Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 10, 1905, Image 6

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    "Cbwnt, mitk and meaaure nerything you
buy." American Urocer.
i t i cs ii rv !
When you buy food supplies buy
the BEST.
Jersey Cranberries and
Sweet Potatoes now on the
market; quality is good. Good
appleB are scarce and will be
high this season.
Csu'moii'm GriipcN
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Strawberries and Gal way
Peaches still coming in.
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dle Davis Best, Wilhelm's
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Medal all fancy patent.
Now procosH Barley and
WiJ Feed, the heavy kind.
White House
Tic Tou and Coffee House.
Tealth is absolutely Impossible, il
constipation be ironotit. Many serinut
cases of liver mill klduey complaint
hare sprung from neglected constipa
tion. Hucli a deplorable ooik! 1 1 i tin is
unnecessary. I lit re a euro for it.
Hiirtilnn will speedily remedy matters.
O. A. Llndmy, P. M., lirnnsou, Flu.,
writes, Feb. 13, 11102: "Having tried
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coont i I al ion. " M)o bottle at Rnter
tunnel's ami Mdel Drug Hlore.
Lowest prices on Klgin and
Waltham watches. Bring
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All my work is warranted.
Cook stove and heater wood for
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Hinlth's sawmill. Leave orders at
Bugar 1'lnu Store.
Who was ever disitisliod
with a purehaso ho made
here and remained so. We
makogood every reasonable
claim that is brought to our
notice and sell tlio kind of
clothing in which is embodied
refinement, elegance and di
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orvecoat, the kind that will
stay with you this winter and
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Watch for our special next
w eek,
(hitittus to 1 and Man
Letcher's Jewelry Store
Lately Organized Object Pio
motlon of Harmonjr and Pro
gress Among Members.
Uoioo and co-operation in the
watchword of today and every Inter
eat and ('Una of people ! gradually
being amalgamated into societies.
combines and trusts. Every Indus
trial luteiest baa its nulons and the
lawyer, doctori, dentists, newspaper
men, merchant!, bankers, minister!
and in faot a boot every vocation has
been unionized more or leu. The
bauka have tbeir associations, the
railroads their combine! and the big
financier! their trusts. Even the
farmers are feeling the impulse of the
times, and in the more progreisive
and thickly s'ttled sections anions
have b en formed for fruitgrowers,
stockmen and other agricultural In
terests aud the grange and other or
ganizations solidify the interests and
advance the well being of the people
of the rnral districts.
Unions and kindred organizations,
when rightly used materially advance
the wellfare of those taking part,
and also do much to bring higher
ideals and a general betterment of
conditions for the world at large. By
bringing about co-cpuration it enables
more to be accomplished by a given
effort than through Individual work.
When the proper feeling controls,
those unions do much to eradicate
jealousy and unfair competition, and
to euoouraga a spirit of co-operation,
education, and of mutual interest in
each other's welfare that makes fcr
the common good of all.
Having tlm is mind the physicians
of Grants Pass and of the county
have organized the Josephine County
Medical Association, with the present
membership made up of Doctors F.
W. Van Dyke, W. II. Flauagau, J. 0.
Smith, D. P. Love, Loughridge, M.
0. Findloy, W. F. Kramer, F. D.
Strieker, T. E. Heard, (1. H. Douglas
aud R. C. Kelsey.
A. meeting was held Tuesday even
lug for permanent organization at the
office of Drs. Findley and Lough
ridge, which was attended by all the
members except Drs. Beard and Doug
las, who wore called that evening to
patients. After buiiuess of the meet
iug was transacted a very pleasant
social hour was had. Mrr. Fiudley
and Miss Loughridge acted as hostess
i'S and served an appetizing lunch of
colTne, sandwiches fruits and
nuts. In addition to these ladies
i here wire also present Mrs. Love,
Mrs. Strieker and Mrs. Kelsey. At
this meeting Dr. Van Dyke was
elected pru-lilent, Dr. Flit' agan vice
president, and Dr. Smith secretary
nd treasurer. A committee was ap
pointed to draw np permanent con
stitutiou and by-laws aud a oominit
toe was also selected to prepare, a fee
hill to govern all professioniil charges
made by the men. bers. The concensus
of opinion was that there should be
no material change in the present
charges except for night trips. It whs
agreed that the present fee tor night
trips to the country was inadequate to
the expense for repairs to vehicles aud
the wear of horseflesh as well as tlio
hardship to the physicist!. This
raise in fees tic iug practically an ad
dition to the had road Indirect tax that
the farmers of Josephine county are
paying. Another object in raising
the night fee was to stimulate both
town ami country people to not wait
until midnight to call a phys'oian,
hut to where possible, attend to that
duty during the day, or early evening.
