Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 07, 1905, Image 6

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S "'' Leland Slf linos.
A botel is to be built on tbe Flat iu
Leland. There is considerable rivalry
between the opper aud lower parts of j
town in securing new bonding and
bnsiness ventures.
The nuosnal warm winter and early
spring liaii to advanced vegetation
that many of the farmers of thli lo
cality will have to cat their alfalfa
before they get all their corn, pota
toes and spring planting done. The
prospects for a big erop of grain,
grass and fruit were never better.
The plaoer miuurs were able to make
a good run during the recent rainy
weather. We are receiving some im
migration, but it is mostly of the
laboring class. Were the opportnnites
for profitable Investment that South
ern Oregon so abounds In, fully
known In the Kant, this section would
be sought by capitalist and Industries
would te started that would make the
country more prosperous aud there
would then I employment for the
great numbers of laboring men that
are now pouring Into Hontbcrii Ore
gon. Golifnn Gle&nlnH.
MissMaymn Miller spent Saturday
at Greenback.
Olley Mcintosh is building a resi
dence in Golden,
Mrs. Jiertha Hoot has returned from
Ashland to Her homo in Golden.
Herbert Hoxle passed throngh
Golden Sunday on his way to Wolf
Miss Mattie Mack In was In Green
bnck last Saturday visiting her
The fish peddler from Grants Pass
whs in Golden selling fish. He had
some nice ones.
The Unblo placer in I mi is rniinlng
night and day now and a good clean
op will lie expected.
Mrs. Holland is quite ill. Two
doctors atlended her all day Saturday.
She is now soma better.
Mr. Clark has hauled in his new
three-stamp mill, and Is milling the
work to get It In operation.
The pincers miners btve plenty of
water now to run w ith, ni'd they
think they will have a month's run
The school is going on nicely. Mir
Muck I i, the teacher. Is giving good
sut lulact ion and the scholar all like
Mm. K. Miilutosh returned from
Grunts 1'iihh lust wek, where she
hud burn visiting friends and rela
tives. William Mcintosh returned Sunday
night to his homo in Grants 1'iihh,
after spending a week with his
brother and grandmother.
We nrn having some good wiutl.
and grain and grass are farther ad
vanced this sprlni. tlmu ever before at
this limn of the year. The recent
cold nlghla and (now did no dniiiiigc
to the fruit.
Mr. and Mrs. I). K. l'upu sulTereil
the Ions of their two year old baby
boy. It died March 2H, and was
burh d in the Wolf creek cemetery.
It was silk three weeks. Mr. mid
Mrs. Pope desire to tlnuik the friends
who so kindly unsized tlieui du 'lug
the trying days of their Utile ouch
(linens and of lis death.
Roads are drying op some. They
have been iu bail shape but Mr. Gross
Is doing gnnd repair work and t'ley
will sonii be passable. The Green
back Co. in hauling such heavy loads
over the road both ways that they
knock the bottom out of It, but the
roads will soon bo In good condition
as spring has come nnd wn don't look
for hut liltle more ram.
Slim Jim.
I'rovoll liema
W. M. Sonmiii made Grants Pass a
call Saturday.
August Strauss of Grave was among
our yniiiig folks Sunday.
Willie Karris of Applegalc was al
Provolt Friday anil Saturday visiting
Thus. Lcwiiian was at Williams the
llrst of the week, collecting money for
Hie I'l iivolt ball ti am.
The grand ball given at Ihu Will
i.ima hall was a grand aud cheerful
one, iiuiiihcts were fl..'i each.
.lack Havmi has returned from
J. II. I'AHIIIII k, I'liipilelur.
I sin piepared tnlumish anything in incline of Cetnclcn u,.ik mai.i kP .1
of M it tile or ran lit.
N. ar.'i thirl v j c.hh of experience in Hie liit Mi Inn, is vir.iui inv -v i f
lli'l I cm till van indcis In the very h st manner.
tun bullish wo k in S.ilcli, Side or Ameiiiiin 'mimic or ,iu kind ..I
M ul.ii .
loll' stii ft, liexl to l.teelle's Glil.shoi'.
We Have Just Received
Two Cars Loaded With
.'rum tlu ( ViVliraUl John htvi.' nu-tury
A nil I'l'iisi-tini: of a lull a.-s.rt incut of
Light Wauons, Busies and Carriages
Anotlicr car of lli-aw Kami Wagons is oicc(o.l aluuit April ".
