Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 13, 1906, Image 4

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tingle Copies,
Advertising Rates
Furnished on application at the office, or
by mail.
Obituaries and resolutions of con
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A. E. VOOEHIES, Propb.
Entered at the post office at Grant Pasa,
Oregon. aa second-class mail matter.
The report of the department of
griolatare show that last year was a
rery prosperous !one for Oregon, the
value of the fralt crop being estimated
at 13, 000,000; the batter and cheese
ptput 12,400,000, and li restock
brought in 110,000,000. The valua of
the wool eold during the year exceed
ed 12,000,000.
The anthracite coal situition is no
changed the conference beween the
operator and the mine workera com
mittee on Tuesday was vert brief and
without result. Another men tin ft was
announced for Thursday the 12th. The
counter proposition of the operators ia
to request the Anthracite Coal Com
mission to rooimvone and consider
whether any circumstance have
risen since its award April 1st, li02,
tliat would justify a modification of
its award then either as to wupa ou
the adjustment of complaints through
the board of conciliation or otherwise.
Also that any now award shall he bind
ing for a period of three years. Har
mony Is restored in the Pittsburg bl-
' tonilnous district the last of the oper
ators there have signed the l!Hi3 arale
which gives tho 40,000 men in that
territory an Increase in wagesof 6. (55
per cent and restores the annual out-
' pot of 8i,000,000 to 40,000,000.
Bishop Morris Dead.
Rt. Rev. B. Wistar Morris, bishop
f Oregon, one of the best known
members of the Episcopal clergy in
the United States died at the family
borne in Portlaud laat Saturday night,
aged 87 years. Death was the result
of continued weakness doe to extreme
age, and was not entirely unexpected
although he had not been suffering
from any disease. Bishop Morris was
the oldest bishop of the Epicsopal
faith iu America.
At the time of his death his wife
and the members of his family who
are in Portlaud were beside him.
They are Miss Louisa Morris of that
city; Mrs. Hamuel Adair of Astoria,
and William R. Monis of Portland.
Ilia Louisa Morris, a sister wiih also
present. The only other liviug child
is Benjamin Wistar Morris Jr., of
Now York City.
When he first rame to Oregon iu
lHfltt it was as bishop of both Oregon
and Washington. The diocese was
afterwards divided.
Benjamin Wistar Morris was born iu
Wllkborniigh, IV, May SO, IHItt, the
son of Samuel W. Morris, and the
great grandson of Samuel Morris,
captain of the First City Troop at
Philadelphia in the Revolutionary
War. Ho graduated from the General
Theological Seminary iu 18 HI. Hn
was married iu 1NM to Hannah Rod
ney, of Lewes, Del. He was ordained
aa priest in 1S47, and whs pastor of
ft. Matthew's Church Sunhiiry, Pa.,
motor of St. David's Manaytink ; rec
tor cf St. Luke's Oermantown, and
was consecrated December It, lMliS,
missionary bishop to Oregon and Wah
iugton. Remember to buy tickets on Tuesday,
April ITth for the Dixie Jubilee t "on -vett,
Thursday April Hub.
Home Made
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis
cuit home-made. They will be fresher,
cleaner, more tasty and wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder helps the house
wife to produce at home, quickly and eco
nomically, fine and tasty cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
mufHns, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare.
Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps.
Funds on Hand to Pay War
rants Protested to January
1st. 1903.
There are funds in the treasury to
pay all warrants protested to January
1, 1903. Interest will cease from this
Hate . J. T. TAYLOR.
Treasurer of Joaehpine Connty, Ore
April 6, 1908.
Steel for Treasurer.
Republican voters of Oregon are re
apectfolly requested to consider the fol
lowing: The State Treaaurerthip
contest has practically resolved . itself
into straggle for the control of state
money by the banking interests, as
against the best int 'rests of the people.
Geo. A. Steel is not a banker, nor is
be allied with any banking institution.
He is not, however, antagonistic to
banks, for he recognizes their import
ance and necessity as depostrles for
aoy surplus of state funds that might
accrue. When financially sound, he
would favor their use for such pur
poses. As state treasurer be will favor
no special Interest or section, but treat
all snotinng and all interests equitably
and fairly.
Mr. Steel has conducted a clean cam
paign, devoid of trickery, "lundsling
iug" and personalities. He haa con
fidence in the republicans of Oregon,
and does not beheve that they will be
deceived by any false rumors or re
jxirts that may be promulgated to cause
his defeat at the primaries on Aprif20.
