Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 23, 1906, Image 2

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, t C. FINDLEY, M. D.
I'nictico limited to
Glasses fitted anil furnished.
Oilico hours U to 12; 2 to 5; and on ap
point incut. Telephones litil and 77.
l'livrician and I)i.-eajs of Women
fcrneoii. unci Children.
Phone 031. He. 10rl.
Cor. Sixth and K HtreutB.
Gkawh I'ahh, - - Ohkoon
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Preamble We, the undersigned,
atnckholders of the Telephone Com
pany to be hereafter designated, in
order to form a more perfect organi
zation for the transaction of the busi
ness of the company and for the en
forcement of such rules and regula
tions as the company shall deem noc
essry to protect the individual in
terests of each member, as well as the
until th"ir Rticen'ors are elected.
The ballot shall be separate for each
otTlce except for directors who shall be
voted for according to the leng'h of
term, those for the longest term to be
ballot ted on first. Any officer who re
move! both his place of resiience and
of bnfcini:sg from the territory covered
by the telephone system of this Com
pany shall forfeit his office.
Sec. 9. The President shall preside
t all meetings of the Compiny and
of the Board of Directors aud he shall
decide all questions that may arise on
points of order, subject always to an
appeal to the bouse, and preserve order
and decorum in the meetings and see
Office at National Drugstore.
Phonos, Office :66; Kuh 1045
Ilosidenee cor. 7th and D streets.
Grants Pass, - - Oh Kaon
Ofllce In Courier Building.
Office phono 911, residence 413.
Eye tested and glasses fitted.
CuAnts Pass, - - Obkoon.
CofnriMnv at 1iriA. have adonted thn
following Constitution, By-laws and that tl,a 5ih of, " t,,e tamheT ar
Rules of Order:
1)R. T. E. BEARD.
Office over Hair-Riddle Hardware.
Res. cor. 4th and B Streets.
Phones, Office 354; Res. 321.
Gbantb Pass, - Obiuon.
Res Phone 714
City or country calls attended night
or day. Sixth and H, Tuff's building.
Office Phono 251.
Grants Pass . Okeoon.
AM work guaranteed accurate and ro
liablo. Office opp. P. O. Phono 1003
Grants Pass, Orboon.
Practice In all Statu and Federal Courts.
Ofllce In Opera House Building.
(rants Pars, Ohkoon
r. C. HALE,
Office over First National Bank,
Grants Pahs, .... Ohkuon.
I'ructloo In State and Federal Courts.
Ofllou on 0th and C streets opposite
Court House. Phone lOtll.
Gbants Pass, - - Ohemon
Socton 1. This Company shall be
known as the Applegate Valley Tele- j
phone Company. Its principal place
of business shall be at Provolt, Ore- j
gon. This Company shall hare power j
to do a general telephone business, and j
to build, own, or lease lines and to in-
stall central offices at Provolt, Will-1
iams, Applegate, Murphy, South
Grants Pass, and at such other places
as its business may warrant.
Sec. 2. The capital stock of the
Applegate Valley Telephone Company
shall consist of flQOO in shares of $5. Op
each, and the amount of this stock,
nor the value of the shares shall
neither be increased nor decreased, nor
an assessment levied on the stock ex
cept on a two-thirdt affirmative bal
lot of all the stockholders: This bal
lot to be taken only at a regular meet
ing of the stockholders, and of which
80 days notice has been given by
notices posted at the central stations
of this Company.
Sec. t). Only subscribers to the Com
pany's telephones or subscribers to
telephones having free switching over
this Company's Hues, can become
stockholders and only one share and
one vote goes with a telephone. No
stockholder will be allowed to transfer
hiB share of stock to another person
except on a permit granted by a vote
of the stockholders. A stockholder
desiring to surrender his share of stock
to the Company shall receive for it
such an amount as he has paid on it,
but not more than par value. Any
respected. He shall enforce the pro
visions of this Conttitntion and By
Laws aud act io conjunction with the
directors in securing the best possible
efficiency in the service reudered by
this Compa iy to its members.
