Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 17, 1903, Page 3, Image 3

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...Hermatic Fruit Jars....
Canning season now bere Buy the HERMATIC FRUIT JAR,
thereby insuring your fruit to keep. Easiest to seal, easiest to open;
has wide mouth aud made of clear white glass. You'll be pleased after
Haven't said much about Coffees and Teas lately, but our sales on
Chase & Sanborn's Coffees and Teas are increasing every day. Our
celebrated South Sea Blend at 25c is superior to mauy 30 and 35c Cof
fees. Try it and be conviueed.
Green Apples, Water Mellons, Musk Mellons.
Remember the place. t
Given Away Free
Call at our store and see them
all about it. Undoubtedly the most
Tkse Cool Mornings .
How would it feel to have a small firo in a quick heating
A -Tight Stove? Our stock is in and wo can supply you
at once.
Odd Fellows Block.
Wo haven't room to store
them until next season and
must get rid of them. Wo
ofl'er them at
20 Per Cent Discount
Grants Pass,
...dosing Out Sale...
I am closing out
Ladies' and
Notions and
Everything goes at cost.
to date.
If you want anything in
place to get it is at
Mrs. J.
. New Idea Patterns, 10c. - i- Ti I 77v-T"t
When sent by mail ,,c. LaCllGS HXlCi Chlldreil S
New rail rlilhncfv atvles . , , Q i.ioJt an exceptional values
ARE NOW IN ' MeilS ByS SlUtS 25C, 35C, , 50fl LADIISMSenuiuoVici KM and Calf, $1.50
. Men's Heavy Oregon Cassimcro, $8.50 MEN'S All Solid Dress undWork Shoos, $1.50
I have received my fall stock of Millinery which include, J081.0"'' " 4. , !! S'(M ' MEN'S UNDERWEAR CIIILDKI'N'S Warranted ..11 solid. Kid and Calf
new styles and new materials. AU the latest wrinkles in up- Lo's hults- Ln0 to Heavy Fleeced IiiWicd and I'lain extra value $1.00, $1.25, $1.50
to date trimming. Call and see the gccxls. 37 2C 50C
4 v 1 4 I 1
Children's Hats -:- School Hats and Caps
Front St., Second Millinery Store East
The Woodville root office is one of 1
the neatest offices in Oregon. IL T. !
,Hart, the postmaster, has everything'
conveniently arranged for work and !
take great pride keeping the office !
looking orderly and businete like. It
iiapOKtomce that Woodville slxuld
be promd of. '
to Our Patrons
Baking and Basting
(A unw and excellent device fur
cooking and roasting meats. )
on exhibition and we will tell you
practical Basting Pan made.
Fream Freezers
- Oregon.
my entire stock of
All goods are new and up
these lines remember the
A. Rehkopf
Miss Ida Weston
of tli St.
Grants Pass, Oregon
Willis Kramer brought home some
ore from his Whiskey Creek mines
and had Walter Hudson awtav it, and
it weut fi.utw. 10 a ton. Talk about
Eldoradcxi ! What ia this Kramer
has? is the question asked by the
Myrtle Creek correspondent of the
Row-burg Review.
People sva They Come fend Go
F rom Day to Day
Lee Sill of Murphy was iu town
R. Tlionias went to Port lad Mouday
on business.
C. J. Kurtli went to Gold Hill
Monday for a few days visit.
Mr. aud Mrs. Bert Barnes visited
with relatives in Ashland Suuily.
Editor Arthur Conklin of -the Jour
nal left for Salem Wednesday even
ing. Mr. aud Mrs. R. S. Brat ten of
Eerby visited friends iu Ashland re
cently. Miss Agues George returned to
Ashalnd Sunady after visiting here
for a few days.
H. L. Gilkey, cashier of the First
National bank, visited iu Jackson
county last week.
Misses H:it tie and Etta Cook weut to
Roseburg Sundny to visit their sister,
Mrs. Ray Carlon.
Messrs. L. L. Jewell, A. C. Hough,
H. D. Nortou and V. L. Ireland went
to Medford Tuesday oil business.
Rev. J. W. McDougall will deliver
au address to the old soldier's at Med
ford on Friday Grants Pass day.
