Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 21, 1906, Image 8

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We WUh You
Jerry Xmas
We Have a Complete Slock of
Fancy Candies,
More of that Choice Honey
at 15c
J. Pardee
Front Street., near Palace Hotel
Webb (Starts for Roseburg
rain and good growing
Denver, Colo.,
Webb mine the
All this blasting you hear over oor
way menus a great deal to Elk Valley.
Who was it laid we would never
get a raiload? Guess again, my
2 Geo. V. Qnimby of
was a visitor at the
first of the week.
Preparations are being made for a
Xmas tree and entertainment at the
Deering schoolhouse on Christmas
eve. The whole valley will torn ont
and a good social time is anticipated.
There was a young man from Elk
He coarted a girl named Sally,
But he got s'ruck, alas I
On beauty of Grants Pass,
And left poor Sally in onr alloy..
First Judicial District to Be
In the coming session of the legisla
ture a bill will be introduced to di-
Tiue iii' nrsi judicial district, oom
prising the ooonties of Jackson, Jose
phine, Klamath and Lake oountios.
At the present time this district has
two cirouit judges and two dietriot
attorneys. The district attorney for
Klamath and Lake counties is bal
loted for only iu those two counties
and the same la true for the same
position in the Jaoksou and Josephine
oiHtrtct. .
1-1... i j a i
ino iwu judges, nowevcr, are
balloted for in all four counties. The
change will be made on the same line
as uow govoru the district attornoy
Divisions. Honator L. L. Mulit of
Jackson county and Representative
U. II. Merryumn of Klamath, Luke,
to., are said to be in favor of the
meanure and are prepared to hiar
irom tmur constituents on the matter.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup.
Immediately relieves hoarse, eroupy
cough, oppressed, rattling, racing
and dilllmilt breathing. H.-nry C.
Stearns, Druggist, Sliullnburs, Wis '
writes. My ai), 11)03: "I have been
selling Uallard'i Horehound Sryup for
two years, and have never had a
preparation that lias giv.m better sat
Infantum. I notice they come back
Tor more. I can honest Iv recommend
It. 25o, fiOo. and ti.00 at Rotor
muud's and National Drug Co.
Rev. Aktrs preached at Wilderville
Sunday, the 16th.
There will be a Christmas tree at
Wilderville Christmas eve,
John Lewis has been laid up with
rheumatism the past few days.
J. H. Verdin made several calls in
oar neighborood the past week.
The W. C. T. U. met at Mr.
Wo effle's Thursday, December 6th.
Hush MoClnng caught two bear re
cently while trapping on the Illinois
George McCollnmn racked his trunk
and has gone to see a little more of
the world.
Mr. and Mrs. Hocking made a bnsi
ness trip to Grants Pass TuesdayTf
this week.
Mrs. Hush MrC lung's sister, Mrs.
Waddle, of California, is visiting
them at present.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson aod Mrs.
Woodard made a business trip to
Grants Pass Monday of this week.
Mr. Erirkson, Mr. McCann and
perhaps one or two others have put
p Mr. Wagners woodshed and now
are . putting up the house and will
soon have it ready to move into.
$3 Solid Oak Cobler Rockers re
duoed to t3 76. Thomas & O'Neill's
Lots of other bargains.
R. F. Lewman of Provolt paid this
place a visit Tbordsay on business.
The weather has been rather change
able this week, more rain than sun
shine. Harvey York, who is staying in
Grants Pas), is visiting in this vici
nity this week.
Doney Bros, are all ready in"their
placer mine for a good rain storm so
that they can start the giant.
E. J. Eubli, the Eubli merchant,
paid yonr city a visit Friday on busi
ness, bringing out a load of goods for .
his store.
Clyde Jeter, formerly of this place,
but now of Ft. Bidwell, Cal., is
visiting in this vicinity this week.
He is one of the owners of the famous
New Piue creek quarts mines near
Ft. Bidwell.
Mr. Cnley passed throogh our little
hum Saturday en route for Steamboat
on the bead of Applegate. He owns Christmas eve.
W. A. Pyburn departed last week
for Sacramento, Cal.
; Joe Wright, of Central Point, was
seen on our streets last Monday.
Mes dames J. B. Hair, J. E. Day
and J. M. Whipple visited Grants
Pass Tuesday.
Mrs. Colwell and daughter have
moved here from Grants Pass. She
recently purchased the C. E. Wilcox
S. J. Myers and family have moved
into their new residence, it i" a neat
little house of two stories, containing
seven rooms. He is now hauling
lumber for a barn.
