Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 03, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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. '' Lel&nd Slftlnfs.
We hear of a rich quart strike on
Coyote creek.
W. H. Hampton i eogngod in sur-
frying quartz ledges on Mount Ren
; ben. lie it doing quite eiteusive
work on that inouutain.
; Mr. Rutherford from Lower Grave
creek, came np from the Gray mine
whoro he is engaged for the winter,
lie says I hat mine is Uxcd np in good
shape -with good prospects,, also a
good channel that bids fair to be a
good paring mine.
We are having fine weather with
an occasional shower. Stock is
doing well on the range; Die miners
have' plenty of water; farmers are
plowing; grass is growing nicely, and
with plenty of work, with good
prices, we are a busy, contented and
. happy people.
Goo. Strong and Walter Ray have
wood contract of the Railroad Co.
of patting wood on the Tunnel ( spur,
There is "pleuty of wood in this
vicinity yet; so times will bo good in
Leland next year; as we have two
largo stores to furnish supplies for
evorybody, tlieie will be no need of
shipping supplies to Leland.
The Vulcan miners are erecting a
mill on their quartz property. They
are late in getting it, as the roads are
very had. The company engaged, as
they thought, teams enough to haul
the mill to l'lacer, but changed their
minds aud kept employing moro
teams until 13 horses wore hitched to
tho heavy load, and they were two
days on the road out at last account.
Tho expense will be largo in deliver
ing the plant We always find it ad
visablo to make hay wliilo tho sun
shines, or in other words, do our
heavy hauling when tho roads are dry.
Mr. Cloco from Minnesota has come
to Tunnel 9 to live with his sou, who
is engaged in retimbering (lie tuunol.
People aro leaving the cold coutitrlit
as fast as circumstances will permit.
Wide Awake.
East Provolt llama.
Ed Lewnuin was at ilridg" Point
Amos Shrimp was at Missouri Flat
' Thursday.
Alex Watts was at Grunts l'nss
Amos Cook of Applegate was at
I'rovolt Friday.
C. Lewis of Williams was at Med
ford Saturday.
Herb Sundries of Gold Hill was at
Provolt Saturday.
Oscar Knox wus at Iiridgo Point,
Applegate. Monday.
Will McsHiugcr of New Hope was
at Provolt Monday.
Fred Benedict of iiridgo Point was
at I'rovolt Thursday.
Willie Farrls of Appleagtu is at O.
W. Meeks tills week.
Zeb Hyde of Laurel Urovu was at
Bridge Point Saturday.
Clareuco Ham Carter of Murphy was
at Williams the iast week.
Iua Lavrich of Provolt wus a visit
or to Grants I'asn Tuesday.
Mars llalilwlu of Prnvolt was at
Grunts Puss Wednesday on business.
George Fields of Provolt was lit
Grants Piisi this week visititig re la
. tivef.
John liailey and wife of William,.
. were visiting relativos at Provolt
Frank Kulglit of Provolt is visiting
' relatives at llltdge Point, Applegate
this week.
j Otis Hull of Provolt, who has
becu In Cal., the past year returned
Monduv last.
Wm. H011N011 and wife of Provolt
, were at Grants Pass last week with a
load of chickens.
Wm. Jones of Provolt was on Hum
bug Wednesday gathiriug a load of
apples for home use.
J. T. La ton was at Williams this
week on busiress and looking after
milling property also.
J. Ynrisiiii of WiUiaun is making
good roads. He has had men at work
for two mouths hauling gravel.
Fred Knox of Uiurol tirovu was
on Thompson creek Monday looking
after cattle they have up there feed
ing this winter for Sweet laud.
West I'rovolt Item.
The dance given at the public hall
Thursday night was a grand success
and supKr was well served.
There will he a Christmas tree at the
South Methodist church at Itnltlunire
Christinas eve. All are invited to
The hop men of this locality are
chining their yards and making
ready for their work as usual, while
the weather vn,. They discover
ed hr.'i want to ho worked earlv
in the spring, it u not good to cut
the vines too laic on account of bleed
. ing, which makes the vim s rot. It
tliry don't rot they w all bo sickly and
won't produce like the ones cut early.