Mrs. Ray Carlon returned to her
home in Rosoburg, Sunday morning,
after a woeks' visit with relatives
G. R. Bunting, a mining expert,
arrived from Simula county, Califor
nia, last week. He will prosxrt the
Waldo copper district for a Keswick
" Hou.G. W. Colvig has resigned his
position as United States consal at
Barrauquilla, Columbia, aud has re
sumed the practice of his profesisou
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harth returned
Sunday night Iron) their trip to
California. They look tho steamer nt
Sau Francisco for Portland aud had
a very pleasaut time.
D. S. Cook returned Widr.csdny
night from Roseburg whore he i.t tend
ed the funeral of his son-in-law, Kny
Carlon. Mrs. Carlon will return to
Grants Pass iu a few days and make
her homo hero.
Among those who went to Medford
Monday to attend the Old Soldier's
aud Sailor's reunion were: Mr. and
Mrs. Theodore Mott, John Patrick,
E A. Wade and Mr. Hestou. Several
weut Inter 1 whose names we did not
0. J. Kline of Maukato, Minn.,
stopped off Saturday to visit his sis
ter-in-law, Mrs. N. B. Meade, and
family for a few days. Mr. Klino Is
on his way homo from a visit to
California. This is Mr. Klino's sec
ond trip to the coast, aud if lie were
a yonug man, he says he would make
this his home.
A. J. Dooley left Saturday for his
home iu Topeka, Kansas, after au
oxtended visit iu Uregou. He will
make tho roturu trip via of Sacramen
to, having enmo out over the northern
route. Mrs. Dooley left for home
about a month ago, but stopped in
Nebraska to visit relatives. They
will probably returu to tho coast next
J. D. Edwards came in on tho stage
on Friday and has been shaking hands
with his old friends. And lie is still
tho same familiar John with the
same broad smile on his countenance,
Ho thinks that this cily looks awfully
slow in comparison to tho towns iu
Southern Oregon, where they have
weekly pay rolls and a corresponding
amount of business Tillamook Head
"B. L. Byer, a well known coojier
of this town, says he believes Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy saved his life last summer.
He had lieen sick for a mouth with
what the doctors call bilious dvsen-
tery, und could get nothing to do him
any good until he tried this remedv.
It gave him immediate relief, says
B. T. Little, merchant, Hancock, Mil.
For sale by all druggists.
. We have secured an early shipment of all the late novelties for the Fall Season, and as it will be next to impossible for us
to duplicate this order owina to the scarcity of materials and the factories t very much behind with their orders the
early buyers will undoubtedly secure better styles, materials and prices than those who wait until the cream has all been ,
skimmed off from the new stock?.
Is Purchased by H. A. Rotermund
Stock to be Enlarged.
s A deal was consummated Thunday,
whereby H. A. Kotcrmuud became
owner and proprietor of the Grants
Pass Pharmacy, iu the Masonic Tern-
pie. Mr. Rotermund will remove
his stock of drugs aud stationery from
his old stand next to Coe's storo to
the new location. Ho will dispose of
his ice cream and coufectionery busi
ness. Iu order to make room for tho new
stock of drugs, etc., a "rummage
sale" will bo held beginning Satur
day .Sept. 19th, when prices will not
be much of an object, as the space
occupied by the present stock is need
ed for the now und up-to-dato goods
now hero aud ou the way. Not only
is tho drug featnro to be eularged,
but a complete lino of stationery,
books, magazines, shells, sundries
and camera supplies will be carried.
The latter feature will be greatly en
larged, aud to that end a big order
has been placed for a largo line of
cameras, kodaks aud camera supplies.
Bert Barnes will havo charge of
the prescription department. Since
tho opening of his store, here Mr.
Rotermund has proven himself to be
a hustler aud his many friends havo
no doubt of his making a success of
his now venture.
Applegate, that land of never fail
ing crops and record breaking ones at
that, has contributed a punipkiu to
tho Sentinel exhibit that would make
pies enouh to feed two scoro ot hun
gry school boys. The pumpkin
weighs (13 pounds and is ns smooth as
a Newtown apple. It as ruiaed by
Reuben Wright aud was not raised as
prize pumpkins are, only one ou a
vine, but with this specimen there
were several others on tho sumo vine
and no fertiliczr or irrigation was
used. Jacksonville Sentinel.
The Ith quarterly meeting services
of Newman M. E. church will bo held
next Sunday, with tho usual services
in the morning and tho lore feast in
the evening at 7 o'clock. Rev. D. T.
