Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 22, 1907, Image 1

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    VOL. XXII.
No. 4Y.
Cannery M-n Will be In Grnta
Pass Soon to Look Over
the Field.
Jhere is a very good p:ospect that
n ... : 11 i . i . J
GrsDts ras wm s uri nuu
..setable cannery ana tnat it will
be in operation in time to haudle the
crop ir inl J-" -"w u,ni"B
Fruit Growers union since its or
ganization last Sommer has beeu
diiving to secure a cannery for Jose
phiue county and Secretary Meserve
bit kept up a systematic search for
t caDiierymau who had sufficient capi-
Ul aud known to have the experience
and to be a reliable man to put in a
cannery at Grants Fata. At last be
bM got in correspondence with a man
tho is recommended by a prominent
railroad official as being an expert
ctnneryman and who is of strict
integrity, temperate and industrious.
fhe party is now operating a oannery
of his own on Puget bound bat as he
hit found that .that 'section is not the
most profitable in whioh to operate a
ctnnery, he is seeking a new lo
cation. From the information that
hai been givenhimbyMr,.MeserTe
md'wliat he has learned from other
Norces leads him to believe that
gne River Valley has advantages
that will insure the success of a can
nery properly run and he will be in
Grants Fats to look over the situation
and to confer with the business men.
Hi) proposition will be submitted to
the Commercial Club and as it will be
one that will be straight and business
like and no gift feature to it there is
every likelihood that the city will se-
wre the cannery.
That a cannery in Grants Pass can
be made a paying investment is' well
known to all who are familiar with
that industry. While Portland and
San Francisco have the advantage
in freight rates a Grants Pass can
nery would have the big advantage
in getting raw products cheaper.
Labor aud fuel would be no higher.
iQiug to high freight rates it will
not tie profitable to ship second grade
fruit Peaches are the bent sellers of
all cauned goods and Rogue River
Valley is one of the best aud largest
peach districts on the Pacific Coast.
The rich soil aud the long, warm
growing season aided by irrigation
makes it possible lor a canuing season
of fully four months for corn, toma
toes and other vegetables. As cu
cumbers and horseradish grow pro
lineally the pickling departnientTofa
cannerywould bea profitable one.
j' to a market that'is as'larglTand
increasing for pare, first-class canned
goods as it is for faucy, honest pack
of green froit. Alaska, British Co
lombia aud the Orient are big buyers
or cauued goods and the Coast aud
Eastern mtrket for fancy canned
fiuits is rapidly increasing.
How's This?
We offer 100 reward for any case of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by
nail's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Ne, the undersigned, have known
' J. Cheney for the last 13 years,
Md believe him perfectly honorable
111 all b.isiuesg transactions, aud finan
cially able to carry out any obliga
tions made by bis firm.
Walding, Kinuan Marvin.,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
"ally, acting directly upon the blood
oil mucous surfaces of the system,
testimonials sent free. Price, 7oc
P" bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. 40 Acres
For Only
m . rcTBTT MAN
To Provide Funds tor the Ereo
Hon of a Drinking Fountain
for Grants Pevaa.
The fact that there are so many
places in town where liquid refresh
ments of all kinds are served aud not
one place where the thirsty traveler
can secure a driuk of water wirhnnt
applying his month to a street hy
drant or going into a store and beg
giug it, has wighed heavily upon the
minds of the good ladies of Grants
Pass aud they have taken up the mat
ter of supplying the city with a hand
some drinking fountain which is to
be iustalled in a prominent place
somewhere on Sixth street, and the
cost of which, as near as can now be
stated, will be something between
1200 and f.'iOO. The drinking foun
tain committee already has some
fnnds on hand and by Saturday night
they hope to have the amount ma
terially increased as on that night
they give an entertainment for the
benefit of the drinking fountain fund.
This entertainment, which bhoold be
attended by all publio spirited citi
zens, will be one of unusual interest
aa wiD be seen by the following pro
gram :
"La Grout" Lela Caldwell
"The Burtons Hang a Curtain"..
