Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 18, 1907, Image 2

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I'ractleo limited to
Glasses fitted and furnished.
OllUv) hours 'J to 12; 2 to tr, aud on ap
puiut niuiit. Telojihones lllil and 77.
i to a misunderstanding and that there
i no need for auy sticn action in
Items of Interest to the Taxpayers of Josephine County
From the Various County Officials t
on the proposed new "County Home
Ken. 1'lione "14
Quiet Around the Offices.
Things around the comity court
house have been unusually quiet, for
a few days and following in the
wuke of tlie recut term of court the
dullness in all the wore apparent.
For ini-tauce: County Clerk Chcsh-
ordaf k3mWi and II, Tuff 'a building.
Olhoo I'hiie 2tU.
GUAN'ltH 1'AS.H . OllKGON.
Practice in all State, und Federal Courts.
Ollloo i'i Opera House liulldiiig. I
(ja AN'IS I'ASH, - - Oi:koon
f'4ff or country calls attended night ire did not flil a single order for mar
riage license all last week, which he
thinks is . an alarming condition of
affairs, lor he ha a great amount of
syinjiathy for old bachelors. Then,
Klit-rill Hus-ell feels a bit lonesouis,
with not a single priHOuer in the
comity jail. Ho thinks that some
body ouhut to be apprehendi d and put
in that nice bastile, else it will get
rusty ami he unnatural. Then be it
said to the credit of Josephine county,
there was not a single insane case in
' the coiuitv passed upon by the au
thorities during the entire month of
, Hfptember. The average lias kbeen
about one each month, which was not
; bail for a county of this size, tin in
1 Hrptember even the average was not
1 kept up. but thero is at least one busy
' man at the courthouse and that is
j deputy SheiifT Smith, who is still
1 taking in money paid by tardy tax
payers. He finds that the county
has collected about fSO.OOO thus far
and that this year will probably come
I up a bit bettor than is usually the
lease. However, it looks now as
though several taxpayers, all over
j the count? would have ti py extra
entits as they are going to per n it
their taxes to go delinquent.
Practices in all Ktutennd Federal Courts
Oflloo over Hair Klddlo Hardware Co.
Ckants 1'ass, - Okkuon
Ofline, oyer K. C. Dixons,
Grants I'akh,
fitll St.
Practice in all State and Federal
courts. Hanking and Trust
Company's JiuiMing.
(is NTS I'ash, - - Okkuon.
ux to Hurry A
4, Grants Pass
W B Sherman,
is, r a, aoo.
Civil and criminal mat ters attended to
in all the courts
Heal estatouiid Insurance.
OOieo, tlth street, opposite Postofflce!
Uli St., north of Josephine Hotel,
t u a NTs I'ahs, - - Okkuon.
Charles Costain
Wood Work inj; Shop.
Wst of flour mill, near R. R. track
Making Them Toe the Mivrk.
This is a busy season in the Probate
Department, as it is the time tor the
filing of the se liiiaiiuiiiil reports by
administrators and executors. Judge
Jewell inlortiicd the Courier man that
he wiib requiring nil such pi rsons to
comply with the law, which says that
all executor uml administrators shall
file reports in April and October of
each var until final settlement.
Judge Jewell is seeing to it that the
said people holding such positions of
trust attend to their duties, promptly
and further than , that, he in doing
his boit to get all the old estateB set
tled up olT the court docket.
County Teachers' Institute.
County Snperiu'eU'leiit Sivaiio is
busily engaged in making elaborate
InrniiiK, Hiroll Work. Kiair Work, Hand ! I'1'""' preparations fot the next
MawiiiK-.t Ahmet Work, Wood l'ullevs, .Saw
liluigand gumming, Repairing all kinds.
I'rioen right.
