Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 21, 1906, Image 7

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    i.CGu4 2174 COu&IiO. vsuiiT3 PASS, CmooOK. DECEMBER 21, 1906.
) The Place to But Fruit Trees
Here are a few Leading Varieties
we have for Spring planting
14,000 Arkansas Black
10,000 Baldwin
9,000 Qravenstein
11,000 Grimes' Golden
35,000 Spitzenberg
All one-year-old
t Wanted
Ditching can be done for 20o per
cubio yard if a plow and scraper be
used. If the aoil be so rocky ai to
call for a pick and aboTel, it will cost
225 Acres Established 1863 3,000.000 Trees
Woodburn Nurseries
Woodburn, Ore., F. W. Settlemler, Propr.
Growers of First-Class, Fruit and Shade Trees.
Evergreens, Roses, Climbing Plants, Etc.
A. L. K I T C II I N
Rogue River Valley
Meserve & Meade
Courier Block, Grants Pass
la distant papers and an acquaintance all over the Coast enables us to
Some fine bargains In Fruit and Dairy Lands, Stock Ranches, Quartz
and Placer Minus, Town Property ,
GILMORE ft BOEEN, Proprietors.
H Street between Fifth and Sixth Phokx 881 Grants Paas.Oregon
4. B. PADDOCK, Proprietor.
I am prepared to famish anything in tbe line of Cemetery work in any kind
J 5 'Marble or Granite.
rf ' 5frly thirty years of experience in tbe Marble business warrants my sarins
thst I can fill four orders in the very beet manner.
. p-n Inrnisn wort in OCOICU, sweae
r. .hu
Front street, next to urewn s vjuuiuov.
. . . -. i
r To Cure a b One Day
Tcke Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets, a
- boa-es sold m bo 13 months. This iSTttnre.
15,000 King
31,000 Jonathan
27,000 Newtonwn Pippin
15,000 Wagener
Strictly First-Class.
Nursery Co., Ltd.
Salem, Oregon
40o. A fair price for a ditch 18 inches
deep, 8 feet wide at the bottom and
AX foot wide at the top is $3.65 per
Santa Claus' Vain
The old patron saint or Christmas
time cannot find in all his travels a
better meat or poultry mart than
Ablf'a. 'Tisn't only the quality of
the meat fit for the table; we offer
It's the way we store and oat it that
abonld appeal to those who bare to
cater to the appetites of men and
women folk. This must be said,
however, to be true : Earliest orders
get best attention for Ohristnias trade.
City Meat Market.
Telephone 144.
J.H. AHLF. - Prop.
Business Chances, for cash or on time
. . . FEED
or .America- urauitv wr muj siua w
All matter tor this column Is supplied
by the Josephine County Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union, T. and L. T. L
Miss Anaorage arrived in Grants
Pass Monday. She waa met at the
train by Mrs. O. V. Benkle and others
and taken by carriage to tbe home of
her friend, Mrs. Graham, where she
will be entertained during her stay in
the city. i
Merlin W. 0. T. U. met in M. &,
ohoroh at 8 :80 p. m. December 11 A
profitable - meeting was held. Ar
ranged to have Miss Anaorage address
the W. a T. U. at 8:30, December 18.
The L. T. L. at 8 :30 tbe same day
and the Ys in tbe evening.
At contusion of tbe W. C. T. U.
meeting the L. T. L. oame together
and held a very interesting 'meeting
nnder Miss Stites, Mrs. Massie and
others assisting. A short program
waa rendered consisting of songs,
scripture reading responsively, prayer,
recitations, questions on temperance,
drill in parliamentary rules. Two
names were added to the pledge of
service. Three names were added
to the Temperance pledge of L. T. L,
Attendance of 86 members of Loyal
Temperance Legion.
Mrs. S. IAnterman, Pres.
Mrs. D. W. Mitchell, press snpt
Certainly Merlin deserves three
cheers for their success.
Grants Pass W. C. T. V. held tbe
business meeting December 14 in tbe
tabernacle. Mrs. Savage, onr treas
urer, was pleased to receive dues
from so many members. This proves
we are still interested.
In absence of the Flower Mission
superintendent, Mrs. Gonld, tbe as-
sitant secretary was instructed to
write words of sympathy to Mrs. J.
E. Hair, Mrs. Jennie Kemp and Mrs.
Upon request of Mrs. Berry, super
intendent of department of Pnrity in
Literature and Art, the program is
announced for the meeting December
28, 1906, place to be announced later
at the churches.
fie sore and get one of our Year
books. It will help yon to know
when we meet, also the department
responsible for the program.
Monday, December 17, tbe special
meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held
at the home of Mrs.. Weidman.
After a short business meeting Miss
Acsorape, tbe Y organizer of Wash
ington, was introduced. She gave a
very interesting report of the National
and Worlds conventions held at Hart
ford and Boston. Dwelling par
ticularly on the foreign delegation.
