Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 03, 1903, Page 6, Image 6

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    ggHo Won't Dio
Of consumption" is a remark often made
trf a fleshy man. The remark expresses
the popular recognition of the fact that
the sign of consumption ii emaciation,
son 01 nesn. vn
the other hand, a
gain in flesh u a
sure sign that wast-,
Ins; disease are be
lt)); cured.
Emaciated peo
ple with obstinate
coughs, bleeding
lungs, night-sweat
and weakness, have
been perfectly
cured by the use of
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery.
The several step
Of the care were re
corded in ounce
and pound of in
creasing weight.
When there is gain
in flesh tht wasting
disease is being
surely cured.
Mr Will H WMtmlre,
af Arklun. Kncking-
haia Co., Va. , wnlt.
0r oo contracted a
D colli atioul Ihe 6r of July. ! hd
Wrribla tough W. called a doctor aod nc pro.
aounrcd it irritattua of lh bronchial lubes, with
atbraatlc trouble and ha inorraed me that my
sua waa liable to die at aor time. He Had me
that If we could keep the bronchial tubee opetr
ke might cun him; but after treating bimaeeerml
areekaaod my eon arowln wurai all the time.
1 concluded to ttv fir. Fiercer (iolden Medical
IMarovery and ' lleaiant Pellete.' I had aeea
aevernl almoat mtmculoua eurea brought about
bv the nee ol three mediclnee, and of courae I
had wonderful failb In them. He ueed three
bottlea of Ool.len Helical Waroverjr at home
and one Tlal of the ' Pellete,' and wal then well
enough to go to Weal Virginia, taking a auppljr
with him. I am juel la receipt of a letter from
him from which I nii'Jte : 7lwl are
and gihng vtry fluh.' " .
The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
lor large pas'es is sent frr i on receipt of
stamps to pay exjiense of mailing only.
6enl Jt one-cent stamp for the cloth
bound volume or only 21 stamps for the
book in paper covers. Address Dr. IU
V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
I)y virtue of a warrant duly issued
by the County Clerk of the County ot
Josophiuo, and State of Oicgou, in the
nnmu of the stato of Oregon, and un
der the ral of the County Court of
aid Josephine County, dated the 24
day of February, 1903, command
iug mil, tlio SliurifT of mid Josephine
county, to levy upon the pond and
chattel of the delinquent tax tnycrs
named in the said tax roll, and if no
rood or chattels be found, thu to
levy upon the real property of uch
dolimiuenta as set forth in said tax
list, or so much thereof as shall be
necessary to satisfy the amonnt of
. taxes charged in said tax roll, with
aostB and exnensos of stile.
Notion is therefore hereby given
that I did. on the 19tli day of Nov
ember. A. D. 11KIU, being anahlo to
find any personal property out of
which to make the said delinquent
tans, levy upon the following rtos
oribod parcels of reiki prowrty, situ
ated In said Josephine county, ties-
oribed in siild lint as the projierty of
aid delinquent tax payers, so named
lu said lint, and herein set opiKmite
the said description or said property,
and will on
between the hours of nine o'clock in
the forenoon and four o'clock in the
afternoon of said day to-wit : at ten
o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
at tint front door of the county court
house, iu Grants I'aHn, in said county
Mid stato, soil the property or ro much
thereof as may ho necessary to satisfy
(ho taxes so charged and costs, at pub
lic auction to the highest tiidder for
cash, to pay the tines so charged in
aid list and herein set opixwito the
description of tho proiirty so charged
and do to be sold, together will) the
Costa aud epxetisv of sale thereof,
Aden, John Ditch and water
right from Lirawy creek
aud ditch aud water right
from Shan creek t
Alfred, W. II. -Lot 1 iu blink
1) in the Boundary Line
adi'itlon to the town of
- (iron's Pas
BUilock, K. E. Lot 3 iu block
o in the town of I'lacer..
8 78
1 US
1 61
Boalloli ami Alleu-N W t4' o'
the S W i4 of suction 2,
township Utl S, H o W or
W M 8 01
Bolt and Knbll The undivid
ed interest ill S K of
Hi E of section 84, town
ship M S, R ft W and the
H W i of S W i4 of sec
tinil Hb township 38 S, R
6 West 11 00
Bennett, O. Lots 1 and 2,
in block 111), in the rail
road addition to Urauts
Pass 1 8T
Uoynton, 11. L. Begin M
clinius E of SIC corner of
SW V4 of NVI4 run W
7. II l.i chains, N fi. 7fl chains,
K U. 745 chains, S 23 de
greed, W H.8J chains, lens
li'y acres to J. R. 1 lulu,
all iu aectlnn 18 township
!itl S, R fi W or W. M.
.loiitaiuing 3 ucres more
or lees 3 S3
Brewer, Grant S of
NK'4 section 1, mwnsliip
30 S, It 6 W, of V M . . . ft SI
Burkhalter, Chas. lnt 4 in
block 8, in Jiotirno's tlrht
addition to Grants Pass . 0 R4
Carr, lleo. St ration creek
ditch and water right 1 05
tTiossinoro, A. H. ESJ of
SKV seetlnn 4, towuship
3d S, H ft W ot W M ft 75
Clark, T. J. Vpju'r tl it eh and
water right from licubcn
crock, l.ower ditch and
water right from llcnhcu
creek U 39
Connor aud Smith Ditch nml
water right from Red log
creok, i j ., giants, etc. II H
Cox. ViUiaiii-NK4' of NV'4
of sect ion 21, tiiwimliii)
34 S, R 11 V of W M 2 7
Orltser. J. V. NK4 of
lKl. if miction 3, town
ship 3U S, R 5 W of W M 3 78
Croxlon, Mrs. N I.. - Uegiu
litl feet E and S:I.7'J roils
S of NW corner of NK1,
of NK '4 of i;,
run K H:t. i3 nniK, S 4.71
roils, V 33.73 rodit, N 1.74
riHls section 17 townMiip
3il S, R ( W ot V M 1 04
Dark is, Wui, lUt. W of N
E 4 and K ' tif N W l4
of Hi't'tlCII H.'i.lowiisliip 111
H, IU W of W M . 7 17
Duvlot. Eva K-V. of SK '
'S W i of S Ki4 and SK'4
of SVl4, seetiou Jo, town
ship Utl S, R W of W M S ill
Downer, lliuiiiiinton- Lot .'.