A number of the farmers of this
section of Oregon have es.riniehle,l
ill vegetable latsing and found that
pout-toes am the surest crop licit can
lw nm.d 011 Appleagti.. aud Williams
Creek. 'lhdSeil set ins to i a pontic
producer V.i have the largest crop
this year that has been prHlmcdror
a long tune. The com crop
very good considering cvei vlhing
Jolly Joke.
Wlldervllle Notes.
Hen Pull is around naiii iih. i
a few days i I hi.
. K. V. Stevenson and family havi
moved Into tle ir new house.
Miss hilcl oll ,.
nek list the lust of the wick.
Mick Lindsay n( faniilv are -ni-proving
alter several weeks of , k
In sit
j Supnrlutoiident Lincoln Savage
Tisitud at Wlldervllle tho lirst of the
Marrlcd-At the home of tho bride'.
rcut, Mr. and Mrs. J,. Hocking,
""r Wildervill... N,,v .t
Lipoid Kau.s and Miss ' Martha
Hocking. The bride and groom have
a host of friends who wish them joy.
J as. Hocking, Jr. has returned
home from bis visit to Forest Grove,
Ore., where he spent the past two
' Williams Items.
Born November 27, to Mr. and
Mrs. O. Hoxie, a son.
Carl Marvin of the Pass took in the
Thanksgiving ball.
Mr. aud Mrs Fields have moved
into their new home on the creek.
Johnny Hurriolt of Applegate was
on the creek Sunday visiting his
Mrs. R. E Pierce peiit Thanks
giving with her mother, Mrs. R.
. Miss L. Bolt who has been working
at Mr. Cockerline's, leturncd boli e
last week.
Miss Lizzie Lewman, who was visit
ing at Mrs. Davidson's returned home
last Monday.
The Roue of Contention will soou
b ' running again, after being closed
down for one yeur. ,
The Thanksgiving ball was a grand
success. A large crowd was out, and
a very enjoyable time was had by all
Thero is going to be a turkey
shooting mutch oll the creek during
tho holidays. Anyone wishing to
contest for one of these gobblers bet
ter be practicing some, for there is
nothing slow about our young men.
Supl Makes a Number of
Recommends, lions
W. V. Araut, superintendent of
Crater I dike National Park, in his
annual report has made several recom
mendations to the secretary of the in
terior us to improvements that ought
to ho mado in the Park during the
Hsoul year ending Juno 110, 11)01,
as follows:
1st. To put tho road from the south
line of the mrk to Anna Creek, a
distance of eight miles, in good con
dition. 2d. To construct a bridge over
White Horse Creek and make other
necessary improvements in the road.
lid. To mnko a change in tho road
from about 8,V miles west of tho sum
mit of the mountain in tho park to
Anna ('reek bridge, which would
eliminate from the road n high hill,
which is on either' side, 0110 of the
stocH't and hardest hills on any road
in Southern Oregon.
4th. To complete tho road from
Anna Creek bridgo to tho rim of the
crater, two miles of which has been
Mil. To improve the trail leading
from the summit of the crater to the
water's edge and nlso to stretch a
cable along tho trail to aid lHirsons in
making the trip and to lesseu the
lltli. To place a strong, iron railing
along tho outer edge of Victor rock to
proviilo agaiust accident, as nearly
every vislUir goes here for a good
view of tho lake and surrounding
Till. To cngago two patrolmen for
the jmrk from June 15 to October 15,
each year.
Kth. To proviilo a small, strong
house on the rim uf the crater aud pro
vide with register and other sup
plies necessary for tho registration of
vistiors to tho park.
Uth. Also for a register ami a
watnr proof metal case to bo placed
on Wizard Island.
10th. To establish a houso or
statiou in tho iark, also a small
stable and tool house.
llth. Forthe salury of the su(ier
ntendciit and for tho keeping of mi
additional horse for nse in the park.
