Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 24, 1904, Image 5

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Entered at the post otlice at Grants Pss,
Oregon, as second-cla-s mail matter.
This week's issue of the Courier
rerrcseutfl effort under uutisoally try
ing couditicus, which made It impos
sible to do ourselves justice. For
one thing, the source from which we
were to receive town aud county
write-up copy utterly failed us; we
were short handed and no extra help
could be procured, and to make the
work more embarrassing, we are in
convenienced by building operations
which are being pushed cn both sides
of us and over our hauls aud the
Courier office itself is all torn up,
preparatory to moving. To the above
circumstances are duo the iucom
pleteneEB of descriptive matter aud
tho latuuosd of this issue.
The gambling fraternity have re
ceived a crushing blow in Portland
throogli a decision by J edge M. A.
Ueorge in. nil injunction suit btonght
by tho gamblers to rrevmt Sheriff
Word, of Multnomah county from
closing pool rooms, in which the
Sheriff w as sustained. The pool sell
ers claimed Unit as they held n license
from the city of Portland, the state
authorities could not molest them
and they further claimed that pool
selling was not gambling. Judge
Ueorge ruled that pool selling was a
form of gambling aud Unit when any
thing is wagered on an event in
which there is an element of chance
that it is gambling, and Unit no
municipality hud the legal light to
license gambling. Tliis decision by
Judge Ueorge has caused consterna
tion among tho gamblers, for with a
sheriff who dares to do his duty aud
to enforce the state laws, they realize
that Purtluud cannot longer be a
"wido open" town aud that the soft
fingered gentry, who live off other
people's earnings and give no equiva
lent in return, other (bun wrecked
lives to the victims, must now move
to plaoes where tho town und county
officials are remiss in doing their
duty aud will for town revenue or
fur personal gaiu, allow gambling to
violate the stute laws.
Oregou's delegation are to get to
Washington in ample time for the
convening of congress, which takes
place on tho fir.-t Mcuuuy in Decem
ber. Senator Mitchell left Portland
last week and Senator Fultou de
parts frcm Astoria this week as does
Congressman Williums from his home
at Priueville. Congressman Her
mann, with Mrs. Hermann, will leave
Rosebuig curly next week for Wash
ington. Oregon has a delegation ol
workers in congress aud in influence
aud In importance of committee posi
tions rank with many cf tho great
states of the East. As to the relulive
standing of the delegations of the
Paciflo Coast stutes, it is conceded
even by residents of California aud
Washington, that tho Oregon delega
tion has more inllueuco aud accom
plishes more in matters of public
policy and fcr tho good of their state
than does either of the delegations
from California or Washington, each
of which in membership is larger
thau that of Oregon. As a sequence
Oregon fares extrimely well at the
hands of tho General government
and no state in tho union, in propor.
tiou to the import aud internal revenue
yielded, receives so large appropna
tions for river and harbor improve
incuts, public buildings and other
public needs, as does this statu.
Tho best advertising investment that
has yet been niudo by Grants Pats is
that of the mineral exhibit in this
city under the auspices of the Grants
Pass Miners Association. While it
has been but a short time since it was
opened, yet it is already attracting
attention in all the mining districts
of the couutry, aud its has been the
means of causing many mining men
to visit Grauts Pass uud to become in
terested in Southern Oregon, who
would otherwise have passed this dis
trict by, for niauy persons passing on
the railroad take a stop-over aud
spend the time between trains in
viewiug tho exhibit, and tho register
shows visitors from almost every miu
iug district in the United States,
British America aud Mexico. An
hour speut in the Association room
aives a mining man a better and more
full knowledge of tin' mineral re
sources of Southern Oregon than could
be gained by a mcutlis hard travel
over the hills of this section. W hile
the exhibit does not embrace samples
of all the minerals kuowu to exist
in Southern Oregcn, nor specimens
from all the ledges aud deposits now
opened, yet It is so complete as to en
list hearty words cf commeudatiou
from such miniug men aud experts as
Patrick Clark, J. C. Porter, Dr. J.
F. Keddy, of Sjwsane. These
gentlemen, while on a recent visit to
Grants Pass, visited the exhibit and
said it was the most complete they
had ever seen in a email tewn, aud
Mr. Clark was so interested iu the
ores that he visited it the second
time. As to the class of ores, Mr.
