Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 13, 1907, Image 3

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C. H. DEMARAY, Druggist
This big "Wolf Creek Ranch." with
it 3000 acre of choice land is being
pat ia excellent condition and will,
we believe, eventually become thickly
ettled. Messrs. E. W. Knykendall and
Judge J. O. Booth, its owner are put
ting forth mach effort to bring this
a boat.
Everything ont thii way ia looking
good. Tti's g one of the best season
for the oattle men ever known here
about There is an abundance of oat
aide feed and consequently the cattle
are fat and in prima condition for the
market. The owners will not have tn
feed very much this year.
Much interest ia being taken ia the
mining industry In these parts. Many
prospectors are at work and a large
number of them are already delving
into the riches of mother earth on
Coyote Creek and others on Wolf
Creek. We predict that this season
will be a record breaker in the matter
of bringing the mines to a developiug
point in this entire region.
Many newcomers are wending their
way hither, in qnest of mines, land
and to look the country over. Among
others are some experienced Alaska
mining men who think that there is
a great fa tore in etc re for this sec
tion. Health is uncommonly good in this
neck of the woods. But for that
matter it ia that way all the year
round. The doctors can't count very
mnch npon getting patients from oar
Our school is progressing nicely,
with Miss Bessie MoColm, who, by
the way, is making a fine ran for
that priie whioh is offered by The
Sugar Pine Store. Here's hoping
that she will win it. She is ex
tremely popular with onr people, aa
her splendid vote shows.
Thanksgiving was observed by one
and all. Many were the big dinners
and family reunions.
There is every indication tbat we
will bare much building and improve
ment, in the spring. In fact alieady
there ia talk along this Una.
Ruble Bros, are fatting everything
in readiness for operating' their fine
placer mines. J. C. Dysert and part
ner are also making like preparations.
The latter parties have the very
promising Lehman property.
Well. So Loog,
The Thanksgiving season pasted off
very pleasautly in this neighborh ol.
One of the pleasantest affairs of the
day was when about 70 friends cf the
Rev. Hoxie invited him to enjoy a
; big Turkey dinner which they took to
his home and whioh was greatly en.
joyed by oue and alL
J. D. Graham expects to soon have
his new creamery in full operation
and he will improve the plant right
along, as the needs demand.
Chat. Hoxie is bosily engaged in
patting his shingle mill in operation
and he fully expects to have it run
ning in the coarse of the next 30
, Friday, November 29. Professor
Jasper N. Miller clossd a very success
ful term of school in this district
Excellent reuitatlons, singing aud the
like, together with some One niosia by
Mr. Graham's phonograph, made it a
very delightful occasion. There have
been 84 pupils enrolled, from the pri
mary to the eighth grade and efficient
work has been done by the scholars,
who range in ages from 6 to 18 yours.
So well pleased were the parents that
the di rotors have engaged Prof. Miller
to teach another term. This is one of
the neatest and best school buildings
iu the valley. It is new and has many
modern conveniences. The building
has nice eqoipment.and good work ia
being done by Prof. Miller. "Old
Glory" floats from the building, thus
early inculcating in the minds of the
rising generation patriotic instincts
and a love for all that is good. The
people of this district feel that they
have been very fortanate in securing
the servioss of so able an instructor as
Prof. Miller and tbey are lending him
all the assistance in their power, by
co-operating with him.
Plana are on foot, looking to the
having of match game of football
between the Q. P. A. A. 0. team and
that of the Ohioo, Cal, Kormal, at
this place, New Year's day. The
Ohioo people play the Ashland Nor
mal Christmas.
And Buy & F&irim
Heres your best chance to make some good
money and you will miss it if you do not
jump at this opportunity.
1 10
On all goods at Letcher's Jewelry Store up
to and including FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20.
Remember that the place is E. C. Dixon's old
store. This great cut in prices is for the pur
pose of inducing people to buy their holiday
goods early. After that date the regular price
will prevail.
L 1
rtf T57 Ted To)
: 1) E E 1U X G
Wednesday night the flood sates of
neaven were bnrstod wide open, the
uiunder bayed aad lightning glittered
and old Jnpe Plnvine got in his work
in regolar Or iiou winter style and so
far, w have heard no one murmu'ing
ror me god old summer time "We
hate had a v ry pleasant fall, bat not
profitable to the many placer diggiuns
and it is no wonder they have been
shooting f r central to "ring on more
rain." Let the water come as it will
All op the n lorl reservoirs and
watersheds and prove a blessing to the
people in the coming dry season.
L. R. and D. L, Webb made a trip to
Waldo Saturday and returned w'th a
load of provisions. The hv r .t
- - ... v
work on their California copper
claims near the ornamental mine
Our genial neighbor, Sam Egger
presented ye soribe with a box of
line apples that were grown by him
last se son. Sam is building up a
fine home surrounded by orchard and
meadow, preparatory to enjoying his
hard earned "Eveaiug of Life."
Somehow or other we have a hun
gering affection for Sam. "
Touiaie ' Gilligao, Will Payne and
Chas. Mockon Thanksgiving day re
paired to the Utters home where they
feasted as only bachelors know how.
Their goese was cooked."