Fight Will Be Bitter.
Those who will crsist ill closing
their crtis against the continual ion of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Coiisiiinptltn, will have
a long mid hitter flghr with their
troubles, if not ended earlier by fatal
termination. Head what T. H. Ilcall,
Miss, has to say: "Ijist fall my
wife had every symptom of consump
tion. She took Dr. King's New DIk-
uovcry after everything else had fail
ed. Improvement came at once and
four bottles entirely cured her."
Guaranteed by National Drug Store
and Grants Pass Pharmacy. Price
We, and tl.lHl. Trial bottle free.
Curtd Pirilyiii.
W. S. Bailey, P. O. True, Toms,
writes: "My wife had been sutTerim:
live years w ith jutialvNls in her arm,
w hen I was persuaded to use Ballard's
Snow Liniment, which cured her all
right. It does the work. " 2.o, ,MV,
I. is.) at Kotcrmund's and Stover Drug
bids wantkp for school
Sealed bids will lie r.....i ,-.,.1 I... i...
lltcli-rsiciied no to four ,i',o,..L ..' ...
of December .i p.inx f,,r ,..,' ...i'
f M.UM t liomls Of SlllO.ll 11, Or,..,
Number ? of Josephine County, Ore
gon. I'lirimsn of issue totiavfor bri.-k
hoot bin lilin,. Kate of niter.. .i
live per cent payable neini -nniiuullv.
Ylav I. and Novinilur I ll .n.U ,i..,...i
November I, I is a an, I ,hie '.,..,i....
I'.I.'M. ilil'ectoi-s l-i si-rvin.. ,1... .'.
I my at any tune nfier In veals from
li ne I rmcip'il ami interest puMiblc
at the oltlce of the couiitv In usurer at
Grunts Pass, Oregon, or in N. York
eiiv per ngn fiucui w ith purchaser.
I'lll.ll tlOII I, ll illlll'llll, .111., .j ..
this issue f.M.000; u-, ss, d va nation
III.'.', HeO.OO.l, present as,esi.t
i'.ini,i)0; actual vaiiiBiiou $I,.ui,um
I'opulutioii of ill-tint nboiit ;,,n
Miinlior of eholu ni district to::;.
Bonds unthcrlv, ,v v,,t f , ( , ,',
-Hialitb-d elector, . f ,,,i,-.t ,
Ol election h Id S. I, iek r -J IKI
ind approvi il I -v linn y (-
attorney. Issued ue-d-r ui.tbc.i ny i c'
i7 eof Oregon, approved
rcluutrv 1.',
A i f live o. i- .1...
hoods must aivoiupuuv i. I,..! Ik r,,r
II V111 IS I'll N I .'(. . .-u,.l
sppiy as part or purchaso i
icoepted or retum, ., lo bolder
. raiiit'iiiii
price it
if his
inn im rejci'ieil
The right nerved to reject am and
all bids.
T -e i v , . . . ,
T. . " .'
"I JOSCIl l II.,
KlroptsS Coonlrlrs Know the Vln
of Wide Tlrea.
EurcrH-an countries have long dls
enrded narrow tires In order to pre-
aerve end buj'd their highway.. d 0 of mo(t ,n
also bemuse It Is nn economy In the tht rlj dey, of our c(Untry WM
use of ti e vehicle and the weight tlmt Ultt ia wli(.h ngurwl nun. John H.
a horse U able to druw. s.iys the Good Smith, formerly of England, end Miss
Bonds Magazine. Wide tires lire not Pocahontas, the charming and vira
only lighter In their draft than narrow- eious daughter of Col. Powhatan,
or ones under nearly ull conditions, but writes W. D. Nblt, in the Baltimore
they roll the roads smooth Instead of ( American.
cutting them to pieces. A four inch This happened along in theflrstpart
tire on n wagon currylns a heavy load , ot the evntnth century, before ths
Is a road builder. j i"rt car btfBn running to Pow-
In France every freight and market I h't,n' ... , .
wn'on Is n rondiiiiik"r.
rJ'he ti'S nre
from three to ten Inches In width, mi:-
' ' iyj . . - :
,T '
ally from four to six Inches. Most
loads nru carried on two wheeled carts
with a single horse, the loads weighing
over two tons. With the new four
wheeled vehicles used ill France the
tires ure rarely less than six Inches In
width mid the rear uxle about fourteen
Inches longer than the foro axle, ho
that the rear or hind wheels run about
one Inch outside of the level rolled by
the front wheels.
