Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 19, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

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A. E. VOOnntKS, I'KOI'K. & MNOlt
Entered at the poet ollit-e at firants !'",
Oregon, an niall matter.
The sc-lal hcmiou problem iH jet
ondocidcd. Governor Chamberlain
sulll probably unuoiiiieo bin plan
representative WilliatiiW'ti on Mon
day Introduced tlio Lewis 'and Clark
Exixwitiiin bill in tin- house in dupli
cate of tlm Mitehcll Kcnale bill.
Hnmitor Quarlen, 'f Wiw-oimin,
lias roinlrodticeil bin bill to repeal
tbo timber and Htone, desert land and
lintiK'Htcad eoniniulntioii lawn. Thih
bill, wliii-h wan favorably reported lo
tbo senate hint, m-kmou, pp.viil. h no
Hulmtitules for tbo existing lawn.
Jf yoa aro not Ka'.inlied with t In
city government and ollieinlf, it I
your duty to be lU tbo ward conven
tions nnd iixHixt in ltoniinaHiiK I he
men you wnnt to iill tlm oMrcs. If
yon ncglnct your duly dout' kick be
cuuhu tbo other fellow was there anil
bad thing bin own way. Tlm waul
convent inns will bo held 'Inula ,
November 21, mid the city noiniimlioii
convention on Friday, Nnveinl or 2?.
The lnngexMtcd trade treaty
between tbo United Slates and China,
which was licgot iated in .Sliunrhiii
by tho American ( Uiinini-sioneiH tinil
the ChincHt repreM-nlaliviv, has jiisl
reached Win-hington, and is now under
examination by tho htato department
ofllclalf. It is tbo Intention to submit
tbo new treaty for rat illent ion to the
senate lit tlm earliest possible niouicul.
In brief, tho ir n J ri an t ruvisions
nro llioseo iciiiiik io iiaue uir , nue-re
ports of Mukden and one in Jlanchu
rlu. . Tbo Port land Hcbool board has
stirred up a ItnrnclH next by fining 70
teachers ." each for not alii tiding the
annual tenohi-m' insliliilo. This
amount wan deducted fioui the month
ly Juiy of the teachers li nil the fair
school ma'ams did consideralde spnt
toring about tlm "horrid old whool
hoard. " ('bninnan Wittenberg of
tbo board of education coutcmU thai
It is u cuse of tbo district treasuries
suffering or tlm treasuries of teachers,
anil sinco thu teachers who failed to
attend lleccssilali d tbo loss of several
hundred dollars in thu county ap
portionment of school funds, bo be
lioves that these same teachers should
make good the deliclt.
Kcihinti grand jury has returned true
bills against I'niled Slalen Senator
Charles II. Dietrich and i'oslmastei
Jiioob Fisher, of Hustings, Noli.,
charging them Willi conspiracy mid
bribery in connection with the up.
pointim-nt of Fisher to t lit- position of
1'ostmiiHter. The indictment against
Hcnalor llielrich ehaig. s that ho in
cepted money and property in con
sideriitiou of bis recomim tiding
Fisher for uppnini uc nt as 1'osimanler
at Hastings. That against I'oi.l matticr
FUlicr charge him with ntnl.iiig a-i
argocincnt w ith Senator I lu-t rich by
which the former was to jiay in prop
erty and money ii:;oo for securing
Fisher the ul'pointiueid.
Tho (-(donihiau uullim it i. r. hiive
rallied to London a long protest
against the I'liiicl St lit V action
towaril l'auaiu.i, in which 1 1 n - o 1 1. k-'
tho "main i. spoiisiln In y lor lite
secession of r.iuauia In.-- unit the
I'uited St.iti 8 l,'oeiniui ni. 'n-ilv,
by foin- tiling the m atal i-t spu ;t. it
Wllilll there Keen,, o .,. ,
lietice ; st eoiitly, Iv l.;i-.tily u. Lnnu
lodging the j II 1 1. nil In , of tin
rovolleil iroince; and, tnillv, I iv
pn- cut ilie, tile ( olnlnl .an (m n, in
from using pi, .per lie an to t. picss
the lebellmn ft. - cn to say
that l'r. i .I' ll t Man. on ,'i I ir. i il
ergctienlly ptote-li-il ;e ih. I oiled
Mutes, mid wiln s tlial i: pi t l
should he 1. 11" W i, 1 1 I ,-l '., i; I tie' e I I
lieil world. '1 he pi 1,1 i rill. Ill ,
that tho l'iulc.1 St it. s I. a-, llllrill- i!