T(ta Popular Barber Shop
Got your tonsorial work clone
annual Joi-epluue County Teachers
Institute winch will convene in this
city, November tl, 7 and H. It is a
higuiidertaking and requires much
time ami attention to insure that the
affair will be a success in every par
ticular Among the many able in-
Ou Sixth Stteet Three chairs 1,1 r,"'t,,n' wu'( uru 'Mooted to attend
Rath Room In connection participate in the program are the
- . . . following: Presideut Mulky, State
IV. IL. Mc'(jR IiV, Snperintndent Ackerman, Dr. Sheri-
(lau, niernn, pscreiary miiu iierary
Association, President Kerr, of the
Oregon State Agricultural Collego,
' and many others of mamed literary
ability. There will he popular ad
I dresses at two evening tensions, to
j which all the people are invited and
for that matter, they are heartily
welcome at all the sessions. Ech
eacher in the county is not only ex
pected to attend this iNsiitutw. but is
bylaw r quired to In there. He or
she as Pin esse may lie draws her pay
just as I hough t-h was teaching aud
lu many districts the entire week is
taken as a vacation, the teacher mak
ing up the ctlier two days at nimther
Furniture and Piano
Moving 4
Dry (Joods, Underwear,
Notions, lite.
Front Stteet
west of Palace hotel
Will fuuiwli infut in.itioii ol k
S I.. It. 11 M l Pu si, lent f
i(J M I. .M'i:kws....Su:i!.uv J
Commercial Club
Will fni 1 1 1 -s 1 1 infoi m.itioii ol
Jn-.i-pHme emmty fiee of
oll.liec. CiMR'spiillllcllOe so-
Viiitiig County Schools.
Pur the past few weeks Superin
tendent Savage has been endeavoring
to comply with Hie law and pay
hchculs lliiMiiiileuit thi cuiiuty a per
sonal visit if inspect on. Dui inxthe
pasl we. k he ilropp d ill t.i see bow
things were I'lunnng in the following
ilisirat: Wiliatus Cieek. Wilder-
ill.-. Lower A;i lc.i'e, and Meilin
I le tei'.s th, ( hii , i ;hat f.i: the in. "t
part l:e l-:ts to.m.l the sell oil pro
g'e-'ln.; ii'.. ''y ail .t.'iuk' g.n .1
ixcrtisiT Kt
him ;i
!: i i"
"iv i in : ' i
k which
5 I
1 1 'i
. lii.h t.iv.
e g 1 w
Ucr an I le w r
1 i-'1",!! ; ( v . n
.1 . I !' e in, .t la
I'.'i'l la I. mi. h
Hi e fcr a lull', i
h ' v.u i,m re: or!
Harvey Moore, et ux to Ellen Lomas
part lot 3, block N of J .Bourne's
First add to Grants Pass, 2(i0.
Joo 11 Williams et al to A Dartlett,
part block 61, add to Railroad add to
Grants Pass. 17.150.
J J Perry to C E WV.folk, lots 11
and 12, block 1)4, Rivertlde add to
Grants Pass, 2(J0,
Sarah E Richards et mar to Johan
Von A linen, part lot 7, block 3, Cen
tral add to M rlin aud half intemt in
the Kichards Variety Store, $1000.
Christiana Trefeluen to C A Tre
fethen, her husband, I art sec. 8.'), Ip
80 s, r 7, to actes, 1 1 .G0 ,
Leiiinel Ttask et ux to Arthur
B Ellison et al., lot 7. block 8, of H
B Miller & Co'g addition brants
Pass, 1 100.
Alexander Brcwn to William Olson,
part sec 2(1, tp ill), a, r C, if-WOO
J O Booth et nx to S F Mocine,
lot , block 7, Grants Pass, fi!00.
Mollie Nanson et al to Florence
L Li"d. two acres in sec 9, tp 80 i,
r 5, $200
C Ezra Smith to Florence Liud,
part sec 0 tp 3 8, 15, flOO.
Mathlas Heinen to Mary Thomp
son, et al, 15 acigs in sec 10, tp 3ti s,
r 5, $1000.
Jerome Duncan et
Cougle, lot U, block
l 100.
Mary Thompson to
18 acres in sec Pi, tp 3'
P E Gerould et ux to Nellie O Mil
ler, part s c 10, tp III! s, r 5, :i?00.
