Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 08, 1907, Image 6

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Levi Strauss
(elected denim
the two bone
Trains Carrying passenger leave OranU
Fans depot a lullowi:
No. 12 filianta Express for Port
land and Intermedial
stations 6:28 a. m.
No. 10 Oregon Express, Fort
land and way stations.. fl:20p. m.
No. 14 Portland Express, flyer .11:85 a. in.
No. 11 Shasta Express, Sacra
mento & Han Francisco. 10 :15 p.m.
No. IS California Express. Hac tgJUbVt
ramento and Ban Fran-
cisco 9 05 a. m.
No. 1J Kan Francisco Express,
flyer 11:00 a. in
The Beet Known Dip lor Sheep,
CexHleSwIne &ndll Live Stock.
Non-Inurlovi and Non-Polonoie
Best known remedy for Mange or
Itch, Scab, Lice, Ticks on Sheep,
Fleas, Hen Lice. Hog Cholera,
Galls, Sores and Wounds, Thrush,
Grease Heel and Scratches, Tape
Worms, Ring Worms, Screw
Worms. Flies or Maggots, Castra
tions. Also disinfecting stables,
outhouses, pens, tc.
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Courier BlkteaUlre
Proasplly and of tbe brat inatorlal
ud tn M.e lateat sty I.
come every day butter, nobler and
tronger. She can make a man of
dim, or fill him with an ambition and
a desire that later mould bim ioto a
man. Slie can do tbil while the ii
you ok, and ber companion is youDg.
Bat she cannot do H later on, if she
lias been careleu and neglectul of hif
babits and manner! daring the first
day of their comradeship. If yon al
low yoor young man companion to
amnke cigarettes in yoor company
now, he will certainly do it later on.
If you let him speak disrespectful
things in your presence now, he will
certainly be an eril-tonged man in
later days. If you know that he
drink liquor and play oard or gam
bles, and you hold yoor sileDoe con
cerning it, he will certainly be a
drnnkard and gambler In days to
oome. The woman who marries a
man to reform him, not only sacri
fices her bonor, bat make herself a
lave to misery, wretcbednea and
wo, and sow broadcast tbe seed or
rice and crime. Now ie the time,
young woman, to exert yonr human
ising influence, roar inspiration or
rjoritr and moral courage on that
young man friend of yours. Yon will
not only be doing him an everlasting
service, but will add one stone to tbe
areat monument of purity that woman
has builded and is building npon the
Ton need not be afraid of his get
ting angry when yon gently correct
bim in thing that yon know and tbat
he knows are wrong. If he is a
geutlenian, or has a (park of manhood
in him, he will respeet you for it,
and feel under everlasting obligations
to yon for tbe good yon have done
him. Tbe sensible young man always
respects the sensible girl. Qn the
other hand be pities and ignores the
girl who is careless and indifferent.
In the hearts of real men there Is no
place for the flirt or the 'girl sport.'
By her own behavior and her own
neglect she makes herself a moral oat
cast, the lonely inhabitant on an isle
of misery. All round her beat and
huh the wave of degradation, and
her life in later years becomes a
never-ending season of agony and
Young; man, the mother of that
'besta-irl' will lore Too almost as
devotedly as does tbe girl herself, if
she knows you are a gentleman, if you
prove by yonr behavior that you are
knlirht of honor. Tbat mother
will be troly croud of rou. because
she will hare the splendid satisfaction
of knowing tbat her daughter is safe
in your company, that . you are a
yoang man who will protect rather
than lead that airl astray. If yoo are
such boy, inch a young man, yon will
go gladly into the home of your girl
A Prize Puzzle
Do Vou Know Our National Songs ?
Find the Hidden Lady and You'll be Well Rewarded
Alice and Susie nre drinking tea; the young man is waiting for
Mary to play the piano; where is she?
H n iriT'isSJ isi iln hi in ii SMaaiissaaslll
Find the Third Lady In this Picture and Secure a Pzize
DIRECTIONS Truce out lines with heavy lead pencil. To every
person sending coneet solution ot this piule, we will give, abso
lutely free ot charge, a Music Hook, nicelv IhmiikI, containing
fifty of the old favorite National Songs only one copy to each
persou with the words and music; also many other valuable
prizes FREE. Winners will be notified by mail. Cut this out,
place iu an envelope, enclose stamp for reply, and mail to main
353 Washington St., Cor. Park, Portland, Or.
O. O.
Name .
friend. Yon will go there in the
afternoon as well as the evening, and
if you are Indostriously attentive, you
will happen around sometimes at a
most unfashionable hour in tlie mora
ls;;. Yon will not hang on the gate
post either, whether it be morning,
noon or night. If it is morning, or
early afternoon the girl wjll put yoa
to wiping dishes and yoa will gladly
and obligingly comply. And you
will be jost as much a gentlemau in
the kitchen as you are in the parlor
Let me assure yon that if yon do not
learn to wipe dishes at that period in
your life, yoo nevei will.
Ano her thing, yoong man, if yoa
desire the ermpany of Jur girl
either to or from an entertainment
yoa will go to tbe bouse, rap at the
door and wait in tbe parlor for her.