article ".'.of tin- ol'l-.i'-. w',
bo asserts, unpins II..' ilnt u l i.
part of tin- ( 'oil i .1 Slai s to li, 'p
t'olomhi.l .11 nianit. lining i miv
erclgnty on .- tin. ir.tbii.u, nu t add
that the "I'oluutl'i. tn govei itiin iii h
Jllldilltes tie a -lllli pi 1 . .11 1 1. il t.
have bal !' d I .- Ma lo c.iil-.iiu' enl
the canal. ' '
li' on the i i 1 1 1 1 1 r' ot . ii
lieceinhr r i u i.ii I t ' i
linvu dilli, nil iii I. ,n ; i 1
ot tin1 stor. - :n 1 , n , , ii,.
once of the del I.-, -in . . i ,
tho conclusion il.ii t!i ,i:
joying Hie , !i ii I., ii p,i' .;,,r;
being served in I ' !.l 1 '
ball Lv the Lade . . f i
l'rc.byterian chui. h iie.l
v is" von w ill follow 1 In
If you do not get Shoes to
suit you, try the Red Star
Shoes that wear sold at
Moderate Prices.
Red Star Store.
Union Reamuranl Thanka-
giving Nov. 26.
Turkey willi cranberry sauco.
;blcken with dressing
Turk with applo sauce.
Moiled Tongue and bam.
:e, Alile, I'lllllpkill,
Dinner and Midnight snptx-r.
Oysters any stylo.
A City Directory.
Miss Carrie Uniphb tt has been In
terviewing the Grunts l'ass business
men tn Interest them In the publica
tion of a city and county directory.
It is proposed to compile a list of all
i bo residents of Grants l'ass and
.losepliiue county, also all the busi
ness bouses, professions nod trades,
and also a mining director.- giving
locality, di-luneu from (iranls l'ass,
nunylii r of men employ, d, owner and
superintendent of ail the mines. A
gnat itiiioiiut of other information
will bo contained in tbo book. The rtaking has been heartily sanc
tioned by tbo prominent business men
of Grants l'ass.
It is tho Intention of tbo compilers
to miikn it nil accurate and useful
niciliiini of informal ion for srtaugers
who aro daily coming into our section
of Oregon.
Tablet and box
Courier olllcii to
up to-dato stylos.
paper at cost at. the
close out. Wo have
Will be Held Next Tuesday and
The ward conventions for tho nomi
nation of candidates for tbo city
council will ho bold in tbo various
wards next Tuesday, November 24,
and will be bold at tho following
places :
Ward No. 1, brick school bouse.
Ward No. 2, Bohool bouse.
Ward No. !i, court bouse.
Ward No. 1, city hall.
The city nominating convention
for tbo nomination of city oHlcers
will bo bold at the court bouse, Fri
day, November 27.
Little Chester lliinua, the 4-yoar
old son of Mr. and Mrs. Halpb Hanna
a of Portland bad tho misfortune to
stick scissor blade in bis right eye,
resulting in a very dangerous wound.
The little fellow was a nusing him
self ripping cloth with a little pair
of scissors, and in bis efforts to bruik
an obstinate seam, the scissors slipped
and tho point entered the eye ball.
There is hope of saving the child's
It, is said of John Wesley that he
onco said to Mistreiis Wesley: "Why
do you tell that child the same thing
over and over again?" "John Wesley,
because once tolling is not enough."
It is for this same reason that you un
told again and again that Chamls r
Iain's cough remedy cures coblfl and
grip, and that it is pleasant and safe
to take. For sale by all druggists.
A. E. Voorhies l'hoto Supplies.
Keep Dry
and Perserve Health
It is very important that all who aro olili'Ptl to
In; out in tho weather should keep ilry ami warm.
This is impossililo without tin- 1'ost quality of rainy
weather iootln. Wo have a full assortment of
Mackintoshes for men nml women.
Storm Coats ami Slickers, Uuhber Hoots for men,
Women ami ChiMron. Ladies, Misses ami ('liihlrens
rubbers and a full lino of miners' boots.
