Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 21, 1906, Image 6

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Practice limited to
Glasses fitted and furnished.
Offioe hours 9 to 12; 2 to 5; and oo ap
pointment Telephones 241 and 77.
Gsajits Pass, Oaioo
Phones, Offioe 365; Res. 1046.
Residence cor. 7th and D streets.
Offloe at National Drue Store.
H.ats Pass. - - Obkkw
Offioe in Courier Building.
Offloe phone 911, residence 413.
Eyes tested and glasses fitted.
Gbaxts Pass, Oao.
T3am PVnnjh 714
OUy or country clU itendd night
- ... .. an m . . i nj:-
or day. oiitn ana a, i uu i uuuuiu(.
' Offioe I hone 361.
GbahtbPass . Obkjo.
Children & Conmemtnt
Out a Sptttolh
CtmruHation and
EomminmUm Fr$
602 D Street
Ghauts Pass, - Obsoow.
Graduates of American School of Os
teopathy, Kirksville, Mo.
orth Oth it., near Court House.
Offloe Phone 761, Res. Phone 717.
GbaitiPass, Obkhm.
Praotloe In all State and Federal Court.
Offloe In Opera House Building.
(tiakts Pass, - Obbooh
Jt 0. HOUGH,
Practice in all BUtoand Federal Courts
Offloe over Hair-Riddle Hardware Co.
Gaum Pass, Oimo
Offloe, upstairs, City Hall.
Gba'hts Pass, Orboom.
- Union. Building
Kbrbt .... OnKari
Civil and orlminal matters attended to
in all the oonrte.
Real estate and Ininranoe.
Offloe, 6th street, opposite Postoffioe.
Oth St., north of Josephine Hotel.
Gbamts Pass, - - Oskoon.
j-r-1 . j j
Charles Costain
Wood Working Shop.
West of flour mill, near R. R. track
turning. Brroll Work, titairWork, Hand
Hswing.t'alilnet WorW Wood l'ulleys, 8w
KUinRsnd KUuiminKf KepslritiK all kinds,
rrioes riut.
The Popular Barber Shop
Get your tonsorlal work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Bath Room In connection
Furniture and llano
I want your bargains in
'JTlmlMM' ii ml
TimlxM IiiikIm
Can use a few homestead and tim
ber relinquishments.
P. O. Box 3(6, Roscburg, Oregon.
Palace Barber Shop
Shaving, Hair Cutting
Hatlis, Etc.
Ever) thing nent and clean and a
work r'lrst-l'lass. I
Beverly of
(Continued from last week. )
"And how is her' asked Beverly.
Jamming a hatpin through' a helpless
bunch of violets.
"He's ve'y 'spectably skun, yo' high
ness." "I don't mean the animal, stupid."
To' mean 'at Mlsteh Goat Man?
He's settln' up an' chattln' as if nothln'
happened. lie says to m 'at w etaht
on ouab way Jes a soon as yo' all eats
yo' b'eakfu-'. De bosses Is hitched
np an' "-
"Has everybody else eaten? Am I
the only one that hasn't?" cried Bever
ly. '"'Ceptlu' me, yo' highness. Ah'm as
hungry as a poah man's dawg, an' "
"And be Is being kept from the hos
pital because I am a lary, good for
nothing little Come on, Aunt Fanny;
we haven't a minute to spar. If he
looks very 111, we do without break
fast" But Baldos was the most cheerful
man In the party. He was sitting with
his back agnlnst a tree, his right arm
In a sling of woven reeds, his black
patch set upon the proper eye.
"You will pardon me for not rising,"
he said cheerily, "but, your highness,
I am much too awkward this morning
to act as befitting a courtier In the
presence of his sovereign. You have
slept well?"
"Too well. 1 fear. Bo well, In fact,
that you have suffered for It. Can't
we start at once?" She wn debating
within herself whether It would be
quite good form to shake bonds with
the reclining hero. In the glare of the
broad daylight he nud his followers
looked more rugged and famished than
before; but they also appeared more
picturesquely romantic.
"When you have entcn of our bumble
fare, yeur highness the Inst meal at
(be Hawk and Ituven."
"But I'm not a bit hungry."
