Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 28, 1905, Image 2

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by mau.
Oliltnarim and ruaolutiona of con
dolence will tie charged for at 6c- jwr line;
oaru ot tnaniu ouc.
Kntered at the pout office at Oranta Pl-n
Oregon, ae Hecond-clSMB mail matter.
Fill DAY, APRIL 88, 1905.
TI18 Ori'gou aapriiuie court lsst wuuk
rcuilorrd a rlceinion that will have u
fur rrnoli ing eftVot on couutlcH Hint
Imve cii'dei'cd in tliolr rxpriiditarp,
tho MXX) limit fixer! by the etnto con-
Htitutinn. The chuo wh tlmt of ah
injiiurtion to restrain Clntiiop count;
from incurring lidded indeliteducm
in liailiiiiix a court liourx, the conrt
holding thut uh tho county wan in
doht buyond the legal limit, a Kpecial
tux for building a court Iiouho could
to lu levied. Should thin ruling he
irlied to othiir than the eiirrent ex-
iiminea of the county, It will make a
crimli with conn tied wlioao debt ia
already leyond tho limit.
Itoail oxpertH who huvo viaitnd thia
acctiou, atiitu that owing to the dry
iicmh of thu clliiutttt and the rolling
cliiiYnctiir of tin) country that Johii
jdi i no county tun nmlntain pandithhi
wail cheaper tlian can any other
county of Orvgnu woat of tiio Cascuiln
inoiiutniuK. They claim tlmt with
prnxtr drainage and a roadbed rolled
with a very heavy roller, no bard
that it will lie impervloua to rniuH,
tli;it tho roads about Orititt 1'iim
could be made Jumna I) lu to loaded
teaniH at all Huiiaoua of the year, and
that the annual luudhlockudo of thu
winter and tho dunt banks of the Hum
mer would be practically eliminated.
While, they hold that a coating of
crushed rock, gravel or decomposed
grunlte would strengthen the roadbed,
yet they think if the roads were
graded while the ground Is yet moist
and then rolled with a roller of IA
ton or more weight, ao as to pack the
roadbed an hard ax adobe brick, that
a decided Improvement could be made
over thu present method of work that
ao far ban not given permanent roads
to the county. Ah the road work is
now carried ou, thu grading ia done in
the apring mid thu road not being
rolled, la left uneven and miff, to to
become a mass of dust for the Hum
mel and with the flrHt rains a canal of
mud, iuturKperaed with chuck-holes
aud rut.
. The method of road construction by
practical road builderi ia with a
grader to throw to each Bide of the
right-of-way all the surface soil.
Then bring the anb-soil surface to the
required crown and grade, then roll it
with a heavy (team roller. Thia
gives the hard fouudation to the road
tied and all soft placea that are found
are filled with earth and rolled, and
filled again if need be, until the sur
face has uu oven hardness and the
grada and crown la free from high
places aud saga. Then a layer of the
surface soil ia put on and thoroughly
rolled aud other layers put on and
rolled until the road lied ia finished.
A roadbed constructed In thia lLau
ner and perfectly drained with aide
ditchea, that are open to the free flow
of water and not merely pools to hold
water to aosk Into aud soften the
roadbed, and with lateral tiling along
the center of the road on ground that
la springy aud wet, would give a
good road to farm districts, where thu
travel ia light for all seasona of the
year, provided that after each wet
spell the road is harrowed aud
thoroughly rolled to fill all ruts and
low places. This method of building
and maintaining earth roads was first
adopted in Missouri, and it proved
such a success that that state now bus
hundreds of miles of such roads, and
the rest of tho country "having been
shown" earth roads are now being
successfully built in many of the
Eastern status and the government
bureau ot good roads lias endorsed thu
plan in the road bulletins that are
sent out from Washington.
For heavy freight teams Garth
roads have been found to be useless
and crushed rock of road material baa
been found to give the best wearing
surface. On roads having only a
reasonably heavy t radio, gravel and
grunlte sand has proven very suc
cessful. Thus tho trafllo is to be con
sidered in making a selection of the
method to be used in building a road.
If county courts would bear thia in
mind, thousands of dollars could be
saved to taxpayers and the public
would have roads thut would meet
their requirements.
Cards of Thanks.
I wish to extend my ainoereat thaukk
to the friends who extended help and
ympatliy during the illness aud at
the death of my daughter, Oenevieve,
Mrs. May Booth.
We wish to express our sincere
than lis to the kind friends who as
sisted us during tho illness of our
daughter Mrs. Kttit Long, and extend
ed sympathy iu our sad bereavement.
Mr. and Mrs. Murk Atnistroug.
The best washing machine oa the
market at McLunu'a auction store,
west (i street.
J. Wlmer Has Devised Method
for Saving Valuable Metal.
W. J Wimer, manager of the Deep
Gravel Mining Company of Waldo
waa in Grants Pass last Friday and
Saturday. At this mine, whioh is
one of the big placer mines of South
ern Oregon, ia accomplished a feat in
lifting gravel not equaled in any
other mine on the Pacific Coast for
the gravel is shot op a height of 41
feet to the sluice that carries away
the debris from the mine and thia is
done with a head of water of only
1U3 feet. Mr Wimer stated that they
had a fine run this season, but would
shut down during tbe summer mouths
to make some Improvements and to do
some prospecting.