No gentleman hangs around outside
and waits for ber to come out. It
may take a little courage to walk up
to the door and face her mother for
the first time and explain why yo'i
are there and what you hare come
for; and you may get nervous and
fidgety while yon wait for her to get
ready or suffer a battery of cross-
questions from her while yon wait,
hut it is the facing and the braving
of these things that inkes a real man
of you.
No sensible, right-thinking girl will
accept the company of a yoong man
home from church or an entertain
ment unless he accompanied her there.
The worst riper 8 that infest oof
modern cirilization are the oowardly
young felloes who line np with the
crowd of 'catchers' at a church door
to approach and beg the company of
girls. (The yoang women who thus
accept the company of after church
'catchers,' as they are styled, cast
themselves from their high estate of
purity and innocence and into the base
depths of degradation. They lower
themselre in the sight of all good
men. '
"My 'best girl' turned me down
cold, gave me the 'mitten' as the
yonng fellows express it, one night
by refusing my oompany home from a
church entertainment. I had been
going with her too, for a couple of
years and was become of the notion
that she belonged to me, hairpins and
all. Bat she taught me a valuable
lesson tbat night lesssoo I never
forgot, and for which I shall always
feel deeply indebted. She found her
way to the entertainment without my
assistance and she knew she could
find her way home without It. And
she made that fact known to me in
just so'many words. My ears barn
yet erery time I think of it. . If erery
girl would do as tbat girl did, the
after-church 'catchers', who are, In
troth, the most destructive pest to
yoang and Innocent girlhood, would
soon become extinct or be obliterated.
''Tbe 'head and sweetheart prob
lem,' then is a matter of encourage
ment rather than discouragement If
the girl has a 'fellow' get that fallow
into the home as soon as possible.
Let him nnderstand that if he desires
the girl's company he must seek it
first in her borne. This is one of the
things of the world that begins in the
home, and that should forever remain
there. If the young niau lives at a
distance, give liiui an invitation to
visit, and keep turn a week or two.
Take plenty of tuna to got acquainted.
If be is the right sort of young uiau
he will gladly comply, and will ap
treeiate the favor. The association
thus formed around the home lamp
will lie a Messing both to liiui and
to 'his girl,' who is possibly destined,
to be 'his girl' for all time. It is as
sociations of this sort, made around
the lieartbxtone, that insures the hap
piness and harmony of that other
home that is to he. To all of os who
have a heart, home is the dearest,
sweetest spot on farth. 'Home is the
shelter from the ttorius of life. Its
voices are the vchoes of love. Its
smiles are the shadows ef heaven. '
Though one tuny have the choice and
the good fortune to roam 'mid pleas
rres aud palares, ' the memory of the
old home, with its friend, hips and
associates which gladden his yonth,
will appear iu his dreams by night,
and linger n his thoughts hy day.
Yoo cannot drown the reme ml rauce
of that home, ami though the (Id
place may crumble to deeav and pass
from off the earth, the memory of it
will always bo an inspiration to you.
Yrars after yon have lelt it there will
come tn your mind's eye the old
house, the protecting oaks and maples,
the orchard all the old sceues. Ly
ing in the cool shade of the big rorch
is Shop, the dog. He is so big aud
tat and lan- with nothing to do but
drive the cows home at night ami
keep the chickeus out of the garden.
You will see a Wan fa 1 old ladv 1
sitting iu the doorway, rocking gently I
to and fro. her sewing in her lap.
You w ill see her lift her head now !
.! .1 1 . 1 . I
cm, iik-ii, uu Hujuni ner glasses to
gazs off np the read with a fara
way expression m her eyes as if
locking for someone. You will see a
tear trii kle down the cheek of the
dear old l.i ly while (he sits and sews
and waits in the doorway. Yoa wtu
fnter the hallway again and (land in
the threshold of the par'or, wiih it
lowered nrtaios, where neither yon
nor your chnms nor the cat nor the
dog were allowed to trespas. But
yon will tike a peep in jost a- von
did in former days. Yon will s e
tbe fame familiar pictures on the
w 11, aud the same big stand with the
family Bible in the center of the
room. O back into the kitchen and
the dining room yoo will wander.
Sistijr and the hired girl are cooking
dinner; hurrying to and fro, spread
ing the delicious riands on the
tibte. Yes. and there's someone else
help'ng someone with her sleeves
rolled to her dainty elbows and with
sister's beet apron on dartieg here
and there as familiarly and cheerfully
as if (he had alway Hred there.
It's Mary, of course it's Mary. It'
jast as natural for her to be there
with her deeres rolled np and sister's
apron on, as it is for you to be over
at her house with yonr sleeves rolled
up and one of her aprons on.