"It Is very considerate of you, but
equally unrensounble. Yon must eat
before we stnrt." '
"I cau't bear the thought of your suf
fering when we should be hurrying to
a hospital nnd competent surgeons."
He laughed gayly. "Oh. you needn't
laugh. I know It hurts. You say we
cannot reach Ganlook before tomor
row? Well, we cannot stop here a
minute longer thnu we Oh, thank
you!" A rugged servitor had placed
rude bowl of meat and some fruit be
fore her.
"Sit down here, your highness, and
prepare yourself for a long fast. We
lay go nntll nightfall without food.
The game Is scarce, and we dare not
venture fur Into the hills."
Beverly not at bis feet and daintily
Began the operation of picking a bone
With ber pny Augers and teeth. "I
am sorry we have no knives and forks,"
be apologised.
"I don't mind," said she. "I wish
you would remove that black pntch."
"Ainu, I must resume the bated dis
guise. A chance euemy might recog
nize 110."
"Your your clothes have been mend
ed," she remarked, with a furtive
glance ut bis long legs. The trousers
bud been rudely sewed up and no baud
ages were visible. "Are you your
legs terribly hurt?"
"They are badly scratched, but not
seriously. The bundiiges are skillfully
pluced." be added, seelug her look of
doubt. "Ituvone is n genius."
"Well. I'll hurry," she said, blush
lug deeply. Cotit hunter though he
was and she a princess, bis eyes
gleamed with the Joy of her lcnuty.
and his heart thumped with a most
unruly admiration. "You were very,
very brave Inst night," she said at last,
and her rescuer smiled contentedly.
Slio was mil long In finishing the
rude but wholesome meal and then
announced her readiness to ho on the
way. With the authority of h genuine
pliuccss she commanded him to ride
Inside the coiuli, gave Incomprehensi
ble dlrd-tlons to the driver nnd to the
escort and would llsteu to none of his
protestations. When the clumsy ve
hicle was again In (be highway and
bumping over the ridges of flint the
goat hunter was beside his princess on
the rear seat, bis feet Ukni the oppo
site cushions near Aunt Knuny, a well
arranged bridge of boxes nnd hugs pro
viding support for Ills long legs.
"We want to go to a bosplt- I," Bev
erly had said to the driver very much
as she ink-lit have sHken had she been
In Washington. She was standing
bravely lieslde the fore wheel, her face
flushed und eager. Italdos from hit
serene position on the cushions watch
ed her with kludllng eyes. The grli
sled driver grinned and shook his head
despairingly, "i Hi. pshaw! You dou't
understand, do you? llospltul b-o-s-p
l-t a-l," she spelt It out for him, and
still he shook his head. Others lu the
motley retinue were smiling broadly.
"Speak to htm In your own language,
your highness, and be will be sure to
understand," ventured the patient.
"1 tttri speaking lu uiy-I mean, I pre
fer to speak In Kuglisb. Please tell
him to go to a hospital," she said con
fusedly. HaMns gave a few Jovial In
structions, jyid then the ruggedest
Astbsrsf "GrMMtark"
t st
courtier oT them alf handed Beverly
Into the carriage with a' grace that
mazed ber.
"You are the most remarkable goat
hunters I have ever seen," she remark
ed In sincere wonder.
"And you speak the most perfect
English I've ever beard," he replied.
"Oh, do yon really think so? Mis
Grimes used to say I was hopeless.
You know I bad a a tutor," she has
tily explained. "Don't you think It
strange we've met no Axphaln sol
diers?" she went on, changing the sub
ject abruptly.
"We are not yet out of the woods,"
be said.
"That was a purely American aphor
ism," she cried, looking at him Intent
ly. "Where did you learn all your
English V
"I bad a tutor," he answered easily.
"You are a very odd person," sh
sighed. "I don't believe that yon art
goat hunter at all."
"If I were not a goat hunter I should
have starved long ago." he said. "Why
do you doubt me?"
"Simply because you treat me on
moment as If I were a princess and:
n.rf an if ff waiA a hllrt TTlimhlA '
goat hunters do not forget their sta
tion In life."
"I have much to learn of fhe defer
ence due to queens." be said.