The principal purpose i f the Assy
ria! inn is social and educational, the
fixing of a uniform fee bill being a
minor object, Doctors are too proue
to live within a little world to them
selves aud to be Jealous aud distrust
ful of their fellow pract loners. To
break this spirit down aud to build
up one of generosity and co operation
will be the work of the Association.
In the line of education it is expected
to make the Association of much bene
tit to its mcmliers. All progressive
physicians desire to Increase their
knowledge pertaining to their profes
sion and after often take post grad
uate courses. Every physician in his
pi act ice has cases involving rare com
pilations and riltllcult and new
methods of treatment. To share with
his follow physicians the knowledge
gained ill the diagnosis and treatment
of such cases will be expected of the
members of the Association. Meet
ings of the Association will be held at
least once a mouth and at encli time
some topic, previously assigned or
selected by a member, will be con
sidred, making it ill effect a practi
cal school of medicine and surgery.
If the doctors of Grants Pass are able
to curry out the broad, helpful plans
of the Josephine County Medical As
social ion It w ill be another evidence
of the progtessiveness of this com
munity. Such medical associations
are common in the Eastern states
and they are doing much to make
more pleasant ami agreeahli the lot
of the physician which is not the lite
of else that it is generally held to be,
and to check the tendency of getting
into a rut and fossl lining, as some
doctors do, but to stimulate a de
sire to progress aud to keep up with
the advancemen' of medical science,
which is developing to higher
standards iultn as rapidly as any of
the of n r n'len.-es.
'I lie academic course in the Holmes
Uuslliess College Is a condensed col
lege education. It is )eculiaily
valuable to those who wish to ac
iiiire a good deal of knowledge in a
short time. Write for catalog. 8.V87
V.M. C. A. Building, I'oitlaud, Ore. j
Of course he is, and bo would
you be if these cold mornings
your house was warm and
your Heater
had kept a good fire over
night. That's what you can
do with our lino of
All of them AIR-TIG IITS.
They save their cst in one
Air-TiEhtStocS $1,75 Up.
Cramer Bros.
0M I VIIo-vvh' lllo. U
Thinks City &nd County & Good
Place for Profitable
Mr. aud Mrs. J. T. Fullenwider left
Monday for thoir homo iu Mechanics
burg, Illinois, after spending time
weeks in Grants i'ass guests of Mr.
and Mrs. L. I). Hall, thn two ladies
being sisters. Mr. Fullenwider is at
the head of the blinking house of A.
T. Thompson & Co., nun of the larg
est llnaucial concerns iu that part of
Illinois. Mr. L. B. Hall was also
financially interested and held a posi
tiou with this bank until two years
ago when he sold out aud ciiiuu to
G'unts Pass.
Mr. Fulleuwider was free to express
his opinion that Grants Pass has
ninny prospects of becoming; u (My of
considerable size and a trading and
manufacturing point of much import
ance. In company with Mr. Hall he
visited several of the mines of this
district and ho also saw much ol
Rogue Kiver Valley and lis was well
pleased with the future outlook of the
Valley and thinks that with its many
resources it will become a prosperous
section and be a good place in which
to mako investments as also in which
to settle.
Bids Wanted
The county court will receive bids
for furnishing steel ceils for the new
jail uow being built. All bids to be
In the hands of the court, December
4. IU0J. Pism,
itheumatism, lumbago and sciatic
pains yield to the penetrating in
fluence of Ballard's Snow Liniment.
It ieuetrntes to the nerves and boue
and being absorbed Into the blood, its
healing prnicrtics are conveyed to
every part of the body, and effect
some wonderful cures. 2."o, one, 1.ih).
at Kotermund's and Model Drug
Orders taken for tine cookies a'ld
bread. Mrs. E. H. Hrown, los Second
street. Tel. .".').
Dainty Foods
Demand It
IN EVERY Receipt that calls for cream
of tartar, soda, or baking powder, use
the Royal Baking Powder. Better results
will be obtained because of the absolute
purity and great leavening strength of the
Royal. It will make the food lighter,
sweeter, of finer flavor, more digestible and
wholesome. It is always reliable and uni
form in its work.
Alum and phosphate baking powders
some of them sold at the same price and
some of them cheaper will make neither
dainty nor wholesome food.
A Brief Record of
L,ocal Events.
Grants Pais Post Cards at the Cour
ier tflice.