H B Miller et al to Willis A Has
kins, lot 7, block 8, H B Mil'er &
Co's arid to Grants Pass, deed of cor
rection. F G Burns, as administrator of the
estate of Emma Sophia lies, deceased,
to nmiel Watson, lot (i, block G,
Judsun's add to Grunts Pass, iJl'.IO.
Edward S Van Dyke to Oro S
Blanchard, lots 15, 111, and 17, block
8 Lincoln Pack add to Gin-its Pass,
Oregon St te Land Board to f. E
Gerould, 80 acres in sec 21, tp 3d s,
r B, $ 150.
Marie E Pent) to John V Hurt v.) )
acr.s in sec 21, tp :)7 s, r 5 (deed in
escrow )8ii0,
II B Miller etui to Joseph Leniar,
lots S, T V in H B Miller's High
land Park and to Grants Pa-s, $250.
H H Conner to Frederick Clements,
leaiseiu ut ( vr c rt iin roadway $1.
Plea-ant Valley Cemetery Assa
ciation to F O Bums, part lot 2, row
5, block 1, in Valley Ceme
tery, $:i
W B Sherman to Helen Ruth Lover
idge, 3.57 acres in sec 10, tp 3d , r 5,
Geo E Payne to Tryphena L Riithbiin,
40 acres in sec 7, tp 311 g, r 5, $100.
Miscellaneous Matters
County Treasurer J. T. Taylor's
accounting with the County ijerk
shows that he hid on hand, the first of
the m mill $17,s,ll.i'i0, cash in hand
and that during previous month he
paid over to tho state treasurer the
stun of $t,tl."il..r)0.
An execution hag ben issued to the
sheiiff for $20 judgment and $3.55,
costs, in the case of E. II. White vs
O. S. Brortu.
L. L. Nelson, of Berkeley,,
has, by his attorney, A. C. Hough,
brought an aitiou against Thos." V
I I'ack. Jocilct the sumof .(Tm,
I alleee I fiTli . a.,.. i.;...f?T- .. nT.. ".e.
( p.. . .. . ll(i nruui inrex
jtiva a 're tracts out f "th tivenTo
which the part of thnH. S. "JeTveit
Donation Claim owued by defendant
was tn b.i subdivided.'; He claiiusTT,, one 11. (.'. Myi-rs "(iput up
( the first pymnt"(if".f5iii),i rortln"s7id
I t li r claims, lint npo.i e"sau"nin2
jth- abs'rtet that thevfai!e lloJi"iid
tnat mid Pack wasthe owner of i-aTd
, l.ind in ipietinn, hence the action
j fur coiiiiuis.icii, as the td- .il fell
' tl.raugli.'
List y. ar the fees 'receiv .! ,y
t mini v I l.Ti i lieshir-, far h
liceiis . i i d ,.i v fnoi,.
fur ail ; lie y tr, hei'e 't 7
the am mat i ; ; I . aa 1 : a 1 .
e t u ar.y en . 1. aa, . .j j
I the firot place.
Judge St'phen Jewell and County
X . Commissioner J. T. Ligan met at tha
J ' court house, Moudty and ttarttd work
ou me iioiu.-5tj tn ..... - - -
huilJiug. It was decidfd to have
thewcrk done by day labor, the county
to pu. chase all its own mutdrial and
Contractor Arthur Fitzgerald, who is
regarded as a splendid workman,
will have charge of the frame work,
while H. J. Clark will look aftt-r the
brick foundation work. The fuadation
will bn 28 by 32 feet, there will be 16
rooms in the entire structure with
four small ones additional in the at
tic. It will cost in the neighborhood.
of $:;000 and will be ready for occu
pancy on or tefcre December 1.
Work was begun Tuesday, as the ma
terial was already on the ground.
Next week the Jcnepbiue county
board of equalization will he in ses
sion to hear auy comiluints to lw
msada by taxpayers about their aseos
meuts. But, as in former years. As
sessor Fallm's work has beeu go well
done that few protests are to be ex
pected. ...U'j-liil
Good grocers like Schil
ling's licst, for it makes
good-will and not trouble ;
in case of complaint, the
money is ready.