Clark stated that showiug was good
and that it indicated that Southern
Oregon was a rich and important
mineral district. Though all other
forms of advertising miy have tf
be dropped for the time being to meet
the expeusesof the mineral exhibit, that
should be kept cp as it will
bring more returns thau any other
meant of publicity tint Grants Par
could adopt to osh the mining in
dust;) that means so muob to Ui(
city's prosjtrity.
Honest made,
0 0
0 0
0 0
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0 0
Woodville Items.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Sams spent Thurs
day in Grants Pass.
J. W. Laws was in Medford Wed
nesday on business.
Miss Rose White was a Grants Pass
visitor last Thursday.
W. T. Williams made a business
trip to Ashland Wednesday.
Miss Cord of Grants Pass was
guest Sunday of Mrs. L. Morse.
W. Williams, a' well known Grants
Pass carpenter, spent Sunday with
friends in this place.
Ben Lowell, our ruitling real es
tate man made a business trip to
Jacksonville Wednesday.
0. Moore, who ha been working in
a mine near Grants Pass, returned
home Thursday to remain.
Rev. R. Tweed was in Grants Pass
Tuesday attending a special session of
the Southern Oregon Presbytery.
Mrs. R. Whipple and Mrs. Randle
went to Central Point Saturday to
visit for several days with friends.
Roy Stevens was np from Grants
Pass Sunday, spending the day with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Stevens.
There will be the usual morning
and evening services this Sunday
in tho Presbyterian church, Rev. R.
Tweed delivering the sermons. Sab
bath school at 10 a. m.
P. Leverich lias bonght the build
ing in which ho Is conducting a
saloon and the dwelling house that
he resides In Itogother with two lots
of William By bee of Jacksonville.
W. T. Sperry, mail carrier cn the
Woodville-Wimer rente, has bought a
small farm on Evans creek, a short
dualize above Wimer aud next year at
the expiration of his mail contract
will move upon it.
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Action Before Judie Hsnna In
Jackson County-
The legality of the election in Jack
son county upon the question of
prohibition will be tested in the
courts. Saturday, while the official
canvass was being made, protests
wero filed against nine precincts in
the county by C. B. Watson and E.
J. S. McCallister, attorneys for the
anti-saloon people, alleging that the
election in these precincts was illegal,
iu that persons not living in these
precincts had voted therein upon the
prohibition question. The nine pre
cincts involved were North and South
Medford, Gold Hill, North and South
JacLsonville, Eagle Point, Apple
gate, Taleut aud Barrou.
The saloon forces by their attorneys
Wm. M. Colvig and W. L Vawter
iil.d a protest covering every pre
.inct iu tho county. The saloon peo
ple base their contention upon the
same grounds as do their opponents,
aud in addition will bring up the
poiut as to whether the local option
law, being a general law has repealed
or superceded the special law, enact
ed by the legislature in giving cities
jnil towns jurisdiction in theraatter of
grunting liqnot license.
The matter came up before Judge on Wednesday and as taken
otidir advisement. Judge Hauua not
heiug fully satisfied that his court
had jurisdiction to grant the injunc
- ion prayed for.
Thursday Judge Uanna decided that
tie had no jurisdiction in the matter,
in spite of the argument that be had,
idvanced by attornt js for both sides,
tnd dismissed both suits for injunc
tion. The contest cases will be tried
jp,n their merits before county Judge
Dunn on November SOtb. Medford
sold at the
W. E. DEAN & CO. 0
Wlldervllle Items.
We hear that Goldie Lewis is on
the sick list
Mr. and Mrs. Clark went to Merlin
one day last week.
Lulu Conger is now chief cook at
Mrs. 0. F. Lovelace's.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sams visited
at J. Snnis'last Sunday.
The Ditch Company are doing sen e
more work on their dam.
W. H. Cart has moved onto the
ranch he bought of Will Brown.
Webster Roberts' folks have moved
and are now living on Slate Creek.
i. E. and J. B. Robinson worked
on the now parsonage Friday of last
Arthur Wells' father is visting bin.
I presume he was anxious to see that
new grandson.
Mrs. Rhoten aud childrnu have
moved to Emmott Conger's ranch
across A pp legate.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim London and
Grandma. Loudon visited at Ueorge
Creed s last Sunday.