Summcrville will deliver the ser
mon nt B, aud tho communion service
will bo held immediately following
the sermon. Tho quarterly confer
ence will Iw hold Mounay evening nt
7 :!10.
Basket social and entertainment at
W. 0. W. hnll by Y. P. S. C. E.
Friday evening, September 18, 1903.
Good program prepared, by best local
talent, also stercoptican views of
different parts of tho world, by Rev.
Connel. Everybody invited. A small
admittance fee of 10 cents will be
charged at tho door. Big shadow sale
at 9 :30 sharp.
I The Ashland Board of Trade turued
down the proposition for advertising
that city made by tho representative
of the forthcoming Harvest Edition
of the Salem Statesman, of which it
Is proposed to distribute 4"),000 copies
through tho Hanimau immigration
bureau in tho East and which is to
contain writo-nps aud illustrations of
Western Oregon.
Carter & Dufllcld havo just laid the
foundation for a MxTO two story brick
on Maine street, Gold Hill. One
room will be occupied by Carter &
Duflield with their general merchan
dise stock and the other by A. E.
Kellogg, the furniture man. The
second story will be fitted up for a first
class opera house.
It has becu delluilely learned by the
sheriff's ollice, that Martin Berenrts,
who ilisapjicarcd from his mining
claim 011 tho South Fork of Smith
KiVer about the 4th of July, went
across tho mountains to Grants Pass.
From there all traco of Berends has
again been lost, says tho Del Norte
Ke ord.
In the last analysis nobody knows
but we do know that it is under strict
law. Irregular living means derange
ment of the organs, resulting In con
sipatioii, headaches or liver trouble.
Dr. King's New Life pills quickly re
adjusts this. Only 2''C at National
Drug store and Grants Pass Pharmacy.
Briel Notes a.nd Items ot Interest
tvnd Importance.
Dr. Flanagan, v
Physician aud Doutist.
Go to Corun (or Plumbing.
Welchs' 1 Closing-oat sale.
M. Clemens. Prescription Druggist.
Brass Spoons just received at Cram
er Bros.
. Pultons Sun Proof Paint, the kind
that wears. Sold by Cramer Bros.
Austin's Report Cards for school
use for sale at tho Courier ollice 75c
per hundred.
Good second hand piano, for sale
cheap for cash. Inquire at the
Demareo Mnsio House.
C. D. Nichols, tho photographer
opposito tho Court house will take
wood iu payment tor photos.
If you want the best flies and
leaders go to Cramer Bros.
The ladies are requested to bring
their shadows to the W. O. W. hall
Friday evening, the 18tli.
Trout are biting well, and you can
catch them with tncklo bought of
Cramer Bros.
W. Ii. Ingram is prepairlng to erect
a dwelling ou tho lots he recutly pur
chased in the Ireland i& Meade addi
tion. "Paddy" Ryan, a former resident
of Southern Oregon, was shot and
badly wouuded at El Paso, Texas, hts.1
.For first class bargains in real es
tate, see or wrUe Attorney II. B. Hen
dricks Wright's Assay building,
Grunts Pass.
O. F. Taylor, who was taken sick
with typhoid fever at Ashland a
short timo ago and was brought to his
homo here, died Sunday. ,
Gold Hill is installing a sewer
system. Tho main is to bo of brick,
10 inches in tho clear, and tho mater
ial is already 011 the ground.
IRELAND & MEADE now havo
their addition platted and ou tho mar
ket. If you want a desirable build
ing lot, sco them before yon buy.
Received a new stock of Ladies'
chains, Gents' fob chains of tho latest
"styles, also a fine stock of Rings.
Curtis & Co. Odd Follows Building.
Tho training school for tho Southern
Oregon State Normal Bchool will open
on the 21st. Tho school opened for
mally for tho now year last Wednes
day. Curtis & Co., practical watch
makers and jewelers. Dealers iu
watchos, clocks, jewelry and Dlii
nioud rings. All repairing llrst class.
Odd Fellows' building.
New stock of Shot Gun Shells iu
black and smokeless powder, at
Cramer Bros.
When you want a physio that is
mild aud gentle, eusy to tako mid
certaiu to act, always uso Chamber
Iain's Stomach mid Liver Tablets.
For sale by all druggists.
