Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, July 13, 1906, Image 2

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try Goods, Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings,
Skirts, Shirt Waists and Notions
Commencing Monday, July 1 6 sxmI 21
This, my Second Semi-Annual Clearing Sale, I want to make bigger and better than
ever. My first sale was a big success, as m all goods were as advertised.
New bargains every day. Don't forget the date of this sale, and get the
Biggest Bargains in New and Up-to-Date Merchandise as low as the lowest. .
Dress Goods and Silks
1 pc 38-in. tan wool Voile, worth 75c, S. P. 35c
5 pes 38-in wool Dress goods, worth 40c, S. P. 24c
1 lot 38-in " Novelty 50 to 65 S. P. 41c
1 " 45-in $1 " 1.25 S.P. 73c
20 exclusive Silk Waist Patterns, worth $1.00 to 1.25
choice 69c a yard.
1 pc 36-in Black Taffetta at 92Jc
1 pc 36-in " " worth $1.50, S. P. $1.20
1 pc 36-in " Pue de Soi Silk, w $1.50, S.P. $1,20
A lot of short lengths must bo closed regardless of
Calicoes and Ginghams
Your choicoof any of my best prints 4$c
Ono lot of my best Ginghams, worth 12 Jc, S. P. Sc
See our big leader in Embroidery at 7c a yard
Worth 12J to 25c a yard.
Your choice of any of my 50 and 65c Shirt
Waists for -39C
' All new and up-to-date.
Your choice of any 12J and 15c Percales for 9c a yard
10 yard limit
Table Linen and Napkins
1 pc Bleached Damask, worth 35c ...S.P. 21c
1 pc Unbleached " " 40c S. P. 28c
3 pes Blchd, Unblchd " 50c .8. P. 30c
4 " " 65c S.P. 45c
4 ' " 75 aud 85c, 5. P. 57Jc
. Big reduction on all better table linens and napkins.
Towels and Crashes
25 doz Towels at 4C each
35 worth 15c S. P. 10c each
20 " " " 20c S.P.12Jceach
20 25 and 35c, S. P. 18c each
.5 pes Crash Toweling S. P. 4c yard
6 - Blchd, and Unblchd Twlng, w 10c, S. P. 6Jc yrd
10 ' 12Jc. S. P. 9c yard
REMNANTS - 1 have a bie lot lyZeod price is no object'
Lawns and Dimities
Soo my leader, worth 10 and 12 Ac S. P. Gc
My 15c Lawns aud Dimities at SJc yard
1 lot Lawns and Dotted .Swiss, w 15, to 25c, S. P. 9:c
My Novelty Wash Goods, worth 25c " KUc
India Linen at 5c yard
Embroidery and Laces
Soo my two big leaders at 5c and 11c a yard.
Shirt Waists
1 lot Shirt Waists, worth 50 to G5c S. P. 44c
1 75c to $1.00.... " 59c
I $1.25 85c
I I. 50 to 2.00.... " $1.35
1 ' 2.50 " 1.65
Your choice of any Men's Shirts, worth 50
to (.c, at .I.TfJ ea
Your choice of auy of my best prints at 4c a yard
10 yard limit.
Underskirts, ranging in price from 49c to $2.50
My big ralue in Ribbon, worth 25 to 40o a yd
Sale Price IOC
I have a lot of odd Corsets to close out regardless of values.
Hosiery and Underwear
50 doz Men's and Children's Hse at Sc
25 doz Ladies worth 15cs P1jc
40 doz Men's Hose, worth 15c jjc
50 doz Ladies' Children's Hose, worth 25, 35, isc
25 doz Ladies' Vests, worth 15c jQc
50 doz Ladies' Vests and Pants, worth 25c. ' 19c
10 doz Men's Shirts and Drawers, w 50 to 75, 39c
Muslin Night Gowns
1 big sample line, worth $1.25 to 1.75, choice 95c
I have a big sample line worth $2.50 to 10.00 that so
in this sale at $1.45 to $6.00. Look these ov
This sale I want to make the BIGGEST, GENUINE CLEARING Sale in Grants Paw
and if right prices and good goods will do it I know my expectations will be fulfilled
Remember all goods as adrertised, and that my stock is all new and up-to-date
Don't forget the date-MONDAY, July 16th, to SATURDAY, July 21st'
1st Door North First National liauk.