So far as known, the Deep Gravel
mine ia one of the richest in the
(Jailed States iu platiunm, which la
found in minute particles along with
the placer gold, and Mr. Wimer has
been making thorough investiga
tion of methods for aaving the plati
num aud he has succeeded so well
that he now has ounces of this
rare metal, which ia wortli more than
gold, lor it sells for 21 an ounce.
Mr. Winter thinks that there is an
extensive deposit of platinum in
Southern Oregon and that the placer
miners, for years past have been losing
'thousands of dollars worth of this
valuable mineral each season by not
knowing how to save it. Mr. Wimer
lias invented a method whereby he IS
able to save every particle from bis
aluice boxes and ha has generously
consented to prepare an article for
the Courier giving the details of his
procedure thai the miners of South
ern Oregon may save what would
likely be a good profit to their mining
ojicratlons did they know how to rec
ognize platinum aud how to save it.
t Coming Events.
May I, Monday Adjourned turm of
county court
May 1, Monday May Day ball by
A. A. C. at Opera house
May 3, Wednesday Josephine County
Teachers institute in Grants Pass
for three days session.
May 4, Thursday Norris & Kowe's
Big Show iu Grants Pass.
May Suturdny Farmers institute
and fruitgrowers meeting in Grants
May Friday Close of Grants Pas
public schools.
June 1, Thursday Opening day of
Lewia and Clark Fair. Closes Oc
tober 16.
June 16, Thursday Grants Pass day
at the Lewis aud Clark fair.
July 4, Tuesday Celebration in
Grants Pass with diill contest by
teams from all parts ot the Coast.
Extras for all sewing muchlues, oils
aud needles at bo a paper at Singer
Hewiug machine agency opposite
Court House.
Prominent Kerbylte Saxys the Fu-
ture Looks Bright.
J. H. Austin, who had been in
Grants Pasa for the entire week Jo
attendance at circuit court in which
he appeared aa attorney for some im
portant cases, returned Sunday to his
home at Kerby. Mr. Austin is lead
ing a life quite strenuous enough to
suit President Roosevelt at the old
town, that was the county seat of
Josephine coonty during pioneer days,
for he is principal of the Tillage
school, attorney-at-law, notary
publio and general utility mau for
the entire community, and that he ia
making a success in these various
duties is attested by the good reports
that come of his school and of the
fine law practice that be is building
up Though located at Kerby less
than a year he has been so successful
with his law aud notary business that
at the close of his term ef school he
will give np teaching aud give his
entire time to his new vocation. He
has tbe distinction of being the only
attorney in all' the center aud south
ern part of Josephine county.
Of tho town of Kerby, which in
its halcyon days, when gold uuggeti
were as plentiful there as potatoes iu
Tippurary, had a population of 10(10
persons, bat which now has only
about ISO inhabitants, Mr. Austin
stated that it is taking ou new life
aud new hojie aud bids fuir to again
be oue of tho leading towns of South
ern Oregon, aud so encouraged are
some of its bustlers that they expect
that the town will again beoome the
county seat of Josephine county, or
i ,j not that, then of a new county that
they hope to have created out of
section of JoseDbine and of Curry
countioa. This 'latter day prosperity
comes from the development inai is
now being made of the agricnltnral
timber and mineral resources of the
section of country about Kerby, and
which bids fair to make that district
one of theiiohest sections of Josephine
county. The lack of tranportaion fa
cilities alone is keeping that part of the
county back in its progress, and Mr.
Austin says tbat the farmers, miners
aud town people are alike awakening
to the need of having their road to
Grants Pass macadamized and made
passable for freight teams at all sea
sons of the year. It is their hope that
in nuother year the county will make
such a road tax levy as will enable a
substantial beginning to be made on
the improvement of this, the most
traveled and most needed road iu
Josephine couuty.
Has Confidence In Grants Pass.
The Grants Pans bar is to have
another member which will increase
the number to 12 disciples of E lack
stone doing buHiness in this city. The
new addition to the local legal frater
nity, will be Judge W. L. Sowers of
Charlotte, Miohigao, who will arrive
in Grants Pass iu about two weeks
with his family to take np his resi
dence aud practice in this city. Judge
Sowers becoming interested in South
ern Oregcu mines was one of a com
pany of Michigan capitalists to
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are made by a manufacturer who
never sends out a poor garment. Come
and see them.
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At the Big Furniture and IIouso Furnishing
Store, North Side, is now receiving his .
New Spring Carpets, Rugs, Art
Squares and Linoleums
all bought before advance of price. You
can't afford to pass them by. Large and
complete stock of Furniture and Furnishing
Big Store North Side, Gth Street, Grants Pass
organize the Michigan Mining &
Milling Company, which acquired aj
mining property ou the Applegate
nine milea from Grants Pass, and
where the Company is now erecting
a large quartz mill.
Judge Sowars has visited Southern
Oregon twice within the past year,
the last tiino making a stay of a cou
ple nf mouths returning to Michigan
in March. The climate here suited
him so well and he was so favorably
impressed with the cortaiu prospects
of Grants Pass having a rapid and
permanent growth that he concluded
to take up his abode here Judge
Sowers wiitea that there are mauy
Michigan people, some of whom liavi
large means, who are contemplating
moving to Southern Oregon, where
they hope to find a climato more satis
factory than that of Michigan and to
have the advantages of tho many
openings for investment aud business
that are to be had here.
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