Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 28, 1903, Image 1

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Somo Ideas Concerning Fish
Laws anil Other Acts.
(By W. J. Wiunr.)
Now, Mr. Editor, niit your con
sents, I to cuss mint discuss some
nf der laws vieh vas uioot by der Inst
legisligature upon der people.
First, ve shall not si unit der salmon
mit duneiunp powter, nuut ve shall
not spear them, unut ve sliall catch
der salmon trouts mit der hook unut
line; unut ve shall cutch der snlinon
mit hook mini line, not much ; mint
vo shall pay der lines to der hatch
eries; unut der hatcheries vas kill der
salmon fronts because it vas eaten der
salmon eggs, mint der saluiou vas be
long to de fisheries at der mout uf der
rifer unut der markets uf Asia.
Bcforo der canneries vas iu vogue.
Rogue rifer vas pluck mint pluo mit
salmon mint salmon trouts, mint it
vas one nf der boss resources nf de
country; unut 0110 uf vieh vo vas
proudt ; unut vas goot for der people.
Vas id so now? (
A niacharity uf der lcgisligutors
upon der people, vilo at Salem last
vinter bv der votcmonts haf sait 11111
fatically, dus; "Vo shall by dese
presentments tako from mit you that
vieh Uott in his visdom guf you. "
"Der natural resources, omit der peo
ple petamit."
Des law vas der penalities if you
shooteu der salmon mit der spear or
mit der duucinup powter; it vas der
same en yon shooteu them mit der
pepper-bos pistol as der big gun. If
der law haf sait that der visit net
don't will extend beyond der mittle
uf der stream unut der fisheries haf
inoct dem from both banks to der
mittle uf der riher mint connect mint
say if it vas der same penalties der
little gun as der big gun; mint vas
sclieutzen ut der salmon at all I voulil
take der lil-iucli cannon.
Men vould vote mit house pill nunc
per 21)3 mit as much as one eye half
open should haf no pay ; mint should
be fluot ; unut still bet you they vould
go thero yoos that they may bo callet
der Hou. lioliver I. E. 1). Phelps
from east uf der mountains.
Yost look at der assessment law
vieh takes der chairs der house out uf
mint leave mo mint der olt voinun
standing oup. X'mit der assessor mil
der big book in der hig sole leather
holster comes into mine house mint
Katrina vas hlto der chairs; mint ve
set ouse der stool mint der assessor as
sets all down on der big book efery
dings from der family Bible iu der
vootshet to der gimlet in der library.
I'unt ho assets down mine dog
Bointer vort more as young Schneider
vieh know des vas not so veil Yuwcup
vas costen mo twenty tuler alreaty
mint I got der dug for nodding.
L'lint des legisligat ure vas pass der
law vieh declarationed that der young
man who vish to gi t niarrit vas spiel
dreo taler, veu it vas two prellotisly.
I dinks des law vas violationing der
Sherman act mint vas iu restraint uf
trnte mint bally in need uf der refer
enditt. I dinks me sure if it had been
ill vogue twenty years alreaty der
statu vould have less more ns live
hundredt vite headed little veb feet,
mint de legisligatores upon der people
haf combined unut puss de bad laws
mint charge de ieople by de day der
for, unut at de same time deelarat inns
that dose people shall not combine to
gether In der coriKirut ion uiitouse
buying der license mint pay der taxes
on d"r stock, mint der man mit der
big book ussetts down der projs-rty
vieh der stock represeiitments ; mint
der big shitherac man comes aroumlt
veu der apples fall nut der shit home
loaded mit smokeless powter uunt
takes der projierty; mint take from
you, tear reader, der liniberg' r cheese,
ler belogna sausage, mint der lung
pijs from (ler iutiTluuil, mint dry-
ilinus vieh vas lost at both ends.
l'lint (ley pass der hi' that vi
not smoke der sickr -.r t, ou w
( hi W
gum like der squaws on der r
tions. They vas 11 fruit der sickngrct
vus parali.e ibr ncrfes uf der brain,
uunt der energies, unut vi lir- 11 our
uses uunt ve could not pay inn
taxes twice (b r lirst year at once.
l'lint di r law vas just by vi h (! r
I'0ple voubi pay one hnnlret iiy
live ton-, nel tab r mit ieh to built
der vailroad in d r Counibia r 1 1 r
'reaty vile der trail ling pooblie vaik
lur falls arouudt.