Forty years residence in Oregon and
prominent identity with its leading
interests during that time justifies Mr.
Steel in seeking the support of the peo
ple. His record is clean ; his life an
open book, easily road by all.
If you favor Geo. A. Steel's candi
dacy, speak to your friends iu his be
half, and accept, in advance, his
thanks for your efforts, and rest as-'
aured if elected, he will safeguard the
state's iuterests with absolute fidelity.
Let voters note the following for it
is important :
Mr. Steel was formerly a leading
business man and a capitalist of Port
land and he wai at the heai of the
company that built the first long dis
tance electric railroad in Oregon, the
line between Portland and Oregon
City. Before'the road oould be pot cn
a paying basis the hard times of 1004
came aud Mr. Steel's property was
swept away, he not being up in the
dark ways of modern corporation finan
ciering. Out of the wreck Mr. Steel
saved enough to buy a small fruit farm
in Clackamas county, on which he has
since resided.
How to vote for tat treasurer;
don't forget tho name See the X
J. H. Aitkin, of Huntington ..Banker
K. V. C arter, of Ashland. .. .Danker
R. W. Hojt, of Portland Hanker
A. C. JcnuingH.of Eugene. . Accountant
J. F. Ryan, of Oregon City. .. .Lawyer
X Geo. A. Steel, of Clackamas
county Farmer
of Grants Pass
pL'tiiocratic Candidate for Nominee
for Sheriff.
of Grants Pass,
Repnlilican Candidate for Nominee
tor Coroner.
of Grants Pass,
Democratic Candidate for Nominee
for Coroner
Candidates Announcements.
of Cbrvallis
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for Governor
"An honest and fearless perform
ance of public duty a greater and
united Uregoo.
Of Hillsboro, Ore.
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for Congress. "
Favors manlmum rate law. and rur
ohase by government of all nnsarveyed
lands in n. H. grant and no more scrip
ping of publio lands.
OfWolt Creek
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for Representative.
Sitrns statement No. 1 of the Primary
Election law, which pledges vote for
tne people s choice for Senator.
of Grants Pass
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for Representative.
of Grants Pass
Candidate for Democratic Nominee
County Judge.
Favors Progressive Ideas in Road,
School, Probate, Taxation, Sanitary and
Liquor Laws.
of Grants Pass
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for County Judge.
If I am nominated and elected. I will
during my term of oflioe; conduct the
business of this countv with the same
care and economy that I would my own
I stand for (rood roads and economy.
Grants Pass
Republican Candidate for Nominee
County Judge
Business methods Applied to County
Government. County to build Good
of G rants Pass
Republican Candidate for Nominee
County Clerk.
of Grants Pass
Candidate for Republican Nominee
fot Sheriff.
of Grants Pass
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for Sheriff.
I have had experience in the offii-e of
sheriff, and if elected I will administer
the office with vigor and economy.
of Merlin, Ore.,
Republican Candidate for Motnince
for Sheriff.
of Grants Pass,
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for Sheriff.
of Giants Tass,
Democratic Candidate for Nominee
for Couuty Treasurer.
of Murphy. Ore.
Candidate for Republican Nominee
for County Commissioner.
of Grants Pass
RepublicanCandidate for Nominee
County Surveyor
Of Grants Pass
Republican Candidate for Nominee
for County Surveyor.
FOR SALE 3000 feet irrigation
pipe, six and eiaht inch. Address
P. O. Box 631, Grants Pass. 4-6 tf
HOUSE and lot close in, good renter.
Price 250. Oregon Timber Mining
& Investment Co.
FOR 8ALB A first-clasi band power
coffee mill, suitable for mining or
other large camp, small store or
hotel, address Smthye's Rogoe
River Coffee Market, Grants
Pass. 8-80 tf
RESTAURANT Good paring busi
ness. Address " n ", Care Courier.
8-16 tf
HAMILTON PIANO, almost new.
for sale cheap. Inquire at Courier
FOR SALE Buff Leghorn Eggs, 15
for 72o. J. W. Branch, Art Gal
lery, Grants Fans, Ore.' 2-23 tf
HORSE and Robber tired buggy, new
earnest for sale or trade for city
property. Address P. O. box 869,
Grants Pass. 4-6 It !
COWS FOR SALE 14 head of choice
milk cows from Smith river
dairies, aud are in Graots Pass.
Call oo or address Joseph Rus
sell. 8-80 tf
FOR SALE S-room house and lot,
60x100; good well, good shade.