"And then you remember that din
ner, th afternoon ride to church
with the family, and the long, de
lightful, silent trip home. And
yoor memory will follow the vista of
happy, eventful years, of other rides
and walks and jaunts under the gut
tering, summer stars, down wooded
hillaides, where the peaceful breezes,
sighing through the rustling haves,
whispered their tender secret to the
katydids; strolling along the winding
paths where erery nook and turn is
full of Nature's darlings; where
Nature's peace flows into yon like
sunshine into trees; loitering where
the chattering brook sparkles and leap
over the pebbles; on' np through life's
pathway of years, a pathway strewn
not altogether with roses, but bor
dered here and there with the thorn
of trial and bardhips, checkered with
long years of struggle, and the long
day of sorrow. There will come days
when the home that has been a para
dise of happiness and joy will be
lonely and still. The music of child
laughter and child prattle will be
hushed. In a closed, quiet room a
mournful spirit will brood over an
empty crib, and roa will kneel with
bleeding hearts beside a little white
casket. There will be prints of baby
fingers on the pane, a box of toy uo
der the window seat, a basket of un
used clothes in tbe corner. Hand In
band, heart to heart, yon will lire
tbe hour of sorrow as yon bare lired
tbe hours of joy. Through the blind
ing tears yon will get a glimpse of
tbat eternal paradise, and as that in
fant spirit is wafted upward to tbe
bosom of the Heavenly Father, yoa
will catch a sweet breath from the
fields of ererj blooming flowers. De
spite the burning pang of sorrow,
yon will emerge from the shadow of
that dark cloud with a renewed de
termination and purpose. Life to
yon will hae a deeper, sweeter
uieanii g. Though tbe song ot the
lark may nerer be as sweet, aud the
quiet old woods may never whispsr
their delightful secrets as in other
days, you star of hope will be
brighter and the great mouutain tops
of the future, with their sun-glimmer
ing peaks rising hiuh to the blue of
eternity, which were only vagua and
hazy stretches of landscape, will ap
pear iu clear outilne before you, gor
geous and beautifol.
"In conclusion I can do no better
than repeat the words of a philoso
pher far older and wiser than I:
'Nothing touches the soul bnt leaves
its impress, aud thus, little hy little,
we are fashioned into the image of all
we have seen and heard, known and
meditated; and if we learn to live
w ith all that is fairest and purest and
best, the love of it all will in the end
become our very life.'"
This is Said To Help Many
Get from anv nrescrintion nlmi-nm.-lct
tliH following
Hoid Extract Dandelion, oue-half
Uliec: Comnoniid KarLron unH mmu-
Compound yrop Sarsaparilla, three
i'hake well in a bottle and take a
teaspoonful rtcse after each meal and
... i i.
tii I'euiune.
The above is considered by an emi
nent authority, who writes in a New
lotk rimlv 'imn,r. id rli tinaat- .-
wrijitiou ever written to relieve
Backache, Kidney Trouble, Weak
Hlaitrtir and all forms of Urinary
UHticultie. Ihis mixture acts
promptly on the elimiuative tissues of
the kidneys, enabling them to tilter
ami strain the uric acid and other
waste matter from the blood which
causes Kheouiatisin. J
Some persons who sutler with the
afflictions mny not feel inclined to
place much confidence in this simple
mixtute yet those who have tried it
say the remits are simply surprising,
the relief being effected without
the slightest injury to the stomach or
Mix some and give it trial. It cer
tainly couies highly recommended. It
is the prescription of an eminent
authority, whose entire reputation, it
im ni, wa- esiaonsnea tiy it.
A druggist here at " home 'when
asked st ited tbat he could either sup
ply the ingredients or mix the pre
scription for our readers, also recom
mends it as harmless.
Safe and
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Science H&s Now t"ourvd the
Tru Way to Cure Indigestion
A few years ago, when a sufferer
from indigestion went to a stomach
specialist, the result was a rigid diet
list that almost meat starvation.
But the brst thing tn do in the case
of indigestion or stomach weakness
is to strengthen the muscular wall
of tbe stomach and intestines, so that
they will care for the food that is
eaten. In no other way can this be
done as well as by taking a Mi-o-na
tablet before each meal. This re
stores (trength to the stomach muscles
and etimnlates the pouring out of
gastric juices, so that the rood is di
gested readily and its nourishment
retained in the system to build up
ensrgy and vitality.
Do ;not think tbe sick headache,
heartburn, bad taste in the month,
coated tongue, spots before the eyes,
sleeplessness and the many other
symptoms tbat are the direct result
of indigestion, will go away of them
selves. The stomach most be built np
and strengthened by Mi-o-na before
you oan be well and strong, free from
suffering and distress.
The guarantee that Demaray gives
with every 60 ceut box of Mi-o-os1
refund the money , unless ti e rfof
cures, shows his confidence is
A Hard Debt to Pay
"I owe a debt of gratitode 'ht J
never b paid off," writes 0-'
Clark, of West field, Iowa, ' rw
rescue from death by Dr. King'"
Discovery. Both lungs r;er
seriously affected that death e
imminent, when I commenced tM
New Disorery. The ominous P
baking cough quit before the DIi,
tie was used, and two more bow
made a complete cure. OosraO"
YiJ? all Hrnocriut Kfln unil 11. '
-J " - " ft ft ' "
bottle free.
He Fought at Gettiburj
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good than any medicine I ever w
r- . i i v,..i ton
t-..l A ' l . .....l. mnUfTl1" J
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