I vas hereby tolt you, Mr. Kditor,
mit prnfouii'lin'Mit (b-s as recklur v:ir
taxes: "in time uf in pn parat icm
for vur" vieh is sure in m ij ib r
lo viis assi'B-.t fnr feer taler unut all
der u gbbi rs v ill sMvar it not ten
cent vort.
In der eours uf human eveiitmeiits
vo shall n ferend dose laws or e don't
Till kave any dings fro-.ii der wn k.
Excllinf Time on Strambont
Applelivto Route Lad Week.
A lunaway took Tbur-div
morning 011 the Sti auilsmt Aj pb'
stage 1 ill" that ended in a total wrick
if the stage and the b.i'lly bruising of
the driver, O. K. I'.os. , and of j in-v n-gi-r,
J. A. Burkart, 11 jrosjetor who
was coming out from th" mim on his
way to his home at I. lemon, Oregon.
Neither of the men win. seriously
hurt, but hud a close (all for tie v
were dragg d some distance iu tie
wreck of the ."tig. Ill'' cat; -e I f I l.e
trouble was the nerkvok" cojuii.ft
down at which the team tp-guti to run
and they got Is yond the control ,f
the driver and plunged down the ro.el
h-aving the back in pe-ci by lie
roadsiib Jai ksoiivilie hurt-i-mt.
Speaks ct Court House Saturday
to Fexir Sized Audience.
Hon. A. E. Reamcs, flip democrat ic
nominee for conrgessman, spoke at the
court house on Saturday evenng. Tho
house, which is oapablo of accommo
dating only a small crowd, was filled
to its full capacity. Mr. Kennies is
always an interesting and forcible
speaker and his remarks commanded
attention throughout his speech. Ho
was neatly introduced by Hon. R. O.
Smith and devoted the first tw
minutes of his speech to a discussion
of tho tariff, endeavoring to show
that present tariff conditions iutcr
ered with the Oriental trade 011 the
Pacific const. The remainder of the
speech was devoted to his opponent,
Binger Hermann, in the vein of good
hnmored sarcasm which ho so well
knows how to employ.
So Declares the Ashland Tribune
Ihinks Loeb wo.s the Man.
In commenting on our nrticlo iu last
week's issue concerning the episode of
the president's i h i t nnd how wo were
juggled out of our rights 011 that oc
casion, tho Ashland lribune has the
following to say ;
'Tho facts might well justify sus
picion that somebody bud sought to
prevent tho spocial stopping at Grants
Pass, where it was expected to take
on a helper, but there is au explana
tion which removes all ground for the
imputations made against the chief
dispatcher here. Dispatcher Morris
sent nn engine to Grants Pass to go
mt us helper nnd had thero been no
'hange iu his orders that engine would
have coupled on to tho president's
sgncial ut Grants Pass and of course
the people there would have had the
president with them several minutes.
Dispatcher Morris had absolutely
nothing to do with the change which
carried the engine out to Woodville,
to hitch to the president's train, oilier
than to obey orders from superior
authority. While we are not iu a
position to publish just who gave
the order, we have a prellv good idea
is to the reason for it nnd tho source
of it.
Medford was very importunate for
the train to stop there a few minutes
and it was considered if the train re
fused to atop there ill view of the im
portunities of the H'(iple, it might be
ground for olfetise if Grants Pass were
favored with a stop, esiHcially as it
would be ubout U o'clock at night
whi n the train would reach the latter
town. Heme the presidential party
probably decided, as they could not
stop at both places, it would be ad
visable not to stop ut either. The
Courier would probably liud that
Secretary Loch was the cause of the
Grunts Pass disappointment and that
it would not have happened likely, had
it not liecii for Medforil's desire to
have the train ulso if Mr. I, neb
would conibsceiid to explain. The
helper engine was sent out from
Grants Pass to Woodville in older that
the president's special might run
through Grants Puss without stopping,
as the Courier supposed, and it was
'lone at some inconvenience since it
hail been suit there fur the particular
purpose to hitch to the train. If
Secretary I b was trying to save the
feeling of Medford by deciding to
treat both towns alike, hu made u
mistake iu this case, since the usual
necessities of train management re
quired a stop at Grants Pass, hut hi
probably only looked to the fact that
neither Grants Pass nor Medford were
scheduled as stopping places and in
view of Medforil's urgent ieiucsis the
tr.iiu would not stop at one town w ith
011 1 olleiiiliiig the oilier.