in block HS, iu the Driiiin
al townsitn of Ci ranis l'hs 1 II
Durhuin and l'rnniaii SK',
of SVS l4, sictioti i:i, niol
. V' of Ni,, NK', of
NW 4 and ' mile lluuie
oction ti, all in towiiKlilp
;ih S. U ft W of W M 17 4
Dyke. (5. J..-KL SV'4 of
section 'A township 3il S,
, K u W or W M U 44
Eager John II. SE'4 of
N KW of a.'Ctloo 34 ainl
Wi, of NWV4 and NW4
of SV. Sect lull 3A town-
hip 4U ti It 8 W of V M 8 ftt)
Evans, tl. 8. Lot A in block
6J, in the Urik-inul town-
ite of Urauts l'aiut t 22
Every, Jame0.-NXo' NWJf
or section Sfl, township
85 8. R W or W M 8 87
Fallin.W. H. , administrator-
Lot 7, block 4 In the
Original townsite of Ursula
Paaa 1 89
Farmer, J. E.-N of SEW
and SWJi NEj4, section
80, town Jilp 83 8, R 6 W 8
Farmer, J. E. Wolf Cre k
ditch aud water right 4 S3
Ferren, Lucy EJf of SE'4' of
Bil1-,, BW Jior iv t'-4 aim
NE'4 of NE'i, soction 2,
towiuhip 87 8, R 7 W WM 1
Geyer, Fred-W of X ot
section lv, Kiwnsnip a
8, K 6 W of W M 10 18
Giant Powder Co. Begin at
a point 20 chains N and
10?4 chains K of corner
between sections II), 20,
2S, 30, ron 8 1(a) feet, K
00 foet, N 100 rect, W to
feet, aection 20 township
86 8, R ft W of W M 4 16
Gilmore, J. H. Chas. Begin
at intersection or r. lino
of county road with Hol
land creek, thence 8 paral
lel with road 2011 feet, E
418 feet, N 209 feet, W to
beginning, section V town
ship 3D S, R 8 W of W M 1 49
Grant Pas Banking A Trust
Co. Begin 84 rods h
of NW corner of N E,'i or
SK', section 13, run 8 40
rods, E 7. 2 rods, N 40 rods,
W 7.2 rods in section 13,
tp 86 8, R 6 W of W M . . 8 40
Green, Anna, Est N of
NWJ of section 2, town
ship 80 S, R - W of W M 4 15
Greeno, Geo. W.-NW14 of
section 14, township 1IH 8,
RSWofWM 11811
Hachalo, Fred NEW of
NWJ4', H4 of NEt and
SW4 of NE'4, section 1,
towuship 8 8, ft bW of W
M, also SEj of aection 2,
township 88 8, R 8 W
of W M 20 74
Holcouib, II. and W. Lot
in block 75 In the Original
townsite of Grant Pass. . 8 88
Howell, Mrs. M. E.-E'.tf of
N E J-4 , les 8 acre on W
side section 33, township
88 8, R ft IV of WM.... 60
Howell, Joseph Lots 2, 8,
4, in bh'k A in the Rail
road addition to Grant
Pas 8 68
Johnston, W. A. Lot II in
block 62 iu the Original
townsite of Grant Pas 13 04
Jordan, Emma Undivided 1-8
third Intercut in Lota 1
and 8, in block F in
llourne's first addition to
Grant Pass 8 06
Jppitcr Gold Mining Co.
Sam Sissul ditch and
water right and Tacoma
and Slsklyoa Co. ditch
and water rlitht. also
piifis, giants, aud flume 4 68
Kless, Frank-Begin at N W
corner of N W 4 ol 8 W'
of section E 20H',j(i
8 208 lt,Wl8ft,N2081i
feet to place of beginning,
S' Ctlou 18, townsnip 811 S,
R ft W ol w m 1 10
Knox, Oscar M. 8 E of nw
4 atiaVaw -i of sw'4of sto
tion llTtowiishin 87 S. R
6 w of wm 8 78
Lamar, Mary aud K. J. Lot
8 and 4 in block 17 in the
Rnilrnnd addition to
Grants PaHs 17 11)
Louniger, I. D. 8 rods n and
by 20 rods n and w on
n end Esther Williams fi
acres, section 18. townshiii
3il , r 6 w of w m 1 81)
Lennlgor, Jacob '4 of w
1-4, section 30 mill e Si
of n w 1-4 of seel ion 81,
township 40 , r 8 w of
w in 16 81
Light, Geo. Lot 2 in Mock 1
iu the town ol l'laovr. ... i (
Long, F. Lots 1 and 2, ace-
trjn 1, township 38 s, r 6
w of w m 1 81)
Long, Mary Itcgluii lug 608.4
leet w or 1-4 suction cor
ner between section 11)
and 20, run 670 leet, e
65 rout, II 670 feet, w 66
feet, section IU, township
86 s. r 6 w of w m 76
McAllister, Carrie and L W
west of southwest i4aim
southeast 1-4 of southwest
1-4 section 28, towuship 87
south. ramie A west of Wil
lamette meridian 3 78
McMains, W. II. North of
north 'g of southeast 1-4
of north east 1-4 and north
or south ' or north
of south east 1-4 of soction
4 of seetiou ll.townsliip 36
south, range 6 west Will
amette meridian 2 18
Maliell Mining Co. Lot 1) in
Mock i In llourne's II rat
addition to town of Grants
Pass 6 4
Martin, Evallne Southwest
14 of souhtwest 14 of
section 2S, towuhip 31
south, range 6 west of
Willamette meridian 10 83
Matthews, E. M - Lot I in
bliH-k 4 iu the towu of
Placer 1 13
Mee, Frank Iai( 3 iu blink Dl
In the KtveiHiile addition
to Grants Pass 1 11
Miller, W. II. and R. F. Cook
Kant v of south east 1-4 of
section 24, towuxhip 37
south, rimge ft west of
Willamette meridian ft 66
Miller and Carson E'' ofW'
wctiou 4 and went of
northwest l4, northwest
14 of southwest 1-4 of
section II), township 36
south, range 6 west .. ... 26 43
Milton, F. ('.Begin at north
west corner ol northwoH
I 4of sect mil S, run easter
ly tHHI feet, south westerly
liKH) feet, westerly 850 feet,
northwesterly Kill feet, sec
IS, township ;tl south. range
6 wet 2 3(i
Moore, J. J. Est lxits 111 and
20 in block 31) hi the Origi
nal towusitcnf Grants Pass 14 43
Myrick, II F. southiv of north
west 1 4, north east I I of
northwest 14, northwest
I I of inn theast 1-1, section
21, township :U1 south,
range ti nest 4 ,18
Nash, J. T.C. West lvof north
east 1-1, east ty of north
west I 4 and Poor Man's
cn'ek, ditch nod water
right, section S3, Aiwiiship
33 south, range , vtst . .. 18 6V
Nipjier, Nellie (1. Miller and
Co s addition, ti.gin at
northeast corner of lot 3,
run west .') feet, south 115
feet, east till tivt, north
115 feet to iH'ginnitig, iu
1. it 3 iu block 2 or Mill, r
and Co addition to Grants
Pas 1 66
Nipper. W. K. -Begin 54 links
e&st of southeast corner
of southwest 14 northwest
14 of sec. Ion is, run west
lt.t's1, chains for a start
ing point, uorth.V 7fi chains,
east 4 .14 4 chains, south
6.76 chains, west 4..141.,
chains, section is, town
shin 36 south, range ft
west 5 14
aw" JB
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy I a Specific,
Sure to Cive Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, aud protect th
diseased membrane. It cures Cntarrh and
drives awny a Cold in the Head ipiickly,
Itostores the Senses of Taste and SmelL
Easy to use. OYmbun no injurious drugs.