Christmas will be well observed in
our little town this year. School
closes on December 21, and both
teachers are preparing suitable exer
cises, while Mr. Martin will present a
tree too, and the Sabbath school has, !
also, made preparation for one on
Homing sells
and lion Rons.
Lowuey's Chocolate
13 14 lit
Aged Pioneer Passes Away.
There died at Hi Habere, this state,
the other day, a man who well linked
the past with the present. Ninety
two years of age at his death, be
entered tbe employ of Hudson Bay
Company in 18:ttl, when 22. He took
a donation olaim In 1841 where
Olympia, the oapital of Washington,
now stands it was all Oregon terri
tory theu but in 1842 changed his io
oantion to the Tualatin plains in
Washington county west of Portland.
It is somewhat remarkable that in all
his 70 years of ownership of his claim
he had jno mortgage on it, neither
som nor onerea any or it tor sain. He
was well acquainted with the man
who in those days held the Indians
and the safety of the scattered whites
so well in baud Dr. John HoLTuig
lain, the Hudson Bay factor. He
described Dr. McLougblin as a great
man aud his success in dealiug with
the Indians as being remarkable. Up
to the last be retained his mental
faonltirs, and his wonderful memory
of pioneer duys was a history of
Edison and Victor Talking Machines
at the Music Store.
New Mining Company.
In Ashland last Friday the Oregon
(loldtit'ld Mining Company was in
corporated by A. E. Hhepard, Mrs.
Eva M. Price and J. C. Ross, with
a capital stock of $1.01)0,000; shares
$1 eii ti par value. The otllours of the
Company for the first year are: A.
E. Shepari, president ; Wm. A Blan
ton, vico-presldent; and Eva M Price,
secretary and treasurer. The legal
work was done by O. W. Evans at the
Ashland Mining otllce. The new
company will take over and operate
the Hall group of five gold quartz lode
claims and tbe Vellowhoru, Vulcan
group of live lod claims owned by F.
Clements. All of the said properties
are at tlie town of Placer in Josephine
county, adjacent to the Greenback
mine. At present there is over
$;I0.(K)0, worth of gold ore on the
dump ready to be ruu through the Ave
stamp quartz mill now iu operation
on the Yellowhorn properties.
Hundreds of new illustrated Post
Cards just received at the Music
Store. A good supply of the Grants
Pass and O. P. H. S. cards iu leather.
a large stock farm there and says that
he will have about 80 head of fine
steers to sell this coming Winter aud
We are glad to state that the pro
grcssive farmer of this place
Fine Perfumes
Pocket Book
Music Roll
Hand Bags
Japanese Pictures
Japanese Vases
Xmas Cards
Toilet Waters
Card Case
Cigar Case
Manicure Sets
Toys ,
Xmas Post Cards
Military Brushes
Toilet Set
Baby Sets
Bristle Goods
Died In Eugene, December lo, 190b,
Kelly logging camp, William O.
Jone s, a native of Virignia, aged 32
years The deceased was well and
that the ' favorably known iu this vicinity and
And lots of other good things Don't forget
Murphy correspondent 1spoke of is
able to be op and around again and
has traded off one-half of his farm
for a patent milking machine. His
wife now does the house work and be
does the milking.
Tbe Provolt correspondent made
some comments reflecting on Missouri
Flat not long" since about ng being
behind tbe times. Well, now, we
may be just a little behind them
but we believe in the words of
Davy Crocket to' a certain extent
viz : "Be sure you are right first and
then go ahead. " j
I see that "Jumbo" of Laurel;
Grove says that if we want a Rural '
tree Delivery I should get cut and
do a little more hustling and less talk
ing. I am going to make a trip this ;
week and do both talking aud hust
ling and if "Jumbo" does not sigu
my paper I will not buy any of bis
large "beets" nor take any stock in
bis telephone. MONTY.
Gold plated guaranteed photo frames
25 to 75 cent at Thomas & O'Neill.
Advertised Letters
for the past 10 or more years has made Letters remaining uncalled for in
bis home here. For the last nine the Grants Pass, Oregon, postofflce
I years he was the gnest, at Christmas j for the week ending December 23,
I time of Mr. and Mm. Joe Scott, aud j 1906. Parties calling for same will
1 at the time of his death was a partner please give date advertised. A charge
I wiui our post master, xi. x. nari, iu 01 one cent will De made upon de
I the mercantile business. He was livery:
Union Christmas Services.