Your ifrorer rt'iurns your money if you don't
like it; we pay Inm
There's Exceptional Style in
(this" Yale Suit for Young Men
IT'S another of the Ederheimer-Stein garments we've
selected to demonstrate in every sale we make that this
is, in fact, a superior clothing store. (
G.The Yale is the smartest Young Man's style striking
in the weave and rich colors of the fabrics combines
good taste, service, satisfaction lends
the air of true refinement is fashionable
without being fancy.
Q, The young fellow who exercises com.
mon sense and good judgment in th
monplace. It's a suit for college
men or any others who are par.
ticular. Let us show it
to you.
t44!' W-$4---H'-H'?-S'm
1. A ki nm Tiur nunnui ?
i" irismal.
When I was a little chap living hi
Cineiiiiiiili I was delicate. We hud
relatives lu New (irleans, mid at one
time I was sent down there foi- my
healili. . I he only routi; was bv the
(iliin ami Mississiiii rivers, und I
made the trip in one of the big steam
(; of that day. The main feature
that 1 reiiienilier was seeing men sit
lui',' In the caliiii playing cards, with
beautifully colored chips. Why Hi
u-e.I (he chips I was too young to un
derstand. In this connection 1 also re
call their leaving the tables occasional
ly to pi to a little box ah n:t the size
of a "Punch and Judy" shaw, placed
firuard lir the cabin, where they
drank drinlis of (to mel beautiful cul
oi s.
The Mississippi was one vast gam
bling resort from Cairo to New Or
leans. There were llatbuals lilted lip
far the purpose that Heated slowly
.:.iun the river, tyiui; up at any p .ia!
where there were people to be llee. e 1.
and wherever there were planters there
were victims. One afternoon one of
these llatboats deseendiiif; with the cur
rent was seen from the shore not far
below Memphis to be luruini; In to
slmre. The only power aboard was In
the arms of men and a couple of loin;
sweeps or ears on either si.le. Those
on the starboard side flashed In the
KiiulU'ht, while the tiller oar left a rip
ple astern. The boat In this way was ashore, and a hawser was pit
out and tied to a stump upon the river
That niyht Julian Manin, a younjr
planter, stepped aboard the boat and,
with one or two of his friends who
were al-eady thera. opei'd the iraine.
Marau had sold his plantation and ne
Kroes n n I was Kiin;; to Itatou Kontfe to
marry his sweetheart und take up his
residence there. The money he had re
ceived was in" bank except a Hundred
dollars, with which he proposed to
nmiise himself on the llatboat. lie
lidded considerably to his hundred dol
lars ilurini; the evenim; and. belli'' a
chivalrous fellow, considered himself
bound to . ba.-k the next day and give
the bank a chance for "revem;!'." In n
few days the fortune he had In bank
was every cent transferred to the
safe in the fatborit.
That was a u i ei aire. If there are
elavahoiis p. ,.f,s .';,c,a 1 gamblers now.
we hear nothing of Mieui. There were
chiva!:-. us giml Vrs then, and they
made i heir inilu, felt. Perhaps it
was because g:'mM.t;g had tint then
been 'i ft s i far I .. 1 1 1 1 , other n cans of
inak'iig a living as it is now. The
; n
I X'vA .
4:-v,.',-.--'.r ; v f -
t t v. .- I ..
? - 1 i i t " :5
I i X - . I
THE Ktfh
; Superior tailoring reaches
its climax in the Yale. Each
garment is made separately
by skillful hand needlework
throughout. Trimmings and
fabrics all match. Every
operation of the tailor con
tributes to make it distinc
tive, individual.
THE "YALE". Coat it long and
full chested ; cuff on I'cfcve ; open
teami down back of coat and sides
of trousers. Trousers full at waist.
Sizes 30 to 38. Prices $13 to $35.