Applied iuto the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, fit) cent at Druggist or by
mail; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
ELY BROTHERS, SS Warren St., Nw York.
Noblo, Chas. If. West of
southomt 1-4 section 8,
west ,!, of northeast 1-4
also Blackboard creek,
ditch section 10, all in
township 3D south, range
6 west... 28 38
Noland, Delia Bourne's first
addition, begin 100 feet
south of northeast corner,
Lot 12, run west parallel
with L street l.'il) feet,
aonth 64 feet, westerly
138 feet, north 50 feet to
beginning block K 2 50
Oak Flat Placer Mining Co.
Soldier creek ditch and
water right, improvements 52 40
Ogle, J. M. Begin northeast
corner of southeast 1-4 of
northwest 1-4, section 15,
run west 60 rods, south
80 rods, east 60 rods,
north Ho rods, section 15,
township 36 south, range
6 west 8 80
Olinghousc, Isabella Lot 1 in
hlook in the town or
Placer II)
& O. R. R. Co. North
west 1-4 of northwest 1-4
section 27, township 33
south, range 7 west 1 41)
O. & 0. R. R. Co. South
west 1-4 of section 35,
township 87 south, rango
7 west 4 89
). & C. R. R. Northeast 1-4
of southeast 1-4, section 1,
township 36 south, range.
8 wost 2 27
Pulethorp, Adelia East ) of
northwest 1-4, cast J$ of
southwest 1-4 of section 6,
towuship 36 south, range.
6 west 10 38
Parker, II. N. East of south
v of northeast 1-4 of south
east 1-4, section 10, town
ship 86 south, range 5
west 6 42
Potter, Eliza 10 feet olT west,
side of lot 2 and 3 in block'
2. Railroad ndditiou to the
town of Grants Pass 1 111)
Ranznu, J. P. Southeast 1-4
of northwest1., SW.'4lcss2u
rods olT west side section
17, township 86 Kitith,
rangi) 6 west 48 71
Reynolds, Horace Est. South
3 of southeast 1-4 less
railroad right of way, sec
tion 20, township 83 south,
range 6 west 4 1)5
Roobcr, L. C Ixits 15, 16,
17 block 41, lots 7 and 8
block HS iu the Original
townsite of Grants Pass. . 8 60
Robert-on, F. M. South
of M. Paisley's 1). C. lis,
section 86, township 3.1
south, rango 7 west 15 4S
Roe 1st, Otto Lot 2, block 43,
Original townsite of
Grants Pas 1 95
Ronrke, T. F. Rum Gulch
ditch and water right,
liiiH'S.eto 18 N
Rowe, Helen K. Northeast
1-4 of northeast 1-4 ot sec
tion lll.towtiship 34 south,
range 6 west 2 76
Rowley, Thus. Lot 8 in
block 65 Railroad addition
to Grants Pass, Oregon 71
Scare, H. P. LotM It) and 11,
block 71 in the Original
townsite of Grunts Pass . 2 7)
Smith, W. C Southeast 1-4
of Northeast I I, section
16, township 33 south,
range 6 w est 2 21
Thomas Smith Lot 1, block 6,
Railroad addition to
Grants Pass Ml
Soniers, S, K. Lot I, block 41
ill Railroad udditiou to
Grants Pass 1 11
Stauffer, Isaac East ' of
northeast 1-4, Southwest
. 1-4 of northeast 1-1, north
cast I I of southeast I I
section IS, township ;K
south, range 6 west .... 23 01
Staver, A. J. Southeast 1-4
of northeast 1-4, section
86, tp ill south, r tl West 3 4S
Strong, W. and J. Southeast
1-4 of Northeast II,
northeast 14 of southeast
1-4, and west of south
east 1-4, setclou 3, town
ship 41 south, range S
west 2S 32
Taylor, Minnie Lots 7 nml
8, block 6 in the Railroad
addition to (trams Pass A .'Is
Taylor, torn. J. Lots 1 nml
2. iu block 9, Miller and
Cd's addition to Grunt
Pass I 2 22
Taylor and Crow Chief tain
creek ditch and water
right, ariiHtie, ele 3 7H
Thoiiiason, J. W. Pijhi and
gtiiut atiuine above Brow u
ing's 4 01
Thompson, ,1 R. C. Lot II
in Mock 29 iu Ihe Origi
nal (owusite ot Grunts
Pass ... 2 5c
Tucker, J. S Soldier creoL
ditch and water rihht,
pilvs, giants, etc 7 Sli
Turner, Win. Joe lliatt ditch
and waicr right from
Swede crick 4 3;
t'hlig, Oscar- Lots tl ami 7 in
block lettered (' ill
Bourne's tirsi addition to
Grants Pass also all of
block lettered II in Lin
coln I'm It addition to
Grants Pass 19 97
Yea ii', Marion Galice creek
il.toh and water right,
1 i res, giniits, etc 6 60
Wetlierill, Alex Begin tl'i.09
chains south and 10 1 6
chains west from 14 corner
oil east line section 1, run
north 40 chains, west 40
chums, south 40 chains,
cast 40 chains, si ct loll 1,
township 40 south, iwnge
8 west 61 54
Wilcox. J. 1. Strattou crock
ditch and water right.
mining iwlnncry II 33
Wilson, A Lot 3, section 29.
township 83 south, range 5
west 2 64
Waruaok, Levi East )4 of
northeast 1-4 of section 24,
towuship 37 south, range
fi west 8 6S
Vi'oodworth. Snsati Southeast
1-4 of section 4, township
35 south, range 6 west.... 13 97
Yellow Horn Mining Co.