Price, 350. Oregon Timber, Min
ing & Investment Co.
EGGS I EGGS ! I Rhode Island Reds
will lay them in Winter when they ;
are high and scarce Get eggs for I
hatching at M. E. Moore's Second j
Hand Store. 2-23 tf
FOR SALE Fifteen acres cf choice
Rogue River pear land cheap; one-:
fourth mile from depot, irrigating
water, good farm, building; one
fifth down, balance 10 years at 7 per
cent. Ben A. Lowell, Woodville, '
Ore. 2-23 tit I
FOR SALE 8 to 40 acre sub-divisions
of a 1900-aore Rogue River
ranch, 80 rods Irom Southern Pa
cific depot ; small payment, 5
years time 'and tl per cent interest
erne early and get the choicest of
land. Also 20 acres best apple land
to exchange for house and lot in
Medford, Ashland or Grants Pass.
Ben A. Lowell, Woodville, Oregon.
2-2 Ut
FOR SALE 88 acres River Bottom !
land, 4tf miles down Rogoe river i
from Grants Pass on couuty road,
known as the Turner ranch. Two
houses, one a o-room frame, large
barns, hop house and all out-buildings.
9 acres hop, 10 acres orchard ; j
Winter apples. For sale at t.'ISOi). ;
A bargain for (10 days. Inquire of!
A. N. Hulbert, Sams Valley, Ore- i
gon. 2-tt tf
HEAVY t"tui .harness, IIS; heavy
lumber wagon, $25; extension top
surry, $40: c.uopy top surry , f 10 ;
single buggy, 20: gasoliie engine
(2-11 P. ) pump and pipe all com
plete, WiO feet, 8 inch irrigating pipe
for 1175: 12 good vinegar barrels,
$10; 4 swarms bees, it; Thorson,
1-H.P., new, $25; cider mill (liBiirlor
power) $25; good bicvele, $S. H. B.
Alversou, Bridge street, west
Grants Pass. 4-R tf
FOR RENT or Bale two good houses
in choice locations. Address J. D.
Drake, Seventh aud A streets. 8-H0if
TWO choice rooms in nood brick
bnildiug furnished in the best man
ner for rent reasonable Enquire at
Moore's second hand store. 8-30 tf
FOR RENT A snite of fine office
rooms. Address the Courier. tf
PASTURAGE 40 head of Stock can be
accouimod'ited P. H. Jewell, Flsn-a-an
place. R. F. D. No 1. 8-1 tf
NEW and Second hand furniture at
Monro's Second baud store, Front
st rear 8 II tf
OLD SOLDIERS I eiiions acknowl
edged Ire of cost at Oregon Timber
it Miuing Investment Co, otne.
W R. Nipper, Notary Public.
IF YOUwaut to buy a few lots as an
inevestment or to build on, don't
pay any fancy pric.i for same, but
address U. H. C , care Courier.
4-13 tf
WOODMAN watch clisnu while
eniinii 1 d one side, reverse side gold
with monogram PLentiravd Re
ward if left at Bert Barnes, jewel- r.
4 It 2t
WANTED Grain Sacks, Tools and
other sei on I hand poods tltirrlsou
Bros., Second Imnd-store, corner
Sixth and J streits. 2-!l tf
Fl'KMl'l'UK, csrpets, linoleums.
at Mikto
s Second hand
3 11 tf
ORDERS t iken tor fine cookie a-nl
bread. Mrs. E. B. Brown, 4W Sec
ond street. Tel. 5S5.
W. A. llrN !Y, Teacher cf Violin
and piano, Kesidenc ', 4 3 B st-eet,
comer ' on rt'. Phone, r-ll. Music
furnished for all occasions. '!-23 tf
IF Yul' would like to purchase some
nice re-ideuce let-, cu theNorih
side of the truck lirar the East
school, at a bargain, address r -ins.
Grants Puss. 4-1H tf
FRANK RCRNKTT-Vpbolsteritigi
mission furniture made to order.
THERE came to my place one hal'
mile south of Rogue River Bridge
a brown mare, two bind feet white,
white strip in forehead, about or
10 years old, weigha about iH
pounds, old brand on right shoulder.
Owner prove property aud pav
chargea. I. W. Holme. 4-U 4t
You'll be sorry if you do. not hear
the Dixie Jubilees cn Thursday, April
It IsTime to Choose Children's
We've the latest and best
and Boy in this city will want a pair for Easter,
R. L. Brtlett
Howard Building
A little rain and sunshine the last
day or two.