Fanners who arc coiitcinlatini;
Mill lind it to their interest t,, ,m'. an, I -ct our li-ures on tho I'airhanks .'..sulmo Fn-it
I'limjiinK Plant ami tlvMiiizr.l pipe. W e can refer mhi to 1 -1 or nunc irri-atin.' plan
now in successful opciat'iui in tin- county.
Sawmill met, w ill lind it (,. their a,lvanta-e to call on us ami 1 pi ices on supplic
Grants Pass Hardware Company
JOS. WU1.KK, Mgr., J. L. CAI.YhUr. Trt.t
Pierce county, Washington, and will
probably remain during the summer.
Joseph lioat of Williams passed
through Provolt Saturday en route to
Missouri Flat to visit relatives at
that place.
Mrs. K. Fields made a business
trip to Sami Valley the latter part of
the week to get her granddaughter,
Miss Maude Flcldi, who will make
her home In the future with her
Tho Provolt base ball grounds will
be moved to the old location where
they first played. The team will
have everything in excellent condi
tion 'or the summer's games, seats
will bo fixed onder the shady grove
for tho convenience of the onlookers.
The team have their new out-fit rady
which is composed of mits, hats, halls
and masks, all of the best attainatiln.
Tho team is In good shape and will
play any team, town or ooontry, that
may send a challenge, but tin gamo
will be played at a distance 'greater
than 2d miles from Provolt. G. W.
Fields is captain of the team and he
will arrange for all games.
Applegnle Item
Crops arn looking flue on Apple-gate.
J. Knulzeu of Steamboat was at
Applegatn Saturday.
Harvey York of Missouri Flat pass
ed through Applegatn Monday.
Pear Davison of Missouri Flat was
visiting friends on Apphgnte last
Elmo Thockmartin "the gruhor"
was at Kuch last week visiting rela
Herbert Klmore of Thompson Creek
passed tli i on uli Applcagte Sunday on
his way to Medford.
John Herriott and Henry I'eruoll,
tho ball twirlers attended the dance
at. Murphy last Katurday. (Three is a
crowd. )
School opened on Thompson Crcc1
Monday. !12 pupils are enrolled. A
young lady from Trail, opper Rogue
river, is teaching.
Fred Benedict who won a reputa
tion as a foot racer at Giants Pass
last Fourth of July, Is turning soil
for corn. Mr. Benedict raised corn
last years measuring 1 1 feet in height.
C. Ilalloek who spent the w inter on
the Applcgate, left for Chicago, III.,
last week. Fred Benedict aocoui
pauied him as far as Medford.
Her ( n plain.
Greenback Gleanings.
W. II. Ilrcvoort is absent on busi
ness. llov isishop made Woir Creek a
business trip Sunday.
Claude Wright of Hugo, was seen
on our streets 'ast week.
Chan. Shilliauty of Greenback Iihh
'one in Alaska. His wife will soon
The cyanide plant is being equipped
with new and the latest improved
Unite a number of our Greenback
people nrn going to the Lewis and
('link fair at Portland.
Mrs. N. Gordan is expected this
week from California. She will tike
charge of the Greenback school.
Mrs. Webb's pet deer jumped, Into
her K indc I'gartc n the ether day and
chased all the kids out at the hack
door. ;,-
Rev. W. C. Long of Hugo holds
services at Geeuback every other Sun
day. He also coiiducls our Sabbath
The upper mill Is being torn ilow u
peparalnry lo being added In the
lower mill where the vast amount ol
inn Is inoie iitrcssnhlo.
Say, Joe, wern't yon iiiohI awfully
Hied when you got Hie third loud of
treavire aciiiHs the cicek, tl ther
night? Which was the heaviest''
The Greenback Supply Company s
new store building, MHn.Mi In t will
noon be completed. Four cut pi liters
are veiv busy wnrkying on it.
Geoige lloxin ami family will
leave us M
IMIlllt v
for their Williams
he will dispose of
Ihcil I hey go to
creek Inline when
his placer mine,
A perfect skin food is HosK AND
CKlCAMi. It lines pimples and
chapped hands and face.
District Convention Met at AsK
l&nd L&at Week.
The Christian Endeavor Convention
for the district of Southern Oregon,
which closed its two days' session last
night in the Chaotanqna building in
this oity, is pronounced to have been
one of the best ever held in this sec.
tlnn of the state. From the opening
session Saturday afternoon until the
closing one last night, the attendance
was large and the programs uniform
ly inspiring and profitable, says the
Ashland Tidings.