Emma Longhridge
"Naughty Zell" Gladys Arotier
Vocal Solo Selected Mrs. Veatch
"Aunt Sohpronia Tabor at The
Op-wa" Arlien Sweetland
Baritone Solo Selected. Mr. Andrews
"An Allegory on Womans Rights"
Zara Perry
Vocal Solo Selected
Miss Augusta Parker
"The Polish Boy". . .Lacosta Mangum
"Qoi Vive"
. . .Clare Kreruer aud Bessie Davis
Reading Selected Dottie Wicken
Octave Study Alma Woke
Vestal Virgin Drill
Nine Young Ladies
1. Libertv Gronp (by Fours).
3. Good Fellowship (by Threes).
3. Offering and Benediction (by
4. Single Statue Group (by Ones).
1. Calliope Muss of Epics.
2. Clio Muse of History.
8. Melpomene Muce of Tragedy.
4. Euterpe Muse of Lyrics.
5. Erato Muse of Love Songs.
fi. Terpsichore Muse of Dancing.
7. Urania Muse of Astronomy.
8. Thalia Muse of Comedy.
9. Polyhymnia Mcse of Sacred
The ladies are very desirous of rais
ing a considerable sum aud hope to
have a large attendance at this enter
tainment. While the movement for
the purchase of a drinking fountain
for the city lias been taken up by the
ladies of the town geueraly the work
of raising the funds is in the hands of
a drinking fountain committee com
posed of Mesdames E. Berry, C. V.
Heukle, C. G. Anient. R. P. Chesh
ire, C. II. Clement-', H. L. Gilkey,
M. Hildreth aud S. Longhridge, who
are now doing a good work and they
have plana for future wor which will
be brouglit to light later.
"T. M. Reusliaw and; family will
Who Monday for Hoauiam wliere
thev will spend tho Summer with
Mrs. Renshaw's sister. For the past
two vears they have conducted the
Colonial boarding and lodging house
aud Mrs. Renshaw and, the daughters
have become thoroughly worn out aud
feel the necessity of a good rest.
They have sold out the business to
Mrs. Mariau Calloway of Eugene,
who will hereafter coudnct the
I Colonial.
d mm . m All ft ' r
V B JL I UaIiI x
MUSI D. ouiu yuiuMy ?
Vi miles from city limits. 5 acres in straw
berries, vetch, oats and garden, balance in
timber and pasture. Black loam aud red soil
Fine location for poultry or fruit raising.
5 room house, new barn, fruit house, tw
fine wells,
i Investigate this at once.
Lm. v W V
On Friday afternoon, February 15th
la laHioa .1. .. II- -I T TT
muies or me w. (J. 1. U. pre
sented the Grants Pass High School
with a beautiful picture of Frances
E. Willard. A short program was
rendered, consisting of a vocal solo by
Miss Ella Savage, ;a very interesting
paper on Mis Willard by Mrs.
Frances Spalding and a song by the
girls of Y. P. C. T. U. The fitting
speed) ot presentation by Mrs. C. V.
Henkle was answered by Prof. R. R.
Turner and the students at the sug
gestion of Prof. Harrison showed
their appreciation by giving the Higu
School yell. The picture was hung
on the north wall of the High School
Assembly room and may it ever prove
an inspiration for better things to all
who enter the room.
Sophies, you have conclusively
proved that you are not wise, for no
truly wise person would .boast of bis
wisdom. The most people you will
find know the most and think the
deepest. Take Roosevelt for instance ;
does be go flaunting his witdom and
greatness before the world? Does he
say "Look at me, am I not the wisest
president that was ever in control?
Poor Mr. MoEinley, he did not com
pare with me I How he would envy
me if be were alive!" No. His
greatness is acknowledged by every
one, not because he told them that be
was great. The people found it out
themselves. Let me ask you Sophies
do you admire people that are forever
singing their own praises? Don't you
get just a little tired of them? . We
Freshmen do. He who talks of noth
ing but himself will not succeed. So
I warn you Sophies, do not get into
the habit of talking aud praising
yourselves. Perhaps we Freshmen are
very stupid and not cognizant of the
great honor bestowed upon as, when
we are allowed to look upon your
faces, but for some marvelous reason,
we are able to look at you without a
flutter of an eyelash, without even
thinking of you when we do so.