III Germany the law proscribes that
nil the wngoiis drawing heavy loads,
such ns coal, brick, earth, stone, etc.,
must have tires nt least four Inches
wide. It is worse than useless) to cre
ate expensive mid valuable highway
to have them only cut to pieces by the
use of narrow tires ns now used for
the hauling of heavy loads In this coun
try. When an pxH'iislve highway has
been created It must be taken care of,
ami methods heretofore permitted
must be climigMl In order to help main
tain It. Wide tires nre of the greatest
value in preserving ordinary dirt roads.
Atlvniitns;ea of Hlnte Aid
Hallway Improvement.
When Mr. Bmwnlow of Tennessee
Introduced a hill In congress appropri
ating J'Jil.issi.tsK) ns n fund for national
aid to road improvement in the United
Hlutcs u gisnl many people were star
tled lit the size of the llgures. The
amount, however, seems very small
compared with the sum that n single
state now proposes to raise nml spend.
The New York legislature hns adopted
a constitutional ameiidiiieiit proposing
to rulsc and spend If.' annually
for ten years, or lfrii,(ssi,(iiK) In all.
This miieiidiiicnt must pass the legisla
ture again In 1'.ki.'i, 11 ml then It will go
before the people for ratlticiitloli or re
jection. It can reasonably be expected
that the measure will meet with popu
lar favor. The people of New York
have given the principle of slate 11 id a
thorough trial, and tho results have
boon highly satisfactory.
One of the objections most loudly
urged against both state ami national
uld Is that it will cncoiiriiKC local com
munities to neglect the improvement
of their roads and depend 011 the state
n nil the federal government to do the
work for them. I tut this objection has
proved to be purely Imaginary. In no
place where state aid lias been tried
has any such result appeared. On the
contrary, aid from the state treasury
only stimulates local self help, it
arouses warm competition among the
counties mid townships to secure a
share of the state aid funds. Instead
of sitting down and folding their hands.
lis predicted, the local communities arc
raising a great deal more money under
the stimulus of state aid than they did
fiiittu Itoail In Maine.
It Is stated that Maine for the first
time leads the l ulled Slates ns 11
granite producing state. The greatest
Increase for the year P.HIl oxer that of
Hum was ill limestone. One of the
chief factors of the Industry during
the year was the Increased value of
crushed stone, which covers granite,
limestone nml sandstone. This Is at
trlbiilcil luruely to the Increase In
liulldiuu better roads.
Rural Delivery Notes
Ailli'iints for the position of rural
carriers are suhjocti d to an eaiuimi
tlun in tvMvt to their iiia1il)eatliitis
for the Nf r lee and the esteem lit w llielt
they are held !' the InhahitniiU iiloin:
the routes. Seventeen to lll'ty lhe Is
the ngi limit eeed 111 tin1 raso of war
veterans who are physically competent
to do the work.
A ineuilier of congress, speaking of
tho rural free delivery not long ago.
s.ild that weii the service 11 dead loss
niianclall.v to the jmst otllce depart
ment lie would ho In favor of meeting
tTlie loss out of the puhllc treasury be
cause of the educational leiiell:s al
ready show n.
liiirnl ftee delUety Is liecomlu u po
tent factor In the i-oustructlun of good
roads and their proper niiiinteiKiiu e.
A c.ihhI rural service menus hikhI roads,
nnd as tlm pisiple Insist upon the (
liier they must CM iitually oMalil the
Courier and Oregonian $2 a year
I w Llk ob tk llorr of Horn. Jostm
I lallk mmi His lUrrillt to
Mias PmiiiMh.