Some valuable hints for tbe advance
ment of the local W. and Y were also
given. Tbe Union decided to organ
ize an L. T. L. while Mias Anaorage
is with at. Light refreshments were
served and a very pleasant social hour
A 11 may rejoice that we have added
to onr number Mrs. Spanlding, Mrs.
Eng'ef, Miss Spanlding aud Mrs.
The white ribbon encircles the
world and tbe W. C. T. U. has be
come a world-wide organization.
'Would yon be a soldier?
There la room for young and old :
Will you vo?onteer for service,
fever true and bold?
We shall win a triumph
Greater than has yet been told,
Then step in anywhere." P. P. B.
H. I. C. CALVERT. Press Suit.
Get an Oliver.
The people who use Oliver type
writers Use tbeni The Oliver has
many points of superiority :
It is built right tide rip. I
It has all the characters with the
fewest number of keys.
It has perfect alignment after years
of constant use.
The writing la in sight.
It does perfect work with the Mim
eograph. It is fine for tabulating without any
extra machinery.
It is a great manifolder from ono
to 30 copies can be made simultane
ously. No matter how many keysyoo strike
at ouce yon cannot lock the lynchers.
Lines, either vertioal or horizontal,
and in any color, may be rrled upon
the paper while it is in the machine.
There are a number of other good
typewriters we think the Oliver the
You can trade in your old machine.
H. V. MEADE, local agent.
Still doing business at the old stand.
Cor. Sixth and D streets.
Ga-XTS Pass, - - Omook.
Cures Grip
In Two Day.,
Of- 2vev
box. 25c.
That our American rorests abound hi
plants which possess the most valuable
medicinal virtues is abundantly attested
by scores of the most eminent medical
writers and teachers. Even the untu
tored Indians had discovered the useful
ness of many native plants before the
advent of the white race. This Informa
tion, Imparted freely to the whites, led
the latter to continue Investigations until
to-day we have a rich assortment of moat
valuable American medicinal roots.
Dr. Pierce believes that oar American tor-
est atfAwd In most valuable medicinal roots
tot the culfcqf moat otmlnate and fatal dis
eases, If weotd properly inrestlfate theni
of this conviction, be
sold r with DrtuK iK .in m.-..!.,.
co-try,' whlrh has nmtm It Of In he 11
ynr. frr.rt i.uili- nA resTilstor. snd blood
Cicanaer known lo medhsl n-lpnra. Di
als, or IndKiwtlon. torpid nferTranctlonal
and even valvular and other affections of
the heart rleld to Its curative action. Tbe
reason wfty It cures tbwe and manr other
affection, la clearly show. In a little book
of extracta from tbe standard medical works
which la mailed its to an address bj Dr. B.
V. Pierce, of Buffalo. M. Y to all ssaduc
request tor the same. s
Not leas marvelous, In tbe unparalleled
cure It Is constantly making of woman's
manr pecullarairectlona, weaknesses and
dliuenjnr dertnetmenta. Is Dr. Pierce's
FaTOrtteNPreacrlpUdhvu ti amply attested
by tboutaMs ouMtcJMlJeitlmonlalt con-
innutea Dyvsnarui patmMS whohartbren
ptTlud Irregular!
t.rrh.l ti-lr Brain-nslnfl
after many oilier dverllioU inetllclflet, and
B-yalclans had failed,
Both the above mentioned medicines are
wholly made up from the fly eerie extract of
natlre. medicinal ruota. The proreMM em
ployed In their manufacture were original
with Dr. Pierre, and they are carried on by
killed cbembta and pharniaclits with tbe
aid of apparatus and appliances specially
designed and built for tbla purpose. Both
medicines are entirely free from alcohol and
all other harmful, habit -forming drugs, A
full list of their Ingredients la printed on
each bottle-wrapper.
A Miraculous Cur.
The following statement by. H. M
Adams and wife, Henrietta, Pa., will
interest parents and others: A
miraculous cure has taken place in
onr home. Our ohild had eczema 8
years and was pronounced inourable,
when we read about Elctrio Bitters,
and concluded to try it. Before the
second bottle was all taken we noticed
a change for ta)s better, and after tak
ing seven bottles he was completely
oured." It's tbe up-to-date blood
medicine and body building tonic.
Guaranteed. 60o and $1.00 at all
"Hie M-ater'a Voice."
The Photo and Mosio House baa
been appointed selling ageut for
Josephine county for the Viotor Talk
ing Machine and fall stock of, ma
chines and records will be in stock
early next week. Come in and hear
"His Master's Voice."
Has BtfMMt the Teat 30 Years.
The old. original GHOVE3' Taste
less Chill Tonlo. You know what yon
are taking. It is iron and quinine in
a tastless form. No cure, no pay. 60o.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Josephine County.