Sec 10. The Vice-President shall
preside in the absence of the President
and shall have all the power aud
prerogatives of that officer while in
the performance of his duty.
Sec. 11. Ttie Secretary shall keep,
lu a book provided for that purpose,
correct record of the proceedings
of each meetiDg, which shall be pre
sented at the next meeting of the
Company for its' approval. He shnll
keep a jut and true accouut of all
money th it shall 'come iuto his hands
and pay the same to the Treasurer,
taking his receipt for the same. He
shall have charge of all book's aud pa
pers belonging to the Company and de
liver the same to his successor at the ex
piration of his term of office. He shall
do all the corresponding for th Com
pany and attend to any other business
that pertains to his office. He shall
make a report in writing to be sub
mitted at the annual meeting of this
Seo. 13. The Treasurer shall keep,
iu a book provided for that purpose, a
correct account of all the mouey that
comes iuto his bauds from all sources,
keep a just and true account between
the Company and its members. He
shall keep his books io such maimer
that he can at any time report the fin
ancial condition of the couipaBy when
called upon, aud shall submit a full
share of stock so purchased by the j report in writiDg to the con)pai)y at
Company shall be held as common t,la ud 0. tHrm . Ue than
Vy all ordi r- oo the treasury, signed
stock until such time as it can be sold
to a new member.
Seo. 4. The Applegate Valley Tele
phone Company shall equip aud main
tain all central offices required in the
Company's business aud shall erect
and maintain all wire lines connect
ing these offloi s and also all connect-
by the President and Secretary, out of
any funds not otherwise appropriated.
He shall give a boud in Mich amount
aud with such security as the board of
directors shall fix and approve.
Sec. 13. The Board of Directors
shall have charge of all buxiuess per-
i..Kwirr. win. me systems or omer uiniu(f t0 -his company, the approval
telephone companies with which of rhe H,wk,loWl)ri, Mog require(i ou
traffic arrangements may be made. u mlltten i0 .j-iBed in this Cousti
All branch lines connecting telephones ,utioll alld rult,g Bl)d regntttiori8.
witt. the centrals shall be ereted at .r ibU hire au(l Cx the pay for aU
the expense of the stockholders using Hln.)U)Tfll of th,H comt,BIlv. auditallao-
such lines, such construction work aud
Practices In all State aud Federal Courts
Office over Hair Riddlo HardwaroCo.
conuts against the company aud shall
installing telephones to be done under I h.a .,u, hmMino- and
the rules and regulator of this Com-1 iuKiinei, installing central stations aud
pany. The proportionate cost Of such . miltter. irtinintf to the in.
branch lines to be adjusted between
the builders on a basis to be establish
ed by this Company. 0'i the coinple
Grants Pass,
Union Building
Or Flu ;N
0th St., north ol Josephine Hotel.
Grants Pass, Ohkoon.
terests of the company. They shall
divide the territory covered by this
nnntniinr'i fnlnnhnnn srstnm intn niliA
; l i u ii. ii i 1 1 J
-... wirn u,.t,u nues vy sniuiai4rlc(gi au(j wach direl.tor glall lav
become the property of this Company j a, lllpervi8,on of tlie lines aud
and be taxes on, maintained and otjUtral gUtionl iu ig digU.iot. Tne
under the general regulations govern- Board of jjjrectors shall lie custodians
ingiae.uues or this Uompany. Ho of Iirom,,.v beWiu to the com-
- - -r. a
pany, and they shall make a report in
writing to be submitted at the anuual
telephone cau be connected direct
with the maiu lines extending be
tween reutral offices.
Seo. S. All traffic arrangements
with other companies shall not be
iu effect uutil approved by a majority
vote of the stockholders of this Com
puny. Th flxlug of monthly tele
phone clues aud of salaries to officers
meeting of this company, showing an
invoice of the Company's property and
also that acquired during the year.