Southwest 1-4 of scoth
wi st l-4's"Ction 20, town
ship 8i south, range 6 west 2 2C
Levied upon the 19th day cf Novem
ber, Kio:',, and will he sold for de
linquent taxes for the year 1902,
together with nil and singular the
appnrteuai.ces thereto belonging or
in any wise appertaining.
Sheriff aud Tax Collector for Jose
phine County, Oregon.
Dated at Grants Puss, this 19th day
of November, 1903.
J. (). booth
( John Wells
' ' )(;. r Lovelace
It. I.. Hartlett
T. 1. judson
rierk ;
Driiuty Clerk
Geo. W' Lewis
fcrnest Lister
J. T. Taylor
Lincoln .SuvuKt
Deputy Mieriil.
school Supt
W. II. Kallin
II C. IVrkih
W. F. K renter
Mayor J. K. lisnhor
Aiulitor and Police Judge . . J. J. Jennings
Treasurer Col. W. lolinson
I'ity Attorney M. M. Uuiuiuell
.tiarajiai John Locklisnlt
Street t-upt Henry Knutsen
uuuiiciiiiien ueo. it. itnms
J. I.. Calvert, J. A. Kehkopf, Will f.
hmitli, Herbert hinllli, 11.1.:. Perkins,
Grants Pass Lodge A. F. & A. M.. No. M
regular communication first and third
natiinluys. V isiimg brothers cordially
invito. ii. vt . moos w . ot
A J. I'iKC, Kec'y.
Royal Arcli Masons -Keauie Chanter No.
2K meets second and fourth Wciinesilay
Masonic hall. II. u. Uoszir.s,
J. E. 1'KTaiuoa. Secy. 11. P.
Eastern blur Josephine Chapter, No. 20
meets lirst and thud Wednesday
evenings of each mouth in Masuuiu
hull. Mrs. T. 11. Conn ell, W. M.
.Mks II. Zollisr. riec'y.
I. O. O. F.,--(iolden Rule Lodge No. 78,
meets every riulurdav nigh,at I. O. O.
F. hall. A. ll. Lawis,
T. Y. Ian, Secy. N. ti.
Visiting hrothers invited.
Eucuiuimieut I. O. (). F. No.
ineels second and fourth Thursday
I.O. (. F. hull, Fmkd bi liMiuT.
T. Y. Dicaw, Mec'y. C.
Reliekuhs Etna Relieksli, No. 49, meets
second and fourth Monday, 1. O. 0. F.
hall. Kijoi (Ikhew. N. (I.
M. Jennii Davis, Secy,
United Artisans Orants Pass Assetnhly
No. 49. meets alternate Tuesdavs iu
A.O. IT. W. null. Mas. E. A.UKir'riTii,
F Hr.n Mknscii, Master Artisan,
Secy .
Woodmen of the World Rogue River
Camp No. 5i, meets second and fourth
Fridays at Woodman Hall.
F. R. ( oao.t, C. C.
C. K. Maviik, Clerk,
Women of Woodcraft Azalea Circle, No.
Is2, meets lirst and third Mondays ai
Woodmen hall.
Glim I'atbiok, o. N
W. E. Hkas. Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of A ineriea Grants Pass
t amp No. ineeis2nd and till Wwlnes
thiv Eveningi ut Wooduien lisll at 7SI0.
Ike M. Davis. V. C.
W. T. Goulder, Clerk.
FyrcMers of America Court Josephine
No. 2S, meets each Wt'dnesday excl-pl
the tir-t, ill A. (). U. Vi. hall,
ti. N. lloi.T, F. S. J. P. 1 1. m.i, C. R.
losephino Lodge, No. 112, A. O. V. W.
meets iu A. I). I . W.hull, Dixon huild
lug every Mondsv evening.
F. : Hiookrtii, M. W.
II A. Ktamahii, Lecorder.
Iluwthorne Ledge, No. 21, D. of II., A. U.
I'. W. meets every alternate I'lnisday
evening in A. o C. W. hall, Dixoh
liuilding. Mss. A. McCahthy, Col II.
Mas. I.yiha Dkas, Recorder.
Km. Iitrf of the Mttccaltees liranis I'k f
Ii-iiI, No, LI meets lirst and ttiiro
'i .itiri-ihiys at Woodmen hull,
in. Alt'red, R. I'. CH:-. utHt:,
Lccord Keeper. ( 'junuuiider.
Ladies of the Mu. culiees- Grams Pass.
Hive No Is htil. is regular "i.tvievvs'
tirsi and third Tiiur.vluys at A. tl. C
W. hull. sisiers cordially
invited. Jennie Cheshire,
.Mury Amnion, l.udy l.'oliilnauder.
liet'ord Kieier.
Knights of Pythias- Iheruiopylae No. 50.
mi-els eat li '1 ue duv night 7:10 W. O.
W. Hull. M. T. I'lley, ('. V.
Tom VYii.i.iAiks, K. ol R. and S.
liiaml Army of the Itepuhlic Gen. l.o:an
I'osl No! :i!, me.-is lirst Weiluesdav si
A. (I. I'. W. hail. G. H. fcVAKs.
J. E. I'urhaso.N, Adjt. Com
Woman's Relief Coips- -Generul Logan No.
2.i, meels 2d anil till .Hulurduys ut 2 e.
m ut4. l I . W. hull.
Mrs. Ro-e Weiilman, Pres.
Mrs. 1. II. Cornell, secy.
