Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, January 18, 1907, Image 5

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bmu." Ameriem Grocer.
y Items of Personal
1 Interest.
uth Sea Blend
20c is
most so
and Mocha at 40c to 50c
iHemher we have En
Breakfast Tea at 25c,
ur best of course, but
ith best wishes for a
y New Year, we are,
hite House
ibutf Again Being Worked.
;oe from the Qoldbag mine
k rtab vein of ore hat been
Tbe Goldbug hai been shut
lor about a year, owing to ran
Into body of base ore that
lot be profitably worked. When
control of Senator Jones of Ne
lie Goldbug was an exception
& produoer, though it bad tbe
tion of being "pockety."
tbe control passed to tbe Gold
udioate the vein of ore was lost
mine worked at a loss nntil
closed down. Men were left
property, however, who have
roapeoting, with tbe result that
if rein was found within a ban
rards of the mill. Tbe ore is
go as . high in gold lvalues as
tbe ton.
also reported that the Martha,
ing the famous Golbdug. has
a body of extremely rlob ore,
definite information is obtain
this date.
Eclns Pollock is at Salem where he
is performing the duties of clerk dar
ing the legislative session.
Miss Minnie Ireland was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Burdio of
Ashland, for a, short visit last week.
Miss Cora York expects to leave on
Sunday evening for Portland where
she will enter the Portland business
Robert W. Howser visited in Ash
land last week at the home of bis
nncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. R. L
Representative L. L. Jewell, now
attending the legislature was here
Thursday on basiness, returning to
Salem Friday morning.
Miss Ida Weston left Wednesday
evening for Seattle, where she baa
purobased a large millinery store and
will make ber future home at that
Miss Agnes Elene George oame
down from Ashland Thursday even
ing and after a short visit with
friends in Grants Pass, went to her
home at Eerby, to spend a week with
her parents.
Howser, who for the past
has been resident of
left last week for Hold
where be goes to visit a
Howser is a talented
his stay in the
engaged in the
Robert W.
three years
Grants Pass,
redge, Neb.,
sister. Mr.
mnsiciau, and during
East he expects to be
B51, Club
take yon to
tore. -
Livery Stable for
the train or else-18-88
composition and publication of mnsio.
The Courier foroe baa been some
what incapacitated during the week.
Mr. Voorbies has bnen confined to bis
home for three days past but will
probably hi on deck again next
week. Foreman Meade, aside from
extra duties laid on him, was sum
moned on jury aid fighting the
grippe, and Miss Baber, machine
operator, has also been fighting off
the grippe.
J. A. Bart, for years past Jiving on
Quarts oieek near Merlin was in
Grants Pass last week. Mr. Hart
states that he bas jnst sold the home
place of 160 acres to A. D. LeRoy of
Portland, who is baying it with a
view to developing a promising cop
per ledge on the property, there bas
been some development work done
already and one oar of ore was ship
ped some time ago to the Pugei Sound
smelter and showed good valnea. As
Mr. Hart baa reached tbe age of TS he
feelp that developing a copper prop
erty is too big an undertaking for him
to attempt He expects to boy a
home near Merlin where he and his
wife will live. -
A. II. Bannard
At the Big Store, North Side
City CouAcil Meets.
At a regular meeting of the common
oounoil of the city of Grants Pass
held in the city hall on Thursday,
January 17, 1907, there being present,
Mayor J. O. Smith presiding, Counoil
men Coburn, Gravliu, Hair, Kinney,
Lewis, Stovall and Williams; City
Treasurer Col. W. Johnson, City At
torney G. W. Colvig, Marshal L.
McGrew, Auditor and Police Judge
J. M. Bcoth, proceedings were as
follows :
P. Gravlin, councilman, having
been absent for three consecutive
meetings of the council, was re-installed
as ooonoilman.
A petition signed by F. Q. Hoover,
asking for permission to grade lower
Seveutb street at the river was re
ferred to the street committee.
Tbe following bills were allowed :
O. O. Laud, wood. 14.
D. J. Lawton, surveying, 13.
J. Rauoh, blacksmith, 3.75.
G. P. Hdw. Co., cement etc, $35.40.
Hair-Kiddle Hdw., mdse, f 1.
Cramer Bros, mdgs, 17.75.