The Board of Directors shall meet at
Provolt on the flrt Saturday iu Janu
ary, April, July aud Octolier of earn
year. The board to fix the hour of
shal l b made on a two-thirds ballot id uogt, ad also the date and
of all the stockholders. New mem- nour for auy M wevtiDgt th(.y
I hers may be admitted to this Com-' )old Five members shall consti-
u, -umjun.y to, oune mem- tu,e . ... for - miwtina the
, bers presDut.
Seo. 6. Whether
the telephones
Board of Directors. In the absence of
hot i the Presldeut and Vice-President
use,l on this Company's lines shall be rw. nll. ,lar, n, n i n,m
owned ur kwiw.1 by eaxh stockholder : tari t0 ,,rf gi(le aud umv alo choose a
or vwoed or leased by this Company , Seoretarv pr0 President cau
shall be for the t-ompauy to say, a ca , n,, pf ,he Board of
two-thirds affirmative ballot of all'ri....;
I r- nrTroCAM "w be, r"iuird ''J8 ! the call on a written application
J. E. PETERSON l"r"18- Company shall have d b at ,paft thwe directort.
.nejKjwer 11 mane such rule and Tna BrJ of DlrectoM shall. have
regulations governing the installing r to fln br a,,lKl;Btaleut an, VB.
and usiug of telephones as the .., ,w ,.; 1., ... niH..u nf
Surveys promptly aad aocuratoly
Ive orders at Courier office.
(I'lONKKIt) 1
tint Dig Horn Basin Laud Co.,
V ,imilng. Anchor Wire Force.
efficiency aud ecnniomy of the service I
this Company, the appointee to serve
until the next regular flection.
a. 1. kjo.i
II. J. Law ton
Kijnolds & LiwtOD
C.v.. and Mining
niy rtximre.
- v.. ... . . .
..... . u -01 misuoiu- The aauual election of this
Pnv shU b sold, transferred or oon),)Buy gt,ll be held at Provolt. Ore-
' -.vrjpi, it in niu iicrixeu ov a1
three-fourths vote by ballot of all
stockholders and such vote can only
lie had at a meeting of which 80 days has beeu giveu by posting
notices at all the Company's ceutral
offlcs, said uotices to stale the propo
sition to be voted on.
gon, at 2 :30 P. M. ou the second Mon
day lu Jauuiry of each year, aud each
succeeding year ou the same day aud
dste for the purpose of eiectiug a Presi
dent, Vice-President, Secretary and
Treasurer, and three directors as pro
vided for in Seo. 8 of this Constitution.
All outgoing officers of this company
Grants Pass
W.P Sharman and E.F.LMiu
Full stock of Wall Paper U designs (
quality and pilooe.
Mrainta, Varnishes. Oils, Brushes--I'a'i
ten a'd Ar'.ii-U imi'.. j
Mall orders'promplly filled. j
Se.v 8 The orth-ei, of this com-, ,, ,w wd .th tfUKUon to gul).
pany aha 1 cons,-t of a President. Vice- j mit B rt pf the)r offloia, actll for the
lresuleut. Secretary aud Treasurer. ( ,uforaiBtion of mQmhett, whicb .
and niue directors who shall con- . thM ad M jeoted b
who hall b. electe.1 by a major-; oth bflglll ning to th. co
L n, r. , "UvkholjM , may U transacted at this meet-
dhTT f, I"" tia lmm- tnthewmeasat anv other meeting
diately after the adoption of this Oon-1 of th. company. '
stitutiou. OlHoer. elected at such' Sea 15. Tbe President shall have
meeting to serve until the next an-1 power to call special meetings wheo-
mial eUK-tioa. Thereafter the Presi- .ver It is deemed oeeeasaxy. and iZ
dent. Vioe-President, Secretary and ' case of his neglect or refasal to do so,
Treasurer shall hold their office, for heu the Secretary shall make snch
one year and the Directors, three for 1 call 00 a written application signed
three years, three for two years, and ; by not leas than 15 members. The date
three for one year, to hold their offices 1 and the hour for holding all regular
or special meetings shsll be stated in
the notices, which the Secretary shall
hare posted at each of the company's
cential stations, seven days notice be
ing sufficient for all meeting" of stock
holders except for such as may trans
act businea of which 30 days notice
is required by tli i- Constitution. At
a'l meetings of the company lo mem
bers shall constitute a quorum and
each member shall be allowed one vote
and no proxies shall be allowed.