Amerliun Order ot Stesui Kugllleers, (Ire
guii Council No. 1, meets lint and
(lord suiiirduys, at A. (I. ('. W. hall.
u. 11. Ksssiv,
IU.NJ. F. Mviuck, Clnel Eugllivel
t'orrespouding Engineer.
Order of Pernio-While Rook Council No
loo, nieets iu Woodmen Hall .suiurdity
C. E, M wiir, .Secretary.
J. L. Hi ntiko, Counselor.
I'nited llrolherhood of Curpenlers Slid
.Ionics ot America I iticn No. Ills
each mouth ill A.O. I'. W. Hull
meets second and fourth Flidays ol
A. J. Piks, Pres.
D. A. Fn.iiKiiAii, Sec'y,
Rojal Neihlsirs ol America -Edith C.
.Niipe ( amp No. :H1t, meets 1st and ;ird
Friduys at A. O. V. W hall
M. Jennie Duvis, Oracle.
Ilenriftta Zoller, Recorder.
Original aiul only crnuinr
K k v m 1 1 'I nn ?y V a v r kk f r
s;ilr by U'a.linc iiriiLzists. t
ht .mx. Saf. iiiuj rclutl'lr,
Aacpt no tubstilutc.
To Curf a Cold In a Pay.
Tuk, luxntive Hroim iju.niiit Tklilft."
All tit u-iHtjt rotiitul Ihe ntiMii-y ii tl
to cure. K. drove's Mhnturc is on
ra-'li o' ,"
rffl' CoeyaiOMT .c.
Aniin Nn.llnt a .kr--!! .tut ilwhtiiMS'.i tii.i
qui. klT iw,vriin our I'l'itinni trv wtiili,r
Invention 1. r. S.hU pnl,il.l'l C.nvir .i"t.n
Hon. alrlctlv .Mnll.tciiOAl. lUiullill on I'.l.-it'
H til frw. 111 Im.1 .k'lM'.'T fer ..-ulii rntt" I.
I'.Iiiii. I.ktni llm.iitfh Nu,ni A lO.tW.'lT 4k, Bltll.iUt lIl.UQ, lUlhrt
Scientific Hcricana
A h It tttmftTittM wtv'. I r :rf r r
rtiUf .im 'f if it"" t -I ,'1' 'i'
3IBe.. ,'2;v Yfjr'
itri'h on..-, -cr r St.. Vic- av n
ilVsraiilssl'l i A-.' 1
has stood the twt 25 years. Avcraso Annuil SoJcs ovr Ono mi a Hal Million
bottles. Docs this record of merit appeal to you ? No Cure. No Pav 50c
lactam whh avery fcoula hiTi Cant. mc1lk. ol Oova't w k Lec Uv tliZ
THE 0RIfiIKALgi!"w
f A sallow complexion, dizxinesi
f Liliounrieis and a ctiled toncue
' are coimuoii indications of liver
I and IttJn.-y ctoinacli and
j Lowel trouhlrj. severe at they are,
tfive iuinKsliato warning hy psin,
1 hut liver and kidnev troubles.
! thoiifrh less painful at the start, are
I much harder to cure. TliedfurJ's
J Illack-Dritiivlit never fails to hene-
i fitdid'im-d liver and weakened kid
i neys. It stirs up the torrid liver
f to throw oil the irermsot lever and
i atrue. It is a certain preventive
I of cholera end UrinhtV disease of
Die knlnevs. With kidncvt re-
' inf,n.el V.y niedforils lllaik-
Draught thousands of s-ronii have
k dwelt iiiiniiiiie in the midst of yel-
L low fever. Many families live in
j perfi:t lieaHh and have no other
! doctor than Thcdfoid's Illack-
I)niu;ht. It is always on hand for
r u9 in an emergency and saves
'. many expensive calls of a doctor.
Mulllni. S. C, March 10. 1001.
f I havt ud Thtdlord'i Black-Draught
' Urthrctytars andlhavc not hidtogo,
? to a doctor lincc I hive been taking it.
t It U th bait medlcise (or me that Is
an the market for liver and kidney
1 troubles and dvipeoiia and other
J 1 complaints. Kv. A. 0. LEWIS, tj-
.A .
t visit DR. JORDAN'S oat.T?
ntysEUM of JiriarcKY
f mi iiust it, i:i rums'
A W' TIM LsWf M AtkMMHlMl Mir,
f V WMti U t.HM4M t Mr CI
M aBT-Jp fiyrsjJ if t
W fWJf'jl kialMiMMIMCMM Hat f f
fl xjl no jrtnnmniCA"rat ni
f C7 miiiuTiT.,i:iriiKisc,;iifc
is. .idMi a
is r
Trains tft.raiklf tntouu i
Im ,1U. VltSlMl ik.
if MaaTtnaH-y.
Attait ri M Ktirl Rataft
ItJlCtl (Ml f tTlId. aT I B,,d
lM BtaV4Xt.
ilUtlM fr 4 Mririt fprirtf TrtMmM "t-
br twtttjf A wwm tar Mr rv CM
twdrmh.. Vnii fit . rHII.OlrlT ar
MHaiAia. UltUS fill. (A lUUlsi Wk
Htmtm.) (.all twain
OH W0AH A 00.. 1061 MvVtt tt, t t-
Tht Modcru KtMwdy for Wnmcn
ItsxiciiHA lias CurcI route of
the wort ctei of
We guarantee a r
lK.itiveciire lor LPIlCOriilOCa
Send for ltooklet. f San iuse, Cat.
CUiitS WHUt All tibt Hits.
141 CUHtS i
Lai Beat Vuiyh
S;rup. Tapirs Uuud. TJaS I
p. ,1 n tit firm??).!..
I" "iy I taw Ma Jaaaai
Austin's Rcjiort I'urds for school
uso for sale at the Courier ofllcu i.n
per hnnilrod.
Si and a rd
m C04MI
Visible Writing, Simplo Mccl;.ttiisni, Speed, Kxoclli nt ManifoKlhijj,
rcrmaticnt irue Aliguiuctit
A Slnctlv limh-Class
o i v vr v 1 1 1 -r 1
E. F, Bumpus, Marager, -
L'Oil-'J I ( Wilson lil'ick
Thm Graphophon npmducmm mil hlnda 0 mumla
Mot BMUiarv fa faaen to pajr auijr Inmlrumont
$3.50 to $100
fit anjr maAa cf Talking mmcl.hto
MCUO fOK rttre CATL0CUV n comalnlno IM at reca uae.
tattma, trloa. cutl. aatoa, and aaUdloxa tar band,
orohaaira,, plocalo, aro.