Rogue River Water Company,
flushing, $21. 10.
S. F. Cheshire, reo deeds, $3.
D. Wiltrout, hauling granite, 30.
J. Sumers, won on street, (11.25.
F. O. Wilcox, hauling gravel, $9.
R. H. Gilfillan, extra work, $1.75.
H. Dunn, work on street, $6.
H. Moore, team work, $33.
A. Anderson, street work, $41.60.
The council unanimously ratified
the following appointment by the
mayor: Marshal L, McGrew; street
superintendent, H. Zoller; city at
torney, Geo. W. Oolvig : auditor and
polioe judge, J. M. Booth.
On tbe appointment as night police
of O. R. Swearinger, the vote stood
as follows :
Ayes Gravlin, Lewis, Coburn.
. Noes Hair, Kinney, Stovall, Will
iams. Tbe mayor then re-appointed
The following committees were
appointed by the mayor :
Judiciary Coburn, Kinney, Dean.
Kinanoe Dean, Kinney, Stovall.
Btreets Kinney, Gravlin, Coburn. "
Fire and Water Williams, Stovall
and Hair.
Health-Hair. Gravlin, Stovall.
Sewer Gravlin, Williams. Lewis.
Lights Lewis, Stovall and Dean.
The following bonds were approved
by tbe council :
O. R. Swearinger as policeman, L.
MoGrew as marshal.
The bill or M. I. Galvin for sewer
work oo his premises, was referred
to the city attorney to be reported
upon at the next meeting.
On motion the oounoil then ad
Church Elects Officers.
The regular annual meeting of the
congregation of Bethany Presbyterian
!! A Brief Record of
Local Events.
I R. H. Washbnrne. D. D., of Salem
will deliver the address to the Men's
I meeting at the opera house, Sunday,
j The entertainment given on Tnes
I day evening by the Leonora Jackson
I Concert Co. was attended by a large
auaieoce. Aiiss Jackson fully sus
tained her reputation as a wonderful
violinist and she has a remarkably
attrautive individuality. The other
members of the co apaoy were pleas
ing in their respective numbers and
the looalists, Miss Pace' and Mr.
Clarke were recalled many times dur
ing the course of tbe entertainment.
On Wednesday evening Miss Nina
Marshall was agreeably surprised by
13 of her young friends, who gathered
at ber home, the event being in houor
of her 13th birthday. Games were
indulged in and refreshments served
and a very pleasant time enjoyed by
all in attendance. Those present
were Misses Amy Lay ton, EdnaTryer,
Josephine Moss, Jeanette Moss, Mar
ion Mitohell, Winifred Flaoaftan.
Nina Marshall and Mildred Marshall.
and Masters Gladwin Smith, Her
bert McKenzie, Mathew R.ddle and
Fred Mar-hall
Old Virginia Corn Relish, Some
thing good as a dressing for nearly
every thing you eat at Smythe's
Quality shop.
More Unjust Criticism. '
The Observer, in its unwarranted
criticism of the former street super
intendent, has a lengthy article iu its
last issue in support of its position in
whioh the arguments advanced show
clearly the editor's deficiency of
knowledge of the subject. We do not
acoose him of wilfully misstating the
case but believe him to be the victim
of misinformation whioh should be
In regard to the formation of the
pond on F street, it is true that the
most of this water should be turned
into Gilbert oreek front Third street.
But as it would require a considerable
expense to do this tbe street superin
tendent has net tbe authority in him
self to do it In such matters as
this he is under th direct orders of
the street oommittee of the oounoil.
The editor should he informed of this.
In regard to tbe sewtr in Block 10,
Boundary Line addition, the Observer
says that it was not pot down over six
feet in any place, wbile the specifica
tions call for a dsptb of 10 feet. But
Mr. Gilfillan declares very emphatic
ally that this sewer is down the fall
10 feet and to the required depth for
the 'whole distance aud that all the
holders of tributary property oaa
connect wltb it
The Observer is fearfully and won-
News Notes From the Business
Men to Headers.