Herbert Smith, Trustee
of the Estate of K. h.
Cans, Bankrupt,
Emma M. Doyle, John
M. Doyle and J. P.
Defendants. J
To Emma M. Doyle, and John M.
In the name of the State of Oregon,
you and each of you are hereby re
quired to appear and answer com
plaint tiled herein wltniu six weeks
from tbe first publication hereof and
if you fail so to appear or answer,
plaintiff will apply to the above en
titled court for judgment as prayed for
in faid complaint agalnat vou, to-wil:
for (be sum of Six Hundrrd Dollars
(W0 1 with intcreitt at 8 per cent from
March 22. 190ft, together with costs aud
dinbumeiueuts, and attorney's f-es and
for an order of sale to sell the follow
ing described real property, to-wit:
Lota 12, i:t aud 17 iu Central Addition
to the Clly of Grants Pass
AIho beginning at a stake 4:15.6 feet
West from a stake 60 foet from the
North Bank of Rogue Kiver on the
Went line of 5th street, running thence
northwesterly 214.6 feet on a line
parallel with 5th street, thence west
I9 feet, thence sooth 214.6 feet aud
thence, eaat 11)0 feet to the place of
beginning, situate in Central Add!
tiou to tbe City of Grants Pam.
This aouirnons is published by order
of Stephen Jewvll, Judge of the
Coouty Court of tfte State aforesaid iu
aud tor Josephine County, made on
the Kth day of November, 1901.
The date of the fir it publication of
thin eommous Is November ltlth. ItMMi,
and the last day of publication is De
cember 2Hth, 1906. Said publication
will run for six consecutive weeks
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Notice is hereby given by tbe under
signed, Katherine Kreuan, adminis
tratrix of the estate of Naucy Loy,
deceased, to the creditors and all per
sons having claims against said de
ceased, to exhibit them with the
tmcessary vouchers, within six months
from the hmt publication of this
notice, to said administratrix at ber
residence on the corner of Hth and J
streelH, Grant Pans, Oregon, or at
the oflice of Hendrii. and Johnston,
opposite post ottiee. Tbe earn be
j tng the place for the transaction of
the buHineos of the and extat.
Dated November 1, ltfw.
Hendricks & Johnston,
Attorneys for tbe administratrix.
In the Cirouit Oomrt of the State of
Oregon lor Josephine Connty.
Built cat anna.
George MoManna,
To George McManus, the above named
ueieuuani :
In the name of the State of Oregon,
yon are hereby sum mooed and re
quired to appear in the above entitled
court and answer (he complaint filed
against yon in the toregoiog entilted
anift tin ftp tfnr at -k- .v. -
date of the first pnbllcatlon, of this
summons, wnicn nrst ante or publica
tion i Friday, November 33, 1906,
and the last date of said publication,
and the last data for yonr appearance
ia Friday, January 4, 1907, and you are
hereby notified that in oase yon fail to
appear and answer ar otherwise plead
within the time aforesaid, that tbe
plaintiff will apply to tbe court for
the relief prayed for in the eomplaiut,
vis: for a decree dissolving the bonds
of matrimony now and heretofore
existing between the plaintiff and de
fondant, and that the plaintiff be de
creed to be the owner in fee simple of
Lot 4, Block 69 of Railroad Addition
to the Town of Grants Pass, Josephine
Connty, Oregon ; and that plaintiff be
awarded the exclusive care and oat
tody of tbe minor ohildren, named in
the oomplaint, via: Edna, Ethel,
Emery, Hiram and Doratby, and
tbat plaintiff have auch other and
further relief as is equitable.
This summons is published by order
of tbe Hon. 8tephen Jewell, Connty
Judge for Josephine Connty, Oregon,
directing the publication thereof in
tbe Ro.oe River Courier, published
at Grants Pass, Josephine County,
Oregon, not lest than once a week for
a period of six successive weeks, the
said order being dated November 82,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In tbe matter of thai
estate of G.W. I
Cbapln, Deceased. J
Notice is hereby given to all pen on
having claims against the estate of
G. W. Chapln, deceased, to present
your statement of claim, with proper
vouchers, within six months from tbe
first date of this notice, towii;
November 80th, 1906, to Lucy Cbapln,
Administratrix, at Leland. Oregon.
This notice is published by order of
Stephen Jewell, Judge of Josephine
County, Oregon, in tbe Rogue River
Courier for four weeks.
By H. B. Hendrloks, her attorney.
Timber Land, Act June 3. 1878.
United Slates Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon, Oct. 9, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that In compli
ance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June S, 1878, entitled "An
act far the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as extended to
all the Public Land States by act of Au
gust 4, 1802.
of Pomeroy, County of Garfield, State
of Wellington has this day filed in this
offloe his a worn statement No. 7159 for
the purohase of the SW or EW
SWy4. Lota 8 and 4, of section No.