Dr. Roberts Mure.
A. T. Huberts, one of tie- most
.iieecssfnl eve sjici'iuljsts on the Pucilic
coast is now ut the Wc-lcru Hotel,
lie expects to locate in S1I1111 or Port-
land w I
a name
re he has already cstabli-hed
seeoini in 110111 , aim iiu
off at ( irauls Pa.'s for t he
nf demonstrating what u
thorough refract ionisK nn do low a nil le
I'll re of so called hopeless eve trouble.
All of bis w in U is ib lie thmiiph a
klloW lellge of the t ye and tic refrai
lion of light as apple d to the eve and
is done with ss ctacles, 1'or a f'
days In- will give fiee. a
animation that iu luorl cities of I
1 '. S. would cost from f i to .'", and
w ill um, give an cxiilanat ion of i ai b
deinoii-lratiiig w ith insl rune tils and
charts for that the original
raiiv of lie- disiasc, giving aeb per
sou a I" rfeet under-lauding of tin ir
OW II cil-e.
lie asks a a s ( iu! favor that II, o-'
w ho have t r i d in vain lo obtain re
lief, w ill ( all and allow him to make
them h.-flcr iieiiiuinti d with ileir
own i yes and the o calh d di-ca-e.
Dr. Itoherts has bailed through
nt 1 xi rieiico that J roof of ability
is the very best advi rtisr incut uiel he
tukes this way of advertising himself.
Wall h tor his an ii lc . on the eve and
j, relation tu t
ucrv us SV.-lelll, iu
this and other
-s papi is
A TllurGin IT1. MAN.
M. M. Austin of Winchester, Ind.,
knew what to do In the hour of need,
His wile had such ail unusual case of
sioiiiui li and .ivir trouble, bysi-t-ians
could not help b.-r. lie thought
id and tri'il Dr. King's New Life
Pills and she got r. lief at once and
was finally cured, duly 'i'n; at W.
K. Kreiii'-r's drug store.
Blue Print Paper by the yard or roll
at the Courier office.
It Is feared that J. D. Mock has
Met with Foul Play.
J. D. Mock, father of A H.Mock
of this city, started on April S3 for
his home at Albin, Iowa, after spend
in some time iu Grants Pass with the
family of Ins sou. Since that time
h has not boeu heard from. He never
reached his destination and the gravest
fears are entertained as to his fate.
His baggage, which was checked
through at the time ho left horo,
reached Albin on April 9ll. His sou
is endeavoring to trace his ticket, bat
has not yet learned whether or not lie
passed Portland. He intended to go
east over the O. R. & N. Thero can
be little doubt that calamity of some
nature has overtaken liim and )is
relatives think that lie may either
have lost his mind or else lias met
with foul play. Ho was nu old man,
77 years of ago, and carried a consid
erable sum of money, so that the lat
ter explanation seems the most likely
one. hvery effort will bo made to
locate him or leuru his fate. A. II.
Mock has offered a reward of ."0 for
information that will lead to the dis
covery of his whereabouts.
Government Will Send Out Men
lo Match Thi-m Burn.
Last year within two weeks, over
$12,000,000 worth of timber and other
property was destroyed by forest fires
in Oregon and Washington. This
enormous loss occurred upon A re
stricted area and represents only a very
small part of the annual loss from
this source Every timbered region
of the United Stata suffers year after
year from fire. The annual loss is
estimated at from IJn.OOO.OOO to
$.-,0,000,000. Forest llres have been
regarded as almost inevitable, and
few systematic attempts liavo been
made to prevent or control them ex
cept in the States of New York, Penn
sylvania, and Minnesota, which have
eilieient systems of fire protection.
The Bureau of Forestry lias this
year undertaken a thorough study of
the forest-lire problem in aovural
different regions. It has placed meu
in forest districts to study fires whllo
in tho process of burning. Instead
of waiting until the fires aro over and
relying for information ou local re
ports, as has been done heretofore,
the llres are now being observed by
the bureau's agents and full data will
be obtained as to how they were caus
ed, how fast they burn, what condi
tions favor or hinder them, and just
what damage they do to the soil and
to tree growth. Each agent of the
Bureau has been assigned to a district
mid is investigating all fires that oc
cur within his territory. For exam
ple, one man studies a lumber tract,
another a farming district, a third a
turpentine orchard, etc.