The Presbytreian church, In which
most of the conventions were bold,
had been prettily decorated for the
occasion. The colors of the society
or align and white were used for
festoons, aud there were many flowers
and potted plants to embsllish the
lOHtrnm and puplit. The convention
motto: "Study to show thyself ap
proved unto Uod ; a workman who
needtb not to be ashamed, " was in
scribed in white letters on the wall
behind the polplt.
At the business meeting the follow
ing officers were' elected : President,
Fred 0. Homes, jr., Ashland; 1st
vice-president, Mrs. Robert Kalinin,
Grants Pass; 2d vice-president.
George Grizzle, Klamath Falls. ; 3d
vice-president, David Day, Medford;
secretary, Miss Mabel Galey, Ash
land; treasurer, Miss Edna Hoag,
Ashland. A resoluton was adopted
putting tbe three vice-presidents in
charge of Endeavor Interests in their
respective comities.
Among the Grants Pass delegates
ill attendance were the following:
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Thomas, Mrs.
Hubert Knuniii. Mrs. W. J. Stovall,
Misses Mary Cob, Ethelyn Partlett,
Margaret Scovlll, Ruth Scoville, Gus
sie Parker, Laura Parker, Orlene
Williams, Ethel Kiggs, Georgia
Cnron, Dora La Mar, and Messrs.
K.I holt Vented, Clauds Cheshire,
Stewart Dlsbrow, Guy Williams, Ed
ward O'Neill and Win. Cowdrey.
At the regnlnr monthly meeting of
the Ashland Hoard of Education,
Friday nigh', the resignations of
Miss Muymie McWHllnms and Miss
Margaret Dyers, teachers in the (1th
and 7th grades, respectively, of the
city schools, wero presented and ac
cepted Until had been elected for the
cunning year, hut a change In plans
had caused them to resign. Misses
Frances McWilliams and Kdua Wells
were eleeled to fill the vacanoies, and
an additional teacher, Miss Eva E.
Storey, was also elected. The pri
mary departments of the schools have
been crowded for two years past, a
bund chart class and 1st grade depart
ment will be established ill the new
High school building the coming year,
which makes the employment of
another teacher necessary. Tidings.
A Klamath Boom Town.
Hcports from Klamath Falls say
that (pi ite a number of iioople are
arriving there checked through to
"White Lake City," an embryo
metropolis to be located on the shores
of Lower Klaiuatli lake, and promoted
by the Oklahoma & Oregnu Towusite
Company. One party ol night Colo
rado people arrived last week aud il
I is expected to have five huudred
' people there by the time the new
j town "opens" on June 1st. The site
1 has not yet been surveyed or platted
; but the non resilient olllcers of the
: company am expected III two weeks
I to boom tin Inlng along. The " Re-
'publican" says: "The residents of
: this county express a lack of cnull
! deuce in tliu success of this project
laud are unable to see what these
people are to live nn. The promoter.
who bave had experience ill this mode
1 of building towns, say that they are
i not asking any assistance from the
people here, and if they will ouly
give them tune they will show them
a citv w ith a population greater than
all the othei towns in Klamath county
coiiibincil. However, while the ma
jonty of the residents denounce the
scheme, the progress of the work will
be watched w ith interest. "
"1 have been alllieted with kidnc'
and bladder trouble for years, passing
gravel or stones with excruciating
pain." says A. II Thames, a well
Known coal operator of lliiffaln, O.
" I got no relief from medicine until
I began Inking Foley's Kidney Cure,
Hull the result was surprising. A
f-w docs started the brick dust lik.
siih-tanoo aud now I have no pain
across my kidneys and I feel like a
ii" vv man. Il has dune mn fiooo
worth of gnnd." Foley's Kidney
Cure will cure e'.ory form of Kidney
or Id'iddi r disease. For sale by 11
A. ttoternmud
How Realdcats of a Wnlrra Cm.
It? Are Hixxulna Tkelr Tow.
Almost any town can be boomed and
built up If IU residents will put a lit
tle brains and money In the effort,"
said the president of a western board
of trade rei-ently. "Take some of the
towns in this part of the country, for
instance, which have been growing
rapidly In the lust few years. Tbe
residents of these communities are not
asleep and letting things run them
selves, but they are up and doing all
tbe time and losing no opportunity to
make the moat of every chance that
preaeuts Itself. Not only that, they are
reaching out after chances and bave
landed more than one good tiling.
