.
He was doing some trading at the
Hair-Riddle Hardware Co's store and
fell over in a fainting spell. Dr. J.
C. Smith happened to be near at hand
and was called to to treat the in
sensible man. Mr. Patton bad no
less than three of these spells and tbe
last one was very hard. The trouble
was pronounced by Dr. Smith to be
due to stomach troubles. He was so
improved as to be able to return to
Plaoer, Tuesday.
Notice of locations of quarts min
ing claims have been filed of record In
the County Clerk's office as follows:
"Cobalt No. 4" by Henry L. Qolvin ;
"Daisy," at head of Brass Nail
Gulch, and adjoining "Little Daisy."
by R. G. Smith; "Colorado," at
head of Brass Nail Galoh and adjoin
ing "Little Daisy," by R. G. Smith;
"Mohawk," in AHhouse district, by
W. T. Coborn; "Hank." in Alt
house distriot, by Henry Colvin. F.
W. Capp et al, hare "located the
"White Cedar" placer claim, io the
Rowell Creek unorganized mining
district. Lsie Grimes and others
have filed location for "The Miller
Bar Ditch," tapping the waters of
Rock Creek.
Chester and Tyler Irwin 'arrived
from Idaho this week to visit with
relatives and old time friends in this
city. They nsed to re'ide here but
fot the past seven years have been
extensively engaged in mining in
Idaho, the famous "Salmon River"
camp. Cheater is superintendent and
Trier treasurer of tbe ''Goodeuongh"
mines, which are located in the Mar
shall diatrict. Tbe ote is quite good,
having af oar foot vein which aver
ages $40 assay, to tbe ton in tine
gold. They had a few choice sam
ples of the ore, which they showed
the Courier man and they were good
to look upon, as they were supposed
to make all of $o0,000 to the tou.
These mining men may decide to
remain here permanently, for they
firmly believe that the mining indus
try in this region is going to come
right to the front and besides they
want to get away from the
ter up in the Idaho country, where
the snow last year was 22 feet deep
on the summit of the mountains aud
all of four feet at the mines.
R. S. Moore, who baa leaned the
"Baby Mine," on Jumpoff-Jo, was
in Grants Pas and he stated that
he now has a small crew of men at
work on this promising property,
which is owned by Boise end Sacra
mento paries aud as the suBson ad
vaucea will put on more. This mine
now has a five stamp mill and give
promise cf making a good showing
this season.
J. H. Mills and his step-brstbr,
Giant Patton, two of Placer's pro
gressive mining men were transacting
bosioeas at the county seat this week
These gentlemen, in addition to
owning a very promising mine out in
the Plaoer country, have also secured
two fine ranches and are to be coo
gratolat"! upon having ao many
things coming their way.
A. S. Dowoiog, Harvey Book and
others have sold their interests in the
Oregon Bells mine, located in Forest
Creek diatrict. to G. W. Trootmine
and his associates. The sheriff re
cently faoiliated the freeze-out game
that is being played there, and it is
expected that this mine, which was a
consistent prodooer, will be operated
again as soon as the undesirable stock
holders have been thoroughly dis
The Jacksonville Post says that
John Tremberth, tbs mine manager,
llt but Sunday morning for Sooth
America on a Gold booting expedi
tloo. A number ef prominent Jack
sonville capitalists are furnishing tbe
foods wberewitb to explore that
country and "Jack" feels confident he
will return within IS months with
million. ' There are tome immensely
rich gold propoaitioas in that country
that bave yet been undeveloped and
'tis said that the sanda of the Amazon
river are filled with yellow metal to
snob an extent that the natives strop
it up Willi a paddle for shovel and
pan out from $100 to $1000 day and
then traOe it te tha white mea for
any old thing.
c . tons of poor
stu;f; but our name isn't
on it Go by the name.
Your grocer returnt roar money it yon doa't
Uke Schillmt't B'tt: n par bin.
Ordinary Method " for Treating
Catarrh Prove Unsuccessful.
Recent statistics showing an in
crease in catarrh have shaken the
oonnuence or medical men in the usual
prescriptions to safeguard human
Health from tbe ravages of this di
season. When stomach dosing provided In
effective, it was natural to look for
some otnei treatment, and it ia be
lieved that in Hyomei, an absolute
cure lor all "catarrhal troubles haa at
last been found. Breathed through
a neat pocket inhaler, its healing
medication reaches every spot where
there are catarrhal germs, destroys
them, prevents their futnre growth,
and soothes the irritated mucous
membrane ao that relief is felt almost
instantly, while lasting cure Is
practically sore to follow.