Morris Chairs
Ladies' Desks
Music Cases
Water Sets
Pictures at Your Own Price
RugS, a'l szes and qualities
Water Sets
and a thousand other things,
including a
White Sewing Machine
All at prices that defy com
petition. You will lose money if
you do not examine this of
fer and stock.
oburob was beld in the parlors of j derfully in error when it says that the
tbe church Thursday evening after an
elaborate supper, served by the ladies
of the church. There were nearly
100 people seated at tho three loug
tables which extended across the par-lorn.
The meeting was for the purpose of ! the sewer pipe at several points
A. U. Bannard
Sixth and D Streets
listening to the reports of the various
ohurch organizations and for the
election of church officers whose term
of office had expired.
The offlcers'eleeted are:
Elders-H. O. Kinney and T. P.
Cramer, re-elected.
Trustee W. L. Ireland.
Treasurer Geo. P. Cramer.
Clerk A. E. Voorhies.
Sunday School Supt H. C. Kinney.
Asst. Supt Elbert Veatoh.
Circuit Court Doings.
Circuit court for Josephine County
convened on Tuesday and on Thursday
the jurymen were discharged, with
out even sitting on a case. There
were two criminal cases, but the cul
prits plead guilty. Of two oivil cases
for tbe jury one was settled and the
other continued until next time.
Criminal. j
State of Oregon vs. Roy Ellis, as-1
sault and battery. Continued.
btate or Oregon vs. Jmie Woolfolk. i
threatening to kill. Dieiniimed, gone
to asylum. !
State of Oregon, vs. George Still- 1
ber?, forgery. Pleaded guiltv, sent- ,
enced to two years.
ctate of Oregon vs. wm. Wanner, I
larceny in a warehouse. Pleaded i
guilty, sentenced to one year.
Actions at Law. j
State of Oregon vs. Clive Major and
Edith Major, threatening te kill. 1
Dinmifsed. !
', Equity"Caes.
Kinuey & Truax va. Weisman &
WeidenbuFch, action for money. De
fault, i
Guatan Poyer vs. Pacific Pine
Needle Co. Confirmation of sale. '
R. L. & Coe Co., vs. J. C. Dsyert,
transcript from justice court. DIs
inifsed. H. P. Walter vs. Buckeye Mining
Co., action for money. Defanlt and
judgment for $121.43.
Ida Decker vs. J. A. Skeeters, ac
tion for money. Dihiuined.
Grant Mays vs. Gustav Stem,
action for money. Default and judg
ment for ti.
Julia Payne vs. John Payne, di
vorce. Decree granted.
Walter Eastman vs. Mary C. Hig
gles. irder of default.
f nei e Mi Manns vs. George Mc- .
Muduh, divorce. Decree granted. j
main sewers did not develop open
ditches. Ihe refilled trendies always
settle. When the first heavy rains
came In the Fall the Seventh street
sewer at the intersection of A street
settled three feet in places, exposing
strett superintendent repaired it so
promptly thai very few people knew
of the open ditch cutting one of the
l most traveled streets of the city.
And if the Observer has not heard of
the settling of the main sewr
trenches it is In a large measure be-
cause the prompt and eliicleut work
i of the officer in question left no reason
j for much talk on the subject.
The charge of being too kind with
j some sections of the streets aud not
kind enough with othors is one that
I is prnbahly made of every strevt sup
erintendent under the sun and is un
worthy of notice.
I That indefinite lateral sewer in the
; "north end" which was dropped a
j foot against the grade cannot be
! identified by Mr. Gilfillan, who is not
aware of any such thing.
' The idea of blaming him with the
conditions at the Kiverside school is
actually sickening. The flooded base
ment came from the main sswer. The
three main sewers discharge into one
pipe which would not carry th Mow.
Consequently 'he main sewvrs
"backed up." But the street super
intendent had no control over this,
either past or present. Not a single
oue of the Observer's accusations
stand investigation.
1-1H tf
Wood Fir, Oak and
orders at Music Store.
dence of the bride, at Grants Paa,
Oregon, Tneday. January lfi, 1SMI7,
John II. Williams and Jennie II.
Denison, both of Grants Pass, Key.
C O. lieckinan officiating.
home of J. L. Scovill. at Grants
Pam, Oregon, Wednesday, January
1H. 1M7, William F. A Chastain
and Miss Edith E. Sargent, Hev. F.
C. l.ovett officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Chrntain will reside
near Grants Pass.