A l ull lino of I'inbrcilas
Prices are ri'dit
Pry (iixkls Clolliiiii; Men's l'urnihin;s
I'arUcr Slatota Concert.
j '1 he eon. '. it given by the Tinker Sis
(. !- at the opetil house last I'l idav
I el. nil;.:, Was well llllended and is
I p. , i.illy well enjoyed by the two
! Iiiiii iied or more people who faced
j il, , ,torm and waded to the bull,
i II,, in-t scli-clion was an eight bund
1'. lie
Tho Civ r Mini
The Soiitht rn To M i . . 1 1 ', in!.!,:,
has dirv.'lly atfeeted r.i.. Imui, ,s ,,;
Grants l'ass to a i oosnlei ilde ai leui.i
The Sugar l'lio- , l.,iiaL. . r,,
tlulde no easlel n shipment of linnl, t
from Oi tob. r V to Noi. n !.. r I l ie
have orders on tile ai.. Mould I ,.
shipped about to i a i' liii.d.i
if they could have s. m: , I'm . c ..
The company has In en i. . u in.1 linn
ber continuously, nicl as roue ha
been slilp-d tiny li,ie a great
amount piled in the
If yea mint l r. a line ipi u o r
see Hull of g..v. liiuii n! 1 ,i.d for 1 onie.
stead, see W. It. Sh rmaii. l.i,nu
Inch was well rendered
and eiy iainialdv n eeivid. Then
I to'.',, w.'l piano solos and dui-t-. vocal.
J v.;,-. da. I-. tllo and ipiarlets. '
,i e rele. llollr. Well' 111 1 re II. 1. I ed I II 1
j el i-uig manner and showiit llvc
I i ;,l aPilitv el the family lo a
I in. u i,e, I decree. j
; Ii i- sold. mi thai s ugle family
ttlll develop a .piartet eapalde nf
I n nd, ling Loth ae.l piilan music 1
i ..i acceptably lo a huge au.iieii. e.
i Alt'.ntieli the young liulli s bale Is'CIl
I.canl many tunes ill Grams l'ass.
j tn ie i- always u cliuriu to lie- nui.-'i.-.
I lie s nging if Miss lilis-le was a
ur. .it raiii-piise lo nearly eM-ryoue i
jpi.eiil, u 'li as her oici
J -lleweii 11 1 1 uu 1 1 1 V lihleli Is unite I'V
! ..' iioiial in a peiMin of in r
Art Uepivrlmcnt.
The Art department of the Womiins'
(Muli will meet at the home of Mrs,
W. I'. Male Friday, November '.'U
All members aie nn u. .V
I.IIciimv Department.
The Literary levirtment of tlie
Grunts 1'ur.s S Oman's I'luh will lin e!
at the home of Mrs W. M. Hair,
I'ri.l.y, Nov. JO. inoil.
The following program will he
given :
Gems from liiowiiloes. Life ot
Uroiuiing Mis. W. M Hair.
Sonnets from tin- Toi tuguese - M i:
Pkcussiou liiowuiogs itpM'iii tty
a lVfect", led by Mrs. Porter.
I'onii'rsatiiMi " Value i f l.itera
tun1", led by Mrs. l.ueas.
All nieiners wuliiug to join litis ,le
(virt unlit will pliao be . resent at
this meeting as a large membership i
Wall I'm is--iuuia use
lowest prices Tliooutk'.
v,u it iv,
B O N "t O N
BAKERY l"?wastl
A Seen by W. B. Sherman the
Timber Man.
Ton Oregonians and poojilo of the
coast fail to comprebend the value of
their occasional heavy belts of timber
having always seen these big, tall
trees standing here, they expect that
they will so remain and laugb at the
idea of Eastern people coming here
aud taking timber claims, figuring
that it will be ages before getting
returns. But those knowing tbe vast
export trade from tbe United States
to Southern China and other foreign
countries, that has developed daring
the ist few months, and considering
the consumption of timber in the
prairie and other states, and knowing
that tbe supply in tbo once heavily
timbered status of New England,
Virginia, West Virginia, North and
South Carolina, Georgia, Florida,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,
Eastern Texas, Arkansas, Missouri,
Michigan, and Wisconsin, withllieei-
oeption of Minnesota, is exhausted, aud
that the timber of the Pacific, coast
must meet thosj demands; consequent
ly, figuring stuini age cut in the past IS
yours in those states it is easily seen,
without considering any increase in
tbo consumption of lumber, (though
statistics show an alarming increase)
that from 8 to 13 years hence, there
will b, practically speaking, no tim
ber left on the coast.