M. O. Warner will be iu Grants
Pass within the next few days.
P rtles wishing toning done can leave
orders at the Music Store.
The Southern Oregonian of Med-
ford was awarded by the commis
sioners court last week the contract
for printing the delinquent tax list
at the rate of iJ24o per nonpareil line.
The Bill Nye Mining Company this
week, shipped to Sau Francisco,
fKX.O brick of gold, the result of a 13
days run with their five stamp mill
on Galls creek. The ore was taken
from the Bliss, one of the group
belonging to the company. Is lies
just east of, and is an extension of
the Bill Nye. Gold Hill News.
All women are cordially invited to
attend the lecture by Mr!. Belle
Waterman-Fiodlay on "Gospel
Purity" to be given in the Newman
M. E. chucrh, Wednesday afternoon,
November 15th at 2:80oclock. The
young ladle! above 13 ye-re of age are
invited to come immediately after
school at 4 o'clock. The lecture ii
free, a collectiou being taken to help
pay expenses .
Tuesday evening a social gathering
was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
U. E. McManus in honor of their
friends, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Byle.
A number of guu ts were preseut
and a very pleasant evening was
sou t, music aud refreshments adding
to the interest of the occaiiop. Mr,
and Mrs. Kyle reside at Granite
Hill where Mr. Ryle is in charge of
the hoist on one of the shifts.
Wednesday afteruoon Iron) 4:30 to
tl o'clock Mrs. H. S. PreBcott enter
tained the young folks of the Junior
League of the Presbyterian church, at
her home on Merlin avenue. There
were some 30 boyi and girls present
and Miss Coe, president of the league.
A jolly time with games and music
was had by the children after which
an elegant lunch was served them by
Mrs. Piescott, who was assisted in
cntcitaining by her sister, Mrs. Lois
Cooper, of Salem, who is making her
a visit.
Iu answer to daity little cards bear
ing, the inscription "At Clemens'
Hull, Thursday, November 0, 1IK)5,
H::i(), Dancing," a jolly little crowd
assembled at the place mentioned, on
Thursday evening. The hall was
vi ry tastefully decorated with ever
greens, and punch was served to the
dancers during the evening, from a
neat little booth decorated in green
and white, at one end of the hall.
The evening being clear aud cold,
and right for dancing, a very en
joyahlu time was spent by all preseut.
G. F. (iarouttc, who lately bought
iu patnership with R. W. Veaoth, of
the cigar store of Smith and Morris
on east (i street, has sold his
interest to Mr. "Watch ant
Monday he retutued to his home iu
Cottage Grove. He is greatly
pleased with the Koguo River Valley
and thinks that Grants Pass and this
eutire section will be one of the most
prosperous parts of Oregon. Mr.
Caronttn is a butcher by trade aud he
plans to return to Southern Oregon
and engage in that business so soon as
he can secure a position or an open
ing for a shop.
Will Give Cantata
On Sunday evening, November IU at
Bethany Presbyterian church tlio
sucied cantata "Pillar of Fire" will
be given under the auspices of the Y.
P. S 0. E. The cantata is the Old
Testament story of how God lead the
Israelites from their boudage in
Egypt to the promised Laud of
The chorus cosuists ol 33 voices,
and is under the direction of H. C.
Kinney. The iiinslc is very attract
ive am) all who attend will be given
a musical treat. There will be a col
lectiou taken and the proceeds used
j for the work in tlio Young People's
j Chamberlain's Colic, Choler and
; Diarhoea Henn dy. This is the most
successful medicine in the world
' for bowel complaints, and is the ouly
remedy that will cure chronic diarr
hoea. Every bottle is warranted. For
i sulc liv all druggists.
Fireside Comforts
These cold nights make us think of warm, cosy SLirPERS for housowear,
Our stock of FELT SLIPPERS is now full and complete and we are
well prepared to supply every demand from the infant to the great-grandparent
Special CUSHION SOLE SHOES for Men and Women.
Furs - :
We have a large line of FURS, all qualities and styles,
We guarantee every one as represented or no sale, at a very moderate price.
Call in and look them over.
Just received by express, from an Eastern Manufacturer, a few of the latest novel
ties in Ladies' Coats and Skirts.
We are showing a nice line of Dress Goods in the latest
shades and weaves, at popular prices.
Does your Boy need a suit ? If so, let us show you just a little
better suit for the same money than other stores.
Klioew iiikI luriti.liiiir (iootls
The Curfew Law la to Be Strictly
Enforced-Offenders Will
be Arrested.