Sec. 16. This Com-tituton may be
changed or amended by a two-thirds
vote by ballot of all the stockholders
at any regular meeting. At least 30
days notice in writing thall be given
by the. Secretary, said notices to be
posted at the Company's central sta
tions, giving the text of such amend
ments and the data of the meeting at
which they will be proposed.
Hale and Hearty &t 99.
James Perren, who has' a placer
mine and ranch on BriggB crees, is the
oldest man iu Josephine couoty to be
actively engaged in mining and he
is probaly the oldest person in the
county for he claims that be will be
99 years old this Spring. Notwith
standing t' is burden of almost a ceu
torf of years be is as heart and
strong as thn average man of 60.
Mr. Ferren lives all alone on Briggs
oreek, his wife haviug died some
years ago, and he works away quietly
and happy, taking life easy with no
physical or financial troubles to bother
him. His placer mine is so rich that
be is able to ground sluice gold for
all his needs and for investments. He
owns considerable property in Grants
Pass and last week, wnen he was in
town, he bought two more lots. At
bis place on Briggs creek he has a fine
tract of bottom land in fruit and gar
den and he raises most of his supplies.
There is not a road to Briggs creek,
and it is only reached at prevent by a
trail from the Rogne river road at
Limp; creek. It is nine miles across
the divide by thi trail from his place
to the couoty road, yet Mr. Ferreu
walks the distance with perfect ease.
Last week though it was storming
and a heavy snow was on the divide,
Mr. Ferreu walked out to lower Ap
plegate to visit his daughter, Mrs.
Nick Thoss. He then came on to
Grants Pass to visit another daughter
Mrs. Mary MoClung, remaining here
uutil Sunday when he returned to
Mr. Thoss' home where he will stay
until the snow get packed on the
hills aud then he will start for his
home among the tree-clad hills of
Briggs Valley. Mr. Ferren has
neighbors liviug near so he. would
have help ia caie of slcxness. Here
tofore he has opposed the idea of leav
ing his Briggs creek home and the
easy, care free life he eujoys there,
but his daughers have persuaded him
to sell his mine aud come and live
with one of them lest he should get
hurt or sick and be where they could
not care for him.
Danger, of Cold snd How to Avoid Them
More fatalities have their origin iu
or result from a cold thin Iron, any
other canse. This fact alone hmW
make people more careful as there
no dang -r whatever from a c W when
it is proper treated in the be! 1 li
ning. For uiaui- years Chaiub-rlam 1
Couiih Remedv has be-11 recognized a'
theuiont prompt and em-ctnai uie
cine iu u.-e for this diseise. I'
ou nature's plan, lros. u the couch,
relieves the lilies opens the ge. -retmus
and aids nature in restoring the fys
tem to a healthy condition. Sold by
M. Clemens.
Doctors Are Puzzled.
The remarkable recovery of Kenneth
Mclvr, of Vanreboro, Me., is the
subject of much interest to the luedi
ral fraternity od a wide ciro'e of
friends. He siys of his case : "Owing
tn severe inflammation of the throat
and conation of tl lungs, three
doc tors gave me up to die, whi n, ng a
list retort, I tfas induced to try Dr.
Kiutrs New Discovery and I am happy
to s y, it avert my life." Cures the
worst couch and colds, brouchitia,'
toiifiili'is, weak lungs, hoarseness aud
h grippe Goeranteed at all drug
stores. TjOc and $1.00. Trial bottle
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co
Paid Vp Capital Stock
$25,000 00
Transacts a general Banking business.
Receives depor-its subject to check or on demand certificates.
n,.r customers are assured of courteous treatment aud every consideration
1 consistent with sound banking principles. .