"One progressive western town that
I have in mind, aud that I will call
Illnnkvllle, has attracted much busi
ness and many desirable residents by
means of writeups In the newspapers.
This Is an excellent plan, as capitalists
and others are continually on the look
out fur di-slrable towns in which to
locate. Here is tho way Uie progress
ive people of Itlunkvllle call attention
to the advantages of their town:
" 'lllunkvllle la Inhabited by ener
getic and enterprising citizens who are
thoroughly ullve to the interests of
the town aud community. They join
heartily In any enterprise that tends
to advance theso Interests. They want
manufacturers to locate In their midst
and am prepared to offer substantial
and liberal Inducements to secure them.
Any one seeking a location for any
kind of a umiiufacturlng plant Id
Blankvlllu can expect a generous co
operation uud the proper encourage
ment on the part of Its citizens. They
are united aud public spirited In pub
lic enterprises us well us in other mat
" 'Splendid railroad aud shipping
facilities, cheap lands, plenty of wa
ter, an abundance of cheap fuel
and a mild, salubrious climate are
some of the Inducements offered.
The advantages afforded by the
two lines of railroads In the competl
tlve freight rati are Items In the
transportation of products and sup
piles that cannot be overlooked. The
cheapness of lauds for factory sites
and homes for employees should also
demand attention. An ample supply
of cheap fuel and an exceedingly
healthy location are features that
should not be passed over lightly.'
"Tho clrculur clotted with a complete
list of schools, churches, cost of living,
police and lire protection, price of rents.
funning facilities and products and all
the Information that a prospective In
vestor would wish to know."
Dollars ClresliXrd In l our Own Towa
llrlp II Urow.
Keep as much of your earnings In
circulation at home us you eau Is good
advice to follow, says the Homo Trade
Advocate. Don't send uway your dol
lars to a dlstiint point from whence
they will not return. Dollars circulat
ing in any community help along every
one in It. Kventually they will seek
Investment 111, new enterprises which
will help the place and give support to
laborers mid their families. It every
citlr.en consider It Ida particular duty
to help ulong his town, his county and
his state. He will be Vie winner In
the end.
If you wish tn buy a horse or any
other kind uf stock perhaps your neigh
bur has something Just us good us you
can get elsewhere, l'ay him your mon
ey for IL It will keep Just so much
the more Wfiilth In your county.
The sooner business men, profi'sslon-
al men, farmers nud nil classes of
workers In general come to a reallza
tion that dollars kept at home will re
main Iu circulation among them, will
help along the town, help start new In
dustrles and assist Iu keeping down
taxation, the better It will lie for all
Jvdacd br Coudlllon ol Streets,
"The streets of a town, good or bad,
give visitors a lusting Impression of a
towu," said Mayor Klonhin In his lues
suge to the council of Harrison, N
Therefore the streets should be kept In
gissl condition, and in doing future
paving the strictest supervision should
be employed. He suggested that copies
of the Kpoclllcutloiis under which any
paving is being done should be dis
tributed to the property owners along
the streets to be paved and that every
property holder be reijticsted to see
that the work Is being done properly,
reporting neglect. A great Improve
ment could tie inaile In the street If
the telephone and electric companies
were required to replace their ugly
poles nllh llMuivs having neatness
und beauty. Municipal Jouruul and
The Tuivn of Xo-4!ood.
Did you ever hear of the town of No
I.ihhI, on the hanks of the rlxer Slow,
where the sonic lime or olher scents
the ti Ir and the sol i g i easy grow? It
lies In the i alley of What's the I'se, tn
the province of Let ller Slide. It's the
home ef reckless I Don't Cure, where
the tihe It I'p abide. The towu Is n
old us the human race, and It grows
with the flight of .tours. It Is wrapped
In the fog of the Idler's dreams. Its
streets are paved with iltarH-red
schemes and are sprinkled with unless
Vialufll Df Ciootl li'honU,
Wtu'ii u .iinumiv'turr iMuti'tnliite
loon tin In ii own olio n tti flint to
quirk h inakt't in courtt'alti; th
town's (K'hi 1 f:it'Utttt'ri. In nlnr oasi
out of ton tio Iii.h ii ftimlly of chtKlrvii,
And wliorv ho k tlic) must tfo, niul
Whtre his fiiotory In lot ntcvt tlicy niunt
t tHhiruttM. If tho town h:ii aohoola
ttutt uiv tin ir(tlt nihl that tmvo tho
unsilntisl .iMts f ovory rltlrn he
uuvtt tho furt N ofloM lh ini'iint 01
,nnr1v InlhtiMuMni; tilin to hvtittf.