Sovon Inch BO cou's each, $3 o t'ozen
Ton Inch $1 each, SSO n tioxon
bla ck super-:: xhened
columbia koclbzd records
25 chit.! each. $3 a dozen
Brmmd now procaaa. Mac mar durahla than ant athar oyUndar
Columbia Phonograph Co.
123 Geary Street, 5 IRWCISC0, CU
For Snlo in Grnnh !
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tcnic
3. 93-
In the County Conrt of the State of
Oregon for the county of Josephine.
In th.' matter of the L'sMlo i
of Agues K. S iwy. r, ue- (
ccast tL
To John U i' '.cr.
Marv Remniick,
ll.iini..ond. Ruth Kim
Diana K. Libby, John ll.Hithl.y, cl-
nnv. .vlitrv iHiciiio.i, ii'"
David Kicker and r. . Siaw-
ver, liiiraat law oi umu,
r. W. Sawver, Apnc muiiu,
Clureuco G. Sawyer, l rielins r. U
Sawver. Altlcda M. Mint It uaocej
(.uii'. V.'illlliii Hiker Wooldridce.
ileviwcs of deceased, and all heirs aud
devisees unknown, if any there
OK OREGON. You are hereby cited
and riqnircd to npis'ur in ihe county
court of tho State of Oregon, for the
raiiutr of Josen Hue. at tno court
room thereof, at Grunts
...imitv nf Jcs"lillint' on
Puss ill Ihe
Kridav the
lltli dav of Dcceiuner, rao-i, m m
o'clock, in tho forcmsm of I hat day,
then and there to show cause, if any
there be.whv an order should not be
made for the sale o' the westerly one
half of Lots 1 mid 2 in lUock E of
Boun.e's First Addition to tho cily of
Grants Pass iu Josephine county,
Oregon, and particularly described
and bounded as contained in tho peti
tion for the sale thereof, as prayed
for ill the Administrator's petition
Witness, t in HoX. J. O. IIOOTII,
Judgo of the county conrt of the
state of Oregon for tho county of
Josephine with the k: iiI of said conrt
affixed this 4tli day ol Novemlx r A.
D. l'JiW. (SEAL)
Attest: K. h. HARTLETT. Clerk.
MKNT. Notice is hereby jti v. n that the un
dersigned, iidininislriitor of the Estate
of William Dnilt-y, deceased, has tiled
in the County court ol Josephine
County, Suite' of Orccon, his final
account us such Administrator cf said
Estate, and that Wednesday, the 2:1
day of December, l'.io:i, at the hour
of 2 o'clock p. 111. has been fixed by
said court as the time for hearing of
olij ctioiiN to sai I report, and the
Set llelllcllt thelcof.
Administrator of the Estnto of Will
iam 1'pilf-v, deci used.
JNo Si Rl .MMELL, Allorney,
1 1 vj .
,4ti Vi-i 1 'r 1
CGorziAFI &
aa a T- WT WW 7 BTJ I
4 V
A AMU FACT o f z.n s .
ST. PAD 3. a
Tvpe writer
;o ttjtii.
The Chicago Typcvvriler Co.
51:514 Market St.
San I'r.incisco
-" aB J. I.
a) .
and Iinraliility at a pair l'lice
Machine Nild lor S'n.OO
w 1 i ( :.
- l.os Angeler. California
cor. Spriim and I'irsl Street.
$15, $20
1 "V
1 ,
Notice is hereby gWen that the
undersigned lias been apwiuted by
the County Court of Josephine
County, administrator ot the estate
of Henry York, deceased. All persons
having claims against such estate are to present them with the
proper vouchers annexed, to me, the
undersigned, or Robert O. bmith my
attorney at Grants Pass, Oregon,
within six months from tlii date.
Oct an. I'M. ALBERT d. YORK,
United States Land Office.
Ro?eburg, Otegon, Oct. 6. 11)03.
v ..i,,... ia herehv mven that the fol
lowinn-named settler has 61ed notice ol
his intention to make nuai proui
in support of liis claim, and that
said proof will be nisde before J. O.
Itnnih. ( onntv junife.joeeiiiiine coiiiuy.
at (irants Pats. OreKon on noveuiuer
:5, litOM, viz:
.. .... DJ..C ( ,k iricrl'
on lilt 11. r.. io. rvci, nir lot. :a 01. 4
Sec HI; NW NE.I4 Hec 21, Tap 35
. R 5 W.
Id. nuiiies the following witnesses to
nrnve his ccnliiinoiis residence upon and
cultivation ot faiu lami, vn:
Marcus M. Murray. Jamea H. Crox
toe. O. Maurice Savage, JJavm itooeris
II ul Uranis I'ass, uregon.
J. T. Hkiiioks, Rgister
Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.
United Slates Land Office,
Koseburu', Oregon, Sept. 1, 1903.
Notice is hereby ttiveu that in com
pliauce with the nrovii-inns of the act ol
Congress of JnneTT 1878, entitled "An
act foi the sal ol Inn her lands in the
Slutes ol California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Wasbinitton Territory" as extended
to all tin" l'uhlic Land States by act of
August 4. 18U2,
l Gold Hill, County of Jackson, State of
Oreiion has this day Hied in this olhce
his sworn statement No. 6(i77, for the
purchsse of the NK.y ol Section No. 30,
in Township No. 35 South, Kange No. 4
W, ami will otler prool to snow that the
land souuht is mote valuable for ite
timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before Chas. Nickell, I'. S.
Commissioner, Medlotd, Oreiion, on
Saturday, the 5lh day of December, 1003.
tie names a witnesses.
(ieo. L. M. Clellen, Wm. Childers
an I W. 1". Chisholm, ol Gold Mill, Ore.,
and John Owens, of Wimer, Oregon
Any and all persons claimiuir adverse
ly the ubove-describi-d lands are te-
quested lo lile their claims in this oflice
on or before said 5th day of December
1003. J. 1. IlKllMIKB. Itegisler
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1M7H.
Hosebtirir, Oregon, Auk. i!7, 1H03.