Sophies, do not waste your time and
energy trying to impress tne Fresh
men with your greatness, for you
cannot do it.
Hoping we will meet you in the
"Hall of Fame," we remaiu,
Yours undismayed,
The Girls Basket Ball Club are
looking forward to a game with the
Roseburg Girls B. B. 'ieain, to be
played here in Grants Pass, sometime
in the near future. The exact date
has not yet beeu set. When it is,
show your school patriotism by com
ing out to see the game.
Manufacture of Vln.gar and Spray
Solution Bl Success YV ill
Make Alcohol.
Some start an industry at the tup
and then work down, while others
start at the bottom and work up.
The latter method is that that Herbert
and Arthur Sampson are working by
in the establishing of their fruit tree
spray solution factory in this city. ,
Beginning last Fall with a ,2 II. P. j
boiler of their own make they made
spray solution with the steam lroui it
for awhile, then they replaced it witli
a 5 H. P. upright boiler. But such
was the demand for their spray solu- j
tiou that a change was made to a J 2
H. P. portable boiler, and last week;
that was set aside for a 2o II. P. j
boiler. They now have ample steam
capacity to make spray solution for all
,,n,Mrii i) tl.ev ar hnniii -
capped by difficulty iu gottiug fuel
and by the greater difficulty in hir-1
iug men to help tbem..U appears;
that ever man iu Rogue River Valley j
who will work has.a jobj.aud4tiiuae i
wtio are , idle are,wconstitutionally j manual laborjaud are loyal
members of the Never Sweat Club.
By "keeping .their factory in opera-,
tion until midnight :evwry night
Sampson Bros., are able to fill their j
orders for spray solution that 'are j
xr,minir in"" from every section ...of i
Josephine county
and from Jwcksou
and Douglas .counties.
The fruit growers have
:3i :
found that
the pests have increased from year to
..l.iu liuino f.iuirlit i Ui iM.rav
I wade in an open vat that j.doe not
! give beat sufficient toj inake&trm
' chemicalj.uuioujof,'.the.liue, salpliur
Iu order to keep our High School
v j i . . m 1
boys, and girls too, from playing
"trauot" on these nice, bright after
noons, a High School piouio has been
planued, which will center around
the top of Baldy on next Friday, as
that will be a holiday, on account of
Washington's birthday. The girls
will furnish the dinner and the boys
some kind of a conveyance with
which to get it there, also those who
cannot walk. A joyous time is an
ticipated. Prof. Shafer, the professor of his
tory and literature in the State
University has been engaged by the
Senior class to deliver the commence
ment address of 1907. The commence
ment exercises will be held on May
24, in the Opera House.
Marion Clark's recent outing has
proved to be a very "swell affair."
Prof. Turner spent a moat delight
ful time Tuesday morning with a
book agent
Hand ball has disappeared and has
been replaced by tops. Very few of
our High School boys, however, en
gage in that pastime, as so much time
is taken up by study.
No more clouds of chalk dust to be
chocked by, as the shoool has been
supplied with a new fangled chalk,
which is made of heavier ingredients,
so heavy that the dust will fall instead
of rise. Dustless erasers will also
take the place of our old ones so that
all the dust tlfat would rise will be
taken op before it has a chance to.
The pop! Is of the Eighth Grade
have donned little white hats trimmed
in blue and yellow, so as to be able
to distinguish them from the rest.
On last Wednesday afternoon the
members of the Botany class assem
bled in their reoitation room aa usual,
expecting nothing mere than the or
dinary, when their instructor entered
with an unusual smile on his face aud
we suddnely realized what was to
happen. So taking our books onder
oar amies we all decended into the
school yard, our teacher leading the
way. We proceeded np Third street
in search of the various kinds of
leaves, about which we had beeu
studying. The amount of knowledge
that we pnpils absorbed was amazing.