The complete Hoymel outfit costs
out ai, and is sold by Demaray under
an absolute agreement to refund the
money if it does not give satisfac
tion. It is the only core tor catarrh
that has ever been sold under a guar
antee to cost nothing nnless it cares,
bat Demaray has so muoh faith in its
power to care all catarrhal troubles
that be is willing to take tbe risk, so
if Hyomei does not help yon, there
will not be a penny's expense. Get
an on t fit at once on this liberal plan.
Nething Adds $ Muoh t a Tewn'a
There Is a pleasing unanimity of opin
ion among writers and lecturers on
street trees regarding their value to
abutting property as well as to the
community In general. Professor Q. L.
Stone, botanist at the Massachusetts
Agricultural college, in a lecture before
the Worcester County Horticultural so
ciety opened with the following appre
ciative words:
"There is nothing which adds so
much to the beauty of a town or city
as shade trees, and persons of good
taste appreciate this fact One will no
tice In traveling that the vlllugea adorn
ed with a large number of beautiful
shade trees are those In which bave ex
isted for soma time considerable public
spirit, refinement and culture. On the
other haud, mill towns whose Inhab
itants hare no permanent homes are
usually notable for their lack of trees
and embellishments In general. Shade
trees, however, possess another value,
that of utility, and we wish to call at
tention to this feature because It Is not
generally appreciated and furthermore
because It will appeal to the practical
man, who Is little In sympathy with the
beautiful In nny form. The decisions
of courts In tbe I'nited States have In
more than one Instnnce proved that
trees possess a property value and In
many cases from $."0 to 20 or more
bus been awarded to the abutter for Uie
destruction of a single tree. It makes
little dl.Terence whether a tree Is locat
ed on the street or on private land or
whether It Is set out by the town or
city or by the nliutter, since a tree In
front of n piece of property adds value
to It, nnd the nbutter can claim dam
ages for the destruction of such a tree.
An elm tre eighteen to twenty Inches
In diameter, for example, may be worth
$10O to $300, and one would experience
little difficulty In obtulnlng recompense
for its destruction."
That's It
Congh yourself into 'a Iflt of spasms
and then wondr why yoa don't get
well. If yon will only try a bottle of
BalUrd'a Horehound Strap yonr
cough will be a thing of the pst. It
ia a positive cure for Oourbs, In
flueu.. Bronchitis and all Pulmonary
diseases. One bottle will oonvince
vou at your druggist, 2.V, K)c, $1.
at National Drag Co. and at Dema
ray 'a
The Harvest Victim.
By the middle of each September
England will be dotted over with
stacks of corn, and almost all of them
when thatched will be crowned with a
wisp of straw tied on to a stick or a
pitchfork and looking at a distance
about ss much like s bird as a scare
crow looks like a roan. This almost
universal and apparently meaningless
custom is a relic of the pagan times
before the Roman ciuaueet. when the
tillers of the soil killed a buman victim
to propitiate the spirit of the corn and .
burled him or part of him In the staca.
Our wisps of straw represent the effi
gy which in later days was substituted
for the victim. Traces of this super
stltlon are found all over the world
and In aJmost every century, survivor
of the dim ages wben man looked
uoon the gifts of nature as a boon to
be bought with a price of blood.
Westminster Gazette.
Master Ralph Swlnden was viaiUng
Arthur Faria laat Souday.
Xmas. will soon be her with all its
good things, are you all ready?
Did yon notioe how many ancestors
"Shorty" has?
A Ion so Hyde was at the county
seat last week with a load of produce,
Mr. Hyde bat aboot a too of the
finest onions ever raised on Applegate
soil. -
Mr. Haberman, Isq., took a load of
dressed, fat hogs to the local markets
one day last week.
O-rar Williams and sister Ella and
M. M. Bothard were at the county
seat one day last week.
Earl Topping took a sick horse to
town last week, belonging to Charles
Roberts of that oity.
Tbe Laarel Grove Ditch Co. bave
their ditoh all closed up aud a'e
ready for the heavy winter rains that
we niav expect.
H. E. Gething and son, Harry, the
genial mining men, have been doing
mining work on their property of late
aud are well pleased with the out
look. Mr. Gething is a good mining
man and a rustler and hopes to make
it win in the near future. They have
fine body of ore at present on the
domps.and more in sight too.
One more week will close a snocees
tul term of school: at Laurel Grove
and then tbe holidays.. We are In
formed there will be two months of
school after the holidays
George vinlng was at the county
seat laat Saturday for a load of sup
plies for Mr. Bailey tbe genial mer
chant of Provolt.