T I'll I VL' W A TCnVT UtmniJ 1
Safety deposit boxes for reni """" idoiuuiu.
K. A. Booth, Vice-President.
L. L. Jewell, Cashier.
Its Healing Balsam. Kill All Ca
tarrhal Germ. Sold Vuder
Guarantee bv Rotermund.
There is no more common disease
thau catarrh, and none that is more
dangerous. It weakens and debilitates
the whole system, if it is allowed to
run, letds to serious, aud sometimes
fatal complications.
It is a noteworthy fact that among
the many medicines and treatments
for ca'arrh, there is ouly one which
Kotermund Bella nnder his positive
guarantee to refund the mouey if it
does not cure Hyouiei, Nature's
remedy for the cure of catarrh.
No dangerous drugs are takeu into
the stomach when Hoymei is ased
Breathed through the small pocket
inhaler that oomea with every Hyomel
outfit, Its healing balsams penetrate
to the most remote cells of the throat,
uose aud lungs, killing the germs of
catarrh, healing the irritated mucous
membrane, aud making complete aud
lasting cuies.
The com piste Hyomei outfit, con
sisting of au inhaler that cau be car
ried iu the purse or vest pocket, a
medicine dropper, and a bottle of
Hyomei, coeta ouly $1. The inhaler
will last a lifetime, while extra bot
tles of Hy nici can be procured,
wheuever needed, ' for only 60 cents.
Kotermund is seliog a good many
Hyomei outfits at this season, and lie
has so much couBdeuce in the reuie iy
that he guarantees to refund the
mouey in oase it does not cure.
Deafness Cannot Be Cored
by local applications, as tbey cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is ouly one way to cure deaf
ness, aud that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
iutlamed condition of the mucous
liuiug of the Eustachian Tube.
When the tube is iutlamed you have a
rumbliu sound or imperfect hearing,
aud when it is entirely closed, deaf
uese is the result, and unless the in
flammation can be Uken out aud this
tube restored to tts normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of 10 are caused by
Catarrh, which 1b no thug but au in-1
flamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of deafness (canned by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send tor ciru-lars.
F-J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 7.V,
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. To Car a Colli la One Day
ine 'labl;s. Druggists refund money
if il fails to our. K. W. GKOVK'a
signature is 00 each box. 85o.
And Do Your Ironing in Half the Time.
One of our customers said recently "I never realized
how much time I lost changing itons and going back
and forth between the stove and the ironing board
until I tried the Electric Iron " : : : :
.''""TV" v"a:
;v. J&l '.:'' 'iX'-v A-
i .JJT ' rl.: .
.-H K'.-
An Electric Iron is always hot and can be regulated
to just the rijjht heat. With current at 10c a kilo
watt the monthly expense is very small. Call on or
telephone the office and our representative will call
on you. ::::::: : :
Condor Water L Power Co.
Only One Tubular
, The Sharpies Tubular Separator is THE ONLY
iiuk cream separator maue.
Have supply cans hardly waist high a simple
bowl wholly enclosed, self oiling gears a
single ball hearing and the world's record
for clean skimming and easy turning. Let me
explain it and give you a catalog
Rogue River Creamery, viedford, Ore.
Principle - " - W
Latest lit: '-'SV 1
"Twentieth Century"
lttt Most Marvelous Talking
Machine Cver Constructed
TTtr retfttB l0-
rVI IkiAsM u
rvttf Long
A Srft Suk,tta,, or fhf o.h.,
Hul' h-"o be .pprocUtod
ColumWa Phonograph Company,
! rowlomenUI tt, , . ,"OTn "ilry
371 Vts;i..; 1-., IWi
tenoM for Dancinq P.rllej
rooljnlno Bcult,
1 he" r,;V aad l.,nh'-1 J "'"'om. lZZFlZ
u sfr?L,,;??-"A. A tt , J ;5ir srr- ?. b..h
'Sold bT Dnisj it ud Dr. lion