Allall'a, Clover, Timothy
ami other Giavi, and
Wheat and Oats.
Garden Seeds of All Kinds.
All my mciIs ate jmrc ami
ol" the host quality.
Soiitul, IVv ami Mealy nml the
Hot t'ot.itves sold in Giants Pass
Chiles' Grocery
Front t., near Fourth.
1 siSr r For Snl Bv B
1 Mm? R.L.Coe&Co. I
I gC,
:iZ. pFvvAitnlwr'-, : . fritOFESSloyAL CA IM)S.
tU. C. TL, 11. Column
AM matter for this nluinn is Mipplied
hjr tb Grants Vmn Wumau's Cbri.iUan
Temperance Union.
A pleasant littlu story of the W. C.
T. V. in Japan comes by way of the
Irish Temperance League Journal.
Almost everyone has heard of the
convt merit "comfort bags which
have been supplied tho Japanese
soldiers iu such large numbers. The
reading matter and lead pencils are
perhaps the most acceptable of any
thing in the bags; sometimes one
pencil is divided in several parts and
distributed among tho men. The W.
O. T. U. Is permitted to send these
bags out in lots of 10.IKKI, aud to sup
ply the demand all classes of society
arn at work making and filling them.
Some members of tho nobility, incited
by Prince Takatsukasa, furnished a
large number of costly and beautiful
bags and among other luxuries (laced
a case of cigarettes in each. The W.
O. T. U. asked very politely that they
be allowed to replace these, and
though surprised at the request, the
prince at once consented and allowed
his own family to assist in making
the change. The New Voice.
Testimony From the Scaffold.
SK)keu in the death hour, the
words of Azel Oulbraith, Colorado
wife and child murderer, const itue a
most forcible argument for prohibi
tion. Just befnro the execution, the
prison warden drew a flask of whiskey
from his pocket and otfered it to the
doomed man, saying, " Hotter take a
drop, Azel, it will cheer you op."
"No, thank you," was the reply,
"no more of that stuff fur me. If it
had no been for that I would not be
where I am. It was drink that first
sent me to the bad. "
Prohibition worth while? Ask the
mothers ol the drink victim And if
thu brains of tho majority i f our
lawmakers and law enforcers were
not so beclouded by the the Influence
of the mocker aud deceiver, the state,
the nation, would soe that prohibition
is worth while eveu from an economic
Ballard's Horiehound Syrup.
Immediately relieves hoarse, croutiy
cough, oppressed, rattling. ras ing
and dillicult tin tithing. Hcnrv O.
Stearns, Druggist. Schullcbnrg, Wis.,
writes, May '.Ml, l'.Kil : "I have been
selling Pallard's llorchound Syrup for
two years, aud have never had a
preparation that has given better
satisfaction. I notice that when I
scll'ii bottle they come hack for more.
I can honest Iv recommend it " 2'ic.
,'iHc. l.(Ki at Model Drug Store and
Chamberlain's Cough Rrmtdy the Bttt and
Mult Popular.
"Mothers buy it for rrnury child
ren. railroad men buy it for severe
coughs and ehlerlr in ople boy it for
la grippe," say Micro liros , Kldon,
Iowa. "We sel1 more of Chamberlain's
I'ough Hcmedv than any other kind."
There is no iuesiion but this medicine
is the best that can be procured lor
roughs and ioIiR whether it be a
child or an adult that is alllieted.
It aw lays rules and cures ipnickly.
Sold by all druguiMs.
About Khtumatiim.
There are lew diciBMS that inflict
more torture than rhi umatisni and
there is preli bly no for which
Mich a varied ami useless lot of
remedies have been suggested. Ti
pay thai it can be cured is, therefore,
a bold slateuii nt to make, but t'h.ini
berlam's Pain Halm, which enjoys au
extensive sale, has met lib great
success in the treat incut of this dis
case. Why surfer when Pain Palm
ullorils Mich iuiok relief and costs
but a trifle'1 per sale by all druggists.
tiimi am.-, i Cure tor I'lle.