Eastern people have wrong ideas aa
to the acreage of timber on the coast.
Over one half of the coast acreage is
barren wasto, aud one half the tim
ber acroago is in forest reserve aud
probably will remain so during a life
time, l or DO miles on each Bide the
railroads tho railroad company owns
'ilternate sections, and none of their
timber land is for sale. This short
age, together with soino onsnrvoyed
lauds, leaves loss than an eighth open
for timber locations of which the
majority bus already been taken.
Now, it is very-evident that a syndi
at. i is trying to get a corner on the
timber of the coast, aud it is suggested
that they have not only interested the
newspas rs in their behalf bat that
they are soliciting tbe services of high
government olllcials to work in con
junction with them. For instance.
nowspa r articles have appeared to
the elfect that citizens having taken
timber claims, would not receive
their patents from the government
Now, the careful thinker sees nothing
(xinsisteiif, reasonable, or just, in the
government allowing her to
lib-, make proofs aud pay for their
claims, in accordance with the act
passed hy congress iu June 3, 187H,
(which act has not been repealed, and
since which time patents have been
(lontlniiously issued) and then defraud
thorn of the same as the press sug
gests, l'eople aro still continuing to
file anil miiko proof on claims notwith
standing the syndicates bluff. The
conservative thinker don't consider it
pnssiblu that the Kiliticians of tbe re
publican parly are so short sighted as
to allow their future to be so jeoiiard-
izeil; neither would wo believe that
our statesmen could he iutlueuced to
contribute such food for tho anarchists,
ir risk swelling the present numbers
if the anarchistic army.
The timlH-r on thu const is cedar.
both red ami w hite, yellow pine, sugar
pine and fir. The yellow piun trees
have a similar apticaruuco, outward
ly, to the eastern Norway pino but
in u-1 1 l'ncr quality and better finish
iug limber. Thu sugar pine lias tbe
out w ard ppcarauce of the white pine
nf the east but makes far superior
lumber being, lighter and stronger,
Uikes finish much better, aud is great
ly sought after for many purposes.
The Mr is a similar tree in outward,
apiH-arauce to the Kastern hemlock, but
lias more strength and takes as good a
finish as the Kastern pines. It Is
known in the Kust as the Oregon pine.
The use of fir is being rapidly learned,
it being indiss. usable in the construc
tion of ships, dis ks, bridge building,
ami all places w here strength and dura
bility are required. The price of Ur lias
ilouhled in tbe last V) months and no
louht will soon be as valuable, or
more valuable, than the pines. No
limber on the coast is shaky it makes
ulear lumber from the ground up. The
price of these lumbers on the cur is as
follows :
Fir 18 00 to 34 00
Yellow Tint! 17 (M to 40 00
Sugar I'ine Si is.) to AO 00
The forerunner of systematic) lum
bering is just beginning. Small mills
re being put in through out the roun
try and aro very paying propitious.
Lumber is hauled by trains of four horse
teams, anil also by road engines draw
iug trains of wagons loaded w ith from
jo.ixvi to ,',0.000 feet of lumber per en
gine, which is drawn from one to 40
miltM to the railroad. Theso small
mills cut from lO.iKHl to 30,0iXI fei per
day. Cutting trees into logs, hauling,
them to the nulls and cutting them
Into lumber, is done at ail exvmo ol
f.'. to '. per thousand; hunting the
limit. r from the mills to the railroad
from $1 to ! per thousand, aivordlng
to dtstuth e.
This gives yon an idea of the etior
mens prolit that can be made on a quar
tor section of llu-se timber lands, that
will cut from 1,(100.000, to (l.imO.OOO
(e. t of such Umber. A man with
i) of less than '.iHl call take a
tiiulwr claim, and prove up on it
."nine men scrip quarter sections, get a
nulling couinv to cut and haul their
logs and lumber, and make the alwiv
;rollt tlieinselve Often timber
claims and boiiKteaiU can be found
lying adjacent, us soil and conditions
change in short distances. Some
tunes a mull cm fake a timber claim
aim nuiucsieau joining, and if so
fortunate as to have a wife, she too
in iv take an adjoining timber claim
thus having a good home surrounded
by iit'UUiiuuce of valuable timber.