Etnmett Conger is building a house
on his little ranch. Wonder what
that mean? Don't yon hear those
weddiug bells?
A very small crowd was at Sunday
school last Sunday, at the weather
was rather unpleasant. We should
not be so afraid of getting wet.
Arthur Wells and Wesley McCollum
made a trip to Medford several days
ago, Arthur on business and Wesliy
to see tho couutry and people.
A wagon load of turkeys parsed
throuith here Iridav of last week.
Wonder if the turkeys had a suspicion
that Tliaiiksigving day was so near at
Elmer Waldeu passed her.i Thursday
of last week oil his way homo to Med
ford from California. Zanoni.
Special Sale
Wonder Item.
(Crowded out last week. )
We are still waiting and listening
for the whistle of the Colonel's rail
road engine.
Price Sloan and family have moved
down on Rogue River; wo regret to
loose them as neighbors.
There is much prosiecting doue in
this vicinity aud claims being lo
cated, and we predict a bright future
fur this part of the world.
The season for the Buttercup is past
and gone and now Che Ouis doth ap
pear. Wishing every one a joyful
thanksgiving, 1 now bid yon goodbye.
W. II. Devore aud family am com
fortably domiciled iu their new house
aud Her.ih McCluug is building a
large two-story dwelling, while the
Wonder store has been enlarged to
twice its former capacity; all of
which denotes prcspcrity in spite of
a poor couutry and a republican ad
Whereas, Zanoni keeps the readers
informed of the doings of the Wilder-
vilians, 1 think it meet and proper to
relate the works of the Wonder
worthies. Onr school is progressing
nicely under the efficient manage
ment of the amiable little teailirr,
Miss Grnhb. There were two gradu
ates last year, with Prof. J. II. Aus
tin as teacher, vir. : Master Koy De
vore aud Miss Hellen Ashmeord, and
we see no reason why thero should not
be half a dozen tills term, as the di
rectors havo bought a 'J chart and
put a new floor iu the house aud made
other "much needed improvements."
Osc&r KenrWdy Hurt.
D. B. Pope, cf Golden, was in
Grauts Pass Wrduetday and report
that Oscar Kmuedy, whose borne is
at Wolf Creek, and vlio was working
ou a road being coustructed between
Wolf Creek and Greenback, was in
jured Monday by a stomp tipping
hack upon him, which he and other
men were rolling from the roadway.
He was carried to the home rf his
uncle, Henry Gross and fir. Major ol
Placer, summoned. The doctor found
the young man's lung was badly ln
jored and that three ribs wen
broken. He rallied from the shock
aud Wednesday there was a fair
chance that be woo Id recover.
What the Miners Are Doing.
Douglas Houghton, a mining man
from Redding, is in Grants Pass,
looking over the mineral resources of
this district, being attracted here by
the favorable reports of Southern
Oregon that aro now to be heard In
all the miuiug districts of the West.
C. E. Piatt, who with Albert
b'oepp is developing a group of five
claims whicli they have located on
Bolan creek, near where that stream
joins Sucker creek, was in Grants
Pass Monday. Mr. Piatt stated that
their ledge was showiug op well
aud they had every prospect of hav
ing a property that would yet be
valuables While here, Mr. Plttt
met W. E. Smith, a former neigh
bor of his in Eugene, who had come
in trv his luck this winter iu tiros-
peeling aud he accompanied Mr. Piatt
to Sucker creek district where he
will locate a claim.
W. P. Dobson, who with Nell Bar-
nett owus the Tobacco group of
claims in the Briggs district, is iu
Grauts Pass to speud a week. Messrs.
Dobson & Harnett have closed their
development work for this season, bat
early next spring will again goto
their claims and put iu several mouths
in opening up their ledges, which
show good vulnes and have every iu
dioaiion of proving profitable proper
ties. Mr. Dobson states there are
now more thau HO claims taken in the
Briggs distiict and that next summer
that district will be the scene of great
activity in nnniug operations.
W. I. Dowell, owner of the Sugar
Pine ledge on the right fork of Galioe
creek, is iu Grants Pass to remain a
couple of weeks aud his business ar
rangements may be such that he wilt
spend the winter here. Mr. Dowell
has becu doing considerable develop
ti'cut work tins summer and fall upon
his ledge, which makes a good show
ing and promises to be a property of
considerable value. Having other
business to attend to, ho does not ex
pect to bo able to resume work ou his
claim before next spring, when he
hopes to do extuusive development and
p it his mine in shape to be placed on
the market.