A lone foot passenger came all the
way by band from Crescent Oily en
route to Grants Paass. He deserve a
hero medal," aa ' he came via
Smith river trail
We see that "Red Cloud" la still
able to tear out great chunks of at
mosphere and throw around promts
oously. "Shorty" will take a piece
of his anatomy and nlay football
with it one of these days.
There is a subscriber to the Courier
in South Dakota' who wrote to L. R.
Webb that ' the Courier Is read by his
family and then passed around to the
neighbors, who are aoxiously waiting
for it. Now what do you think of
that? Soppoae there ' was a : eopy
mailed to every town ' In the United
States mat Canada to some Individual
would it not he the means of advertis
ing the many home' qualities of Jose
phine county? 1 Resident of onr
fair county can yod not boost this
matter along? "Uncle Ebe" will do
all he can as soon aa the Wolf stops
howling at his ioor.
W are a good deal like W.' A. Hood
of Grants Pats, raise all w have to
live on by mean of th garden, ex
cept floor, sugar and elothing. Bnt
somehow or other baking powder and
salerato did sot do very well this
year. , ,
While writing these item, the
clonds ware momentarilly lifted and
behold! the higher elevation of th
Siskiyous to the east of us are covered
with snow while at onr valley alti
tude, moo feet above see Jevel not a
flake baa fallen.
There is a time for ood
tea, and a time for pood
coffee; there is no time for
poor either.
Your srftc.r rMursi y.ur nosey If r.s JhI
Uk. Sihilling'i Itckt. we pet hnn
Weaken the Tissues and Lessens
Organic Vitality.
The strsss and strain of the streon
nos lift) In both city and ooontry
tands towards stomach troubles. Five
D'oule safTer todsy where one did
years ago with sick headivhe. d
ness. flatulence, distress alter eating,
specks before Mm eyes, bloating,
nervousness, slesrdesoess anl tlie
many oter symptoms of indigestion.
All who are soffrriug witli stomaoh
trouble, aud that means at least two
out of three in Grants 1'sss and other
towns, shoald use Mi-o-na stomach
tubers. Nothing else is as safe, yet
reeetive; nothing else can be so
thoroogbly relied ujxm to relieve all
troubles from indigestion as Mi-o-ra.
It is not a mere digestive taken
after the food is eaten, but a true
tonic, stimulant and strengthener for
the muscular walls of the stomach, in
creasing th flow of digestive fluids
and potting tb stomach into such a
condition thst it dots tin- work Na
ture expects of it.
Ho reliable Is Mi n na in its cura
tive action that I)emarav, with every
50 cent box give he sells a guarantee
to refrind the money miles the rn
medy does all that is claimed for it.
It Is Not Too Late
yet to get some of these
nice things we have been
promising you
We do not claim to have a
complete assortment but we
feel coufident that we have
some article of value for you,
and will be pleaded to have
you visit
before you decide upon all
these gifts you intend to give
Japanese Assortment
Just Arrived
Mrs. J. C. Gamble
412 Front Street.
Cor. H & 3d sts. Phone 434
1 Load Blocks ...$3.00
Htove Wood
1 TierManzanita. .$3.00
ITier Oak $3.00
ITier Fir..' ...".$2.50
1 Tier Pine .". .,.$2.25
. Chunk Wood
ITier Oak $275
1 Tier Fir...... $2.25
ITier Pine.!. $2.00
1 Load Sawdust 50
1 Load Kindling;....... .7
Of Southern
Some of the Services that a
Bank Renders the Public
The simplest and safest way of
keeping your money is by deposit
iriR it in a Reliable Bank. This
Bank receives Deposits Subject to
Check, or on Demand Certificates
of Deposit or on Time Certificates
of Deposits. On Time Deposits we
pay 4 per cent interest.
The Best and Cheapest way to
Transfer Money is by Bnnk Draft.
We sell Drafts payable in all parts
of the country.
One of the most important (auc
tions of the Bunk, Wt endeavor
to sufj isonrWe needy of
vW ....
worth doing is worth doinr well.
If you wib to be cu'ed of Klienrns
tiHui. uki Kallard's Know Liniment
and you will be "well cured. " A
positive cure for rijiraiu. Neuralgia,
lirni'-s, Oititraeled Mules and all
the ills that flesh is h-ir to. A. ti.
M. Williams, Navaifta. Tex, writes:
"I have ned Snow Liniment for
strained ankle arid it ge the. best of
satisfaction. I always keep it in the
house." For sale by National iirug
Co., and by Deiuaray. . . .,
Capirat vm ,
Stockholders' Additions!
Ke.pon.ibil'ly $30,000
j. v.. iiAix.'r.w.cnt
. C. Camphk.LL, Vlre-JVesiileut
II. L. OlLKrr, Cum he i
li. K. IUL'wj-.t i, Aixt. Cashier
V ksii y i 11 tx- i !.
Capital tOO.OOO, established 27 years,
(iol.l. lla Bullion. Cyanides. Illoh
Ore, eli. Sunlit, Spot null ou assay
value. All work by mntitt.
HI Fifth Street Near V S. Mini
W .. aa .1 m i rilSSl