Tho annual report ot tho pension
commissioner shows that during the
past year 1778,773 wus paid out to
pensioners iu Oregon and that the
number of penisoners iu tho state on
June 80, was 0117.
J. S. Hnwaul, tho High Lino Ditch
Co', civil engineer, left Monday for
Trail creek with a crew of 13 men to
establish a linn of survey about 40
miles in length, from Trail creek to
the point where tho ditch taps Rogue
river. Gold Hill News.
Tho Southern Pacific Company is to
beigu work making rc'mlrs oil their
ferry at Benleia, Calif. While the
work is in progress, it. will cuuse a
daily delay of about four hours in the
arrival of tho northbound train No.
12, at Grants Puss along with other
points ou the lino.
The Jackson County Ministerial
Association was organized nt Medford
lust week. Rev. J. T. Abbett of
Ashland Was elected president aud
Itev. W. F. Shields of Medford,
secretary. The association meets
every two months. Its next sesssiou
will be in Ashland.
lilf'if KiU
of New Fall GooJs in
! While Switching in Yards at
Engineer Ray Carlon was iustautly
killed. and his fireman, Kobt Forbes,
slightly injured about the head and
right leg, as the result of a side col
lision between the switch enigue and
euiguo No, tX9, in charge of Oliver
Hampson, iu the yards here Sunday
morning, about 4 o'clock. Carlon was
operating his switch engine' ou the
main Hue and was backing a caboose
towards the depot to place it iu an
other part of the yards. Just as he got
to the switch opposito Mrs Kctehoir
hospital, tho tender of his engine was
struck by tho tender of engiuo No.
2208, which was on the next adjoining
side track and had backed up to the
switch to bo thrown on to the main
Tho next instant the tender of Hamp
son 's engine struck tho cab of the
switch engine ou tho side ou which
Carlon was sitting, turned it half
way arouud und converted the big
gest part of into kindling wood.
Ray's head wns smashed open, his
right leg, tho lower half of hich
was cork, was broken above tho kueo
and tho upper portion of his body
was badly crushed. Death was iu
stautnneons. Ho had seeu the ap
prouchug collision, but not iu time to
save himself for ho had instantly set
tho air. In tho collision, however,
the nir pipe was broken thus releas
ing the air and tho switch engine,
ufter shoving tho teuder of tho other
engine off tho opposito track and out
of its way, started away again but
Fireman Forbes recovered himself iu
tiuio to stop it before it had gone over
a hundred yards. Neither Hampsnu
unr Switchmen A. C. Cnrty and Joe
Keutro, who were riding ou the
ealiooso attached to the switch engine,
were hurt.
To what tho collision is due is hard
to determine. Alex Anbin, who was
going to throw tho sw itch to allow
llumpsou's engine to get ou tho main
line, says he gave Carlon a stop
signal with his torch, but whether
Kay noticed It will, of course, never
bo learned. Certain it is, however,
that had Curlou'j engiuo been brought
to a stop by tho signal, the collision
would havo beeu averted.
Kay Carlon was tho son of Mr. and
Mrs. Jos. Carlon, of this city, nud
wns bom iu Roseburg 29 years ago.
It wns in Roseburg that he grew to
manhood and began his life of useful
ness. Aftro being engaged in various
employments ho took np railroading
ill tho service of the S. P. Co. 11s a
brakemaii. While following this ho
had the misfortune to lose tho lower
portion of his right leg iu 1111 acci
dent. I'jion recovering, ho again went
into the railroad srevice, but this time
as a fireman aud in due time was pro
moted to au engineer. A position on
a regular ruu not yet ojien for hi in,
he was assigned to the sw itch engine
in tho yards here. Mr. Carlon was
married a few years ago to an esti
mable yoting lady of Grants Pass.
On tho day her husband was killed
sho was on her way home to Kosehurg
from a visit with relatives at Grunts
Pass, and knew nothing of his death
until she arrived at Glcmlnle, where
loiiieouo ou tho southbound over
land made it known to her. Besides
his wife, Mr. Carlon is survived by
his parents and tho following brothers
and sisters: Kichard, Thomas, Maggie
ami Bertha, of Portland; Ernest, of
Silver Ijike, Or.; Mrs Hannah
Lo'Malley of Washington, mid Belln.
Pit I I 1, . A I. 1 .... .
iiits-ei nun jcssic, 01 iioscnurg. Hay
was a member of Fidelity Lodge, A.