In conned ion with this detailed
study the agenis will observo the
methods of tire protection practiced
by railroads mid other owners of tim
ber lands. The fire warden systems
of the stales which have forest-fire
laws, and the patrol system in nse on
the Federal forest reserves will also
be observed dowdy.
By such methods the Bureau of
Forestry Iioh s to replaco with euro
fully gathered facts the vugue general
notions that now exist about forest
llres. When the problem is solved for
any particular region, the Bureau will
he ready to recommend methods of
lire prevent inn and control for the
private land owner,
foresi lire leislatiou
and 'to suggest
for the various
The investigation Is now in pro
gross in northern Florida and southern
Alabama and Genrigu under the direc
tion of Finest A. Stirling. H. J.
Tompkins, with n small corps of as
sistants, has begun the work ill Mill
iiesfita, Wisconsin, nnd Michigan.
Later in the seusoii, a study of forest
rips will be made ou the Pacific
Dlt. GI '.NNS' HI. I It 11) AND
Chen- is not a woman in this land
but al some time in her life would
have in -i n the held r for the use of
tins tonic For discuses peculiar to
women, a lidier medicine was never
made. It is couis)sed id the ingro-
louts from which the system has
Is en deprived by disease, over work
or dissapalion. It enters at once into
th" circulation, building up the
tissues I hat have li-u wasted, and
making pure, rich blood in the most
direct way. For weak, nervous and
tniMiadv H'iipe, pimply, juile or
!ishcsi j.iiph , it will make strong
sieiidy nerves and give the complet
ion that wholesome hsik that indi
cates lualili. We have hundreds of
litters tint opb, have written us,
s:ing that they had gained iu good
Hiilid llcsh at the rate of one to three
pounds p.r wick while using Dr.
iimn's Blood and Nerve Tonic. It
-bouhl bo taki u after mi nis, one or
two tablets each time. Druggists sell
it 7 r box or thp-o boxes for
i.'.'io, or ' nt postpaid onriceiptor
price. We ure glad to make reply
01 letters ( f impiiry, the advice we
ive you is plain, and easily under--tond.
Addnss Dr. Bowinko Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa. For sale by W. F.
Kreini r. 1
$200 Reward
I will pay a reward of I'.'OO for the
return of the money ($10111) stolen
from me on May 1.', t Wilderille on
or en the road to Grunts Pass.
Sally L. I-conard.
We have just placed iu our
Ware room9over
2 Car Loads
Chairs, Rockers, Couches, Iron Beds, New Kind Spring
Mattresses, Pillows, Stoves and Ranges, Tables,
Linoleums. By far tho Largest stock
in Southern Oregon. Dont tako
our word for it, or any
ono else's but
Quality and Price Quarantood,
special bale of Carpets and Lace Curtains
New goods unapproachable bargains
Lacs Curtains
V2L. CCH. Column
Temperance In th South.
So much noise is mado over tho
temperance question and the enforce
ment of anti-liquor laws la oar North
era states, that the general poblio has
boon able to hear and know bat little
about the progress of snob laws In the
South, where more actual advance
ment lias been mado In overcoming
the evils of the liquor traftlo by legis
lation than in any other part of the
anion. Local option bjr counties lias
been progressing all through tho
South for many years until the larger
parts of the states of Kentucky,
Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and
Louisiana have been brought practi
cally nuder prohibition. One may
travel entirely across some of these
states, it Is said, without passing
through single saloon district. Even
Texas, which, in years gone by, very
unjustly gained the reputation of be
lling loose and lawless, lias been al
most captured by the Prohibitionists.
Three-fourths of the state is now said
to be under the local option law, ex
cluding all liquor. To be more pre
cise, of the 2116 counties of the stute
101 are wholly dry, and of the re
mainder 74 are largely dry, very
many of them wholly dry save the
county seat, and only 68 are wholly
wet. And the counties that are either
wholly or largely dry reproseut total
IKjpulatlou of 3,218,030, while the wot
counties represent only 720,825. A
movement is now on foot in Texas to
pass a prohibitory law applicable to
the whole state, and on the basis of
the figures quoted, It looks as If the
thing would be done. It may thus
hnppeu that while Vermont jud New
Hampshire, ou our northern border,
have actually abaudoned prohibition,
the great commonwealth on the south
west will take it up, and, what is
more, will do likely to enforce it,
affording the rest of the country a
unique object lesson. Leslie's Week-
France's Drinking Habit.