Mr. S. Case, owner and manager of
the Oro Kino mine ou Jump-off-Joe,
was iu Grunts Pass Satmday and
Sunday, returning Monday to Oro
Fmo. Mr. Case, who is a woll known
Portland mining capitalist of Port
land, acquired the Oro Fino gronp of
claims and last Bummer began their
systematic development aud helms
put ou an extensive system of tunnel
aud shafts and proved the great ex
tent and richness of the ledges on the
three claims and finding that the ex
penditure for a nulling plant would
he fully warranted, he began this
fall to install a cyanide sysetm and
expeuts to -have it completed ai.d
iu operation within the next two
months, when he will bo able to
handle M) tons of ore pel day. The
tanks aro of red cedar and of the most
substantial build. The ore will be
crushed by a Stur.lovaut roller ma
chine. This is a new ore crusher to
Southern Oregon mines aud is said to
be a decided improvement over bat
tery crushers now iu use, as It allows
no rock to pass through larger than
nun-fourth inch in diameter thus
giving a uniform size to the rock for
iho stamps. These crushers are dust
less, another good feature. A 40
horsepower boiler and engine fur
nishes power for the mill while a
small separator engine supplies
power for tho hoist and pumps. It
is probable that later water power
will bo utilized as ample water can
be had from Junip-o-ff-Joo. Mr. Case
owus considerable land adjoining his
m'no that is covered with very lino
timber affording him fu,il and mine
timbers convenient aud at low cost.
Work has been suspended for tho
winter, by reason of the snow in that
high altitude ou the Ivanpaw group
of copper claims iu the Waldo dis
trict, aud the crew of men has beeu
taken to a lower
there will bo little
altitude, where
snow, and plaoed
the Mother Lode
at work developing
claims, that lie live
miles cast of the
Takilina smelter.
These claims are owned by C. L.
Manguiu and J. R. Reeves, of Grauts
Pass. The development work on the
Ivanpaw gronp has made a most
satisfactory showing and gives war
rant fora complete development, which
will be (ldiiej next summer. Mother
Lode group extends for JMiOO feet
along tho strike of the vein. The
vein is a perfect contact of an average
width or 20 feet, lying tmtween por
phyry-shtto and granite walls. Ouly
a small amount of work has been
done ou these claims, but Mr. Roeves,
who is in charge of a crow of men,
will pnsh tho duvelopmeuing with
the intention of having ' the ledge
fully opened up by spring. These
two gioups ol claims are, so far as
surface showing indicates, among the
best copper properties iu Josephine
county as to extent of ore body and
ii iuli values aud will more than
likely become high copper producers
in the near future,
Provoll Items
II. IVrnoll of Applegate was at
Provolt Tuesday on business.
Miss Alice Grimes of California
returned home this week for a visit
with relatives.
John Littkeu of Grants Pass was at
Provolt Saturday visiting relatives
and to look after his farm iu the Pro
volt district.
K. 0. Smith of Grants Pass sent
Thursday and Friday at Provolt look
ing after miuingproperty iu tho Karrli
Gulch district.
L. C. Hyde and II. VIesi-iuger of
Provolt are building new flues in
their residences; they have become
tired of heating stoves; this surely
me ins a hard winter. Iiew h, tho Provolt hop raiser
made a business trip to Grants Pas
Saturday aud exsets to return tht
nine day. Mr. Ixiesch is having
me 'itssi hop poles cut at li cents
licr pole which will be used for his
young yard In the spring which will
make m veil acres additional to the
ild yard set out iu li'Jl.
K. N. Provolt i'f Provolt has beeu
loing some goodj trading this week.
Mr. Provolt traded 31 head of cattle
for seven head of horses; the horses
lie valued at $700; they are young
Hid unhroke and when they get their
growth, will weigh from lijuo to 1300
pounds each. The catthi were cows
md calves, mostly. Mr. Provolt is
i catthi raiser of this section and a
jrxt, trader. He is also a berry raiser,
lie has raspberries, blackberries,
jjooscts-rri" iu great quantities to put
into market iu August and Septoru-is-r;
he also raises apples and his crop
his season wss good.