Fuller Benuett of Kerby visited
Waldo and Allen Gulch Saturday.
The woods are foil of wod con
tractors getting out wool for the
To Mr. and Mrs. Evett cf Waldo a
son. The mother and child are get
ting along nicely.
Mr. aud Mrs. G. S. Mathewson
spent Saturday in Allen Gulch with
her parents, Mr. aud Mrs. A. J.
Very little sickness has been re
ported lately, although Mrs. J. H.
Eggerg hag been quite ill. She called
Dr. Brown Sunday.
Mrs. Valen aud family moved back
to Takilma. They have been living
on their homestead on Elder creek,
dutiog the past Winter.
Crook Epperly who has had charge
of the Ssmelter compaany's taw mill
will begiu work at the mill as soos as
he haa his new dwelling ufli-hed
Work is progressing nicely around
most of the mines, especially the
Queen of BroDze; about 1000 feet
of tunnel his been opened up this
Winter, opening up four large bodies !
of high grade ore.
Ferman Borgman is at Roseburg
where he went to get Mrs. D. Yar
brough's children. Friday night
Mrs. Epperley received the sad news
of the death of hfr sister-in-law, Mrs.
Waldo and Takilma are agaiu on the
move; work will soon bigin here.
Mr. Walters, the general manager of
the Takilma smelter is here, aud as
soou as the weather permits, he ic-t-Miris
t starting various improve
iu"uts about the mine and suielter,
such as building roads, ditches, a
tramway ore bins, etc.
Mis Adams, Mr. Egger, Mr. White,
Miss Kgger, Charlie Johnson and
Mrs. Johoson of Waldo spuit Satorday
night at the Tntiltii dance; they
reported a good time and supper and
also good music which was furnished
by Mr. aud Mrs. Overxtreet, Claude
Bayse and part of it, an hour or so by
John Banghman. Mr. Root enter-j
taiued the old ladies by a hearty!
The Opera House will b crowded:
ouThursiay April l'.lth, to hear the j
Dixie Jubilee Concert. Secure your'
tickets early if you wish to get good'
Special Safe
Monday, April 16, 1906
For this clay and date we shall p'. ice on sale
arereilarvliMivalu.sfnr t ,. ' ' , 1 hese cnI a"d saucers
yo or, M., APrir;f,,:,t sfc!1 tbe,n to
at pne;' t ;i:r Chiiu - -
Our CniTecs t, , ,r,, ,1, . . ... , ,
wav," TlllC HKST. ' ",,e 0,1 stor-v the same old
Rogue River Coffee Market
Right from the
Rochester fac-
tory. court ties 01 sou, vel
vety patent leather, tan kid
and Russia calf. Shoes with
Soles that keep on wearing
while others wear out. Posi
tively the best Children's
Shoes we ever sold. Every
Sixth Street
Homesteaders Return.
Miss Carrie Borgen returned Wednei
day from her homestead,' which is
located 16 miles beyond Trail on Up
per Rogue river, where she had been
for the previous week, having im
provements made ou her claim. Misg
Borgtn has held her place for the past
three years and has a good house on it,
aud seven acrs under fence and in
orchard. She planted potatoes and a
garden patch so as to have vegetables
when she goex to her homestead this
John Swanson Chris Johoson and
Johu Larson, of this city also have
homesteads in the game Bection iu
which is the claim of Miss Bergen.
They went to their claims two months
ago and Mr. Jolmsou and Mr. Larson'
will stay there for some time. Mr.
Swaueon returned Wedensday, to re
main for a couple of months when he
will apain go to his homestead.
- If I am nominted as republican can
didate for State Printer, April 20th
it will be by a direct voice of the
pleope and no politiacl boss will have
any strings on me. I know how to
print and everyone konws . it. I
will manage the offict as economically
as I do my own printing business and
give it my personal supervision and
Candidate from Marion ccunty.
At Rtpublican Primiry, April 20, 1906
"The Stuto Pi-inter should avoid un
necessary expenditures and pive a
square deal to taxpayers. Political ma
nipulators nave no business) to engage
in exploiting the office and no right to
a division of its emoluments. I pledge
an economical, husincss-like administra
tion "-Willis S Imniwav.
"Mr. 1 Mini way i a brainy man, a
broad man, an upright man, u clean
man. Salem Statesman
Main 431
-"'is i un un .
if '11