Owing to the nnion evangelistio ser-
ices occupying the attention and
1 highly respected and well liked by all
j who knew bim, and his untimoly
1 death brings grief to a host of friends
i here. He baa no relatives on this
j coast, but leaves an aged father and
I other relatives in Virginia. The re
j mains were sent here for burial and
1 the funeral service was conducted by
I Rev. John Day, who spoke from the
text "If a man die, shall he live
1 again?" Job. 14:14.
I Government Builds Good Roads
According to the year book of the
agricultural department the good
roads bureau of the government has
built 96 sections of experimental road,
aggregating 39 miles, since it was es
tablished. Ihese samples of good
roads have been built in 28 states.
During tbe year 1906, 21 sectioss,
aggregating nine milts have bem
built. Tbe maximum cost of build
ing good macadam road is 93 cents a
but the
Abbot, Dr. S.
Bradbury, J L.
Cox & Aaher, Mine.
Doan, R E.
Day. J E.
Foublin, W H.
LaMare, Dr O.
Olson, Nicolae, C.
Roberts, C D.
Roach, C E.
Snow, Herb.
Stout, Ruby G.
Saye, J T.
Smith, OB.
Smitn, C W.
Stanly, W U.
Tuoker, Ed.
Williams, C E. '
Wood, D J.
Wanebo, Ole J.
Willia'us, Loren C.
Hudson, Miss Ethel.
j Frames Mads, to Order.
j Over 200 styles of pictures moulding
1 111 biock 10 select from at L
! Hall's.
Comforts recrnlnr ti as tv.. oa .1
time of the various ohurohes of the 1 lare yard, but the average cost on a lot of fine ifr. nnmrn.i '....
city, they were not able to arrange sections constructed has been but g00ds i high grade covers at reduced
111a usuai oiiriHimns exercises ana it 'f prices Thomas & O'Neill'n
nas Deen decided to hold union Christ- UI WUB' is cauea sano-ciay
mas exercises iu the Taberuaole on B0- 18 but 9'ti cents a square yard.
Tuesday evening when the following J,,e wotion of burnt clay road cost
program will be 'rendered : 1 but 20 cents a square yard.
ni. i - . .
Singing-" Rock of Ages" xue governmem now nas rour rully
. .. Conareeatlon equippea roaa malting outnts In the
Reading Scripture Caj t McDonald ! field, including the one which re-
i rayer air. LDvett ntlu .l.nllt tl.a ...
-11. ...... i,ri a n -....,,, n-nuii ui
01. .1,1
11 1 lilt m
Issued by Great Northern Rail
way. '
Tho Great Northern Railway and
Great Northern Steamship Companies
have issued a new edition of playing
cards. They are printed on except
lonally fine stook, and are better cards
for the price asked than can be had
elsewhere. The advertising, consist
ing of the trade mark, is worked
into an oriental design and is oonflned
entirely to the back of the card. The
Steamship card is the mora elaborate
of the two and is finished with gilt
edges. Great Northern Railway oarda
15 cents per pack. Steamship cards
25 cents per pack. Mailed to any ad
diess on receipt of price.
A. L. CRvUG.
Passenger Traffl 0 Mauager, St. Paul.
Luck means rising not later than
six o'olock in the morning living on
a dollar a day if yon earn two, mind
ing your own business and not med
dling with other people's. Look means
the appointmeuts you have never
failed to keep, the trains you have
never laud to catch. T.neV
trusting in God and
own re-
on Wild
Horse oreek,
Watches, Clocks and
Consisting of
Q'yl'A Ruirs, Chains, Necklaces,
Lockets, llrooclics, Cull" Huttons. J "
Hracelets, Stick linN Watch Chains, f
Solid Silver and Plated Ware, ,
Umbrellas, Canes, Etc.
' :n.CTUA'fi"e liueif Perfunus ami Toilet Soap. J
AH the above wc olTor for s.ilc at th
early and see our beautiful stock. " ':
e lowest prices." Call
. O. O. P.
Qurtis & Qo.
Recitation, selected.. Miss Ada Walker
Lutlier Cradle Song"
.' Primary children
Storeoptloon views of Birth of ChriHt.
Lecture given by Mr. Beckman, fol
io ed by "The Ninety and Nine"
Illustrated solo, sung by Mrs. W. L.
Song Burn Boys
Short talk Mr. Hughes
Song "Christinas BMls"
. . Primiti v CIhss
Benediction Mr. Gardner
The Stereopticou and views uned,
heloug to an! will ba mauagod by
Rev. Chirk Bower.