"That's Just like 'The Mikado' or
Tlnnfore,' " she exclaimed. "I be
lieve you are a comic opera brigand or
pirate chieftain, after all."
"I am a lowly outcast," be smiled.
"Well, I've deckled to take you Into
Edelweiss and"
"Pardon me, your highness," be said
firmly. "That cannot be. I shall not
go to Edelweiss."
"But I command you"
"It's very kind of you, but I cannot
enter a hospital not even at Ganlook.
I may as well confess that I am a
hunted man and that the Instructions
are to take me dead or alive."
"Impossible!" she gasped. Involun
tarily shrinking from him.
"I have wronged no man, yet I am
being bunted down as though I were
beast" be said, bis face turning hag
gard for the moment "The hills of
Graustark. the plateaus of Axphaln
nud the valleys' of -Iawsbergen are
alive with men who are bent on end
ing my unhappy but Inconvenleut t'l
"l'oti " jiarWim ntt tor nut rising."
i tclice. It would be suicide for me to
cuter any one of yoar towns or ritios.
Kveu you could not protect me, I
"This snuiiiN like a dream. Oh, dear
nic, .van don't lo!; like a hiirdcucit
criminal." she crte.l.
"I am the bumble lender of the faith
ful baud who will t'.ie with me when
the time come. We are rt criminals,
your highness. In return for what
service I may have performed for yon.
I Implore you to ipiesthiii me no fur
ther. y ur slave up to the
walls of Ciinlook. timl then you may
forget Baldos, the g mt hunter."
"1 never can forgot you." she cried,
touching his Injured arm gently. "Will
you forget the one that gave you this
"It Is n very gentle wound, aud I love
It so that I pray It may never heal."
She looked away smUlenly.
"Tell tne one thing." she s'flld, a mist
coining over her eyes. "You say they
are bunting you to the death. Then
then your fault must be a grievous one.
Have you have you killed a man?"
she uddcdjiusttly. He was silent for
a long time.
"1 fear I have killed more than one
man," he said in low tones. Again she
shrank Into the comer of the coRch.
"History says that your father was a
brave soldier and fought In many bat- j
ties," be went on. i
"Yes." she said, thinking of Major'
George Calhoun. j
"lie killed then, perhaps, as 1 I
have killed them," lie s.iid.
"Oh. my father never killed a man!"!
crhvl IVver'.v In de out horror. j
"Vet ti'.atiMaii; reveres his mighty'
' yjivivm
'.ViVEt-?:'".: !r- :v-'-:-V..-.-v-.'r'il.-,-sl
- t
prowess on the nelu" of Battle." said
he, half laconically.
"Oh." she murmured, remembering
Unit she was naw the daughter of
Yetlve's father. "I see. You are not
a a a mere murderer, then?"
"Xo. I have been a soldier. That Is
"Th'iuk heaven!" she murmured and
was no longer afraid of him. "Would
would a pardon be of any especial
benefit to you?" she asked, wondering
bow far her Influence might go with the
Princess Yetlve.
"It is beyond your power to help
me." be said gravely. She was silent
but It was the silence of deep reflec
tion. "Vour highness left the castle
ten days ugo." be said, dismissing him
self as a subject for conversation.
"Have you' kept In close communica
tion with Edelweiss during that timer'
"I know nothing of what Is going on
there." she said quite truthfully. She
only knew that she had sent a mes
sage to the Princess Yetlve apprising
her of ber arrival In St Petersburg
and of ber Intention to leave soon for
the Graustark capital.
"Then you do uot know that Mr.
Lorry is still on the Dawsbergen fron
tier In conference with representatives
from Serros. He muy not return for
a week, so Colonel Qulnnox brings
back word."
"It's news to me," murmured Bev
erly. "You do not seem to be alarmed," he
ventured. "Yet I fancy it Is not a dan
gerous mission, although Prince Ga
briel Is ready to buttle at a moment's
"I have the utmost confidence In Mr.
Lorry." said Beverly, with proper
"Buron Dangloss. your minister of
police. Is In these mountains watching
the operations of Axphaln scouts and
"Is he? You are very well posted. It
' "Moreover, the Axphaiuluns are plan
ning to uttack Ganlook upon the first
signal from their ruler. I do not wish
to alurm your highness, but we may as
well exiect trouble before we come
to the Ganlook gates. You are known
to be In the pass, and I am certain
an effort will be made to take posses
sion of your person."