18 in Township 84 South, Range No.
8 W, and will offer proof to show that
the land sought is more valuable for
its timber or stooe than for agricul
tural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before John M.
Booth, United States Commissioner,
at his ofHoe at Grants Pass, Oregon, on
ruesaay, tne tn aay or Jauuary, 1907.
He names as witnesses :
Wesley B. Sherman, of Graots Pass,
Oregon; John Hill m, of Winter, Ore
gon , Mary Thompson of Tacoiua,
Wash., and Ozro S. Blauohard of
Grants Paas, Ore.
Any and all persona claiming adversel
the above-described landa are requeued
to file their claims in this office on or be
lore said 8ib day of January, 1U07
Benjamin L. Eddy, ltegieter.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United Slates Land UtMce.
Roseburg, Oregon, Sept. 10, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"An act lor the sale of timber lands in
the States of California, Oreiion, Nevada.
and Washington .Territory," as ex
tended loan trie mono 1-and states by
act of August 4, 1HU2,
of Marietta, County o Lancaster,
State of Pennsylvania, haa this day
Hied in this office his sworn statement
No. 7001, for the purchase of Lots 6,
7 and 8 and SWt NW, HKi SW'
or section no. iu in Township No
35 South, Range No. 7 West, and wil
offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for its timber
I or stooe than for agricultural nur
poses, and to eatablish bis claim to
said land before Arthur Conklin,
United States Commlsaionei, at his
oflice at Graots Pass, Oregon, on
Tuesday, the 8th day of January, 1907.
' He names a witneHaea: George
R. Ilelaey of Marietta, Pennsylvania;
I Willard Green of Grants Pasr, Ore
jgon; Wesley B. Sherman, ' of Grants
fans, uregoo, and 11. Adolpti Koter
tuuud of Grants Pass, Oregon.
Anysndall persons claiming adversely
the above-descrited lands are requested
to file their claims In this office on or be
before said 8ib day of January, 1907.
IlKsj.tMi.-5l. Knnr, Register.
Notice is hereby aiven that I have
beeu appointed administrator of the
state of J. H. Hots, deceased. All
persons having claims against the said
estate are hereby required to file the
aame properly verified, with my
attorney at Grants Pans, Oregon,
' wlihin six months from (lie 19th day
' of November, 1900.
, Administrator.
1 Oliver 8. Brown,
, Attorney for Adminiatrato.',
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy l m Spaclflo,
ure to Glve Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects tha
diseased ntambraue. It cures Catarrh and .
drives away a Cold in the Head qninkly.
tteatorea the Senses of Tiwte and Smell.
Saay to use. Contains no injurious drur
Applied iuto the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Site, SO cents at PruggUla or by
mails Trial Size, 10 ce-.iU by naiL
tLY BROTHERS. 66 wur-ni i . N var.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Josephine County.
Walter Tallmadge, 1
Mand Tallmadge,1
Hf mniinf
To Maud Tallmadge the defendant
above named :
In tha name nf tha Rtaia nf ("trami.
you are hereby required to appear
buu suiswer tne oouipiaint niea in ine
above ent.tled tnit within tlx weekt
and if yon fail ao to answer, the
plaintiff will apply to tbe Court for
mo reiiei uemanoea in nit complaint,
to-wit: for a denrna disil-ina anil
annulling tbe bonds of matrimony
now existing between the plaintiff
and defendant, and for such other
and further relief as to tbe Court maw
seem equitable. Tbia summons la
published bv virtue of an order mads
by Hon. Stephen Jewell, County
Judge of Josephine County, Oregon,
and dated November 9, 1906.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Miners' blsnkt at tho Courier of5c
House Moving
If you have a building;
that you want moved,
raised or leveled up,
call on or address
A. E. Holloway.
Residence 2 miles west of
city, north side of river.
Harmon Blk up stairs
Promptly and of the best malarial
and in the latest style.
W.F.Shsrmtn and E.F.LeMleux
Full Stock of Wall Paner all d.ialirna
quality and prices.
Paints, Varnlahns, Oils, Brushe
a'i vrl Ar'it-t ainri'e.
Mall orders promptly filled.
Acclimated Fruit Trees
Give the Best Results.
Transplant trees from a damp soil
and a wet ollmate to a semi arid suo
tion like Rogue River Valley will he
such a changs of conditions that tbe
trees will make little growth the first
year aud will require at leant two
years to become acclimated.
YaUma Valley has the same climate
and conditions as Rogue River Valley
and trees from the
Yakima Yalley Nursery
will give tbe best' results to Southern
Oregon growers. Largetock aud
prices right.
. Fall Stock of Fruit Tr-jes Healthy
aud true to name. Prices that are
W. D. InRalls, Prop.
North Yakima, . Washington