Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 14, 1906, Image 6

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    t-icopvtrPR 14. 1906.
ROGUE RIVER CUUKIKK, UKAflia rAoa, im-cw. -
1 . ...
I Slippers
Fine Shoes
Make Most
.Our Assortment
1$ Complete and Trices
are Right
Published Every Friday.
Subscription Ratssi
One Year, in advance,
Biz Monthx,
Three M on tin,
Single Copies,
Advertising Rates
Fuminhed on application at the office, or
by null.
Obituaries and resolutions of con
dolence will be rhsrged for at 6c per line;
card of thanki 60c .
Entered at the poet office at Grants Fssi,
Oregon, a second-class ml) matter.
Report of Patent Office.
The report of the Commissioner of
Patcnti od the haslneii of the Patent
Office for the fiscal year ended Jane
80, 1006, shows that there were re
ceived during that year 06,619 appli
cations for mechanical patents. 821
applications for design patents, 173
applications for re-issne, 1988 caveats,
10,888 applications for trademarks,
943 applications for labels and 438
applications for prints. The number
of patents granted, including re-issues
and designs was 81,887, and there
were registered during the year 10,408
trademarks, 41 labels and 854 prints.
The number of patents which expired
was 20,683, and SI3 applications
which had been allowed were for
feited by operation of law for non-payments
of the final fee.
The total receipts of the office from
all sources amounted to fl, 811, 297.84,
and the total eipenditnres were
1,B::8,14D.40, leaving a surplus of
reoeipta over expenditures of $273,
148.44, which surplus was turned into
the treasury.
We wish to thank the many friends
who so kindly remombered ns dnring
the recent sickness and death of our
loved mother, Mrs. Nannie Nanoke.
Oscar F. Nauoke,
Theodore Nancke,
Alfred Nancke,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stith.
95 Solid Oak Cobler
dnoed to 13 75. Thomas
Lots of other bargains.
Rockers re
& O'Neill's.
P. Weevver on Prosperity.
i doo knot lyke prosperity
it kums 3 aufol hi
yew iiae 2 pay 2 prices
phor everything yew bi.
yew hav the welth 2 doo it;
qoite phreely i admit it,
bat hav 2 wlrk so dad-blamed hard
2 git it.
i doo knot lyke prosperity
yew've no excuse 2 shirk;
the proverb set "2 hav 2 loaf
is better than awl wirk. "
and when the times is prosperous
lvohe ov awl ioy they rob.
snm feller's alwaze offerin yew
a job.
and iph ytw do knot take the.same
vore friends ar awl annoyed;
disbanded iz the army ov
the "wirthv unemployed.
yew kannot stand aronnd and speek
abowt "a roan phor sale."
they opher yew a Job or talk
yew oph 2 jail.
and it aint trew prosperity
or i dont kali it sotch
that makes yew wirk Just twicet as
hard '
2 nit but halpb az match
as when the penny bigger seemed
than now does enny dime.
i lyke hard times when yew cant wirk
halpb the time. . A. K.. ,
Fancv Shanes Jelly Monlds, regular
65 and 60o for 60 and 40c. Thomas &
More than 51,000 people are on the
municipal pay roll in New York oity
and are wondering why the officials
do not take care of them.
Foresters Elect Officers
The Foresters held their annual
election Wednesday night when the
following officers were elected :
John Saner, Past O R.
M. F. Wiobmao, C R.
O. A. Brigan, S O R.
W. R. Nipper. F. 8.
F. Fetaoh, R S.
J. H. Ahlf, Treasurer.
F. W. Schallhorn, S W.
W. E. Boren, O W.
J. A. Steiner, SB.
W. A. Stephens, J B.
Dr. Strieker, Lecturer.
Trustees-Aogost Fetscb, W. T.
Coborn, John Saner. '
Ornmb Brushes and trays at Thomas
& O'Neill's.
Trees Across the Track and Tele
graphic Communication
is Interrupted.
A fierce snow storm raged in
Sierra Nevada and Siskiyou Moont-
ains Monday, and, as a result trains
on all lines of the Southern facino
were a little late. All the snow
shovels of the company were preesed
into service to clear the traces oi tne
snow drifts.
The storm played havoo with tele-
grahp wires. The Southern raomo
Company had no communication
Tuesday farther than Bine Canyon,
in the Sierra Nevada Mountain and
Dnngmuir, on the north. The poor
telegraph service made the handling
of trains extremely diffionlt. Up to
a late hoar no damage along the line
was reported at the local office, al
though in several places trees ;had
blown acrOFB the track and delayed
Art vases in Rosanware at Thomas
& 0'Nills over 80 per cent discount
MURRAY At the home of her
daughter. Mrs. J. E. Hair in this
city, Monday, December 4, 1006,
Mrs. Hannah Murray, aged 73 years.
Mrs. Murray was born in Conrtland
connty. New York, Aogust 11, J833.
In company with ber hosand she
came from Kansas to this city some
three Tears ago to live with ber
daughter. Mrs. Hair. Mr. Murray
died soon after coming here. Hor
death was caused by pneumonia. The
interment took place on Decebmer 6
at the I. O. O. F. cemetery, Rev. O.