"They wouldn't dure!" she exclaim
ed. "Uncle Sam would annihilate them
In week."
"Uncle Sam? Is he related to your
Aunt Fanny? I'm afraid he could do
but little against Volga's fighting men,"
be said, with a smile.
"They'd soon find out who Uncle
Sam is If they touch me," she threat
ened grandly. He seemed puzzled, but
was too polite to press ber for expla
nations. "But be Is a long way off
and couldn't do much If we were sud
denly attacked from ambush, could he?
What would they do to me If I were
taken, as you suggest?" She was more
concerned than she appeared to be.
"With you In their hands, Graustark
would be utterly helpless. Volga could
demand Buy thing sbe liked and your
ministry would be forced to submit"
"I really think It would be a capital
Joke ou the Princess Volga." mused
Beverly reflectively. He did not know
what she meant, but regarded ber soft
smile as the cleur title to the serenity
of a princess.
She sunk back und gave herself over
to the complications that vcre likely to
grow out of her Involuntary deception.
The one tlilug which worried her more
than all others was the fear that Yetlve
might not be lu Edelweiss. According
to all reports, she had lately been In St.
Petersburg, und the mere fact that she
wns supposed to lie traveling by coach
was sulliclcut proof that whe was not
at ber capital. Then there was, of
course, the possibility of trouble on the
road with the Axphaln scouts, but Bev
erly enjoyed the optimism of youth and
raldos. the goat hunter, was dreami
ly thinking of the beautiful young wo
man at li 1.-4 side and of the queer freak
fortune bad played lu bringing them
to.-ether. As he studied her face he
could not Imt lament that marriage at
least established a barrier between her
nnd the advances bis bold heart might
otherwise no willing to risk. Ills black
bnlr str:i'.'-.led down over bis forehead,
nnd Ills dark eyes the patch bad been
im-rcptitlouKly lifted weru unusually
"It Is stranj e that you live lu Grau
stark and have not seen Its prineessl
betore." she said, laying groundwork
for Inquiry concerning the nets and
whereabouts of the real princess.
"May it acse your nighties, I have
uot lived long lu Graustark. Besides.
It Is said that half the people of Gan
look have never looked uou your
"I'm not surprised ut that The pro
portion Is much smaller than. I imag
ined. I have not visited Ganlook.
strange us It may seem to you."
"One of my company fell In with
some of your guards from the Ganlook
garrison day before yesterday. He
learned that you were to reach that
city within forty-eight hours. A large
detachment of men has been sent to
meet you at Luhhot."
"Oh. Indeed," said Beverly, very
much Interested.
"They must liuve been misinformed
as to your route or else your Itussiau
escort decided to take you through by
the lower and more hazardous way.
It was our luck that you came by the
wrong road. Otherwise we should not
have met each other, and the Hon," be
said, smiling reflectively. j
"Where Is Lnbhot?' 'asked she, in-j
tent upon the one subject uppermost In
ber mind.
"In the niotititalns many leagues
north of this p tss. Had you taken that
route Instead wf Ois you would hv this!
21, 1H.
time bare left Lnbbot for the town of
Erros. a balf day's Journey rrom uan
look. Instead of vagabonds your es
cort would have been made up of loyal
soldiers, well fed. well clad and well
satisfied with themselves at least."
"But no braver.' no truer than my
soldiers of fortune." she sold earnestly.
"By the way. a.e you Informed as to
the state of affairs In Dawsbergen?"
"Scarcely us well ns your highness
must be." be replied.
"The young prince what' his
name?" sbe paused, looking to him for
the name.
"Yes, thufs It. What has become of
him? I um terribly Interested In him."
"He Is a fugitive, they say."
"They haven't captured him. then?
Good! I am so glad!"
Baldos exhibited little or no Interest
In the fresh topic.
"It Is strange you should have for
gotten his name." he said weivrlly.
"Ob. I do so many ridiculous things!"
complulued Beverly, remembering who
she was suppased to be. "I have never
seen bim. you know." she added.