- m a,-i. au ocfmiBica miiraci-
j nomas was me urn iare mat was
I aver collected on that line, but yon
I know bow it is about distance lending
enchantment to the view, and maybe
Pocahontas was not so fair after all.
It happened that Mr. Smith was out
doing a few deeds that would serve to
enliven the pages of the ten-cent nov
els when some of Col. Powhatah's
braves gathered him in.
I He wni. taken before Col. Powhatan,
. who coldly asked him what be was do
' ing over in that ward,
j Smith came back with some sauey
I retort or other, and ths upshot was
; that he was confined in the calaboose.
I Powhatan merrily said to him that
it was well that his captors were not
j cannibals or they would make Indian
' meal of him.
I However, that is mere airy psrsi
flnge, to t-o speak, and has no place in
a rral-for-sure historical novel.
It so ebanced that while Smith was
confined in prison Miss Pocahontas
same around one day to see if there
were any murderers or horse thieves
to whom she might carry flowers or
Unfortunately, they were jutt out
of murderer- and horse thieves that
morning, and she had to content her-
elf with listening to the long, tsd
story of Smith's past life. For hours
he held her spellbound with hit stir
ring recital of things he hod teen and
Lit tie Pocahontas began to think he
was fllitioat as interesting as a mur
derer could well he, and naturally she
was rather perturbed when a greeit
big Indian came in and said that Smith
was wanted at the captain's office. He
went on to sny that it was the inten
tion ' of Powhatan to have Smith
turned over to ther ministrations of
the court executioner.
In those days there was no fun In be
ing executed.
The papers did not send two or
three reverters around to find out
what the condemned man had eaten
for hrcakfnst and to write sad and
thrilling tilings about his last words.
Nor were there any extras issued to
tell the waiting public about the exe
cuMon. No, indeed. They simply took ths
permit, who formed the center of at
traction for the time being to a con
venient spot, and the court execution
er applied a club to his head until his
thought had all leaked nut and his
iinnginnt Ion collided with hit appetite.
Then the executioner cashed his
voucher and the festivities were at
Consequently little Pocahontas was
tremiihina with suppressed excitement
when they put Mr. Smith on the block
and pnrted hit hair in the middle to
ijive the executioner a fair tight nt his
tliink-center. Col. Powhatan was
stnndlnt" in a good spot to view the
preceeiliiu't. Had l oilakt been invent
ed he would have l ad hit hand In-ide
his cent, but nt It was, he "imply let
his h.nid bn'ig at the end of tilf arret.
,1 10 t n t be excel t loner was about to
drive Smith's eyebrows Into his vest
pockets I'ocihontns made a wild rush
frniii the puripiet li sts and threw her
elf r.cre-. the tim-ily form of Smith.
Pi'calioiiluK vn n cornfed bud of o
ciet; to. 1. and would have made a
pec: -in the-slot weighing nmehlne
look :ut a whirligig. The feelings of
Smi'h may readily be imagined. She
ruiii-1 the curl of his hair and
sm.T-heil Itis ruflled collar beyond re
demotion. Smith tried to speak tie
wanted to nri'e her to shift s little, for
! ,1,,. Knt i-rin.lintr 1 If collar button into
j the ticklish spot nt the top of ths
1 hn 1st hone, hut 'ie exclnimed:
' "Say not a word, my hero!"
I llnGng no breath left with which to
! tnv the word, Smith refrained from
Turning to her stern old father,
Pocahontas begged him to spare the
p or man.
Powhatan nodded attent snd the ex
ecutioner went sadly away. Smith
ro,e to his feet and took Pocahontas
by the hand, advancing to the center
of tlu stage to ropond to the curtain
There are many other stories told of
Mr Smith. He told most of them him
self. But we should drsw the great
moral Isnim from this one thst goo
goo eves are sometimes as useful in
real life as In tong.
I Sitlali1i-nre nf Tesoo Oil Wslla.