Notice is hereby given thai in cctn
pl in nee with the pruvisiiins of the act ol
Congress ol June 3, 1S78, entitled "An
act for the sale of limber lands in the
Stales of California, Oregon. Nevada,
and Wafhinttton Territory," as extended
to all the I'll hi 10 Land States by act of
August 4, MU,
ol Carson, County ol Skamania,
State of Washingion, has this day filed
iu this oliiee his sworn statement No.
lor the piirchate cf the NK'i' of SKI
and K'.., ol sVJ and SVV of SWJ ol Sec
lion No. 2H in Township No. 37 South,
ttunife no o tvesi, ami will oiler prool
to snow tnai tn isnil sonuht is more
valuable for its timber or stone than lor
tt 'it'll Ii ursl purposes, and to eptnlilii-h
bisclanu to i-ai.l land before J. O. Booth,
( (imitv J mine, at his olhce at (irants
I'nhs, Oregon, on Monday, the 23d day
ol .vivemtier, 1UUJ. lie names as wit-lierti-eb
Kdward Mollis, Csrson, Waohniiiton,
ller'.ha Mollis, " "
A. W. S.ljby, (Irants Pass, Oregon
K. II . Hniitf?, " "
Any and all persons clainiinit adverse'
ly Ihe Khove-tlescribed lauds are re.
i)ueled to lile their claims in this ollice
on or belnra said 23d dav of November,
i-'o.i. .i. i. riKiuuKS, Iteiiisier
Timber Land, Act June 3. IK7K.
I'niterl Sta'ce nd Ollice, 1
Ko-elnirg, Oregon, Sept. I, l'JO:!.
Notice is lierehy (tiveti Unit in com
inii.uce w itn the provisions ol the act of
(.oiiKieSBOt June. I, 188, eiilnled "An
act lor the nale ol Umber lauds in the
states ol California, Oicuon, Nevada
mid Washington Territory," as ex
icn.lnl to all the I'nbliu l.onil States by
M Ol .IllglV 1, l.-lO.,
ot (.hrsoti, County of Skamania
M ite ol ashiugton, has this dav tiled
iu l low ollice his sworn statement No.
for the purchase ol the N' of NW
ol N W ) and Ntt'J ul S( J ol Section
No L'li. in TownhipNo.;i7South, Hange
No Ii Kit, and will oiler proof to show
ihut the Uii.l sonwht is more valuable
mr iu tiinh r or .lone thau lor stri-
-! Lilt ul pill p, sen, H li, o eslh;ih,
ins ta in lo hmi I hunt belioe Arthur
(.". iikiin. U S. Cnnnnifsioiu i, at his
illii e at i irsnts I nV, (iremm, on
. lav the J3d day ol Noveiulvr, lllO.I. lit
liiuiee sh w ituei-sei, :
I'.hu llolli., ol i;.of,,u, Wa-biimton,
llirilu Mollis, ol Curson, Wasbiuitton,
. V. Siisby, tirmita Pas', Oregon,
r. M. Urik'KS. (iranu Pass. Oregon.
Anv slid all persons claiming adverse
ly Ihe above-ilescribe.l lands tire re
i'iested to tile their claims in this office
on or liefote said 23.1 day of November,
'Kl-'- J-T. Bhiimiki, Register,
1 be largest mm ever paid lor a (ire
scription, changed hands inSaiirran
I'lsco, Aug. 30, l'.Wl, The transfer in
volved in coin and slock f I l,"i(Kl Oil and
was paid by a party ul business men lor
ippniliclor Hnght's Ihscase and Mia
Is les, hitherto inciiiable diseases.
They commenced the serious inweti.
.'a'lon of the specific Nov. 15, l!H)0
Ihey interviewed scores of the cured
iml Hied it out on lis metiis bv pulling
Her three ilojen cases on the treatment
ind wsii bmg them. Thev also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cases
tl.l administered It with the physician.
ior judges. I'pto Aug. 25, 87 per cenl
I the lest cases were either well oi
r. -greasing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent oi
iniiurea, ihe parties were satistled ami
closed the trans iction. The proceeding,
l the investigating committee and tin
i lini.-al reports ol (he test cases wert
pulM.-hed and ill be mailed Itee or
ipplioaii.ui. Address Jns J. rri.T.iN
omi asv,4JU Muntgoiuery St. San J ran
. I'co, l al.
All dlisaasa of Ktdntyt,
Blaadsr Urinary Orsana.
si-ht Hsyipiioaio 6raval
'ii- KtifiimatMra
VI Ullf , f I
uaia Trouble..
Don t ti.roms dlsconrairad. Thar la i
cure tor yoa I , ., ," . r, f J,,'
I . I.... .p ..t a life Urns, rurlng lu.t aucB
c.-..)ur. Ailcon.iiliaiu.u. yra.
Jr r-r.iner'. Klilney a B-lhc 0up(
w 11 M. i. COIii. Olive Furnace. O."
Itr-ifsi.ta. v.- ti A.k f,.r'..k Ui-Tr
unitgL trailer, Fmioaia X V
For by W. T. Kremer and M. A
I'bolo Supplica
at the Courier tri
In The United States Lami
Koscbarg, Oregon.
In the matter of thennnli-1
cation lor patent for the
Consolidated l.odo Min.
ing Claims, in the ennutv I
of Josephine, btato of
Notice for Patent,
United State,
Land Office, at Rosnhnm
November 19, At D. , pjiw
Notice is hereby given tlmt n....
Decker, whose postofflce add-B..
W aldo, Josephine oonntv siT !
Oregon, has as attorney in tart .
Tlie amo bmclting and
Comimny, a corporation.
and existing ntider, aud hv virtn. ;
tate of rvi. "
and for and iu Its behalf. 1
plication for a United
- mum
for the Consolidated Lode 110,7 '
Claims, mineral survey imnibir toiK
situate in Section 1. Towns,jD j '
south of rniiKe 8 west, illhV
Meridian, (unsurveyed) m tlie conne,
of Josephine, Stato of Orepoii
prisiuK the quartz mining 'cuj'
known and described as the Snm
Piue, Fir. Cedar, Oak, p0JJ
Chestnut, and Lnnrel, and more ,'
ticulurly described as follows; ,
Sprnce. V
BcgiuniuK at comer number 1
identical with the southwest comer
section 8ft, township 40, south n't
rango 8 west, Willamette Meridian
thence south 17 min., west ir,iiO feet m
corner number 2; thence south Ml deg
41) mill., east HOO feet to corner uuui.
ber 2; thence north 17 miu., eagi
1500 feet to corner number 4 ; thence
north 811 dog. 49 min.. west tl(x) feet to
corner number 1, to the pluce of be
ginning. Pine.