"It Is not strange, your highness. He
was educated lu England and hud seen
but little of his own country when he
was called to the throne two years ago.
Yon remember of course that his moth
er was an Englishwoman. Lady Ida
"I I think I base heard some of his
history. A very little, to be sure." sbe
explained lamely.
"Priuce Gabriel, his half brother. Is
the son of Prince Louis III. by his
first wife, who wns a Polish countess.
After ber death, when Gabriel was
two years old, the prince marriod Lady
Ida. Duntan is their son. He has a
sister, Caudace. who Is but nineteen
years of age."
"I am ashamed to confess that you
know so much more about my neigh
bors than I." she said.
"I lived In Dawsbergen for a little
while and was ever Interested In the
doings of royalty. That is a poor man's
privilege, you know."
"Prince Gabriel must be a terrible
man," cried Beverly, ber heart swelling
with tender thoughts of the exiled Dan
tan and bis little sister.
"You have cause to know," said be
shortly, and she was perplexed until
she recalled the stories of Gabriel's
misdemeanor at the court of Edel
"Is Prince Dantan as handsome as
they say be Is?" she asked.
"It Is entirely a matter of opinion,'
he replied. "I for one do not consider
him at all prepossessing."
The day went on, fatiguing, distress
ing In Its length and Its happenings.
Progress was necessarily slow, the
perils of the road Increasing a the
little cavalcade wound deeper and
deeper Into the wilderness. There were
time when the coach fairly crawled
along the edge of a precipice, a pro
ceeding so hazardous that Beverly
shuddered as If In a chill. Aunt Fanny
slept serenely most of the time, and
Baldos took to dreaming with his eyes
wide open. Contrary to her expecta
tlous, the Axphalulans did 4iot appear,
nnd If there were robbers In the bills
they thought better, thnu to uttack the
valorous looking party. It dawned
upon ber finally that the Axphalnlaa
were guarding the upper route mid no
the one over which she was traveling
Yetlve doubtless was aproachl:!-: (Jan
look over the northern ius. provide
the enemy had not lceu eaco-.iiitete
before Lablsit was reach:-:! lleverl
soou found herself renrin-r for fji
safety of the prince:!, a f.-ar which i
lust became r.lmost iiuetid'irn'.-le
Near nightfall they cnr..e r.poti tire
Graustark shepherds an 1 tcnr.ic.l tt;i
Ganlook could not be reached !i:'.".r
the next afteniTjii. T! e tired. lin:ig";
travelers r, c:;t the n g:.t In n sr. si
little valley tli:nig!i which a rlvulc
bounded n, nr.! t i the river be'ow
The supper was a scant one. the fori;
gers haviirr poor luck in the hunt fu
loo.l. Iiaybrer.k saw them on the!
way once more. Hunger and drea
had worn down Beverly's supply o;
good spirits; she was having dllllcult.''
lu keeping the haggard, distressed loo!
from her Tice. ller tender, hopefi;
eyes were rot so bold or so merry ns
on the day before: cheerfuluess cos'
her an effort, but she managed to kee
It fairly ul!e. Her escort, wretched
mid balf starved, never forgot the def
erenee due to their charge, but strodi
steadily on with the doggedness o!
aiartyrs. At times she was Impelled to
Jisclose her true U. entity, but dlscre
tion told her that dei eptlou was hei
best safeguard.
Late lu the uftcrno iu of the second
day the front nxU- of the couch snap
ped iu two. and a tedious delay of two
hours eusued. Baldos was strangely si
lent and subdued. It was not until the
misfortune came that Cleverly observ
ed the flushed condiMon of bis face.
Involuntarily and with the compassion
of a true woman, she touched bis hand
and brow. They were burning hot.
The wounded man was lu a high fever
He laughed at her fears and scoffed at
the prospect of blood poisoning and tin
hundred other possibilities that sug
gested themselves to her anxious
"We are close to Ganlook." be said,
with the setting of the sun. "Soon you
may be relieved of your tiresome,
cheerless company, your highness."
"You are going to a physician," she
said resolutely, alive and active once
more, now that the worst part of the
Journey was coming to an end. "Tell
that mon to drive In a gallop all the
rest of the way."
(To be continued. )
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