Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 10, 1905, Image 7

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bays SOTflMDOT DaM bays
Round-Up Bargains in
...Dry Goods...
1 lot Fleece Goods, all dark colors, 27 in wide
goods, sold up to 12)4c per yard. Round Ql-
Up Price O3C
1 lot Extra Heavy Fleeced Goods, full yard
wide, nice range of patterns, never sold "f fn
for less than 15c per yd. Round Up Price VC
1 lot Boole Fold Cotton Plaids, and Checks;
just the goods for girls' school dresses, f
Round Up Price 1UC
1 lot 27 in Suitings, worth up to 20c per yd. 1 A
RoundUp Price 14fcC
Ronnd-Up Bargains in High
Grade Wool Dress Goods
1 lot Brocade Satin Jacquards, full 40 in.
wide, a cloth woith 35c per yd. In this
Round Up Sale
11 patterns in High Grade Fancy Mohairs, 45 in
wide; handsome range of patterns, sold
nowhere for less than $1.25 per yd. We
will sell them in Dress Pattern lengths QQ.
only, in this Round Up Sale, per yard, 0U
Only a few days off A gentle reminder that you
might need something in Table Linens and Napkins.
In this Round Up Sale we offer our entire siock at a
Discount of 10 Per Cent
from our already low prices.
This Will Be by Far the Greatest Money Saving
Opportunity This Fall!
Fully one-half this stock subjected to tremend
ous concessions for quick and rapid selling. This
sale will be ahead of anything we have yet done
ahead of anything you have yet seen in Grants
Pass. Everyone who can get here will be interest
ed. What a taking down, pulling out and over
hauling! We shall make a clean sweep of this
stock for ten days. What a rush there will be;
what sharp selling these prices will make ! It is
just as essential for a successful merchant to have a
general "cleaning up" of all seasonable merchandise
as the seasons go by as it is for a good housewife to
have house cleaning. This method enables us to
keep at all times fresh, new, crisp and saleable
merchandise. Our policy not to carry over from
year to year a collection of old and out of date
goods has proven a success beyond the shadow of a
doubt and this policy wer'e determined to pursue.
The GOLDEN RULE has rounded up the best bunch
of Bargains, the most reliable goods, and will deal
the fairest treatment. A trial will convince you.
Ronnd-Up Specials in
24 doz Men's Heavy Fleece Underwaer, Jagger Color
Shirts, sizes 36 to 44. Drawers 30 to 42. If we
were to get the real worth of this case
of Underwear 50c per garment jwould be QQ
cheap. In this Round Up Sale, garmeut Oil
24 Men's Wool Fleece Jersey Jackets, sizes 36 to 42,
black, worth every cent of $1.25. In
this Round Up Sale, or as long as they
Men's Heavy Wool Underwear, elastic rib,
salmon color, silk finished, all sizes, QyMr
per garmeut O 2
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, Shirts made
double back and front, deep ribbed cuffs, dj
per garment
Rounil-Up Prices on
...Blankets and-Comforts...
50 pairs of Cotton Blankets, never sold for less than
50c per pair. In Ibis Round Up Sale
and as long as they last the price QQrt
will be OVKj
20 pairs Kxtra Heavy Cotton Blankets, weight 3
full 11-4, one of the heaviest Fleece
Cotton Blankets you ever saw, and
worth $2 per pair. In this Round
Up Sale
If there is anything in Blankets you need we
think we can please you and save you money.
Not often do people have the opportunity to buy Shoes at less than regular prices except old out-of-date styles or stock that
no one would own to ever have selected from a manufacturer, but we are noing to change from this rule. We arc going to
offer a New, Plump Line of 1905 Shoes at the Greatest Reduction in Prices on this class of goods Grants Pass has ever seen.
11 pairs Men's Vici Shoe in Plain and Cap Toe, sizes Tyi
to 10. We have never sold this Shoe for less than
$2 50, in this Round Up Sale, to close this lot
23 pairs Men's Regent Shoes, Goodyear welt, every pair
stamped fJ.aO and sold tor that price the world over, CQ KQ
sizes 6 to 11, Round-Up price.
3d pairs Men's Vici and Box Calf Shoes, Bluche
24 pair Ladies' Vici Shoes, this is the Brown Shoe Co.'s Prin
cess Shoe, and sold everywhere for not less than f. 50. flQn
Hound Up Price tOO
48 pairs Misses Vici Shoes, this is the Brown Shoe Co.'s
Blue Ribbon Shoe, sizes U'j to A, Round-Up Price.
24 pair same a above, sizes ') to 1 1, go al .
Extra Special Round-Up Bargains From All Over the Store
25 dozen Men's Heavy Cotton Socks, weight full 2 "J g
pounds to the dozen, worth 10c, per pair
20 dozen Black Sateen Shirts, sold ia a great many
stores for $1.00. in this Round-Up Sale
1500 yards Standard Calicoes, Red, Blueand Black
Round-Up Sale
800 vards Outing Flannel, worth 7c, go in this Art
Round Up Sale at 2
700 yards Dark Colors in Outing Flannels in this lot are
some of the best goods on the market and sold
in many stores up to 12'4c per yard, Round
Up price
Assorted lot of Silk Belts, former price from 58c OOn
upto$l. In this Round Up Sale, choice... OOU
Millinery 25 per cent Discount
We need our Millinery rooms for other 'ood.s and hile it is at. least nix weeks (or)
early to make these extr.-me reductions, cxp (dally on a stock ho complete, wo will, com
mencing SATL'KDAY, November 1 ltli, ami continuing whilo the stock lasts, oiler (he
entire line of Ladies'. Misses' and Children's Keady-to-Vear and Dress Hats, from the
Ga'O Hats down, at 2."j per cent discount.
1 9 JIW'BJ
To make lively selling of
we will put them in for this Round-Up Sale at 10 per
cent off our already low f nices. This includes Ladies'
Light and Heavy Weight Cot, Rain Coats, Misses' and
Children's (louts and Skirts.
1 do. While Ouills, worth every tent of l.O0. AQn
Bound Up Price OOU
1 do, of our regular $.2 Quilts. In this Round QCn
Up Sale OOC
5 doz Men's Blue Strie Cheviot Work Shirts. QKn
sizes , to 17. Price lOOC
Ladies' Suits
2n Per Cent Discount on what Ladies' Tailor
Made Suits we have litt. In this Kound Up Sile at 25
per cent off the already low price.