Messrs. Jeff and David Lindsay
were called to the funeral of their
f ither who was bnried at that place
last Thnrsday. Our reporter bas
known Mr. Lindsay fer M years and
lived by bim on the Applegate, where
be resided for ao many years. He was
a pioneer of the early days.
We are told that the Michigan niiue
is to start operations soon, but there
seems to be nothing definite concern
ing the statement.
I will say to yon "Sherty" that I
am not looking after yon at all as my
time Is too valuable to fool away like
What kind of laws will we have
yet? The law says we shall not shoot
qnail or duok now. If not, whsn
shall we kill them when they are
mothering? The quail are in large
bevies now aud the dncks in bands
and the only proper lime to aboot
'em is In the winter from now on.
The Lewinen of Provolt is always
oroaking about Provolt. One would
think, who did not know that valley
that it waa tbe garden of Eden with
no one bat Tom in it, but I know that
valley and it is no belter than the
Applegate valley around Laurel
Grove as far as land and water or
fruit is concerned. Sounds like Med
ford to hear him croak.
A Square Deal
I aMiired you when you buy Dr. Tierce's
family medicines for all tbe Ingredi
ent. entering Into them are printed on
tho bottle-wrappers and their formulas
are atteti-d under oath as being; complete
and correct. You know Just what you are
iaylng fur and that the Ingredients are
gathered from Nature's laboratory, being
selected from the most valuable native
medicinal roots found growing In our
American foreQTidjhlle potent to cura
are perrfcti harrrlsjvtato the most
delicate wotneViitJTTilluTWr Not a d my
in jtronnt enier- ,mo lnr.r r ,mi ,.,mli.
Ami,.!. hrUrr ,ui i,l l,lli Jiir L'X-
Aniljili hrUrr ,u, i,l l,lli Jiir I.'
ii j. I . uy ami ify rvh.A tl.e, iiii:illilii
nriiiL-Tile UMtl IH tl;;;m.ylt.-tiiirc, Lrufl
n:ui'i glycerine. This agent posses
n:lim'iT nlycernn. Thla agent possesses
Intrinsic mi aicinai propertim of IU own.
being a tnuBt VHliiabinaiiiincptic anu antt
fernient, nutritive and soothing demul
cent. Glycerine plays an Important part In
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical liisoovery In
tbe cure of Indigentlon, dyspepsia and
weak stomach, attended by sour risings,
heart-burn, foul breath, coated Wirigiio,
poor atitiettte, gnawlug feeling in stom
ach, billouaneiM and kindred derange
aunts of lbs stomach, liver aud bowels.
Keildea curing all the above distressing
alluienta. then(iililen Medical Discovery "
Is a specific for all diseases of the mucous
membranes, as catarrh, whether of the
natal paMasys or of the stomach, bowels
or pelvic organs. Even In 1U ulcerative
Uih It will yield to this sovereign rem
edy If Its use b persevered In. InChronlt
r trrh nf the Nasal nauires. It la well.
while taking tbe "Golden Medical lds-
eovery " lur the necessary constitutional
treatment, to cleanse tha passgs freely
two or three times a day with Or. Sage's
Catarrh Ki-medy. This thorough course
of treatment generally cures the worst
eisi. a
to Roailia and hoeraeneu rauwd by bron
chial, thrust and I una efferlUmi. cireptcoa
umplion In IU td'ancvd slam, the "Uuldea
Mndlral Dlvrirery" It a trmt rnini rem
A9 Mnrlftllv to thoM bballnal. bans-on
eoufhtcautMl by Irritation and ronjrxnltixi of
the bronrhial mumui m-mrirane. j ne - imi
eoterr " am vi a 'h1 fur trulm mvt hs aria
in from euiiriin mlda. nor null U be ei
pectd to cure mnnutnpilnn In lu edvanrrd
siacne no u.i-UI'-lrie will do that but for all
the o'ttnetr. rhronte rotia-ha, which, ir nrt
lrt& ur badly trwatd. lead up u cofiiumir
tloo. It U th hMt mtxllrlne that ran bw tan
A Danjtroui Deadlock
that sometimes terminates fatally, is
the stoppage of liver and bowel func
tions. To quickly end this couditlo'i
without disagreeable sensations. Dr.
King's New Life Pills should always
. our renjei Goaraoteed ebeo
lately astisfsotory in every case or
j money back at all drug stores, i'tc.
Department of the Interior. .'