I'll has now ren."ed to flow aponta
neoinlv from the wells of lleauniont,
tint li e rerlners nre not thereby Insny
.i disturbed. There it plenty of oil
left in the Melds, hut It will not be
mt-rstary to force il from the. ground.
The ttsrtlinir How of oil which greeted
the man who msde ths first strike ws
flue primarily to the tnormous press
ure of the gak confined in the tnme tub
terraiienn rhamher with the oil. Sines
the chamber was penetrated the gss
began to cM iitie and the flow of oil to
subside, liu.te.ol i f natural gni press
ure it will now he necessary to ut arti
ficial air pressure. Scientific Amer
ican. Itraaklasl Svlnaeh.
Spread finely chi pped, srn cd-over
spinach on rounds of buttered toast,
tessou to taste, drop a nice!,! pouched
egg on each piece, aud ser e xery hot.
A splendid breakfast dish in place of
meat. Home Msgasina.
Where Hindsight is as good
We have a lmge psortnienl of ptet
ty, graceful an 1 styli-h bats in the
latest patterns ami inatctiais, -which
we are selling at greatly reduced
While we are closing out out entire
stock of goods at cost we iute-nd to
keep our Millinery the best at:d latest
until everything is sold.
We will lie ple-ascd to have every
one call and see our stoik.
Mrs. J. A. Rehkopf
South Sixth Street, Grants Pass, Ore.
Agent for
NeAv Idea Patterns, 10c -,
When sent by mail i ic.
A largo working library lias In i r n.h'i d ; tl.c 1 1. si at and
chemical laboratory tins lieen fully ri;i:i;od; a low gymnasium
building is being erected, and n Imge and haiulsoine m Iuh I
building is Hearing completion. Tho school grounds nn; hi nut i
ful and picturcfiiue. The health conditions are of the best , the.
social environment is puio and stimulating ; the course of study
lias boon strengthened and mado morn practical. The faculty
has boon increased ill number and tlm school is now equipped to
do work of the highest order.
This school Ik longs to Southern Oregon,. Il desires and
merits tho jiatroimge of the people of (his gnat sect inn. For
catalogue, address
I'.KNJAMIN l' MI I.KKV, President.
Ashlai d, Oregon.
C. It. Thomas, Secretary.
odaxs and Cameras
From 80c to 5100
A.LVoophies - :
as Foresight is in our
Do Vou Use
Fountain Pen?
We have just received a
new supply nnd can fit you
out with any style point,
from very line to a broad
Trices ranpe from $1.00 to
Every pen we sell is guar
niitecd to give satisfaction.
Let us fill your prescriptions.
liecomes a lahor of love if the
right sort of writing miitei inls he
used. Wo carry a linu of line fla-
tioneryt) tuit tin- no ht fastidious
tastes. High gradu goods at lowest
Jiriccs. I.;itet novelties in tinted
1'iipers that can't ho duplicated fo
th.i money Hsewore. lilanli honU,
very (lieiiii.
National Drug Store-
Worm SrTEr.ER 1G
- Photo Dealer
How to Prevent Croup,
i, .-ill hfl rood news to the mothers
of small children to learn that cronp
cau be rrevcutid. The nrst sign 01
cronp is bcarfeucss. A dav or two be
fore the attack the cliila becornef
lirarsp. Give ChnmbcrUin's Cougli
p....,..,ir freelv as soon as the child be- or f Veil after the rough
cough altars, and it ill dispell
all nyu pton.s of cronp. it m in uti,
the only remedy that can always be
depended npou aud tliat is pie?am
and safe to take. For salo by all
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the
niftneeuhln heretofore existing betwec'D
J. M. lloothand Jno. M. Rummoll is
dissolved. J. M. Booth having pur
chased all tho Interests ot Jno. 01.
and F. M. Riimmcll. All money's due
on insurance or other busin ss duo to
the fl-m is payahlo to J. M. Booth who
j ilt continue the business In his name.
Jno. M. Rcmmkll.
J. M. Booth.
SATURDAY December 12, 1003.