Thos. Curler, who has been at work
for J. T. Ijitiiiii. got through the first
f the week, and at the last o' the
week he was put to pros, eciing on the
divining ridg ix-twecn Whinksy gulch
ud Bruphy gulch. Mr. Carter came
to Provolt Friday and reports that he
lid well as he took a $15 nugget from
one pan of dirt This piece of gold
cm u i oed no qaartz; it was as
smooth as a river pebble. There
ought to be rich channels to that sec
tion of the mountains for Whiskey
gulch was very rich in both qoarti
tud smooth gold in the sarly days of
When this gulch wis dis
covered, the gold was near the grass
Contract will soon be let for tunnel
work on the Levens ledge, near Rid
dle, in tliis county, and steps will be
Vtken to in (tall a cyanide plant to
properly work the ores. E. A. Ses
sions, who is one of the managers of
tne properties, will send some tarn
plea of the ores to be tested in a re
duction plant there, and if the result
is satisfactory, step will be taken to
secure a similar plant to work the re
fractory ores In the Levens ledge.
The values are high in the Levens
ledge, but the ores have become base
at the lower levels, and it will re
quire a cyanide process to save the
gold. Gleodale News.
D. T. Irwin camj down from Ash
land Saturday to spend a couple of
days in Grauts Pass. Mr. Irwin is
an old-time Josephine county miner
and mined on Grave creek and Jump
off -Joe before Grants Pass was found
ed. He is now developing a quarts
claim on Hungry creek, Siskiyou
county, that gives most encouraging
prospects, tie is also interested iu
Idaho minins nrouertT having a mine
in that state in partnership with his
brother. George irwin, ana oousin,
Chester Irwin. They have the
property bonded to Idaho parties for
J5,000 and there is every certainty
that the bond Will be closed as tne
mine is proving to be quite rich.
A. E. Dodsou was Iu Grauts Pass Sat
urday from Oscar creek wheie he and
J as. iiumgarduer nave recently locai
ed two very promising claims, one a
nlaoer, the other a quarts, tne
nlacer claim embraces the creek clian
uel aud the earth to be handled is
from one to 11 feet deep, though the
greater part averages about two reel,
with a strata of gravel ou the bedrock
that prospects well. Messrs. Dodsou
& Bumrarduer will pat iu a ditch
about 600 feet In length, which will
give them a presure of 60 foot to
operate a hose in piping the earth
throouh the sluices.
Their quarts claims are located on
the hillside near their placer claims.
Onlv the necrssarr location work has
been done upon it so Its extent and
richness is not known, but it has
every indication of being a good
property. It is their inteutiou next
summer to fully develop It aud ascer
tain its value.
Mr. aud Mrs. D. Briggs and son
Roy and daughter, Mrs. A J. Foulk
returned Saturday to their home uear
Waldo, aftur sneudinn several days in
Grauts Pass, making purchases of
their winter supplies aud in visiting
ith li lends. Mr Uriggs and sons
discovered the famous Uilggs gold
mine last spring that made suoh a stir
iu mi ii in a circles, and which tney
yet own, though having it bonded tor
f 100.000 to a company at the head of
which is K. T. Staples of Ash land.
While that giest ore shoot yielded
them sold enough to satisfy most
persons, yet the prospector's spirit Is
uppermost with them and they have
lately located a claim on tne neao. oi
the Chetco In Cutry county that con
tains a ledge that while not showing
the richness of the Briggs lode.carries
Bood values and is of great extent.
While In urants mss. Air. uriggs nan
an assay niado ot samples rroui tins
ledge and the showing mane warrants
thein to still further develop their
claim with tho prospect good of it
proving a paying property. The
Briggs family are now living com
fnrtablr on a farm ou the Illluoi
river. 22 miles from the Briggs mine,
where a ohanoe discovery made them
wealthy In but a day.