Beginning at cornor number 1
Whence the southwest corner of sel
tion 3(1, township 40, south ol ranoe ft
west, Willamette Meridian. hei
north 8'J dcg. 4J miu., west (100 feet-
thence south 17 min. west, 1500 feet
to corner number 2 ; thcuco south 8
deg. 40 min., east (100 feet to corner
number.S; thence north 17 miu.. ent
1300 feet to corner number 4 tl.Mi,
north HO difg. 40 min., west 000 fe,.t ,0
corner unuilicr 1, the place of begiu.
Beginning at corner liumbtr 1-
Whenco tho southwest corner 01 6f.o
tion 30, township 40 south of range 8
west, Willainetto Meridian, bean
uorih 8'J deg. 40 min., west 1200 feet;
thenco south 17 min., west 1000 feet
to corner number 2; thnnco suiith 89
dcg. 4!) mill., east 000 feet to corner
iiuinber 3; thence north 17 miu., east
l.jOO leet to corner number 4: then
north 80 deg. 40 miu., west 600 feet
to corner number 1, tho place of be.
Beginning at corner number 1.
whence tho southwest corner of sec
tion 3(1, township 40, south of range 8
west, Willamette Meridian, beam
nortli 89 deg. 49 miu., west 1H00 leet;
tlicuce soutli 17 nun. west 1S00 feet
to corner number 2; theuce south 811
deg. 49 min., east (100 feet to corner
number 3; thence north 17 miu.. east
1500 feet to corner number 4: then'
north 89 dcg. 49 min., west fiOO feet
to comer number 1, the place of be
Beginning at corner number 1,
wheuco the southwest corner of sec
tion 3(1, towuship 40, south of range 8
west, Willamette Meridian, bean
north 89 deg. 49 mill., west 2100 feet;
thence soutli 17 min., west 15(H) fuet
to corner number 2; thence south 89
deg. 49 min., cant (100 feet to corner
numbers; thence nortli 17 mill., east
1500 feet to corner number 4; thence
north 89 deg. 49 miu., west tiOO feet to
corner number l,to place of beginning.
Beginning at corner number 1,
whence the southwest comer of sec
tion 3(1, township 40, south of range 8
west, Willamette Meridian, bean
north 89 deg. 40 miu., west 3000 feet;
thence south 17 min., west 1500 feet
to corner number 2; thence south M)
do. 49 min., cast t'.CO f m t to corner
number 3; thence north li mill., east
1500 feet to corner number 4; , thence
1101 th 89 deg. 49 nun., west tiuU fi et
to comer number 1, the place of be
ginning. Chestnut.
Beginning at corner number 1,
whence the southwest corner of sec
tion 311, town.-hip 40, south of range
8 west, Willamette Meridian, heirs
noitli 44 .icg. 4(1 111111., west liet;
thence soulh 1. miu., west tiOO
leet to comer number 8; thence siuth
9 deg. 49 min., ea-t 15(H) feet to cor
ner numbers; thence north 1; miu.,
east ti(H) feet to corner number 4;
thenco north 89 (leg., 40 mill., west 1500
leet to corner number 1, the place of
Beginning nt corner number 1,
whence tliu snutliwcst corner of sec
tion :I0, township 4(1, south of range 8
west, S ill.iim. ue .Meridian, bears
mirth 17 nun., eust 15(H) feet ; theuce
south 17 min., West (lot) feet to corner
number 2; thence south 89 deg. 49
miu., cast 15ikJ teet to corner num
ber 3 ; thence nortli 17 miu, east U)
teet to corner number 4; thence north
89 deg. 49 miu, west 1500 feet to cor
ner tiumber 1, the plain of beginning.
The total net area of each of the
said lode mining claims is as follows:
Spruce, 2i).(i('il acres.
Pine, ilu.iiCl acres.
Kir, iO.Ot'.l acres.
Ceuar, 2o.iiii acres.
Oak, 20.1'K'il acres.
Poplar, au. tit. 1 acres.
Chestnut inclusive of conflict area
with "Marion" lode luiniug claim,
survey number 522, 20.001 acres.
Laurel exclusive of area with
"Marion" and "Lyttlo" lode mining
claims, survey number 522, 17.958
The inticcs of location of siiid
quartz mining claims are recorded m
(he ollice of the Clerk of Josephine
county, Oregon, iu the miscellaneous
mining records ol said couuty, iu toe
volumes and at the jiages as follows,
Spruce, iu volume 13, page 401.
Pine, in volume 13, page 4(K.
i'ir, iu volume 1.1, page 403.
Cedar, in volume 13, jmge 404. jJ
(itk. iu volume I.'), ,ge 405.
Poplar, 111 volume 13, iage -ttstl.
Chestnut, in volume 13, Jiage 4oi.
Laurel in volume 13, jgo 4o.i.
Ihe neighboring or adjoining
claims nre tartioua 3(1, townsnip in,
south of range 8 west, Willamette
Meridian, on Ihe north and Brtjoiiing
(be "Spruce", "Pine," "r'ir, "
"Cedar," "Oak," and T Poplar"
and thu "Marion" lode miuiug claim,
lurtey number 522, on the south of
) "Chestnut," and tin? "Marion"
tud "Lyttle" loilo mining claims,
survey number 522, on the south, ami
in conHict with the "Laurel, " all of
which conflicting urea and the said
"Lyttlo Lode Mining Claims" aro
owned by aud iu posst-ssiou if the
aiu"The aldo Smelting and" Min
ing Company. "
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tho mining ground, vims,
lodes, pr mists or any portion there
01, so described., surveyed, plutt'd
aud applied lor, an h. rebv noti:id
that unless tlieir advene claims are
duly filed according to law. and the
regulations tberenuder, within th
time ifcst liW bv law, with the
Kegist.r of the United States Land
"tliceat hoMborg. in the Conntv of
Douglajt, Stale of Oregon, thev will
! batnd lu virtue cf the prov'i.uin
if said statute.
Kolgstt r United States Land Omie,
Ktavburg, Orcgou.