There are a number of boys iu
Grauts Pubs who are liable to find
lodgings Id the city jail some night
aud at no distant data either, if they
a"e not off the streets and at their
homes very soon after the curfew
bell riugs. Complaint lias been made
from several sections of the city
about bauds of bays, in numbers rang
ing from three to a dozen aud in age
from 10 to 18 years, being on the
streets to as late as niiduight, and by
yelling, whittling and making other
noises prevent orderly people, wno are
home and in their bed', from sleep
ing. These bands of young lioodlun i
have been guilty In several Instances
of doiug petty mischief and of being
very rough in their conduct. Mayor
Qood is not inclined to allow a boy
hoodlum any more latitude than he
is a hobo man aud he has given or
ders to the night policemen to quietly
go through the residence sections of
the city and arrest every boy they
And on the streets after 9 o'clock aud
put them in jail despite their plead
ings. Aud the city jail is a pretty
tough place for a boy to sleep in, who
is used to having a nice warm bed,
for at the jail there is no fire at all
aud the ctlls are col.l and damp anil a
hard cement floor and a couple of
blankets Is the eiteut of the city's
hospitality to hoodlum boys aud hobo
This warniug ia not intended for
the boys at all. for the police will
attend to that, but it is to let the
fathers and mothers know where they
can Nu t their boys if they tail to
come home at once after the curfew
bell has mug.
Nov. 15, Wednesday Portland bust-
ness incu s excursiou due in Grants
Pass at ;! : 1 5 p. in.
Nov. Ill Thursday Regolkr meeting
of city council.
Nov. Ill, Sunday Sacred cantata
Pillar of Kiro" under auspices of
V. P. S. C. E.
Nov. 2H, Thursday Conventions for
nominating counci linen iu each
ward of Grauts Pass.
Nov. 24, Friday City convention for
nominating candidates for mayor of
Grants Pass.
Nov. ltd, Thursday Thanksgiving Day.
Dec. 4. Monday Municipal election
to choose mayor aud five council-
men for Grants Pass.
Dec 4. Mouday Adjourned term of
county court for Josephine couuty.
Dec. '2,"i, Mi nday Christmas.
Jan 1, Monday New Years Day.
Jauuary 8, Wednesday Regular meet-
iug of couuty court for Josephiue
Jau. 8, Monday Circuit court for
Josephiue county couvenos.
April 20.1 riday Oregou primary elec
tions for all parlies.
J uue 4. Monday Oregou state and
county elect ions.
Cattle Ranch For Rent.
820 acres on Seven-Mile creek about
rive mtleH southwest from Fort
Klamath, Oregon. All fenced, house,
large barn, ample water supply, will
cut about M tons wild hav. Address,
with references. P. O. Box No. VSS. j
Tsconia, Washington. 1
- FU
Registration Books Oprn. j
Registration books are now open. I
John Minor ISooth, auditor utid tolic ei
, judge will be ac his olliic, Honm T ,
I Masonio Ti liipla daily from Sa. ni. '
I to 12 m. find at the city hull daily!
j from 3 to 5 p. iu. also at the city lull )
I Irom 7 to U o'clock each Wednesday
j anil Saturday night
i The election will be held Monday,
December 4, Registration books open
uutil Friday, November :), at Ii
o'clock p. m.
Call for Colestin Water.
Granite and Steel Enameled
Kitchen Ware.
lO Discount
Gook Stoves
By carrying' in stock various makes of (Jooil
Shoes, we arc enaUtvl to tit any noimal foot.
The Stetson Shoe Co.
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Strong & Garfield Co
Buckingham & Hecht Co.
Menominee Seamless Shoes for
Billy Buster, steel bottom
Buckingham & Hecht and Me
nominee Seamless fot Bovs
and Youths.
R. L. B ARTLETT, g?r
A Disastrous Calamity.
It if a (lisiistiniiH cn In mi Iv, whin
you lose your hiiilih, because iniljgo
t i n ;i n (t consii atiou have sapped it
iiwuy. I'rnnpt relief can be had in
Dr. Kind's New Life Pills. Tlicy
build op your digestive organs, mi l
cure hi adiii lie, dizziness, colic, con
sti ntion, etc. Guaranteed at all
drug stoles ; 2."ic.
"That Mince Meat" the kind your
molhirused to make. White House
and Ranges
Ihirthvnro Co.
Green Wheeler Shoe Co.
John II. Cross and
J. J. Grover cc Sons,
fur women.
The Grover shoe made specially
for tender leet.
Juliets with ruMitr heels, and
Hcece lined shoes.
Moloney Bros, shots for Misses
and Children.