O. Ii. Mangum returned Sunday in
company with J. M. rorter Irom
the Silver Ureok district where tney
had beeu to examine the Old Glory
gronp of quarts claims, that belong
to Mr. Mangum. Mr. Porter is
noted niluernlogist of Spokane and I
in the employ of Patsy Clark, the
millionaire mine operator of that
city, as mining engineer and mluera
expert, and the object of the trip
was to look over the local condition
aud to seoare samples ot ore from
Mr. Maugnm'a ledge. Over 60 pounds
of rook, selected from various sectiou
of the ledges, were brought in and
shipped to Spokaue, where they will
be tested by oyanlde, amalgamation
and assay processes that their true
values mar be ascertained. While
Mr. Clarks' plans are not kuown ye
as Is his method of business It i
certain that should he close his option
on this property, that he will, at an
early date, ereot a mill and proceed
to develop the mine. These claims
cover one of the largest aud riches
ledges in Josephine couuty aud are
certain to become one of tho great
minus of Southern Oregon. Should
Mr. Clark not take them a Los
Aug lees company will place an op
tiou on them aud have them tested
with a view of purohase.
Mr. Porter left Monday morn in
for Jacksoville where he will
amine the big Opp mine near that
place, owned by J. W. Opp. Dr.
V. Keddy aud r. N. Perry, for Patsy
Clark, after which lie will return to
roots and a hole was sunk the depth
of four feet; the first pan full of dir
panned out I'.sX) In coarse gold ; till
gulch has given out more gold tha
any other gulch iu Southern Oregon
It is lVmlles In length, at the Ilea
divides into several different clmn
nets. Mr. Carter has probably dis
covered one nf these lost channels tha
has lain hidden for a number of years.
R.a.iiroexd Lavnda May be Opened
The railroad holdings have been one
of the biggest handicaps to the do
felopment of Josephine couuty, th
.Southern Paciflo holding evory alter-
uate sectiou under their grant. For
ho last two years these lands have
been withdrawn from sale, but now
o the Portland Journal reports, they
aro to be put back on the market, but
110 announcement as to date or prit
and conditions has been given out.
the company's laud department not
having the laud appraised and clai
(led. It is expected that within 8
lays the date of sale will be an
nounced. Thus. Taylor aud his brother weie
iu town from Camas Valley Wednes
day receiving some long coal drills i r
augers fur use iu developing a very
promising vein of coal on the for
cner's property back of the liev. J. L.
Coon farm. It Is very asy of access
sod they now have a tunnel of about
lot) feet. The vein, while not fully
developed, arleady shows a thickness
of nearly five feet. Samples which
have beu tested, show the coal lo be
of excellent quality aud will make
good coke. They expect, in about Of)
days, to be able to supply the local
market aod by next summer will
hiave list mine developed sufficiently
for large operations. These gentli
men, who are handling the mine, 11
alone, are from the coat mining dis
tricts of England and know a good
article iu this line. - They are con
fident that there la plenty of go d
coal in Camas valley. Koseburg Ke-view.
City Council Proceedings.
At the council meeting Thursday
evening, a resolution was passed
authorising the mayor to close a con
tract with the urants rass new
Water Light & Power Compauy for a
five year period tor supplying the
ity with street lights on the terms
offered by the Company, condition-,
ed that the contract binds the com-1
pany to not raiso their maximum rates
for light aod water to private con-1
suniers daring this period. The com
pany to furnish the city uine aro and
60 incandescent," 82 candle power
lights, for f li5 per month and ad
ditional aro lights at fd.60 aud incan
descent lights at $1.40 pel mouth,
service to be all night aud no outs
for moonlight.
Resignation of John Patrick, as
street! commissioner, accepted and
Mayor Gilkoy nominated K. II. Oil
flllan aud the nomination was con
firmed by the couuell. A resolution
was passed authorizing the mayor to
appoint a day policeman and U Mo
Grew was given tiie position.
The following bills i were allowed :
Geo. Snow, 111); R. H. Burnett, 'J4.f.O;
J. A. Maddux,' ft; J. B. Mulleis 7;
all for street work. J. O. Handle, 13.
aud A. York, $4, for siiooial police
duty; N. E. McGrew, drayage, 3.60;
Cramer Bros., nidse., $17.01.
Front Street, west Palace hotel
SITUATION wanted by experienced
camp cook and baker, Uerinaii,
Julius Kirsten, care of Petsch, south
west corner Sixth and J street.
W AN TKD Stoves and all other
goods at Moore's second hand store.
His prices aro right.
Homes wanted for three children
7 aud 10 year old girls and V) year
old boy. Address J. T., Cure
TO EXCHANGE high grade lots for
lumber. I can handle a few short
time chattel loans. IJ. I). Drake,
Sixth and L streits.