Itching, lilind, Ph cdiiig or Pro
truding Piles. Druggists refund
money il PAZO OINT.MKN T fail lo
cure any case, no matter of how long
standing, in t to 14 days. Pirxt ap
plication (iixes iain and rest. 50c.
If your druggist hasn't it, send ,'i0c
ill stamps and it will be forwarded
postpaid by Paris Medicine Co., St
Louis. Mo
HiggiiinSa Philips
Assavers and Chemists
Gold, Mlvrl', lopptr, I.,t,!.
tuld and Ml r, Jl.
1 each.
Kiioh ami eery a.-uy done
id.-a that il nrny'lv i h.vkisl.
:th the
II. I. !: n..,i
I. J. I aw
Reynolds & Lawton
Civil and Mining
M 1 :C 1 1 A X 10 A L IR AUG I ITS
Clrants Pass
Backed up by over a third uv . cr
of remarkable and uniform nun. " ' "'
such as no oilier rtmedy fur tin lit-.
and weaknesses peculiar to w..i:i-.-i. '
Stuiiu-d, lue propi letur.- and niitlu-i-. , -i
Pierce's Favorite Prescriplion u.oi !
fully warranted in onViing lo p 4" "
legal money of the t iiitrd Stale.. t'.,r '',
case of beucorrhea, Female Weakie'. Pro
lapsus, or Falling ol Womb which !
cannot cure. All they ask is a f.iir uuk
reasonable trial of their means ol cu.e.
There an thouiaodi of iirk woniro driKai
out a wt-urv, inUerabU viitctK-e, ho wuulci lx
well anJ KVVV 'lid llirv bul have inv njirrt
me with Ir Hicrce'i f'unle lJrevfi'iiuti,"
write Mr. Amur Leuuiau.of 106 Jacknu St.,
Atlmitj ".a. "Four years atru I wti nesrl)
dru-1 with iiiflainniiitiuii aud ulcerntioii 1 en
dured datily unlultl a on and lile was a t.urden
t me. I had used medicines internally aud
externally until I bad made up my mi ml that
thTf vfRt no relief in nijfht for me. fnrail nf
Olliit' emiorfccd yotir ' Pturorile 1'rem'uptluli.' aud
I tlcterinmed then to give it a trial. It took
patitic nud prraeveraiu v for 1 was in a h! cuii
dition. and lud to like your tuediciue for arntly
Tour mouth before I wai cured, but irlul a
change it tiroutiht; from ite-jwir to liaoprjfM.
from misery to the deliKhtful. rxhilMraliu(i feel
ing th;it oniv lunlth bnuL-v 1 would ui l.itu.jv
back for a 'thousand do.lars. Your I'rtwnp
tion' i a fTTrftid inrdicuie. I wnh ry ick
woiuau would only try it and Ix- ctjuviued "
Dr. Pierce' Comtnon Seine Mt-dicttl
Adviser, in paper covers, is sent free on
receipt of 21 one ct-nt stamps. Aduii
Dr. R- V. Pierce. But&io. N.Y
Strikes Hiddtn Rocki.
When your ship of health itrikes
the bidden rocks of consumption,
pneumonia, etc., you are lost, if you
don't get help from Dr. King's New
l)icovery for Consumption. J. W.
Mi'Kiiiiion, of Talladega Springs,
Ala., writes: "I had been very ill
with pneumonia, under the care of
two doctors, bat win getting nn bet
ter when I began tn take Dr. King's
New Discovery. The first dose guve
relief, and one bottle cured lue."
Sure cure for sore throat, bronchitis,
coughs and colds. Guaranteed at all
druggists. Trial bottle free.
Tn Cure a Cold In One Day
ING Tablets. All druggists refund
the money of it fails to cure. E. V.
Grove's signature is no each bn. 3,'c.
I.. H. Hall.
C. R. Colo.
Hall & Cole,
Undertakers, Embalmers,
Funeral Directors.
Full stock of Burial RoIh'S and Un
takers Supplies.
North Sixth Street
Near Court Hinisu.