P. Ii liafth
& Son, Inc.
t i
That evening M.i'-an. Sterling and two
others whom Sterling had asked to be
present opened the game on the flat
boat. The owner of the o'iittit and two
assistants were of the party, making
seven in all. They had played fin hour
or more when a jackpot was opened,
and the pile on the table prew enor
mously. Suddenly Ste,"ling chipped one
hand down on the money ami whipped
out n gun with the other. At the
same moment Marau and his two
friends drew their weapons and cov
ered the three professionals. The coup
was effected so quickly that not one of
the latter was able to draw.
'Tut jo' arms on the table," ordered
Sterling, raking olT the money into his
lint. Then, setting the hat on n chair,
lie went to the owner of the bont nnd
began to search him.
"Il-m!" he remarked, drawing sev
eral aces held by n clasp attached to
n rubber cord In his sleeve. "A cheap
device, but good enough to fool usses
with." Then, going to the next man.
he took a lack of cards from his pock
et, held them up to the light and
"Marks big enough to seei In the
dark. All the court cards nre plain
on the hack as on the face."
After going through the three men
and Ilnding evidence of fraud on nil.
he politely asked the owner for the
key of the safe. The man, having n
pistol muzzle within a few Inches of
his ear, complied. Sterling opened the
safe and counted out nil amount eipinl
to Jin ran s losses and handed It to
him. Then ln paid what losses the
others h id made from the inonev in
the hat. He was himself n winner.
and this amount he took from his pock
et and tossed It on the table.
When the party left the boat thev
cut the cable, and It floated down wiili
the current. Its profits and losses at
Its last landing place had been nil.
jfaran left the next day for Baton
Iiouge and was married soon after his
arrival. Hud It not been for Sterling's
lutcrfereine he might have become n
professional gambler himself.
r:l r ' s
into more
It may. as
reu.uat.t .
le ; t
M ii
a p:
i t1
tun w ac
. Ili U .l
(I t- two
hi duj
- . .
f n:
.'. 'w a
i r .
seal .
P. leu
ler "uTi
t i tins
f.-i the
i wul be
in f illy
s. t,
r u 't t he t . ii. mi
the.r w us ia a
S ; pi . s-.t l s t S
1: . ', not been
! t . . e ; i hoi.l lever,
a ; -e h f tvi n vci
1. w ile'i w T.I la in;
f I '". l! .list : iet er
for this term
Property ChiMittin Hnnilii
Tr.msfers of real o'v hare V en
tile. I for record with founty t'lerk
Cheshire, us fc'. .. Ws:
f i i a b, tan w oe t i I i
ro 1. who happens t
c.emuoaw oalih, 11.
for the is ire i r
of gi Mill.: iato t i'.c
ill: Tae i tri us I'a-s 1',.
city 1: is 'il l a't'.'i !
fie capital s'o-k bi
i'o iiivi.1 1 into
ea "i. T ic in , t, .c ar .
OiH- to, I. ti an I
ManagT K.bic. ,.f
l'r-s 1) , r A I. inther f , . .:
I'.'iirier f a: t'o' Hi nt ia :
sue, re-:tr im i he in t i.'e . :
r by his coU;,:lllv aga:n- fie
fust l!o ,v l.'iiiiber i'o.. I, a
settled and cleared from il,,.
j Mttnag'-r Hobie further ..
entire pr.Kee.Uugs wits
1 il
efs'ty has dove
' ate forms. 1',,. t;
hi w ,i s parf ic- w .:
f Ttime. i ; -tavus
'1 ciiiUcr. who
pe"a'.;.. piaaicr. b
.1 lef: "i!a'
m : -I
:.n t!
1! i;
i ia
I :
h I.
Willi h.m.
! "r.'rm.t
Marau. "
i'.l ray 1 '"
R"st. l.
the a '.
on f.'.s I.
twill, ii.TS
j M..!'.!U.
tort : :..::
r-d: cf !