A familiar name for the Chicago, Mil
waukeeAHt. Paul Railway, known all
over the Union as the (ireat Kailws
running the "1'ioneer Limited" trainf
every day am! night between St. Paul
and Chicago, and Omaha ami Chicago.
Tht only perfect trains in the world
Understand: Connections are made
with All Transcontinental Lines, as-ur-ingto
passengirs the best service known.
Luxurious coaches, electric lights, steam
heat, of a verity equalled l y no other
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milvuukee" when going to any point in
the United States jii.:,.i.
et sgents sell them.
ror rates, pamphlets or other inloi
illation, address
J. W. Casey, n j 1'i.nv
Trav. Pass. Aft. (ieneral Anent
Skattlk. Wash. I'oktianp, Oi
t. '...t - ? -:- d
r:f,'-. v.'- n ' 'i
jj" A N N U A
To tic given by the La.Iy M.iccabtes, Placer Hive No 51, on
Christmas Eve., Dec. 24
Tickets, Including Supper, $2.00
Spectators: Adults, 25c ; Children 75c
Come, Everybody, and have a Merry Christmas Time.
First-class Music in Attendance.
LINCOLN ELLIS, Floor Manager.
'-" mmmmmmHmm'm ,mmm '"J III""" 1r-Jn--'i.
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H J ta 17 t 19
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For a, hort time onlv Ireland t Uad.i. ""r than tbw li,-v I
D .ll pay inv.Mte ,-i, Tu "? V 'lf h
S. V r irrtivi, in iwin Ufore buying elsewhere.
j wine
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Union Pacific
Through Pullman standard
Tourist Bleeping cars duily to Omaht,
Chicago, S)Hikune; tourist sleeping can
daily to Kansas City; through Pullman
tourist sleeping cars (personally am.
duetod) weekly to Chicago, Kansa
City, reclining eliair cases (seats frfel '
to the East daily.
DepaktI Time Schmiulks lAnsn-i
fob j FromJ'orUaiid "pbo
Chicago-iSult CaVe, Denver Fti
li VI...... U i '.
9:2(1 a. ni
Kansas City, St. v a
Louis. Chicago and
Last. I r
8:1" p. m
viu Hunt
ington. Kt. Paui
Salt Luke, Denver-
Ft. Worth, Oinuha.l
Kansas City, St-luai'm.
Louis, Chicago
andEast. J
Walk Walla, Lewis" -
ton, Spokane. Wal
lace. Pullman, Min Tklon. ,
neaiKilU, St. Paul.!
Fast -Mail
G p. in.
n Duluth, Milwaukee,!
I lilcugo and Last
No Cua.mie op C'ahs!
Tickets east viu all rail, or boat and
mil via Portland.
Ocean and Kivcr SflTcdule
All suiting dates suh-i
I jeet to change. 1 p. m.
For Sun Francisco
jKail every the davs.
8 p. m.
Thiilyox-I 1
Sunday COLUMBIA RIVER 4 p. m. '
8 p. m. i Kxcept
Saturdav To Astoria and Way Sunday ;
HI p. in. I Landings.
A. L. CRAIG, Gen. Pass Agent,"
Portland, On-goc ',
FAKT T1J1H , a.
Iiy Caoheii, lalace and Timritf I
flunking l.ltiiary Cars.
Oayllglit trip ibroutth the ('st-csde
and Itocky Mountains.
For full pnrticulnrs, rates, fulilers, etc.,
call on or address
J. W. PHALON.i. r. A.
122 Third Street, Portland
A. B. C. DENNISTON, tt. W. 1. A.
12 First Avenue 8eattl, Wah.
The Weekly Oregonian ami the4,
Comma both lor one year lor $2 in
lo (Jrauls Tiiss, Orosron
S T 11 K E T 1
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9 I
7 o s 7 1
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Is in tlm
northern part of thi f
one hlis'k north r-f th-J
Pnblie Sihocd Hid
Seventh aid x':
eity, sl,ut ons
new brick
'! een Seventh
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