At present good claims taken last
spring and winter are valu.-d at from
f.ii to .,uii and upward per claim
and as mvui as systematic lumbering
on the coast is fully established claims
will bo us valuable on logging stream
us an the railroad. This section of
t!ie civi-t w ill i urn, as other state
hav.' h unied. that loggiug and
thinu s furnish che r transportation
for luiiils riug than the railroad. In
consideration of the fact that we ore
now approaching a presidential elec
tion year, which always causes a de
pression in all line of busiuess, it U
oar opinion that the highest value
of timber lands will not be reached till
the winter and spring of 1U05. If those
who wisli to take advantage of
this last chance of a lifetime
of taking a timber claim were
here now on tbe ground, and learned
conditions for themselves as tliev
are they would certainly loso no
time in taking their claims. History
is sure to repeat itself here on
the coast as it hag again and again in
other lumbering localities. Since
there will be such an enormous amount
of lumber cut during the next 10 years.
there is bound a healthy boom in
all brandies of business property and
business will increase in value from
10 to 20 per cent yearly. I am
pleased to say that this locality,
with tbe products from its rich gold,
silver and copper mine, together with
its vast stock and fruit industries will
continue to stimulate aud sustain
busin.-9 in its prosperous march, after
Die timber is exhausted. Now is the
time to get a foothold here.
During the leisure week of last
spring aud whiter, so many Eastern
people availed themselves of these
privileges that it then- appeared to as
that within a few weeks there would
bj no more vacant timber tuft. How
ever, when spring aud summer work
opined up that has apparently ab
sorbed all of their attention, conse
quently timber busiuess stands much
aa it did last Bpring, aud as so few
Eastern people have come out to the
coast during the summer there is still
good vacant land available.
Urltlah I'eopl Lfiallr Turn froni
American or German Warti to
Thwse of Hum I'ruuucstioa.
Frederic Emory, chief of the bu
reau of foreign commerce, the other
lay math! pulilic the following inter
SHling extract from "Commercial Kc
alioiig for luol:" Most noticeable
x-ihupK of all prevailing trade conili
dons in Knghind, says Consul S. I.
MeKnrlaiel, of Nottingham, is the nn
mgonism against foreign goods which
las sprung up among the ilritish
people. 'Hie llritish people are noth
ing if not loyal. There is a disincli
nation to purebnse American or tier
man wares, mid many lines of goods
re now sold without comment which
ane or two years ago were advertised
is of American make or "Ainericnc
ityle." The Diamond Match company
parades its goods under the old Eng
I i nli name of llryant & Mny; th
American tobacco trust calls itself
the Kiigliah Tobacco company anil ud
icrtises its goods as -made in Eng
laud by llrilish workmen; the pro.
prietnry medicines which were first
introduced an Aiitericun discoveriei
now hint from their adiertiseinr-nti
everything which might identify
them lis importations from the I'nit
ed States. Hut de-.pite all prejudii cs
continues the consul, nnd solely be
cause of merit and cheapness, Amei-i
can trade in every line continues tc
Ttft Grant nnd Linn fttntnea In Lln
uln Park, I'lilman, lllllsad In
nn Odd Mnuncr.
Ilirds have taken advantage of shel
tered positions in two Lincoln park
iii.iiiuuiei.ts ut Chicago and built
lusts. Three families of the foBtli
ered tribe have taken up their ale d
in the Hen. I, unit uioiiuini-nt, anil r
the I.inne monument in the north
end of the park birds have built theii
In the (Irani monument the birdi
elected the stirrups and the cupliUi
nook formed hy the figure in hohlii (,
a field glass in its hand. In theii
ehosen position tbe bird are saft
from rain and wind tonus, hut oc
casinu.'illy a small boy climbs tin
structure and destroys the nests
However, the ambitious sparrows ar
seldom discouraged. Their hninur
enemy lias no homier finished tiit
pluntlei-ii g than tbe birds set about
to rebuild their homes.
At I, nine monument the palm ol
the grrul nntunilisl'u hum!, hanging
at the side of the bronze figure, sltel
ters a pair of sparrows. I lie nest ii
snugly situated in the cup formed by
the curve of the hand.
rreslili-nt IjiiiiIs I hlcnnn lrnjrrt.