WANTED A middle-aged American
woman, who is a good housekeeper.
Wages f In per month. Address P.
O. Flox 60, Gottvilht, Siskiyou Co ,
A KM KIHt BAI.K-Iko miles from Mer
lin, ion srresalsitit 'Si seres of good
bottom land, 2a seres In cultivation, small
house and ham and sIhiiiI !) acres under
fence, balance nf land suitable for orchard
or pasture. K or further particulars ad
dress V. M. Crow, Merlin, Oregon.
'2(10 aCHK ranch, good iirtins and
apple orchsrd. small fruits In
abundance; water fur Initiation, besides
springs on every 40 seresi center ot a good
range country: two dwslling hnUHes, big
ham, every thing complete; well sheltered
from frosts, good mining murkets, one
hslf mils north of Tunnel I), price .,.VS).
imiuire si mis oince.
FASHIONAIU.K dressmaking. Mrs.
T. 0. Horr, Cor. Second anil C
LOST Last week on the sreets, a
silver, oix-u faced combination stop
and time watch. Finder please re
turn to Orallle llalier, nnd receive
TWO OLD black sows, left ear split,
came to my place four years ago.
Owner can have hogs by paying
costs. L. I). Akers.
In Books
There is an endless assort
ment lor the Holidays,
What makes n nicer gift
than a nice Ixiok ?
All Ihe newest and licst thiiifr at
Headquarters for Holiday Goods
Iiigersoll Watches
for a'e at
Paddock's Bicycle Den
Cast of Depot.
Looking for Business
We want first to thank our patrons for their very lib
eral patronage, and offer new inducements for Fall and
Holiday Tiade, Everyone loves Fine Pictures aud we
have bought a large line to give to our customers. This
is no lottery or drawing scheme. Everyone who boys
goods will lie entitled to one according to the amount
they buy FOR CASH. For every $50 worth a fine large
Picture in heavy Gill Frame, down to a small one mount
ed on cardboard for sales of $5.
Come and see them nud let us give you a card. You
need not purchase all at one time you will have the bal
ance of the year to do this if Pictures hold out,
Come and make your Holiday Selections early. We
will keep the good-, for you nnd deliver as desired.
Furniture, Carpets,
Card of Thanks.
We desire to thank the people of
Greenback and neighbor ami friends
of Barney Pollock of Golden fur their
kindest sympathy and tinincial as
sistance iu our deep sorrow of lust
mouth during tho sickness and death
of our beloved Sister Maceaber,
Alma B. Bollock of Golden.
Ladies of Placer Hive, No. M of
the L. O. T. M. of the World.
A V. Barvnrvrd UndortnUcr.
For Al TlmWr Claims and Iloimv-teads
close In Haih'oail ti-aiisoi latlon
and Ucivlngblieanis.
I'lno, Fir und Cedar.
Fred H.
first National Hank ot Southern Oivgon
Artistictic, Dainty and Useful
Finest Assortment ever brought to firanta Pass
now in stock at tlio
Star Racket Store
NKWKLL BROS. Puoiiuktoiih.
lk-licnto ware in Ml uo and Pink. Vases in many do
signs. Plates, Cups nnd .Saucers, and other Fino Tablo
Settings. Teapots, all sizes and designs in tho latest in
Karthenware Novelties.
Call and examine, the many beautiful articles in our
stock. Tho Di ices are rkdit,
Ten Day vSale of
For the next ten days vo are ro
ins to m:11 Overcoats at a great re
duction. We arc compelled to do
so as our stock Is large and our
room limited, therefore we must
sell at a big sacrifice in order to
make n.oin for our large Holiday
Stock that has already been
shipped and will be here al our
doors before we have a space large
enough to i-ut theii' in out of the
Now i - th, lime to buy while you
can get the first choice and the
cream of the sale.
We have Overcoats aivl liain
Proof Coats in all the latest and
authoritative styles and patterns.
Complete line of Furnishing Goods and Shoes
House, Furnishings.
I.nte member of New York Poet lln.d-
uate Moilic.l School.
Office in Dixon Ttlock, west Front St.
Phones: OllieoKS'. Residence 4HI.
stops tm oovtgH ol Is ols lungs
Lock Box 610
Timber and Mines
Grants Pass, Ore.
ts riswisi-isLi intos.