CHAPIN-ROBERTS In thin city,
Dec. 81, ltHXi, Harry M. C'hapin and
Flora j. Rolierts, both of Grants
NEWTON-RUMNEK-In this' city,
January 7, I'.KiT, J. Newton of Keleo,
Ws-h., and Miss Gladys L. Sumner
of Williams.
Dr. FUnagan,
Physician and Dentist.
Goto Coron for Plumbing.
M. Clement. Prescription Druggist.
Sheet Musio sale at the Mnsio Store
Picture framing and framed clotures
at L. B. hall's.
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron 'i
For a e'eau bed and a good meal
try the Western Hotel.
Hundreds of varieties of Post Cards
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Hammock will make von a irood
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Opposite postoffioe.
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California at the Mnsio Store.
Some pretty things in Damank
Lunch Cloth at Mrs. E. Rehkopf.
Victor Talking Machine. ,nii .
ords at tho Musio store.
Report cards for school use are on
sale at the Musio Store.
Sheet Musio at So, lOo and lfic at
the Musio Store next week.
Corn and Beans from Illinois. Vinra
the good kinds Brow on win nt
If you bae thought that one nhoto-
graph is as good as another try Ham
mock's studio aud see the difference.
Ask Mrs. 0nihlo at fimith'i
Ooalitv Short, shf "Y nnnir
Gentleman" corn is the best on this
Have T. E. MoKoin's cab meat your
friends at the train 25 , cents to any
part of the city. Meets all day
trains. Phone 951. 13-38 4t
On acoount of the increasing busi
ness at Hammock's studio he adver
tises to take an apprentice at half
price. See him on Sixth street, op
postie post offioe.
Pleasant Social Dance.
Without a doubt, the most enjoyable
event that has been held in Grants
Pass for a leng time was Ihe dancing
party given by a number of Ihe Grants
Pass girls at Clemens' hall on Thurs
day evening.
Everything was managed by the
girls and they ' proved themselves
eqnal to the occasion in every particu
lar. The ball was beatutifully and
artistically decorated, the floor in per
fect oonditien and tbe mnsio, fur
nished by Messrs. Dean, Wharton,
Cheshire, Maboney and Miss Ruth
Dean, was exceptionally good. Punch
was served all daring the evening
from a bootb at one end of tbe ball,
and four young ladles aoted as floor
managers, while "ladies choice" was
the order of the evening, and .to see
the boys xsated around the room wltb
broad smiles beaming on their faces,
was oonolusive proof that things
"looked good to them."
A very large crowd had responded
to the neat little invitations and by
8:30 o'clock the room was filled with
the happy young people and everyone
pronounced this dance the success of
the season and all are auiious that
the girls repeat their triumph in the
near future and give us another dsno-
ing party as thoroughly enjoyable as
this one proved to be.
A L&rje Sunday School.
To Grants Pans belongs the d istiuo
tion of having the fourth largest Sun
day School in Oregon, that of the New
man Methodist Episcopal Church. The
Sunday Schools of Grace and Taylor
streets, Methodist churches of Port
land, and of the First Methodist
Church, of Eugene, are slightly
larger. The enrollment of this Soa
day School is 805 ; the average yearly
attendance is 21 3. There are HO pupiU
in the primary departments and 185
in the intermediate clsises. The adult
Bible clans has a membership of 80.
Out of the total enrollment of 80ft
there were !!! pupils this past year
who did not miss a Sunday. II. L.
Gilkey, cnnliier of the First National
Bank, i.s superintendent of tho school,
and its marvelous growtli and the
enthoiwiHtio work being doue is due
very largely to bis untiring efforts.
M. T. Utley is assistant superinten
dent, and Mixs Essie Hart man secretary.
Omirjia Brand Bed Kidney Beans
reariv to eat. Buy them at Srrylhes'
Quality shop.
HUGHES At Grants Pass, Thurs
day, January 17, 1107, to Mr. and
Mrs Evan P. Hughes, a son.
GARDNER At Grants Pass, Oregon,
Sunday, Jsnnary 1H, 1107. to Rev.
land Mrs. Geo.M. Gardner, a son.
COOK At Grants Pais, Wednesday,
Jaunary , 1U07, to Mr. and Mrs.
Amos Cook, a 18-pound daughter.
WELLS Near Kerhy. December 2:..