Mr. Martha It. turn-, founder ol
the proposed Women's temple, ill I hi
cngo. lias received the following let
ter from President lioosev-lt: "I havt
been deeply interested to learn of tl.t
work your association has tiu.lertal en
ill erecting the magniti. cut Wonim",
temple iii Chicago as a n.eiuorial ti
Miss Willard. It gries me genuine
pleasure to sen.) to urn ami the incite
hers of the hoard of t rust er Ilea rt e -
coiiirt-ai ulat ions upon the progress al
ready untile and best wishes for tht
enrl nnd complete success of the un
dertaking." oinrtliliiH Sj,.tv fnr Spencer.
Herbert M inteer is shiK-ked at what
hi- calls t! c "rebnrbnri atioti" of tl-i
world. s;. s tin- M IwnuKec Sentitul
He bus evidently been stlltlling till
newspaper aecoiinu u college but
Sealed bids will be received by the
undersigned up to four o'clock p. in.
of PecemlMi- lath, lifcM. for the sale
of 10,1100 of boudi of School District
XuiiiImt i rt Josephine County, Ore
gon. 1'nrpose of issue to pay for brick
school building Kate of interest
live per cent payable semi annually.
May I, ami November I. Hoods dated
November I, 11M3, ami due November,
I. IH'.'S, directors reserving the right to
ly ut any tune after 10 years from
date, rriticipal ami interest (ratable
ut the office of the county treasurer at
lirants l'ass, Oregon, or in New York
city per agreement with purchaser.
louil hon led liidelrileilnevi including
this issue JO,000 ; ascscd valuation
lihij, fCAOtVi, present assessment
T.ti, 000 ; actual valuatiou l.MXl.OiS).
1'opulation of district about 4,'iHO.
Number of scholars in district 1087.
Homls authorised by a vote, of the
qualified elector of said district at
an election held September 28, HHVI,
ami approved by llou. W. C. Hale,
attorney. Issued under authority sec.
S:tM.i H. A C. code of On-gou, approved
reorunry rj, lisia.
A dciioait of five per cent of lite
bonds must acconisiny each bid btfore
It will te rousidered. said amount in
apply as part of pan-base prce if
accepted or returned to bidder if liu
bid lie rejected
The right reserved to reject anv and
all bids.
Treasurer of Josephine Coantv.
Right at Home.
Kuowiug how well Sonthren Ore
gon is settlil and bow ofteu the
cruisers an 1 prospectors nave
traversed its many mountains aud
. - i - r
canyons, no doubt me people oi
Grants Pass would be surprised to
know that a quarter section of vacairtl
government land, with from 40 to (SO
acres which could be cultivated,
plenty of water for irrigation, two
miles from a good loggiug
rying there million feel of valuable
timber, iu a good neighborhood and
other very favorablo surroundings
and a good road running into it; can
ride in your buggy to the well marked
section corners, lies within six miles
of town.
A three-quarter section ten miles
from town, carriyng 10,000,000 feet of
timber, a road tunning into it.
A section 14 miles from town car
rying 11,000,000 feet. Fine location ;
easy to get into and timber easy to
get oat
A half section six miles from Rogue
river iu a go-)d neighborhood very
accessible. Cruises ti.OOO.OOO feet of
timber. "
Three sections on a good logging
stream, very favorablo location, cruis
ing BO, 000, 000, a claim in heavy belt
of timber, uud down grado to marked
TIiobo, together with many other
very favorably located quarter sec
tions of timber claims and homesteads
should induce the careful thinker to
investigate these matters aud use
their timber and homestead rights
before the close of this s;cial session
of congress, which it is expected will
repeal the timber and stone act and
radically change tho homestead laws.
Cruisers who do their cruising
about the depot aud curbstones will
tell yoa that such government lands
can not bo shown. I do MY' cruising
in the TIM13ER and am in a position
to show you theso claims as I here
ri presnt them. Location fee, 12.").
Ollicc, room 12, Masonic Temple.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Grants Pass Real Estate..,.
Scale ' bids will ho received by the
School Heard of School District No
7, Josephine County, Oicgcn, uulil 7
o'clock P. M. December 1, lUOII, f..r
150 cords of wood to lie cut two fei t
long and delivond at the school
houses iu (iranls Pass not later than
September 1, lili'4. Seventy -five cords
are to be red fir nnd la cords black
oak r laurel, all to be cut from sound
green trees.
Tho lioartl reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids.
C. E. MAYP.EE, Clerk.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Th ro are funds in tho tieusury to
pay all warrants pioie-t.-d to Sept.