To make up the deficit in its budget
the French govornmout is considering
the advisability of increasing taxa
tion on alcohol in its various forms,
but hesitates because of the opposi
tion from those who profit under the
existing arrangements, as well as
from the consumers. Anything that
would check the continued Increase in
the consumption of spirits would lie
a great boon to Franca Absinthe is
one of th" French jioisoiis that is sag
gested for taxation. It iys no sjwclal
tat now, but the alooliol in It is
taxed. The strongest atmintlio is five
times 'as potent as ordinary brandy,
while the average sold Is three times
as strong. It Is rarely used for tnudi
dual purposes, and no Interest would
be banned by Increasing taxation ou
it. But the government hesitates.
Great quantities of b Inllie are
used In France, and the use of it
is constantly increasing. It is
ruinous to health, and is said to be
the priucipal cause of the great mor
tality from consumption in the French
army. 1 lie reeling among tn users
of this and other such poisons against
Increasing taxation on them is so
great that the government seems to
fear doing anything to arouse their
united opirsiitintt.
The adulteration of French drinks
is another source of great complaint.
Cider brandy costs the honest dis
tiller nearly twice as much to make
as it can be bought for iu towns after
it has paid duty to the government
and tho local authorities. The country
people nearly all drink brandy in
their coffee. The towu of Caen, in
Normandy, formerly had 200 drinking
places, or one for every 2ii0 inhabl
tauts. Such places were mado free,
and there are uow 800 such establish
incuts Iu that plane, or one for every
70 inhabitants. This indicates the
benefit that could be derived from
pro.r taxutiuu. The consumption of
alcohol in that town has increased M
per cent annually, but the population
is decreasing, and so with the country
generally. Crime and thefts have
also greatly Increased, as shown by
statistics quoted by French news
Money back if you want it
Picture Mouldings
Inferior Department Still Exer
cising It Mania.
The Interior department lias decided
upon another forest reserve for Oregon,
this time in Southern Lake county,
in the Warner mountain country. By
direction of Secretary Hitchcock, the
vacant publio lauds in a tract of over
000,000 acres in Lake county, and U
townships adjoluing, ' in Northern
Cliforua,ha?e been temporarily with
drawn from all entry, with a view to
their examination to determine the
advisability of creating a forest re.
serve about the town of Lekeview.
The Oregon lands withdrawn are:
Townships 84 to 41 inclusive, ranges
18, 17 and 18; townships 37, 88 and 41,
range 10; townships 86 and 87, range
20; townshljis 86 to 41 Inclusive,
ranges 21 and 22, all south and east.
The township in which Lokoview Is
located, and the township immedi
ate", north, south and west 7, are
not luoluded In the withdrawal
A forest reserve in the Warner
mountain region is recommended by
the Geological Survey, not only for
the preservation of the timber, bat
the conservation of the water supply.
Ooose lake lies in the center of the
withdrawal, and a number of streams
which supplys sit with wator have
their headwaters within region.
Moreover the headwaters of Sprague
river, Druwa creek, Warner creek and
a number of other streams would all
be protected by a forest reserve in this
In view of the development of ir
rigation enterprises In Lake county
aud in Northern California, the crea
tion of this forest reservo is consider
ed most essential. Tho lands with
drawn aro to be examlnod this sum
mer, and such tracts as are found un
suitable for reservation will ulti
mately bo restored to entry. The
remainder, beyond a quoation of
doubt, will be permanently reserved.
The creation of this reserve was
recommended by the Geological sur
vey, and a number of forestry officials
three years ago, but the recommen
dations woro ignored by Binger Her
mann, thou Land commissioner, aud
the case was smothered. It has just
been revived by Commissioner Rich
ardson, who recommended the with-
Fever and ague. A dose will
osually stop a chill, a continuance
always cures. Mrs. Win. M. Sroud,
Midlothian, Texas, May 81, 1800,
writes: "Wo have used Horbiue In
our family fur eight years, and found
it the best medicine wo have ever
used, for la grippe, bilious fever, aud
malaria." 50o at Slover DrugCo.
Beware of Frauds.
Wo lead where others try to follow.
by claiming that they have the same
splendid paint that we are using for
our many patrons. It is impossible
for them to get it, as we invented
this paint after exhaustive trials, and
Are tests and do not sell in bulk to
auyoue. Tho paint is only prepared
as we use if. The Oregon Fire Proof
Paint Co.
Absolutely Pure