O'.U. W., and Degree of Honor, of
Portland ; iu the former he curried a
life InsuraiicH jsilicy of $2,0110, and iu
the latter one of (1,000, both pay
able to his w ife.
The funeral of tho deceased took
place this afternoon from the Pres
byterian church ill Kosehurg, where
services conducted by Hev. J. A.
Townsend, were held. On being tak
en to the Odd Fellows' cemetery for
interment, the remains were escort
ed by members l the local A. (). lj.
W. iiiiiI I). of II. lodge, mein-b'-rs
if the HrollieiiMi.l of Lncn
nmt;i ! i .: i i i ; i.d ether railrond
ne n a . v . .11 i- . i i,n go number of
friends in ca.n..,;es. Hoselmrg lie-
All Departments
AU Departments of the lig Store.
Grants Pass, Ore.
We Submit Our Case to
That Incorruptible) Jury
Gentlemen of the Jury Men of Grants Pass:
We have given considerable testimony as to the merits of our
clothngto the exclusivencss and variety of our stockto the
moderation of our prices-to the conscientious ears with which wt
endeavor to serve our patron's best interests.
Our witnesses are the hundreds of meu of Grants Pass
who are wearing our clothing, - and praising our business
To you, the Court of Public Opinion, we submit our
The Verdict will bo" rendered
Llter&ry Notee for October.
Conspicuous among tho October
r million maga.iues is the Delineator.
It presents eharming find np-to-dato
Antiimn styles, vulunblo illustrated
articles on topics of fashion, as well
as literary contents of a high stand
ard. The Evolution of a Clubwoman,
a serinl story, by Agnes Surbridgo,
w hich urgius in mis number, trents a
fundamental questlou of the feminine
world tho woman's club and
promises to bo extremely interesting.
It is an autobiography a story of
fact, but moro fascinating than -Action.
Also in this number appears
tho first of a remarkable series of
photorgaphio articles, iu which J.
O. Hemment, the well kuown photog
rapher, relates his adventures with
I he camera at home and in foreign
lauds. His war oxxrieuco, which
constitutes tho llrst pupnr,'iire thrill
ing, and his personal recollections
of tho stirring events iu which ho
tock part are absorbingly interesting,
us well as of historical value. In fic
tion, there is an excellent story, en
tit lea "Tho Silent Partner," by Lynu
Koby Meek ins, and the secoud part Of
a Florida Cracker, Virginia Frnzer
Boyle's quaint story of a remote
Florida hamlet. Home-bulldlng,
partieulary tho sentimental sido of it,
is written of by Clara E. Laughllu,
and N. Hudson Moore has a delight
ful paper ou Lilies. In "Carlutta
.mil I," a unique cookery series pre
sonling practical culinary advice In
tho guise of fiction, Miles Bradford
tells tho story of tho Wedding Dinner.
Au ideal suburban dwelling Is shown,
and a couple of pages of Historic
SlIpiHTsJire oilier features. The Child
ren's Department includes a Firelight
Story, "Sully Lunu's Tea Purly," by
Livingston 11. Morse; an amusing
lale by Jean M. Thomson, called
" The Sentence of tho Brown Owl ;"
the continuation of The Hanging
(aniens of ilahvlou, by Liua Beard,
anil the helpful sewing hssnns by
Lucy llartrnm. Of particular interest
urn the articles on The Child's Itoom,
on Gardening, ou Housekeeping ami
cullinary topics, on tho recent books,
on Childhood, on the llyuienn of
Clothing, the College and Club notes,
I have a niibmer of second hand
Cameras and Kodaks which will be
sold at a great reduction if taken now.
A fill Cyclone, 4x.", for 1. 70 ; a (20
Kodak at und other bargains.
Soo that hat? It's a "Stetson."
Bonght it at Welch's Closing oak
sale, for $3.50. Alwayi paid $5 for
them at other store.
Ore., Sept, 5, 11)08, J. J. Hobson
and Miss Ora Butler.
WILLIAMS In Ashland, Sept. 10, -US
i,S, Elizabeth, wife of Frank
Willipms, agod 65 years. ,
MULLEN In Grants Pass, Sunday
night. Sent. 1.1, 1003, Buelah, 10
mouths old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Mullen.
Tho faueral took place Tuesday,
Rev. J. W. McDougall officiating.
(A 3
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