1st, IS',17. Inti res; will cease from
this date. Oct. Hith, 1!0:.
Treasurer of Josephine Co., Ore.
A. V. Bernard Undertaker.
FCKNISHKD bedroom for
Mrs. G. V. Scott, 1) street.
EIGHTY ACHE ranch one mile from
city, -.0 acres under cultivation,
4 -room bouse, good barn. House
would bo rented separate. Apply at
this ollicc.
TWO unfurnished rooms or furnish
. d bedroom let singly if desired.
Terms modi-rule. Apply lo Mrs. R.
Harrison, S i ond str -ct, Mrs. Stuarts
1'lWi UuRsES lumber wagon,
double work harness, for sale. C.
Caullieltl, Hot-cm much.
KOI, I, 'POP DKjsK anil revolving
chili, for sale rheap Courier ollice.
New furniture in live room cottage,
only f-.'OO. Cltoi -e lncaiion, with
hub nnd toilet. Rent ?l.'i.
C. A. Hancock, Myers barber shop.
Kill Ions laled alfalfa hay. Dr. C.
R. Hay, Tolo, Oregon.
LAW I.IRRARY of over 1(H) volumes
tor sale at ,'sl cents ou the dollar.
Inquire at this ollicc.
Restaurant, a gootl business for the
money invested. Enquire at this
office for particulars.
I.'AKM KOI! S.M.K-lwu miles from Mer
lin, bin tn-res .st out ,"SI Hi-res of good
bottom hunt, 'J.'i iii rer. in cultivation, small
house and barn and about .-si seres under
fi-ili e. bslauee of land suitable for on-hnnl
nr pature. . For further particulars ad
dress VY. M. Crotv, Merlin, Itreoll.
'X(U) sere fruit nnd Murk ranch, .'('j miles
Irom lirants I'a-. Itiu leneed, all
cleared' to in Orchaid. fair huiWhnv, good
iruit soil, plenty ol w aler nml limber and
Ihe l.esl outside Mock ramie in Josephine
Cottiitv. Pru e $7 no per avc. purl cash.
Address Mr-. A. II. ( he-suture, Medford,
. ire
()() il'KK ranch, goed prune and
tipple oichnrd, small fruits in
ithunthiiife ; wnter lor irJik.'ation, besides
sprinirs on every 40 acres : crnter of good
rsttee country, two dusHm liuus?.., i,
bnrn. every tliiinr ciniiplele ; well sheltered
front fruMs. uml niimiii; markets, ime
tialf mile north ol Tunnel price $eO0.
Inquire al this oitice.
FCUNI i l'KK cb-iined and repaired,
upholstering done, carjs-ls tikin
up, cleaned and rel-iid. Mattresses
renovated, household goods packed
for shipment. Apply to J. ii.
Eh -rle Residence Sixth St.
Assav Office
;Goht, Silver, Copjvr, Lead, 1 each.
Gold and Silver, 1.
Bought and Refined for Deutal Trade,
Each and every assay douo with the
Idea that it may be clunked.
Nowhere iu Oregou can an investment be made with
greater safety' thau in Grants Pass real estate. Within the
past year the town has increased one-third in population. Ail
real estate values have increased, yet prices are still so low
that those investing now are sure to realize handsome profits.
The climate here is ideal. The mines are increasing in
value and mining experts predict this is to be one of the great
est mining districts in the world.
For further information call upon or address
JOSEPH MOSS, T3he Real Estate Agent,
who has the largest list of property with" the best prices and
Property sold on the installment plan if desired.
Office ou "E" street, west of Sixth street.
rKV Unnf Coll lflfT I-i 1ifl Ari
"GORDON KEITH" By Thomas Nelson Page
"A CALL OF THE WILD" '. By Jack London
"A DEAL IN WHEAT" By Frank Norris
"THE MAIDS OF PARADISE".. By Robert W. Chambers
"THE SHERRODS" By George Barr McCutcheon
"BREWSTER'S MILLIONS" By Richard Greaves
"THE UNDER DOG" Bv F. Hopkinson Smith
"THE LONG NIGHT" By Stanley J. Weyman
Hinty books for Boys 25c, large list of titles.
November magazines now iu
opp. Opera. House
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Fountain Pen ?
We have just received a
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National Drag Store.
Courier and Oregonian $2 a year
To Cure a Cold in One Day
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toko iaxauve oromo munme Tablets. tvjfr
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