OhW, No. 751; Kesidem-es, No. 717
and No. 1XN.
ccajlos to i
Draujht Slotk and ouln
" '" io wry inal Mvlr
uxd anything lor atock that Java half at
jood aatiilKtioa. I htiriily racam.
mand It to all swntrt of itock
J. B. BELSrlER, St U.U. U
Sick atoik or poultry should sot
eat cheap stock f.vl any mors thaa
sick persona should
nJ poultry are sick give "them med
nAn v.. ii ...l.
icine. I'vii t atuff th.-iii woh ..k.
lesa at.vk fooila. I nloaJ th bowels
nd stir un the tomid hv.-r . n,-
anin,i i, U cure.!, if it I pj.
bis to cure it. Hl.v k-Drauchttock
and loultry M.; -ine unl.da ths
iwwela and itirj up the torpid liver
It cures ercry malady 0f ttock if
taken in time. Scours a i'l-cent can
of Ulaik-I'rs.ight Mock and I'sultry
Medu iue and it will paT for itaslf ten
timesorer. llor, work better Cowi
give more milk. Hoga gliD
Ami hens lay more egg.. It .d,,, ths
pn.blem of making as much blood
fleh and onergy as oat of
tho smjiUnt amount of food con
umi. Buy a cm from vour dealer
2lf B
Svajsj MUBoaj aVoajaal toU In paot 12 i
H I Kavs Kaal cuilo to um yu-f
? 8lck Draught Slotk and oultry Mad), il
Masonic Ti'mplf, Kuoms 2 und 4
liRAMH l'Ahh,
'i'houe 633. (liiwiiiH.
Offl: rijini'y'B resit Ion cor. ith
and K Htm-ts.
Day and nijrht phone No. fi-'tl.
J) P- LOVK, m. n.
Office in Williams liros.' Mock, over
Grants I'uns i.riicci'.v.
Kesideiico I'hono 414.
Offlco I'hono 141.
Gbants 1'AhS, - - Oiircio.s
Practice in all Statu and Federal Courts.
Olllce in Opera House liuililinir.
Grants Pass, - OheghN
Office over First National Hank,
Gbant8 Pass, - - - okkijon.
Practices in li 11 State and Federal Courts
Office over Hair Hiildlo HanhvaieCo.
Gkants Tabs, - - Ohkoosi
Union Building
Treats all Nervous and Spinnl Dis
eases. Khcinmitism and Stoinaeh Tnm
lilns. A sjiecialty maileot Female l)is
OUses. Office: Colonial Lodging Houso.
front room. Grants l', Ore.
8team Ilaths, Ah ohol Kub. AU dja.
oases tivated. Ho-pitMl care givoii to
all who wUh it. Klieuinatism cured in
its worst form. Ail vice ftv.
Colonial llousi.. Ultli e hours II to (I.
Gkants Pass. . (Ikhiun
VV It costs you nothing to consult
UK. MoNT.iliMKHY. He cures
Female complaint, nyn's private dis
eases and all kinds of chronic troubles.
Aln sells Chei-okee and other guaran
teed family medicines. 1'. ( ). Hox lyj
Call at Frit! Paioiiio e.
Palace Barber Shop
Shaving, Hair Cutting
Ha ths, Etc.
Kvcrything net t und el.un and a
work 1 irt-t lass.
Charles Costain
Wood Working Shop.
West of flour mill, near R. R. track
...rii.nk'. Work. Stair Work, l!nn.l
""""'I orn, rtoo.l t'llllevs s
ilincand duinuiiiiK, l!epainn all kinds
rmi1. rihrtit
J. E.
A,rent HiK Horn Hasin Land Co
yoiiunK. Anchor Wire Fence.
Front md 4th Sts. P, 0. Box 273.
Real Estate
Employment office. Houses rented
ltt ft.-rH. all '..n..l
river tHiitoin, T.s cuitivati-.l. in 'u h,
pv i
ranroa.l town
(tismI ron.l
coy will pay tun-hay ,,tll, in s,''
rubber .tan,,, of
Order .!
1 A. E. Yoorluea
To Cure a Cold in One Dav
Quinine m:.
Ely's Creaiv. Balm
This Remedy Is a Speclflo,
Sure to Clve Satisfaction.
It eleu'n, S'Tothea, heals, snil protiys tli
difeiind nieinbrune. It onres Cuturrli anil
1lriv.s awnv o Hold in tne rinu qmoKiv.
Itostorcs tho Stnsoa of Tatte and r-raelL
Fjk-v to ns. foiitiiinii no injurious dniKs.
. .v. i.;l. ul..l.4
Lar "o Piz., BO cents at PruniriKts or by
moil: Triul Ki.-.e, 10 cents by mail.