:s as
i the
pro- ,
r t atik
Out of Sii?ht
"f lit rf si tht, out of mind, "is an
old siynu hieh applies with si ei'ial
f"r. e to a sore, luirti or woutnl that's
I ecu treated with HiicUit 's Arnica
a,v. It's t of sinh-. out of uiiinl
.oe out ot exist,. nee. l'iles too
' lams ips.apjiear una, r
llllolelii'e. ttUiil'alltei d bv
he tling
1 lirug-
rrsisii i mMTi inm as ni ir i iniTlM
The IJurlington's
Diverse lloutes
In planning your trip, you don't
want to be confined to one gateway-
'If your ticket reads "Burl
ington," your route may be
Uia St. Paul,
the Mississippi River Scenic way,
three trains daily, or
Uia Billings,
the direct way to the Southeast
with complete trains all the way
through, or
Uia Denver,
and either the Billings direct way,
orei.-e through Scenic'Colorado.
Get hold of a Burlington folder;
the map shows what a desirable
portion of the through route the
Burlington trunk lines form. An
intelligent inquiry by you as'to the
Burlington routes and service will
add to the comfort of your journey
aast or southeast.
Let ine help you.
Gen 1. Agl. C. B.&Q
100 Third Street,
Portland, - Oregon.
I 1
I Fr-saf5Tj
Capital -MD.OO.), established 27 yaps
Hold. Hn-e Hull ion, Cfnni ies, Hicb
' )r -. etc, bouidit, Sirt cisIii uiimuT
value. Ail wnik by cxett.
HI Fifih "street N,-( U S. Mini
m W Hski
T. li"l erlsiiii, who
on the Viirnhv
1 (
ii h
' 1 :g
I'. en
i i"l.
U.ud i.i
,11 tiled
i i : .tn t s
.1 Ik-u
d the
lue entirely
N t
R gi
c!. "V
a:: 1 -:
I'.l'. a:-
ia in y
t-ri tr
1 t
"I t
seek a fev of
i- in th
i I. i:. ! m
et. s.'.l, "
.Oe-S his ,
' 1 a a ay an.l
he former's
to r
!', 1 a
c: an 1 e ::
:.ig':t wi:a
ui't p':;-.y to
ga:.e. I'll
seif. ll:ne
il a: ..f
, f the
has the Allen
road, south of
V, lias had s. in,- expriienee
an" strange griss, the i-ee ! , f
n. t have nine in the tutnip
uia iv.- very rani;, l,ut is i f
.V Us,- or I: lle'.t. si, f ,r s I,..
i- i r ain. led, cd he in ,y have
! rt-tty lcid in i rdi-r to rid
1 f tl y i 1 To.i, a.s we, ,.!.
oe- in tliis in itter is siinihir to
l ;n t ut r, who, learniiu
"II gr tss, '' n-lit to the
d gi t Seine feed.
trying to
L L E OEfc I
AnMlialo, Onllii, Norms! Cl?"1"?"
oourww. Jvlnostion ln&ltbfnrhs. IscJt-CM "TTJ
ira. .anc. mtthamBtlca. ato.. Sil bwl
f.QD.Ullnn that hu nn .iMIiMt WfOW I',r
trrmt men nd woinD. Ws hlp w"1
invi frliil .1.,rrnl,.-rii Tnrlrl, un '.-r
. if id-
:r..n HHITK TOIHY fur .ro.-u ' '"!-. j,
went tj
His Dear Old Mo'.
' My d ar nl I on .tin r.
j ears old, thrivi s mi
is " writes W. b.
1 d i n. tin. "She Ivo
f c about t.vo years and -el
, lit n;iietite, fc Is
s'- eiis well. " That's the
Hitters .v.lVct the ;ed i
baiiiiy results follow in
feiinle wvakinss and Ken
eak, jinny children too,
strengthened bv tlnm.
seems to , aiso fwr stouiaeh. liver
n nor host and I trouhlis, bv all druggis.s
" t-nws iite the mischief.
1 lee,
i'. r
.1 'hi
i a-o.rn s- d I ohm
ler sin e he has
g t rnl , f tne stntl'. v Inch
h, g' o.t f. r neither m
s ai.w
;,' Bit
ell. "I
.: u ('I'
g a ml
.. aui'
. . .A
t.tar.e ar
and kiduvT
i. P'
Such ;
ri, nee should be h warning to the' Tl" '
growers not to
dangerous matt.
exj-eruuent with such r
Tlacer blanks at the Courier office.