We loca.ed the different kinds of
leaves, masteted all of those tontrue
twisting names that you find iu bot
any, aud we felt that the afternoon
was well spent. The only thing that
we regret is that our botany excur
sions are not more frequent.
aud water that is necessary to produce
a perfect solution. Orchardists have
found that the Sampson spray solu
tion is not adulterated with salt to
bring op the specific gravity to the
required standard, nor is it colored to
deceive the eye of the farmer.
As the s-asou for spraying for Cod
liu moth will be at hand by the mid
dle of April arsenate of lead will
then be iu big demand. Tim manu
facturers have, iu anticipation of the
large demand all over the United
Mates, put up the price on this or
chaid necessity. To manufacture ar
senate of lead here in Grants Pass and
make a saving on the price to the
fruit growers is the plan of Sampson
! Bros. County Inspector Meserve
, having arranged through Dr. W'itby-
, combe, director of the Oregon Agri
cultural College experiment station,
' for the Sampson Bros., to take a
specAal course in the chemistry depart
: meut of the College to perfect their
knowledge in the manufacture of ar
senate of lead the youug men left last I
, Saturday tor lorvallis wliere they j
; will spend 10 days noder the instruo- :
turn ot Prof. Kuisely, head of the
chemical department During their
absence the spray factory is being run '
by their father, C. H. Sampson, the '
well known Southern faciflo engi
neer. Mr. Sampson was assured it ,
would be a flue vacatiou 4aud rest!
from handling the throttle on a loW
motive, but being on duly 18 houVi it:
day and injmlphur fumes as strong Vi''
in . the region below he is (Trfbious as '
to the pleasure lie is getting tttV'ot bis
vacation anif h inquires almost daily
, 01 oamp.ou
as""toTwhen the.boys
I will lw hnrau ' ) V I I'
.Eooouraged by the' success of thelf
vinegar factor", .which they started
list Fall, kn'4 ' hv tli'rt.' nrVn nf idolr
: undertaking ''lubeJ.maiiliactaTe'of '
j spray solution Sampson Bros, are
planning to put in a plant this Sum-j
Under the New Apportionment
the County Gets Just
A message has beeu received by the
C ourier from Representative L. JL.
Jewell from Salem statiug that the
bill providing for the reapportion
meut of selia tors aud representatives
had passed both the house audthe
senate. The pleasing feature of this
measuie is that it gives to JosephineJ
oouuty a senator aud a representative.
Heretofore Josephine county has been
attached to Lane county for senatorial
representation aud had a senator joint-
ly with that county. As Lane is one
of the big ooouties of the Josephine
had little part in the selection of. a
senator. There was strong opposition
to the new apportionment in the legis
lature and Representative Jewell had
hard work to favorable terms for his
If the bill is not vetoed by Governor
Chamberlain it will become a law aud
for the next five years Josephine coun
ty will have a senator aud a represen
tative in the legislative sessions.
For this alone and for his other ex
cellent work in the legislature Mr.
Jewell will be given a hearty reception
on his return home, for regardless of
party for all appreciate what be has
done to advance the material interests
of the county.
Even From the Mountains.
Ballard's Snow Liniment is praised
for the good it does. A sure cure for
Rheumatism and all pains. Wright
W. Loving, Grand Junotion, Colo.,
writes: "I used Ballard's Snow Lini
ment, last Winter, for Rheumatism
aud can recommend it is the best
Liuiment on the market. I thought,
at the time I was takeu down with
this trouble, that it would be a week
before I could got about, but on ap
plying year Liuiuieut several times
daring the night, I was about In 48
hoars and well in three days." For
le by National Drog 'Store aud
mor for the manufacture of denatured
alcohol, and one of the objects of
their visit to the Agricultural College
is to look op additional information
on this subject. Denatured aclohol is
the coming cheap power thwt will sop
ply the motive power for irrigation
pumps, spray muuhiues, small factor
ies and like purposes. In addition to
being much cheaper than gasoline al
cohol is safer to handle aud au alcohol
eugiue does not buck aud refuse to
ran like a gasoline eugiue and is so
simple that it will not get out of or
der with reasonable care. As a
power for spray pumps the aclohol
engine will be light, easy of opera
tion aud cheap and just what the
froit growers are in need of. Iu
Europe, especially Germany, de
natured alcohol is more extensively
used than any other Kwer for small
equipments. It will be denatured al
cohol that will break the monopoly
of the Standard Oil Company aud
force them to put gasoline and kero
sene down to a reasonable price, for
alcohol is as efficient for lighting
as for power.