ElY BROTHERS, B6 Warren St.. Nsw York.
A Dandy for Burns.
Dr. Berlin, Puna, Ills., writes:
" I lia?e nted Ballard's Suow Liui
nieut; It is a dandy for barns.
Those who live ou farms nrn especi
ally liiibln to many accidental cuts,
barns, braises, which heal rapidly
when Ballards'i Suow Liniment is ap
plied. It should always he kept in
the house for cases of emergency. "
1 25c WW, fl.lio not tie ai lwieruiunn s
and Model Drug storo.
Will Intarest Many.
Every person should know that good
health is Impossible if tho kidneys
are deranged. Foley's Kidney Cure
will cure kidney and bladder diceuse
in every form, and will build up and
strengths!! these organs so tliey will
perform their functions propo'ly. No
danger of Kright's disease or diabetes
if Folev's Kidney Cure is taken in
time. For sale by H. A. Pioterinund.
Have you tried the
Headlight Chop - House
Fur a Cooil Square Meal ?
I-'kksii Oysters and Tamales.
Fiont Street, opp. Round House.
V. F. LEMPKE, Trops.
Hock eggs, 15
second hand Flore,
white Plymouth
for i. 00 .Moore's
nnd lnoi'o of tiiem
when you want
them. S i n ir I n
Coiufi White Le.'liiii'iis, tho business
fowl of America Yards headed hv
cockerels from a pen with a record of
"'-'i cfs per year per lien. Kitsrs ifl oll
for If.; i- f.l) for ail. GKANITK KG
& l'lil'LlliY YAHDS, W. J. Moaaon
ger, Prop , Ashland, Oregon.
E St. bet. 5th and 6th
The lioui
VII ted.
has been tliDrniighlv reiio
Miss. T. M. KKNS1IAW.
Teacher of Mush
Practical instruction in Violin, Pin:.'
Guitar, Clarinet and Cornet. Most ca"
fill attention j.'iven to beciniiiTH. l-cr
oi'dei's at Mu-ie Store.
Notice is hereby (jiveu that the
ailminisinitor nf tlm estate of Agnes
K. Sawyer, deci used, will, from and
afler Monday, May 1st. 1!"., sell at
private sale, the following described
real property helointini; to said estate,
'o-wit: Lot numbered two (2i in
P.loek lettered "1 " in Peurnn'e First
Addition to the City of Grants Pass,
in Josephine Omnty, Oregon : said
property will be sold' to 'tlm hin'nst
and best bidder for cash In hand,
subject to cnnlirniation of the County
ourt for Josephine County, Oregon.
This notice is publifil ed in'tlie Pognn
Kiv. r Ccuriel by order of Hon. J. ( .
Hnoth, County Judge, mado iu tho
matter ol the estate of Agnes K.
Sawyer, ill ceased ou the isth day of
March, mo,-,.
Administrator of the estate of Agms
K. Sawyer, deceased.
In the County Court for Jnsephiim
County, Oregon.
In flip matter of the 1
Estate of John '.
Everv, llecfased. i
pursuant to au order dnly entered in the
I ounty Court for Josephine Countv,
Oregon, in the nbove entitled raue,
of date, Feb. 21), A. I) ,, where
III It is ordered ami directed that the
real prnptrty of the above named
John Every, hereinafter described,
b sold at private rilo for the pur
ls se of paying charges and claims
against said estate, expenses of ad
ministration, and for the purpose of
give notice that I w ill after April ?',
A. 1 ' , l'Jii... sell at private sale to
be higl,s, l.itl.i.T, fr terms cash iu
Hand, or for approved secunlv upon
said rial estate by first mortgage,
with half cash down, tho following
ilescrit'id rrcmisi s. to-wif
The SKi, of the SWi, and the PW,
of the SE' Sec. S, Township 3.". S,
" !', of Alllnet'o'M..ri.liaii.
Also the XK', f ,,o XW. and
the NWi, f , XK, rf S), 27
lowm-hip s. i w f Willani. tie
Meridian all i Josephine Countv,
l.I,:i,',1 ' 10 day of March. A. D..
'Admiiitrntor of the Estate.
lias Sioert I he Tent . r a." Year..
r-' 'i'-r1' or'kr'na' ORi.i'E'S Ta6leless
( Co. I Tome. Von kro h.l ,ou are
" ti ij. iron RniJ qumirifln Uxte-
"l Ul. . I' I j