Land Office at Roaebnrg, Oregon.,
November tod, 1D07,
Notice is herebv given that
of Grants Paaa. Oreann. h fllt
notice of his intention to make final
prwi in aupport of his claim, via:
Pre-emption Declaratory Statement
No. 7St made November 18th. 189
for the N Wt NWif Section 18, .
township 87 South. Range 8 W. W.
M., aud (bat said proof will be
made before Joseph Moss. U. 8. Com
missioner at Grants Pais. Oregon,
on Holiday. December SSrt, 1907.
He namea the following witnesses
to prove bis settlement, iueabitaney.
non-alienation, etc. of said land,
ls: W. H. Flanagan, of Grants Pass,
Oregon; H. C. Bobsien. of Grants
Pane. Ore., Olark Hathaway, of Ap
plegate Valley, Ore, George W. Lewis,
of Grants Pass. Ore.
Timber Land. Act Jane 8, 1878.
Roaebnrg. Ore. Nov. , 11)07.
Notioe ia hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of tbe act
of Congress of June 8, 1878, entitled
"An Act for the sale of Timber Lauds
in the States of California. Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
as exteuded to all tbe Public Land
States bv act of August 4, 18U3
of Camas Valley, county of Dooglas
State of Oreton, has this day filed in
this office his sworn statement No.
867a, for the purchase of the EW of
the NV4 and the NEt4' of the SWW
of sectiou No. 80, Township 84 South,
of Range 4 W. W. M., and will offer
proof to show that the laud sought is
more valuable for its timber and stone
than lor agricultural purposes and to
establish bis claim to said land be
fore the Register and Receiver of
this of floe at Roseburg, Oregon, on
Tneaday. tbe 88th day of January,
1IWS. . J
He names as witnesses: B. Kraken
berger, of Roseburg, Oregon ; Warren
Beatty, Roseburg, Ore.. Grant Taylor,
of Winchester, Ore., John Q. Gilbert
of Rossbnrg, Oregon.
Any aud all persons claiming ad
versely tbe above described lands are
requested to file their claims in this
of doe on or before said 18th day of
January, 1908.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.'
Roseburg, Ore., Nov. 18, 1907.
Notioe Is hereby riven that In com-
plianoe w th the provisions of tha Act
of Congress of Jane 8, 1878, entitled
" An Act for the sale of timber Lands
In the Stales of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washington Territory. "
as extended to all Pnhllo Land States
by aot of August 4, 18U3,
of Harrison, County of Kootoal, Slate
of Idaho, filed in this office her sworn
statement No. 8A87 for the purchase of
the SWk of the NWk. WW of tbe
HW4- and lot, 1 of Section No. 18, in
Towuship No. 87 South of Range No. 7
west, w. on., and win offer proof to
show that the land sought is more
valuable for Us timber or stone than
for agrionltural purposes, and to ea
Ubltah her claim to said land before
the Joaeph Moss, United Statos
Oomniiss oner, at his office in Grants
Pass, Oregon, on Monday, the 17tn
day of February, 1908.
lie name! as witnesses: Martin
A. Conger, of Grants Pass. Ore..
Kmmett R. Conger, of Wilderville,
Oregon William Bn II of Grants Pass,
Ore., Clarence A Packer, of Harri
son, Idaho.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tbe above described lauds are
reotiMited to file thnir claims in tliia
olflueou or before said 17th day of
February, 1908.
T A.L 1L.O It. IVC
Courier Blk op stairs
P'rmnilv ee-' rwai material
and u latest style.
Btlll doing buainees at tbe old stand.
Cor. Hlzth and V street.
Qbts Pass, Oasao.
favorite toulo is White's Cream
Verniifogi, the core for worms and
all children's diseases. It not only
kills the worms, bat remove the
muooas and slime in which thsy build
tbeir nests. Its action on the child is
mild and leaves elm In a healthy con
dition. Jo Daniel, Hormao, Tenu.,
eavs that h gave one of bis children
White's Cream Vermifoge when th
doctor thooght it had oolic, and from
the Aral dose the child passed 71
worms. For sale by National Drag
Co. and by Demaray.
f-ely te Bad
and early to riae, make one healthy,
happy and wise, especially if yoa
lake Herblne before retiring. A posi
tive cure for Constipation, Dyspepsia
ana an liver complaints. Mrs. o ,
Colombia. Tenn., writes: "I always
keep a supply of your Herbine on
hand. Am so pleased with the relief
it gives in constipation and all liver
complaints, that words can't express
my appreciation. For sale by
National Drug Co. and by Demaray,
. wins iree.