All tiimll children will be remem
bered with a small gift.
Miner En-tumbed
A press dispatch from Bakorsfleld,
Cal , dated December 17, says:
"The great Ertisou power plant lies
idle, while every energy is being de
voted to the rescue of Hicks, the en
tomhed miur. Though but 13 feet
from the buried man the rescuers
have little hope of reaching 'him
before Mouday night or Turgday
" A folid wall of the hardest granite
separates the rescue par:y from tlio
object of their efforts, and
powder can be need for fear of j r
riug the debris on Hicls, the advance
toward the imprisoned miner is dis
couraging ly slow. A drift is being
run iuto the side of the mouutain laud
it is planned to approach Hicks from
beueath, so that dauger of a cave may
be averted. Hicks can hear his res
cuers coming and it is with remsrk-
able itieuce be waits in his recess
for the breaking of the liht.
near Pendletou. The force of engi
neers and road making outfits will be
largely increased under the law passed
March 8, 11)05, creating the oflice of
public road-.
Gorton's Minstrels.
Gorton's Minstrels with a brand
new show will be the attraction at the
Grants Pass Opera House Friday, De
cember 2H. The management promises
some innovation in the staging of the
production and the eutite company is
said to be one of exceptional ability.
Thii minstrels will offer a Droirrnni
( containing all the best and most es
sential features of modem, up-to-date
1 miuistrelsy, aud which are guaranteed
to be a Bore cure for the "blues."
; The company is composed of HO
clever artists, among whom are a half
score of popular comedians, headed by
i tliH jolly fun makers, Jake Welbv,
Ralph Kiutner and Charles Jacobs.
( Mesnra. Cameron; and Toledo pre
sent an operutic, equilibristic, puto
'mimic evtravanganza entitled "The
Enchanted Grotto" which introduces
I au act combiuiug choice operatic aud
j musical selections with wonderful
tricks of contortion and balancing.
Elegant special scenery iseirr(. i
I for th ia urnil iii.f inn ulii..i. 1. 1
since no -:'
v. mom flsiUUIPlllUK O Httr 1 Tl D A
viwizi nj ii If ill 11
Saturday and Monday
before the public.
Edward II.
A WeiUrn Wonifcr.
There's a Hill at Bowie, Tex , that's
twice as big as last year. This won
der is V. 1j. Hill, who from a weight
of UO pounds has grown to over ISO
Heays: "I suffered with a terrible
cough and doctors gave me up to die
of consumption. I was reduced to !K)
pounds, when I began taking Dr.
King's Xew Discovery for consump
tion, couch and colds. Xow, after
ihkiuk ij Domes, 1 nave
Wnite has reuioved his doubled in woiirht aud am rnm,u,.,i
dentul office from Gleudal-t to Grunts "ured." Only sure oonith aud cold
Pass, and will occupy the rooms over JlMi .br . legists "Do
the First National Bank formerly 00 - alldru gft
cnpied by A. P. Ilarth. Mr. White
having purchased the receptiooTTi
furniture, etc Dr. Wbim H. 1....;..:.
the roonn refitted aud ren ivate.1 and
will be moved and ready for bini
uess by the first of next week. H-
worked up a very satisfactory business
at Gleiulule aud was much pleased
with the neonle aul the v
preferred to ootm to Grants !'
where the field for work i i,m..i,
jtreiter Mr. White will reside with
tils parents.
Homing selU ciudies,
cigars aud Tobacco.
fruits, nuts,
13-14 St
Two boys scuttling on the sidewalk
in front ot Thomas & O'Neill's furni
ture stor.' is the caus of oua of the
big display windows beiim boarded
up. One boy went through tbe 7-foot
square platrf glasi wiudow completely
demolishing it but not injuring the
T' gl,,s is u "Tensive one
ami will keep the boys busy earniug
money for a 1od. rime - "
Big Line of 00c Silk 4-in-IIand Ties for....
Bath Robes and House Coats, reduction fro
UU1 "ireaay low prices.
75c Suspenders in Christmas Boxes for 5QC
50c Silk Initial Handkerchiefs, large size for......' 35c
10 Reduction on all Boys or Ulcns
Suits, Saturday and IHonday only
Men, 75c Scotch Knit Gloves for VcZ
Mon;SoUlose,itsabige;-' 1.50c
,t ,00
Mens Silk Umhrnllnc .... .
jmiug at 2.00 and
J reduction of lo?,'
over at
Many Other Special
OyTFITTER TO B0T flHt ftfltl