1!MH!, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wells a
J daughter.
LIND Near WildervilJe, December
ay. r.)ii to Mr. and Mr. Guntaf
'Lind,a daughter.
YOKl'M-In this city. Dec.".'!0,'l'jo0,
"to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Yokuui, a
Try a can of "Ye Country Gentle
man ' corn, it meets the requirements
of the Pure Fowl Laws at Smythe's
Newman M. E. Church.
On this coming Sunday at 11 a. la.,
R. H. Washbnrne D. D.. of HaUm.
ill oooupy the pulpit. In the even
ing at 7:80 the pastor will preach .
Subject "Belonging to Christ."
Sunday school meets at 10 a. m.
Junior League at 8 p. m. Epworth
League at 0 :8a Strangers and friends
ever weloome.
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By spraying during the win
ter, and 6tarap out the San
Jose scale. You can doit if
you use a good pump and a
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you a
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You can get your trees clean
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Get Our Prices
Cramer Bros.
Odd Fellows Block
Spray Nozzles
Spray Hose
Baptlet Church.
The morning servioe begins prompt
ly at 10:80. On this Sunday the Pas
tor begins a series of sermons on the
general toplo "Sermons in Stone."
Subect of first meseaae "Christian
Unity." Tbe Bible School meets at
11 :46, a separate room for each de
partment Tbe Junior Union hat
been reorganised, Mrs. Edgsrton as
suming oharge. It meets . at 8 p. m,
The Beolor Union will be led by
Miss Effle Yost; subject "More than
Conquerors." The Bilhorn books are
used at our evening servioe. Mrs.
Conklin has chsrge of the chorus
choir. Topio of the even Inn sermon
Petering." Yon are oordislly in
Presbyterian Church.
The order of services at Bethany
Presbyterian Church next Sunday,
January 20, is as follows :
11 a. m. Morning Worship.
Theme "A Beautiful Idyl of Home
Life." 7:80 p.m. Evening Worship.
Theme "Set your Life to Musio."
Evan P. Hughes, the pastor, will
preach on both occasions. 10 a. m.
Bible School under the siiperlnten-
dency of H. C. Kinuey. 6 :80 p. m.
The Devotioual Hour of the Y. P. H.
C. E. To all a cordial welcome is
always extended to attend the ser
vices of this church and the effort
uisde to render the worship helpful
and cheering in life's work.
Chrlstlun Church
Dr. Mlartill molrino tiruiA mm arm
eveuiDK in hit 'fwrnjom at tbe Chrint
lan Choich. Wlien you hear hiiu on
RUT UlHtYIM Vntl flllirtt Virif a IIia 1.u
j ' j ..., w asuv a t i i, hot
be has himself gone to the bottom of
. L. .1......
The services for Sunday 'are 11 a.
m. " and Hand." at 8:00 u. m.
women and girls) " Womanhood and
Home." 7:80 II. III. " Tim ( Vunninn.
ion Question."
Un Monday niulit the mtiiei-r. will
lie "Hell" an out of the orrlinurv
treatment from reason and the Bible.
Services will continue through the
week with the themes "The Slu
AsalriNt tho Holv Hnlnt " "1
Triumph. " "Excuh.-s. " "Htilritual-
Isin The Devil is iu it," a lecture on
Friday evening and ou Saturday
"What is Bm.Himi?" Tl.n
are larger and attentive aud seldom a
service iiBHses without confessiouof
faith in Jesna as divine and baptisms
...... ti in . i
imu hiiu. aii are invited.
The Jov
of living is to have good health.; Use
Heroine and von will I
of joy. You need not he blue, fret-
rul and have that bad tante infyour
mouth. Try a bottlee of Heroine, a
positive cure for all liver complaints.
K. Harre.ll. Aomin l',.,uu uri .
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and tlnd it a fine regulutor.ttl gladlv
recommend it a a line medicine for
Dyspepsia." for ma hy National
Drug Co., and by Botertmuiil... a
Keal Estate Transfers.
A. M. Moon to Edward "BHerlocker,
Lots 1, 2, 8 in Block 410. T. H.
'Ilin above sale 'wan' "iiihiI through
the Bel KHtte Agency "nf Joseph Mocs.
See hitn'for harxliiH..Mii'r: street.