O. Beckman conducting the services.
She leaves two daughters. Mrs. J. E.
Hair of this city and Mrs. Eemp of
FIELDS At the home of her sister.
Mrs. Clark Savage near Grants
Pass, Ore , on Tuesday, December
11, 1906, Mrs. Alice Fields, aged 26
Mrs. Fields was born in Napa, Gal.,
July 19, 1880, and came to Oregon
with her parents, Mr,, and Mrs. John
Einkle in 1886. She leaves a hus
band and three small children to :
mourn their loss.
Only 7 Days More of
Makes us think what is suitable
For Father, Mother, Brother or Sister
or some other relation.
A few suggestions
A Silk Dress pattern
Nice Wool Dress pattern
Pair Kid Gloves
Doz or less Hdkfs.
Nice pair Shoes
Pair House Shoes
A Itig Line of
Toys for the
on sale
Marshal Field
& Co.'s line
of Ladies' Furs
and will sell them
at actual wholesale prices
My lire of Blankets, Comforts
cannot be beat in price or quality
A Mce Line cf Silk Umbrellas and Parasols
My line of Men's and Hoys' Siioes I must close out
to make room for several new departments which I am
planning to put in, so get prices on these lines
at Gumpert's
GO 0 i S
eel m
tor line
to Attempt to
Call and See them
For Man For Boys
P. H Harth & Son. Inc.
Wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish to express our thanks
and gratitude to those friends and
neighbors who extended a helping
band and their heartfelt sympathy in
our double sorrow, the sickness and
death of oor fattier and the serions
illness of onr mother.
Don Morrison,
Glenn Morrisou,
Mrs. A. C. Epperly,
Mrs. T. L. Robertson,
Lee Morrison,
Stanford Morrison,
Adah E. Morrison.
COFFEE Pardee fells Golden Gate
Coffee. It is the best. 13-7 2t
CHICKENS Parties desiring choice
chickens for Sunday dinner or
special occasions can secure same
from John Sum mere, .North Sixth
Street U-28 tf
BOARD Table board first house west
of teunis coart on D street 12-7 tf
XMAS PHOTOS-best in town, 25 per
cent off, made at Branob Art Gal
lery, back of First National Bank.
11-16 tf
GOATS F. A. Pieroe, Merlin, Ore-,
Breeder of Pure blood Angora Goats;
Flock beaded by Sontb African
Import; correspondence solicited
in regard to goats. 11-26 tf
tailoring, Mrs.
dressmaking and
T. O. Horr, 107 O
9-14 tf
FRANK' BURNETT-Uphoistering,
mission furniture made to order.
IYPEWRITER Visible writing ma
chiue for f JO at the Music Store.
All kinds of typewriter ribbons and
FOR SALE By E. Steele at 2d ware
house, west odd storage plant
Sugar Pine Shiikes. Plymouth Rock
Cockerels, Fruit, Vegetables, all
kiui's, fresh ocean fish, crabs,
shrimps, clams, oysters by the piut,
ipnrt and gallos, also in cans. Cash
paid for fruit and produce. E.
Steele. . tf
ROOMING HOUSE and Dwelling for
reut, three blocks from pnstoflice,
I rot reasonable. See or address O.
I J- Snips. 12.14 2t
ROOMS-Three nice, light and airy
rooms for housekeeping, furnished,
for rent, price reasonable, address
I P. O. Box 553. 11-23 tf
BIDS WANTED The tabernacle
building committee invite bids for
all the lumber contained in the
tabernacle, Fonrth and E streets.
Building will be torn down and
nails removed ready for delivery of
lumber. Bids warned without de
lay. RigH reserved to reject any
and all bids. For further informa
tion call on J. C. Campbell or W.
L. Ireland. 12-7 2t
WANTED Grain Sacks, Tools and
other second-hand goods. Harrison
Bros,., Second haud-store, corner
nun j streets. 2-W tf
;C. L. 1NOEL of Odessa wants loggers
, and timber cutters to deliver 2, two,.
000 feet of logs to mill by coutract
before snow flies; short haul, levl
roads, one 4-horse team, two trucks,
I chains, etc. furnished. Also left
: naud 3-gang edger wanted.' Write
i or call at null Odessa, Ore. 8 8 tf
f 100 to 1.)0 per month ; some 'even
more. Stork clean ; grown on Reser
vation, far from old orchards. Cash
advanctd weeklv. Choice of terri
tory. Address Washintgon Nursery
; Company, Toppenish, Washington.
I tf-S8 tf
The Stre7igth of a
Bank is shown,
1st, By its working capital
2nd, By its stockholders.
3rd, By its management.
First Rational Bank
Grants Pass, Ottgon.
Has a Capital, Surplus
Undivided Profits $77,500.00
And an additional Stock
holders Liability (,un
der the National Bunk
ing Law). .... 50,000 00
Total Responsibility $127,500.00
John D. Fry,
P. H. Harth,
J. T. Tiffs,
H. C. Kin net.
L. B. Hall. Pres.
J. C. Campbell, V. Pre
H. L GiLKirr, Cashier.