1907 3STEi; ;i907
: lit I "
In '
U-l ,4utt, .u i I JWIKV,!!
( 1
. In i
1 fir
i,mi,vj . . i.i !.
Til ' ' ' "
1,fl t"
on (I
iri'atlou'jifters idt
President Isauea the L nd Patent
Ordnre a Aaked by Sena
tor Fulton.
Senator Koltun has received from
the president a .copy order
which he has just Issued, virtually
revoking the order of Secretary" H7tel?
cock 'suspending all publio land eu-
tries until they .can be exaiuiued on
the grouud by special agenta.""-'iirt
president has so amended the order of
Mr.'Hitchoook that homestead .and
timber entries may now "pass, to
patent when the
plied with the
entrymen have corn
law aud submitted
proof thereof, no examination- being
necessary. Iu fact, the president s
order requires examination by special
Bgent only when there is something
auspicious about an .entry wliicu
might indicate fraud, or where a
homesteader is seeking to commute.
This modification is in line with
the suggeston 'made to the jpresideut
by Mr. Fnltou, and entirely removes
the objections that have comefrom
homesteaders and timber entrymen iu
The president 'a order states that no
examination by a special agent shall
be required in the following
classes of eutries :
1 Final five-year homestead entry
hereater made, where proof is satis
factory and complete. rr Zl
2 Final certificates aud receipts in
final five-year homestead proofs here
tofore or hereafter made, when proof
is satisfactory and complete.
8. Homestead entries commuted ou
ceded Inland lauds on which annual
payments are required.
4 Entries where the claimant'!
compliance with the law has beeu
established by contest or other regular
adverse proceeding)). TZZ
fi Eutries confirmed which may
have been confirmed by virtue of any
act of oougress.
6 Selections and entries In which
no residence or Improvement is re
quired by law when land embraced
therein la I situated inuon-niineral
localities as shown by records of the
Geological " Survey, when the
character has been fixed by investiga
tion aud classification made ,iu ao
corduoce with law.
7 Reissuance of paten ts.because of
some clerical . error ooourringin
patents heretofore issued.
4 8 Military bounty '.laud warrauts
and other similar warrants when re
quest for proof has been made.
2 The only possibility of a hold-up of
timber gentries pending bypoolal
agent would bo where timber-lands
are siutated iu " mineral localities"
roferredjiu above.
Mr. Kultou is eutlrely tatlsfled withl
the modified order and believes it will
' numt. thn riutinitiflii nf NnfLlnrM ill Ortt-
gOU. " '" "v
Hand-colored post ciuyls .of. local
views at the Muaio Storja,.-iwoifur 6o,i.
2"o per dozen. ,
,u' ' , .Ah.. jr
A large number of Wojdmou weut
to Medford last jFridvtQattend a log
rolling whera lOO'-cHuriida'ttti wure in
itiated iuto'th 'Modorh WoAdmen
Nearly, jk ,sooro, ,,,of , Grappa Passive,
were Uiijiated at that time. 4 r- t
4ii( ,
i.h ,o;i"ti ' Vvftt -III Vj
ur:.-!. mi. .ur li
Zo V"VT i 1 V It .
things Tor'tlio Uouse-
1 "'' ' 1 J.n d i 'ii.i'j ii i .iii'inili v !,, n
. I i iih i ij i n
. in ; i isa '
I'M "Jli , ii'"